Amazon, B&H and Adorama are now taking pre-order

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the latest Nikon products - according to the press release "these four lenses will be available starting in September 2010":



Calumet and Ritz Camera are also taking pre-orders.

Pre-order options outside the US:

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  • Segura

    First again . . . to pre-order the 85mm MF’s

    • Are you sure you are first? I ordered one from Amazon at 12:01 AM and so did a few others on this forum.

      • Segura

        Then you ordered a minute after I did

    • Abhinav

      hmm..I hope your last in the list .kidding congrats !

  • Woohoo! Thanks admin. Pre-ordered. 🙂

    • Abhinav

      cool CONGRATS on pre-ordering

  • timenetworks

    so, 24-120 F/4 is not a kit with D700?
    so, new FX body come?(just dreaming)

    • Kozłowski Artur

      I guess it’s more than a dream. 3 new FX lenses = more Full Frame cameras. Yuppi for Hi ISO’s/large dynamic range!

      • S

        Artur, you do realize High ISO capability has a negative effect on High dynamic range. Don’t be so brainwashed.

        • Global

          Can someone explain this? I hadn’t heard of it before. Does this mean that high-ISO itself hurts dynamic range — OR — does it mean that high-ISO ranges (simply having a large ISO range possible itself) causes dynamic range to somehow be decrease (at all ISO settings)?

          Please elaborate, if possible.

          • S

            Sure Global: you know that CMOS/CCD sensors when designed and programmed only have ‘X’ amount of ‘yield/potential’..that can be allotted to certain sensor based characteristics ..right? Well, it’s give and take in this respect. It all depends on how you ‘focus’ a CMOS sensor to give it’s attributes. Nikon could make a DX sensor that was iso 100 – 250,000 BUT would have crap base iso dynamic range and very crap high iso dynamic range.
            What I’d like to see are CMOS sensors that are ‘focused’ with a narrower iso range and programmed to accentuate and exhibit a high dynamic range focused sensor that enacts a limited high iso ceiling …lets say FX with only 3200 iso but would give me the ability to produce delicious looking photos with 15 stops of dynamic range at base iso of 100.
            Uneducated people just think that cos Nikon came out with a d700 with 12 stops of dynamic range and cos that pretty much beats the canon equivalent by lousy o.3 stops that we should all sing and dance at how ‘high’ of a dynamic range that is and how we all really should be sooo impressed. Grow up fanboyzzzz.

            Wake up! BOTTOM LINE: a metal oxide semiconductor only has so much yield! HIGH ISO RANGE does NOT EQUAL HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE AT BASE ISOS…ACTUALLY YOU ARE TAKING AWAY FROM IT. Nikon lets use the yield of a CMOS sensor more effectively for breathtaking images at low isos.

            • Enesunkie

              Why are you shouting?

        • Not necessarily so. The D3/D3s/D700 sensor has great DR. Empirical evidence disagrees with your statement.

          • S

            To the contrary, I’d say a Nikon d3x has great dynamic range at base iso, d3 & d700 have good dynamic range at base iso and due to innate sensor sensitivity characteristics witholds respectable amounts of dynamic range at higher isos.
            My point is in designing and programming of a CMOS sensor, a sensor has only ‘x’ amount of yield that can pertain to low iso based high dynamic range, which is what I’m interested in.
            By focusing engineering efforts into having a semiconductor that produces a broad iso range..say 200-25,000…photographic semiconductor engineers are actually compromising directly low iso high dynamic range.
            MOST people are brainwashed into thinking that high iso = high dynamic range..not entirely true. Don’t you people know that the d700’s sensor if limited to iso 320o instead of 6400 would give the d700 much more yielded dynamic range at base iso? Theoretically we could be talking about 2 stops more!!! Now how’s that for high dynamic range? I just wished Nikon or Canon focuses on super high dynamic range ..because in the terms of sensors..high dynamic range is what really makes photos POP and make you think WOW. So go shoot with your cruddy 12 stop dynamic range at iso 200 and 8 stop dynamic range at iso 1600. Me? give me…15 stops of dynamic range at iso 100 and 12 stops at 1600, with max iso of 3200.
            We need to get out of the high pixel and high iso madness.
            One thing is still lacking most of all in our photography and that’s truly high dynamic range. Once it was the mp fad then the high iso fad….Nikon now it’s give me the high dynamic range fad.

