In addition to the Coolpix cameras announcement on September 8th, this is a recap of what is rumored to be announced on September 15th:

Nikon D7000:

Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4:

Nikkor AF-S 200mm f/2.0G IF-ED N VRII:

  • 13 elements in 9 groups
  • 9 blades aperture
  • Expected price: around $6000

Nikon Speedlight SB-700 (low chance to be called SB-650):

  • 24-135mm zoom
  • Overheat protection (I hear it will be improved from the SB-900)
  • Expected price: around $300

Please note that some of the specs may not be accurate and/or lost in translation. [NR] probability rating: 90%.

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  • i_still_want_a_D900

    So the D7000 is almost like a D300s replacement, outside of not using CF cards???

    • iamlucky13

      That’s been the growing consensus for the last couple of rumor discussions over the D90 replacement.

      Which leads to the question of whether there will be a higher level DX camera, or if the lineup will be D3100, D5000 or its replacement, D7000, and then the jump to FX.

      • George


        If the rumored D7000 is indeed offered for $1200, Nikon is most likely planning a FF camera for $2K. Basically a FF version of the D7000 with 16mp (?).
        The D800 replacement, with 20mp+, will most likely be moved up to $3K+.

        Can’t see Nikon making an even better spec’d 1.5x camera than the D7000 (if the rumors turn out to be true).

        • George

          I meant to say the D700 replacement (D800?) above.

          • c.d.embrey

            “Bring on the D400 @ $1700”

            Sounds like a camera I would buy. Not interested in a camera with two SD slots.

          • WoutK89

            Pro DX lenses, the 12-24/4.0 and 17-55/2.8 you mean?

          • WoutK89

            Oops, and the 10.5/2.8 fisheye of course

    • Fun

      no micro adjust
      soo 3rd party lenses are (still) useless.

      • “no micro adjust”
        Yea, that would be veeeeery usefull. I hope it does! :-/

  • Zupi

    D7000 souns like D400.

    D300s is so DEAD

    • Joe

      True. Still some “pro wildlife shooters” will be whining for a D300s successor, though I don’t know what would be the point of such a camera over the D7000.

      • I wish Nikon didn’t focus that much on their cameras. They are too good already. Us Canon followers are having a hard time justifying our equipment. What most Nikon shooters really want is new lenses. The 24-120/4 and the 35/1.4 could be the first step for Nikon to get an up to date lens lineup.

        • PHB

          The next Canon Fanboy talking point will be claims that the lack of f/1.2 lenses is a crippling deficiency in the Nikon lineup. Because at this point that is all they have left to talk about.

          They ignore the fact that the Canon lenses won’t actually autofocus wide open so they are effectively manual lenses. And the 85 f/1.2 is almost as heavy and bulky as the 200 f/2.0. But that is what they are going to whine on about now.

          • Roger

            Ha, so true.

            Canon fanboys are already trying to convince everyone there is a -HUGE- difference between f/1.2 and f/1.4 and it makes their images “special” lol. Seeing to what lengths fanboys go to “prove” superiority of their favorite brand, it’s so silly and I can’t help but laugh.

        • c.d.embrey

          If your camera sux, no need to justify – just buy what you want/need. If Nikon makes the best tool then buy a Nikon, it’s just that simple.

        • John Sullivan

          what was the point in that?

      • PHB

        If you are a wildlife photography you probably care at least as much about the robustness of your camera as the capabilities.

        A lot of wildlife photographers are using the D3x as a 10MP DX body for that very reason.

        I would not worry too much about the D300s being obsolete. Most Pros know to time their purchases for the models at the start of the cycle. If you bought a D300 two years ago it should still be going strong and be perfectly acceptable until the D400 arrives next year. Unlike the D3s, the D300s is not a major advance on the D300.

        The D7000 should be better than the two year old model one step up.

        It is reasonably safe to assume that the D400 is still some time off, probably this time next year. It is also pretty clear that it is at least 18MP and I would not discount the possibility that it is 24MP.

        Thats why I don’t see the cause for the whining demanding a D700 replacement right this minute. The sooner the update comes out the sooner it starts becoming obsolete. Lets face it, if Nikon did come out with a D700s this year and then an 18MP camera next year, the same people who were hoping up and down saying FX NOW! would be complaining they bought too soon.

        What I expect to see early next year is a drop in the price of the D700 and a new 18 MP full frame launched at the D700 price point.

        • Landscape Photo

          “A lot of wildlife photographers are using the D3x as a 10MP DX body for that very reason.”

          They must be bunch of snobs to pay $8K (unless they use it along with FX mode & only occasionally resorting to DX for more reach). Otherwise isn’t the D300s robust enough? My D300 is built like a tank which never failed under natural forces like cold, rain, dust, vibration, etc, but the lens did. Lenses are usually not built on par with the Nikon bodies’s strength. They will get moisture inside if exposed to heavy rain.

      • hah

        D7000 is the D90 successor. The D300/s still superior with it’s faster fps and better AF system on top of weather sealing. since nikon is re-vamping it’s line up from the bottom up, it is expected for the gap to narrow. goes to show just how good the D400 will be for it will differentiate that much from the D7000.

        still if you’re into sports and fast fps action the D300 is far the better camera for the AF system and fps alone.

        • AF quality is not just a number of points game. It depends on function of those points. A 39-point AF could well be better than the present 51-point system in D300s.

          • WoutK89

            and at base the D300s will in the rumor only have 1fps advantage, how many times do you need that extra 1fps? We still dont know if there is a higher fps with optional grip!

            • 2fps advantage for those of us who own and use the mb-d10! And it makes a big difference! D300 and D700 feel like slugs without the grip.

              I do hope whatever comes out uses one of the grips to access a higher frame rate.

          • Eric

            true but the d300s uses the same focus cam as the d3 line, little less processing power but i doubt the d7000 will have d3 processing anyways. I bet the d7000 will be fast but still have a wimpy auto focus motor built in, no AF fine tune, etc. The D400 will be the true pro body dx successor.

        • StickingZoom

          The D7000 *will* have weather sealing + magnesium body according to the above rumor.

