Nikon D90 replacement may have 100% viewfinder coverage and dual memory card slots

The Nikon D90 replacement may have a 100% viewfinder coverage and dual memory card slots. FYI: the current Nikon D90 has 96% coverage and the D300s has 100% coverage. No idea if the dual memory card slots will be SD+CF, like the D300s, or only SD. I cannot give any rating for this rumor, since I found it online  - it was indirectly mentioned on a website by one of the people I have been following for a while.

This is a good news for all DX users. If the new D90 gets better specs than the D300s (and so far that appears to be the case), I would be very curious to see what the D300s replacement will look like when it comes out next year.

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  • Luke

    Moar Rumours! 😀

    • Very interesting, I’d love 100% coverage!

      Admin, just saw this at dpreview (I hope it’s ok to post a link here)

      Supposedly a couple of ISO 1600 and 3200 samples from the D3100


      • Ronald

        3200 iso seems oke to me 🙂 So if the D7000 iso is even one stop better….

    • Peter

      AF fine tune! AF fine tune! AF fine tune!
      I wanted of it has AF adjustment storage! Also, an AF motor is within the body, but is not only an AF-s drive mode.

      We are usually talking about the AF-error, but the various lenses are actually showing the respective AF-error! It is not a singly AF-error on the camera body. So you will need the AF adjustable storage into the camera body.

  • Jacobus

    This is a wonderful rumor 🙂

    • Joe R.

      The D90 replacement might be my upgrade path from a D300.

      I assume it’ll do ~8 fps (with or without battery pack- doesn’t matter). I assume it’ll do 720p at 30 fps and 1080p at 24 fps which is enough for me to dip my toe in.

      If it does ISO 6400 well I’m pretty sure I’ll grab it. However, if 6400 is H1 or otherwise really noisy I’ll have to wait for the D300s replacement.

      I have a low-light event March and hope to have a better low-light performer in my bag than the D300 in time. We’ll see

      • Tokyo Joe

        exactly my case…. we must setup a club 😉

        • Carlos R B


        • Carlos R B

          Sorry, meant +2

  • Patrick

    All good news…I mean rumors! 🙂

  • VSE

    Sounds too good to be true. This would make D300s practically obsolete.

    • Chris Ianke

      It does sound too good, but just imagine what the d300s would have to have for its replacement if it does! It would be pretty sweet!!!

    • Ray

      But nikon always did that… the d90 made the d300 obsolete, aside from speed (fps) the d80 made the d200 obsolete (also aside from fps)… im sure the d90 replacement will make the d300s obsolete other than fps… well only based on this pattern though… not really sure like some creditable source told me.

      • Sensor Size…

        WHAT? The D80 made the D200 obsolete?

        (Ignoring the D80’s problematic meter for a while), bare-metal IQ of the sensor is FAR from the entire picture.

        I suggest you reevaluate the function differences between the Dx0 and Dx00 series and think about why many of us would take a D200 even over a D90.

      • Delacroix

        Ray , you are making statements on products you never used.
        I still own a D200 and I had some occasions to use the cheap D80.

      • Kuv

        D90 made D300 obsolete… LOL…
        Most D lenses I bought had focusing issues… not correctable in the Dxx cameras. Also, 100% viewfinder, 1/250 sync speed, a more durable shutter, the AF system…

        I have no idea what you are talking about…

        • Canon Fan

          Sorry to say but the D300 is a mighty fine camera as is the D200. I have used and like them both. I have never thought any new camera had made an older one obsolete but just made things easier for the most part. Now I am using a couple Canons. They all work equally well but Canon fits my hands better.

      • No Dxx camera ever made a Dxxx camera obsolete that I know of.

        The D80 certainly did *not* make the D200 obsolete. Neither did the D90 of the D300. Am assuming you’ve never even used a Dxxx body (at least, not for an extended period of time). The usability factor *alone* makes the Dxxx bodies worth so much more than the idiot-function laden Dxx bodies.

        I often recommend the D90 to people starting out, but never to anyone that looks like they’re serious. For those people, I’d suggest going straight to a D300.

    • yrsued

      I know what you mean, the D300s will be so darn obsolete that every Image done with it will disappear from the Hard Drives and all the Publications they were published in…

    • SGN

      In which case, maybe I’ll be able to get one cheap! Hope the supply doesn’t stop!

