Weekly Nikon related news/links #77

  • Nikon's charity photo hunt on October 12th (Malaysia).
  • Nikon Digital Live 2010 schedule: Akihabara, Tokyo (October 15-17) and Osaka (October 22-23). First 500 guests will receive gifts. Visitors will be also able to take pictures with the D7000, and in cooperation with EPSON, print them for free (thanks jdsl).

  • GE also released a camera with a built-in projector (similar to the Nikon Coolpix pj1100).
  • Get a free Nikon D3000 when you purchase a Nikon EDG binocular or fieldscope. See the details at nikonpromo.com.
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  • First again yeah!
    Anyway, the 21mm f/4 looks sweet! 😀

  • I compared ePhotozine’s review of the Nikkor 55-300mm with the Tamron 70-300mm and to me it looks like they gave the Tamron much better marks for only slightly better IQ. They said the Nikkor had “decent optical performance” and the Tamron had “very good optical performance”. Looking at the graphs and the example pictures it seems to me that the Tamron has a very slight optical advantage. I know the Tamron is full frame and the Nikkor isn’t but that doesn’t diminish the Nikkor’s optical performance. The Nikkor does rotate during focusing and the VR is slow but they comment that the Tamron is slow to focus also. Okay, I know, since when did anybody care about an ePhotozine review.

    • e.wong

      Yeah, I also find that the site review on Tamron A17’s PQ@300mm wide open is very much the same as A005’s……man, A17?

  • Anything D7000 related I’ll be checking out : D

  • Alfredo F,

    If the d7000 has such a great ISO performance, im going to sell my dog to buy the d400

    • Rick

      LOL! +1

    • Poor doggie lol. I foresee many people will be selling pets.

      • The invisible man

        What about invisible kids, I have 3, free shipping.

      • iamlucky13

        Sweet…so the D7000 means not only a chance to get a great deal on a D300s or D90, but also on a slightly used dog!

    • aaaa 😀 😀 😀

      will sell plants also…

    • human tripod

      Your dog deserves a real human.

    • NJHeart2Heart

      Pooor doggy!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Oh my Lord. GE is actually knocking off Nikon’s projector camera idea. Time to sell GE stock…

    • Suprchunk

      Yeah, that’s the worst thing GE has done.

      It’s hard to believe that you would buy stock to not make money. Because them coming out with new products that will sell well seems to be a no-brainer money maker. And do you think that GE saw a press release and just whipped this thing up?

      Whether they copied it or not, it is a good thing to have more than a single choice for the consumer. You don’t want to have someone monopolizing a certain product do you? Read: Microsoft.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Wow. A GE apologist, the only fan of the projector cam and no sense of humor. You’re a catch.

        Lighten up, Francis. And spare us all your elementary attempt at a Milton Friedman lecture.

        • Suprchunk

          I’m not a fan of the projector. I am not a G.E. apologist. Just pointing out your flawed logic, and apparent lack of humor – as you say it is supposed to be there.

          You’re a real national treasure Opa. I’ll try not to get fresh with your ultra-witty-full-of-humor? comments in the future.

        • Suprchunk

          And don’t call me Francis. Everybody calls me Psycho.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Ahh, so you do have a sense of humor! Now you just need to cop to the fact that you frequently take up the opposing side just to provoke confrontation. Your diatribe on such an inocuous comment was unwarranted and pretty dickish, dude. Save the bile for the trolls.

  • jdsl

    you’re welcome, admin:)

  • Mav

    The Digitial Camera Info page of content on the D7000 is clearly written by someone who has never owned a D90. The references are misleading in certain areas (comparing the D7000 sensor to the D5000 sensor), and flat out wrong in others – the article claims the D90 does not have an AF motor.

    That’s the point when I stopped reading…


  • Suprchunk

    Ooh, if I needed binoculars or a scope I would jump on that. But I got some a while back.

    Oh wait! That offer has been around since April? Wow! I was looking back then. Why am I just now hearing about this?

  • Apart from the rarity of the 21mm lens, what’s the justification of the high price? 😉

    • None. For some “photo-freaks” rarity is more than enough…

      • Thought so. 😉

  • Henwas

    The Nikon d3000 offer is only available within the US, real classy.

