“Playback and editing of H.264 movies” is a requirement for View NX2

One of the requirements for the new View NX2 software is the ability of your computer to perform playback and editing of H.264 movies:

"Display, playback, and editing of still images and movies (MotionJPEG): Intel Celeron / Pentium 4 / Core Series, 1.6GHz or above
Playback and editing of H.264 movies: Pentium D 3.0GHz or above (during playback), Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz or above (during editing)"

I am just saying.

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  • Sorry for my cluelessness, but does this give us a peek at the capabilities of just 720p, or 1080p or both?

    • Paul

      None of the above.
      It’s a video codec.

    • LGO

      Good catch indeed! ;D

  • Paul

    nice catch! Finally a new codec for future nikons

  • hah

    very very good catch. This all but confirms that nikon finally licensed h264/avchd for use with their dslr. this should put to rest one major reason it hasn’t gotten any traction in the pro video market.

    however something is clearly wrong with the world when the flagship D3s will produce inferior video to the entry level d3100. nikon clearly misjuded how important it is to start with the right codec.

    • LGO

      That’s just how the technology goes. The Nikon D4 should cure that and provide the best possible thin-DOF great low-light HD-video using its new full-frame sensor. Otherwise, do you think the market will wait for Nikon till the end of next year for Nikon to have the right video codec in its lower line of cameras since these will all have to wait until the D4 is released?

      What I will be looking at is the data rate of the D3100 and the D90-replacement to understood how good the video will be.

      • And the reasons it’s in the D3100 are obvious, it’s the top seller dslr (any maker) and top seller Nikon cameraamong any digital camera (7th) at Amazon. D3s is … 51st among dslrs.

        • GlobalGuy

          Exactly, people need to be realistic. You don’t put everything on the second-flagship. The flagship even has less — its a specialized tool. You put ALLLLL the crap on the mid-entry levels, because that’s where you want to bring in the “masses.” The rest of the fleet are specialized (either for low cost or for specific category performance). It is simply the case that the mid-entry levels will always have more features. The best ones get passed up, and the cheap ones get passed down after the mid-entries make it economical. Its how it works.

          • GlobalGuy

            By the way, this is exactly what Nikon did wrong with the D3X. They should have had 24mp in a mid-entry camera first. Then they wouldn’t have all the bitching. The D3x could still have had all the optimized performance and be an exceptionally honed tool without junk. But if Nikon had thrown out 24mp in one of its lesser cameras that has all the junk already, the who internets would have shut up about it by now. Just my humble opinion, I know it wouldn’t have been the best camera, but it would have satisfied the a huge demand within the mid-entry population and it did not need to be perfect technology.

            • Jabs

              I disagree, as the D3X is the equivalent of an expensive Formula 1 race car designed to blow everything away.
              You are asking for a Mercedes or BMW and Nikon did not deliver that.
              BUY a Canon 5dMK2 – LOL!
              There is NO POINT of Nikon giving us a lower specced body as the price would be maybe $500 to $1000 US less than a D3X. The cost of the D3X is in the custom IC’s and electronic components inside and NOT in the sensor – lost on most here.
              It is NOT the body that makes a D3X so special – it is the ELECTRONICS inside that cost an arm and a leg, as in specially made and tuned to beat all comers – and it did.
              Same as the previous F3P and F3T – expensive BUT worth it. I had an F3TC or F3T Chrome or the original unfinished Titanium version – Still sorry that I no longer have it. I shot with it all the time with an MD4 and got asked too many questions, so it ended up staying at home or hidden when shooting. Only F3 available to the general public that I did not have was an F3P – I could not buy it – LOL! Later on, I bought an F4S when Nikon finally made it available to the general public. I had mixed emotions about the F4S and then bought the other part (MB something) to make an F4 out of it for compactness, but hated that even more. Remember I was an F3AF shooter and got mocked for that using of autofocus with pro. results. I also used the F3AF with many lenses for focus confirmation, and I found that to be really wonderful when the 200 F3.5AF was a little sluggish but the 80 F2.8 was fast in good light.
              That is how I see the D3X, as an F3P or F3AF for a specialized market.

