Nikon equipment shipments reach the US

After the Nikon D3s and the new 200-400mm f/4 lens now also the Nikon TC-20E III (2.0x) teleconverter showed up in stock at Amazon (via third party, overpriced). Expect the shipments to reach different US stores in the next few days (today was a holiday in the US).

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  • Vladi

    still waiting for some encouraging rumors about upcoming new DSLRs.
    come here daily 3-4 times, cant wait to see some exciting rumors about whats coming from Nikon this summer.
    to make matters worse, there’s no exciting rumors on either 🙁
    thanks god for photorumors, there’s something new and exciting every week.

    • nikonrumors covers one manufacturer, photorumors covers all manifacturers

    • kendo

      Here’s a rumour for you, too many people waiting for the next new dslr with more mp, less noise and less cost instead of actually taking pictures, sorry that’s not a rumour that’s the truth ?

      • Twoomy

        Don’t be silly; that’s not the truth for all of us. I have all of my money saved up for that D700x/D800/D900 if it ever comes out, but right now, I’m still taking fabulous photos right now with my 2.5yo D300. Wish I was shooting with a higher-res camera, but I’m making due just fine, thank you.

        • Canonknight

          Kendo said “too many”, not “all of us”.:-)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s quite expensive for a teleconverter.

  • Are Nikon’s so scare that we now need to see when shipments arrive?
    I just cannot believe it.

    • King Of Swaziland

      All the exotics are.

  • The invisible man

    JUNE will be the month.

    • zzddrr

      I can’t see The Invisible Man 🙂

  • Click

    Weren’t the rebates extended to June 26th. Has anyone ever seen Nikon announce newer products with ongoing rebates?

  • D

    Maybe my 24mm f1.4 was on that slow steam boat and is now on the way to me …

  • Click

    Maybe the Nikon shipment ran thru a big oil slick out there in the ocean and it gained some momentum along the way…..

  • Rob

    I have been waiting for about a month now for the 2X TCIII I want it now

  • GD

    It may be $65 over priced but man I wish I had grabbed it, I have to fight to rent the few that our local grip house has and I have spent more then that just on rental fees waiting for mine to shipl

  • James

    I’m waiting for my TC III x2 in the UK, I’ve ordered it from Greys of Westminster which was probably a mistake because they have a waiting list as long as my arm. But we will see, when I get some more information about when a shipment that will have my teleconverter on I’ll share it.

    Until then I’m waiting for “Nikon shipment arrives in UK”

  • photokid

    Cant wait for my new teleconverter to get in!

  • Been waiting on my tc20e iii since march!

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