Sony α900 is now officially discontinued

Update: btw, talking about Sony - the new Sony EVIL camera just leaked (the official announcement is tomorrow).

Already wrote about that on, but I think that this is an important development and should be on NikonRumors as well: Sony α900 is now officially discontinued (Sony α900 was released 3 months before the Nikon D3x which was announced on December 1st, 2008):

Maybe Sony has a new and improved sensor for the α900 replacement.

Maybe Sony will let Nikon use and tweak this new sensor just like they did with the  α900 sensor.

Maybe this will lead to a new 24MP DSLR camera from Nikon.

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    First POst

    • Anonymous

      I really hope the sensor in the NEX 3 doesn’t find it’s way into a Nikon Dxxx,. Maybe it’s good for a Dxxxx but If it’s still only capable of 1900x1080i, it’s no good.

      Nikon must decide if they’re going to have 3 types of cameras or 2. The D300s was close enough to a pro camera for most serious amateurs. However, that gap has increased significantly. The the D300 is now closer to the consumer D90 than a pro camera. I’m not talking about DX vs FX but IQ, performance and features.

      Nikon needs to hit a home run with their next video implementation. They need the D400 to have D3-like low noise and they need to keep it under 15 MP.

      It’s time for a new camera, not just an iteration of old stuff. I feel like their body tech is falling behind.

      I hope their f-mount consumer camcorder is in the same time frame as Sony’s e-mount. It would be interesting if they skip high-quality video in SLRs in favor of a dedicated video camera that can use all if our wonderful lenses.

      • D300s & D300 are almost the same camera except for video and 1/2 stop increased brightness and added NR. The last two can be achieved by NEF PP. What’s left? Video. Is it the measure of a camera being professional?

        • Anonymous

          Here’s my dream for a D400:

          12-16 MP
          CF and SDXC
          D-Movie II (1900x1080p60, 210 fps at 720p)
          No pop-up flash
          Built in GPS
          Huge, bright viewfinder with a round-eye cup
          ISO of 100-6400 usable, push to 12,800
          8 FPS, 10FPS with an MD-## battery pack
          Fast, accurate D-Movie and Live View autofocus

          It’s the D-Movie II and the D3s-class ISO that would get me to upgrade.

          I want a Pro DX camera. I can’t and probabaly will never be able to afford a Pro FX. I simply don’t have $2,500 for a body.

          The $1,500 I have for a body will only go to Nikon if it’s worth it. Otherwise I’ll spend the $1,500 on glass and books and speedlights.

          • Davis

            I like the pop-up flash on my D300s. It may not be any good for actual flash use but it make a great CLS commander for my speedlights. I do agree on the built in GPS and an extra stop or two of usable ISO though. I’ve been wishing for a D400, or whatever it is going to be called, with those specific features so my 300s can be my backup.

  • Anonymous

    That’s kinda stretching it

    • Global Guy

      Of course, people can buy a cheap used a900 and slap a lens on it to fulfill their 24 megapixel fantasies until a real Nikon camera comes out.

      That’d be the easiest way to use the sensor. 😉

      • I am so tempted. I can’t get a D3x as it is so old now and has only dropped £300.

  • Anonymous

    This means that if there is a new sony sensor then Nikon can start begging to sony. Still 3-6 month to get a new nikon.

    • PHB

      I think the admin is making a bit much out of this..

      Nikon is dealing with the Sony fab, not with ‘Sony’ the makers of cameras, camcorders and such. It will be a separate company, separate management and quite likely Nikon has an equity stake in the fab.

      Sensor design is a really convoluted process. Sony and Nikon will have some form of cross licensing agreement in place so they can use each other’s patents. So advances that Nikon has made can be used by Sony and vice versa.

      The basic layout of the ‘cell’ is quite probably determined as much by the process and the fab capabilities as anything else. But whether that makes it a Sony or a Nikon sensor (or some third party) is probably a matter of what you want to call the outcome. Quite likely every sensor coming out of that fab could be called a Sony sensor or a Nikon sensor if you wanted to. There are going to be ideas from multiple companies there.

      There could well be a connection between these two events, but I doubt it is at the design level. I would suggest that more likely it is the deployment of new production equipment that is the new variable here. My guess would be that after the initial run for the Sony and Nikon 24MP cameras, the fab looked the process and looked at how to improve each step to improve yield and performance, then deployed a bunch of new process equipment. Now that new equipment is in place they are running a fresh batch of sensors.

      I would see this less as a pointer to an upgrade for the D3x as signifying the likelihood of a D700x.

