Nikon planning an August press event in Europe

The word from Europe is that Nikon is planing a press event in at least one European country during the week of August 16th-20th, 2010. We can eliminate Monday and Friday, since those are not preferred days for new product announcements, which leaves us with August 17th, 18th and 19th as a potential announcement dates.

I do not know if this is going to be the first, the second or the only press conference Nikon will have before Photokina (two years ago, the AF-S 50mm f/1.4 lens was announced on the first day of Photokina and yes, it was a Monday). I also don't know what will be announced in August - for now, the candidates are new Coolpix cameras, new lenses, D3100 and D90 replacement (the Nikon EVIL system should be announced at Photokina). No word yet for a D700 replacement.

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  • works for me! I want to go full frame next year and am needing options!

  • Paul

    Finally, some solid dates to look forward too.

  • I have to say that Nikon prefers to announce new products on Tuesday or Thursday, so we can eliminate Wednesday as well.

    • nick94

      no chance there will be anything before then admin?

      • Low chance, but possible. Nikon doesn’t like to announce Coolpix and DSLR stuff together – they usually have 2 events, a week apart. Not sure if this event in mid-August is the first or the second one. Of course they can dump everything together and then just go with the EVIL at Photokina (they have to announce something at Photokina).

        • Very low chance. No announcements in July (99% verified). But here’s the kicker: Nikon has this habit of announcing on days when I’m about to get on a plane. It’s almost uncanny (of course, I fly a lot ;~). Guess when I’m next getting on a plane? ;~0

          I’m betting August 17th. One DSLR, multiple Coolpix, three lenses.

          • I say 4 lenses 🙂 I think the first DSLR will be the D3100, one of the Coolpix will be the 1000pj replacement, the D90 replacement is still not very clear to me at that point. No word also on the “G11 killer”.

        • Oh, about that DSLR and Coolpix separately. I suspect that we’ll see them together or nearly together this time. Why? Because I don’t think the DSLR is ready to ship. Nikon likes to stagger product intros simply because they haven’t figured out how to do all the logistical and marketing work to introduce a large batch of products simultaneously. They’d make a terrible auto maker. ;~) But if the logistics are staggered (products coming to stores at different times), they will sometimes announce things together. As it is, Nikon looks like they may be last to announce their next seasonal compact camera lineup.

          All that said, if there are multiple DSLRs in the queue or the D90 replacement is going to be a quick turn between announce and ship, I’d change my bet and say that they’d do the Coolpix announcements sooner and separately.

      • Zorro

        Yeah Admin, that’s like nearly a whole MONTH away. For an impatient 14-year-old, that’s like forever.

        • Alfredo

          are you 14?

          • dudemanppl

            I am, and I know a D700 replacement is coming since I’m getting mine on Friday. 🙁

        • nick94

          partially that, except I am not 14… but I am going on vacation and would like to see the new d90 before then…

          • Neogene

            We are all 14 at xmas night when these events are coming, 🙂

  • nick94

    hopefully we will get some good stuff. Kind of a bummer for me, I was hoping to have a new d90 before my vacation in the last week of August.

    • Joe

      Same for me when the D90 came out. The first day the D90 was available was the day I when on vacation early in the morning. I decided to buy a D60 instead the day before just to have any camera with me on vacation… 😉

  • The invisible Man

    I have a feeling that we won’t get the D800/900 this year.
    At least that could mean Nikon is working hard on it and we will get a 24MP with same ISO than the D700.
    Right now I don’t really care about video (I never us it on the D90) but if Nikon add a full HD with 30fps on the D700 replacement I’ll sure be more interrested using the video feature.
    Wait and see….

    • gt

      haha so if you only get 24fps, you won’t be interested in video at all? get real. you’re a gearhead who cares more about advanced toys than creativity. now go read chase jarvis’s blog to see what you can do with 720p.

      • The invisible Man

        And do you know why Nikon’s video is 24 frames per seconds ?
        It request fast processing, large buffer and quick informations transfer to do HD video.
        24fps is the MINIMUM frames for our eyes’s retinal persistence to see a movie with a fluidity feeling.

        In movie industry they use the MINIMUM (24fps) because of mecanic complexity it’s very hard to make a film camera reach 24 image per seconds and of course you use less of the expensive film at 24fps rather 30fps.

        On TV they use 30fps because the power current frequency (110v 60hz in USA) is used to electronically synchronize the frames.

