New entry level Nikon DSLR and D90 refresh expected, no word on D700 replacement

I received another tip from a reliable source that there will be an entry level camera (between D3000 and D5000) and a D90 replacement in the next few months (no dates were specified). There was no information provided about a potential D700 replacement.

There is a lot of chatter on the Internet that the D700 will not be replaced this year - at that point I cannot confirm or deny any of those rumors.

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  • In a few months… that fits the July/Aug time frame. And would seemingly fit into Nikon’s normal upgrade path.

    • zzddrr

      Fried Toast, I bet you cannot repaint your tongue to let’s pink or green. 🙂

      • Would and could are two different words, sir 😉

    • The invisible man

      Maybe Nikon don’t want to relase the D700 replacement (24MP) at the same time that the 3 sensors will be launch.
      They are not the same cameras (technology and price) but too much talk and reviews about the 3 sensors could eclipse the D700 launch (D900 ?).
      I think will will get the 3 sensors before photokina and the D900 in February-March next year.

      • JorPet

        March of next year would be awesome for the D700 refresh.

        I bought the current model this March and by next March I will have another bonus and can decide if an upgrade would even be worth it. Definitely will be the time to get the 70-200 f/2.8.

        Hope you’re right on this one…

      • PHB

        There are three possible D700 ‘replacements’.

        The first is a D700s with the sensor from the D3s plus video. That is the only one I can see as being likely to happen in the near future. And it would not really count as a replacement in my view. It is just a routine engineering upgrade.

        The second possibility would be a 24MP D700x. I don’t think we would see that until the D3xs launched. Nikon is quite happy to launch compact body equivalents of the flagship models that are essentially identical, launching a better compact body would be going a bit too far.

        Remember that while there is a roadmap, the other constraint on Nikon is production. The D3x price suggests production issues to me. Now that Sony appears ready to launch a new 24MP model it might signal they have got the 24MP process working better and can produce enough sensors to make a D700x make sense.

        The third possibility is a D800/D900, it is pretty clear that this is not in the roadmap until after the D4/400 launch which would push it out to 2012. Which is rather too far off for there to be no update at all.

        My guess would be that there will be a D700s as soon as there is a new run of D700 bodies produced and that the D3x will be refreshed with the ‘s’ sensor updates sometime this year with a D700x coming out either at the same time or shortly following.

  • NanDub

    It has begun!

  • Justin

    Arrrgh! I need Nikon to replace the D700 so I’ll have a prayer of someday being able to afford the one that’s out right now!!!! C’mon guys, I’m trying to convert from Canon here, can’t you help a guy out?

    • Annatar

      Just get yourself a D700. You’ll never look back! I was sick of waiting for a replacement and so I bought myself one only a month ago and it’s the best camera I’ve ever used, bar none. And why would Nikon want to replace it anyway? It’s selling well and there’s nothing that comes close to it. If all you’re after is a larger MP count, get a D3x – or stick with Canon.

      • Alex

        Murphy’s law: he won’t look back, until the day after when the new one is announced

    • If it’s a money issue, then perhaps you need to look at your skillset and what you’re currently doing. Maybe you need to take a few classes or make a career move? Something to think about. The D700 is calling you 😉

    • LGO

      I expect that Nikon will release an update of the D700 incorporating the sensor from the D3s within the July-August time frame. It simply make sense for Nikon to do so.

      Re the D90 upgrade, this would most likely incorporate the Sony 14.2mp sensor and would have at least one-sop improvement in low-light high-IS) capability over the D90. Like the Sony NEX 5, it would probably have 1080i (not 1080p) HD-video. Sounds pretty good.

      Re D3000 replacement, I expect that this will have the sensor from the current D5000/D90.

      • Johan krüger-haglert

        1080i sounds like crap.

        • Alex

          If you had no idea, I don’t think you would be able to tell. I think 1080i looks great. 1080p is better though, and hopefully Sony will offer that when it brings out the APS E-mount camcorder

        • LGO

          If you have been on HD-video as long as I have been, you probably will not be saying that. Many of the videos in HD-DVD and Blu-ray were in 1080i and yet, many of these are still some of the best available today. Perhaps you may not have noticed as most 1080i are played back as 1080p by the HDTV. In my case, I purposely output 1080i form my HD-DVD and Blu-ray and let my Silicon Optix Realta Video Processor output at 1080p before sending it to the HDTV for display.

          I am willing to wager a D3x that you will be unable to distinguished a well-made HD video recorded at source at 1080i and 1080p when played back on most HDTV. 🙂

          • LGO

            My reply was in response to the comment by
            Johan krüger-haglert

    • D900_Buyer

      Folks, read his post: he WANTS to buy a D700… He’s waiting for the successor so the D700 prince will drop.

      Please — let’s stop the “Why don’t you learn how to improve your skills?!” rants… They add no value to the discussion.

      • Tomaocron


      • Amen to that!

        Except when someone who only owns kit lenses starts asking for a d700x. Then I have to call BS and ask if they really have the technical ability to utilize the extra res.

      • Christina


        thank you!!!

      • One comment about upgrading one’s skills (with a wink @ the end to boot!) and that’s a “rant?” Sounds like some of you are a bit too touchy 😀

        I suggested he upgrade his work skills (not particularly photo-related if you were paying attention) in order to be able to afford a D700. A used D700 isn’t particularly expensive, IMO.

        I understand money does not grow on trees. Which is why I suggested making oneself more marketable (or entering another profession altogether).

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        Agreed. Also in my case I CAN afford a d700 and just want more MP in THAT SIZE body. I do not want to lug around the extra size of a D3 all the time.

    • Seppl


      Alas, once the D800 (or whatever it will be called) ist released, the price of the D700 will drop only so slowly. If you check the used marked here in middle Europe you’re paying around 900 Eur for a used Canon 5d. NOTE: MK I, not MK II. And the 5d MK I is old crap by todays standards, no weather sealing, no sensor dust reduction, CCD sensor.

  • DX2FX

    Yeh ! D3500 !!

  • Conan

    I wanna kill nikon if they dont have the d700 replacement this year

    • Annatar

      That’s silly.

      • Priceman

        yea, if you kill them, then you’ll Never get that replacement =P

    • amunk

      I reallly hope you’re being sarcastic

      • kara

        no, he just pretends he would actually be willing and able to afford one as well as know what to do with it

    • A850 + some good lenses and you can have it for price of D700x right now.

      • Jose

        Yes, but a lot of less characteristics than D700, only 24 MP ???
        That means any body will buy a quite high entry level camera with a lot megapixels

      • If the A850 has the image quality of the A900, one would be smart to prefer a D700. Only a couple hundred bucks difference for a much better camera all around.

