In addition to the Coolpix cameras announcement on September 8th, this is a recap of what is rumored to be announced on September 15th:

Nikon D7000:

Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4:

Nikkor AF-S 200mm f/2.0G IF-ED N VRII:

  • 13 elements in 9 groups
  • 9 blades aperture
  • Expected price: around $6000

Nikon Speedlight SB-700 (low chance to be called SB-650):

  • 24-135mm zoom
  • Overheat protection (I hear it will be improved from the SB-900)
  • Expected price: around $300

Please note that some of the specs may not be accurate and/or lost in translation. [NR] probability rating: 90%.

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  • elliot

    Maybe I’m alone in being disappointed with these specs and price, but I’m not into video. For anyone primarily interested in shooting stills, the upgrade from 12MP to 16MP offers negligible differences in prints, and the improved AF is just a small enhancement. Aside from promised improvements at high ISO (which one would expect anyway after two years, and should be expected at the same price point) $1200 seems like a LOT more to pay over the D90, which is currently selling for $850.

    • Eric

      850 with the 18-55 at some locations. The rumored price is body only I believe.

    • Roger

      If the rumors are true, then it’s an upgrade in absolutely every way over the D90. Well worth the price, I’d say.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      that was the price of the D80 an D90 when they were released… you do understand that prices drop when as the camera gets “older”??? GEEZ stop whining… :/ 16 megapixels is more than enough 100% of the people whining here are going to post in dpreview, flickr, DA or any other wanking site… :/ or to try impress MM and OMP models :/…

      What makes me laugh is that you people want a camera that can´t be made for 1,100 bucks at aaaaaaaall, in your wild wet dreams you want a camera that´s with tons of stuff of the DXXXD and DXD line….If you really need a set of features open a friggin bank account save yourfriggin money until you can buy a D3X and STOP complaining :/…….. Dammit!!!

      • James

        The D80 and D90 were both sub-$1000 MSRP on release.

        Nevertheless this model looks like a big upgrade from a spec. point of view overall, and unfortunately for elliot you can’t have only the parts of the camera you want for the price you want.

        • They were both 1,000USD body-only at release (well, yes, 999USD 😉 ).

          • WoutK89

            I think this cam is made this “insanely” expensive, to create more room for the D5100 in between

    • hexx

      yes, shame that video is a big hit these days, i’d also prefer to get proper dSLR w/o video and save some money

  • This “Recap” is the first that I have seen definitive statments about the D7000 being weather sealed, that the dual slots would both be SD slots and that there would be a new battery system. Is this new information that has surfaced?

    As for the price being more than the D90, it appears that the D7000 is more like an upgrade over both the D90 and the D300s, so it does not appear out of line. Unfortunately, I will now need to buy new batteries and SD cards as most of what I have are CF cards. Also, my assumption is that it will have a motor drive as both the D90 and D300 have that. I hope so, as I still use the AF 80-400.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      the price isn´t far off from what you used to pay for the previous models but more importantly people seem to forget that the Dollar has lost a lot of terrain vs the Yen and this makes for differences in prices (all manufactuers based in Japan have exactly the same issue), with all this said for the specs it is rivaling the 7D which is at least 600 bucks more.

      • WoutK89

        This camera seems placed in between D90 and D300s as upgrade, the space between D3100 and D7000 is now significant enough to put in a D5100

  • Joe

    How many % is this rumor? Rumors used to have a % rating, now admin doesn’t put it anymore.

    • I would say 90%

      • 90% for all of them? What about 100% VF and MP count (16)? Any chance not 100% VF or more pixels?

        • WoutK89

          at least it’s 100% on 95% viewfinder 😀

          • WoutK89

            oops, minimum 95% 😛

          • Enesunkie

            There’s a 95% chance that this camera will do 100% of what 9o% of what most consumers need it to.

    • forgot to add it

  • josen

    Hope it’s true. Can’t wait to replace my D50 with the brand new D7000!