            • Discontinued

              @ Jabs,

              F3 and 4 have been relatively cheap (compared with Leica Ms and Rs for example) and have been produced for the masses. Everyone had them. I still have two F4s.

              I highly doubt that D3x sells equally well.

            • Jabs

              Perhaps you do NOT know what an F3AF cost in the 1980’s or what an F3P costs then.
              F3HP body was around 450 – 500 US dollars without the MD-4 motor drive and MN-2 Nicads.
              I paid over $1600 US Dollars for my F3AF with the 80 F2.8, 200 F3.5 and TC-16 AF tele-conveter (slightly) USED as the previous user hated it and sold it to me at a loss to them. I had to also buy an MD-4 and MN-2 Nicads for it.
              The F3P was about $1400-1600 US Dollars or more – BODY ONLY, no motor drive, no Nicads.
              ALL F3 series needed MN-2 Nicads to do 8 frames per second as that was the ONLY speed that I shot at.

              Same exact concept today BUT the dollar amount has skyrocketed.
              My F4S was more expensive than the F3HP but it had a built-in motor drive which was removable and then it became an F4. I don’t need to ‘google’ results as REAL photographer and camera user for years.
              Add up the prices of body, motor drive plus Nicads and then compare in 2010 US Dollars -VS- 1980’s dollars!

    • Jabs


      The CODEC can easily be changed in Post-Production or you can use VLC Media player and also K-Lite Codec Pack for example in Windows.
      Recoding the output is NOT known by consumers but Pro Video shooters using say NewTeks LighWave 3D or a Video Toaster 5, SpeedEdit and even Apple’s Final Cut PRO can recode. Sony has some great software for Video Editing and transcoding or recoding.
      The problem with the D3S is hardware and bandwidth recording limits which can be easily fixed in PROFESSIONAL programs but too much for consumers to understand or even have access to.
      It is all about what you can use, how much computing power you have and your hardware (drives in RAID 0), memory, processor or such.
      I have looked at BOTH the Canon 5D MK2 and the D3S output files and the lower megapixel D3S has BETTER files by far. The 5D has higher megapixels but inferior dynamic range and the D3S has better color quality.
      Everyone fixes things in Post-Production in the pro ranks, but consumers are now lost – LOL!

  • Henry

    This suggests that Nikon cameras will very soon support the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec for video compression. This is very good news. I guess 1080p is a given for any future Nikon DSLR, regardless of the codec.

  • Click

    Excuse my ignorance but could Nikon offer this new codec (AVCHD) to owners of the D3s or other Nikon Video models like a D300s via a firmware upgrade or would it have to be utilized for bodies that are yet to be announced (new models) only? Thanks

    • nikkor_2


      I’d like to know the answer here, too: could Nikon offer the new codec via firmware for use on certain existing DSLRs (e.g., the D3S; the D300S)?

      • WoutK89

        if it was possible, they would not do it on day 1 of release of the new cams (hurting sales of new cams), I guess you will just have to switch cam, look at ACR of Photoshop, it only supports the cams released for 2 iterations of Photoshops

    • Segura

      I do not believe that this is possible as it would need a hardware processor to handle the the H.264/MPEG-4. It is possible that an updated Expeed will handle this, but no way as far as a firmware upgrade.

      • They say Expeed 2 already for D3100, interesting.

    • Jabs

      I don’t know how or even WHERE Nikon stores its’ codec in the camera or such.
      Codecs are easy to upgrade, but then you have other associated issues, like computing power LEFT in the camera to process that particular codec or even if it is based upon a processor in the camera which CAN or CANNOT properly decode natively that newer Codec.
      Nikon, has to answer that but personally, I feel that they can BUT will they do that or is it worth the trouble or possibility of ‘bricking’ an expensive camera by a weird download or firmware upgrade and how to protect the upgrade from malware or virus injections.

  • DXVA

    Nice, now that Nikon has finally adopts H.264 as the video format, videos can be played back with full DXVA GPU decoding acceleration on MPC-HC, the best freeware, open source player on Wind0ws.


    • No. MPC is old news and pretty much sucks. Theres a reason people like internal codec players

      • Have you even seen HC = Home Cinema variant of MPC and the amount of internal filters ? I dislike integrated stuff, upgrade and you might have some flaws.