        • Conan

          Sony’s low light performance sucks

  • Gerry

    This comment section is much nice without “anonymous” trolling through here.

    In before “I’m switching to canon”

    I want to pick up a used D700, but it doesnt seem that anybody is selling them locally.

    • Global Guy

      Most people wouldn’t sell their D700’s too easily. I have no reason to sell mine. And I would need 18mp min. to upgrade or D3s levels of sensitivity. Honestly, 16mp + a little bit more of a stop + video just would not cut it. I’d rather keep trying to improve my pictures with my D700. Then I’d get a D800 or whatever D4 cam. Skip a generation. It doesn’t make sense to buy the intermediate versions every 2 years. If I bought a $3,000 car, I’d want to use it for at least 3 years. Now, the pros may have other ideas, because they earn money. But for me, keeping the D700 is just fine. I am not jealous of Canon at all. Whats a year or two when the point is to make pictures for fun. So many people stress about the latest features. I just want a camera I can take out and shoot at the sensor size of my choice of reliable quality. Thats the D700 right there. Happy owner. If I was looking for a camera right now as a FIRST body, yes, I would buy a Canon 5DMII. But would I ever “switch” after having owned the D700 for only 2 years. No way. Eventually I’ll upgrade. But why switch? Its a great cam! Buy one now and you will not be displeased.

      • ArtTwisted

        I will be buying a used / new but discontinued one as well, and i promise many people will be selling them as soon as a replacement comes along, that is just the way things go and always has been. Also the D90 replacement would need to offer signifigant improvement over my d90 for me to replace it, better video 2 megapixels and a stop better iso would definitly not do it for me but I already love my d90 so others may upgrade.

  • seaquel

    Good news, I am holding D50 and waiting for upgrade to D90 replacement.

    • Duckman

      That makes 2 of us…

      • Anonymous

        3 of us

        • Anonymous

          Make that 4 😉
          Please please please Nikon!

  • amunk

    Can’t wait for the D90 replacement! 16MP + improved sensor – I’ll be set!

    • Lobaaaato

      That is what I need! Minimum of 16MP…

      • 15.9MP and you’re off to Canon/Sony/whoever, eh?

        • amunk

          You know, I’ve read a lot of your posts on here. And I agree with you for the most part – the emphasis on Megapixels is out of control. People swear by them, and statements like “MINIMUM of XX MP or I’m going to canon” are total bullshit. Only a photographer who doesn’t know anything about exposure, composition, or light would make statements like that.

          But, on the other hand, you have to admit that more megapixels are a nice feature. I like to crop my images to create a tighter composition (particularly if I’m doing street photography). Also, sometimes I like to exceed my flash sync, and I have to crop out that black bar. MPs aren’t entirely useless…

          • Tomaocron

            Not sure about the other models but the D300 & D700 have a high speed sync mode for flash so you don’t get that black bar on flash photos with fast shutter speed.

          • amunk

            high speed sync is not that useful because you lose a stop of power each time you increase your shutter speed.

          • twoomy

            Some of us really want more megapixels and it’s not because we don’t know anything about composition or cropping. I rarely if ever crop. But I print at 20×30 and while 12mp can make some descent prints that size, I would LOVE to have more detail. I want my clients to stick their nose up to my prints and say “oooh, look at the textures!”

            So the tired out responses that the “12mp is all you’ll ever need” crowd always gives back is “Just get the D3X” or “Just switch to medium format or Canon or Sony.” And my response is “No! I have a lot of Nikon glass and I love Nikon! I want a high-res camera in a small D700-ish body.”

            If you don’t make fun of the people who work with a D3X, why make fun of the people who want that in a smaller body that would be more useful to us landscape shooters?

            Personally, I think this high-ISO sh*t has gone out of control more than megapixels. Everybody wants to take handheld shots of their cats in a candlelit livingroom now. I hope the high-res Nikon shooters get their day. I’m not switching to Canon, but I’m keeping Sony as an option if they keep building their lens lineup.

          • Lobaaaato

            Sure twoomy, nice text!

            And what is the matter with I wanting a Nikon with more MP!?

            If someone doesn’t want it just stick with all the others Nikons that have 12 or 10MP already in the market, don’t come and say to me what I need or what I does not need in MP or any other stuff! You don’t work with me, u don’t know what I need

          • iamlucky13

            Twoomy – At the risk of sounding like another of the same unwelcome advice givers, if the resolution is really important to you, as a stopgap until Nikon comes through you could get something like an F100 for a few hundred dollars or an N80 for even less. Modern AF-S, VR, and G (no aperture ring) lenses should all work fine on either body.

            Obviously it wouldn’t be nearly as convenient as digital and would take more thought for film selection, filters, etc, but it could give you more of the resolution you want in a relatively compact body that uses your existing lenses for minimal cost.

          • I have 5MP at the moment, so I guess my minimum goes up to an astonishing 8MP! The only difference would be that I could crop more on the pc. Then again, by the time I get it I’ll be needing the crop less. 🙂

          • Amunk, I don’t disagree that more MP can be useful. I crop sometimes as well and it’d be nice to have more leeway. I don’t *need* the MP and I certainly do not look forward to having to process more in the future (when all cams will most likely have a minimum of XX MP). I’ve got no problems with people wishing they had a D700-sized D3x. Fine by me!

            My issue is with the select few crybabies that threaten to poop their diapers if Nikon doesn’t put out a camera NOW that they want and “need” NOW.

            I’m all for reasoned discussion. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of coming in and plunking off whiners like ground squirrels in a cow pasture 😉

            Guess no real good comes of it, but I’d like to think that if there are a few people that aren’t well-informed about cameras/MP that they might pay attention enough to not be deluded into thinking that MP is the almighty grail of digicams.

        • Lobaaaato

          What is you problem!? I didn’t say anything!
          Nikon feeds you!?

        • josh

          easy with the “eh” youre gonna give us canucks a bad name. haha

          • Sorry, grew up near the Canuck border, so it slips out on occasion 😉

      • LukeLx

        Naa, look at 550D/7D’s results, it’s better to keep MPs at a human level.
        I tought about a D90 replacement at the same time i saw NEXs photos: if D91(?) and D400 comes out with that sensor (14.3MP retroilluminated), they will be a serious problem for all the competitors.
        Take a peek at ISO3200/6400 photos on imaging-resource, dpreview or anywhere you find them 🙂

        • amunk

          I only said 16MP because that’s the information that the Nikon Rumors admin was given

          • Joe J

            Amunk, don’t take it personally but you have no idea what you are talking about with flash sync. The higher the flash sync, less juice you need to illuminate a subject brighter than mid-day amibient light. A high flash sync (1/1000- 1/2000) is but a dream for most photographers (outside of the Hy6/ 6008, but lenses/ bodies are no longer made, and only were produced in a few prime focal lengths- the PQS ones anyway)

          • amunk

            No I GUARANTEE you have no idea what you are talking about.