        So, 30fps give you a better fluidity and a more natural looking video.
        Reason why I would like the DSLR video reach 30fps (or more to do slow motion, would be cool with my 105mm micro to shoot a bee flying !)

        • Jabs

          Actually you are wrong in at least one point Invisible Man.
          30 fps WAS needed by ANALOG Television broadcasting due to 60hz power line syncing (same in Europe and elsewhere where 25 fps was needed to sync to 50Hz power lines) BUT digital Broadcasting now standard in America, DOES not need this.
          24 fps has been a Movie Industry Standard for quite a while.
          The myth of 24 -vs- 30 fps continues while there is NO Analog Television Broadcasting anymore in America.

          • The invisible Man

            I said TV was using the power frequency to synchronize, now it’s digital in USA, I don’t watch TV but I did buy three $30 converter boxes for our 3 TV, I remember that !
            I’m from France where we have 50hz frequency (220v voltage), so the TV is 25 images per seconds we even had a president (François Mitterrand) who was using the 25th image, the “extra” image as subliminal tool for his politic propaganda.

  • Gary

    I’d say that the lightning strike from Nikon is about to begin. It seems the pattern is for Nikon to go a bit without any big new announcements, but then, kapow and bang! They take a quantum leap forward and amaze everyone. That’s what happened with the D3/D300 announcement…I believe they also brought out the 24-70 at about the same time.

    I think they are planning on doing it again. I would also say that if the rumored specs for the D90 update are true, they will leave jaws dropping, and they will make a ton of money.

    • i_want_a_D900

      You got it. It’s been too long since anything big.

      I am predicting a D700-successor/D90-sucecssor joint release much like the D3/D300 release. Both would be a step down in pro body build but another step up in other depts.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        I do not shoot in the rain or sand, so a step down in sealing and a step up in MP would be welcome. If they can keep the iso performance of the D700 intact that would rock in my book. Toss in video if the market is asking for it, i would be ok with 720

      • I wonder too….but we’ve all waited too long. I had to step up and buy the d3s this spring because I couldn’t wait any longer….one heck of a camera but the d700 replacement had better be better than the mark 2 comparatively or they may lose a schwack of nikonions!

  • Anonymous

    We need more lenses….!!!

  • johnB

    Is this for sure a D90 replacement and not the D300? I’m really hoping for a D300 refresh.

    • Soc#PL

      You have refreshed D300, and it’s D300s so give a chance for amateur cameras users 🙂 we want new D90 and new primes just like 35mm 1.8

      • The invisible Man

        You get the sames results as D300s with the D90, so why pay more ?

        I think the future is for FX cameras, from “prosumers” to pro photographers.
        The DX camera and lenses will still be there but only for very cheap cameras (D3000, D5000, etc) because they are smaller and lighter, just what the “Hollydays-week-end photographers” ask for.

        I see the D800/900 with 24MP for $2500 and a “D500/600” with 16MP and plastic body for $1500 .

        Nikon cameras/lenses will still evoluate in both DX & FX format but most people who are now using D90/D300s will switch for FX.

        • twoomy

          Maybe, maybe not. I’m a D300 shooter who’s been waiting for that D700x upgrade for over a year now. If you give me a D90 upgrade now and tell me the D700x/D900 is coming out NEXT summer, I’m going to get the DX upgrade now. By next summer, I’m not sure how excited I’d be to upgrade yet again. The days of me buying a new high-end dSLR every 12 months are OVER.

        • i am not so optimistic.. i am afraid D700 successor will be 3500-4000 and new D90 will go for 2500…

  • Alfredo

    Hopefully , the will introduce a 300mm AFS F4 VR II , so the current one will be cheaper as there are going to be lots of them used… 😀

  • Makoto Kimura

    i am makoto’s disappointment… just announce the evil already. 17mm is going to be epic. patent was filed so long ago – 2 yrs? gotta be ready already!

  • jason lyseight

    this new d90 replacement will be my first DSLR so i’m so look forward to this camera

    • gt

      just go invest in a D3000. you don’t need top of the line stuff as a beginner – you wouldn’t know what to do with it even if you had it. you’re wasting valuable time waiting around for a d90 replacement

      • Not necessarily. D90’s a good beginner camera, IMO. Why buy the low end and then have to buy a D90 later once he’s up to snuff? People learn at different speeds and he might just zoom right to the top of the class. Maybe not. You could be correct and he’ll wallow in misery trying to figure out which way is up. No one knows but him. Thing is, assuming that buying a D90 out of the gates is a waste seems like a ridiculous proposition to me.

