Capture NX 2.2.5 should be coming soon

The sample images provided for the Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.4G lens were processed with Capture NX 2.2.5. The last official version of Capture NX was 2.2.4. Now you know what's coming. I guess Capture NX 3 will take some more time.

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  • Amien

    Great news ! Hope they fixed the several crashes in windows 7 !

  • I´d like to see a major improvement like they did on the ViewNX2. CaptureNX2 is slow and has a awful user interface.

    • Anonymous

      Capture NX has a MUCH MUCH MUCH better user interface than any version of LightRoom. I can agree on the CNX being slow at certain things, right now I take that as a time vs quality tradeoff.

      • another anonymous

        I’m using CNX and never user lightroom, i do not really care for the interface when i get the thing done, but that slow sw is really annoying me. I’m staying with CNX for now cause of quality, but that time needed to process the images really hurts ;( I hope nikon will better that.

  • I bet a minor, incremental change like this is simply to add support for the D3100.

    Would lens profiles also fit in this category? That part I’m not so sure about.

    • WoutK89

      D3100 + D90 successor of course, it’s indeed a usual update when new cameras come out

  • Ric


  • Anonymous

    Also, 2.2.5 could also be an internal only release.

    A lot of software go thru a number of iterations and user testing internally before a version is finally released. Final released versions need not necessarily be the same as the internal versions.

    Also if the N90 update is also around the corner, NX2 update timeline will match that event.

  • Kingyo

    I’ll stick with my awesome Capture One Pro 5 🙂

  • SimonC

    About time they have an update! It’s long overdue.

  • morg

    NX3 better be a major upgrade that excepts video plus all Nik plug-in and others.Im still thinking about going to Lightroom.I want to use one software package only I dont want to jump from one to another just to finish a print.

  • Dweeb

    Nikon this is an insult. This shitware should be up to Version 3 and free like Canon RAW software.

    • BornOptimist

      Insult – Why so?
      Contrary to a few years ago, Nikon do have a free raw-software, it’s called ViewNX (NX2). So that’s no point in criticising Nikon for this anymore. Wheter it is a good software or not, that’s a different question. I have never used Canon’s software so I can’t say anyhting about that, but ViewNX is a decent (but slow) nef-software. CaptureNX is a bit faster, and imo has the best result of all raw software I have tried. As old as I’m, I remember when all software had their own UI (or lack of UI. I used Edlin to write letters), and you had to learn them. Same with CaptureNX, when you learn it, the UI is not that bad. I really don’t mind paying the few bucks it cost.

      • JonS

        +1 Capture NX is awesome in my opinion. Still pipe over to PS for some final tweaks……

  • bho

    Version 2.2.5 is ready for download now…

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