          And with 1.200$ for body only it’s at approx. the same price as the D300. That’s also the reason why it’s not really a successor of the D90, it’s rather “above” it.
          That also means that there is a “hole” in the model range between D3100 and D7000.

          It surprises me but Nikon seems to accept that for an intermediate time 2 or 3 of the offered models are obsolete.

          I also wonder what the D400 will cost – 1.800 $ ? And who will want a DX for such a high price?

        • Anonymous

          D7000 will unlikely have these (if matters to you):

          * pro feel of D300(s)
          * AF fine tune
          * one-touch ISO & WB access
          * 0ne-touch 100% detail display
          * custom functions
          * custom setting bank
          * extra picture mode import
          * tif recording
          * lossless nef recording (maybe)

      • Johan krüger-haglert

        I want the D300s threebuttonthingy on the left side damnit =P

    • Carlos R B

      But…will the viewfinder be as good as the D300s?….

    • As a D300 owner, the D7000 (if Admin is correct) could benthe first pre-order I ever make. If it’s nothing but a D300 with better ISO and video focussing, I’m sold.

      I’m sure the D300s replacement will be a much more pro camera than te existing D300s but I’ve come to the point where I know what and how I shoot and what I need.

      • Dual SD-Card slot!! I much rather prefer that over the D300s’ SD/CF. Why? Because one has to worry about a single format only.

        • A single slooooow writing format. Yep. That would be a deal breaker for me.

          I hope this spec is not correct. CF cards are so much faster that even with a tiny buffer, the camera can dump to the card right quick and have you back shooting in a second. Even class 10 SD cards are half the speed of my CF cards.

          • SDXC is plenty fast for anything. All of my computers have SD card readers built in and my primary iMac supports SDXC. I won’t miss CF for a second.

            • iamlucky13

              Be careful about absolute statements. Somewhere you’re bound to encounter someone who is being limited enough by the write speed of SD cards that they’d pay extra to use CF.

              Plus the CF case design is supposedly more robust, although that advantage is tempered by the bendable pins on the CF slot, and SD cards aren’t exactly delicate either. I don’t personally know anyone who’s had an SD card fail due to physical abuse.

              The speed advantage is continually diminishing, and I’m sure eventually CF is going to disappear completely, but I’m not sure Nikon is quite ready to force the last CF holdouts to switch.

            • QuBe

              I hope CF doesn’t disappear for ergonomic reasons.
              If you’re an adult, the CF format is simply easier to handle and manage. I can’t stand the SD cards I have…they’re so tiny and thin they’re like handling a 1¢ stamp and I’m always afraid to snap them going into the cam or card reader.
              Ironically, on my first cam with a CF card, I was freaked about bent pins. And yet, I never had an issue and it’s the contacts on my SD card reader are so flaky you have to insert it with the precision of a neurosugeon.
              There’s a point where the ability to miniaturize bumps heads with the reality of human ergonomics. At least for me, anyways.

          • DolphLundgren


            … if the dual SD slot is a deal braker for you, than ask yourself what you’re really whining about …?

    • But, magnesium alloy body means something like the light body of D90, or a full metal chasis like the D300?

      • WoutK89

        The full metal Chassis you are talking about is also an Alloy of magnesium 😉

        • Yeah, that’s why I am asking if anybody knows how the new camera will be, light like D90, or bulletproof like the D300.

          • WoutK89

            Rumor says Magnesium alloy, no one really knows for sure yet

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        Afraid that your delicate wrists snap off? do some gym once in a while and you won´t have to worry about the little weight of a magnesium alloy camera :/

    • hah

      D7000 isn’t even close to a D400. It is a D90 upgrade.

  • X0I2o5y2

    Please please please make the d7000 come with a swivel lcd screen!

  • Theo

    What’s really interesting now is the camera line-up.

    With 7D Canon moved it directly to fight D300, 60D – D90, etc… and what goes next by Nikon? Any rumors, NikonRumors? 🙂

  • Simon

    Please please please make the d7000 come with AF-finetuning.

    • d40-owner

      That is actually a HUGE detail that I haven’t seen any comment on.
      Admin, any word on AF finetune?


      • Curious about AF tuning as well, seems one big issue with 60D for xxD owners. Very curious about new AF system. 39 points, how many cross-type?

        6 fps spec indicates a D400 is coming, the D300s is already faster. Maybe higher fps with battery grip?

        This D7000 is generating a lot of interest, if price is correct and those specs are for real, one hell of a camera for sure.

        • WoutK89

          Well, the D300 could physically already do the 8fps without the battery pack, it was just some gimmick to make you buy the battery pack 😉 A D400 would indeed be able to do something like the D3(s), 11fps.

          • PHB

            No, it looks to me like the battery pack is actually necessary to juice the CPUs enough to make the fps work. I don’t think it is just to make you buy the battery pack.

            The problem for all handheld devices is that Moore’s law only works at half the rate for them. Desktop computers double in speed much faster as each generation of CPU draws more power than the last.

            The ELN3a batteries have a limited current draw and that means it is not possible to keep cranking the CPU as fast. That might well be the reason that the D7000 has a new battery pack.

            I would like to see Nikon do a lot more with the grips though. I would not get their GPS or WiFi offerings for any money because they are just yuk: heavy, bulky, kludges. My iPhone has a module the size of a postage stamp that does both and costs like $10. If they had an interface that let the grip add in CPU power and network features it would be far more interesting.

            • stephen

              No I saw videos on youtube of people tricking their D300/D700 into shooting at 8FPS with normal batteries.

        • Eric

          I agree. I have no doubt the d7000 will be amazing but it will be one to two full years before im in the market again for a SLR and the D400 should be out by then or perhaps even a D800. The D7000 is not a pro body replacement, just doesent seem marketed in such a way and the price cap Nikon has to impose on themselves shows it.

          • I was planning to wait another year (no pro here, own a 3+ yo D80 and a few lenses) for D400, now this is looking interesting as an update for my DX lenses and video, then wait to go FF in the next iteration, likely early 2012 with D800.

            • Landscape Photo

              You’re wrong. 1012 is too early for D800. It won’t come before 2015 🙂

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Personally I would hope that it would get as good AF as the 7D but I guess it won’t since then it would be at D300/D300s/upgrade level.