        • gt

          Fine, buy the D90 – just get a camera

          My point was simply that waiting around WITHOUT a camera because the D90 Replacement has yet to be released is a bad strategy.

          The most important factors in how well photos turn out is an understanding of camera basics (iso/aperture/shutterspeed), your ability to see and understand light, and your ability to previsualize and compose shots. The three months he could have spent learning all of these things on a D3000 or a D90 are more valuable than the High ISO and 4 extra megapixels the D90 replacement offers.

          In fact, if he put the money he intends to spend on the D90 replacement into a photography workshop instead – he’d probably end up with much better pictures.

          • Victor Hassleblood


            certainly a harsh way to put, but yes, I do get your point.

            @Jason Iyesight,

            have fun and enjoy your D90-replacement as soon as you get it. And skip the workshop, especially if gt is tutoring it. Nothing is worse than a sour minded jealous tutor.

          • gt

            > egotistical
            Look, I get it. I’m not sunshine and rainbows. I speak my mind directly –

            But It’s sad when someone gets labeled egotistical for emphasizing photography education over (expensive) gear. Especially when we’re talking about someone new to photography.

            > nothing worse than a sour minded, jealous tutor
            what am I jealous of here exactly?

          • lusr

            He said it would be his first DSLR – that doesn’t mean he doesn’t already have a camera to use in the meantime, or that he hasn’t been taking taking photos. Maybe, maybe not.

            In my case, I’ve had point ‘n shoots for the past 2 years and want to upgrade to a DSLR system for increased flexibility and image quality; it would be senseless to spend money on a D90 now if a replacement is coming out in 2 months. In the meantime I’m happy using my point and shoot (and will probably still take it out on even after I do get the DSLR).

          • gt

            the replacement will be announced in about 2 months – who knows when it will actually hit the shelves.

            Also, there’s a big difference between a point and shoot and a DSLR. A point and shoot does not allow you to understand the relationship between aperture, ISO, and shutterspeed. point and shoots don’t allow you to experiment with depth of field, etc etc.

            I just think waiting for months on end SLR-less is counter to the ultimate goal – taking beautiful images. Investing in a used D40 on ebay is relatively inexpensive at this point. I’ve actually see them go for $200 with a kit lens.

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            Not really a bad strategy to wait another month. Some people can go without shooting pictures for a month or so.

            Why buy the old when a new is probable in the very near future unless you have a specific need before then ?

          • gt

            alright alright, I’ll compromise –

            For people who do not own a DSLR at all and want to get into photography, waiting for the new D90 could be a good idea….but only if

            They’re rich.

            * and can also afford quality glass
            * and can afford to purchase instructional material / attend a class / or attend a workshop too

            Otherwise, it’s a terrible idea.

      • David Hasselblaff

        I think the D90 is a perfect beginner’s camera. It’s not too difficult to handle and will last a while. One does not need a new camera every 3 years.

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          I may not need, however I have the disposable income to want and buy one every 2 or 3 years, so I do. /shrugs

      • jason lyseight

        i don’t want a entry level DSLR i want something i can grow to use better. if i got a d3000 in one year or less i will have buyer envy and wish i got the d90. so i will learn fast and maybe at the level you guys soon

    • Peter B

      my first dslr as well as camera was a d90 back in late 2008. wait for the refresh and go for it…its a great camera.

  • Geoff

    If we take the specs listed in the D90 replacement post and replace the letters DX with FX, it all of a sudden sounds like a very plausible D700 replacement.

    • LGO

      True … except that Sony is releasing an APS-C sized 16mp sensor with improved S/N ratio, 1080p HD-video with fast AF in video mode, and also high fps. No word on any new 16mp FX sensor from Nikon or Sony.

      I think this rumored new 16mp dSLR will be a DX camera.

  • Bob

    My brother in law’s sister’s hairstylist’s boyfriend who has an acquaintance who works part-time at Nikon USA’s loading docks said that the big announcement will be…
    Another Blues Traveler concert at Photokina!

  • Gary

    As an aside, I believe most people who say they don’t care about video on a dslr do so because of the lack of a good autofocus; it’s just too hard for most people to effectively use.

