Nikon D400 @Capture NX 2 screenshot

Update: the photographer posted this comment on his Facebook page:

"This has gone so far. I'm just joking among friends. I didn't write anything about it, just posted the photo, no description. But you have to wait for the news at the end of this month. There's a new model, not sure if it's this name (D400). Someone already tested it while I just had a look. Sorry for the panic. Let's talk again at the end of July"

Credit: Waran Suwanno

This screenshot was published on the facebook account of Waran Suwanno (pictures; websites: pixpros, pixproshouse) - a well respected photographer from Thailand. The rumor is that he did test Nikon equipment in the past. The screenshot is a Capture NX2 window showing Nikon D400 listed in the camera info window.

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  • Anonymous

    No need to argue about it, it is not real !!!! How do I know? well, Waran said in his comment after someone told him his pic is on nikonrumors. It was just a joke between friends on facebook. However, he did say that the new model is coming out, he doesn’t know what it’s called, someone has tested the model, wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    One more thing, how the hell did it end up here? I guess you can’t underestimate the power of facebook, hahaha.

  • Galeazzo Ciano

    I note that the “400” in the” Device – D400″ is not lined up correctly. Looks like someone cut the “400” from the focal length and pasted on top of something else but did not place it expertly behind the “D”

  • David

    What are those new Nikons in South Africa? One of them is a D4, isn’t it?

  • I think it’ fake too… unless some distortion appeared when the photo was taken… Look at the attached JPEG and notice the “400” going upward…

    Not sure it’s real. Just my 2 cents

  • Ken Shaw

    The image looks Photoshopped to me.
    Note the text “Device: Nikon D400”
    The text “D400” is significantly lifted above the text baseline of the rest of the text.
    This text baseline shift is not visible in the rest of the text shown in the image.
    Looks like a bad cut and paste.

    I would for this info to be true as I am anxiously awaiting for Nikon to release a higher res. SLR to replace the mid range D300s/D700 cameras. Higher res is a need of my market. $8K for a body is not in the budget.
    Eagerly waiting

  • Ken Shaw

    On previous comment, I meant the text “400” is above the text baseline.
    Not the “D”.

    • Will

      I think you are right, seems a bit obvious… D400 is not in line with the rest of the text

  • Mark

    I am more interested in what is up in the FX part of the line, but the low end of the DX line (and future mirrless) models are of interest. The D300 replace by a D4000 (with the D5000 sensor and HD video) for the D3000 price would be cool with me.


  • I say d400 will now longer be DX and we will see a d400 FX low price Full Frame, ciao dx

    okay i wished it was like that.
    D900. Please. Now.

  • Will

    I don’t know but it seems to me that the word D400 is horizontal and not in line with the rest of the text.

  • Mike

    It’s just a joke, lighten up guys ;).

  • I am REALLY hoping this is coming out quickly here. I have this big project that I need a 1080p camera for and I’ve been toting around a 5D mk2 and loathing every minute of it. I need Nikon to rescue me. Please Nikon, rescue me. I want the DX sensor because, with video, the DoF really affects the ability to focus. I also need that nice high ISO that only Nikon can do well.

    The major thing for me, though, is Nikon’s compression method. On paper motion jpeg looks better but H.264 has clearer compression. I hope that Nikon is doing something to accomodate we filmmakers.

  • Anonymous

    YYeeh they better hurry de fckup!! cause we b waiin fo ever ere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gusto

    While there’s no doubt this is a bad fake job, I am more surprised that Nikon Rumors editor does not spot it right away. Hmmm….

  • I could only make out “late July” from his comment. Not sure if he’s referring to this model or to an announcement in general.

  • Zorro

    I’d believe it if the EXIF data read D40s.

  • Max

    GUYS!!! wat the,…!! can you all open your eyes bigger? the D400 words are fake!!!!! look at the Nikon words and the D400, both style of font are different. and the horizontal of the character is abit out at “D400” =.=

    • Max

      and look at the “D400” ‘s “0” , are totally different to the “70-200″‘s “0”

  • au8ust

    I can read Thai. The facebook owner posted that it was just a joke within his friend group. He also noted that there is the new camera in the end of this month but he has no idea which one it will be.