        Personally I have disabled many of those because they are flawed, just start with.

        More proper discussion can be had around ffshow as it provides support for all software that request media decoding, which is more revelant here.

      • DXVA

        Obviously you’re a clueless person. MPC-HC is the enthusiasts’ choice of video player on many enthusiasts site like Anandtech, AVSForum etc.

        So stop posting if you’re clueless and probably a VLC user, it’s embarassing to even read it.

  • brave new world

    it’s all software … the question is , if the existing cameras have sufficient computing power …

  • Damnit, Id rather see Nikon develop Mjpeg further! The same crap were seeing with canon cameras ( I want something professional, not this consumer internet oriented h264 crap!). Give us a REAL codec, not some super compressed internet codec!

    Even Mjpeg at high settings (as in high quality jpegs instead of the very low quality ones that Nikon uses for mjpeg now) is better than h264. Sure, it is not as efficient, but at least it actually has individual FRAMES. This is key for heavy editing!

    I was hoping Nikon was going to develop RAW video or use some other type of superior compression than canon, but I guess not…..

    • Anonymous

      > Nikon develop Mjpeg further! The same crap were seeing with canon cameras ( I want something professional
      You mean 100 Mbit/s like in DVCPRO HD or 144 Mbit/s like in HDCAM? Both options are ridiculous in an entry-level camera. Especially considering the fact that Mjpeg is not really players-friendly.

      > This is key for heavy editing!
      You may want to replace your workstation with something decent.

    • LGO

      I don’t think think that the current generation of Nikon dSLRs will be able to support MPEG-2 at the high data rate you would like so AVCHD will have to do despite its disadvantages. RAW video will be a long while coming I think.

      I wonder if someone can hack the next-gen Nikon dSLR to give us the same bitrate now possible in the hacked Panasonic GH1? That hack really did wonders for the video in the GH1.

  • Anna Seed

    I’m a bit out of touch, but I believe editing H.264 format files are harder than motion jpeg (though smaller file sizes) so it may be good if they give the option of both (like Panasonic do) in the settings with the same quality video in either format I’d probably choose the m jpeg option (providing I have enough memory on the card) and then convert to pro res

  • alex

    Oh… crap, it wants quicktime for windows which is the slowest codec ever produced for any platform

    So they’re using .NET but they don’t use .NET features, we must install quicktime… well done

    • Ian

      LOL, well done, indeed. [golf clap]

    • Quicktime still in Windows enviroment ? Uh-oh, it is hard to find more flawed software that breaks all suggested windows user experience standards, and the quality of code…

    • jay

      It requires QuickTime, which is one of the worst resource hog and annoying piece of whatever one could find. Anyway to get around this?

  • Jose

    These requirements are steep. Only have one PC that exceeds H.264 editing requirements and is not portable. Seems these coders at Nikon never heard of CUDA, Stream or DirectCompute.

    • alex

      The never heard of Windows and you want DirectCompute?? The still develop only for Mac and port a buggy slow version for Win, they never develop for both platforms like they should.

      So probably they have no idea that quicktime for windows is horrible. They have no idea .NET makes realy easy use of any video codecs and .NET 3 allows GPU computation.

      You can make slideshows or video edits on image files and .AVI or .MOV but it only saves videos as .MOV files in mjpeg or h264 encoding with ViewNX2

  • brave new world

    the good news: still images will be supported … no one is required to take videos …it’s your choice to use features or not …

  • I_still_want_a_D900

    Another reason why I believe there won’t be a D700S. A D700-successor prior to the D4, if it ever got released, gotta have 1080p video. I am not entirely convinced nikon would put in the engineering resources to improve the D3S sensor so it can crunch out 1080p AVCHD video and put it in a D700S – it would only make D3S look old and outdated.

    It renders the rumored D800 (or called D900) release much more likely. The D800 to the D4 would be like the D90-successor to D400. A preview of what to come and yet not quite the full next generation package yet.

    • LGO

      I would take a D700s with the D3s sensor anytime to add to my D700. No video needed … at all.

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