          Over here in Sweden the 7D cost less than the D300s but used I’ve seen it all the way down to like 55% of the price new. Just wish I bought it then.

          The D7000 will most likely cost less than the 7D I assume but not by a far amount and since I’ve missed out on used ones.. Well =P

          Though hard to imagine a new camera be just as good as a similarly priced used one.

    • AlohaEd

      I’m also wishing for this feature. Is there any indication that this is part of D7000?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      x2 I think this a feature should be in enthusiast cameras too.

  • The invisible man

    Better do some overtime on laborday…..

  • getanalogue

    it seems that not only D 300s is dead, but also D 400. Hope this D 7000 will become reality with the described specs. Only problem: appropriate lenses, D 90 has already higher resolution than any of the DX lenses.

    • Q

      You wrote: “Only problem: appropriate lenses, D90 has already higher resolution than any of the DX lenses.”

      Yes, I hate megapixel war. But you mean to say, that Canon’s kit lenses can resolve its 18 MP and Nikon’s lenses can’t resolve 16 MP? I read in tests of 550D (18 MP), that it have very god pixel sharpness level. Did they use very expensive lens with this not expensive camera?

      • Anonymous

        The 18-55mm & 16-85mm are very sharp. They can easily resolve 16mp @ f/8. Don’t worry mate.

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Sorry mate but the latest Nikkor 18-55 VR as much as I hate to say it isn´t as sharp as the latest canon ef-s 18-55 IS, as it is now the 18-55 IS is really much better than the nikkor version.

          We can agree on the 16-85mm though.

    • Qwerty

      You wrote: “Only problem: appropriate lenses, D90 has already higher resolution than any of the DX lenses.”

      Yes, I hate megapixel war. But you mean to say, that Canon’s kit lenses can resolve its 18 MP and Nikon’s lenses can’t resolve 16 MP? I read in tests of 550D (18 MP), that it have very god pixel sharpness level. Did they use very expensive lens with this not expensive camera?

      • hexx

        550D might be 18MP but it’s pain to use – until my friend was ready to take a photo i’ve taken already 10 😀

        • hexx

          …forgot to add, with my old D40

      • iamlucky13

        A lot of camera tests are going to use a very sharp lens to make sure they’re testing the camera and its processing rather than the lens.

        I’ve caught on to comments on other forums to the effect that the 550D and even 7D are not very sharp. I suspect the actuality is they’re past the limits of their lenses.

    • PHB

      That isn’t true.

      My D300 can out resolve pretty much all my DX lenses at the center of the frame. And that is where most of us put the object of interest most of the time. In fact most of my DX lenses perform across the whole height and most of the width. They only start to really struggle at the edges and corners.

      I have only ever had one DX kit lens and I rarely used it because my film lenses were better. But even that one, a 18-55 works fine on my D300 even though it was made for the D50 with half the pixels.

      Sure you can find fault with any lens if you go pixel peeping in the corners or use them wide open. But the linear increase in resolution for the D7000 over the D90 is trivial, its only 20% more.

      When I started in the film days there was not one lens on the market that could match the resolution of the best film except dead center and stopped down. You had to learn to compose in the camera taking account of this and then crop to move your subject to the right point.

      Of course in those days we used to consider ISO 100 to be a fast film. ISO 400 was really pushing the boundaries and ISO1600 was something you used to get an artsy grainy effect.

      • @PHB:

        Actually less that that, from 12 to 16 MP (if confirmed), it’s only about +15% lineraly in resolution, not really noticeable. The point is that the new sensor should be a little better in low light, if latest D3s’ technology is used. I doubt it’ll imporve DR and color at base ISO though.

        Another point is the calibrated range for ISO. If it’s from 100 to 6400 (+ 2 Hi stops), that’s pretty good, meaning that recovery of lowlight areas will be much better than with D90 or D300s. Even 200 to 6400 will already be an improvement of 1 stop for ISO range length.

  • JakeB

    I’m looking to move up from my D60 (always regretted not buying the D90 instead) and if the D7000 has even some of those features AND equivalent/better IQ to the D90, then I’m there.

    Along with my 18-105 mm and 35 mm 1.8 should make for a great travel set-up.

    • Carlos R B

      Other than the D3000, i dont remember any updates with worst IQ than its predecessors….

    • Rahul

      There are some chances that this may not have better IQ than D90. Unlike D90/D300/D5000, this one will not have Sony’s sensor and Nikon does not have much experience in DX sensors. Moving to 16MP may not be a very good idea as it might result in increased noise.
      In my opinion, preodering D7000 would be too much risky. If I were to buy this product, I would wait for a couple of months for the reviews.
      Having said that I really wish Nikon would make this one close to D700 in IQ.

      • Roger

        The current Sony DX sensors are actually quite good.

      • Nikon didn’t have ANY experirence with FF sensors, check what they did with D3 and now with D3s.

      • WoutK89

        Was that trolling, or are you really that low in confidence about Nikon?

  • fetzie

    35 1.4 fuck yeah. it’ll look awesome next to the 24 1.4, 85 1.4 and my shitty 2.8 zooms. i can also sell my 200 2 for the new one with the awesome golden N. i hope it’s lenshood is better

    • Yeah, I’m also waiting for the 35mm and the 200mm. If the new 35mm is as good as the 24 or 85mm it will be awesome!!

  • Gareth

    god that d7000 looks like a killer!

    • I agree, and nobody has complained yet 🙂

      • d40-owner

        True! This is poised to be a… (dare I say it?)…. crowd pleaser?

        • StickingZoom

          You mean crowd as majority of possible customers? With 1.200 $ body only?

          Well, possibly I’m one of the few who have to think really well before spending 1.200 $.

      • Wait and see, the whiners and trolls are holding out … 😉

  • Isn’t Nikon D7000 replacement for D300(s)? In terms of features, build quality etc?

    • But why new batteries? Can I dump old ones into your sea??? Duh

      • Jivee

        I hope they mean a new Battery Grip, as in not the MB-D80, or MB-10 for D300/700….and not replacment for EN-EL3e! I’m heavily invested in 6 of those!