  • razakazimi

    No screw driver?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      nop only cosmopolitans 😛

    • SimonC

      None. It’s a camera, not a tool.

  • Manual controls on video pleaseee!!! I do videography and i need Nikon to take video seriously… I dont want to buy a crappy Canon body!

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    Thanks NR admin for the good news! I am really looking forward to test drive this puppy!!.

  • Gary

    If these specs hold true this new D7000 will be an amazing model for the price.

    This will be the best APS-C model on the market.

  • jhnw

    16 mp, 100 % viewfinder, weather sealing, dual card slots. Sounds like the D7000 is replacing both the D90 and D300. Not sure what Nikon could offer in a D400 to get people to pay more money for a DX camera. Perhaps the D400, when it arrives, will be the budget FF camera many are hoping for.

  • Steadywaiting

    1080 30fps and 720 60fps please!

    • Kapa

      1080 50fps and 720 60fps please!)

  • Gary

    The D7000 almost sounds like a DX version of the D700, but with video added.

  • Kingyo

    this D7000 might be the catalyst towards newer monster Nikon bodies to come 😉

    • James

      Here’s hoping! Progress is always good, and I’m sure the other companies will want to quickly trump those new models.

  • Bob

    Nikon is not competitive. I’m upset that the D7000:

    1. is not Full Frame or larger, like medium format
    2. costs $1200–why can’t it be $400
    3. no 2K or 4K video
    4. no 10 FPS
    5. no multiple colors
    6. built in 4g cell phone

    If Nikon does not give me what I want, I’ll sell my camera and switch. When will Nikon ever introduce the camera that will once and for all prove that I am the most powerful MAN?

    • itzraza786

      LOL at multiple colors.

    • You forgot 3D. W/o 3D, I’m jumping shit! (Oops, ship 😉 ).

      • hexx

        heheheheee, that’s good point, everything is 3D now, even new jackass will be 3D

    • T140Rider

      And just where are you going to use your 4G Phone?
      Certainly not in the USofA methinks.

      I’m sure a lot of others here would like some of what you are smoking.
      So please switch to Canon and enjoy life. You really know that you won’t be happy here.

      • jjolddahgoo

        I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

        Why should Nikon settle for 4G when they could be the first in 5G? Now that would show Canon.

    • Enesunkie

      Waterproof down to 50 feet pleeease!

    • Jabs

      Were you named after Microsoft’s BOB – old joke!
      Your post was really funny – LOL!

      How about another separate screen with Instructions to teach you how to use the camera and some built-in LED video lights, auto-picture taking while you do nothing but watch and then picture ratings within the camera viewfinder after you take it – NOW your camera rates you too.

    • Simpleman

      hey bob , hows things in la la land ?
      is the clouds pink over there ?
      your expectations are hilarious , go and try to buy a red / scarlet for 1100$
      and tell me how it went 🙂

  • Landscape Photo

    Dear Admin, DX or FX? No info given.

    Looking at the price & name, having only SD slot, together with the previous rumor info, it’s very likely a DX. But can we fully discard the possibility of FX?

    Thinking of 16mp FX for $1200… That would be insane!

    • WoutK89

      I doubt that your IQ is higher than your cameras IQ *lmao* Are you really considering, after the other 10 or so comments, this is a “possible” FX? Maybe you also want Admin to say that it will be SDXC compatible? Stating the obvious is obsolete here I would have guessed

      • Landscape

        How can I thank you for this considerate comment… !

        • WoutK89

          It’s just you are not the first to ask, and you can know what type of camera this is by just looking at the big picture.

    • hexx

      nope, it won’t be FX for that price. i can’t wait for this camera. i’ve been very happy for last xxx years with my d40 but the fact that it doesn’t have motor in the body is forcing me to buy af-s lenses – not that they’re bad but for example lovely and cheap 50mm f/1.8 simply doesn’t autofocus so the only option is 35 f/1.8 which is still £60 more. And knowing that d90 has been with us for 2 years i didn’t want to invest money to a camera which is will be replaced soon.