    If, as rumors suggest, Nikon has solved that problem, then I believe a whole lot of dslr users will come to use the video feature and like it. Who wouldn’t like it? It would be like having a dslr and camcorder in one package.

    • Paul

      Except current dslrs are designed for people shooting stills and not video. We need a new form factor to make capturing video easier.

      • Gary

        Good point about ergonomics. However, I bet many would be satisfied with the ergonomics enough to shoot video with their dslr if the auto focusing worked well enough. Keep in mind that when most consumers shoot video they do so only for short periods of time, a few minutes or even seconds.

        So for instance, if I’m taking photos at the zoo, I would easily switch to video for a minute or so if that video actually worked easy enough…I wouldn’t care that much about the ergonomics.

        The auto focus is really the key to making video work for the consumer. If Nikon can nail that they will have a cash cow on their hands.

    • Some of us just don’t care. I’ve got video on my P&S cams and rarely, if ever, use it.

      Not saying that I wouldn’t use it if I had it. Playing around w/ DoF might be fun. But until it happens to be on a camera that I buy for other purposes, I could just care less. Nothing to do with AF.

      Would assume there are at least one or two others similar to me around here 😉

    • Robin

      I, who really care about video, am not interested in autofocus when shooting video. What I really want is manual control over everything.
      Oh, and put an internal ND-filter in it as well. Not necessary but practical.

      • LGO

        Agree. I can’t wait to use my Zeiss 100mm f/2.0 and shoot manually pre-focused video at f/2.0.

        • Jabs

          To LGO,
          Then almost nothing will be in focus, if you just use F2.0 only.
          Video requires depth of field to have the subjects sharp unless you have one person framed tightly.
          F2.0 is thus too shallow for video, often!

          • Robin

            Whatever looks good is good. Even in video. There is no special need for the pictures to be sharper simply because they are motion ones.

            Now, at last, us video guys have that option in a cheap camera without using a depth of field adapter. Just waiting for Nikon to catch up with Canon on the video department so I can use my Lenses for video and my flashes for stills.

            Looks like it’s happening. Fingers crossed!

  • Ren Kockwell

    If the next Nikon FF has HD, AF and proper audio inputs, I’ll deal with the mild form factor issues.

    • art

      Tru-dat! I shoot video with DSLR’s now and I have no problems with the form factor. It’s all about the sensor and lens selection for me. But then again, that’s probably because I strap a whole bunch of crap onto the camera to make it usable.

  • thefunk

    So it will be August.

    Just like my man told me 6 months ago.

    All that worry for nothing.

  • Suresh

    Saw this tweet…

    “Been invited to a press conference held by one of the “big 2″ DSLR manufacturers next Tues. Attending on behalf of @digitalrev #coolstuff!”

    • 60D is supposedly being announced soon (if not today). Could be a Canon one if the 60D rumor was off by a week.

    • Chris P

      If it’s Canon with a surprise announcement of the 5DMkIII, a lot of people on here are going to be jumping out of the windows of tall buildings

      • timenetworks

        then we may get D700 replacement soon

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          I hope so on the upgraded D700 if Canon comes out with a 5Dmk3. Hopefully it pushes Nikon to increase MP since one of the biggest knocks on the 5dMk2 was the focus points, which they will likely increase in the next generation.

          If Nikon hasn’t let out a whimper about the next FF shortly after the 5dmk3 comes out, I will take a look at it.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “(…) be jumping out of the windows of tall buildings”

        I’d rather walk out the door (ground floor) and have a close look at the Canon.
        I am NOT Nikon. I am just a photographer.

    • Oh dear

      All they had were new printers.

  • Hobbit

    Please give me an excuse to spend all my money before I have to spend it on something stupid like a timing belt change.

    • ZRH

      ha ha! timing belts are pretty important if you want an engine to run. I was always in fear of mine breaking and sure enough it did on the highway.

  • Martin

    I´m just wondering when Nikon will announce the replacement of the D3/D300 (both 3 years old. Sorry, but the “s” models are in my opinion totally needless and overpriced, compared to the “new” features) and perhaps D700. Should we wait until 2011 (4 years after D3/D300!) ??? Do you really believe Nikon is going to announce 3 DSLRs in 1 year?
    I don´t hope so 🙁

    • SNRatio

      Is there any indications now that Nikon won’t stay with the 4-year cycle for pro gear? Their total lineup has models from 18 months to 4 years “normal” cycle times, total number og models released in one year will tend to vary because of this. Right now, 2011 looks like a year with quite a few releases probable.

