It’s Nikon patents Friday!

Update on the latest patents applications from Nikon - this is a long post, make sure you "read more".

First, the patent applications from Japan (no direct links possible) - the first set of patents appears to be for the upcoming EVIL system:

  • Patent application 2010-054660 - "To provide a camera for reliably closing a mount opening upon detaching an accessory for the camera":

  • Patent application 2010-044228 is for a 10-29mm zoom lens for the 17mm format sensor:

f = 10.25 to 17.30-29.30
FNO = 3.35 to 4.27-5.86
2omega = 82.8 degree - 52.8 degree - 32.4"
Overall-length 67.70495 62.46001 67.54250

  • Patent application 2008-214916 - "To provide a lens barrel capable of preventing the operating noise of a diaphragm blade from leaking outside, and to provide a camera". This patent is about sound reduction (aimed at video). If you compare the optics outline to the design in 2010-044228 patent application, it looks like a match (including the location of the aperture). If this assumption is correct, the dimension to the lens barrel will be about 49mm diameter and 39mm for the flange - this lens will be tiny! Flange to sensor is 18mm. Attached is an image of the two images together - scale is ~8 pixels/mm :

The next few patents define the new EVIL mount designs - they are very technical, nothing really to report, but it shows Nikon's commitment to this mirrorless solution:

  • Patent application 2010-049174: "To provide a camera system in which a mount part of a lens is simplified".
  • Patent application 2010-060976: "To easily attach an accessory to a camera".
  • Patent application 2010-066576: "To provide a camera system constituted so that a lens barrel can be pressed by an appropriate force, according to types of lens barrels".
  • Patent application 2010-066580: "To provide: a camera system that can bias a lens barrel by appropriate force in accordance with the type of the lens barrel; a camera; and a lens barrel".
  • Patent applications 2010-039402, 2010-039403, 2008-205030 are all aimed at reducing lens barrel size.

The next three patents are for the rumored Coolpix S1000pj successor (p&s camera with a built-in projector). It seems that the new camera will have support for an external power supply and a special heat sink (Patent application 2010-066426) which makes sense since the rumors indicated that the new camera could be used as a conventional stand alone projector. Here is a drawing of the new camera:

  • Patent application 2010-066625: "To provide a projection unit which excellently projects an image".
  • Patent application 2010-066426: "To provide electronic equipment capable of reliably radiating heat of a heat generation source".
  • Patent application 2010-066425: "To provide a projector that easily performs image projection in a stable state using electric power from an external power supply, when an image is to be projected".

And few from the US patent office:

  • Patent Application 20100164440 is for a new charging device that will allow you to charge your camera from the USB port of your computer. This is probably intended for point and shoot cameras (the drawing also shows a p&s camera).
  • Patent Application 20100164992 is for an image display device with various photos display options (digital photo frame).
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  • Johan


    • I got some help from a NR reader (thanks B.)

  • Son of FE

    nice work! (it’s almost Saturday)

  • Rafael

    what?!?! no new 18-24 megapixel Full Frame Sensor Patent???

    Boycott Nikon!!! we want D700x ! we want D800 !


    • This is both the D700 and D90 replacement. And this is the surprise fot the market 😀

    • I think I would prefer a D700s

      i.e. A D3s mini-me with phenomenal low light capability.

      Oh I *would* like Nikon to provide more options for video and have at least 10 minutes worth of HD video available. 5 minutes is too short for many purposes. I sold my Nikon D90 and am having a great time shooting up to 25 minutes worth of lower resolution video or 10 minutes worth of 720p HD video on my Pentax Kx. I tend to use the former option a lot since it uses the full area of the sensor for a 2X3 format. I am not big on HD video’s panoramic format.

      So Nikon. . .

      How about providing a video option that uses the full FX sensor?

    • Roger

      Why would you want a 18mp sensor when everyone, including Nikon, already has 20 + megapixel sensors?

      • GlobalGuy

        They want low-light performance to be in balance. 12mp -> 18mp is nothing to sneeze at. 16mp is pretty low hanging fruit if you ask me (might as well get the D3s). And 24mp would be great, but I’d rather have 18-20mp and improvements on low-light ability (better than D700). Nikon can’t even produce its lenses on time. I’m still waiting for THREE of them to arrive and its been months. So i really don’t expect them to care about making the camera we want any time soon. Nikon made profit. They are probably laughing at us right now.

  • Fat Ho Z

    Boycott Nikon!!! we want D700x ! we want D800 ! x2……..

    • MK

      speak for yourself. i want the contents of these patent applications. when the words d700x hit my ear an overwhelming urge to yawn compels me.

      • That would be a social expression of your brain lacking oxygen. Breathe more! It’ll help you think clearer!

      • Twoomy

        Just buy a Coolpix and pretend that your interchangeable lens is glued to the front of your camera. EVIL is so overrated if you’re using a tiny-winy sensor. Who cares about interchangable lenses if you still get P&S quality images? Sony’s onto something with the DX-sized NEX…

        • MK

          you guys are right. this camera is going to be awful and will have no purpose. a 7.7 mm sensor and a 17 mm sensor give you the same image quality. what was i thinking… please no one buy this camera – you will regret it.

          and depress demand to drive down the price for me. sonys really onto something with their nex. its the clown car of photography. huge lenses and a tiny body greeeeat

          • Twoomy

            So you’re arguing that sensor size does matter, then you’re arguing that sensor size doesn’t matter. You’re funny!

