Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • Rare Nikon lenses on eBay:

Nikon 300mm 300mm f/2.0 IF-ED lens (more info on this lens available here).

Nikon 800mm F/5.6 ED AIS lens (released 1986)

  • Another pro (Karl Grobl) switches from Canon to Nikon - see his posts here and here.
  • Hanson music video was shot on Canon 7D and Nikon lenses (source).
  • Diglloyd.com has an ongoing survey for a possible focusing issue with the new Nikon 24mm f/1.4G lens. See related discussion on dpreview here and here (samples available in second link). Amazon currently is not taking pre-orders for the 24mm 1.4, but this is probably related to the limited availability of this lens. Update: Amazon canceled existing 24mm 1.4 pre-orders "due to a lack of availability from our suppliers".
  • A German online store claims that a new Nikon AF-S 500/4.0 G ED VR II lens will be available in November. The lens on the picture appears to be the same as the current AF-S 500mm f/4G ED VR model. To find this entry go to AC-foto and search for "Nikon 500":

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  • sorry guys – the comments were closed by mistake (I did a bunch of back-end changes over the weekend), back to normal now

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      There are other serious, hidden drawbacks with this functionality as well (see http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/05/facebook-rogue, for instance)

      Just my $/€/$ 0.02. I really like this site and just post this to help improve. It’s not ment as criticism.


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        By “participate” i meant “vote like/dislike”, duh 🙂

  • Jose

    Dear Friends:
    Another Canon pro photographer who change for nikon, but the courios thing, they move to Nikon purchased 2 D3S, 12 MP camera. Can any more MP fan explain me Why a Pro Photographer had changed to a Nikon Camera with 12 MP? Please other answer than the one explained by Karl Grobl, better quality on high ISOs

    • Anonymous

      Because Nikon paid to them. Everyone has his/her price.

      • Anonymule

        Really? Nikon paid them…. That’s really lame (and original, btw). Maybe it’s because they realize Nikon cameras just work better, and that megapixels aren’t the ‘thing’ that makes a camera superior. Yeah, imagine that.

        On another note, I’m really disappointed by the possibility that the new 24 1.4 is having focusing issues. It would be a dream lens on a crop body like my D300s. I hope they fix it………and quick!

      • Jose

        Anonymous , Ok what is your price, a new Canon equipment? . Professionals don´t put his name and trayectory on risk for two d3s, very low price for any body?

        • Anonymous

          1) Think logically! What if, and I am saying what if Nikon has something in the pipeline that is a game changer product? Would you switch when the product is out or before?

          2) Price – well, Nikon must have offered them something. Remember, there is no such thing as free lunch! As I said, these people do get benefits from the switch

          • Mike

            He is selling his Canon gear to subsidize the cost of his Nikon gear. He also was previously a Nikon user 6 years ago before Canon, as you suggest, bought him. Why is it so implausible that he switched on his own free will without some sort of stuffed white envelope in the battery chamber?

      • Mike

        Did you read his commentary? 1DmkIII is 1.3 crop. 1DmkIIIs is too expensive full frame. 1DmkIV again 1.3 crop. 5DmkII too flimsy. He has billboards printed from his earlier DSLRs, so he has no desire/need for ultra high mp. His criteria was ultimate image quality, full frame, tough body, well priced. D3s met his criteria. So if that was his price, he did very well and Canon just had another market identified.

    • Jabs

      Hey Jose,
      Perhaps you failed to look at what Canon camera he was using!
      It is an EOS-ID Mark 11 and it has 8.2 megapixels and was released in 2004.

      Look here:

      It goes to only ISO 1600 also and is not full frame.
      Maybe he should have gotten rid of it a long time ago, as it is really behind the curve compared to any new camera.
      You also have to be some kind of an ‘idiot’ to buy his gear from him, especially in that condition.

      • Jose

        Jabs, Just think the moment whe you decided to buy your last camera, probably you was into many web pages, review owners comment regarding each posible selection from BH , adorama and best buy.
        Finally you probably went to camera shop to see the camera.
        If you did this, because you are not idiot, Why do you think he did not the same but probably with more skill, experience and knowledment than us?Probably he would like a good quality pictures

        Please, idiots are the one who consider marketing strategy, for example more MP , such a only parameter to consider in camera choise, off course this is very important but not the only reason to buy a camera

    • Discontinued

      Oh guys,
      how much can you read into it and how desperate are the Nikon-fanboys right now ? ? ?
      Come on, he is “just” a Journalist and he is just one photographer. These guys bought 4 MP DSLRs back in the nineties. Proof of unlimited IQ ? ? ? It sure is.

  • Any rumors on new/updated lenses? 300/4,200/2.8,135/2,80-400 ?

  • WoutK89

    When was the initial release month of the “Old” 500/4.0VR? If it was november it is just a never changed title to me 😉

  • Just want to point out that Nikon wildlife photographer Moose Peterson said on his twitter just the other day that he had bought his wife a 500mm VRII for mother’s day, though apparently it was a refurbished 500mm VR. Also, Nikon’s website lists the AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/4G ED VR as a “Professional super-telephoto NIKKOR lens featuring VR II” – are all future lens sales going to be the refurbished VRII models, or is this an actual update? BH lists them as “temporarily unavailable”; connected?

    • WoutK89

      He is not pointing at VRII, he is pointing at “ab november”…

      Those availability issues are the same here in Holland, it takes a few month to assembly only 1 of those lenses alone so I guess demand is higher than availability.

  • Jay

    He moved to 12mp because its more than enough for every print magazine in the world. The megapixel wars are fought only by people who either use their photos in large format printing (e.g. Landscape and some portraiture) and the prosumer arena. No photojournalist has ever complained about 12mp not being enough, body construction and durabiltty of lenses and gear is much more of a deciding factor.

    • Landscape? Definitely. Portraiture? Nah. Fashion, yes…but not portraiture. Most people don’t have perfect skin and few ever want their face printed larger than life size.

  • Anonymous

    All the superteles are VRII and have been for a while. I think the 400-500-600 went from AF-S II to VRII, no VRI in between.

    • David Hasselblaff

      The only difference between version I and II of the VR system is that the new VR-microchip is using a slightly faster base clock and different gyroscopic sensors.

    • Jeff

      “All the superteles are VRII and have been for a while. I think the 400-500-600 went from AF-S II to VRII, no VRI in between.”

      Read the specs on NikonUSA, the current 500VR is VR-I not VR-II
      Although I did notice that Adorama is advertising it incorrectly as VR-II

      • Jeff

        ok, I’m thinking NikonUSA site is wrong. Nikon Imaging has it as VRII same as the others. Both B&H and Adorama have it as VRII

        So much for consistency in Nikon web sites. lol

  • longtimenikonshooter
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