            • This whole thing just opened my eyes. Do you have anything to back these statements up. I did not know that iso range even affected dynamic range if true I totally agree. I would rather have a more focused iso range and more dynamic range. But on the other hand it really depends on what your shooting i guess. A mostly candle lit wedding comes to mind for iso where a landscape shot brings in some dynamic range.

            • PHB

              I think you overstate your case here.

              Inside the chip there is an A/D converter module that converts the charge packet from the sensor into a digital value. Depending on the camera there may be more than one or there might be an amplifier stage that is distributed across the chip and a separate D/A stage, but if so the idea is to make them all work the same.

              The limiting factor for performance is the number of bits of resolution in the A/D and the amount of noise introduced in the process. It is actually pretty easy to make a 100 bit A/D structure but most of those bits are going to be giving nothing but random noise.

              The maximum voltage you can have on the chip is typically 5V. So a 16 bit A/D has a resolution of roughly 1/10000th of a volt which is pretty much the resolution limit for an op-amp. So you need some sort of gain control to keep the voltage in range.

              Your dynamic range is going to be determined by how many bits of your A/D are reading signal (rather than noise). Your maximum possible ISO response is going to be determined by the range of the charge amplifier, your maximum usable ISO is going to be determines by how much noise is introduced.

              There is a connection here, but in general anything that can reduce the amount of noise introduced is going to enable better ISO response and better dynamic range. The tradeoffs are going to be rather more subtle, to do with how you design the amplifier/gain control circuit and how you lay it out on the chip.

        • Kozłowski Artur

          You callin’ me stupid? You may be right about the high ISO/lower DR problem, but all I was saying is that a BIGGER sensor (like FX) has BETTER high ISO/DR due to the pixel size. That’s all. Don’t react like I’m a heretic or something.

  • Trent

    Pre-ordered the 85mm. This glass will be backordered for years. Thanks for the link. I hope I’ll get it with first batch.

  • Johan

    85mm f1.4g!!! on order… wonder if it will be here by Mid september…

    • Johan, it’s supposed to be released on Sep 2. So hopefully we get it in the first batch. Waaaahooooo!

  • 24-120

    Ordered the 24-120mm, I have the old 85mm already. Now, I only need to sell my old DX lenses and then I may get the new 85 as well. Exciting!

  • Admin, just a note, why is the D3100 bundled with the 55-200 not the 55-300?

    • Paul

      Probably cause Nikon still has a bunch of old stock.

      • Anonymous

        55-300 has pretty good MTF charts but sadly no IF – but does that mean it has a rotating front element ? It has a hood but I dunno if it is petal-shaped. A round hood would clearly suggest a rotating front element, petal probably not….anyone know ?

        • Anonymous

          HB-57 is a round snap-on hood.

        • Mike

          Looking at the product page it has a focus ring but looks apart from the front element housing thing. So I don’t think it moves. Looks very similar in focusing to the old 55-200 VR which had a round hood also.

  • Segura

    Anyone else digging the new body cap on the D3100?

    Not that I ever have it on . . . love the “F mount” on it

    • Paul

      The new cap design came out with the D3s.

    • Chroko

      That means there will soon be *more than one* type of Nikon lens mount.


      /also, I’ve now got an itch to get a couple of those new caps for my old bodies. :p

    • Is that a “thingi” chasing a pacman near the top? 🙂

  • santela

    already got the old 85, love it, not gonna upgrade.
    24-120 would be a nice addition.
    Now where’s my D700x and 35/1.4?

  • It’ll be months, or even years before we get to hold the 85mm in our hands 🙁

    • click

      You would likely do much better by contacting a smaller Nikon dealer vs. the major dealers on the net.

      My dealer can get you a “hard to get items” in no time where as the big dealers all show “temporarily unavailable”. Nikon has an allocation system in place I believe to assist with fair distribution. If they didn’t have this, the big dealers would get too sell the majority of goods.
      This works for me, hope it helps you out… Happy shooting…

  • Ryans Photo

    Amazon is not taking pre-orders for the latest Nikon products:
    Did you mean: “Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the latest Nikon products:” ?