      If you think the D3s is needless and overpriced, perhaps you should let all the misled photographers buying and using it know?

  • Admin, any word on D3100 high ISO preformance? IF D91 (or whatever name Nikon will assign it) has the same performance as D700 (and that’s a big IF, unless they’ve given it the same magic as in D3s AND it’s BSI, and then some…), then what can we expect of the D3100?

    • SNRatio

      If rumors are correct, the 10MP CMOS sensor in D3100 probably won’t be as good, but hopefully somewhat better than the D90. Nikon would be stupid not to use high ISO to differentiate between consumer models. And top sensor performance doesn’t come for free, component-wise. But because of the lower resolution, we could have decent ISO 1600 on the D3100. And they might give up some resolution for better high ISO, like they did with the D90 vs the D300.

      • Yeah, but if those rumors are true, it would mean that the D90 replacement has significantly better noise preformance than Canon 1D Mk IV (i.e. smaller pixels with the same/better perofrmance) – it’s hard to imagine, since Canon’s sensor is state of the art…

        But the D3100 – if it’s got the same underlying tech as D90, should have half a stop better high ISO preformance than current 12 MP sensor. If it’s got newer tech (like what’s used in D3s – though I doubt it, since the A/D chips cost would be prohibitive for the D3100/D3000 price point) it could give useable ISO 3200 captures. That would be interesting – couple it with 35/1.8, 50/1.4 and any fast wide prime (well – currently only Sigma 20/1.8 comes to my mind – 24/1.4 is big and expensive) and we could have a very nice, low profile, street shooting set-up 🙂

  • Ratatoskr

    I’ve been waiting two years now for a DX semi pro update.
    I’m not happy with my D200 and moving to D300/s has never been economically sound IMO, therefore waiting for a D400 or the likes.
    I really need a DX format top of the line camera with good NR for my bird photography. D700 FF does not give me reach enough.
    I’m really getting frustrated and actually for the first time in my life thinking about maybe moving to Canon instead because to me it looks like this upgrade will never arrive.

  • thefunk

    All this stuff about this and that. I don’t know.

    If you are intending to use this machine for actual photography, then I would get a camera with two command wheels.

  • sgts

    theyre going to upgrade the blues traveller specs – better guitars, more songs.

    cant wait.

    • ticket prices are going to double though.

  • zeissgit

    told you so. Also -all the DSLR rumors are about non-pro DSLRs which is a big giveway that the D4 is coming along..

  • Jacobus

    I hope Nikon will release the d90 replacement soon. If Canon does release a 50D replacement.. It is highly probable that Nikon will fire a retaliation shot… That is for sure!

    • LGO

      I was wondering about that myself. I am sure that Nikon has an FX up its sleeves and as would Canon.

      One would wait for the other to disclose its new model before the other would respond. I am not sure why they would wait and prefer to be the 2nd rather than the 1st. What’s the point?

      At any rate, for FF, I can imagine Nikon releasing a D700s and/or D700x while Canon would release a 5D MK III or the rumored 3D (21mp with 7D environmental sealing with AF points).

      • zeissgit

        The D700 is still getting fullpage glossy magazine adverts .. doesn’t that make it seem that there’s no replacement imminent? Plus all the words from Nikon that there isn’t going to be a D700 replacement this year..

        • LGO

          Nikon will have to respond, and sooner rather than later if Canon releases the 5D Mk III or the rumored 3D.

          Observe how Canon quickly countered with the 5D Mk II when Nikon released the D700 even if the firmware of the 5D Mk II had to be upgraded more frequently than Nikon did with its D700.

          • Jacobus

            or maybe Both companies are waiting for either to announce… It seems like it.. Why can’t they just announce? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If they are both waiting that means, more waiting! which is BAD!

  • I am going full frame and have sold my D90. Here’s hoping Nikon will give me a reason not to buy the Canon 5DII.

    • The invisible Man

      You will buy the D700 ?
      I’m keeping my D90 for now because we are close to the D800/900 release (all my lenses are FX)
      Even in case the D700 sucessor only come in 2011, I think it worth the wait.
      Trust me, I hate that D90, I had a D700, great camera and if it had 18MP+ I would have keept it for ever !

