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Nikkors on a train

Next time you take a train in Switzerland and go through a tunnel, you can rest assured that the inside walls are in perfect shape thanks to…. five fisheye Nikkor lenses: This piece of fascinating technology is the front of the diagnostic vehicle for rail infrastructure of the Swiss Federal Railways, which was part of the Innotrans – the […]

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Nikon mirrorless camera talk continues

After the DigiTimes article and the interview with Tetsuro Goto, Focus-Numerique (in English) published their own post-Photokina interview with Tôru Uematsu (Marketing Manager, Nikon Europe). After some Q&A about 3D, AF speed, megapixels count and EVF, the mirrorless camera question was inevitable: Q: Your president, Makoto Kimura, has announced something in that sense [Mirrorless system by Nikon], didn’t he? (referring […]

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Interview with Tetsuro Goto at Photokina *updated*

Update: this is a detailed recap of the interview with Mr. Goto, sent to me by a reader: When asked about interesting concepts at Photokina it seems the Samsung NX100 caught his eye with the camera’s small size as a key to this systems’ merit. The interviewer jumps at this and asks if it is OK […]

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Nikon expects its mirrorless interchangeable lens camera to help gain 40%-50% market share?

This is according to DigiTimes, which is a popular website/newspaper from Taiwan (they claim it reaches 100k professionals). It seems that the source of this news is Nikon, since they mentioned “according to the company” in their article. Of course the term “mirrorless DSLR” is not technically correct: “Japan-based camera brand Nikon expects its new […]

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NPS started shipping the new Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G ED VR lens

Update: some readers in Australia already received their 24-120 lens last week on Friday. Today NPS started shipping the Nikkor AF-S 24-120mm f/4G ED VR lens to members who ordered through their priority purchase program: “Dear NPS Member, Your NPS priority purchase request has been released to your selected Nikon Authorized dealer. Please make arrangements to follow-up with […]

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Weekly Nikon related news/links #77

First, some eBay madness: Nikon 21mm f/4 lens ($7,995.00), Nikon F3H high speed body kit with MD-4H ($7,999.00) and Nikon Apo El Nikkor 210mm enlarging lens ($5,700.00): Nikon’s charity photo hunt on October 12th (Malaysia). Nikon Digital Live 2010 schedule: Akihabara, Tokyo (October 15-17) and Osaka (October 22-23). First 500 guests will receive gifts. Visitors […]

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