  • Jenus

    More and more is pointing to that the D300 replacement is going FX.

    • d purdy

      if these ‘published’ specs for NR are right: and the D90 replacement has 100% viewfinder, yeah, i can’t imagine that a D300s price point would have a DX sensor

      •Magnesium-alloy body
      •16MP sensor
      •1080 HD video
      •Somewhere between 6-8 fps
      •Improved ISO range: 100-25600*
      •39 AF points
      •Price: $1199 for body only

      • Iborv

        Unlikely. Nikon is just filling in the gaps in their portfolio when comparing to Canon (who are doing the same…)

        D700 vs. 5Dmk2
        D300s vs. 7D
        “D95” vs. 60D
        D3100 vs. 550D

        Canon had to do a 7D as they were not competitive against the high end DX Nikons. Nikon had to significantly improve the low end (D3100) to compete against D500/D550. Both need to come out with the new mid-range models D95 and 60D – we’ll see how that plays out…

        • One question, what is the D5000 paired up to?

          • Iborv

            Yes, good point. A better pairing would actually be:

            “D5100″ vs. 550D/”600D”
            D5000 vs. 500D
            D3100 vs. “2000D”
            D3000 vs. 1000D

            Hard to say if and when some of these will come out, but that’s how I imagine the product development guys think about their products.

            • PHB

              No a better pairing would be

              D3100 vs. 5Dmk2
              D3100 vs. 7D
              D3100vs. 60D
              D3100 vs. 550D


        • Canon Fan

          Since the 60D is now out it will be interesting to see how things go. In some ways Canon may have taken a step back with the body build and going back to an SD card slot. I prefer CF myself. There are a lot of things I like about the new model but Nikon may be surpassing depending on what is actually on their new camera. Other than that Canon and Nikon are equally as good. Just depends on what a person likes and what feels good.

      • Kordi

        1200$ for D7000 is quite good price, but D90 / D80 / D70s / D70 were cheaper !

    • Geebee

      Assuming some or all of the above turns out to be true, that indeed could mean that either the D300s or D700 replacement becomes obsolete. Would make sense from am development and portfolio management perspective.
      Just my 2ct (and loving my D700 😉 )

  • RealFakeKenRockwell

    Put my d700 up for sale. I already own the overpriced d3x which I’m boycotting but own, as my FX camera. But I need a DX high mp sensor for wildlife.

    • f/2.8

      You own something you boycott. You may be more Ken Rockwell than you realize.

      • Is he “channeling”? Or is this just too ironic?

    • Abhinav


  • kanghong

    SD is the best storage & great to have dual slot too!

    • Andy

      Apart from speed of performance, you mean.

      • I’m actually happy with SD. I haven’t seen a single problem with it on the D300s or the T2i. Of course, I’m mostly using them for video.

        I will say they are more prone to damage, as they’re not built as robust. Personally, I’ve yet to have an incident. (knock on wood)

        • PHB

          I would much rather have an SD chip fail than bend the pins on the CF slot in my D300.

          I think it highly unlikely that Nikon would put CF on a consumer body at this point even as secondary. The chips are bulky and modern XDSD specs allow faster speed than CF.

          SD is also the format for video. If you have a Class 6 or Class 10 chip you have a fast card.

    • CF is faster and cheaper…. SD and CF would be good, dual CF would be great (not for the people upgrading from lower end bodies though.

    • Sensor Size…

      If you follow the dev discussion on the XO and / or other embedded projects you’ll notice a slowly growing frustration with the state of recent SD cards and error rates.

  • safeg

    Also use new nikon’s viewfinder100% patent 🙂

  • Patrick

    100% finder is nice, but if it is a “Nikon” sensor, will it also have a smaller sensor (as the 3100 has)?

    • those differences are tiny, pretty insignificant compared to Canon’s teeny tiny APS-C 1.6x crap sensors

  • Anders

    Dear Santa,
    Give me a weather-proof body!

    • Patrick

      They won’t give us that at a consumer price-point, unfortunately.

    • Paul

      My D90 is pretty weather-proof and has survived many heavy rains… 😉

      • You’re a braver man than I am then.

        I really want to get this one as a first shooter than knock my d90 down as a second shooter.