      • Enesunkie

        Didn’t the D5000 come with a “new” battery? Same physical size, just higher capacity. They probably figure that if your going to be running around shooting video all day, that you might appreciate a couple extra mAH’s.

    • hah

      doesn’t look like. it just looks like a step up from the D90. Looks like a downgrade from a D300s perspective except for the video and slight mp bump. 51 AF point system and faster fps and weather sealing are big differentiators. I see nothing in the D7000 that reads D300 replacement. The D400 is going to be poised to take out the 7D. This D7000 is just going to take out the 60D…and that it does if the specs are correct. Although I’m still skeptical about that metal body. I’ll believe it when I see it but I expect it to be cheap plastic like the prior ones.

      • WoutK89

        The rumor says Weather proof like the D300s, doesnt that say weather sealing is like D300s enough? Also, you compare a 7D to a not yet released D7000, how do you know it is not able to take on the 7D by numbers alone?

        • Eric

          If nikon manages to take out a barely sub 2k camera with a 1200 camera that would be the death blow for Canon. Its not going to happen, its market and the D7000 will be positioned against the 60D with the eventual d400 positioned against the 7D or 8D by then. Also weather seals is not one value. The d300s has a set standard of sealing, Nikon has said that the D700 has better sealing and the D3 has the best sealing meaning a eventual d400 could have d700 or even d3 type sealing.

          Realize that every line in there catalog will be made considerably better, the d400 doesent have to stick to where its at they could make a 11fps 20 megapixel beast if they feel it will sell.

          • WoutK89

            Isn’t that what Nikon should do, blow away the competition?
            If indeed Sony is taken out of the cycle, will the camera become cheaper? I think Canon just spilled too much beans (7D) before Nikon brought their bet (D7000).

            • WoutK89

              Sorry, IF rumor holds true with these specs and performs as the specs imply

            • Down Under

              I love my 7D but use the smaller XS also. Nikon makes some really good gear and I have used both 300 and 300s …. excellent cameras both. Back in my film days all my gear was Nikon.
              Am looking forward to see and hold the D7000.

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            In Sweden:
            Canon 550D, 6758
            Nikon D90, 7148 (dropped quite a bit it seems)
            Canon 60D, 11726
            Canon 7D, 13162
            Nikon D300s, 13570

            D300s, 1479
            7D, 1699

            Haven’t read any of the rabates.

            1699 $ = 12430 sek, so far enough with our 25% VAT.
            1479 $ = 10815 sek

            Don’t know why Nikon gear is so expensive over here, or rather why Canon is so very cheap. For Nikon I can understand (higher VAT, smaller country, Europe, ..)

            Basing anything on prices within the country I guess that points in Canons direction.

            • Johan Krüger-Haglert

              Oh, yeah, and at 1200 dollar = 8800 sek + 25% = 11000 it would be nice if it wasn’t too far of the 7D at 13160. But yeah, not necessary to actually beat it.

              Guess the 7D wins weather sealing by a far amount to? But I don’t care much.

            • You should see Brazilian prices …

      • c.d.embrey

        I feel sorry for any Canon user who buys a 60D before looking at a D7000. A 60D is a downgrade from a 50D and it looks like the D7000 will be a hugh upgrade from the D90.

        Check-out the Canon forums, many people are enraged by the 60D specs.

  • hey Admin,

    “Somewhere between 6 fps”

    between 6fps and?

    • Theo

      Somewhere around 6fps, I guess.

    • copy and paste error… fixed

      • That’s one spec (fps) that looks under D300s’ level, so a D400 is still in the horizon. The other is the 39 x 51 point AFs, but that depends on quality of points and distribution on frame.

        Some have commented at DPR that Nikon is developing a Phase Detector AF system directly off-sensor, w/o mirror box, for D4 and D400. That would be a big differential, since it’d cover the whole frame and has the potential to be as fast as one can process images.

        • I wouldnt like that to happen… The sensor will be too prone to damage by being constantly exposed to light and even too much light like the sun for example.

        • Jabs

          I doubt that Nikon would introduce a pellicle mirror D4 or D4X, as when Canon introduced its’ 10 fps pellicle mirror camera a few years back for SPEED alone -vs- F3/MD4?MN2 combo, they (Nikon) introduced an F3P instead. The Canon was fast (a one trick pony fast) but inconsistent and the mirror was subject to scratches – same as new Sony cameras per tests or previews.
          I think the pellicle mirror if used, will perhaps be in an “E.V.I.L” (hate than name or designation) camera and perhaps Nikon and Sony are now sharing information/building/research, etc..
          Pellicle mirror cameras are NOT compatible with much of the infrastructure of Nikon PRO bodies, as people use too many accessories/lenses (such as mirror lenses – 500 F8.0) along with them. Pellicle mirror cameras are inconsistent with filters and polarizers too, but they might overcome that. Macro shooting is also weird plus underwater shooting is weird. Where ever you have very bright lights or highlights, that sort of camera goes belly up and is too inconsistent – MIRRORS reflect plus refract light, hence the problem in FRONT of a sensor.
          NOW, if they had a semi-transparent sensor – that would be a different story, as the light would be divided AFTER the sensor and not before.
          My 2cents!

          • Roger

            Renato’s comment is not about pellicle mirror (which is horrible), but like that Fuji compact that has PD autofocus off the main sensor.

            That kind of solution still has a huge problem – EVF. Every EVF I have tried was unusable, and completely unsuitable for serious photography. I have not tried the new Sony A55 but initial reports from users say it’s EVF is just as bad as all others.

            • Correct, that what has been mentioned. I agree with you that EVFs need to evolve a little before one would replace the mirror box, I’d guess maybe for a D400, or a D800, but not for a D4.

            • Jabs

              @Roger – Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, that Fuji is really clever.

  • Carlos R B

    D7000…AWESOME… of course just IMO….sorry for those that need FF, since is not my case, im happy for the upcoming D7000…still waiting for the P7000 real specs to see if worth against the S95 and LX5…..

    • Kozłowski Artur

      Well, is it DX or FX? There’s no info on that, though for the price it’s probably DX.

      • WoutK89

        Quit whining about FX, you know it will be DX, why you even doubt that? 100% viewfinder

        • PHB

          The whining about FX comes from the folk who want to pump their egos buying ‘professional’ gear.