            Most Current nikon cameras sync at 1/250th or 1/200th. After that point they enter FP Sync Mode – which is an entirely different system.

            Up til your Flash sync speed you are getting the full power out of your flash. After that point, you enter FP Sync Mode where your flash power gets weaker as you increase your shutter speed. This is because FP Sync mode relies on a series of weak pulses as the opening in the shutter travels across the sensor.

            This is why I turn OFF FP sync mode, and use radio triggers to trigger my flash when I want to exceed my flash sync. If you do it this way, you can exceed your flash sync speed, retain full flash power (up to about 1/1000th of a second), BUT you get an ever increasing black bar of doom on your photo. If you have enough megapixels, you can crop out this black bar and do some stunning things.

            Google David Ziser and the term “Cheating the flash”. Think twice before you assume you know everything!

          • Joe J

            1. I’m wasn’t just talking about Nikon DSLR’s- have you ever heard of something called Medium Format camera bodies? I would hope so, if you think your so knowledgable. Not to mention the Canon 1 D Mark I SLR syncs at 1/500th. Know your facts first.
            2. You would only lose flash power as you increase shutter speed if the flash duration is longer. If a camera can sync at the same speed as the t-1 (not t-.5) duration, you still have full power; it’s simple math. Once again, I’m not talking about Nikon DSLR’s and all the nonsense you are spouting off in your reply, but all cameras in general.
            3. You don’t get a black bar at 1/500 on Hasselblad 500 or H series cameras (H series sync up to 1/800), nor do you get any kind of back bar on Sinar Hy6 or Rollei 6008 at the 1/1000 flash sync. Why? Because they are designed to work at that speed. And a feature that is completely useful to anyone who actually uses strobes during mid-day sunlight.
            Now remember your original quote-
            “high speed sync is not that useful because you lose a stop of power each time you increase your shutter speed.”

            Real “high speed sync” is found in the bodies mentioned, not in your Nikon User Manual. Learn the true definition of the term first, not one made up by two camera companies to sell more of their own brand flashes.
            Now, instead of quoting people whom you don’t even know what they are saying, maybe you should think twice before posting and then you realize you know nothing!
            Have a good day.

        • I dont’ like commenting but um..7D and 550D’s results? Have you seen tests? The T2i has less noise than the D5000, 6 more megapixels. Also Dpreview has these tests and says the same. Just because people need more pixels it doesn’t mean that they suck or don’t know how to photograph.

        • Jose

          It is very weird with some body reply with argument is a nikon fan boy, may be you are a canon fan boy

  • Brad

    I’ve had the D90 for awhile now, i’m anxious to get something new. If they can improve the D90 with better ISO performance, and a new codec / improvement in the video department, i’ll be a happy camper!

  • sakshi

    So D400. new market

    D90S with 15 mp sensor from sony.

    What will happen to D300s ??????

    So fuji will come with new 6pro

  • sakshi

    Sorry D4000 I mean.

  • andyh

    well, i’ve noticed B&H and adorama both are outta stock on the d700. could that mean something?

    • Mike

      Means the D700 is selling well.

    • Jose

      remember there are a promotion until the end of this month

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Just buy D700 now and be happy.

    • Joe J

      and be stuck with an outdated camera in three months; watch and you’ll see.
      All this specualtion is silly- comon sense denotes there will be a D700 replacement (with 1080 video) out by fall, guaranteed.

      • pethunia

        Agreed! Same cristal ball – shady as it remains for now.

      • What? My D700 is going to be outdated in three months? How ever will I take pictures then? This is terrible! Nikon never told me there was an expiration date on cameras. I better take more pictures before they become outdated!

        • Mauricio

          I am sure you understand they are talking about financial value.

          • I understood it. And I’m sure many people here understood it. But there might be a few n00bies running around that might get the though in their head that one *has* to upgrade their camera every time a new model comes out. And it was for those people that my sarcastic response called out Joe’s silly statement. As well, “outdated” isn’t generally a financial term (therefore easy to confuse those that *don’t* know).

        • Joe J

          Yes FT, the moment the updated version of the D700 comes out, all photos taken with the D700 will be obsolete, and useless.
          Note “outdated” is on the opposite side of the spectrum of “updated.” Think about it.
          Buying a new camera body is a large investment for most people- whether you are a shoestring budget hobbyist or a six-figure income pro. Most normal people aren’t rich hobbyists who don’t care about blowing 3 G’s on a camera and then two months down the road their investment in a new tool just dropped 30%, and the updated version is far superior in multiple aspects, including video capabilities.
          Did I say the D700 will suddenly no longer be a truly amazing camera once it’s outdated? I don’t believe so. I obviously was talking from a common-sense monetary standpoint.
          Sounds like someone else is making silly statements by mis interpretation and misunderstanding…

  • Fredbare

    Suits me, new mirrorless camera this year and D700+ next year.
    Just what the doctor ordered 🙂

  • An annoucement before Jul/Aug seems unlikely. Perhaps it’s safe to get a body for my trip in end-June!

  • I just picked up a used D700, couldn’t be happier. It’s an amazing camera! I can’t really see how they could make it any better any time soon… even the D3S isn’t much better at low light only at ISO’s above 3200 does it seem to be improved, and by ISO3200, my threashold of noise is already past so… 🙂

    The price has already come down so much on these new, and used it gives you further bargaining power. It’s a great camera, jump in!

    • LGO

      Congratulations on your D700!

      Re D3s, as good as the D700 is, the D3s is still substantially better in low-light very high ISO shooting. The sensor of the D3s in a D700 body is of great interest to some here even if it is still 12mp. HD-video on FX is also of interest for those who want to try their hands on this.

      For landscape photography where one needs a high resolution image, one can always take multiple vertical panoramic shots and use photomerge in Photoshop to create a high-resolution image if needed. My recent image was about 48mp after exporting it to JPEG. 😉

  • zzddrr

    As I said before, Nikon has to replace the entire product line due to the parts (including 12MP beast sensor) in 16 months timeframe. First step will be the crowd which I think is very risky. However, I can see 2 dslrs within 2 months. Remember they were bullish in their financials and now we are at the middle of their first quarter without nothing. This means that 2 dslrs will be here by mid june. These two cams will be D4000 and something that replaces the D90. I think N will be change the numbering and it will be something in the 000’s.

