Nikon #1

Update: the #1 spot is for DSLR camera sales in Japan (the direct translation means "interchangeable lens type digital camera manufacturer", thanks for the translation Michael).

BCNranking got their stats for 2010 (January-June) and Nikon is #1 by market share for sales of interchangeable DSLR lenses in Japan:

Canon moved to #2 by losing almost 8% compared to 2009 (ouch!).

For the same period, the best selling DSLR camera is the Nikon D90 (total of 3 Nikon DSLRs in the top 5):

Nikon stock gained 4% on the Tokyo stock exchange today (July 7th, 2010).

This could explain why there are no new product announcements from Nikon - they are doing pretty good in terms of sales.

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  • Zorro

    Obviously, 12 megapixels is not enough.

    • Kuv

      Not enough for what?

    • If they are no 1, obviously it is enough..

      • Discontinued

        Apparently for many. But time will come when 12MP-market gets saturated. Personally I’m saturated … many are, many are even fed up if you want to put it this way. Already have it, don’t need another, want more than this …

    • Anonymous

      Zorro – obviously you look happy today. It is justified for you that whoever wants more than 12MP or even questions why Nikon only offers 12MP you can say they are assholes or they don’t know what they want. Since you are here you know much better what everyone wants. In the meantime please explain it why Nikon is using the 24MP sony sensor? Oh, also if 12MP is just fine then the guys at Canon, Sony, Mamiya, and Hasselblad are all stupid because they do offer more than 12MP in more than one cameras.

    • Anon

      my pictures are crappy, must be because of the 12mp

      • Anonymous

        Anon – people like you are the problem and hold back technology development. That is because you cannot even differentiate between photographic skills and technology. You need the skills first but technology enables you to capture images that you couldn’t with a lesser camera. There things you can do 24MP and you cannot do with 12MP. But for you I think 3MP should be enough.

        • Faiz Imam

          lol, im “pretty” sure he was being sarcastic

          • HB

            hahaha.. i’m sure he was being sarcastic

  • Ren Kockwell

    By all means, rest on those laurels, boys.

  • Photogradstudent

    Yup, no need to upgrade. Hell, I think it’s time for Nikon to release an anniversary edition of the D40. If 24 is worse than 18, 18 worse than 12, then it should be obvious that 6mp is all we need.

    • Zorro

      Correct. We are still waiting for the rumored D40s.

      • Neogene

        I’m still waiting for the D50 millennium edition ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Discontinued

          I’m waiting for Nikon to change the white “Nikon” on the viewfinder into golden letters to match their lenses and to suite the golden ages of 12mp digitals without 1080 video. They don’t have to change or improve anything else. That alone would make it worth the upgrades from D300s to D300sg from D3 to D3g, from D3s to D3sg from D700 to D700g …
          … it would suite the fanboy too.

    • gtanaka

      You know, if they made a camera that was identicle to the D3s in every way – except it was only 6MP….and it cost $1000…

      I would buy that.

      • Eric Duminil


      • Anonymous

        then request Nikon to make one crappy 6MP for you

        • gtanaka

          crappy is your opinion.

          if you are incapable of taking quality images with such a camera, it reflects more on your abilities as a photographer than anything else.

          for example, you probably crop religiously – I, however, consider this lazy photography.

      • Of course. I’ll buy it imediately.

        Shooting only NEF, even 12Mpx resulting in 10-15Mb files, is too much for non-Apple computers, for fast processing, especially when you have many pictures – considering the use the pictures only for web.

        • Clearly only Macs can handle heavy computing…

          And that’s why at work we have a cluster of Dell servers for running engineering optimization problems on…

          • Jeve Stobs

            Yep, especially since only Apple uses Intel Processors!

            Oh wait…

      • platoonutzeyz

        you win sir

    • You know, the D3 has got what you request, and then some! D700 as well. The crop mode is right under 6mp. It’s the best parts of a D1x, D2h, and a D70. And an f100.

  • GlobalGuy

    I wish you had included the full list at least to see where D700, D3s, D3x are. Its really nonsense to focus on the lower-end DSLRs. That may be the biggest market, the same as point-and-shoots are even BIIGGER, but its not what people on this website are interested in. An analysis of the rest of the list would be more relevant to this demographic, very likely.

    • GlobalGuy

      For instance, the Canon 7D is 9th place, 5DMII is 13th place, 50D is 14th place, but the D300s is only 19th place, and the D700 and D3s/x aren’t even 20th place (not even on the list??)?

