Detailed Nikon Coolpix P7000 specifications

Those are the detailed Nikon Coolpix P7000 specifications:

Nikon Coolpix P7000 specs

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  • LGO

    Only 80% optical viewfinder … strike one against the Nion P7000. ;-(

    • LGO

      Maximum shutter speed is limited to 1/2000″ … strike two!

    • Mato34

      Where are you seeing that? Can’t find it…

    • LGO

      Some redeeming points of the Nikon P7000:

      7x zoom (28-200mm equivalent) f/2.8-5.6 with 2 ED elements and built-in ND filter
      – not the lens but the built-in ND filter. This will be needed given the 1/2000″ maximum shutter speed.

      Electronic virtual horizon

      • i-TTL compatibility with Speedlight SB-400/600/800/900 flashguns
      • Auto, Auto with red-eye reduction, Fill flash, Manual (1/64 – full power), Slow sync, Rear curtain sync
      • Flash exposure compensation +/- 2EV in 1/3 stop increments

      • Eric

        I think the lens is actually strike three. I’d much rather have less zoom range and larger aperture like the new Panasonic LX5.

        Oh well, hopefully Nikon’s EVIL will be great. I haven’t been too interested in high end P&S’s ever since m4/3’s was announced two years ago.

    • Quoll

      No 1080p video. Strike 3.

  • Mato34

    Nice one 😀

    Anyway I don’t see a word about EVF, as on dpreview’s specs.

    • Mato34

      Sorry, I meant OVF…

      • LGO

        OVF coverage posted in the previous thread. This is not in the cached page which we both my be looking at.

      • LGO

        Earlier Post by Carlos R B
        Posted September 7, 2010 at 1:43 pm |

        battery life:350 shots
        mono audio
        3 inch 921.000 dots LCD
        metering includes spot Af linked
        viewfinder only 80% coverage…no surprise unfortunatelly
        a little bigeer than the G11…

        • Mato34

          Yeah, I saw that, but can’t find it in any of the specs list and no word about it in the cached pages from dpreview.

          Anyway thanks for the info.

          • Mato34


            “Built-in optical viewfinder”

            In page 2 of dpreview

            • LGO

              I see it too. I might as well post this comparo here:

              P7000 advantages over G11:

              * Longer (200mm equivalent) telephoto setting
              * 1280×720 HD movie mode
              * Higher resolution LCD screen
              * Electronic virtual horizon
              * Twin control dials
              * Two customizable buttons
              * Socket for external microphone

              P7000 advantages over LX5:

              * More versatile zoom lens (28-200mm equivalent)
              * More direct access controls
              * Higher resolution LCD screen
              * Twin control dials
              * Two customizable buttons
              * Built-in optical viewfinder
              * Socket for external microphone

              G11 advantages over P7000:

              * Articulated LCD screen
              * Dedicated ISO mode dial
              * Blink detection mode

              LX5 advantages over P7000:

              * Significantly more ‘compact’
              * Faster lens (f/2-3.3)
              * Provision for optional EVF
              * Versatile iAuto mode
              * Direct video shooting button

            • Ren Kockwell

              Not sure if I’d consider “Blink mode” and “Provision for optional EVF” advantages over the P7000, but point taken. I own an LX3 and I’m not sure I see the compelling case to upgrade to the LX5, the P7000 or the rumored G12. Except maybe video.

              I’m a little surprised that after 3-4 years on the market, more manufacturers aren’t going the DP route. A bigger sensor and better IQ would be the only reasons for me to forgo a truly pocketable solution.

            • Victor Hassleblood


              don’t you think it is a little unfair to compare the yet not announced P7000 with the (old) G11? What about G12?

            • LGO

              I did not make the comparison. DPReview did.

              I own a Canon G11 by the way and was hoping that Nikon would finally come up with a P&S that would make me choose Nikon. The ability to use my SB-900s and SB-800s with this Nikon P7000 is attractive but there is no single compelling feature in the P7000 that would make me do that. A 100% OVF would have been a key but sadly, the P7000 still teh same 80% coverage as the G11.

  • Ren Kockwell

    It’s bigger than the G11 in every dimension but depth (which is the most important measurement for pocketability). Well, more compact it ain’t. If the S90 does just about everything as well as the G11 and P7000 but with a faster lens and more compact form factor, what’s the point?

    • Eric

      To me, it’s the hot shoe with high flash sync speed.

  • brave new world

    not my type of camera … what a strange compromise for gain market share …

  • jaja

    pure lol. Like we hadnt already milion of same cameras.


  • Rob

    No articulating LCD screen?! NIKAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Little Snapper

    Far too big and heavy, similar size and weight to the G11. The P5100 weighted nearly 100g less and and was much smaller. I’ll go for an S90/95, same sensor, faster lens, half the weight, a truely pocketable camera. I would really have liked a camera with a viewfinder so I don’t have to put my reading glasses on to take a pic. I was waiting for the P7000 but it’s just too big. It has to be pocketable or you might as well buy a MFT/Nex.

    • jaja

      or once you hare 10cm wide into your pocket, you can as well get D5000 and some sweetness like 35f2

  • Anonymous

    and it does not even have a projector in it. We want the Nikon projector in all cameras!!!!

  • Vandyu

    I can’t see why Nikon doesn’t “get” that people who have used an articulating LCD really it. They automatically put themselves at a disadvantage when people look at the Canon and Nikon side by side. Oh well. I’m getting used to being disappointed by the two camera manufacturers whose products I prefer: Nikon and Panasonic.

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