    Then we’ll see D4 and D400. Around Aug>>>Oct.

    On the other hand, I strongly suggest to look at the sony releases. That is because most likely the same recepie will be used. They share the same sensor base and a) sony comes out with its own crap and b) they re-set the fab and make the Nikon version. The time frame between a sony release and similar Nikon is in 90 days.

    Again, D700 replacement will not fit in this timeframe. However I expect a much smaller D4. The size will be a tiny bit closer to the D700 than to the current D3 line. That is why it may become unnecessary to replace the D700.

    • zzddrr

      I guess we shall see what Thom Hogan thinks about the above.

      • litebyte

        Both Hogan and Lammerse expect something new coming end of Summer. I just hope they don’t mean the D4XXX..something 🙂

  • well, D90 replacement is good enough for now…if they actually deliver some improvements. A usable video mode + a plug for a stereo mic would be nice. ISO is ok, but could need a little tweak. Please Nikon, throw in all you have so we can hope for a real good D700 replacement ( or even a stronger DX camera coming). Give us hope! Don’t let Canon pass you by…

  • jjolddahgoo

    A D90 replacement? Finally! Time to upgrade from my old D40.

  • I am just venting. Nikon have lost the plot. I am Pixel (and feature) challenged with my ageing D80; Who amongst the serious non professionals has $8000
    for anything greater than 12MPix that Nikon ha sto offer. I Travel to many places around the world – This past 2 weeks while visiting the USA almost every DSLR I see is a Canon 5D MkII – Any Nikon I see is a D200 which was top of the line when it was released, Now Canon have a $800 18MPix (The 550D) and 18Mpix 70D for $1800 and the 5DMKII for $2500 – There is nothibg in Nikons stable.

    I am holding on by my fingernails here – do i abandon $4000 worth of Lens investment and go to Caon Wl then after holding my breath for 18months I thinki t is almost time to cross over – This is Nuts – how can Nikon not see the trees for the forest. They ned to go out and see just what sort of gear is out there – and it is NOT Nikon.

    • If you’re a serious non-professional (inferring that by your comment, LMK if I’m wrong), then what in the world makes you so bloodthirsty over extra megapixels?

      As for what kind of gear is “out there,” I guess it just depends on where you’re at. At most of the meetups I’ve been to lately in Tokyo, Nikon has *far* outpaced Canon. My Canon friends feel a bit lonely when they can’t play lens-swap w/ everyone else. Do have to say that 90% of the Canon shooters that do show up are generally packing a mkII. Personally, I could care less- both companies create cameras that take beautiful photos when used properly. I love my Nikons. But don’t begrudge those w/ other systems.

      If after drinking the MOAR Megapixels!!1! Kool-Aid you feel the urge for a Canon coming on, then go buy what would make you happy. No sense in moping around here about it.

      • fork()

        I totally agree with Toast. I myself am sitting with an aging D80 and am possibly upgrading to something better this year, if the budget allows for it. Yes, if one falls for the marketing blah-blah about pixel frenzy (megapixels have been irrelevant for years unless you shoot with $2000+ lenses, $1000 tripods and in full daylight) you might want a Canon.

        Myself, I am considering putting some money behind an upgrade to a D700/used D3, which compared to th D80 is just 12 instead of 10 MP. The other features (especially high iso performance, durability, and 10-pin sync port) mean -much- more. I remember telling my friends back in 2002 not to look for the MP but the features they really want. This is 8 years later, things haven’t changed at all.

        Where I hang out, Nikon is just as common as Canon, BTW.

        • Going from a D80 to a D700 would be a huge move for you. Think you would be absolutely blown away by the difference. The difference between Dxx & Dxxx bodies alone is worth the switch.

      • Moi

        I’m also in possession of an ageing D80 and now that I’ve gone halfway through it’s shutter life, I’m ready and itching to move to something with a higher ISO, faster AF et cetera. I shoot documentary photography primarily.

        There’s no reason for me to buy a D300 because every lens I have is full frame. I can’t convince myself to buy a two year old DSLR so yes, I am waiting.

        I think Nikon has painted themselves into a corner. Cameras under the 24mp unit will eat into it’s sales but I think that it’s better to do that than have people go elsewhere.

        My prediction is this. Refreshed cameras will be released in this order: D700 replacement, D300 replacement and then D3X replacement. Why? So the camera sale prices don’t step on each other. That being said, the price for the top end may not fall that quickly as they can still add 10 mp to the sensor without maxing out the lens resolution.

    • Gerry

      A d700 or d300s would be a massive upgrade to your D80. I upgraded myself, and have not looked back.

      Where are you traveling that you only see people with D200’s? I have seen 2 people total in the last year who had a D200, and I travel extensively in the US, and foreign countries.

      Why do you care what other cameras other people have? Just because everybody here in Wisconsin drives Ford and Chevy cars doesnt mean that they are the best cars on the market.

      • Jose

        Agree with you Gerry I have a D80 and a month ago I bought a D300s totaly improved and differents that will help me to get best results.

    • amunk

      what features are you lacking exactly? The D90 and the D300s offer immediate upgrades that will give you more features.

      If it’s megapixels that you’re complaining about – why? do you print billboard sized images? do you frame incorrectly and need to crop out 50% of your image everytime?

    • Anonymous

      I think David t made a point. I totally agree with him, Nikon does not offer anything beyond 12MP period. I understand that 50% of the crowd is happy with the 12MP but there are many who want’s better resolution. I mean we’ve been asking for it for over 24 months now and Nikon is deaf. I am sorry but we would not argue if Nikon would have a little variety in the product line not just 12MP options.

      • I don’t think they are deaf. I’m sure they hear loudly and clearly. But everyone needs to realize that R&D doesn’t happen overnight. And in a stale economy especially, money for R&D dries up. There might be engineers at Nikon that have built exactly what you want- but the beancounters have control of what gets released and when. Also, a lot of large Japanese companies follow a long-term plan, so we’re probably looking at the results of what was mapped out years ago.

        Hopefully an answer for you MP people will be out this coming summer/fall. Doesn’t matter a whit to me, but I don’t begrudge people wanting them- just the ones that are insanely irrational about it.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I’m ready to make the significant investment in going full-frame, but I want a full-frame cam with HD video. it looks like that’s gonna take awhile. So I got a GH1 to tide me over. Couldn’t justify the 5D Mk II because it would require hefty lens investment. So for the times when highly portable video is the priority and stills are secondary (travel video, b-roll, canned interviews), it will do great. The Nikon video is just not great yet. I’ll sell the GH1 when the D700s or similar is announced.

