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I finally updated my WordPress theme to the latest version (I haven't done any updates in almost 2 years). LeicaRumors and PhotoRumors have already been running the new design for two weeks and I did not have any issues so far.

By default, the background is white... I know this will cause a riot. Let's just run like that for few weeks and see how it will go - I think the white background will be initially distracting, but with the time it will grow on you and you will like it better - at least I did. The last poll was split almost 50/50 between the black and white color choices.

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  • Alex Wong

    I like the older theme better, but change is good.

  • ansel4

    White background looks better and is easier to read. The black, messy look of Nikonians is why I don’t use their forum. Nikon Cafe and POTN with white backgrounds are very usable due to their interface and color schemes. Keep the white!

  • To Sir With Love

    As a black man – I wonder – why da background gotta be white? LOL

  • Anonymous

    i really dont want to wear shades while viewing NR, mah eyesss

  • AC

    here is a few of my comments:
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    I need sunglasses to browse this site now.
    Not the greatest font either.

  • I added black on both sides of the blog – this should reduce the “white burst” when viewing NR at night 🙂 Still working on it folks, I am not giving up on making both camps happy.

    • on a 1920×120 res. now there is more black than white background on the front page

      • I can make also the right sidebar on a black background and leave only the actual posts on white.

        • Anonymous

          how about grey? lol, not sure, or is it done on other boards?

    • kururu

      I like this ^_^
      nice footer, black + yellow + white (+ amazon adv)

    • SA

      I use in Internet Explorer 150% zoom scale to make font bigger. So in 150% scale I don’t see anything black on the edges, all area anyway white.

      I agree with some comments. For me for exemple it’s not on principle black backround or wite. If only two choices black or white – I prefer black background. But for the best ergonomics neither white nor black is the best choice. For example in OS i always use background near European skin color (but don’t think the point in skin color) and black font. Any way black or wite background – to big contrast for eyes. I agree with comments about some gray background.

      Greetings from Ukraine.

  • ZinhaEq

    I am sorry, but what the????? Leave as it was, because this is a very bad change. The site has completely lost its look and there is just one thing that would be needed, rename it to Canon Rumors. I am sorry, but this site is so bad looking that I dont want to spend a lot of time on it, even though its just a white background.

  • Al0n


  • Fictiefje

    How about using a Sans Serif font?

  • Al0n

    Man the whole idea is two folds:

    1- To keep the Black and Yellow color is to keep continuity with Nikon colors.
    It is called Brand Continuity and Brand Applications.

    2- The Black portrays the dark side of things and as it is a web site which deals with intangible Rumors, so the choice was perfect.

    Why you want to change what works for crying out loud!

  • Maybe it’s an idea to put a button on top of the page, so people can choose which theme they want. its a simple css file so maybe thats an idea?
    of course it might mean double work in the future so that would be a bad idea.
    i don’t hate this one, need to get used to it. but i have to admit that your previous color scheme was unique and branded the website.

    like ferrari throwing away their red color, or nikon making their distinct red ribbon purple.

  • Norw.Nikon shooter

    Admin: Still not good enough. Can’t you run a vote within the next days to see what we users think?

    I’ll vote for the old design any time.

  • Kontharo

    Even with the black bars, the white still doesn’t go with the red font of the titles, or the yellow menu bar.

    I don’t like the font either.

    I vote to go back to the old design – was easier to read and just looked better.
    It made the site unique, it had the nikon colors, now it looks way more generic.

    Is it possible for you to make a system, where it’s possible to choose between 2 different themes?

  • Peter

    still sucks.. time to find a new site then.

  • Oliver

    Hi, while you’re working on your design:

    in Safari 5, your site is always marked as “updated”, even if it isn’t (or there’s a new comment or something)

    it would be great if you could update that (the Safari feature probably only relies on rss feeds, I assume), so that we’re only notified of real updates (new blogposts/updates in blogposts)



    PS. I prefer black too.

