New Nikon lenses to be announced

Since rumors for most of those lenses have been circulating for months (and in the case of the AF-S 85mm f/1.4 - for years), this list should not really be a surprise to anyone:

  • Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 ED VR - now this one is weird because it's a... FX lens... yep, full frame! Previous rumors indicated a 28-300mm zoom, to compete directly with Canon, but it seems that Nikon decided to do this one differently (Nikon already has a 18-200mm lens for DX). Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this will be the first full frame 18-200mm lens in the world.
  • Future plans for a new set of lenses for the upcoming Nikon EVIL system should also be announced. Expected is a general zoom lens (maybe something in the range of 18-55) and a pancake lens (probably 35mm f/1.8). Note that those lenses will not be available for some time and the final production version may vary from the initial prototypes.

I do expect those lenses to be release between now and Photokina (September, 2010), not sure if they will come all together or in two separate announcements.

The above list was compiled over time from various tips, mainly from Asian forums and some small details could be wrong or lost in translation. I am also not sure if this is the complete list of lenses to be released prior to Photokina. The initial rumor was that Nikon will release 8 new lenses in 2010. So far they have released 3 (16-35mm f/4, 24mm f/1.4 and 200-400 f/4 VRII) and now we will have four more, which leave us with potentially one more lens announcement towards the end of the year. As previously reported the 35mm f/1.4 seems to be postponed till 2011.

[NR] rumor probability rating for the four lenses: 95%

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  • phil

    i am rather interested in what nikon defines under “soon” or “in a few weeks” – we were hering these terms a lot lately. but no release dates till now. nothing.

    it`s end of July dammit.

    • Makoto Kimura

      if you check the release/announcement dates, nikon usually makes revelations for coolpux releases at this time of year in the first week of august. d90 was released in the last week of august in 2008. apparently these particular dates have some sort of market significance for nikon. this pattern is consistent for the majority of their products over the past several years. in fact, there are several times of year that nikon makes releases/announcements and august seems to be the most significant one.

      hold your breath a little longer !

  • Bert

    What does it matter what Nikon announces, you won’t be able to buy it anyways. You can’t find gear in stock they announced months ago. Probably better to cover Rumors of when an item will be in stock Admin. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    not really interested in any of the listed lens.

    All I care is 35 1.4 and I will be happy!

    • Rob

      whats wrong with the 24mm 1.4? I dont get why everyone is wanting this 35mm 1.4 so bad. i guess with the same build quality it would be slightly cheaper? Im wanting to kit up with the 24 1.4, 50 1.4, and 85 1.4. I missing something with the 35?

      • I think many people find the 35mm focal length to be more “normal” than a 50mm. It’s a classic reportage focal length for 24x36mm formats.

      • JJJ

        Just right for wedding photography. No distortion etc. etc. Very jealous of Canon 35mm 1.4

      • Anonymous

        nothing wrong with 24. I have 24 1.4 and I love it. it’s like you are asking what’s wrong with 911 Turbo. nothing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want 911Gt3rs

      • Eric Pepin

        I want a 35 1.4 badly, would be part of my two lens walk around kit, 35 and 85 but if its made of plastic like i think it will be then nope no buy for anything over 900. Im getting scared of a future of cheap made pro lenses.

      • Anonymous

        I just perfer the 35mm viewing angle compared to that of the 24.

  • Claustral

    The 18-200 might be an indicator that a new FX body will include software to correct its inevitable optical flaws. This is a likely direction for the future since good software is cheaper than good optics.

  • TT

    Nikon…PLEASE PLEASE give us an updated 80-400mm or the supposed 100-500mm in 2010. PLEASE!!!!!

  • grumps

    200mm f/2 with VR update, I know this isn’t a lens for everyone because of the price, but this can do with a VR update.
    Also I hope a new 50mm is in the works! I love the Nikon Zoom lenses, but canon still rule with the primes which I’m very happy about.

    • d40-owner

      What the hell? You are waiting for an upgrade to one of the best ever lenses by Nikon? It is sharp wide-open even in the D3x, do you really need an extra VR stop over that?