    I wanted to say I don’t especially care for a lot of the professional-biased cracks that fly around here sometimes. I don’t think I should be made to feel guilty for wanting a camera that does more, especially when other manufacturers have proven it can be done, and for reasonable prices. In 5 years, when every camera shoots rich, usable HD video and great stills, your short-sighted, “Just shut up and buy a D3” comments will look assinine. I’m not a complainer and I’m waiting patiently for Nikon to get it right, they just take longer to do so. I’m down with that. But just because photography is your main source of income and you can therefore justify a D3, don’t apply the same logic to my business, where photography and video are a lesser player in a broader whole. The D3 wasn’t made for us. The D700s was.

    The 5D Mk II has made us all see what a mid-range pro cam could be. Informed consumers assess all their options and comparison shop. I just prefer to have the Nikon interpretation of that camera. The D700s would likely be that cam for me. To say that someone like myself should go buy a D700 without video is ignoring my needs and addressing only your own.

    I cannot afford the D3 if I want to also buy lenses, so please don’t recommend this.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Oh, and if Nikon is trailing 90 days behind Sony, I can’t wait to see the Nikon EVIL interpretation of the Sony Nex 5. APS-C sensor in a small, interchangeable lens format. That would be lovely.

      • Johan krüger-haglert

        If they go even smaller sensor than four-thirds just because they want to make a small compact with interchangable lenses then I won’t care for it because I want something DSLR equivalent with all functionallity, short DOF and so on.

        May be something for others and I guess it’s ok with various options from various companies instead of pure copies of eachother.

    • Might want to check this out regarding this statement:
      “The Nikon video is just not great yet.”

    • Discontinued

      @David t & Ren Kockwell,

      guys you have some guts. I’d rather do not express my personal disappointment or needs here. Didn’t you two do any reading recently?

      Fried Toast will show his frightening tongue again – and much worse – Ron Adair, as a good citizen of the U.S. (which apparently is something like being a good photographer and a reasonable person too – all three in a manner as he understands it), will force you to pray before he is getting you executed by spilling end- and meaningless (he calls that balance) – not to mention many others.

      You just stir up endless comments and personal offenses.There is no use. Let’s face it and join the ass licking. BTW it adds a nice shade of blue to your tongues too. And it’s easy just speak after me:

      I do not want video and if I would I’d buy D3s, which is superior
      to any other camera in any respect

      The D700 is by far better than the 5D MK II as well as superior
      to any other camera that is not a Nikon and D700 is selling
      like hot cake – no need to ever replace it ! ! !

      If I would want video and MP, I would buy D3x and D3s which
      are both superior to any other camera (including themselves
      an each other) in any respect. If I can’t afford that, I am not
      worth it anyway.

      12 MP is enough for wall sized printing as long as it is
      Nikon pixel. It will not only stay sharp, but show a lot of
      detail too.

      If I still want something Nikon is not offering, then it’s just
      my immaturity and I need to work that out.

      See guys? It’s sooo easy. Happy now? If not, just repeat and add the following:
      I am NIKON (repeat a thousand times).

      Honestly, I was quite shocked reading the comments on Nikon’s financial results and to frightened to leave an opinion there.

      P.S. I just checked and yes, Fried Toast is already there and went all over the place while I was typing this. Now tell me, ain’t that funny? I have to admit, that he was quite mildly tempered today. Can’t wait to see Ron Adair’s smart comments on good citizenship/mature photographers.

      @Fried Toast,
      720 video to most guys taking it seriously, simply is not an option. Music clips, commercials and such almost always get shot with Canons. No silly low light comparison is going to change this (no matter how often and frequently it gets quoted here).

      • Richard

        Oh come on! No need to EVER replace?

        The D700 is nice, but it will be replaced in due order just like every other product that is not the end of a product line…like my F6.

        We would all still be driving model Ts if that were the case.

        • Alex

          agreed! What we have had progress in technology for so long now, and suddenly that’s it? The D700 has hit the pinnacle of any kind of development, and there is absolutely NOTHING that can possibly be done to make it better? LOL

      • dwat

        Look, not everyone needs 21mp but 12 is a bit shy for shore for a camera of d700 caliber. No, most consumers won’t need this but why is it that crazy for someone spending $2000 on a camera and 3grand in lenses to want to print a large frame picture. Yes, we all understand the whole mp crap now, but that doesn’t mean that more mp are irrelevant, and nikon needs to give an option for more, especially for a d700 replacement. Video is valuable now too. No, I wouldn’t buy a dslr to replace a pro vid cam but there is alot of value in video

  • dude

    hope to see iso6400 same as d3s iso400

  • nir.e

    not word on D700 replacement and we don’t need one!
    the print output of the d700 is excellent,
    and better then 35mm film, what else do we need?
    just buy yourself a nice lens, invest in lighting and shoot away.
    the time of new still cameras every morning and evening is over!
    the new D-X or D-XX Fx bodys will not make coffee..

    • Moi

      Better than thirty-five mm film? Really? Film has resolution in the low to mid 30 megapixel range and no bayer pattern.

      • Jose

        Moi you are right if you use ISO 100 film but if nyou use Iso 200 or 400 the situtaion is different, 12 MP in thi ISO are better than film.

        • Moi

          Even if you were right, which I obviously don’t agree with, what about bayer processing. When do we get our indigos back?

          • nir.e

            film and slides are harder to process you have a lot more variables that can go wrong the film, the development process or the scan. there is no reason to use film unless you need a particular look or you are a student and can’t afford a MF digital back

          • nir.e

            Film and slides are harder to process you have a lot more variables that can go wrong the film, the development process or the scan. there is no reason to use film unless you need a particular look or you are a student and can’t afford a MF digital back.

  • Erik

    I’m probably the only one in the world that is happy with this rumour.

    Today I have a D700 and a D40 as my small camera. The D700 is more than enough for my purposes. I mostly shoot wide open and then the optics and not the camera is the limiting factor. More resolution will *not* make my pictures look better at f1.4-f2. So, all in all, I will be happy shooting with the D700 for at least another year!