      Admin, do you think that Nikon will introduce something like Canon has on 7D and 5D those 3 CAM settings? That’s what i like a lot on friend’s 7D

    • DX – replacement of D90

  • Admin: any news about AF micro-tuning on D7000?

  • NikonFFuser

    This is an entry level full frame camera priced at under $1500 US to lure Canon Shooter and switch to Nikon in a heartbeat. Why would Nikon release another DX when they just announced the new D3100?

    • Anonymous

      Wish so, but it is quite impossible.

      Compare the FX lens prices and weight to that body. Which lens to put in front? The 50mm f/1.8 ?

      Unless Nikon manages to bring a cheap & lightweight (yet good enough) FX kit zoom (eg. 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR), this idea will fail to materialize.

    • WoutK89

      Why would Nikon release another DX when they just announced the new D3100?
      Because all gadget freaks have already put their money into the D3100 because it has some small difference over their older camera 😉 If they would have waited they could have had the D7000, but impatientness for 1080p and AF in video is what probably made people jump the ship too early

  • OT:

    Nikon photo contest international open, applications until Nov 30th.

  • I do food photography and started shooting food videography with my nikon and that really helped to expand my business. shooting food with a regular consumer video camera looks horrible, but shooting with the nikon and DOF has made the food videos looks so great, so that sold me on video, which is why video features in my nikons are so important now.

    without manual video control and 60p @720p i’m not able to really do all I can with video, and it hurts my work. So for me, those two things to me are the most imporant new features…because for an extra $220 i could just get a lens adapter and go buy a canon d60….eww, i just threw up a little in my mouth there…

  • sflxn

    VERY interesting camera. I need a new, smaller, travel camera for a trip I’m about to make in October. My current camera, D3, is way too heavy and I’m tired of the back pain. I was waiting on GH-1, but I do have all the Nikkors. It’s a race between now and October for GH-1 and D7000. Whichever one comes out first is my next small camera.

  • Michael DeRose

    As one of the many people that have been on the fence between Canon and Nikon… SOLD!!! Im officially a nikon fan boy!! Where can i order the groups matching jackets and such?

    • WoutK89 has a store with clothes if I am right

  • robinc

    It seems to me that if these specs are correct, there is no way there will be a DX D400 on the horizon. The logical thing to do is to have:
    D3100- $699
    D5100?- $899
    D7000- $1199
    D400- $1799
    D4?- $ A LOT!! 🙂

    It seems to me that Nikon is positioning themselves to offer the real revolution in a D400 FX body that will break through price barriers and cost in the $1500-$1800 range.

    That’s what I for one see happening at least…

    • Bobby

      I too think that this could be a possibility of nikon making the D400 into a cheaper full frame now that the sensor and technology has been available to them for quite a while. But I think they can only make a cheap FF if they use the old D700 sensor in the D400 maybe with D3s processing? So turn the D400 in the would be D700s? I’m assuming the D4 to be around the current prices of the D3s ~ $5200ish.

    • Nikon 35

      I definitely agree the D400 will be FX @ $2000 or less.

  • Anonymous

    Comment #250.

    Quite a lot. A while ago it approached to 400, but comments more than 500 must be reserved for a solid D800/D900 rumor 😉

    • WoutK89

      Rumor: No D800 or D900 coming soon
      Haha, bring in the 500+ comments, its a solid rumor if you ask me

  • sgts

    looks to me like its just going to have the same specs as the sony a55 without pellicle mirror and articulating screen.

  • iamnomad

    Now, just replace the DX sensor with an FX sensor and we’d have a real camera.

  • andre guerra

    Admin, what about the wireless flash? Is that the same we have since the D70?

  • andre guerra
  • Anticipator

    My D90 is sold yesterday!!!