          What they don’t get is that an FX body is worth nothing unless you have the worthy lenses. And just one of those will cost you close to D700 money.

          Blame Canon, they started this with their full frame bodies and f/4 zooms.

          • WoutK89

            You know I wasnt talking about D700 upgrade, but people that see FX in every camera? The DX is dead people 😉

            • Enesunkie

              OMG, I’ve seen some of those DX is dead posts. They’re just as stupid as a well know site that said “digital was fun while it lasted”

          • Roger

            Oh but you can put a very affordable gem like the old 105/2.5 on FF camera, and the results are wonderful. With an FF camera, you can get a reasonably good prime kit with not a lot of money. But for crop sensors? How do you get a cheap 35/2 FF equivalent on a DX camera?

            Crop cameras only make sense if you’re willing to sacrifice the aperture. Olympus is the most notable example, the way they do it with their m4/3 lenses, f/5.6 lenses on 2x crop sensor lol

          • Really? I am a professional, and I want professional gear. I use DX as well, so no snobbery there. What I want is a compact D3x for half the price. Yes, even half would be fine. I paid as much for my D2x.

            I’ll buy this too if the specs are similar to above.

            But I DO still want a 24mp+ FX cam. Is that whining?

            Is that whining?

            • Anonymous

              No whining, I’m in the same camp.

    • hah

      FX camera for 1100 bucks. not happening.

      • LOL! not yet anyway…

        • WoutK89

          Am I the only one that spots 100% viewfinder as the main point already for it not being FX…, 100% viewfinder is D3(x/s) territory.

          • D300/s has it (100% VF).

            • WoutK89

              No kidding sherlock, what if the subject was FX?

            • Sorry WoutK89, missed your point. You wrote many times that only top FX guns had 100% VF, that’s not true. D300 has had it for 3+ years now, the Canon 7D also has it, as even some lower Pentax bodies do.

            • WoutK89

              As of today, only top of the line cameras have had 100% at Nikon, the conversation was about Nikon, and FX for cheap, so yes, I was right…, I do know the D300(s) also has 100%, but that doesnt matter when we talk about entry FX, does it?

            • NiknWontRepairMyGray

              Careful WoutK89, rhlpretus will resort to calling you a troll if you defeat his argument by using sound reason lol.

              For me, the biggest reason why this D7000 is a DX is its $1200 price point.

            • Wout: if you are talking about FF, yes, Nikon and Canon, only ones doing it, don’t have 100% VF except in top models. Nikon could do it though, for example F6, still being made, has it and is about same size as D700. If Canon brings a 5D3 with 100% VF, I bet D800 will have it.

  • Zupi

    I am so glad I just sold my D300 for the same amount I paid 🙂

  • Manual Video functions please!
    I´m praying…Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Simpleman

      i join you in prayer !!

      • Blackpeppers


        • bb

          < — bust's out his nikon prayer rug.

  • good thing is in about 10 days we all will be out of pain 🙂

    as long as it does the job i can foresee a happy crowd in here! 😀

    • lowlander

      I’ll be happy!!!!!

    • WoutK89

      I will foresee an unhappy crowd within 24 hours after announcement, YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT, lol, at least I will be more happy, because it’s another step closer for me to an upgrade for my trusty rusty D80 😀 The D90 didn’t do it in terms of features.

      • sword

        ha ha

        • ahhh come on can’t you just let us catch a break?

  • venancio

    D7000… it’s like looking in the mirror and seeing beautiful abs you didn’t know you deserve…

  • Liquide

    If even 80% of the rumored specs on the D7000 are correct its going to be one awesome camera.

    PS. buying it as soon as it’s out

    • Enesunkie

      Even if a select 3 or 4 specs come true, it will go down as a winner.

  • Jeff T.

    I wonder if a battery grip will be able to be used with this body like the MB-D10.. This sounds like it’s going to be a great product, probably explains why Nikon has added the 14-24mm Rebate to the D300s body recently. I would get this over a D300s in a heartbeat. And thanks Nikon for all the new fast primes….F/1.4 yea baby they don’t package this stuff in those GOLD boxes for no reason… and they are priced like gold too..

    • WoutK89

      The MB-D10 will probably be too big for this body, I am assuming if they don’t plan on making a D400, it will be the top of the DX-line sitting in size in between D90 and D300s.

      • Eric

        then it would be called the d400.

        If half of you stop and think about it you’ll realized there will be a d400. One point would be controls, with the d90 you have to do most things from the menu, with the d300 all crucial things are on the body from metering, focus pattern, continuous AF, a AF ON button and a separate AE lock button. Take that and the slower rumored FPS, most likely inferior auto focus for reasons i described above in another post and it all points to eventual D400 although for now the D300s will not be very popular.

  • Let´s keep praying!

  • Vincent

    Any idea if the D7000 would have a focus motor for non af-s lenses?

    • WoutK89

      If not, they will have shot themselves in the foot.

      • It should have it, why would Nikon drop it at this level?

    • Jackie

      I care about the focus motor too.

    • Yes

  • WoutK89

    So if I see it right, the AF-s 200/2.0VRII only gets Nano and VRII in it’s design, and that’s all? Because it’s still the same 13/9 composition. Maybe a little tweaks here and there in the glass, but couldn’t they have announced this better together with the 300/2.8VRII?

    • hah

      what’s good about annoncing it if they didn’t have any to sell?. do you think nikon makes these out of thin air? they need time to produce them thus the fact it is being announced now.

      • WoutK89

        Well, as far as I know, producing 1 200/2.0 took like 9 months or so, because of the big front element. So it would mean, they still had a lot orders open for the old version, before they could make the factory change the interior by 2 differences… (in other words, they could have made more money on the new lens, if they would have announced earlier, because more people that bought the old one last minute, would have probably chosen the new one instead)

  • Admin, are you 100% sure about the 35 1.4? 🙂

    • Lolly

      I think the price may be around $1400 US to compete with Canon’s 35mm f/1.4L

    • I would say 90% probability – sorry, I forgot to add it in the original post (I just did).

  • Next announcement: D400 a la style of D2xs series !!