    The D40 is a different story. It’s a very fine little point-and-shoot camera. However, I’m starting to think that 6mp is a bit on the low side. I have never liked Nikon’s 10mp sensor, though. I had a D80 before my D700 and never liked the pictures from it. So a D40x/D60/D3000 is not an option for me. A D4000, however, with the sensor from D300/D90/D5000 is something I would consider seriously. I don’t need video, I don’t need a swivel lcd – all I want is exactly the same functionality as the D40 but with the D300/D90/D5000 sensor.

  • eru

    This is just suicide, I’m happily holding my D700 but Nikon will loose tons of Pro-sumers not providing a d800 + 300f4 VR+ 80-400 replacement.
    what are they thinking, either useless newbies garbage either super$$$$$$$pro lenses………………………

  • David

    I don’t know whether I agree that the D700 print outs are better than film; perhaps in some instances but I think film has a lot of edge over a 12 MP digital camera. The D3X, on the other hand, is a different story. I have many cameras but only two DSLRs, one of them being the D700; it is the camera that I shoot the most right next to my Leica rangefinder. I want more MPs, but when I ask myself, what for, I cannot come up with a good answer.

    • longtimenikonshooter
      • Erik

        That comparison is flawed and has been discussed to death elsewhere. The same comparison with Fuji Velvia 50 would be a *completely* different story.

        • longtimenikonshooter

          I really like Fujifilm Velvia 50 but I prefer 120 instead of 135 there.

      • Jose

        Longtime nikon shooter, good video, another unbeat argument, well come to Nikon fan boy club

    • Comparison I did back when I was shooting a D2x:

      Both shot with the 70-200vr on a tripod with VR off.

      I’ve done more testing with different lenses and against my D700 every once in a while and Velvia isn’t any better. There’s just more dynamic range, more accurate color information, less degradation from grain–just plain more information in 12MP. For color. TMAX 100 can sometimes outresolve 12mp under certain circumstances, when processed in the right developer. But when shot right, yes, 12mp just has more information than a 35mm shot. Of course some jpeg engines in camera throw good information away and kinda level things. But from raw, processed right, I can make a better print from 8×10 up with 12mp digital.

      And I’m sure no one will agree with this one since they’re just going to read shit online and not try it themselves, but I found it was hard to get more than 25-30mp worth of information from 4×5 sheet film. That’s with a Nikon 75mm/4.5 or a 150/5.6 Schneider and Kodak 160NC. The detail was there and astonishing, but after processing…I didn’t see a heck of a lot more detail than shots from the D3x. I suspect the big 60mp medium format backs would far out resolve 4×5. But I haven’t used one yet.

      • Richard

        I would not disagree, except for the part about “more information”. There is plainly more data in a high quality scan (e.g. 5k) of Velvia than there is in a 12 MP digital capture image file. Whether that additional data is of any practical use is the question.

        • Uhhhh…no, 35mm Velvia doesn’t have 12mp of info. Past about 2400 dpi, you’re just resolving the dye bloom with more certainty. Higher res scans will allow you to run noise reduction, which can reconbobulate some lost information into something useful. But it’s really not more than 10mp for Velvia though. Color print film is less. Maybe 6-8mp.

          And with Velvia you have no latitude. If you don’t nail exposure, you’re hosed.

          I use a 4870 (good gear!) and yes, I think a good drum scanner can pull a little more out of really dense places print film, some of the time. For the most part, I believe I get everything that’s there out of film with what I’ve got. And it’s just not worth the effort. I still do it though. : ) Got a roll of Velvia sitting in an N80 I picked up. Probably take me another month before I finish the roll.

          When it’s done I’ll have more examples to post shot side by side.

          • Erik

            A flat bed scanner gives a quality that is nowhere near what a dedicated film scanner can give. Using either a Nikon Coolscan 5000 or a Minolta Elite Scan 5400 Velvia 50 gives something around 16-18 mp. You need *very* good optics though. My Nikkor AIS 85mm f1.4 at f8 would be sharp enough for this.

          • PHB

            Depending on your application, measuring the dye bloom more accurately may be what you want. For example, if you are digitizing the master prints of a Stanley Kubricks movie, the basic principle is that what the master approved is what you want to digitize. The bloom pattern may be random, but the pattern is the one the master picked.

            So the upshot is that if you are taking new pictures, then digital is better than 35mm film for the initial capture. But you would want more resolution still if you were digitizing existing work for the archives.

            The fact that we are reduced to comparisons with Velvia is rather telling in itself.

            Even if you could get 12MP out of Velvia, you surely won’t do significantly better and definitely won’t get 24MP.

          • “A flat bed scanner gives a quality that is nowhere near what a dedicated film scanner can give.”

            On what information do you base this opinion?

            None of the Coolscans get more usable information–all the personal line CCD units give similar results, given they have the same resolution imager (you do realize that all the Nikons are only 4000dpi, right? The Minolta 5400 is actually 5400, but in the end I never saw more detail in scans when I tested them side by side). Of course if 4870 unit that is out of focus will give inferior results. I’ve tested my rig for optimal focus and use glass to flatten my negatives. The Nikon and Minolta and Canon units are still line CCDs. They just pass the film over the sensor instead of vice versa. No technical advantage and no discernible difference in results.

            Output from my 4870 are around 27 mp native at 4800dpi. But, much like shooting at the top ISO settings of a sensor, grain/dye bloom limits the image detail film is capable of capturing.

            I HAVE very good optics and know how to use them. I can show you images sharp enough to make your eyes bleed. I’m talking reasonable middle of the road apertures which get the best resolution, like f4 to f8.

      • Hi Micah, what scanner did you use on this test?

        • Epson 4870. Stock film holders, but they’re the right height for proper focus, and I have a specially modified holder for extra curly film. For those that don’t know, it’s 4800 dpi native res. Stepper motor will let you do 9600, but that’s interpolated in one direction. Kinda pointless since it out resolves film at 4800 dpi and I usually downsize scans after processing, since I don’t like enlarging “grain”.

          • well you’re using a flatbed, that’s your first problem. from similar tests i agree, 4x5s on a flatbed will not shine anymore than D3x files. however if you use a drum or immacon you will see a huge difference.

          • Yes, with a true drum scanner you will see a difference. You’ll be able to see grain structure more accurately. That doesn’t give you any more detail in your image. I’m speaking from experience. Don’t assume you know unless you’ve tried it. Most of the people who argue about the virtues of film have an emotional attachment that goes beyond the rationality of any test or argument.

            4×5’s do have more detail than a D3x shot when shot properly. However, if exposure is off at all or if you don’t filter for color, etc…there’s no room for error with film. If you go about removing the grain from film scans, you end up at only slightly more image detail than a D3x shot. More…but not a lot more. It’s just not worth the time.