  • pre-ordered the 85. Admin I think you mean “now” rather than “not.”


    how to pre order in Canada amazon canada doesnt have that and most likely wont have anything anytime soon that sucks

  • Jesse Nash

    The coolest thing about the 3100 is that the for the same price you can produce an equal quality video advert like the one above. Why is Nikon’s marketing department so bad?

    • Paul

      Why is that video not available in hd?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Or why the dudes that made the video left it underexposed :/

      • Abhinav

        hmm MC maybe bcoz of your monitor ?

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          noes maybe coz video zuckz (trying to imitate your language)

          • Abhinav

            @slolcatmaster FTW: sorry 🙁 I was in a hurry so I wrote in sms kind of language .I agree Nikon should haveposted high defination video if camera does high defination too 🙂

            • lolcatmaster FTW

              Naaaaah no worries 🙂 I was joking with you.

              Yeah it beats the purpose of announcing a DSLR capable of HD video if they aren´t showing the full res video :).

              It would be like posting 640×480 photos from the D700 as samples.

  • “Amazon is now taking pre-order”

    no they aren’t . . . well not in the UK anyway . .

  • fzz

    In Japan, 55-300 seems to be one of the two kit lens for D3100
    (scroll down to the bottom)

    • Tom

      I scrolled to the bottom, but there is nothing on that page to suggest that your conclusion is accurate. It mentions the 55-300 at the end, but not as part of a kit.

      • KU

        I’m Japanese and i can confirm fzz’s comment. It’s listed as one of the double kit lenses.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      In japan the 55-300mm buys you as part of the D3100 double kit!

      Wait… what?????????

  • Broxibear

    Big price hike from the current 85mm 1.4 to this new one… $1056 to $1649 in the U.S. and no doubt even higher in Europe?
    A sign of things to come I fear.

    • Uh, you know that the 85/1.4 sold for way more when it first hit? Just like all this gear, it comes out at a rather high MSRP, sells for around that at introduction or until supply can meet a constant demand, and then price sinks.

      • Broxibear

        “Uh, you know that the 85/1.4 sold for way more when it first hit?”
        When it first went on sale in the UK in 2008 it was £545 it’s now £800.
        It never came down in price, it went up.

  • pete

    yes it is loosely nikon designed but it is a sony manufactured sensor. same as the d300 is a sony manufactured 12mp sensor seen in the a700. same sensor; vastly different in performance.

  • BornOptimist

    They have different size. The NEX5 sensor is 23.4 x 15.6mm while the D3100 is 23.1 x 15.4mm.
    But at the same time, this sensor is smaller that previous DX sensors. They normally are 23.6 x 15.8mm.
    My guess is: The origin is the same as in the new Sony cams, but with a Nikon touch on the processing part on the sensor. Same relation as before seen between A900 and D3X, and A700 and D300.

    • dudemanppl

      Maybe its the same sensor as the D90 replacement, and they just made it smaller?

  • Woha, new Nikkor 85/1.4 costs twice as much as the new Sigma 85/1.4
    If this new sigma is of the same quality as their 50/1.4 – I’d rather get sigma.
    Anyway, will wait for reviews.

    • santela

      If Sigma gets rid of their off focus issues, I will become a fan. It took two calibrations for my 24mm/1.8 to get on focus, but I love it now.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Problem is that you get the Sigma for half the price but with 4x worse quality control… You can see how many people have to deal with backs and forths with sigma to have their lenses focusing properly… many end up in the back alley of “it is the fault of the camera manufacturer not us so screw you”… I would gladly pay the price of the Nikkor version because it gives me peace of mind that it won´t have a silly problem during a paid photoshoot.

  • Jeff Wros

    85 pre-ordered. Definitely “now” taking orders. This and the 24 f/1.4 are the combo I’ve been waiting for!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like canon from the back ((((

    • I Am Nikon

      *Looks Canon from the back.*


  • Odai

    The Nikon d3100 add is well… rather rubish. To me it seems that the add is aimed at only family mothers (not the type of moms who are in to art). The add just makes the camera look like it can’t do anything but those family moments and leaves creativity and art impossible to achieve. Furthermore it seems to lack sexiness and awesomness. Compered to the recent in UK adds for Sony and Pansonic lumix cameras. Them adds made the cameras look exiting, new, fresh and amaizing. Of course the add campanes are aiming at different groups, but how many teenagers or youngster or newcommers are going to want a D3100 after that commercial? Of course this doesnt mean that the the D3100 would be any lesser of the camera in reality, but that add just makes the camera look dated and the same old tech. Very poor Nikon.