    • I doubt it, more likely a new AF system and higher fps, plus even more video features. Not many buyers for a full-bodied APS-C at this point.

      • WoutK89

        Do wildlife shooters need the bigger body, or is it only about the better build?

        • I have a friend who works with wildlife. It depends, he says. For BIF, a lighter body is better, but then the fps goes slower, it’s a compromise. Large knobs also come better in the larger bodies. But that’s still a very small crowd, and D3s seems good enough, despite some loss of reach.

      • I just hope for better ISO in the D400, especially very usable in the 1600 and 3200 regions 😀

    • Very possible .. for a rumour site 🙂

  • Redkrow

    But it will have complete manual video controls or just AF during recording ?????

    That’s important for me. If I will change my d80 i will do only if I will take video like I can take photo: choosing myself aperture and time.

    • Roland

      You can try posting the opposite request there: PLZ FULLY MANUAL STILL PHOTO CAPABILITIES @ 24 Mpix, or else i will switch to anything else!!1

  • max

    That beats the shit out of the 60D…
    Will it live up to the specs? Will it even be true?

    Will it be the D300s replacemente and cost a lot more??

    • hexx

      yeah, 60D is a big disappointment at least for me, just another ‘rebel’ camera, was expecting something more serious

  • sword

    It’s so great!!
    I’m exciting.
    It will be true ?
    But it’ll be more expensive.

  • PLAleks

    I HOPE that the shutter be 1/8000 !

    • sword

      me too,but if it’s good in every specs,who is it . It will be D400.

  • photonut

    Sound like D700 R.I.P

    The really scary part: “New battery system” …

    • max

      d700 is full frame… it needs an urgent ugrade

      • Roger

        It does? Really, Max? Really??

      • Matt XVI

        I’ve been waiting to upgrade my D90 to the D700 replacement. I couldn’t wait anymore as I have 4 weddings lined up (just getting started) – I shot one with my D90, did a pretty good job and got 4 more gigs out of it – but I realized that I definitely need an FX so I decided to pull the trigger. I was afraid to buy it so late in the cycle (at a great price though) but after having used it a couple of times, I couldn’t disagree more with your “need(ing) an urgent upgrade” comment. I think I’d be very happy with this camera for the next 10 years, heck – maybe even the rest of my life if it would last that long. Why do people feel the need to constantly upgrade their equipment when what they have is good enough? Granted – I upgraded my D90 – it is a great camera but didn’t quite have the capabilities of what I NEEDED it to do. This “urgently in need of an upgrade” D700 seems to be capable of everything I need it to do and I would assume what many need it to do. If you buy an awesome blender – and it does everything you need it to do and does it damn well – why do you not feel after two years that it’s “in urgent need of an upgrade”?

        In my opinion, D700:

        Due for an upDATE – Yes
        In urgent need for an upGRADE -Definitely No

        • Pete

          Absolutely agree… and the buying public (not the whiners on here) clearly think the same since the D700 is still priced significantly higher than the 5D Mkii, at least in the UK. If the D700 was so outdated then don’t you think it would be seriously discounted by now?

          Question, why do people think they need more MP ? Personally I don’t want the massive increase in file sizes, for relatively small increases in linear resolution. I’d rather they took the new technology and improved the picture quality instead of pushing the MP and giving moderate improvements to the PQ.

        • Bob

          Only thing needing upgrade is the photographer.

          I bought a D700 last year, when the rumors of a D700 replacement were imminent as well. Glad I bought it then–have enjoyed full frame fast primes again, ultra high ISO quality, and huge viewfinder. Nikon has no need to rush to upgrade–they know they’ve got a winner in their hands.

          I also have since bought a D90 for kicks, but will be selling it because I like full frame much more. If I need video, I can use my little pocket cam.

        • SteveO

          Agreed, Matt, Pete and Bob. Consider, all contented D700 FX fans, where the price of the D700 will be one year from now. I predict that it will be so close to the opening price of an APS-C D400 that it will make the DX D400 the second best option at that price point. With this D7000 DX camera Nikon could, practically speaking, be delivering terminal evolution of the APS-C sensor. I will buy a D7000 and am betting that I hold onto it for a decade, at least, enjoying it for the extra length well beyond the purchase of my first FX digital SLR, whatever that may be.

          • SteveO

            When I said, “With this D7000 DX camera Nikon could, practically speaking, be delivering terminal evolution of the APS-C sensor.” I am speaking to optical viewfinder with mirror, not to EVIL.

  • Qwerty

    I hope D7000 will have not only 24 fps in 1080p, but also 25 and 30 fps. Otherwise I’ll shoot in 720p. Hate jerky cinematographic 24 fps.

    • Jedi99

      I hope we will get 24,25,30fps for 1080p and 50,60fps for 720p
      I know, maybe I am dreaming, but hopefully it will not be just 24fps for 1080p

  • Kapa

    only 24 fps in 1080p?… ((

  • Enesunkie

    Virtual horizon got added into the mix too… cool! No more hotshoe bubble level fooling around with.

  • acolade

    if it has manual ISO control while filming, then its realy The Thing! 🙂

  • These specs give us even more reason to look forward to the upcoming D400, if there is one 😀

    • The D400 will be my next body purchase… and the D7000 specs tell me the D400 is going to be oh-so-sweet.

      • Me too, exciting times ahead.

        • VJ

          Same here… Seeing as it doesn’t outperform D300s on some features that would be possible (AF points, fps, …) makes me think a better DX is still in the works.
          I just wonder if the differences will justify its price… I mean, what more can it add, and how much more would they charge for it?

  • Ekimc

    All that really mattered to me is that 35/1.4 is a bit more expensive than my expectation. Hopefully there’s something really good about this lens…….

    • Roger

      24/1.4 is great, 85/1.4 is great. I’m sure 35/1.4 will be great too, Nikon is on a roll. We’ve waited ages for them to come around and revisit their primes, and they’re doing a great job so far.

    • Lolly

      Perhaps it will be priced closer to Canon’s 35mm f/1.4L at $1400 US ?

      • Roger

        No, I dont believe so. 1800$ is more likely.