  • some ebay sellers are crazy. lets go to give lesson to them! lets place a small (one hundredth of a bin price, e.g.) amount as a best offer!

    • Jesus

      nice idea

    • Broxibear

      I don’t think the Ebay sellers are crazy, it’s the buyers who pay that are crazy.
      I’ve sold used equipment on Ebay for more money than if the person had bought new?…some people are seduced by the bidding process and don’t bother researching prices of what they’re buying.
      I know the D3100 is a small body but that SB700 looks massive perched on top lol… http://thephoblographer.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/pepcom-product-photos-25-of-43.jpg?w=667&h=1000

  • The invisible man

    Thanks Peter !!!!!
    I pointed that $8000 21mm f/4 to my wife.
    She said: “I will never complain again about your $5000 photo backpack !”

    • $5000 backpack wow!

    • oh, what kind of backpack you use?

      • The invisible guy

        Well, I meant the backpack + what’s inside.
        The bag itself is only $50.

        • i thought you have backpack with luggage carrier included 🙂

        • Oh…thought it’s a backpack that could transform into a helicopter when the going gets tough 😮

          • The invisible guy

            No, I have my airplane licence but not the helicopter one.

  • Photokid

    Admin, yesterday I went to the local camera shop asking about the nikor 600mm as Im looking at purchasing one soon. The man working there said that Nikon just anounced that they are going to make an upgraded version of the 600mm. Do you have any info on this? Or do you think it was just a misunderstanding on his part?

    • zoetmb

      I doubt it very much. That 600mm was released in May 2008, so it’s not that old, and it’s been in very short supply since then. Even B&H hardly ever gets any. It already has VRII, so there’s no reason to do another one. The previous version was released in 2001, so I don’t expect another new version until 2015 or so.

      You do realize this is a $10,000 lens, right?

  • Hmm, hands on with the D7k from the 17-23rd, leads me to believe we won’t be getting shipments till after those dates for sure.

    Sadface. but I’m sure Nikon is taking the appropriate time to make sure everything is perfect!

  • My vintage 70-210D AF-D blows all this tamron and new nikkor consumer tele lenses, in IQ. Maybe the stabilization is a must for you, for me optics and fast focus are the way to go.
    Attached my 70-210D AF-D 4~5.6 in my D90 and i got this images:



    Bernardo Vaghi

    • DSLRMania

      If it wasn’t for a few of this and that, I would say “Foot Fetish!” :p)

  • tablugar

    What’s amazing about those P7000 photos? it could be done with any P&S with controlled lighting.

    • As the creator of those images, I think one of the amazing things about them is that they are made with a stock, not an after-market, wireless flash system.

      I also like the overall image quality. IN my experience, it is a pretty big step up from what I have been using in the past.

      You claim that it could be done with any P&S camera with controlled lighting… please, show me.

      Please re-make any of the images I created and post a link here.

  • Bryan

    The D3000…So bad we have to Give it away

  • jk

    Funny, I wouldn’t even pay more than a $100 for that stuff if it was for personal use.

  • The invisible guy

    I did not think the F3+motor was new in the box !
    I wonder how much it was selling for with the motor at that time.
    So there is people who buy high end cameras, put them in a safe, and sell it back 20 years later ?

    • FuzzTheKingOfTrees

      It’s not any old F3, it’s the F3H. They were only made for one Olympic Games, essentially to order. I think it’s probably still the fastest SLR. 13.5fps so a whole roll of film in less than 3 seconds.

      For someone who collects cameras this is huge it’s not for someone who wants to take photos. It’s not really a very good camera it’s just quick and if you want a quick camera you’d be better off with a D3s for less money.

  • The invisible guy
    • poizen22

      pimp camera

      • The invisible guy

        Thanks ! I just learned a new english word !
        “maquereau” in French.

  • zoetmb

    It doesn’t matter how much someone on eBay asks for an item. It matters how much it actually sells for. A lot of stuff doesn’t even get a single bid.

  • sgts

    yep a lot of ebay prices for d300 are too high at the mo also

  • farlymac

    Aren’t those Etheopian dollars? Almost as good as the EM that was started out at $0.99, with $35.95 shipping. Right. I think whomever put the bid on that camera didn’t bother to check the S&H. And it didn’t even have a lens!

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