    • Antonio Rojilla

      You are so right you should be in charge of Nikon’s marketing. They are lost without your valuable help. I’m sure you have experience running big corporations. Ford maybe? Apple?

      • Ren Kockwell

        Do you ever have anything positive to say? It’s like listening to my three-year-old…

    • venancio

      take a long look again, odai, and count the frames where it shows young faces, youthful activities and young crowd scenes and you’d know you got your observation off tangent… the ad focuses on what matters and not copy or take off from where the competions’ ads are grounded on…

    • Kozłowski Artur

      I agree with Odai. The tag line in the ad is – take your images to the next level – evidently aimed at amateur snap shooters. And it does look like a “fun, easy, family camera” in most of the ad. Nothing wrong with family cameras, but that ad does not speak to more ambitious picture-takers.

  • Rob

    Admin – any word on when D3100 will be available for sale or pre-order in UK/Europe?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      I am sorry to say it but.. it won´t be available in Europe… sorry I don´t mean to make you feel sad or anything… But if you pre-order from a store you will receive 3 kittens instead of the camera to compensate for any sadness you may have… unless you are allergic to cats… if you are allergic then they will send you a photo of 3 kittens taken with a D3100.

  • biho

    waiting to see the review of the new 24-120. The older version was awful.

  • Roland

    Admin, you probably want to check the text for this post…
    Headline: “NOW taking pre-orders”.
    Body: “NOT taking pre-orders”.

    Just a thought…

  • JonS

    pre-ordered the 24-120 😀 thanks admin!

  • Erick

    Hey Admin, from the post you might want to correct this:

    >>Amazon is NOT taking pre-orders for the latest Nikon products:

  • Is 55-300 a PLASTIC MOUNT lens? I hope not (for others too)!

    • At the price point listed, it’s probably plastic.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        Or cheese…

  • S

    Ok, so Nikon announces an entry level D3100 pvc dslr with how many dx lenses in fact? …just 1? out of 4? Considering that the d90 is also to be replaced soon, Nikon releases just 1 ‘new’ dx lens but 3 fx lenses…you know what this means…BIG D900/D700XS SURPRISE at photokina!
    You heard it from me : FF FX many more megapixels, better iso, 13 stops dynamic range, 1080p video, jammed in a restyled D700 body.

    • Kozłowski Artur

      amen to that…

    • You are dreaming! But its a sweet dream 🙂

  • I Am Nikon

    if it is true then the ISO performance of the D3100 will be much better than the D90 and D300s!

    • Abhinav

      I still doubt that ! it uses Sony A550 sensor right ?

  • FRE8

    I’m very disappointed that the video capabilities does not at least equal those of the T2i- in fact, I had hoped it would be quite a bit better. But instead Nikon delivers a camera with no 60 fps and what would appear to be a far lower bit rate. It makes no sense. Nikon has no professional video camera sales to protect. I wonder if there is some kind of agreement with Sony in exchange for using their sensor, designed to protect Sony video camera sales. Anyway, very disappointed in a camera I had looked forward and planned on buying.

    • Karlosak

      Agreed. Although this is an entry level camera, the competitors offer better. Even Sony seems to offer 1080/60i in their new entry level line, which is comparable to 1080/30p.
      It seems as if Nikon has serious problems beefing up their video processing pipeline – the competitors already play with the idea of 1080/60p and many of them already offer 720/60p.
      I’m very curious about the upcoming D95 – this will be the camera that will make it or brake it for video enthusiasts and truly show where Nikon with its video implementation currently stands. Will they at least catch up to the 2-year old 5D MkII? If not, Nikon already ruled itself out of the thriving VSLR segment…

    • Merv

      Looking at the T2i on Amazon, the body is still more expensive than the D3100 + kit lens

      Canon T2i

      Nikon D3100+kit
      If we take the kit lens price out (let’s say $149, it’s $190 on Amazon), that T2i is looking like 50% more expensive than the D3100

      so I would expect it to perform better; keep in mind D3100 prices will eventually drop

    • BornOptimist

      No, FRE8, you are a Canon person. Then if you buy a Canon, then you will be a Sony person, and if you buy a Sony then, then you will be a Nikon person.
      It will never stop. The grass is always greener on the other side.
      You can just ask Karlosak, who knows that the competitors play with 1080/60p.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Buy a T2i and problem solved!