        Keep in mind that Canon will raise the price, to around 1700 or 1800$, when they make a new 35/1.4 II, just like they did with the 24.

    • Chroko

      I’m also somewhat disappointed by the rumored price of the new 35mm. But I can’t even consider it unless it’s close in price to the 50mm AF-S (ie: under $500.)

      I guess Nikon set themselves a high benchmark with the 35mm f/1.8 DX – so any new full-frame equivalent really needs to set itself apart.

      • Bobby

        Well if you look at any fast 1.4 or faster lenses for full frame, the prices will always be way above the 50. The only reason why the 35 1.8 DX is so cheap is because it was designed for cropped sensors. The image area that the FX needs to cover is a lot larger than the DX. Plus they probably guess that most of the FF fast primes will be bought by people who can afford FX and FX lenses. I am looking forward to the 35 1.4. The price doesn’t matter nearly as much if the performance/build quality can back up the price. In the end the lens should be able to pay for itself as 35mm on FF is one of my favorite focal lengths to shoot with.

  • I’m hoping they put a side articulated LCD so the camera is easier to use in movie mode.

  • royalan

    I hope there is a 4:3 or 4:5 masking mode, like i think the D3 has. After shooting medium format 6×7, I still find 35mm framing has too much space on the sides when I compose. I look forward to giving my trusty D70 a rest.

    • …there’s always the D3/D3x. And 4/3rds!

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      if you are used to medium format this isn´t the camera for you, I would recommend you to test (rent it) a D700, D3s or D3X those camers produce staggering beautiful files which are going to please you better than the APS-C cameras.

  • Theo

    Wireless flash sounds nice too! It’s the first time I hear this.

    • WoutK89

      Is that not just commander mode still in the camera? Does not make me feel like woo-hoo yet

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      …. the D70, D70s, D80, D90, D200, D300, D300s and D700 all sport a pop up flash that can be used in Commander mode in Nikon´s CLS (wireless flash system) In manual mode, TTL and Auto………………………………………

      • Theo

        I was thinking of something a-la su-800 built-in.

        • WoutK89

          As a matter of fact, it is a SU-800 built in, they both work with IR signals, SU-800 uses buttons, while the other cams use menu for changing, but they do do the same

  • John

    But will it meter with non-CPU lenses? Does it have true mirror up? If it does then my D300 will be on the selling block.

    • Yes, without MLU, mettering with AI(s) lenses and AF tune it would be a hard to replace D300.

  • this just in: NO swivel display on the D7000

    • SA

      I’m not upset. I wished it. D5000 was the most ugly DSLR because of movable screen. I don’t want bad worst ergonomics because of swivel screen, that I’ll use maybe once a year above the heads. No problem.

    • Lolly

      This may imply a higher build quality.

    • boo, I want swivel!

    • That’s likely related to body and LCD size. The 60D is still larger than the D90, likely because of space needed for the display. And they would have to use the D5000’s approach, which is a bit awkward, unless Nikon redesigns the bakc and put left buttons somewhere else. I like the left-sided buttons for quick adjustments in the D80.

      • WoutK89

        About the display, Admin, any news about resolution and size? (Hear me, I know you always give all you know, asking for something you probably dont know)

        • no sorry, I don’t know any more details

  • Interesting, no love for the SB-650/700 in the comments.

    I hope it can be used in commander mode. Using a D50 at the moment and would love to use the CLS without shelling out for a new body or higher priced speedlight…

    • WoutK89

      That’s the reason why people NEED to buy the SB900, sorry to tell you, but not very possible to see commander mode built in

    • iamlucky13

      How about as a start simply including a dumb slave mode so you can fire it remotely in manual mode with non CLS cameras using the pop-up flash? SB-600 doesn’t have this, as silly as it seems.

      I’m agreed with WoutK89 – Nikon is going to keep CLS commanding as an upsell feature for the SB-900.

  • Jabs

    D7000 sounds like a heck of a great camera and Nikon getting things sorted out and focused in the usual way they do, after taking their own time.
    The camera seems like a response to the Canon 7D, which in itself seemed like a response to Nikon’s D300(s) model too.
    Nikon – D3 and D300
    Canon – 1DMk4 and 7D
    Maybe it is indeed an update to the D90 and then we wait for the D4, D4X and D400 series as an update to the D3s, D3X and D300!
    Now, the ‘complainers’ here will have to find something else to grumble about other than megapixels. Maybe, they will now complain about 51 -vs- 39 AF points – lol.

    Their possible complaints by me to perhaps head them OFF – lol!
    No GPS – what?
    No LED screens – what?
    No USB 3.0 ports – what?
    No 16bit RAW output – what?
    No High Def @60+ frames per sec. – what?
    No baby burpers – LOL!
    No robotic photo takers to do the job for your lazy and clueless self – LOL!
    No E-Book manuals or Internet upload capability built in – (BUY a computer – LOL!

    • NikonFFuser

      plus 6 points for you.

    • Eric

      possible real points to complain about

      no mirror up
      no AF fine tune
      no metering with AI lenses
      no fps boost with grip
      no full manual video controls
      no 1/8000th shutter
      no manual dials, switches on body ala d300
      no quiet release mode (its not all that quite anyways though so meh here)

      to most people those things dont matter at all, but to some ppl a camera lacking even one of those will push them to wait for the d400. I do a lot of wide open shooting so i wouldnt buy a camera that doesent do 1/8000th, I also use it in a studio setting so I would prefer a true mirror lockup although exposure delay on the d90 did its job. AF fine tune is crucial, if your multi thousand dollar lenses wont focus properly on your thousand dollar body whats the point ? Many like to use AI lenses as well, including the ZF (not ZF2) series of Zeiss primes which some spent thousands on.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        You want a D300s for the price of what used to be the DXX cameras hahahaha……… LMAO man you are deluded :/……..

      • Joe

        I can only imagine they will do something like a D3-like DX body that has all those features next year.

        BTW: if 1/8000 is important for you to shoot wide open, why not use ND filters? I will give you 1/32000 an beyond concerning that matter… 😉

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      You are so far the only inteligent poster (with James) here!

      The DXX line has never been so close to the specs of the D300s and this camera promises a lot of bang for the money and it seems as a great offer.