          • Jivee

            Cant agree more. I see no point in having a tiny body and huge lenses. Its like fat chick in a thong…not so appealing. Of course, some do get their kicks from such a sight…to each his own. NEX and Oly evil are not for me.

            I’ve got d90 with grip. Handles beautifuly with my f2.8 lenses. I realy cant see the practical point of NEX. Samsung NX and Panny GHX are way better handling and size if youre going to use anything but a pancake lens. Mention a zoom lens, and I’d prefer a grip on my body.

  • Wierdo

    We want money…
    To buy the new nonexistent future nikon!!!

  • I want a D700 replacement and a Nikon mirrorless camera!

  • Michael

    OK – i want 70-200 f4 in water/dustproof body for 1000 GBP!!!

  • Ken Elliott

    > Patent application 2010-066580: ”To provide: a camera system that can bias a lens barrel by appropriate force in accordance with the type of the lens barrel; a camera; and a lens barrel”.

    Not sure what this is, but I could see Nikon creating a new version of the F-mount with a short flange-to-sensor distance, but moves forward when you mount an older lens. This means you would not have to carry an adapter for some all-electronic F-mount lenses. This opens up some new possibilities.

    • Acend

      So… we will be able to use f-mount lenses on the EVIL system? Good news.

    • Astrophotographer

      This patent appears to describe a whole new lens mount. The drawing shows it will look nothing like the F-mount. But it’s possible to have an adapter.

  • Nan_D700X

    Nikon, Bbulljit stop!!!
    I wanna D700 replacement!!!

  • Pete

    So what’s the average lag between patent and product for Nikon? Anyone been keeping track?

    • GlobalGuy

      Its not correlated. You cant dismiss the fact that most of them never are produced or end up becoming modifications. And a patent isnt representative of a product, but of a way of accomplishing something.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I’m not interested in an EVIL with a 2.5 crop. UNLESS it had amazing video, the ability to use F-mount lenses AND came with a line of wicked fast pancake primes. Considering Nikon’s built, like, two pancakes ever, I’d say those chances are slim.

  • Roger

    Admin – keep posting this Nikon patent stuff in the future, please. I always find it interesting.

  • FBY

    17mm format sensor!!
    What is this?? Nikon’s version of 4/3?
    How about afull frame EVIL….

  • I guess 10-29mm means a 25-75mm equivalent with an aperture value of probably something like f/3.5-5.6 … Well that means a DOF from here to Pakistan when shooting wide open, even if the lens is a stop faster (f/2.5-4) – and they can keep such a camera for themselves.

    • Oh, now I see – it’s actually gonna be a 10-30/3.5-5.8 lens …

  • On the other hand if F-mount G Nikkors are going to be compatible via an adapter, just imagine putting 600/4 Nikkor on it and getting a 1530mm f/4 equivalent FOV … or 3060mm f/8 equivalent with the 2X TCIII … Silly, just silly numbers …

    • FakeKenRockwell

      you can get the same results today by cropping your FX image 2.5x

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “same results”

        Right with 2MP. From your previous comments I knew that this is all you are after. Get a new computer and you will find larger files far less frightening. Oh I see, you can’t afford it. Just show us some pics of your kiddies and ask for donations.

        Oh I see, you don’t have kids. You are a kid yourself. Well, then just wait and grow.

        • FakeKenRockwell

          Please Kindly Donate, or if you prefer, donate to Victor Hassleblood. my dear friend here who seems to have an issue with my computer, my kids and my age!! Victor buddy, you okay?

  • Jivee

    Why FX EVIL? I ask because lenses will still be large. And a large body to mount a large lens. One of the drawcards of EVIL systems is for a more discrete form factor. In this regard, if Nikon do produce a 17mm sensor, and lenses are 2″ diameter, I can see this being my second system. Wel, as long as I have a decent built in EVF. Only other EVIL advantages are lack of shutter/mirror clap, and hence potentialy zero mechanical wear compared 2 SLR.

    • It would be fun to use an old range finder-style digital cam.. with the addition of LCD screen for reviewing shots. I have the LX3 (without EVF) and it feels strange to take photos without looking through a finder.

  • Anon

    why 17mm sensor. totally lame. at least a 25mm sensor.
    they should also add a range finder feature to it too. that will make it interesting.

  • ashley dudd

    hey fanbois,
    It’s July. While D700 celebrates 2 years anniversary, where is the replacement? I will tell you what. As I predicted, there will be no d700 replacement in this year.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    It won’t be a rangefinder. Rangefinders are for rich collectors not for practical minded photographers. And a 2.5x crop factor will be an inspired move. It’ll have enough megapixels to make Victor happy and still make great photos of my kiddies running around. Plus, it will be probably mount my 35mm f/1.8 AFS (which is the greatest lens on this planet) and will be an awesome 87.5mm tele prime.

  • Jose

    The first patent seems to address one of EVIL/iLC/ML/DVC current weakness/concerns: exposed sensor when changing lenses. This would be a real differentiator for people who actually change lenses on a regular basis.

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