    • zzddrr

      D3000x ??? This will be a killer

  • Adam

    D400 Late July???

    One of his comments translated ..

    “Let me … Am I already large ครับ become big stories. Am playing among children, friends … do not write anything about it, I I – -* are just pictures … not only what to write … but the end of this month. Be the first listening ล่ะ ครับ New Yea … but do not know this name … the people รึ ป่าว Taste gone. I still look just look neither like nor dislike … but sorry to have the will fall together “- -” any moment late July. Not the same I ^ ^ Yeah.

  • Anyone mention that it says shot at 400mm? That would be a 2x conversion unless there is a converter on but I dont think that math works.

  • Mike


    Nikon needs to do this, or at least take heed: “We understand that EOS 5D Mark II users desire additional frame rates and we’re preparing a firmware update to allow the camera to shoot at both 24P and 25P,” said Chris Macleod, Brand Manager – EOS, Canon Australia.

    If nikon does this with their SLRS, it could finally catch up to Canon video wise.

    Nikon better be listening.


  • eniac

    we are really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really scraping the bottom of the bucket for rumors.

    I dont know what was worse, this or that post of the guy that designed the hideous D4.

    What do you guys think?

    • C Benson

      I agree with you 100%, this is getting really stupid. Why do people have to sit in front of their computer and make up false information. What they should be doing, is getting off their butts, go out and shot. Stop the speculating guys you are not helping the situation! Nikon is international corporation, they dance to their own tune not yours.

      • Gusto

        More importantly, why did the administrator of this site bother to post something that is so obviously a fake?

        • ArtTwisted

          its called nikon RUMOURS , not facts. Nothing posted is posted because the admin knows its true.

  • 27man

    He said there will be a new model around the end of July.

  • benonn

    Waran posted a comment in his facebook: “This has gone so far. I’m just joking among friends. I didn’t write anything about it, just posted the photo, no description. But you have to wait for the news at the end of this month. There’s a new model, not sure if it’s this name (D400). Someone already tested it while I just had a look. Sorry for the panic. Let’s talk again at the end of July”.

  • Duff

    It’s a fake. And a pretty lame one.
    Here’s proof:

    The line with red is -1,6 degrees, but the line with the D400 is 0,0 degrees. The faker just typed over the model name on this crooked capture.

  • kj_fi

    Perhaps the easiest way to fool you all this way would be to change the EXIF data of a photo manually and import the photo?

  • Anonymous


  • Cut-n-paste

    The “400” after the “D” is cut-n-pasted from the focal length. Look closely at the pixels and you can see that it is an exact match.

  • nilreb

    A boxed notice, in red, across the top of my shopping cart page on amazon read:

    Nikon D90…. has decreased from $820.61 to $764.86 since you placed it in your Shopping Cart..

  • zeissgit

    I dunno who’s more pathetic – the baiter who mocked up that screen shot or the people titillated by it hehe . Hasn’t anyone decipered the Thai convo on there yet?

  • Karl

    This is a fake!!!! look at the data, he is using the 70-200VR, take a look at the focal length setting 400mm!!!

  • Muh-Kuh

    Dude, just read the postings – he use a converter! (190mm x 1,5 crop x 1,4 = 399mm!) But the 400-front after the D looks like fake!

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    We might start a competition for the best fake – maybe this will help Nikon lowering their marketing cost and us remaining busy (why don’t we shoot instead of blogging?)

  • Juanxo

    have anyone noticed that TC-14 is also the name/designation of the C3PO like silver droid in phantom menace? it must mean something 😛

  • zzddrr

    NR Admin, do you want to leave this crap up for longer? I mean for god sake, this is getting patethic

    • pp

      I and people like me,are getting pathetically desperate or vice versa hitting nr three times a day,or even more.maybe i should get a life…people are making money of this,selling the fact that they know or heard stuff.browse the internet for a while and you learn everything that you can.i ll try to find whats wrong with the way nr admin youre quite a smart guy.praise the internet.lord of moneymaking…

  • NickRaven

    “400” is much higher than “D”. Pure fakeness!