  • zeissdarling

    OK, its not a rumor anymore, lets move on the September possibilities..

  • MrMoo

    Pre-ordered the 24-120 from Amazon, Sep 22 (they say) ship date. Bring it, baby!

  • DN

    About the new 24-120mm, the Phoblographer lists the MSRP at $1049 (, but Amazon’s preorder is $1299. What usually happens with the pricing of a new lens? Might Amazon hike the price up a bit because of all the interest in a newly released lens?

    • theTooth

      Are we thinking that 1299 for the 24-120 will stick or will street price be a little less?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      That´s what you get from sticking to rumors! you see your life is ruined because you will never ever be able to open a saving s account in a bank and save money until you can pay the retail price of the lens because ZOMG “dA RuMR SaID LESssS”… you will end up your days living under a bridge eating cardboard soup believing that a photo of a dog you printed is your dog Capister MCcollington captain of air and sea and rambling how the extra 200 bucks the lens has in the price tag vs the rumor ruined completely your life :(….

      Or it could be:
      A) the fluctuations of the dollar vs the yen
      B) that the lower price was only designed to rally up the fanboys

      Your choice.

      • DN

        Thanks for the amusing reply. I have ordered the lens from Amazon, and now B&H and Adorama have it for the same price. I’m very glad my life won’t be ruined!

  • Pre-ordered the 28-300VR. Hoping it gets to me before my trip in late September. Would certainly lighten my bag.

  • Leaking Starfish

    What’s the difference between 3100 video features and the video features on the upcoming D90 replacement? Anyones crystal ball fine tuned?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Actually yes!
      You see the main difference will be that the D90 replacement will come with a foldable chair that says “Director” (with a drawing of a star above it) and a black french beret so you can fake your way as a movie director!!!. With that you will be able to fool OMP and MM models that you are the next Stephen Spielberg!!! oh boy you are going to get laid!! like A LOT A WHOLE LOT!!!!!

  • not=now, fixed the typo, it was written @ 2am last night after few beers 🙂

    • Anonymous

      NR Admin, get an extra insurance to cover the extra costs of detox in case Nikon releases one day a decent camera. 🙂

    • MrMoo

      Ahh, the perils of the demon brew!

    • A great job done very well, not just for the day of announcement, but all this while.

    • It makes me feel a little better that you are drinking while writing because im drinking while reading.

  • Jay A

    Way to go Pete…nailed another one. 85mm on order. Let us know if there are other pre-order sites.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently there is sadly no audio in for external microphone. Even if the video looks great, i’m afraid about the sound captured by the internal microphone. I just hope the D90 replacement will have that feature ! Unfortunately, it will be more expensive than the D90 when it came (according to rumors)..

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      If you require good quality audio consider recording separately from the camera (even if it had the microphone jack like the T2i) because you will end up with audio that´s not compressed and is waaaaaaay better :), normally the audio recorded by the camera is only used to sync the audio you recorded externally.

  • Not gonna lie, I’m starting to want video on my DSLR more and more…

  • Jacobus

    YES! can not wait to buy me self the 24-120mm VR N

  • Abhinav

    Also, Its doesn’t have Auto Bracketing function and Nikon have removed IR port from it (so nikon ML-L3 won’t work with D3100)

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Good 🙂 there will be less people shooting horrible HDR photos :D!!!

  • Anonymous

    1 : NO audio JACK input

    2 : NO bracketing mode

    3 : Still NO AIS Lenses lightmetering support !!! (even panasonic, sony or canon offer it with any manual lens mounted)

    shame on nikon.

    • Segura

      This is an entry level camera. Basic model. Are you really serious?

    • Jesus

      you are so damn right.
      what the fuck is Nikon doing?
      the 550d has an stereo-audio-in, the 3100 a fuckin mono-mic.

      i didn’t trust my eyes at first

      • Amien

        To Segura :

        If they decide to implant video, it is logical to ask for Lightmetering with manual lenses, at least 60i & a simple minijack :

        they just bricked the camera sothat the videographers pay 2x the price for an hypothetical D95 with better video options.

