Nikon’s President comments on the upcoming mirrorless camera again

Artist's view of Nikon EVIL (photoshopped)

In an interview with Pen News Weekly, Nikon's president Makoto Kimura made few more comments on the upcoming mirrorless camera from Nikon (see the previous interview, where he dropped the bomb about an upcoming Nikon mirrorless concept):

Nikon plans to retain its "top position" in the DSLR market and create an "entirely new domain" at the same time.

"It will be a camera that may take photos of the world that the traditional SLR cannot reach."

"Nowadays digital cameras take movies, performance of cameraphones is rapidly advancing and demand for simple movie cameras for uploading video on the Internet is on the rise. Redefinition of photography may become necessary."

I find the last comment particularly interesting, since last week Nikon announced that they are looking for cooperation with online and mobile device companies. Based on those developments, I think we can expect some kind of  Internet connectivity built-in in the upcoming Nikon EVIL camera for uploading photos/video online. I've seen also few related patent applications filed by Nikon.

Via AmateurPhotographer/Image source: Focused

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  • Chris Crpwe

    All the talk of a 17mm sensor – is that the size of image circle you get if you move a DX lens closer to the sensor???

  • ChristophAlves

    So I have been following the news on this new EVIL camera from Nikon for over a week now. I am one of the few on here who have been waiting for almost two years now for a D700 replacement. Does anyone here believe that its replacement (not EVIL) will be happening within the future? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    • it appears as it will come first months of next year and will not be 24Mpix rather some 18 or so.

      • Anonymous

        then many will say bad words and leave Nikon. 18MP in a DX is fine but it is not a high res FF.

    • Jabs

      Hey Christophalves,
      What you state about waiting TWO YEARS for a D700 replacement does not make any sense.
      When did Nikon introduce the D700?

      • ChristophAlves

        I believe it was 2008 when it was first released. However, I may be mistaken. Since I purchased a D300 a few months prior to the D700’s release I was hesitant in buying the D700. I have been waiting almost two years to see if Nikon would produce a D700 that would fit my needs as a photographer. I have used the D700 and it is a great piece of equipment. However, I would like a medium between the D700 and D3s. A camera similar to Canon’s 5DII. I have considered purchasing a D3s, but I am a little hesitant on spending that much money when a replaced D700 could be around the corner.

        • Jabs

          Hey Christophalves,
          Yes, Nikon introduced the D700 in 2008 or about 2 years ago.
          You could then not be waiting two years for a replacement of a two year old camera.
          Anyhow, you want a camera like the Canon 5DMk2 and not a D700.
          Perhaps if Nikon introduces a D700S with video, then maybe.

          OK, I get you now.

        • serenade

          a real innovation would be a full frame sensor in a much smaller body – give me FF in an EVIL body and I am really impressed!

  • NanDub

    Can anyone explain to me exactly how big is the sensor of this new Nikon EVIL? 17mm is about 2/3″ and we have a lot of point and shoot digicams with similar sized sensor already, such as G11 and S90. Is that little sensor supposed to provide better IQ than existing P&S cams??

    • Makoto Kimura

      Are you confusing diameter versus diagonal? 17mm refers to the diagonal of the sensor aka the hypotenuse.

      My company has been working on it a long time and I’m not an expert, but:

      So based upon that info, 2/3″ is more like an 11mm sensor, which is still bigger than G11/S90/LX3/EX1 (= 1/1/7″ sensor = 9.5mm). Proposed 17mm sensor is almost 2x the size of the devices you mentioned.


    • a 17mm sensor would /will result in 2.53X crop factor.

      • SNRatio

        And ca 2.5x crop factor would produce a ca 5MP cutout from an antecipated 32MP D4X sensor…
        These devices could have very good IQ, if Nikon wants them to have it.
        Even a ca 10MP version, allowing for 4K sampling, could be acceptable, especially with downsampling.
        As for pixel density, 10MP would give about the same pixel size as a 24MP Canon APS-C sensor, not that far from the 18MP 7D.

      • nobody

        “a 17mm sensor would /will result in 2.53X crop factor.”

        Correct. And the Canon G11 sensor has a 4.5x crop factor. So that Nikon EVIL sensor would be more than 3 times as large as the Canon G11 sensor.