  • iamnomad


  • ben

    Nothin interesting being released accept for 85mm. The other lenses we all know will fall into bad review ratings.

  • Magnuss

    if 18-200mm is real, it will coast a lot πŸ˜€

  • chris

    why upgrade a good lens (85mm 1.4) instead of filling the most important gap in the whole lens line up? (ie 35mm 1.4 with auto foucs)?

    I guess 50% of Canon event shooters will switch to Nikon, becuase Canon 5D Mark 2 can’t focus, but they still stick to Canon because of 35mm L.


    • PHB

      Because the demand for fast wide angles is nowhere near the demand for fast portrait lenses with stunning bokeh and Nikon already launched one fast wide angle lens this year.

      Apart from getting to parity with Canon, I cannot see any reason Nikon would make a $1800 wide lens a priority at the moment. And the f/4 zooms are much more critical in that regard.

      The 50mm AFS works fine, I can’t see why an update would be a priority. If they did anything with the 50 I would prefer to see them revamp the Noctilux.


    WANNA Trow COOLPUKE on Achton’s face @ more than 300mm range : with no definition lost !!!

  • Chris P

    Like many others the one lens I wanted ti see above all was the 80-400 replacement. The 24-120 f4 could be very interesting if it turns out to have been built up to a standard and not down to a price as a kit lens for a relatively cheap FX camera.

  • Anonymous

    EVIL lenses (35mm f/1.8)…huh…..fullframe format?

    • LGO

      Nope …. 2.5x crop factor than full frame.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I know about the 17mm sensor format, but Micro4/3 has the the 20mm (Panasonic) and 17mm (Olympus) pancake, and that is also 35mm in 35mm fullframe format?

        Admin kan you clarify about the EVIL sensor format?

  • wait so when should this announcement be made? very excited to see Nikons take on EVIL. I do hope they have more than 2 lens for the EVIL system when it comes out.

    • LGO

      What is more exciting is if you can use your current Nikkor AF-S lenses on the Nikon EVIL bodies with the use of a Nikon-made adapter.

      Imagine the 85mm f/1.4 now the equivalent of 212mm with f/1.4 aperture and DOF in the vicinity of f/3.5-4.0.

      How about the idea of the 70-200mm f/2/8 VR becoming the equivalent of 175-500mm f/2.8?!!!


      • Char

        Yeah, extremely fascinating. Add to this that you get not exactly a 175-500/2.8, bot more a 175-500/7.0 in terms of DOF. Furthermore add the fact that the EVIL with crop 2.5 will be at least 2 stops in ISO performance worse than a D700, you end up with…. well, something that is not quite as good as a D700 and a 150-500/4.5-6.3 Sigma Zoom, but costs more.

        • dont forget a camera that size could snap in half when/if ever held wrong with such a big long lens on.

          some small f-mount primes could find a use on the camera like the 60mm 1:1 and 200mm f4 Ais non-macro because of there size and the limited amount of lens that will be available.

  • stepper

    I’m not usually one to get excited about an all in one lens but that 18-200mm FX lens sounds tasty!

  • jbl

    It’s obvious that there won’t be a 18-200 FX lens.

    • I know it is hard to believe, I did not believe it either. Let’s don’t forget to come back to this conversation when the time is right πŸ™‚

    • John

      Could just be a typo and it’s really a 28-200 FX lens – that would make a lot more sense for a consumer FX body kit lens, while the 24-120/4 VR would be for a pro-sumer/pro kit lens for a D700 replacement.


  • Rodrigo

    What about the D90’s replacement kit lens?
    D90->18-105 vr

    • gsg009

      D90->18-105 vr
      D90s/Dx000->18-200VR FX


  • Makoto Kimura

    guys i feel like an animal, rabidly checking for new rumors. anyone know a good psychiatrist?

    • Jabs

      Yeah – Dr. Feelgood – LOL!
      or you end up in Heartbreak Hotel on Lonely Street singing Da’ Blues.

    • nick94

      I think I need to go with you. I’m in the same boat haha.