  • D.Los

    Hi, my name is Daniel and im an Nikon addict.

    Ok seriously now, at this moment I have a D40x, great camera…but lately I feel like I could’ve made better pictures if I had a better/newer/whatever camera.
    I’ve been looking for a D300s until the (rumored) specs from this D7000 showed up.
    Until now it seems like the D7000 is winning (for me) but the one thing that makes me doubt is that the body of a D300s gives way better and faster acces to the crucial functions than the D90 and since apparently the D7000 will be the followup from the D90 I expect it to not have such a different button lay-out.
    Anyway no one knows anything yet about the looks and lay-out of the D7000 so I just have to be patient for a few more days.

  • Denko

    Any idea if it will be 12 bits or 14 bits?

    • Good question, even though all tests I’ve seen don’t show, at least for APS-C, any indication that 14 bits is relevant. For example, compare D90 and D300s at DxO Mark. First is 12 bits, second 14 bits, basically same sensor.

      • Denko

        True true. but maybe their tests aren’t good enough or they have missed something? Granted it is not as huge of a difference as going from 8 bit to 12 bit that is for sure and would probably make most difference in printed form. Which would indicate a professional camera and thus I have answered my own question… it is most likely only 12 bit. Ah well one can’t get EVERYTHING 😀

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    The D7000 will not have 60fps nor 50fps at either 1080/720p video. Who wanna make $20 bet? winner takes all minus 10% go to the house (

    How bout that admin? we can turn Nikonrumors into an underground gambling den.

  • Jim

    We do NOT want DX sensor, only full frame sensors should be used, even on the entry level DSLR.

    And we want the update to the Nikon D700, the Nikon D800 instead!

  • danny

    wow, i’d like to get one…what a camera…if the replacement for D90 is this good…what kind of camera that will replace D300…

  • Really seems too good to be true… I sure hope that these specs will be true. Except for the cheap sounding new name, that D7000 might really make me a happy man!

  • David

    Will this D7000 be sold as a kit as well? What will they use for the kit lens?

    • WoutK89

      Of course it will come in a kit. The D300s came in a kit too, I think even the D3s comes in a kit.

      • WoutK89

        Oh, sorry, what lens, probably 18-55VR, 18-105VR, 18-200VRII and 16-85VR

  • hexx

    any info about the motor? is it in the body like D90? I’ve read some older posts here at NR and there was written that it won’t have motor for AF in the body

  • I think the ISO range might be inclusive of the Hi and Lo settings. In that case, probably it’ll end up like 200-6400? 🙁

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Very plausible. last time NR had the D3100 ISO range at 100-12800 and it turns out to be 100-3200 with expandable Hi option (12800 equivalent). If the source for the D3100 and this D7000 rumors are the same, then ISO6400 could very well be the max.

      Whatever, a usable ISO6400 is good enough. Really hope the D7000 has native ISO100 though.

      • WoutK89

        My D80 does 100-1600, and 3200 expandable. So for people like me, a usable 6400 is double the amount already possible (1600->3200->6400).

        • Except I find any picture above Iso 600 to be VERY low quality on the D80…
          Don’t you think so?

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray, you are correct – I think the 6400 will be the native high ISO. If you remember at the very beginning the rumor was that the D90 replacement will have the same ISO as the D700.

        • That’s interesting, if calibrated ISO range is 100-6400, that means 6 calibrated stops, like D3s. Presently, D90 and D300 show only 4 calibrated stops, 200-3200, D700 shows 5.

      • I agree with NiknWontRepairMyGray. A ISO100 would be very welcome for landscape photographers and a very usable 6400 should be more than enough.
        On a personal note, the ISO on the D300s is really not that great at all, as debated many times. Personally, I could only use up to 800 and anything above that produces too much noise and loss of detail 🙁

        If the D7000 has a native range of 100-6400, we could probably look forward to the D400 as having 100-12800 or even better 😀 Which I doubt, because that would be D3S territory…so the same range as the D7000 is highly plausible, but perhaps with better control and image quality.