      • +1

        • Chris P

          + another

  • The invisible man

    Maybe I’ll start playing loto and win $10.000
    Maybe my wife won’t forget my birthday (May 25).
    Maybe my kids will start been nice.
    Maybe I’ll improve my English.

  • Anonymous ONE

    Admin, we need rumors on Nikon. Specially on this days when there’s no news on new nikon cameras/lenses. This is the time.

    On new announcementes there’s no room for rumours. Time for news.

    Come on, give as hope. Nice job, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    heh heh, the comments section is acting weirdly again

    • what is the problem?

      • Anonymous

        it disappeared and I had to refresh the page quite few times

  • Totally Pro

    I am quite certain what Nikon will come up with won’t do any good. Sure, the camera looks cool with all the buttons and stuff and that’s what I bought it for. Really worked to show off and impress some ladies. One hottie even asked me to take some pictures of her. Heck, what a disappointment the D3x was! I specifically asked for biggest camera at the store and they gave me a D3x that has the 200 mm 2.0 VR zoom built in. I mean my point-and-shoot has a handy zoom button, but no – Nikon wants me to turn that ring on the camera. When I started shooting the camera was all zoomed in. Naturally I tried to zoom out, but the image went all blurry instead of getting more into the frame. I looked for quite a while, but there is no zoom button on the camera! Not knowing any better I had to step back quite a bit to get the whole model into the frame! Shouting instructions over such a distance is no fun at all on the beach, trust me. Another thing I noticed was that quite often half the model’s face was way too dark. With all the shadows under her eyes she looked like a raccoon and I had to throw away most of the pictures. My compact always uses flash in such light, but the D3x did not fire its flash even once! Well, at least it sounded cool when I fired off at 5 frames per second.

    • Kuv

      This comment is wrong in so many ways. It made me cry while I was half way trough reading it.

    • jeff

      Um, you better stick to what you know… point and shoot!

    • Alfredo Fernandez

      youre not the only one who cryed..

    • Bob


    • aetas

      In these sad times of zero nikon rumors this post still brought my sadness even farther down. I hope to get some new cool camera news soon.

    • JBL

      I seriously hope that you are trolling us.

      • Chris P

        Irony, irony, all is irony!

    • LGO

      Ha ha ha ha … a good one Totally Pro.

      Perhaps you can include in the fray the SB-900 as well. That would make for some interesting narration. 🙂

  • mfotom

    first. and im still waiting for d700x

    • Mark

      “first. and im still waiting for d700x”

      Me too.

    • Rafael

      that makes 3 of us

      • trad

        me 4

    • LGO

      What if Nikon releases an 18mp FX with the same high-ISO and price as the current D700. Would you opt for this or a 24mp D700x that would probably cost $2,000 more?

      • Discontinued

        Why would a 24 MP cost 2,000 more?
        Anyway, I would go for either one as long as it is significantly priced below any of the D3s and gives me significantly better IQ than any camera out of the current 12 MP lineup. A DR-improvement alongside the res bump would be nice.

        • LGO

          Compare the price of the D3s vs the D3x and you have your answer.

          • Discontinued

            If it is that simple, then compare the price of D700 and D3 and you have yours: proish to pro = half the price.

            Personalized math is not really knowing, right. Don’t get me wrong, I ‘m not saying I know, just saying you don’t.

            And look at the competitors for your comparisons too. And why would a new 18MP be that much cheaper than an already existing sensor?

          • LGO

            Now that … was a good laugh … ha ha ha ha! 🙂

            Discontinued is now discontinued!

  • Casual_Thoughts

    Just curious would you be willing to pay a premium for a D700x or pay market rate when the D800/D900 lands?

    D700X 4500$ using a pared down d3x sensor @ 18MP (anything more MP or less $ would scavenge D3X sales)

    D900 Q1 2010 3200$ New sensor @ 18MP

    • Anonymous

      Q1 2010 has already passed! If you meant by “nikon fiscal” then ok but it is kind of misleading

    • PHB

      I think the likelihood of a D700x being anything other than the then current D3x sensor in a D700 body with one CPU instead of the two that the D3 series have as pretty low.

      The new stuff will happen in the D4/D400 launch window. That is when an 18MP body would make sense. Though I would still expect Nikon to be hedging their bets there and testing 18MP and 24MP bodies.

      The current priority for Nikon though has to be the D90 replacement. It is the D90 that makes all the earnings. The FX format cameras are irrelevant in comparison.

      My expectation would be for the D90 replacement to be the D7000, allowing the old 12MP FX sensor to eventually appear in a D9000 plastic body camera when the D4/D400 launch.