    • Matthew Williams

      Luckily, I am on deployment and have nothing better to do with my life than check Nikon Rumors whenever I can. I am a Navy photographer, all I do is shoot and check, haha.

  • cyron123


    i think a 85mm 1.4 VR is not easy to build or design, because the rear lens element of a 1.4 is very huge. And in the last part of the lens is the “VR motor”. There could be a problem with the huge glass f1.4 element and the fast movements of the VR system. I think 85mm f1.4 is OK. Like the 24mm F1.4…


  • Ha, this is very smart planing at Nikons end!
    They release now a 24-120mm f/4 for current D700 users, especially for the ones that picked it up early, and in 2011 they release a D700 replacement. This way the investment is split, and the girlfriends don’t freak… at least not completely.

  • Anonymous

    18-200 DX lens is 27/28-300mm in 35mm equivalent.
    So, I thing we should expect 27-300 VR II AF-S 3.5-5.6 FX or 28-300 to compete with Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC.

  • SNRatio

    I just checked the 18-200 DX Mk II on FX: Doesn’t draw more than ca 16mm image circle, but the front element isn’t very big (72mm filters), nor is it on the 17-35/2.8 (77mm filters). Of course, I tend to believe that what is meant is the FX equivalent of the 18-200, i.e. a rather standard 28-300. But would a wide-angle zoom with a drastic tele extension be completely impossible? I would guess not, and if the price is good and the performance in the normal zoom range is OK, I think many would use it. And Nikon has a long tradition with good and well-respected zoom glass having less than perfect corner performance. So they could do it if they have found an optical formula that is good enough.

    BUT – the 18-200 DX was updated last year, and the “need” is for its FX counterpart. I would hope they release this rumored lens now, and then later that less exciting stuff πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    So, we’ve waited how many months for the 24mm 1.4 to be available for purchase after its release?
    Now we’re going to wait an equally long amount of time for the 85mm?

  • preston

    I thought that the 85mm was going to be DX? That leaked photo from a D3x (or s) a while back saying “crop mode” . .

    Admin – what would you say the chances are that it ends up being DX?

    • low chance of DX version – especially after the 85mm f/3.5 DX lens was released

  • Daniyar

    24-120 VR will probably replace my 24-70. If only Nikon came out with 80-400 replacement, I’d be first in line.

    • John

      Could it be that Nikon is coming out with a 24-120/4 to pair with the rumored 100-400 AFS VR (the rumored 80-400VR replacement/update)?


  • D700 (feels like F3)

    a 18 to 200mm FX is just not practical … a combination of two lens is far better.
    that about a 18-35mm (to force users to concentrate on perspective) and 70-400mm to reach out? The 80-400mm deserves an update.

    A 35mm 1:4 would bemre than welcome …

  • Robert Mossack

    The 85 1.4G would be nice, but, am I alone in wishing for an 85 1.8 G, and a 50 1.8G for that matter?

  • Anonymous

    could the 55-300 dx be a dx version of the full frame 70-300/80-400?

  • yawn…give me something exciting like a 50mm f1.2, 35mm f1.2 or an 85mm f1.2.

    • Eric Pepin

      yawn, if it isint .95 then it isint fast. Clearly 1.4 is dog slow.

  • Anonymous

    The 24-120/f4 will a big time FX kit lens hit!

  • Stibbs

    That 80-400 is way overdue. It was slow when it was introduced. Give it more modern VR, HSM and tweak the optical performance and I would buy it in a minute. If not that then how about a 120-300 f 2.8 with VR. Sigma needs the competition.

  • maybe it is in range 18-28 dx only (tighter crop), then it expands frame for full frame until 28mm…

    maybe, it is neither fx or dx, but rather lens for new D90 1.3 crop πŸ™‚

    cry for 35 f1.4 πŸ™

    you read it first here, remember.

  • Matthew Williams

    I would LOVE to see the 18-200 come out in a f/2.8. I mean, if there is a never before seen lens coming out, why not really spank’em(Canon) and embaress the heck outta everyone(Canon). I know it would make the price a little higher, ok, quite a bit more. but i would pay 2+ thousand for a 18-200 f/2.8. I would be paying WAY more than that in f/2.8 multiple lens anyways. Let’s see it Nikon, once that 3.5-5.6 comes out, lets see an updated version. That would be awesome, I could shoot a whole wedding on one lens. whew, I am getting excited at the thought of it.