      • Lee Kay

        For a little more detail:
        While the 50D is irrelevant in the market place (1.7% to the D90’s 13% and the T1i’s 11.5%), the 7D is trouncing the D300s (3.5% to 1.3%) and the 5DII is at 1.8%, while all of the Nikon FX line (D3s, D3x, D700 combined) is at ~1.2% (34% total minus those in the top-20).
        This does not bode well for Nikon, and assuming the margins are higher at the top, they need to do something about the D700 at the least. To be fair, though, Canon’s 1D line (1DsIII, 1DIV) comes in at 0.1~0.2% (31.5% minus those reported), so maybe the D3s and D3x aren’t doing too bad. but the D700 surely is way below its major competitor (no way to infer anything about the Sony a900, since their line is very wide, and very few models are reported).

        Assuming they haven’t given up on this niche, we will see a new “cheap” FX camera this year, probably before September.


        • Daniel

          I know one reason at least the D3s is doing bad, there are hardly any in stock anywhere. Nikon clearly underestimated the demand and seem unable to ramp up production.

          • PHB

            It is highly unlikely that ANY of the FX format cameras breaks even, let alone has decent margins. Sure, the wholesale price is going to be rather higher than the marginal cost of producing one extra body. But the volumes are simply not high enough to compensate for the additional cost of development.

            The main point of the professional cameras is to drive additional sales of the D90 and lower end models. People pay 20% extra to buy a Nikon over a Sony or Panasonic because they know that the company that made their camera also supports the most demanding pro-photographers.

            Also a lot of the technologies developed on the upper end bodies find their way downstream. The D90 refresh may well acquire the focus system of the D300s or something like it.

            One reason that the D300/D300s are quite far down in the rankings is that the D90 itself is so spectacularly good. There are definitely advantages to the D300, but the D90 is quite a bit cheaper and a lot lighter to carry.

            I would not read anything much into Nikon’s inability to meet demand for the D3s. Their problem is simply that they are hand assembled in the Japan factory and capacity there is severely limited. Incidentally, that is why posts of the type ‘don’t expect a D700s because it would take sales from the D3s’ are wide of the mark. The flagship bodies are production limited and probably always will be.

        • Sanford Wong

          However, Canon’s strategy is to keep its #1 position. Now, even the most advance entry level DSLR “EOS 550D” can’t help Canon to stay in #1. That means Canon’s development strategy miscalculated.

          • rhodium

            The most telling fact is that a 2 year old camera is outselling every other camera in the market.

          • Anonymous

            Jeez guys, Nikon is rebating that crap for almost 6 months. Also, I do not believe in those numbers. I have access to market data and I see different figures so I am not sure they got these figures.

    • Zorro

      It may come as a shock to you but *not* everyone visiting this website is obsessed about or even interested in FX bodies.

      • donde?


      • And not everyone in the world is female. Whats your point?

      • Ah, but some of us ARE interested in FX.

    • +1 Zorro

    • Thunder

      I don’t think the list focuses on the lower end slrs only, but highest sale numbers. Obviously cheaper slrs sell more than expensive ones.

  • bigmouth

    Yeeeeh! and … Huh? How could it be? Everywhere I see Kiss X4 (550D) is slaughtering Nikon’s entry level cameras left and right.

    • Zorro

      You should stop hanging out with the Canon Fan Club.

      • bigmouth

        I am a Nikon user. But still, D5000 > 500D > D3000 > 450D. I still can’t get over it. I thought D3000 is roughly the same level of 1000D which didn’t even make to the top 20.

  • DX2FX

    Am very surprised to see that Panasonic and HOYA are selling more interchangeable lenses than Sigma and Tamron, which didn’t even make it to the top six ? Never knew that !

    • i believe at least pentax and maybe tokina are under the hoya group. could explain y they re higher.

      • Hooray

        Pentax was taken over by Hoya three years ago. They consider this now as a big mistake. Hoya makes its money with supplying and industrial and medical equipment as far as i know. And Eyeglasses.

  • Woody

    Well done, Nikon!!! Canon’s fan base does appear however to be wider, with their 7D, 5D2 and 50D in the 9th, 13th and 14th position while the D300s is Nikon’s only entry in the top 20 for a pro/semipro camera. This probably translates into higher profit margins for Canon. Canon’s entry level DSLRs are not doing too well… not sure why.