  • Jose

    Nikon market segmentation is at a crossroad at the moment, with high end customers going FX and low end going EVIL. In this situation I wonder if Nikon can justify 3 DX camera lines: D3100 entry level, D90 advanced and D300 semi-pro.
    My prediction is that the D90 will effectively replace the Dx00 line of DX cameras and will be named D7000 or something similar.

    • Georg

      oh actually there are currently 4 lines;)

      Nikon D3100
      Nikon D5000
      Nikon D90
      Nikon D300s

      • Jose

        Not anymore.
        Purely by chance, of course, but I was right this time.

  • The invisible man

    I want one !!!!!!!!!
    What is the adress where I’ll send it to get the sensor exchange for an FX one ?

    • Vladi

      Ken Rockwell can make it FX film format for you.

      • The invisible man

        Black and white ? (sepia would be nice also)

  • DaveyJ

    Using both the current D90 and the D300 (also D700) this is a good rumor from Nikon image and sales and for the buyer who cares. I think at least one slot should be SD. I have been noticing that the SD cards are quite a bit more?? I for one think that I am not going to rush to sell Nikon DSLRs I already own. I can use the right camera for the right use and having a backup camera to put to harsher uses is I feel a good use of an older model. I still use the D40X will ocean kayaking as my Looksha IV is fast but quite tipsy……

  • john

    I still miss the quality of the old viewfinder Like the viewfinder on my F2AS
    Just when will we see that on a DSLR

    • The invisible man

      Do you have fast lenses on your camera (that help to see better !).

  • Pentax kx user

    Bought the kx so I can wait for the replacement of D90 and all i can say is seeing/reading all this rumours from you all is very indeed makes me salivating for more. I don’t mind having two systems as its easy to adjust. I could have bought the 7D but waiting for this d90 replacement makes me think what kind it will be.
    7D better than D3 and D700 i beieve and d90 is comparable to eos xsi… my two cents…

    • which color? XDXD

    • bluemoon

      how is the K-x? I am looking for a DSLR…would love the D90, but it is rather exp. for my budget….the D3100 just released seems to be the right price,,if it is a good camera…..however, people tell me that the Pentax has too many issues….I have no idea….

    • bluemoon

      this is where I meant to post my comment….please scroll down to see it..I asked about the K-x

  • asu misuh

    ha..ha.. i hope information i got a couple month ago is true

    D90 replacement its gona replace D300 market with 16MP DX sensor

    D300 replacement will get 16MP with APS-H sensor

    D700 replacement will get 16MP FX sensor

    D4 will get special sensor (stil dont have info)

    • woohoo hoo, D300 with an APS-H, that would be fun for sure! 🙂

      Unfortunately not much plausible with all the investment Nikon has made in both DX and FX wide lenses recently. Also at 16MP at DX crop is only 6-7mp, I doubt they will go this route.

    • f/2.8

      You got it backwards.

      The sensors are developed for the top of the line cameras and then shared by the semi pro bodies. Eg.

      D3, then D700

      D300, then D90

      This allows Nikon to reduce or rather spread out the cost of R&D and production.

      Only the D3X gets the “special” sensor. And that was and still is what people are screaming for – a D700X that uses the D3X sensor. But for that category, Nikon rather eats the R&D cost.

      • SimonC

        Then which top of the line camera did they pass down the D3100’s 14MP sensor from? If the D95 has 16MP, which top of the line camera did they get that sensor from?

        My belief is that Nikon has started to change their sensor strategy, starting with the D3100. The D95’s 16MP would only serve to reinforce that belief.

        • f/2.8

          The D3100 or the D40, D50 or D70 before it, are consumer cameras. They don’t share the sensor with a semi pro bodies, of which the sensors are much more expensive.

          However, Nikon sells a lot more of these to general consumers and can recoup the R&D cost from volume.

          • Actually, the d3000 (the precursor to the 3100) had a Sony sensor that started as the D1x sensor, evolved into the d200 sensor, and eventually ended up in the d80, d40x, and then d60 before being replaced. So in a way, it did start in the top end D*x camera.

            The 6mp sensor started it’s life in the D100. There is definitely a history of the high end sensors trickling down, even to the bottom of the line.

            • PHB

              That was happening when development of any sort of sensor was a major effort and when the state of the art in DSLR was still struggling to get to terms with film.

