First, a note: the comments are going out of control again. Unreasonable Nikon bashing will not be tolerated. Comments like "Nikon sucks" or "I am switching to Canon" do not bring any value to the discussion. Please use common sense and show your arguments in a logical way.

The new products from Nikon are now covered all over the Web. Here are some more quick links (some of them from our own readers):

  • Quote: "The D3100 is equipped with a new Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor and a new image-processing engine, EXPEED 2, both developed by Nikon" (source).
  • Engadget has a hands-on with the D3100. Check also Bob Krist's blog - he has posted some samples photos from the new 28-300 lens.

Sample video taken with the D3100 and various Nikon lenses after the break:

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  • Rafael

    two words for Nikon!! grrrr


    (love that 85mm f1.4G)

    • ELK

      Put it another way. Is there anything which Nikon produced in recent 2-3 years which deserves anything less than “Thanks you”? (except D80)

  • Hey Admin, time to update the price watch tab.

  • DaveyJ

    @ Ron Adair: Finally got to check out your notes on the Nikon video and thank you for that analysis!

    • @DaveyJ Sorry, to which Nikon video are you referring?

  • Vladi

    New D800 rumor on DigitalRev.
    They got some info on mpx and other details.

  • The invisible man

    People in a hurry…..

  • rhodium

    No new 35mm f/1.4??? I’m switching to Canon!!!

    Just kidding. Those sample images from the new 85mm have got me hooked. I might have to sell another kidney to get that one… darn. I’m fast running out of organs to sell here.

  • JK

    Nikon does not suck and Canon does not suck either. The only thing that sucks is incompetent photography.

    Sure I love it when a new feature comes out that makes things easier, but seriously we are talking cameras here not ufo’s.. They are an extension of our own creativity. What do people expect? How did we ever survive in the film age? Ignorance is bliss I guess? If you look at some of the award winning photographs they quite often have “technical” flaws.

    There are some amazing equipment options out there to choose from already that will get the job done and then some.

    Stop being so quick to spend your money chasing an unsatisfiable thirst because the thing you love today will be the thing you hate, bash and whine about tomorrow. I guess it is just our culture or corruption… who knows???

    perhaps check yourself and just be happy you own a camera

    • super


    • Broxibear

      You’re wasting your time JK, I’ve been posting similar thoughts for weeks, but most here can’t get past the idea that having the latest equipment with the highest whatever is somehow going to make them a better photographer.
      They’ll just take crap photographs with a really good camera, where a photographer can take really good photographs with a crap camera.

      • Roger

        Funny you said that, I dont know of any top photographers who use crappy point and shoots, or Holga. They all use top of the line gear.

  • Eric

    i got that body cap on my d300s, its not that new. No clue when they started it but its certainly not specifically new for the d3100

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    As BornOptimist pointed out the size of the sensor is the first indication that is a whole different 🙂 they can´t be the same sensor… Thom is welcome to come and discuss this.

    While Thom is an expert in the field if he didn´t consider the size of the sensor he could actually be wrong (he is human after all and I am sure he is also able to recognize that his suspicion was a bit off in this one).

    • BornOptimist

      For sure it’s not the same sensor as in NEX5, but it might share the same sensorbase as the new A560 or A33. Even if it’s the same does not exclude Nikon as a part of the design-team. It is good business economy to share the cost/risk with an other company.

  • Pete rodgers
  • Pramit

    One thing I know about myself for sure that even I use awesomest nikon D700X with 24MP and state of the are 70-200vrII , I probably can’t make a photo like Galen Rowell can with a manual focus nikon and 70-150 E.

  • The new body cap has “F mount” inscibed on it.
    Does this mean there may be a new mount.
    Perhaps an “EVIL mount” body cap.

  • sithruz

    “A new F-mount body cap on the D3100?”

    this is the same body cap when I got my D90 last month. I think Nikon already updated their body cap before the D3100 announcement

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