Nikon patents that could be related to the upcoming mirrorless camera

With the latest news about the upcoming mirrorless camera and Nikon's search for online and mobile partners, I mentioned that there were some related patent applications filed by Nikon in the past. This is what I found:

Patent Application 20090270125 and granted US patent 7646417 are for "Mobile phone equipped with a camera". The drawings are of a conventional, rotating screen cell phone:

Patent Application 20050096019 is to enable a mobile device to access networks that use different programing languages. This would be particularly helpful when traveling in "in some countries and geographic regions" that use different network technologies:

This invention relates to the field of wireless communications. In particular, the invention relates to wireless communications exchanged between a mobile device and a network site using a language conversion engine. Wireless technology now enables mobile devices to wirelessly couple to networks such as the Internet. The mobile devices can couple to the networks to receive information and content.

Typically, mobile devices are programmed to use a single language. The language use by the mobile device determines which network sites can be accessed. In some countries and geographic regions, mobile devices favor one type of language. Information providers typically structure network sites to provide content to the mobile devices using the language that is more prevalent in that geographic region. This makes it difficult for devices using other languages to have the same breadth of network access. One advantage of the invention is to enable mobile devices programmed in one language to access network sites structured to provide information using a second language."

According to patent applications 20090307322 Nikon is thinking about integrating an email client into a point and shoot camera (Samsung announced similar camera last year):

"A digital camera comprises an image-capturing unit that captures an image of a photographic subject and acquires image data, a communication unit for sending and receiving electronic mail data including image data, a recording control unit that records the image data acquired by the image-capturing unit as photographed image data upon a recording medium, an email for sending creation unit that creates an email for sending, to which is attached an image based upon the photographed image data recorded upon the recording medium, and an email address setting unit that sets an email address as the destination of the email for sending. The email for sending creation unit creates a title or a text of the email for sending, based upon at least one of the photographed image data and the email address that has been set."


The whole menu, including the different screens layout, are described in details here:


Those patents were previously discussed at NikonRumors here and here.

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  • Are you well?
    Good day!

  • Actual Technologist

    This looks like Nikon software idiocy, amplified.

    Nikon should not be designing email clients. There are plenty of email clients out there. What they should be designing is integration with existing email infrastructures. If they want to be in the mobile business, they should build cameras for mobiles phones (or wireless handheld computers, or whatever you want to call them).

    • Paul

      I was thinking this as well. I don’t want to type in all my contacts again. Make it sync with my gmail contacts. Better yet, make it use gmail as the client.

  • Hugo

    🙁 The more and more I wait, the less and less I think there will be a D700s this summer. Curse you Nikon! Curseeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu!

  • Anonymous

    The mails in that inbox are from 2005 and 2006. Cool.

    • Formatted

      made of win!

  • opinion

    This is stupid (of Nikon).

  • Anonymous

    One thing for sure, whatever these Japanese smoke is a strong shit. I wonder what Steve Jobs would say about this. So the great news is that Nikon now wants to compete with the following:
    Cisco (network shit)
    You Tube
    Picassa (with a little Google and others) since they have the PictureBridge or whatever is that useless crap
    Sony/Ericcson just to name a few.

    Did Nikon seriously thought through this? I think they will be chewed up like Mike Tyson bites off another ear.

  • All those patents may not be directly implemented, but if r&d spent time working on them, there may be something along those lines.

    • otherwise I find it weird for Nikon to be filing cell phone patents

      • Denko

        It is to have a coffer full of patents so that when Apple comes along and tries to sue Nikon for infringement on some aspect of the iPhone (integral app functionality) that Nikon can counter sue with their stuff.

        Any hi-tech firm has this approach and has very little to do of pending hardware releases or what will be in them.

        Note: All patents are not like the above.

      • SGN

        Had look at the Thom Hogan “The Camera redefined article”?

        According to recent posts on his homepage, it was his idea too….
        Nikon head also got the “We may redefine photography line from him”!

        But how he imagines it too look (the camera of the future), like a lens stuck on an ipad, i think it would be difficult for it to have legendary nikon ergonomics 😉 And just imagine if it was a 500 f4 instead of a standard zoom!!! : D

        • Stefan

          Oh, don’t get me started with Thom Hogan again – of course he told Nikon what to do and he knows everything about the upcoming “surprise’
          What a joke!

          • Anonymous

            Yaw, Thom knew that we’ll get new cameras around Feb this year. He knows nothing, he has to keep traffic on his site though.

          • Toby

            Today the great Hogan has spoken again: he predicted the Sony NEX-VG10E two years ago! He is worst than Rockwell, at least Ken is funny.

          • Anonymous

            His tactic is to spread rumors about a “secret product” or a “surprise” so later when something get announced, he can go back and say “see, told you so”
            so lame

  • No-D700s-is-coming

    The more I read this the more I imagine Nikon focusing on new ‘coolpix’ crap cameras that allows bimbos to shoot photos of themselves at parties and in the bathroom and instantly upload on Facebook so all their ‘hoochie mama’ and Ed Hardy shirt-wearing douche friends can see them. Maybe the prosumer market will be totally left to Canon 5d II/III and the D700 is the last in that range.

  • Woody

    Nikon is traditionally weak in contrast based AF compared to electronics giants like Panasonic and Sony. They should be focusing (pun intended) on more important stuff like AF than non-essentials such as projector and emailing functions in their cameras.

  • alvix

    wow ..but ..but.. this is a GIANT step for the photo-mankind !!! the very features we were looking for !! finally ….


    sob….. 🙁

  • zzddrr

    what the hell is happing around the Nikon development labs? I hope Nikon will not try to copy the iPhone because we already have enough crap.

  • zzddrr

    I mean if Nikon implemented half the crap in 2005 and 2006 (since the email folder is still loaded with those) then I would say that’s innovation in the coolshit line but trying to reinvent the iPhone after 4 generations ala Nikon?

  • Snorlax

    What is this? Ideas for a Nikon flip phone?

  • I´m waiting for the %$$# D700 replacement or D90 , and what?A email camera?
    Makes phone calls?Enter on porn sites?

    Nikon…nikon…If the D90 replacement don´t be amazing new, and will go Canon, and sell all my Nikon Stuff.


  • D700 (feels like F3)

    Whateer Nikon is doing: they might want to open their equipment to make it part of our digital lifestyle. Optical features are definitely not sufficient …

    Integration should be done – open and standards based please. And a secure one also – I don’t want anyone taking my images while they are on the fly from a device through a network. What a need is secure gidital siganatures, archiving capabilities (can’t be changed, so I don’t need the archive memory devices) and last but not least a proper service.

    Just consider the big players on the internet – they build mainly simplistic applications, now we enter with high quality this area … a major investment into quality is necessary … just think of the browsing experience in your favorite onlne-image store … probably not as good as just might want it to be.

  • eru

    who the @@@@@hell cares of these newbi-features, integration with phones/email or wathever??????????????????????????????????

    GIVE US THE NEW D700 AND PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT A 3DS in 700 body, give us something REALLY new, and lenses!

  • im’crapyinventor’too

    i think this is huge idea…..imagine this will be the beginning of not having an extra memory cards in our camera. What we need is just an internet connection to store pictures to our storage websites…..mmm….sales of sd and cf cards will surely drop…..

  • erric68

    After reading the “cell phone” patent app, it looks more like technology that rotates an image based upon device orientation, rather than an actual cell phone.

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