You know this one was coming (Nikon lens coffee mug)

When Canon came up with their coffee mugs during the last Winter Olympics, I thought for a moment that they may really have better stuff than Nikon. Today I got my faith back - the Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 coffee mug is "now available for pre-order" on eBay 🙂

But wait, there is more - for all you caffeine addicts: the Nikon Lens AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Coffee Cup is also available:

Prices vary, to see all Nikon mug entries on eBay click here.

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  • enesunkie

    2 days left to bid on the 70-200 and it is up to $65 already! Do I hear $2200?

  • Anonymous

    They should have made it a variable aperture in order to make it more affordable.

  • Narna

    Finally I can afford to buy my mother the 24-70 f2.8 she’s always wanted.

    Not sure her photography will improve with the additional coffee jitters 🙂

    • kimo

      ha ha ha how funny is that !! 🙂

  • Genoa600

    Where is the VR to counteract the morning caffeine shakes. I hope the Nano coat enhances the flavor of beverages.

  • will it mount on old broken SLRs?

  • jørgen

    If real, they will be give-aways during the World Cup in South Africa.

  • the price is …=.=”

  • I’ve traded on eBay for 10 years – this whole setup smells of an enormous scam to me; a “pre order” for END of June, early July? Why? The product is clearly available because you’ve photographed it, haven’t you???? THEN an extra 21 days shipping (minimum) all adds up to the fact that it will never in fact be delivered and will fall well outside of the 30 day Paypal rule for receipt. I’m willing to bet that anyone bidding on them is being well and truly suckered, not least because of of the silly price too. I’ll eat my horrible D700 strap if anyone on here actually receives it…………

    • tino

      Not really, it sounds like a rip off Chinese made unlicensed 24-70 mug more than a scam. It’s likely the guys is making them in Guangdong factory now.

      I would have ordered it if the guy has more feedback.

      He would have made far more money with a $30 price if its a scam.

  • I’m just waiting for the 50mm f/1.4G Teacup Set.

  • optimaforever

    Full photoshop work indeed.
    I’m sorry for the people who actually bid on them.
    Though I’d want a 17-55 f/2.8 badly 😀

  • Simon

    Caon got there firs, been there and done it:)

  • Frank

    Great deal. I guess this has an F-mount at the bottom, so can use your camera body to extend the capacity. ;-P

  • Steve

    If only the lens diaphragm was functional and served as a built-in top…I always seem to be losing 77mm lens caps…

  • Adam

    Come up with your own ideas Nikon-camp!

    Keep your stupid horizon thing. We’ll own the mugs!

  • chuck

    So cool, I already have the canon L mug. Shoot nikon but drink from my canon mug. Why would any nikon guy want a mug that looks like a lense. Oh I know so he can accidently pour coffee into his real 24-70.

  • ac

    I’m still waiting for a 800mm f/4.
    aka, the BIG GULP. 😉

    • ac

      oops, 600mm f/4 😛

  • Anthony Sy
  • Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

  • Stanley77

    This is the pre-release price. My guess is after Christmas we can buy this in the DOLLAR store.

  • yrsued

    There is some incredibly stupid folks out there with lots of money and little common sense…..

    Who in his right mind would pay almost $200 (in some Ebay Auctions) for a Freaking Coffee Mug, just because it looks like a lens….

    This is something I would take as a Freebie in a Trade Show, but that is just it!! I have a bucketful of free Coffee Mugs I have collected over 20 years of Trade Shows, and I haven’t paid a penny for any of them and I’m not about to start now!!


    • chuck

      Who in their right mind would pay thousands for camera bodies and thousands more for lenses when a few hundred dollar P&S like the new Sony TX can do 10FPS and HD video and look just as good on the web… duh..

      We spend the money because WE GOT IT AND CAN!

  • Cash

    What is the point of NR. if you are late with all the news?

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