      • aetas

        I hate to admit it but your post makes sense. We all know there are alot of us that want a full frame dslr but the d90 replacement will make Nikon so much more money. Thats what its about the money not the art.

        • zzddrr

          To be honest, I would make 2 different cameras when it comes to the class of the D90.

          1) a D90 style FF but in a snappy smaller format

          2) D5000 and D90 go down the chute and come out with one new DX that does what it intended to do

          But, if I were to make the call, I would make 1 body that would be modular. In that way people can build on it …. LEGO

          • There’s a reason Nikon didn’t change body style when they switched from the D80 to the D90. The camera feels balanced, the controls are logical and in a good place. I hope body style stays the same for the new replacement.

    • Casual_Thoughts

      Sorry that should have read Q1 2011 =0

  • So Nie

    Well this can mean anything:

    1) either A850 cannibalized A900 sales so badly they just pulled the A900
    2) sony stops competing on flagship pro camera level
    3) maybe stopped A900 production to free resources to hammer out those new EVIL’s
    4) as fllow up to 3) A850 will follow soon as inventory is depleted
    5) Sony pulls back from FF and soon D3X is on backorder
    6) Nikon canceled it’s sourcing contract for the ff 24mpx chip and will start using a “drop in” replacement from another source until the D4 comes in 1.5 to 2 years
    7) none of the above

    • ArtTwisted

      or they are about to release a new FF camera to replace the a900… The a900 by all reviews is an incredible camera and one of the very best at base iso for studio work, the longer sony keeps producing great cameras at those prices the more market share they are going to take and sony already has the a900 / 850 body design and the 100 percent prism, I dont see why they wouldnt drop in there latest sensor into that and call it a A950 , they wouldnt need huge numbers to warant that.

      • sony is releasing new cameras like they are on fire. i would say that truth is between a850 is too close and new flagship is coming

      • Whatever reviews you’re talking about, I haven’t seen. Personal experience with the files was they were kinda underwhelming compared to the D3x and even the 5Dmkii. Way too heavy AA filter and way too much noise at base ISO compared to the D3x. The body has nice ergonomics. But IQ wasn’t competitive.

        I’m hoping they’ve managed to squeeze a higher framerate from this sensor. When it was originally announced, they spec’d it at 6.5 fps max. If they could bump that up to 7fps at full sensor readout, we might have a nice step forward that could be accomplished with process tweaks. Otherwise, yes, I think this news does have significance…but how is anybody’s guess until we see some new product.

        • ArtTwisted

          luminous landscape for one, I could list others. Keep im mind the d3x is twice the price so it is immiedietly not in the mix. That would be like comparing the D3x with a Hassleblad 40+ back.

          • LGO

            Agree. Sony A900 has good reviews among some serious photographers. The lack of lens however holds other back.

            Rather than the D3x, I think its closest alternative based on price would be the Canon 5DMk2.

            A new improved A900 that is video capable and/or 36mp and video capable sold at its current price would considerably rearrange the high-megapixel landscape.

      • Steve

        If the 850 is killing the a900 sales, maybe Nikon is sitting back and thinking, “Gee, maybe a D700x isn’t such a hot idea”.

    • Bob

      I vote for “All of the above”

  • alex

    NR Admin you’re quoting yourself but in a wrong way
    “final production executed by Sony” aka the factory. Nikon provides the steppers and immersion scanners which make sensors but the factory itself is Sony’s.

    Sony didn’t announce a new sensor like they did a year before A900 was released so probably they don’t have a new sensor for a replacement camera or they’re really quiet about it.

  • Del-Uks

    Probably maybe.

  • why sony post..please any new post for Nikon lens….
    Should i go for Nikon 300mm f4 AF-S or should i wait????????????????

    • Rafael

      I say go for it.. it will take looong for a new one to come, and I think we´ll see the 85.14 update first

    • Cr

      Go for it. I gave up waiting on both that and the 80-400 update and have felt a lot better ever since.

    • If you’re inclined to hold your breath go for it.

      A smarter person would just buy a used one today and go shoot with it.

  • I_want_a_D700X

    I can see admin’s point : A 1080p video capable 24+ MP flagship camera from Sony might be released soon. My guess is Sony retained the priority to release high end cameras based on this 24MP sensors before Nikon (Nikon doesn’t care – their camera being much superior and would sell more despite whatever lag time there is)

    A video capable A900 successor would possibly mean a video capable D700X to be released a quarter or two later. I am guessing availability by Photokina if that’s true.

    It’s not a bad news for the Nikon faithful anyways even if nothing materialize out of this development.

    • LGO

      This makes sense.