        No bracketing is pretty irrevelant if they implant 11 AF point for an entry level camera as well.

        • Anonymous

          For that price you just buy the NEX-10 from sony. That has everything you need.

          I wonder why Nikon wastes so much energy on this video in dslr instead of building 3 dedicated video cameras. 1) Basic 2) Adavanced and 3) Pro with all the bells and whistles

          In that way finally we can get some development in still images

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Yeah buy a NEX which has no hard button other than ON/OFF (menus totally buried in menus) the one that has only 3 lenses and you have to spend money buying an adapter to use something useful to shoot video, the one that has the lousiest ergonomy of all the mirrorles cameras… I would prefer to get an EP-2 (at least I won´t have to be wasting time in silly menus.. there are hard buttons for most of the functions) than a NEX

            • Anonymous

              I am talking about the Video NEX-VG10 …. this one …

              Tell me, if it cost the same or a bit less without lens than the D90 replacement when it comes to video quality output and working with it, which one is more uselful?

              I expect that the price of these dedicated interchangable lens video cameras will significantly drop. It will be in the ballpark of the D3100 in less than 12 months. (Mark my word for it) Canon will release one pretty soon. Keep in mind that producing this type of video alone camera maybe cheaper than producing a dslr.

              My point was that always use the right tool and I think the dslrs far away compete with the above.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Well then learn how to write kiddo because you said: “For that price you just buy the NEX-10 from sony. That has everything you need.” And not NEXVG-10 :/ I am not at fault if you can´t write.

            • zzddrr

              What’s the big deal, the dude just missed the “VG” but the rest was ok. I got his point and actually he makes some sense.

              My first experience was dslr video when I tried out my friend’s canon. Somehow it was an ackward feeling, it was not really comfortable. I first thought that because I am so accoustomed to my d700. I will try out this weekend some better real video cameras and will report back.

    • Abhinav

      man they are still selling they need keep something for people to still buy d5k .

      those who still need IR remote and bracketing will get D5k instead of this model .

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      You should know that if you want good quality audio (not compressed by the camera even if it is recorded with a mic plugged to the camera) you should record it separately and only use the audio from the camera as a guide to sync the audio that has been recorded externaly…

      This is the way to get really good audio… while having a mic jack like the T2i is nice it isn´t the best solution to get HQ audio.

      Or alternatively buy a T2i (if you insist of wanting that feature) I mean it isn´t like you are going to get leper from buying it… life is too short to be complaining about idiotic small things.

  • Mike T

    Preordered the 85 this morning from amazon. I’ve never preordered before and was wondering if the price reflects what it’ll actually go for down the road? They don’t have the list price up yet and I don’t want to vastly overpay. Any of you guys know if preorder prices are usually in the ball park of the actual selling price say 6 months down the road?

    Was wondering if any of you know about how it actually works

    • Segura

      It took about 8 months for the Nikon 70-200mm to drop on Amazon from $2399 to current $2179. Amazon seems to drop to 10% off after levels appear in stock. The Nikon 24mm f/1.4 was released 6 months ago, and is still $2199 and OOS @ Amazon. So if you want to wait until February next year to save $150, than that is up to you. You will not be vastly overpaying, but the Yen could change between now and then and list price will go up.
      Look at the 14-24 and the 24-70. Prices went up at least $200 since they were introduced.

    • Broxibear

      The AF-S 24mm f1.4 G ED was released 13/02/2010 at £1949, today 6 months later it’s selling for £1749 ?

      source: camerapricebuster

  • old-lenses-oldcamera

    I’m still very happy with my Nikon Nikkor Micro 105mm f4 AI and 105mm f2.5 AIS. I’m not ordering the 85mm f1.4 unless VR version is released.
    Maybe Nikon sould consider making the 105mm f2.5 autofocus with VR as well. Still waiting for the D90 or D700 replacement which is gonna be awesome!
    Just a thought.

    • ME

      Are you goingt to stop buying a lens, only because it hasnt VR?
      And you dont even need it with a f1.4..