    • Blaster

      You would need a second assistant to carry the lens for you. Seriously – 18-200/2.8? How about 10-800/1.0 VR II under 1kg and under 2k$ while we’re at it…

      • Matthew Williams

        Yeah, the more I thought about it, the more I realized the impossibility of this thought, I was tired and just got done working an 18 hour shift at the time of this writing, logistics were out the window, not really a smart post, but oh well.

        As for the 10-800. Hells yeah. someday. give it like ten years and both these lens will be out for 500 a piece πŸ™‚

  • oh yeah

    I think this is bull shit
    especially 18-200 FX and 55-300 DX
    the English “Rumour” not equal “Fantasy”
    stop making things up; both the admin and the “sources”

  • Nikon Boy

    24-120 F4 VR will probably cost over 1000$ and will be the competitor to the Canon 24-105 F4 IS.
    I really want 300mm F4 VR lens and 70-200 F4 as well.

  • I’m just putting in my vote, in case a Nikon rep / R&D person is reading:

    Either the 18-200 FX is a joke, or a complete waste of Nikon’s time. Seriously Nikon, when will we have a 70-200 f/4 to compete with Canon’s AWESOME lightweight pro zoom, or an 80-400 replacement that has been YEARS over-due, or a better pro prime lineup to compliment all these amazing low-light FX bodies we’ve got? (You’re not the low-light champ on ISO performance alone, if all you’ve got is f/2.8 zooms and a few outdated or advanced amateur primes. We need more pro-grade f/1.4 primes, and a new 135 f/2, before you can truly be considered the low-light champ….


  • Nikon Canon

    Is it really that hard to update the 80-400 to AF-S ??
    Been waiting for 2 years, may have to go the Sigma route.

  • Smudger

    Yet more mid range zooms. Yawn.

  • Jabs

    If I was able to ask Nikon what lenses to build, my choices would be these:

    1. 20 F2.8 AF
    2. 35 F1.4 AF
    3. 85 F1.4 AF VR
    4. 105 F2.5 AF VR
    5. 135 F2.0 ED-AF VR
    6. 35-70 F2.8 AF Zoom
    7. 75-150 F4.0 AF VR Zoom (similar to the old ultra-sharp 75-150 F3.5 Series E)
    8. 80-400 F4.0 ED AF VR Zoom
    9. 300 F4.0 ED AF VR Zoom
    10. 400 F4.0 ED AF VR Zoom

    • Jabs

      Sorry but the 9 and 10 should have been:

      9. 300 F4.0 ED AF VR prime
      10. 400 F4.0 ED AF VR prime

      NOT Zooms!

  • Jabs

    I see lots of posters asking for a 200mm F2.8 ED VR prime.
    Wouldn’t it be almost the same size and close to the price of the current 200mm F2.0 ED-IF VR?

  • With the rumored 16 MP DX D90 replacement being rumored, an updated 80-400 AFS VRII Nano, with high IQ to be able to use those dense pixels is needed! A 70-200 F4 would be very welcome as well. For FX the 24-120, along with the updated 80-400 would make a great two lens kit!

  • My opinions: Maybe you can do 16mp using the new backlight sensor technology and equal the D700 performance – but not with DX format. I believe Nikon updated their 300mm 2.8 this year as well. Why does everyone think there will be a D700 update this year (and get pissed off when Nikon says “No?”) The D3s finally created proper product differentiation with the D700, considering the large price difference, that wasn’t there with the D3. I doubt you’ll see an upgraded D700 until months after a D4 and D400 are introduced. Thus, 2011 assuming D4 and D400 are introduced at Photokina for end-of-year or January delivery.

  • Oh, BTW, I’d love a 35mm 1.4 and 135mm 2.0 intro sooner than later too!

  • biho

    I would like to see how Nikon will respond to Sigma’s excellent 8-16 lens

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