              It is only a little more than five years since the D50 launched, the first affordable DSLR that approximately equalled the performance of film. The D3/D300 launch came only three years ago.

              Nikon strategy for the past five years has clearly focused on getting quality sensors out at each price point. Recycling the professional sensors from the previous generation made perfect sense in that context because the constraining factor was design time.

              Now we have got to the point where the consumer models start with more resolution and more low light performance than is required for almost any purpose they are likely to use it for. Nikon is investing in differentiating their line according to sensors targeted for each niche in the market.

        • This was predicted a year ago in the forums here 🙂

          • Andy

            Millions of things were predicted in this forum. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

      • Any NonMouse

        Nikon’s introduction of a new (Nikon made?) sensor with the 3100 may signal that Nikon is reversing that trend at the lower end.

        The weakness with Nikon’s trickle-down approach is that the lower-priced camera benefits from another year (approximately) of development over the higher-priced one. The D300/D90 is a perfect example: the D90 gained video and slightly-improved noise because Nikon’s engineers had an extra 12 months to work with the 12mp sensor. The D300 spent half of its model life slightly outclassed by its little brother.

        If Nikon is developing their own sensors at the low end now, a low-to-high progression makes some sense. Nikon can introduce a good sensor at the low end and then spend a year improving speed, features, and noise before introducing the improved version at the higher end.

        • About that d90 vs d300 noise: I owned both and shot them regularly side by side. The jpegs were processed differently (and I wouldn’t give the edge to the d90 there–horrid on large chroma in the red channel), but the raws are indistinguishable. If I had to give an edge to on for raw images, I’d say it was the d300, since I suspect the AA filter is higher quality.

          • Any Nonmouse

            I haven’t personally compared the D90 vs. D300 noise levels, so I’ll take your word on it*.

            Important parts of my original post remain true, moving sensors from low to high gives Nikon’s engineers a longer time to improve readout speed for the high-end camera and ensures that the high-end camera has all of the features of its little brother (e.g. video in the D90/D300 case).

            Of course, it only makes sense if Nikon has significant control over sensor design, if Nikon can scale up sensor production quickly enough to meet demand for a mass-market camera, and if Nikon can ship the high-end version quickly and with a worthwhile upgrade in features.

            All that notwithstanding, the D7000 rumors suggest that Nikon isn’t afraid of releasing a strong prosumer body to kill the 7D. (Nikon has never been as bad as Canon with regards to protecting their high-end sales by crippling the lower-end line, compare AF on the 5DmkII vs D700).

            * My original comment was based on DXOMark’s suspicious-looking sensor scores.

            • I’ve gone on record saying repeatedly that DXO-Mark is utter garbage that only exists as a marketing tool for the DXO image correction software.

              Actually, I think the process you’re describing would make sense, but it’s just not what Nikon has done historically. I only WISH my D700 had all the processing options for raw files that my d90 has.

              I suspect the new high end DX cam will have the new sensor that’s in the new Sony A55, not the 14mp one. Probably wouldn’t even take much tweaking…look at the performance on DPreview! And that’s with losing upwards of 20% of the light to the pellicle mirror! Should swat down the 7d nicely if it also has the 51 point AF or better.

    • A 16 MP APS-H sensor would be a MAJOR change in Nikon’s options. It would bring the top of the “crop mode” cameras closer to FX. Personally I would jump at it. I am also very hopeful that it will have weather sealing similar to D300.

    • Craig Grunwell

      ‘D300 replacement will get 16MP with APS-H sensor’

      Excellent! Now all those DX lenses d300 owners have can be obseleted if they decide to upgrade. 😛 never happen!

  • CapFuture

    Hmm, is it possible, that Nikon wants to “replace” the D300s with the D90 replacement but keep it in the product line anyway? I mean, if you look at the rumored specs of the D90 replacement, it seems to be a D300s with better Video, better Iso, bigger sensor and maybe even better AF (39 vs 51 points, yes, but less but more accurate points may be possible).
    Now the rumor with the 100% viewfinder and dual slots… what is left? Weather sealing?

    • Yep, weather sealing and… um… ‘heavier’? That’s a feature, right?

    • LGO

      There are quite a few more difference between the D90 and the D300/D300s that would make me choose the D300-replacement rather than the D90-replacement in addition to better weather sealing.