    • Excellent performance on home ground. It also means a better base of potential up-graders for Nikon. Surprising and large drop in % market share for Canon.

  • thefunk

    If Nikon don’t deliver an 18MP camera to my armchair now the whole corporation has clearly ‘lost it’.

    • AS

      If they bring aut such a shameful camera like 7D, the lost!

      For me, and many other users a 14 Mpix with a stop of ISO improved in Low light from D300s will be the way!!!

      • It is very probably that 14-15 Mpx with improved ISO to be the next Nikon step and it is very probably to be succesfull.

  • Peter

    Whatever happened to Sony? They seem to be declining. Best place your discontinued A900 with its Zeiss lenses in the cupboard with your Betamax video recorder and hope they become collectors items one day!!

  • injurytime

    Congrats Nikon !!
    now where’s my SB-700??

  • fotofah

    Hoya lenses in 4th place?! Who sells Hoya lenses?

    • Korek Ka Dyan

      LOL maybe only in Japan

    • donde?

      Hoya Corporation is the main glass supplier for Tokina, by manufacturing coated lens units according to Tokina specification and quality control standard.

      source:wikipedia on Tokina

    • Sanford Wong

      Read the link. HOYA is the owner of Pentax. That’s meaning the sale of the Pentax DSLR.

  • Thunder

    To me it looks like Japanese sale numbers only?

    • Juergen.

      Read it at the bottom of the original site:

      * “BCN Ranking” from major electronics stores nationwide sell-out POS database that aggregates data collected on a daily basis. This scale covers about 40% of the Japanese OTC market, and are intended for digital consumer electronics products from 129 to PC.
      (End of cite)

      Does anyone know how strong the mail-order/internet market share for DSLRs is in

      • Anonymous

        60%. This tudy missed out 60% of the market and mainly focused on the big box retailers.

  • donde?

    Which means it’s time that the excellent D90 gets an excellent update. Here’s a list:
    * Full HD video with better compression
    * Improved AF (much better than Multi-CAM 1000)
    * Improved color range
    * ISO 12800 (even if it’s crappy looking)
    * >= 5 fps
    * >= 3″ LCD with 900k dots

    And anything >= 10MP is good enough for me.

    • anon

      Here’s my list (to upgrade from D70):
      must haves:
      * tilting screen same quality and size as current (up at least for low level shooting)
      * any further improvement on viewfinder would be welcome
      * improved weather sealing and ruggedness
      * smaller size (even if only a tiny bit)
      * improved still picture quality (DR, colour, ISO etc)

      couldn’t care:
      * Video improvements – dont care either way
      * speed (fps and focus) not that important for me in this level of camera

      dont want:
      * please no more megapixels – don’t want more than 12 in this level of camera – it will just mean forced upgrades of PC, storage etc.

      • Anonymous

        Anon – f**k man, then buy a fuckin’ D700 or D90 or D5000 or get crappy coolpix. 12MP for people who actually spend more money couple of grands on a body is not enough. Nikon has been pushing 12MP since 2005 June. Today is July 2010.

        • Faiz Imam

          In 2005 a 12mp ISO 1600 image was unusable, now it can make the cover of national geographic unprocessed.

          Whats your point?

  • Mark

    I am not shocked at the rank of the D3000. Online I hear it get trashed but it is a quality camera and better yet, it is priced to sell.

    A first time DSLR buyer can get a D3000 or spend as much as $100 more for the cheapest Canon Rebel.


  • Michael

    Just to correct your story – the first table is not for lens sales but as shown in the translated heading, it is for “interchangeable lens type digital camera manufacturer”. It is the market share for DSLR bodies grouped by manufacturer.

    This is why Tamron and Sigma are not included on this table. Hoya is listed as the owner of the Pentax brand.

    It is also worth noting that the tables also only reflect 40% of Japanese sales data. They are certainly useful indicators of the major brands, particularly as trend data for comparing year-on-year, but do not necessarily represent global standings for the major manufacturers.

  • Well this is great news – proving that in fact on the whole the Nikon strategy does appear to be working for them. I spend a lot of time reading the Canon forums and if you believe that all is well on that side of the camp, then look again.

    Her are just some snippits I found easily this morning in the forum on dpreview and others:

    “21MP is just too much, why can’t Canon produce a beautiful low noise 12MP like the D700?”