      What this means is that there will be a D3xs and hopefully, a D700x, with both bodies 1080p video capable at at 24fps and 30fps.

  • Anonymous

    this means that Nikon cannot even fart without Sony 🙂

    • PHB

      Not really. The Sony fab would find it next to impossible to replace Nikon as a customer. But Nikon can easily find a new fab. And that is going to get easier over time.

  • ways

    same sensor as D3X
    nothingelse to say.

  • Secret rendezvous

    I’ve been following the price of the D700 closely with the intention of possibly buying one (or the invisible replacement of the model). Have noticed an interesting development over the past three days. On the UK Amazon website, the supply of the D700 has gone from in stock, to available in 2 to 4 weeks (backorder), to today being dispatched in 1 to 2 months.

    Looks like they are running the stock out of the D700, possibly for a new model?

    Still available in other stores, but they won’t say what stock they have.

  • Anonymous

    I mean, how idiot Nikon is. Tomorrow they’ll report their financials… the same day Sony announces 2 new products. Also, Nikon needs to answer all the EVIL challanges (panasonic and olympus), 4 Canon cameras (7D, 5DII, Ti2, G10) and we have not heard what f_ _k Nikon will do. I am sorry but if I were an investor and read the financial crap from Nikon without knowing what’s coming … well, I would seriously question.

    • ArtTwisted

      Nikon has more then matched the 7d with both the D90 and D300. The 5dii has no match for its video but the D700 is its brother in terms of IQ. The d90 is almost as good as the T2i and its two years older, imagine what the next model will do to it. The G10 is a good point though, im not sure if nikon even wants to enter that market, there is the G11, LX3, S90. Ricoh, DP1/2, and none sell in high volume but it would be nice if nikon had a response.

      • zzddrr

        ArtTwisted, with all due respect but what you’re talking about is old. I mean, people look for new stuff and when it comes to that even though the above mention Nikon products are not far behind they still lack of key features that make them stand out the crowd. Having said that, Nikon has to respond because as technology evolves such development can change the landscape. So when you say that “im not sure if nikon even wants to enter that market” it does not make sense looking from the long-term view. Ok, although it may not be the best example but look at the new Nokia 12MP phone. Zeiss is making the lense in it. Now, think about it because if I were nikon I piss in my pants. Why? Because they can just shut down their entire point and shoot business. See, as technology evolved cell phones today may become capable to replace the P&S. Now, imagine what will happen in 1-5 years. I hope I made some sense.

        • LGO

          Is that an argument for Nikon getting serious with the P&S market, or staying out of it?

          • Anonymous

            Nikon should decide what it wants to do. Providing mediocre products in that segment (what actually Nikon does today) will not help.

        • CDM

          And things are definitely hotting up in this area. Can’t wait for the first cellphone compnay which will combine these two technologies in a single phone:
          1. Sensor:

          2. Lens:

          It would be completely out of this world if they also used an APS-C sized sensor – that will come a bit later and will kill the remainder of point and shoot sales.

        • CDM

          And things are definitely heating up in this area. Can’t wait for the first cellphone maker which will combine these two technologies:

          1. Sensor: OmniVision 5MP RAW capable sensor for cellphones
          2. lens: Varioptic liquid lens with VR for cellphones.

          I hope that sooner rather than later they’ll use DX sized sensors in cellphones.

  • Donald

    I’ve been tracking D700 on Amazon UK & Ebay Uk , was checking to see what D700’s had recently sold for on ebay & found a Nikon dealer had sold of their demo D700 , presumably wanting to clear it out before new model causes a price drop.
    It went for £1350+del

  • The invisible man

    If I’m still right about the 3 sensors, I think Nikon would use 3x12MP (if they use 3x24MP, it will be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

    • Invisible man, any rumours on the 3S?

    • zzddrr

      make it 4 or even 5 sensors!

      • The invisible man

        That’s not a bad idea, an extra infra-red sensor sounds good 😮
        More seriously, I just had a new customer (TC) from Japan this week, his adress is not very far away from Nikon’s devpt offices.
        He may work for Nikon, Nikon’s subcontractor (or more likely he is just a bored guy spending his time on Nikon rumors !).
        I will try to contact him after he recive his TC (I usualy don’t like to border my customers), we may get new informations about that 3S (or any D700 replacement).
        And guys, don’t forget my birthday (May 25th) 😮

  • Ren Kockwell

    Nikon did have a response to the G10 and LX3—the lackluster P6000. They are clueless in both the EVIL and P/S markets. But their silence in the DSLR market currently is disturbing. In the face of Canon, Panasonic and Sony, Nikon has very little video experience. My hope is they’re taking the time here to properly compete with the video segment, because if they don’t, it will be rough seas ahead. Chant “Camcorders are for video, cameras are for stills!” all you want, but the future for DSLRs are hybrid tools that do both.