        • NanDub

          So those so-called 2/3″ and 1/2″ sensors are not 2/3 inch and 1/2 inch in diagonal size? Damn! I was misled by the noting for almost a decade!

          Then what do they mean by 2/3″? 2/3 of what?

        • serenade

          it should be at least APSC sized to be of any kind of interest. There are enough tiny sensors crammed with pixels producing noisy results. can’t see it anymore.

  • Jabs

    You know what I would love to see Nikon do in a new camera – make a version of the Sigma SD 14 or 15 that works better, as when I look at the pictures from their Foveon sensor, it reminds me WHEN IT IS RIGHT (lol) of a great slide film image and the dynamic range seems to be really great.
    I don’t think that a mirrorless camera actually is the way forward, as you lose the valuable pentaprism and are now forced to look through, compose and focus with an electronic viewfinder. The problem is the electronic viewfinder and whether you can judge color accuracy from that, plus use it in bright light or in strong backlight.
    I also think that a rangefinder is even worse, as they guess at focus below certain focal lengths and then use DOF (depth of field) to cover their errors and render a sharp image.
    I would like to see what Nikon will introduce and how much it will cost, as so far the only mirrorless camera that I have been excited by is what Sony recently introduced. The only thing that seems to be wrong with that system now is how HUGE the lenses are, so a system with smaller and high quality lenses would then be worth the time as now the whole system is actually smaller.
    People seem to equate smaller as newer in technology, but I don’t believe that to be true, as sometimes smaller becomes more complex and in the ensuing trade-offs, you get an unusable product. You now have a smaller and ‘cuter’ product that only a child can use because all the controls are touch screen based or are too small for mens hands.
    If Nikon releases say a mirrorless camera with their version of a Foveon sensor along with a new lens mount, then perhaps this will be different enough and welcomed BUT the price might overshadow the novelty factor of a smaller package.
    It is convenience or size now versus quality within a given price range.

  • Gary

    Hate the direction this is headed! When I read his first comments I thought Nikon might actually pass Canon with a true pro motion-capable full-frame camera with first-to-market innovations like super high ISO, timecode, raw video output (or at least pro-res 4:2:2), video monitor output, decent audio recording, bluetooth/usb control of settings, focus and zoom and firewire output.

    Instead, it sounds like Nikon is aiming for the YouTube market. Aren’t there enough point-and-shoot low-end cameras that can produce amateur clips for YouTube? Does anyone think adding Wi-Fi for instant uploading of clips is a major photography innovation? Is Nikon abandoning the high-end pro photography segment?

    • Anonymous

      It does look like Nikon will launch the FoolPix (named after the success of CooPix). I am not sure but it may a holder for a coffee mug

    • serenade

      I don’t think so. If they were so stupid they wouldn’t be so good.

      The only way to go is a really good hybrid camera that meets high quality standards for photography AND filming. The two segments are in fact one – it is always photography – still or moving. The only thing that needs to be added is good (external) audio.

      The company who comes first in recognizing this need for high-end-merging will attract a huge customer segment.

      Low or little noise in high ISO and shallow depth of field is essential – which means – the bigger the sensor, the better it is.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, please post something new. This is getting boring.

    • zeissdarling


  • good to hear that Nikon is coming back again with mirrorless lens. I think they should hit the markets at the end of this year. I always prefer nikon camera are the best. The picture quality from a nikon camera is great! it can’t be compared to others

  • om

    What’s with all the rangefinder bashing? It has its plus and minus, just like SLR. Sure, it not an inovative way forward but RFs have their benefits. I personally love the viewfinder which allows you to see what’s happening around and anticipate action – perfect for street photography. No mirror blackout – allows me to see if I got what I wanted. No mirror slap – can get sharper images at lower speeds, etc, etc.
    Saying rangefinders are “novelty” (eh?) and useless is kinda silly. You don’t llike it, fine, but they do have their place, even if niche. Photography is not just about tack sharp pictures, thank god! “Sharpness is a burgeaux concept” – HCB
    For someone who requires 8 frames a second as a minimum rangefinder is not a match of course. But why slam it?

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