      One of this is the micro-AF adjustment. For those who use this feature to get the sharpest image possible, this feature alone will justify the added cost of the D300-replacement.

      For those who take time lapse photography outdoors, the D300-replacement intervalometer is another important feature that would make this camera worth the extra cost in addition to the necessary weather sealing of course.

      • JoshL

        agreed! sure beats having to get it serviced and lose several weeks of shooting experience. additionally, if you’re into HDR, d90 can only do a maximum of 3 frames for automaic exposure bracketting, whereas d300s and above offers up to 9 from what I remember. 3 frames may be adequate for traditional intent for bracketting…but for HDR, 3 really isn’t enough.

        • panfruit

          Hopefully d300-replacement will allow you to choose more than +1/-1 per frame when bracketing (ie: +2, etc.)

      • CapFuture

        Agreed, but to those ambitious newcommers to DSLR photography (such as I am) will be happy to see so many pro features in the D90 replacement and I won’t miss the weather sealing or Micro-AF tuning… these are pro features but the gap is getting smaller…

        Thinking of the D300s replacement they do have to push the border further or the D90 replacement will canibalize those markets… :/

  • IndyGeoff

    Dual SD cards would be nice. I don’t want to buy 2 different types of cards.

    • m35g35

      In today’s world it is hard to imagine that some one has only one type of card. I now have 3, CF/SD/microSD and trying to avoid another format.

  • Personally I don’t think D95 will have a dual CF+SD slots as it’ll really make the D300s or even the replacement look bad. But who knows, D300s replacement may get much more than that, for eg VERY good noise performance, or some really pro-level features.

    Really looking forward to what’s in store for D400 😀

    • SimonC

      Exactly. D400 has to be that much better – perhaps offer 110% viewfinder coverage 😉

      But seriously, the D300s was a very mild upgrade on a camera that was state-of-the-art exactly three years ago. The state of the art has moved on. By the time D400 comes along, it’ll be replacing a cam that is 4 years old.

      This pretty much means there needs to be a D5000 replacement because there is too much of a gap between D3100 and D95.

    • Well, to me it sounds like a no-brainer. Nikon can probably get a better deal on buying double the amount of dual slots than buying less of two different types. Plastic parts and pcbs absolutely benefit from economy of scale.

    • Akira

      I think it is a given that the D7000 will make the D300s look bad, the same way I think the D3100 makes the D90 look bad. Nikon is leapfrogging it’s various ranges because it is upgrading from the bottom up. That is just a function of how quickly camera technology advances. I think it is safe to assume that they are going to pull something out for the D300s replacement to justify its existence.

      • Yeah, perhaps D7000 gets 2 SD slots and D400 gets CF+SD? Or even 2 CF slots. I seriously think they’re going to add some feature that’s unheard of yet, and that makes it worthwhile waiting for.

      • bluemoon

        do you mean to say that the D3100 is as good as the D90???

  • Bart

    What is the use case for dual memory card slot?

    • Pauliex

      I was about to ask the same question. Other than the obvious (but tenuous) advantage of potentially doubling the storage, it doesn’t strike me as terribly useful. It takes about 10 seconds to switch out SD cards….

    • f/2.8

      Just to use the extra space inside the housing now that they made those DSLRs so damned big.

      Just kidding. You ever flown on multi-engined jets?

    • Sensor Size…

      You can “stripe” and do one for raw and one for jpg.
      Or you can do what I do when out of town and “mirror” and create an instant backup. I post the second card home and delete card one after loading it on my PC.
      You should also be able to shoot stills on one, and movies on the other.

      • Yeah, and with all these new machines having full HD video on the go, I can see a lot of people wanting to stick all their stills/RAW on one card and keep the other separate for movies. Makes a lot of sense really.

        Well, that’s what I’d do with it at any rate 😉

    • Vee

      Simultaneous writing to 2 cards. So if one fails, a backup is available. This is more useful to professional photographers who can’t afford to lose images.

    • BornOptimist

      Redundancy is one. Think of it like a RAID 1 system.
      One other use could be nef on one card jpg on the other, or video on one and still on the other (I’m not sure Nikon support the last one though).

    • Any NonMouse

      Redundancy. Also, redundancy.

      • Andy

        It’s even better because it’s independence and redundancy.

      • Funny wit. 🙂

        • Any Nonmouse

          I have often been called a shining wit, though I may have that backwards.

