Nikon looking for cooperation with online and mobile device companies

This is according to Reuters:

"Nikon Corp. said on Thursday it intended to form wide-ranging ties with online and mobile device companies to provide more ways of storing and sharing photographs taken on its digital cameras."

Nikon have filed some cell phone related patents in the past.

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  • Zorro

    New Nikons to have 802.11 wireless built in to access internet hot-spots?

    • Maybe new cellphones with Nikkor lens.

  • forget WiFi. When do we get built-in geotagging? my tiny iPhone has that.

  • corporation OR cooperation

  • Kevin

    Isn’t nikon already part of that mitsubishi corporation thing ?

  • Jason

    I suppose you meant cooperation rather?

  • Nikon cell phones. No doubt about it.

    • With built-in projector, tripod socket, CLS capability, eye-wear EVF, and adaptor to use DX & FX Nikkors,

  • Eng Seng
  • Anonymous

    three take aways:
    1) more Coolpix

    2) we can make calls with our cooplix

    3) Nikon can sell more of the same 12MP sensors

    Conclusion – Nikon is suffering some identity crisis. They cannot fuckin’ figure it out that they are an imaging company first and not coolshit.

  • Nissehult

    Or a system of immediate upload for paparazzis who wants to be first with some pictures?

  • Brian

    The GPS link is the obvious thing, but you could have outward communication from the DSLR to the smartphone as well. Being able to use an iPhone/Droid (or iPad) as an untethered external monitor for live view would be pretty cool, especially for video applications. And wireless backup/sync would be handy in the field.

  • Brian

    And the real obvious application. Phone as wireless remote + touchscreen setting of camera settings.

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