    “Why is Canon obsessed with cramming ever more megapixels onto sensors when even the 5DMKII suffers from low ISO banding”

    “I can’t use my 7D above ISO 400 because the noise makes it unacceptable for stock photography”

    “When is Canon going to produce something to compete with Nikon’s 14-24mm? We haven’t got anything that can touch it”

    “Canon have clearly lost the plot – Nikon have it so right by limiting the megapixels in their line up, I’m tired of noisy sensors”

    “The 5DMKIII is way overdue. Canon are clearly waiting for Nikon to make the first move with the D700 replacement. Canon must be cacking themselves given the delay on the D700, Nikon are sure to produce something spectacular.”

    When your feeling blue about Nikon, just find your nearest Canon forum to make yourself feel better ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Magnuss

      I like that.

    • AlexFoo

      The grass…erm i meant dslr is always better on the other side eh?

    • @RussB

      thanx for the insight! it is great! :-)))

    • RussB: THANK YOU for the post. I had no idea.

      • Discontinued

        You you still don’t.

        Just go there yourself and I promise you’ll get a different picture. I did frequently the last weeks and must say these guys are far more relaxed than the Nikon users here.

        The major concern I found was that Nikon’s deadlock could be leading to delays in new releases (like 5D Mk III). But still and despite Canon’s clear lead in certain areas there are real rumors about both, upcoming lenses and bodies. I often envy these guys

        • gtanaka

          this is definitely a situation where you need to forget all that and go take pictures.

          I know it’s cliche to say – but jesus man, you’re reading CANON forums AND nikon forums. you don’t even shoot canon. its a bit of a waste of life.

          Just go perfect your technique- maybe even try to make some money on the side. you’ll be able to afford both systems if you do it right

          • Victor Hassleblood

            I do too.

            Since I consider to become a Canon shooter I do not regard it as a waste of life to take a look over the fence. On the other hand, both sites are. It’s just rumors. One should just wait for photokina’s announcements and decide.

            What does it help me, to know it one week sooner or later?

            BTW, what are you doing here?

    • FakeKenRockwell

      about gods dammed time, thank you!

    • Shompis

      Selective quoting! I can quote as many who are praising. It is the same here. However, I have found that there are more annoying fan boys posting at nikonrumors than in canonrumors. Atleast in canonrumors they discuss construcively even if some ideas might be whackoo..

      • lol. That, as you know is a lie ๐Ÿ˜‰ And of course it is selective quoting – it’s intended to illustrate a point, nothing more, that life on the dark side is not all roses and summer meadows…

    • Woody

      Really? Brilliant selective quoting…

      a) The POOR sales of the 12 MP D700 (not even listed) vs 21 MP 5D2 (ranked 13, 1.8% market share ) and 12 MP D300s (ranked 19, 1.3% market share) vs 18 MP 7D (ranked 9, 3.5% market share) does not mean anything?

      b) Take a good look here:
      The 7D trashes all other APS-C cameras at both RAW and jpeg levels when the playing field is leveled.

      • Discontinued

        Stunning ! ! !
        Truly stunning ! ! !

        Thanx a lot for the link.
        My brother is thinking about a DSLR.

        He has no investment to lose. I surely know what ASP-C I’ll recommend. Of course MP is not equal IQ but, hey, who cares if someone takes the clear lead in both.

      • Victor Hassleblood


        b) is quite interesting indeed.

  • HmJ

    It’s only Japanese figures. Hoya owns Pentax.

    I think that the Kiss X4 is doing pretty good, given that it’s available here in Tokyo since February only.

  • Eng Seng

    What made Nikon leapfrog Canon in 2009? The Nikon D3s?

  • Phoenix

    I don’t see why there should be a sudden rush to get a new 16-20MP camera when it’s clear that Nikon are using wise methods of getting 12MP out effectively. A friend and Canon user had a discussion with me about megapixels and simply put, your best range is 6-14MP for quality, any higher you get added noise from the sensor trying to pick up on every single detail.

    I’m still a happy D50 user and manage to produce some great images, even sometimes outdoing a Canon 450D for quality and I haven’t sough the need to urgently update, the only reason I would consider upgrading is because my camera is getting on slightly after 4 years. I would happily upgrade to the D90 or D300s if budget allows me but if I can still get good mileage out of a 4 year old 6MP camera, then Nikon are showing you can do the same with a 2 year old 12MP camera!