    • MrJA

      Dual card slots are also useful for wireless shooting – insert one card that acts as a wifi-transmitter that sends a basic .jpg to a laptop/phone/ipad, store the raw images on the other.
      So far I’m still quite happy with my D40, but if this thing ticks all the right boxes it’ll be a nice upgrade.

    • Video to one/stills to the other? I’d rather be able to shoot stills and then start video to the other card without waiting, which is possible if it’s designed right.

      Or: jpegs to one card, raws to the other. Good for press folks.

      • Glenn

        wouldn’t dual card slots add too much bulk? The point of the D90 seems to be that it’s a midsized body. If you bulk it up to D300 size that makes it less desirable from the travel standpoint.

  • Vladi

    I might switch my F-401s for this, but only if it will meter with AiS lenses.

  • Amien

    AIS METERING is a Must Have to me also.
    It would be pretty irrevelant if they dont offer it with video, while the other brands are capable of metering with Nikon AIS lenses !

  • Amien

    The D400 will be a 16MP FF camera, for 2K.

  • zseso

    “it was indirectly mentioned on a website by one of the people I have been following for a while”

    Admin – this frightening me… :X

  • Ralph Daily

    If this is right, the D95 might be the top end DX camera which would be ok. Nikon has had some problem maintaining spec difference between D90 and D300 to support price difference.

  • jojo

    maybe this IS the D400 and not a D90 replacement. it is logical that the 90 no longer matches the numbering scheme and its the last one with the strange series number

    • Denko

      Call me crazy but I do not believe the next major line will be called D4… it will most likely be
      the D8, D800, D8000

      So @ photokina this year we will get a glimpse of all of those… fingers crossed.

      Note that a 3 can be viewed as half of an eight so the 3100 still kind-of works.

    • the_terminator

      I think you might be on to something.

  • HDZ

    I’m selling my D300s now. 🙂

    • HDZ

      How about AF Fine-Tune?

    • HDZ

      External Microphone?

    • 2cents

      I’ll buy your D300s. I need an upgrade from my trusty ole D70. 🙂

  • human tripod

    D90 replacement will be Dx000 and all Dx00 will be FF from here on out.

  • bill

    I’ve been thinking ever since the 90 replacement specs were released that this camera is more of a D300 replacement than a D90 upgrade.

    I really think the D300 replacement is going to be a full frame camera for under $2k, probably $1999 at launch.

  • tsnake

    Yep, I think selling the D300 is what I’ll be doing.
    Get the D90 replacement now, and then wait and see what happens with the new D700.

  • Sebastien

    If all these specs are true, I’m afraid to view the price! It’s nice to have more functions and bigger specs but they most keep the replacement with a similar price, in the same segment…. If I want THE best camera, I will go with a 6000$ camera body!

    As I said in other post, It will be my first DSLR and for now, I was shopping first for the Canon T2i (for video). But I’m ready to wait this D95, but not for 800$ over the T2i.

    My opinion…

  • Sounds really good, hope the price doesn’t get too high.

    • robA

      I, too, have switched over from increasingly excited about feature upgrades to increasingly worried that the price is going to go too high… I’ve held off buying the D90 to wait for its replacement. But I’d be hard-pressed to convince myself (wife *ahem*) to spend much more than $1000 on a new body…

      Maybe I’ll buy the D90 after all 🙁

  • ELK

    “I cannot give any rating for this rumor, since I found it online – it was indirectly mentioned on a website by one of the people I have been following for a while.”

    Dear NR guy, you’re not obliged to post something if there isn’t anything to post 🙂

    • Yet it’s still nice to have at least some rumors. 🙂 Look at the discussion about it! (Skipping that a part of it is useless..)

    • Dear ELK, there is a reason why I posted this, and this reason is not because I have to post something. I have reasons to believe that this person knows what;s coming and there is a very good chance that those are true.
      How about we continue our little conversation here on September 15th 🙂
      You will not forget, right?

      • ELK

        Dear NR admin. Your reply explained what wasn’t clear in your post. Thanks and I hope very much that the great updates mentioned by that guy come true 🙂

  • Bob

    It boggles my mind that 100% Viewfinders are not standard on every DSLR. The cost difference between making a 95% Viewfinder and a 100% Viewfinder has to be almost ZERO!!