  • tom

    Why are Sites from Germany and The Netherlands are down?

  • Ah, always nice to have a good laugh at the DX = dead crowd. Almost as short sighted as the team @ Top Gear and not nearly as amusing.

    • ArtTwisted

      I agree. DX will be around a very long time. It is so usefull. At a local zoo I was using the 300mm on the 70-300 vr, which gave me equivilent of 450. If i had to carry a 400-500 type lens it would be a much heavier beast like the 80-400 or an exotic. Long live DX.

      • Anonymous

        If your FX were 24.6mp, then it would already include a usable 10.9mp of DX crop, almost like a D300. Or you may crop it later to your wish on the computer.

      • zeissgit

        FX is for multi-talented pros who actually want substantial wide -angle use, adult, serious print sizes and shift-lens useage etc etc. DX is good for shit social photographers and weekend birdwatchers. Die DX!!!! AP magazine said it was doomed and its obvious they’re only prolonging the format because the FX tech is almost prohibitively expensive at the moment. But what they should do is discontinue the whole DX range and force the amateurs onto FX = more bigpaying customers + use the resources to bring down the tech costs.

  • Thomas Thai

    he was making a joke with this friends in facebook, but he knows there is a new camera and somebody has been testing it. That is true at least.

  • Now all we have to do is to wait till end of this month, or till July, when I’ll already be in the middle of the trrip of my lifetime 😀

  • Taufan

    Guys, D400 is not DX camera, ………. !!
    But full frame camera for entry level, That’s mean full frame camera with no motor on the body like D40. D40 entry level for DX, D400 entry level for FX.
    Anyway D700 replacement is in 2011.

    • Anonymous

      Even it will be an entry-level FX, they can’t make it without AF motor. It will be a stupid move. It will likely be a body smaller and more lightweight than D700, but not like a D40.

      Plus, if ever made, its name will be likely D600. D400 is the expected upgrade to D300, likely 16mp with full-HD video.

    • Anonymous

      D40-sized FX is weird, because unless using a 50mm, most FX lenses, even the f/4 ones will be too bulky causing an unbalanced combination. Something between D700 & D90 will be the min. reasonable size for an FX body.

  • Canon Fanboism

    Hi, I am truly sorry for all your complaints and desperate need of a new tool to take a picture because,

    I am am going to be a professional wedding and portrait photographer anytime soon and will be using Nikon D300 + 35g 1.8 and D90 + 50mm 1.8afd and an 18-200mm for group shots…

    I am VERY VERY SORRY for all of you guys who are complaining : )

  • Biziclop

    Creative use of EXIF editor can generate easily 100+ comments. :DD

  • mkl


  • mick

    I can change the name of any device on my computer. I could change “Mick’s iPhone” to D 400. What’s the big deal? Why would anyone believe something like this in our day and age?

  • A basic entry-level plastic body FX D600 can be expected before the upgrade of D700. Same sensor and processor from D700, no video, low budget option for photo-enthusiasts.

    The upgrade direction may have 3 options:
    1) one model solution, D800: new sensor, similar noise levels of D700 but around 18mp plus 1080p video
    2) two model solution,
    a) D700x: D700 body, same sensor from D3x, no video, restricted functions, mainly for studio & landscape phographers,
    b) D700s: D700 body, same sensor from D3s, 1080p video, low noise at high ISO, restricted functions, for PJ’s, wedding photographers, videographers, etc.
    3) all of the 3 above, but in which order?

    • zeissgit

      And what is that all based upon?

  • Will the DX D400 or any new FX come first?

    • zeissgit

      New FX – look at the sequence of releases. reckon D4 is being trialed at World Cup right now.

  • I still don’t get it.
    Why Sony need 4 Cell Processor cores on the fucking handheld system. We are going to play Crysis 2 on the Go or what?

    Whats the point of this? It’s like Sony wants to make a bad start with it or make five hundred and ninty nine US dollars with Giant Enemy Crab again?

  • Troy

    What I’d like to know is how he got a 400MM focal length out of a 70-200 lens?

  • zeissgit

    this whole thing shouldnt have been posted on the basis of that glaringly obvious thing

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