    • Gusto

      That’s because you guys are missing out on the REAL test:

      • Discontinued

        Everybody watch this (and cry).

      • Sigmoid

        Pointless…. who in his right mind is interested of close-up pictures of a hungarian forint.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Do you really think results would have been contrary if another subject was chosen, blonde pubic hair instead of orange sewing thread maybe?

          WARNING: Explicit Details and Mature Content.

          Please don’t follow Gusto’s link, if you are not man enough to face it: Canon’s D7 kicks the whole range of Nikon’s 12MP cameras, probably not D300 only but 12MP FFs as well.

  • Greg Webb

    All very nice, but….

    Nikon are painting themselves into a corner – it may be profitable now but it’ll cause them problems very soon. The D90 is due for replacement and quite noticeably the lowest resolution camera in its class, but they can’t address that without causing trouble for their whole pro line bar the D3X. The D300s should’ve been replaced with a 14-16MP body and frankly the Sony A850 being available cheaper than the D700 with double the resolution is major problem. Low light performance is great but so’s resolution and Nikon need to get moving on this.

  • Jabs

    Well I see that Nikon has been vindicated (at least in Japan -LOL) by this data.
    NOW, it seems that all the complainers here are silenced by FACTS!

    The problem seems to be greed, as in wanting all these higher ‘specced’ cameras at LOWER prices which seems idiotic.
    There indeed is a hole between the D3S and the current D700 but people here seem to NOT realize that clean files are NOT delivered by high megapixel cropped sensor cameras.
    People complain here all day and tell us that Nikon cannot sell their ‘old DSLR’ crap and guess what, you are the one dreaming apparently.
    NOT everyone is caught up in Canon’s quest and some people are actually looking at the RESULTS and not the specs. !!!
    It seems like Canon is the one sweating and not Nikon, based upon the results in Japan.
    I wonder what the results are in America?
    Here’s looking forward to MORE sensible cameras from Nikon instead of egotistical specs to fulfill the bragging rights of ‘profilers’ more interested in telling us how many megapixels they HAVE instead of showing us the QUALITY of their images.

    • Woody

      Really? The underwhelming salesresults of 12 MP D300s vs 18 MP 7D and 12 MP D700 vs 21 MP 5D2 does not tell you anything?

      • Jabs

        Hey Woody,
        The problem is when one does not look at TOTAL sales figures.
        The Canon 7D has some serious issues because the sensor is TOO SMALL.
        Nikon has Canon in a panic, it seems, so Canon is trying to sell us HIGH megapixel small sensor cameras to make us believe that Nikon is now DATED.
        Works for some fools, too.
        The newest Canon entry level camera seems to be BETTER than the 7D, so go figure that.
        However, my focus is on the higher end stuff like the D3X and D3S and so far no DSLR manufacturer has anything remotely close to these two cameras – facts!
        My post was in response to people here always complaining that the Nikon REBATES are an answer to them NOT selling any cameras as no one seems to want 12 megapixels, but the DATA shows that an older camera (D90), is outselling them all.
        In a few months, things might change one way of the other, but for NOW, the detractors are WRONG!
        Take your whopping like a man – LOL!

        • Anonymous

          Jabs, I am sure that you are aware of the magnitudes here? I mean profit dollars or yens are 10 times more on a D700 than on the D3000. Now look at this, the 5dII way outsold the D700 and same can be said about the 7D and D300s.

          Also this data only captured 40% of the Japanese market namely the big box retailers. The specialty stores where most of the D700 and 5DIIs are sold are not included.

          Then again, you said that you focus on the D3x. Great, you can thank for Sony to develop this sensor and make it available for Nikon! Because Nikon is unable to produce alone more than 12MP. It is a fact. there is no Nikon sensor that is more than 12MP. 24MP is made by Sony. So wake us up when Nikon will have its own 24MP sensor. In the meantime many of us will refuse to purchase 12MP cameras we leave all that for you.

          • Jabs

            Hey Anonymous,
            The fact of the matter that Nikon is gaining and Canon is losing in Japan is quite clear – no excuses needed.
            Nikon DOES NOT make camera sensors but DESIGNS sensors which are manufactured by others for them.
            The D3X is a classic example of the Engineering prowess of Nikon, as compared to either the Sony A900 or 850, the D3X is superlative and in a class by itself.
            Sony is great but the extreme differences between their offerings at the same megapixels tells us much. HECK, even the lower megapixel D3S beats them at certain things.
            The bottom line – Nikon’s strategy of offering SUPERB lower megapixel cameras is working and sales prove that.
            The PER profit amount does not fit into the equation, as we don’t know IF they make more on the D700 or on others.
            They are selling well, is all that counts.