    The only reason that less than 100% Viewfinders even exsist is that camera manufactuers needed to make lower priced models, using basically the same sensors, and in order to keep the customers who paid $5,000.00 for the more expensive model happy, they decided to lower the quality of the viewfinder so they could say “SEE, ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THE $5,000.00 MODEL, THIS MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE CAMERA IS NOT NEARLY AS GOOD AS YOURS… It’s only got a 95% viewfinder.. . (Really… it’s… uh… not.)

    But it’s all marketing bullshot.


    • BornOptimist

      With a 95% viewfinder you don’t have to align the prism within the same tolerances as with a 100%, so manufacturing cost will be higher for a 100% prism.

      • Enesunkie

        Boy, there just seems like there is a lot of tight tolerances even in the lowly D3000. You wouldn’t think it would be that big of a deal to get the prism/mirror aligned a little closer too.

  • Philip

    What’s the point of getting a D300S if this is all true besides the FPS difference :(.
    I was thinking of buying a D300S but now I start to doubt completely.
    And waiting another year for the upgrade is too long.

    • BornOptimist

      If you the need it today, you don’t have any other option than D300S. This is still vaporware. Also note that this is information from “it was indirectly mentioned on a website by one of the people…”. Admin don’t even want to rate it.

      This rumor could found a base for the next massive whining after the D95 is announced. I can already see it. “…but Nikon said it was going to have 100% viewfinder and a dual card slot…”

  • Amien

    dummies just need the 95% viewfinder to avoid cropping the whole legs or head of the subject. But the extra 5% image will not solve their bad framing skill at all I agree 🙂

    • ELK

      I make those mistakes time to time, but even 100% VF doesn’t help me… I would need a viewfined with 3 selectable options: 50%, 100% and 150%.
      The first would help me rank those strange crops to my creative mind. The second option would be useful for my next Canon 70D (which I hope would have APS-C sensor with at least 36 MPix) – I would sell all my lenses and leave only 14mm fix – any zooms will be done later by cropping. Finally the lastVF option would help me avoid using rule of thirds, so maybe I’ll finally find out new genuous rule.

  • It looks more a merger between Dx0 and D300, to rationalize DX line (3×00, 5×00, dx0).

    So DX is a consumer line and FX a semi-pro/pro line, with parallel lenses lineups…. Clean, simple, effective.

  • jojo

    maybe two models will be anounced, as a new ff or d700 was to come soon. It could be that the new dx is the Dx00 series and the new ff is a Dx0 series. would be the most logical number line up.

  • jojo

    D3100 dx entry
    D310 dx prosumer
    D30 fx prosumer
    D3 fx pro

  • D900

    The D90 replacement getting too D300-like features, plus having a 16mp sensor means there will unlikely be any D400. Instead, this new line will replace D300.

    I wonder it’s body size & weight, and whether it will have a left dial like from D90 or the triple buttons from D300. Or something new & different.

    • Keep the triple button scheme with “scene” instead of “qual” 🙂

      • Enesunkie

        Oh no! What if they got rid of AUTO? 🙂

  • Dan

    Nikon will have the Dxx00 series for its DX lineup for DLSR’s.
    The D7000 will be the DX semi-pro body that the Dx00 series once was, with the D5000 series (via the D5100 next year) occupying the price point and feature set that the D80/90 once occupied.

    The D400 will be a more compact full frame and the cheapest FX Nikon DSLR to accompany Nikon’s new relatively more compact F4 line of lenses for professionals and serious enthusiasts who have been asking for a more compact and lighter full frame camera than the D700.
    Think of the D400 having the same build quality as the 16-35 F4 VR
    It’s AF sensor will be the FX variant of the D7000’s AF sensor

    • Anonymous

      The new 16-35mm f/4 is hardly compact to counter-balance the D700, let alone any lightweight version. (125mm length, 680gr weight)

      Nikon must do much smaller & cheaper lenses if they really think of such a lineup. I think it’s optically possible (without much compromise of IQ) if they opt out VR, and constant aperture design & let the in-body motor focus. Look at LF lenses, how small they were, but think of its image circle. Good old days…

  • Dweeb

    This is absolute bullshit from Nikon, leaving the D700 to languish while it ups the ante for lesser cameras. The D700 already has a SD type molding in it’s slot compartment. Why wasn’t it added a year ago in a mid-life upgrade? Jerks.