  • amunk

    delete please. this isn’t youtube.

  • Unfortunately, this rumour (D90 refresh and NO new D700 replacement) will end up being true. For those of us waiting on Gen3 cameras it looks likely that it will be between Dec 2010 and Jul 2011 before they release the next generation of cameras. The ‘Pro’ bodies, so far, have been getting updated every 4 years. The ‘Pro X’ and ‘Pro S’ bodies also have a 4 year cycle, so since the D3 was released in Aug 2007 I reckon that it will be 2011 before the D4 is released. I can’t see Nikon releasing a semi-pro Gen3 camera before the pro either, so that means no D700 replacment.

    Just a thought…

  • I do not know what is expected to bring a new Nikon camera, for me the strategy we are following is totally wrong and I was surprised that Canon will take off the market, especially in the range of professional media. Many of us are waiting for a new camera like the D700 but with higher resolution and the latest developments at a price halfway between the D300s and d3s.
    Right now, Canon has several impressive DSLR at prices and with great quality and 7D (a lot cheaper than the D700) I have been testing and doing very well. I thought I even happen to charge with what it’s d3s, renewed the goals, flashes, and would have the DSLR-7D.
    If you get get a Nikon DSLR in the coming months, will be one of the best selling cameras, but does not, lose followers of the brand.

    By the way, sorry for my English

    • You better compare the 7D to Nikon’s D300s… Canon doesn’t really have a D700 equivalent.

      • guasch

        isn’t the 5d mark2 an equivalent? im not a canon guy, so i dont know enough shit, man. but i heard the canon one doesn’t have color matrix metering and has less fps.

        • …and the D700 has a focus system that tracks better than the 5dmkii. The 5d was a nice camera back in the day. But it has focusing like a D80 and the 5Dmkii inherited this. Kinda slow, not a lot of points, not known for accuracy. Yeah, metering isn’t technically as good on paper, but in actual use I’d say the Canon meter ain’t that bad. That’s not as noticeable as the focusing and frame rate when you’re actually using the thing. Especially when equipped with a battery grip. The D700 rips.

  • Ok that’s it! I’m going over to Canon! Nah just kidding 🙂

    The question is.. who cares? We have such a nice camera already with the D700!

  • james blonde

    nikon will surprise the market, they said early this year.
    no D700 successor is a big surprise, that is what they intend to do.

    • Anonymous

      Surprising the market? Well, so far Nikon does a good job on that by not releasing 1 new dslr for over 7 months now and keeping everything at 12MP. Great job Nikon!

  • Luke


    How do you go from all these rumors only 1 month ago about THREE coming cameras, and then suddenly it’s only two?

    This is a better or worse “source” than the source(s) talking about 3 models?

    I am close to calling shenanigans on this whole site.

  • Magnus

    Problem is, D700 (no matter how great it is) is near EOL.
    IMHO, when making a larger investment (as in my case, upgrading from D200 + DX glass to FX + FX glass) you’d like to have the newest tech – simply for it to last longer.

    D700s/x would be a stop-gap camera – as it would be released too close to the next generation D4/D800/Dwhatever.

    I am mainly after better low light performance (mainly for shooting fast indoor sports without flash) – i.e. I want a D3s in a smaller and cheaper body.

    If Nikon officials had spoken up regarding the D700 not being refreshed during the first half of this year I would already have invested in a D700 in December/January 2010 – but now I’ll rather wait for the next generation.

    • Daf

      So agreed. If Nikon were to officially tell us that there would not be a D700 replacement until 2011 I would have gone out and bought a 700 in March.
      But now I’m playing the waiting game, and it’s not a nice game to play.

    • I’m not really with you on this one. I test drove a D3s and didn’t see any difference between it and my D700 until you pass 12800 ISO. 25600 and 50000 whatever are now sorta useable. That’s cool and all, but it’s not something I need. 12800 and my fast glass get shots in light the camera can’t even focus properly in.

      Nope, more res would be the only think I’d want. In addition, not as a replacement.

      If you don’t already have a D700, you might want to check one out instead of wasting time waiting for a camera that may or may not appear. I just bought my D700 in January. If a D700x or D700s came out two weeks later, I wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest. It’s really that good.

  • Anonymous

    D700 will not be replaced until nikon figures out how to integrate a espresso machine in their sensor.

    • fork()

      If that ever were true, people would compare pressure insteaf of megapixels and how they need 24 bar in their machine like Canon. God help us…

    • What good would that do? They’d have to introduce in body stabilization to counter the shakes…

      Nikonuccino? MoChanon.? Sony Steamer? Pentax drip? Leica con leche?

  • Stevens

    The truth is, deep down in their hearts, all those who say we don’t need a D700 replacement soon know that they would be the most happiest if there is a replacement very soon.

    • Discontinued

      Right, they’d be the first to celebrate, as it would add ammunition to their fanboy-being. The ones who said “oh we don’t need it, please Nikon don’t we are satisfied” will be the first to shout (and doing it loud) “see, we told you it will come eventually and will be good”.

      • Anonymous


      • Jose

        The fan boy as you said, only explain why 12 MP is enough for myority of pictures we took of course. If yu review the blogs many of fan boy you reffered were said about MP is not the main characteristics of a good photo there are others nikon features that are important either.
        Personally I plan to migrate to FX format in two years and i hope to find FX camera with a crop aroun 10 MP for still using my DX lenses. (I have both kind of lenses, FX for normal and Telephoto and DX for wide)

        • Anonymous

          Jose, you just described 24MP. When you crop 24MP you’ll get 10MP

          • Anonymous

            yes, i know, but still 10mp will be enough for me when will use dx lens in crop mode

  • Habitak

    I am still using my D3 and I’m still pleased with it. The D700 is the same camera with lower fps and U can’t understand why all are crying for a replacement. The D700 has less noise at High ISO than the newer 5D Mark II. If the Video is your problem buy a D3s or D300s. The D700 doesn’t need a replacement!

    • Daf

      I’m on D200.
      D300 isn’t enough of an upgrade to warrant the cost.

      I did want more Mpx than 12 since I shoot some stock and more is better. ALso on studio stuff my 10Mpx is sometimes limiting.

      But I gave up on that so will go for 12, but now the factor is video. Not so much that I want video but more-so not wanting to loose out on that feature if a new one (700s) comes out soon.

      • disco

        the D300 is a huge step up the D200. prices for the D300 are IMhO peak bottom now, get one already.