            Perhaps you look at it this way – IF Canon had not introduced three NEW cameras, would they be even further behind? What will Nikon release in a few months and will this extend their lead?

          • Woody

            Reply to Jabs:

            Something to chew on:

            Market shares within Japan (from BCNRanking):
            2009: Canon 39.1%, Nikon 31.3%
            2008: Canon 40.1%, Nikon 39.9%
            2007: Nikon 43.8%, Canon 40.0%

            So, from 2008 to 2009, Nikon lost 8.6% of market shares. Ever considered that into the whole picture?

  • Greenosity

    Canon is ‘losing’, not ‘loosing’. They lost it, they didn’t make it less tight.
    I see that grammar error all the time on the web.

    • Jabs

      Hey Greenosity,
      Yeah – the Internet is awash in spelling mistakes even on high profile web sites.

      Many people also use TO instead of TOO.

      • Discontinued

        Greenosity could show a little more “generosity”…

        Especially considering that the majority writing on the (world wide) web is not found among native speakers … and english is far of from being a phonetic language …
        … TO, TOO, TWO … what the fuck is this ? ? ? Coming to think about it, I’m not so sure anymore if english is a language at all.

        • Greenosity

          I agree about the English language, Discontinued. My daughter, going into 3rd grade sometimes writes words they way sound and I have to explain that she spelled it wrong – although, really, she spelled it the way it SHOULD be spelled!

          Cannon is loozing… there, that should be the correct spelling.

          Any, this is way off topic. I do enjoy and APPRECIATE this web site. Thanks, admin, for the information you provide.

          • Greenosity

            and see… I didn’t proof read and spelled something wrong myself.

          • I think by now you guys know that I am not a native English speaker (still this is not an excuse for the spelling mistake I make). I will soon hire my daughter to proof read my posts ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jabs

          Hey Discontinued,
          Perhaps you switch your browser to Firefox and then use English as the language when you post. Firefox has a spell checker – LOL!
          Of instead of OFF – is another common mistake.
          I am of English descent.
          I have the day OFF today.

          English is weird and for the people who’s language is LEFT to RIGHT plus phonetic, it is even harder for them.
          English has its’ own rules and so much is spelled alike, sounds alike but have different meanings.


  • Canonknight

    What happened to “Nikon is for tourist only, lol! “???

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin – you spend too much time deleting posts that criticizes the 12MP crowd. I guess you are also a 12MP fanboy.

    • Pay attention – I delete posts that have personal attacks and obscenity to other users/nations/minorities, etc. (and I will continue to do so). If you watch your language, your post will not be deleted – a very simple rule!

  • Jabs

    Some simple Mathematics and Marketing here:
    If I sell 10,000 cameras at $500.00 each and then 1,000 cameras at $5000.00 each – do I make more with one or the other?

    Remember, I have not given you how much PROFIT, I have made PER camera!

    Also remember that it is a known fallacy that high priced items DO NOT always mean that the manufacturer makes more money PER item sold. Sometimes higher priced items cost so much that manufacturers actually lose money on each item sold.The real value of high priced items is often to set the bar so high that this image trickles down to their entire line which now gets a boost from the reputation of the expensive item.
    People now buy the NAME associated with the high priced item and that is what is called clever Marketing based upon a leading item. Many higher priced items are called loss-leaders because of this.

    • Woody

      Then, consider this too:

      Market shares within Japan (from BCNRanking):
      2009: Canon 39.1%, Nikon 31.3%
      2008: Canon 40.1%, Nikon 39.9%
      2007: Nikon 43.8%, Canon 40.0%

      So, from 2008 to 2009, Nikon lost 8.6% of market shares. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sanford Wong

        hmmm…That show Nikon #1 is not meaning that they are doing good, only because the demand on Canon’s DSLR drop so rapidly withing half year.

  • The sales data looks much better than expected.

  • ha

    canon’s gamble on useless megapixels and cropped sensor bodies (1D mk4 lol) is paying off nicely for nikon.

    and the d4 is coming out next year. wow. go nikon.

  • Go figure, DX is king.

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