  • crocodilo

    Urgently desesperate to upgrade from my D3000, and the D7000 looks like an answer to my prayers. I’ll be taking along the 18-105 VR and the 35 f1.8, but my question has to do with the hardware controls on the D7000. Any “solid” info on what buttons will we have available? I’m just a newbie, but my guess is that I’m more in need of control than higher MPs. (higher usable ISO will be most welcome, also).

    • jastereo

      Even if it “only” has the same type of controls that the D90 has that will be be a huge step up from the controls on a D3000. You have button access to almost everything you’d want on a D90 (Usually push a button and turn a wheel to change settings) + a programmable function button – which you can use to get into a “My Menu” for the few things you do need to get into menus for on occasion (AF control & Auto ISO settings & Pic styles for me). Works out fine. D300+ controls are a step up though and a few things migrating down certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  • SZRimaging

    Ok, so the D7000 is missing Mirror Lockup, Micro Adjust and possibly AI lens compatibility. Anything else? 10 pin remote connection?

    • That would be wonderful.
      Is there any hope it might have Micro Adjust, Admin??

  • R.D

    Does anyone think the new battery system is like the D300s battery system? which lets you increase FPS/battery life, also more better fit, the D300s and D700 battery grips fit very nicely, if thats true, with these specs, that would be one badass camera

    • jms

      New battery system probably needed to keep total weight reasonable. Meaning also less capacity. Nikon consumer /prosumer/ pro battery systems have been different. Now the new EN-EL14 seems to be in D3100 and P7000. If the battery for D7000 is going to be EN-EL14 it means D7000 is low-mid range product. If something else it could mean the new standard for prosumer battery system (also D400/D800 and like).

  • This body is exactly what I’m looking for. My dad got the D300s only so we could have the external mic input, but I love the feel of my D90 and don’t have a need for the faster FPS of the D300s. The D7000 not only comes with the new video capabilities I will use for promo video gigs, but also the high ISO capabilities to keep me from spending a ton of money on a full frame camera for a little bit! I just hope all of this is true!

  • Simpleman

    i know its really hard to tell from this early unknown tests but , does this look to you that nikon fixed their serious rolling shutter issues / jello / wobbely

    d3100 – test videos ive found on youtube

    i really hope d7000 is AT LEAST GONNA HAVE FULL MANUAL CONTROL VIDEO, cos this thing , aint looking very promising from the d3100 – hope im totally wrong

    • Well maybe the videographer is clumsy and he`s not using a stadicam…. that`s too shaky…

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      In the first video, the 55-300mm was used. Depends on the focal length he was using. If it is 80mm or over, then it is pretty good. Any video DSLR would have had that rolling shutter. If it is at 55mm, then it is quite bad (or maybe just a bad cameraman). I can get steady shot with Canon dslr at 50mm.

      It would also be interesting to know if he uses a tripod (looks like it) and whether the VR is switched on. That guy didn’t even mention anything about it in his “test”, what a dumbass nutjob. He should do a short “test” under better conditions with more details given to us. Why do Nikon send out their early samples to such useless people? I didn’t learn a thing from that video. Yes I’m jealous.

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray:

        Yep I agree, i couldn`t say it better, I am a videographer with 15 years of experience and this video is awful, very bad taken…. this pseudo videographer must have been masturbating before taking this video… man this guy has a bad shaky hand…

        Besides that I`m worried…. hpe that Nikon please us with fully manual control in video mode, I don`t want to jump ship and buy a crappy canon camera…

  • Baked bananas

    Would that be low iso performance from 100 to 25600? Or iso settings from 100 to 3200, high1 6400, high2 12800 high3 25600? The d3s is rated Low Noise ISO Sensitivity from 200 to 12,800. Right now everyone on this board TRULY BELIEVES this camera will actually have iso capabilities equal to or better than the D700. And you people on this board are hard to please, just like Jets fans, myself included. I dont like the fact that this camera wont meter with manual non cpu lenses and has a new battery system. But the positives outweigh the negatives, so it looks like i’ll preorder this from adorama instead of getting a d700. Thats only if you’re right admin.