  • this is unfair!


  • Peter

    Are you blind man, nobody like white! Black is the way to go…

  • Kiki Lavier

    The black text with white background is superior for accessibility–such as for those who are vision-impaired and require high contrast.

    What’s really really awful for accessibility are the “artsy” low contrast Web sites that use grey backgrounds and color or tinted text.

  • Wayne D

    Much better! Welcome to the 21st Century. No more black. Now if we can get DPreview to change.

  • Photomic

    Oh my god?!

    What would be a 21st Century feature is offering CSS style sheets. Using those anybody could choose between color schemes he or she likes. Why is it that almost 50% have to be unhappy after all. First it was all those white fetisch people making a fuss abaout how bad the old design was, now it’s the people who got used to it and want it back. Maybe you should think about that! IMHO: I really dislike the new layout. It just look incomplete in wrong. Why do you keeo the black borders, heading and yellow footers? Any student in graphics would be ashamed to put something like this out to the public…

  • i don’t think vision impared or people with color blindness and stuff, would follow a website about photography. i mean its an art thats about colors etc!

  • Canon Fanboism

    What Happened to our dark side Blog?!!!

    We became to the Dark Side and everything should be black right ADMIN?

  • ulysse

    back to black please !!!

  • 2 cents

    Great changes. Love the black text on white. Looks great!

  • ViperGeek

    Another vote for going Back To Black, or at least less white.

    Can you detect mobile device access and use the simpler black-on-white style, but restore the professional Nikon-esque look of your previous black/yellow style for grown up browsers?

  • Vladi

    White NikonRumors?
    What’s next?
    We all switch to Canon
    and start using big white lenses?
    Revolution or Evolution?

  • Vladi

    Back to Black.

  • Anthony

    the white background is very harsh on the eyes. i prefer the orig yellow/black version better. just my opinion. thanks.


  • Phil Koenig

    Like many others have said, the black/yellow was distinctive and had a “Nikon Feel”.

    This version just seems generic. Please to return old colors, kthxbai.

  • This is a *massive* improvement, I should know, I’m a professional web designer. Keep up the good work, don’t be swayed by what others say – you’re going in the right direction.

    • Vladi

      this is not professional nikon website. this is nikonrumors.
      black background was so nice to read late at night, waiting for the magic d700x news appear at 4am. now the magic is gone…

      • and your point is what? You want more “magic” ? If you were a client of mine and asked for more “magic” in a design, I’d slap you.

  • Stick with the white bg… much easier on the eyes. I always hated coming to the site because I knew when leaving my eyes would be all screwy. Love the content, hated the color scheme.

    You can still brand it without the black and yellow. Trust you’re instinct.

  • Zblorg

    It is sad to see that Nikon rumors followers all moan and complain when something they don’t care about shows up in the blog, yet feel free to spam comments like the above on a topic completely unrelated to the post. Please go find the other post about the theme, reserve this one for legitimate comments about cameras.

    • Zblorg

      So embarrassing, wrong thread!

      • Zblorg


        • Anonymous

          Yes, wrong one, stupid firefox continuing onto the next page…

  • Can we have options for different skins? Also who is that fucktard who said he’s a professional web designer? Yes let’s make all websites look the same!

    • It’s nothing to do with making all sites look the same, though clearly your well reasoned, level headed comment demonstrated precisely why you felt that was what I was saying. I use my real name and I link back to a real website, so if you want to know who “that fucktard” is, then it’s fairly easy to find out. I don’t hide behind and internet persona insulting people for no reason, you should try that some time.

  • RD-NR

    “Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein!!”
    (please go back to black, with also the previous font-type)

  • The white is nice – fresh, clean. I like the new look.

  • Scott

    I like black. Bring black back. Black was distinctive. White is distracting. Thanks.

  • mike

    I really liked the Black as well. If it is at all possible, i would just try and give everyone the option for what they like.

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