  • The invisible Man

    OMG !
    Take a look at this:
    I can’t believe Nikon have such bad quality pictures on his website !
    A billions dollars photography business compagny who is not able to provide a decent picture for the products they sell !
    Even with my D90 and SB900 I can do better !
    Sad and disappointing.

    • LGO


      • The invisible Man

        They probably used the magic wand in Photoshop with a contrast selection too high !
        This poor image quality is just not acceptable from the leader in photo industry.
        No wonder the lens and cameras quality control is now non-inexistent.
        By the way, my 24-70mm sent in priority mail on July 07 show today July 21 “in shop for repair”
        I’m glad I don’t work anymore, I would be mad waiting 3 weeks for my zoom, right in the middle of the weddings season !

    • Victor Hassleblood

      What’s wrong with it? It’s a picture of a product, isn’t it?? Not arty farty enough???

      Don’t get your point.

      • The invisible Man

        Did you look at the image outline ?

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          I dont look that closely at an image of a product I am buying. /shrugs

  • iamnomad

    Dear Nikon:
    Enough with the Coolpix cameras, please.
    Just upgrade the D700 for heaven’s sake!
    Thank you.

    • They sell truck loads of coolpix for every prosumer slr though.

  • Dang, one month before we even hear about the D90 replacement, another before we can buy it. Well I guess I’ll have time to save up for a follow focus and some stabilization gear.

  • I use the d3s but I know we’re going to see a great video from the d90 replacement…I hope they announce it for sure…otherwise the d700 replacement is something we are all waiting for!

  • InfraRed

    Nikon-san: You better hurry to replace the aging D700! Costco has the Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 21MP shipping at $2,499.

    • Costco is selling the Mark 2? For real? You are right…I love Nikon..the d3s is the best camera I have ever owned but the mark 2 is a wonderful camera.

    • Gary

      That’s the same price for the Mkii as everywhere else, such as B&H, Adorama, etc.

      Now the fact that Costco now carries it may be significant to some but the price is not.

      • Gary

        BTW, just to clear up confusion regarding the posts, there are 2 “Gary’s” posting here…I use capital G and the other gary uses lower case “g.” Undoubtedly the other gary is more worthy of the name, but it’s all I have 🙂

        I just note this to avoid the impression that there is any server issue in this regard.

  • jason lyseight

    over the last 10 years i have had point and shoot and have wasted so much money on them i could have got a D3s by now, So please don’t think I’m wasting money getting a good camera for the first time in my life (should have done this years ago). this message is for gt

    • I went and bought the d3s for that reason this spring..enough waiting and just do it. I wish I had bought it sooner.

  • I have just returned from wildlife photography where I see the most high level photo gear in any place I have ever been. The D90 replacement is critical to Nikon’s future. Read Denton’s comments and Thom Hogan on this topic. I saw results from D300s that were frankly AMAZING. If YOU don’t think video on DSLR is here to stay YOU are wrong. Some subjects are much better on video than still. I shot among other cameras a D90 (some of the video was awesome) and D300 and D700. I got and saw results from other Nikons of wildlife shots that were so dramatic it was awesome. If you think DX has no place you are wrong. A DX DSLR has a very different look from the image of a FX camera. I will BUY a D700 replacement if it has HD 24 fps video. I would myself PREFER manual focus. The company I own has LOTS of video cameras. I like the D90 video and am looking for the video switch almost every time I shoot D300 and D700. As to WAITING to buy a camera…..its your life…….I place image capture as top priority. When I have an important photo shoot…..I need a camera THEN, tested and true, not waiting to select, and purchase, and get dialed in. Nikon better get their replacement camera on the market soon. Last note…..very heavy (Pro) glass does have huge disadvantages in the field. Once you are focused and set to shoot, big pro glass can be wonderful. Most of the time you either shoot what you thought was the important scene or MISS IT ENTIRELY with the big camera and tripod. A D90 though is pretty much the MINIMUM entry level DSLR regardless what a novice buyer has been told. The lower level cameras may make bucks for NIKON but they are just money and time wasters for ANYONE on this site!!!

  • TLR

    I bought a D700 a month and a half ago. I went for a 3 weeks vacation to Europe, and filled up three large memory cards with wonderful photographs. I am happy with my tested and tried D700. An amazing camera, GO GET ONE!

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