    • zzddrr

      I hope they decide soon to focus on kick ass image quality as #1 priority, and #2 buy a fu_ kn’ company that experience in the shit or hire people and make a dedicated line that make things happen. Nikon does have valuable lenses that can rock on a dedicated shit. Or be a bit creative and make some modular crap. So if you want to shoot video then you’d buy a sensor that you can swap in and all the selections will be ready such as 4k, 1080P, 720P (of course with all frame rates) and you could select a DX or FF mode to fully utilise your lenses available. Now that would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    ” Image Sensor: 14.2 million effective pixels. ” in the sony Evil … That is probably what we will see in the D90 replacement with a Nikon twist to it.

    • zzddrr

      yep. you’re most likely right sinse Nikon is hanging out of the butt of sony. It is sad to say but Nikon is an incompetent company to go alone. To be honest, I would love to see a replacement of the sony A900. I sincerely hope sony will raise the bar of the 24MP sensor tech they have diminish the difference between the A900 and the D3x. I think this would be welcomed by the real photo enthusiasts but I have some doubts.

      Namely, these Japenese and Asian companies are so corrupt that they rather split the market based on some “features”. Look at the flat panel TVs or the memory price fixings….

    • LGO

      Indeed. It is likely that the next D90 replacement will have this 14.2mp Sony sensor.

      Still, if Nikon releases the D3/D700 FX sensor in a D90 body at a premium of just $500 over a D90, then it will a camera that can potentially sell as well as a D90 plus a significant upside in the sale of FX lenses.

  • Gordon

    Maybe Sony are about to unveil a 36MP a900 replacement with Nikon following suite not long after, trying to beat Canon to the punch before they announce the 1DsMk IV.

    • LGO

      This is interesting prospect that bears watching. If the new camera with this sensor is video capable, then it will be Canon on the defensive if Sony prices this competitively. Nikon’s price for a camera with this new sensor price however will be another story all together. (sigh)

      Anyone here with some experience in using Nikkor lenses on Sony’s FX body?

      • LGO

        Opppss … what I mean to say is “Does anyone here have any experience using Nikkor lenses with Sony’s full-frame bodies?”

  • James

    Wow D700 temporarily out of stock in B&H!!!

    This is the beginning of running out stock as well or what??

  • Triplet

    What about this idea: Nikon will not introduce really a EVIL class camera with new mount and body form-factor. It just will transform/mutate the entry level DSLR’s in 1 or 2 steps into mirrorless/shutterless/EVF camera’s, maybe using the 14mpx sony sensors.

    • LGO

      To make sense, it is not only the body that must be smaller but also the lenses. It does not make sense to have a small body but big lenses to go with it. Otherwise, just stay with your current dSLRs. Except for the pancake 16mm f/2.8 lenses, this is the mistake I see in Sony’s newly released APS-C LIVE (a better term than EV-IL I believe) cameras.

      Rumor is that Nikon will adopt a smaller sensor than m4/3 and thus use smaller lenses. While this makes sense, Canon may have a better approach. Canon is rumored to use the same APS-C sensor as the Canon 7D/550D or T2i but will use a smaller lens with a smaller image area. This has the advantage of doing away with the need to develop a new sensor by using existing APS-C sensors while still achieving a smaller overall package.

  • Anonymous

    I think It has begun…

  • Anonymous

    by the way If the NIKON “EVIL” camera is a F mount and well designed, a la FE, Nikon is going to sell more than ever; I just hope that Nikon officials are not dumb enough to stick to the old fashioned way of developing product !!

  • Anonymous

    The only one problem we have that it’s been 7 months Nikon announced its latest (12MP) DSLR. It is too quiet and no matter what we are talking about I have doubts Nikon has anything ready.

  • I will upgrade my CF Card into 64gb and shoot raw with 12mp D300 forever, That’s all Thank you!

    or a d3000?

    • disco


  • Brian Davis

    a900 is discontinued? Good riddance…

  • Zen-Tao

    Nikon co. is not willing to improve nothing. Video?.. a bluff for Indies productions. The star is D3s they won’t jam no more pixels in a new future We have enough of them. they don’t want to enjoy the medium format room. The politic is now conservative an the business in point an view cameras. I wish them to lower the D3x price so that I could be able to purchase one but good things never low . They make good cameras an few adventures.

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