Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • The new Sinar p-slr allows you to attach your Nikon DSLR and use it as a digital back:

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  • Wowzers….that could make using the mark2 for video so much better than switching over. Would the optics be compromised?

    • Think you just end up having a bunch of manual focus lenses. Not sure about metering, but I want to say that one doesn’t lose the ability to meter w/ the adapter.


    Cool pictures of Vietnam…..

    • Gerry

      “cool” might be a poorly chosen word, but I agree that these pictures are excellent.

      • yrsued

        Great collection of Images!!

        My dear friend and mentor Steve Stibbens created Photo #15. Steve has a great collection of Images from that era and he later became a Commercial Photographer in Dallas. I shared his studio from 1986-87.

        Thanks for posting this.

      • CLICK

        I agree, their is nothing cool about war but I think you know what I meant. It’s cool too me that someone way back then captured all this action and has held onto it. I am so grateful for those men & women who protect our freedom so we can enjoy the freedom we have today.

  • Twoomy

    Love the new white background look! (Yes, I know that many prefer the more stylish black.) But I’m just glad that my old eyeballs don’t wonk out anymore after reading this site. The black background was killing my eyes (even though it was stylish).

    • Alex Wong

      Way to hijack this post. The theme discussion is just one scroll down.

  • nothing

    Nikon lens to Canon body adapters are not new news at all – I have three that I’ve had for a while. The only thing different about the Novoflex adapter is it’s compatibility with “G” lenses – but the Novoflex adapter isn’t really “new” at all, the same adapter has been available since 2007 from http://www.16-9.net, who only recently partnered up with Novoflex for marketing and manufacturing support.

    Due to the shallower flange depth of Canons, such adapters need no glass and will not degrade optical performance at all.

    • nothing

      And I don’t mean to impugn NR’s accuracy on this matter, by any means – just clarifying a few facts that Novoflex’s marketing department seems to be glossing over. I read the press release myself, and it does say “new” all over it – marketing accuracy at it’s worst!

      Long live NR, says me!

      • Marketeers suck. I’m surprised they didn’t call the new version “ECO” or somesuch nonsense 😛

        • preston

          Haha, true. Shouldn’t be long before camera companies jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon and start using “Made from 100% recycled plastics” as a selling point.

          • preston

            By the way Peter, thanks for adding the black sides to the layout. I actually really like it now. The all white was too CanonRumors. In all fairness, theirs is pretty nice too, but you don’t want to take after that 🙂

            • Discontinued

              Looks like admin is winning a few in-favor-of-black guys over to the bright side of life. I like the black sides too, as they frame the content.

            • nikkor_2

              “… thanks for adding the black sides to the layout. I actually really like it now”

              +1; black text on white background is much easier on my eyes; the black border ties back to Nikon/Nikkor.

              Serif font type is a tad tough to read; I’d advocate a switch to sans-serif.

      • Ant

        Re-introducing an existing product but describing it as new isn’t the biggest marketing sin in the book. The HD – Full HD TV debacle presented opportunities for creatively worded collateral to really mislead the customer.

        Anyway, every half-competent marketer knows that the majority of someone’s opinion about a brand is formed by direct experience. Promising something that the product doesn’t live up to is only going to disappoint the customer.

    • I’ve read mixed reviews (actually I think at least one on 16-9) about using them with RF and IF designs because of variability in tolerances. Lenses like the 50/1.4 wouldn’t have an issue, but if their the slightest bit off, lenses like the 2.8 zooms get a little off focus/sharpness-wise.

      Of course, probably not noticeable on video.

  • Canon users have been drooling over our glass. Why dont they get their own.

    • Why dont they get their own

      LOL 😀 One of my Canon shooting friends was lusting over Nikon glass, so was able to give him a good goings-over about this. What he was specifically after was the ability to use old Nikon glass in order to get the unique bokeh that some of them are apparently known for.

      • Roger

        Oh how I wish I had a 50mm for my Nikon DSLR with uniquely smooooooth bokeh.

  • Anonymous

    the sinar seems too risky for me… that just looks like a recipe for dust

    • dust? who cares, shoot, get badass images, clean sensor.

  • Doug Laurent

    unfortunately the novoflex adapter sucks, it only works on 1/3 of my nikon lenses. did hope to use the 200-400, 105macro, 70-200 on the 5D2, but it all didnt fit right. very expensive and unprecise manufactured tool. just on a few lenses like the tokina 11-16 it did work.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Admin, all are so boring. Where is our reliable rumor about the 21mp D900 with D700 noise levels + 1080p video, bundled with the new 28-300mm nano-coated VR lens, all under $4000 😉

    • Anonymous

      not until sony releases its version. Nikon cannot even fart without sony.

  • Jay

    Does NR Admin read RedUser by any chance 😛

  • The invisible Man

    Cool accessories !
    No infos about those new Test Charts for lenses ?
    I heard they are already selling on Ebay but I can’t confirm, no link yet.
    Thank’s again, cool stuffs about our nikon gear are always welcome !

  • Anonymous

    In less than 2 weeks Nikon will hit the 10 months mark of not releasing any new dslrs. I think it is great achievements from Nikon. Nikon just keep up the good work and soon you can have a 1 year anniversary of not releasing any new products! No need for video, no need for higher resolution, so please re-introduce your cameraline from the 1970s. 🙂

    • The invisible Man

      Dear very patient customer we (Nikon Inc.) will be happy to send you the new Nikons D/900 D/95 D/3100 with bunch of pixels and an incorporated HD autofocus self-edditing camecorder.
      But you logged as “Anonymous” we don’t have your name and adress, to bad for you !

      • Anonymous

        Does it really matter? It would come from The Invisible Enterprises. 🙂

  • Haha. Finally Canon can have some sharp glass in their lineup…

  • The Sinar is wicked, very cool….but i wonder about crop factor of a large format lens on a digital body, even a FX…

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