      • Pellevin

        It is funny. Just because a lens is fast you might still want to stop down at times then VR would be very handy.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        You are very rude… he was born with tentacles instead of arms… not having bones adds a whole layer of difficulties to hold still a camera or use a tripod or monopod…

    • T140Rider

      I’m on the lookout for a 85mm Manual + 50mm Manual lens.

      Why? (I hear the shouts)
      To put on the Bellows Kit I borugh off ebay for £180.00 inc Metal case and PB-6E.

      I recently bough one of the 45mm PC lenses and was just astounded by the results with them on my D700.

      I wish more people realised that Photography Equipment is more of an enabler to aid the imagination of the person pehind the lens than the other way round.

      • T140Rider

        Arrgghhh. The perils of typing from a smartphone.

        Typos everywhere.

      • Broxibear

        Have a look here for those lenses T140Rider

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Good for you, you see I love cheese! so much I married to one big ball of cheese today I am really hoping my cheese ball has offsprings too they will have more cheese inside and will have awesome features like VR cheese!!! that day will be sooooooooooo awesome.

  • JS

    B & H is taking preorders also

  • Broxibear

    Why are some people pre-ordering the new 85mm when there are no tests or comparisons yet?…the old one might be better or just as good, and it’s way cheaper.
    Wouldn’t it be a better idea to wait for some testing before spending $1649 or is it just the case of having the newest toy ?

    • Amien

      Broxibear, you are so damn right.
      There are lots of kids on those forums who dont even know how to handle a lens or camera. But thanks to them, we will enjoy to see lots of second hand 85mm 1.4 lenses on craigslist… kids will always stay kids !

      & I would like to see the comparsion tests vs the new Sigma HSM 85mm 1.4
      I bet that it provides better IQ for 1/2 the price !!!

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        If it doesn´t front focus or back focus…. for half the price you get a Sigma lens with decentered elements, that is uncalibrable with micro adjustments, that you will have to ship back to Sigma so they fix it to work like it should, to find the lens keeps having the same problem and to hear Sigma saying that they quality control related problems with the lens are the blame of Nikon/Canon/Sony/Pentax.

        That doesn´t sound like a deal to me at all….. I prefer to pay double the price for something that works rather than having to be dealing with reparations with Sigma.

        • Pellevin

          I have had three Sigma lenses and they all worked like a charm. Sometimes there are issues with Nikon lenses too, I think the qc issues are exaggerated a lot when it comes to Sigma. But it will be interesting to see the first comparisson. If the Nikon is not significantly better they will lose a lot of sales to Sigma.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Do a google search with the words Sigma front focus or back focus or focusing problem, while you are at it search also Sigma warranties problems, etc. and you tell me what you think about it.

            • Look up nikon warrantie problems on a google search. Or dust in lens. just because people bit$% does not mean the company sucks. I likes your comments at first but yours starting to sound like a fanboy…and i love nikon products..

            • (sp)

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Because they need a reason to whine in dpreview forums! something among the lines of: “I bought this lens from my child´s college money/daddy´s money/credit cardand it sucks balls! I had it I am switching to Sony!”

      Or to complain how much the lens sucks to shoot macros or to do use it shoot a wall or their cat.

  • so so

    Previous rumor:
    The versatile AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4 G ED VR has an estimated selling price of $1049.95**.
    The AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR zoom lens has an estimated selling price of $1299.95**.
    On B&H the prices are:
    AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4 G ED VR …………. $1,299.95
    AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR …. $1,049.95
    On Adorama the same… so 24-120 f4 cost only $420 less than 24-70 f2.8 (maybe on in stock the price will be smaller…); what lens I need more…?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Remember that there are currency fluctuations that affect the pricing… a couple of days ago the US Dollar plummeted against other currencies… it is true that some retailers just want to make more money because these are hot products (some of those lenses will be in back order for like forever) but unless the Dollar gains some terrain vs the Yen price fluctuations are going to be the norm.

  • Anonymous

    So far the build quality looks up to par on the 85. Full magnesium body with weather sealing and it’s heavier than the old model probably due to SWF motor. I look forward to comparisons to the older model. I will probably order one when I can. Now if only Nikon would make an announcement of a 35 f/1.4 coming (maybe launch with the D4?).

    • Anonymous

      Oh and I love the fact that the D3100 has a proper rubber grip!

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