  • Yeah 🙂
    D7000 an 35/1.4 seem to be mostly wanted and possible. Very horny to watch what will happen 15th September!!

  • bb

    I actually wished the D90 didn’t come with video because it was half-assed and a marketing gimmick. The most upsetting part was the monaural audio on the D90 –the most obvious half-assed feature because “stereo” costs nothing! Still, I decided to buy one instead of the D80. Not only I needed a decent and lightweight camera for Machu Picchu, I also needed a concert camera that can perform well in low light conditions.

    One year, 5 countries and a dozen or more cities later, I’m so sick of lugging my D90, lenses, hd camcorder, laptop, chargers, batteries and wished that the D90 had better video so my pack could lose some weight. So here comes the D7000. It took them a while to respond to the 5DMKII. Yes MKII is FX! but the tech already existed and Nikon just didn’t have it at that time. Can’t wait to get my hands on the D7000 or whatever they’re going to call it.

  • DBX

    If the D7000 rumor is true, it does everything I need in a digital camera. I’m a little bit irked by the change in battery system, but if it’s in the name of working properly with long video clips I can see the reasoning.

    The price seems ambitious, but it wouldn’t be the first time Nikon has aggressively shifted the paradigm on pricing. And let’s face it, the pro photography market is in meltdown at the moment. Layoffs in the newspaper industry are rampant, fair use violations are everywhere, and hourly rates for commercial and wedding photography are on the skids. So looking for ways to be aggressive on price makes sense. In conjunction with the price push, they’ve backed off slightly from the D300s in a couple of areas, notably the AF sensor and the capture rate, in favor of features that make sense for the broadest number of people. With FX serving clearly as the long-term high-end direction and DX evolving as a niche towards specialty telephoto use or lightweight walkaround zooms for snapshots, it also handily serves the purpose of opening up a $2,000 slot for a lightweight full-frame body that also has good DX chops and delivers the maximum possible AF and capture rate. Something like a 24 megapixel or so. And maybe that will be the way things eventually go. Where I don’t see much of a future in the long run is in the full-size camera market like the D3 series; in the end, they’re going to have one truly unique feature and that is the laptop-sized battery.

    As for the dual SD, recent developments in that area make it a sensible decision; widespread built-in slots in laptops, SDXC, and much improved transfer rates that are finally competitive with CF. Now will the laptop manufacturers all get busy with putting proper SDXC slots on the SATA bus (Apple, especially you)?

  • Full frame only!

    DX cameras, who want them?!! Only full frame cameras should be produced now that the price of the full frame sensors is affordable. Nikon should even create an entry level camera with a full frame sensor instead of a DX sensor.

  • RobertW

    Thanks to Franco:

    If I buy the new D90 replacement, I will forever call it the D7k. Ah so much better!

  • Down Under

    I wish Nikon would put User Defined on their dial like Canon does. The presets are nice but anyone using a camera like the D90 or now the D7000 (to be out soon) should be able to define what they want. That is one of the features I really like about my Canon 7D. I do think the D7000 is going to be a huge success. Glad they are going to keep the price reasonable. But back to basics….the lens is where it’s at.

  • mrpassion

    We are just one day away from the launch and so far nobody on the internet has been able to leak the actual photo or details of the real product. So far all we have are speculated specs. Looks like Nikon succeeded in being tight lipped. A little too much for my liking.

  • logandiana

    If the camera has the ability to enter data to mount and meter manual focus lenses like the D3, D300, D700, etc. Then this will be my new camera from my D80. Otherwise I’ll wait to see what the D400 brings.

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