  • Rosco

    D400 having a D2x-like body maybe? And the new D90 replacement now being the D300 replacement?

  • The Wayne

    I want to make a prediction for Nikon’s future lineup. I kept thinking the new D90 would be called D7000, not D95. Sound’s like that may come true.
    Try to keep your flame throwers on low ’cause I’m new here and don’t know as much as some of the experts here.

    D3100 – 14mp DX , 11 pt AF (you know I’m right)
    D5100 – 14mp DX, flip down LCD, 11 pt AF
    D7000 – 16mp DX, 39 pt AF, no micro AF tuning, same picture modes as D90.
    D400 – 16mp, DX 51 pt AF, micro AF tuning, no picture modes, same as D300S.
    D800 – 16mp FX, 51 pt AF, better ISO than D400 and D7000.
    D4 and up? Don’t know, don’t care.

    • Perhaps D400 will have “true” D700-style noise performance, or more.

    • @The Wayne

      Maybe Nikon is changing their lineup in two directions:

      1) The 1,800USD price body (now D300s) will be filled by a cheaper FX.
      2) The D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx lines will move up, D7000 replacing the D300s, D5100 in place of D90 and D3100 the entry-levl dslr as now.
      3) The Evil system will start at a lower price point, below 500USD.

      I just can’t see this D7000 with 100% VF, dual slots and magnesium alloy body as the new D90. It’s not, and the price is saying it. The D90 sells so well because it’s a photog’s camera at <1,000USD body price. The D5100 has to fill that void left by the upscaling of the D7000. It needs the two dials and AF engine of D90 to appeal to enthusiasts that like to control their exposure and have older lenses (or even current primes). If so, it's clear Nion has changed their lineup.

  • money

    I would be very curious to see what the D300s replacement will look like when it comes out next year.

    I think that means there will be no more D300s replacement…

  • SNRatio

    The rumored D7000 specs clearly indicate an end of prosumer DX Dxx bodies. Even if the APS-H rumor mentioned here is not true, the next high end crop body will probably have “purely pro” features. This is also a matter of defending price points for Nikon, and it relieves the pressure to up the resolution on D3s class sensors so much. Because much of Nikon DX glass is designed with small image circles, thus not being so usable with 1.2-1.3x crop, I’m a little doubtful they will leave DX even for purely pro bodies. But it is not unthinkable.

    • I think the D7000 IS the prosumer DX body. What’s missing there?

      • Kordi

        D7000/ D90/ D80/ D70s/ D70 are DX DSLRs for ambitious amateurs, something like Canons 40D/ 50D/ 60D. Semi-pro Nikons are D300/ D300s and D700 (FX).

    • Ops, you wrote “end of prosumer Dx Dxx bodies”. Do you mean the D90’s line? No way, that’s a great market point Nikon has dominated since the D700. No, the D5100 will likley be it, Nikon is clearly upscaling the whole line. The Dxxx line is in danger, maybe Nikon doesn’t see a need for a D400, if theis D7000 comes as rumored. It’ll hit head to head with 7D.

      My guess is a “D9000” FX line, D90’s like body, for the masses, under 2,000USD, next year.

      • I meant “since D70”. D@mn keyboard!

  • Brad

    Will it have pixel remapping, I think this is a must have given all the hot pixels and returns required for the D90.

  • Kordi

    I see that Nikon D7000 will be nice Canon 50D killer ! 🙂

    • Enesunkie

      Also a pretty good 60D killer.

      • Iborv

        …and likely very competitive against 7D.

        • Peter

          If these rumours turn out to be accurate, Canon will have to lower their respective pricing on their entire APS-C range to compete with this beast.. a little entertaining to believe, yet enjoyable none-the-less.

  • martin

    I belive the d90 and d300s replacement is the same camera

  • GReg

    As a film camera user, it s interesting to note that dslr’s might have finally overcome their mp space race. Surely not many entry level users are going to buy lenses expensive enough to out-resolve their new 14mp sensors? I think after all these years of mp marketing, camera companies are going to have to remind people that photographers used to buy expensive cameras NOT for the image quality. You can put any Nikon lens on even the cheapest film body and get the same image quality as a pro, yet people still bought f5’s.

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