      But as you say people will be saying:


      “I CaNT IMPRSSS MODELz WiTH DIs!!!! Icn´t FakEIT noMOREZ!!!”””


      “IwNT COloRZ BODDISSSSSS!! BLUEZ NIKnoooooo!!!!”

      • WoutK89

        Well, to prove your point, look at what samples were shot with the 85/1.4 AF-s… (that dude used his dog 😛 )

  • James

    I bought a 2nd hand D90 just over a month ago for ~£500. Considering the recent camera MSRP of £ compared to $ I’m pretty glad I didn’t wait to upgrade from my D50 to this D7000… At >£1000 for this camera it’s not for me.

    Some people have all the money for the latest shiny toys =/

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Some people charge what they should for their work instead of doing freebies or microstock and they can easily afford this camera.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      You know about banks right? they let you “store” your money in their big vault so you can “save it” until you can buy something you want?

      • Enesunkie

        I thought that’s what mattresses were for?

  • NikonFFuser

    Call me crazy but I think this is an entry level full frame camera, that 35mm 1.4 is very nice addition too. 50mm 1.2 next!!!!!!!

    • SA

      You are crazy. ) No chance. And that’s good.

    • Ekimc

      It’d be way too cheap as a FX camera. But I’m sure all Nikonians would be really happy if it is.

    • WoutK89

      Not really crazy, just a dreamer…, LOOK AT THE SPECS, 100% viewfinder on an entry level? Keep em coming these not so smart comments

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        the EOS 7D has a 100% viewfinder and is APS-C…. :/ you are a rabid fanboy who is a wet dreamer not a dreamer.

        • WoutK89

          APS-C is entry level? 7D is entry level? Don’t think so to both. 100% viewfinder on an optical viewfinder of a ENTRY LEVEL camera with full frame? Sweet dreams lolcatmaster FTW

  • David

    Sorry but if the D7000 has the specs listed above then there is no way the price is going to be $1199 body only try $1500, if it comes in at $1199 expect a mass exodus of Canon shooters to Nikon.

    • WoutK89

      Or it’s just that Canon has again pulled the shortest straw?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      For 1,100 bucks impossible, there hasn´t been any breakthroughs in terms of sensor manufacturing that allow to reduce the price.

      • Bob

        Sensor prices are cheap–how else could Nikon sell D3000 for $500 price point. DSLR prices are based in part on amortized costs of R&D and costs of added features (pro features, etc.). Sony has released their new dSLRs with 14 and 16 MP at under $750–so Nikon certainly can release a new 16MP camera at $1100.

    • NikonFFuser

      That’s the whole point to lure every Canon shooter to switch to Nikon by offering an entry level FF camera.

  • robert

    I like it when I see the [NR] admin jumping in for a comment here and there..keep up the great work guy/guys? btw, who’s the owner of NR?

    • WoutK89

      It’s 1 guy, his name is Peter 😉 Will you make a Bio page some day? 😀

      • This page is not about me, I am not important. But if you want I can post some pictures of my family and ask you to support it 🙂

        • Do you also shoot your kids with a D40? 😉

        • NikonFFuser

          hahahahhahah funny Peter

        • How dare you !!!

          • robert

            How dare YOU! driving around in mercs and begging for people’s money. Go fyourself Ken. No wonder people around the photography forums hate you..

          • goose

            Cool beans if this was real. Reading a hate blog about [NR] after this. lololololol

  • hexx

    I’d be happy if d7000 was just a proper dSLR, w/o video functions and therefore -£300 from the price 😉

  • roos

    Did you get any indication on the size of the sensor?

    I agree with people argueing 100% viewfinder indicates non-fullframe. On the other hand Nikon has allready displayed that they are willing to change the APS-C sensor size with D3100. I can see several possible scenarious here:
    * Reusing D90 viewfinder with a smaller sensor a la D3100 to achieve 100% viewfinder.
    * Reusing D700 viefinder on a larger crop sensor a la canon.
    * Reusing D3100 pixel level sensor tech on a bigger crop sensor to achieve more MP:s and
    lower noise.

    • WoutK89

      You know 100% doesnt need to have a smaller sensor to achieve, it’s about the magnification of the viewfinder how big the sensor needs to be (or better viewfinder has to be). This will still be an APS-C camera.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Do not dream to far from the specs given you are likely to be disappointed if you do it, As they are the camera seems like a really great camera and a good match to the 7D and is likely to find home as a backup camera for many pro´s, sensor size isn´t going to be full frame and that´s hinted by the supposed MSRP of the camera (as I said above in another reply there haven´t been any breakthroughs in sensor making technology that allows manufacturer to offer cheaper full frame sensors), it can´t be APS-H because it would distance itself from the DX line.

      It is as simple as that.

  • hexx

    does it mean that new line-up will look like this?


    • WoutK89

      D3100, D5000 (D5100 some day), D7000, D300s, D700, D3s and D3x.

      • I bet D3000 will stay a long time in lineup. It’s selling at 460USD at Amazon with kit lens, bert-selling dslr, even after D3100’s announcement (which is already in the top10, still pre-order):

        Canon still has 450D (XSi) in their lineup. And it sells well.

        • WoutK89

          Between you and me, the D90 is still selling too, and will sell for a while until stock ran out 😉

          • I think D90, not being an entry-level model, will likely be discontinued soon, just like it happened to D80 after D90 was launched. Actually, if you check B&H many of the kits are already univailable. The D3000 is the entry-level model, just like the D40 was for a long time and Nikon may just stick to it at <500USD. It's in the lineup, with D3100:


            • WoutK89

              Nikon has made too much 10MP CCD sensors then. If only it had the D40 benefit of 1/500 x-sync…

            • Enesunkie

              I still see the D60 listed on a lot of European Nikon sites. Maybe they did make too many 10MP sensors!

      • hexx

        oh, i thought that D3100 replaced both D3000 and D5000

        • WoutK89

          Nope, D5000 had a swivel screen, and some other nifty features the D3000 line lacked 😉

  • val1s

    Any more info on the sb-700, Optical slave? fast recycle time like the sb-900, small size like sb-600? zoom range seems off, you would think 18-135 would make more sense.

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