      • Holy crap dude…the D200 isn’t 8fps and is using a sensor older than the D1x (look it up…seriously same sensor). It’s worth the upgrade for the price. I paid $1200 new for a D300 two years ago, and considered it a worthy upgrade on a D2x, which is a far sight more capable piece of gear than the D200.

        Video isn’t a big deal. You can buy a D300 and a D5000 today and have the best of both worlds for the price of a D700. Or you can get a marvelous D700 and not worry about video, but will probably need to upgrade some of your glass. You can make good files over 12mp for stock with a 12mp cam if you process them right.

  • I have been looking to move to FF 35mm based digital for some months now and have been keeping a close eye on websites such as Nikon Rumors and Canon Rumors as these are said to give an insight into these systems – my choice has to be one or the other, both have pros and cons. I have been hoping to either see news of a D700 replacement as12MP is not sufficient for my requirements, or a Canon upgrade as the 5D mk2 has other disadvantages. Both NR & CR have kept up a regular stream of “it’s coming”, “it has begun”, then “not yet”, “next year”, and back to “yes, it will be released soon” posts that have only served to muddy the waters that were far from clear to begin with. I have wasted so much time following these to no avail that I have decided to wait for real news. As the bard said “A plague on both your houses.”

    • Out of curiosity, what’re you shooting that you need more than 12mp?

  • Jeremy T

    Well, I’ve been using D5000 for quite a while and have considered upgrading. But since I’m in no hurry, might probably wait and see how this one pans out.

    I’m merely an enthusiast doing food, events and travel photography, so an upper mid range model suits me just fine. I had originally considered a D90, but seeing as it won’t represent much of an improvement over my current gear, decided against it.

    On the other hand, if it’s a next generation D95, which could give a current D700 (for example) a run for its money, then I would go for it.

    Don’t really need extra megapixels or fancy functions though. Good high-ISO performance and handling is enough to make me happy.

    I keenly await any further developments. Another family member has also been bitten by the photography bug and interested to dabble with DSLRs, so instead of him buying another entry level model, I might as well give him my D5000 and upgrade instead.

    And if it was an improved D90 replacement/refresh a few months down the line, then everything would be just perfect!

  • Daf

    GAAH Have wanted to upgrade from my D200 since Feb but hanging on for the D700 replacement. PLEASE Nikon!

    • Daf

      OR tell us that there won’t be a replacement until Xxx/2011 and I’ll probably go out and buy a D700 + FX lenses tomorrow!

      • amunk

        FX lenses always retain their value – so there’s no real danger to buying those.

        You could potentially lose up to $500 on the value of your D700 body after the release of the update though. Ask yourself: Is $500 worth it for a year of solid shooting? Conclusion – go buy the camera.

        • I wouldn’t bank on that. The D700 is in short enough supply that, were a 24mp D700 released today, I don’t think demand for the d700 would dry up.

          • amunk

            That’s the thing everyone forgets, these cameras retain their value (especially the pro ones). There’s no danger to buying a used D700 now and reselling it when you want to upgrade to the new one

  • barbie cockbell

    if I want a FX camera with video function in a small body, there is no camera on the nikon market. what a pity!

  • Rob

    I can’t believe they would release an updated D90 ~with an improved chip~ before doing the same to the D300s. Who would buy a D300 when more pixels and better ISO is available in a less expensive camera. It seems to me the new chips go in the ‘PRO’ models first, and then they trickle down the line.

  • PhotonFisher

    I can’t wait for an update to theD700, although I’m happy with the D700. Why? Simply because the D700 will serve either as trade-in for me OR a can obtain a second one at a reasonable price from someone else who trades it in.

    For Nikon it’s just too early … product cycle is not long enough yet for D700.
    For D3X it is a different discussion.

  • rg

    my eyes hurt reading white text on black background
    i think i should shift to canon.

  • rsm540

    Yay! D90.5!! Firmware ftw.

    • rsm540

      I too am trying very hard not to go to Canon. I believe that Canon’s sensor technology is really something, as they are able to get real high megapixels without too much noise. In fact, it seems as if there is not much difference between the 18MP T2i and the 12MP D90! Canon, good job.

      But I believe that Nikon is more of a photographer’s camera. Why? Their egronomics are totally sexy, and everything is well-thought out. Their DSLR bodies are hardy, and unlike Canon, they don’t try to cut costs. They use better plastic even for the lower end cameras. Their low-end lenses feel better, but perhaps Canon’s feel quicker?

      Well, you can go on and on, but the main reason why I get sucked into Canon is because their technology seems to be daring, and light years away from Nikon. Nikon has the stability, but Canon has the developer’s mind.

      So what will Nikon do to kill the T2i? If the T2i had a magnesium-alloy body and better autofocussing, and perhaps a pentaprism viewfinder, then it could match the D90’s price or product range.

  • trebbleler

    Is it now the begunning or what?

  • Mike Tyson

    There’s a rumor that Russian nature photographer Igor Shpilenok
    ( was chosen to be a tester of a new camera with 20MP crop sensor, HD movie mode, 10 frames per second and a single CF card slot.

    the full rumor text with photo:
    The camera has no logo on it but chances are high that it will be Nikon d500 as Igor Shpilenok shoots with Nikon gear.

    The camera will be tested on the territory of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve

  • En’Taro

    This !

  • Gordon

    I see nothing wrong with people wanting an upgrade to a D700, heck I’m still waiting for a D700X despite owning a D700. Whether people like it or not, DSLRs are just computers, and like desktop PCs and all other technology, progress never stands still.

    People trying to shout down others wanting progress with their cameras is ludicrous, not everyone is happy shooting 12MP in perpetuality. If some people are fine shooting 12MP great but it is mistake of Nikon to try and force people into 12MP bodies or fork out large somes of money for a very expensive pro body. Nikon’s competitors are offering a diversification in MP count and costs, Nikon need to realise that they can’t keep expecting the market to wait for them to catch up.

  • Del-Uks

    I wish I didn’t have all those Nikkor lenses so I could get a Canon 5D MkII right now !

    • donde?

      How’s that keeping you from buying one? I’ve seen MK2 users with all Nikkors (especially MF lenses) and RED users with Nikkors. Everyone’s using Nikon lenses…

    • Go buy a $25 converter and you’ll be using your old Nikon glass on your new mkII in no time. Having too much Nikon glass isn’t much of an excuse 😉

  • Pat

    Nikon being so silent on the D700 replacement does not mean it won’t exist.

    no one was really expecting a D3S with a re-designed sensor that can do ISO12800 well. we’ve got no word of it until pretty much release day.

    If Nikon is keeping such a tight lid on it, it might be some real good stuff.

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