Nikon D700 promotions in the UK and Italy

Update #2: Today Nikon UK announced a cashback for the D90 and a price drop for the D5000.

Update #1: There are different Nikon promotions ongoing in other countries too, like Sweden for example where the D700 body is currently selling at a 26% discount.

Nikon UK announced a promotion for a free Nikon MB-10 battery grip when you purchase a D700. The offer expires on June 30th, 2010.

Nikon Italy has a promotion for a free Nikon SB-900 when you buy a D700. The offer expires on June 5th, 2010.

The Nikon rebates in the US will expire on May 1st, but I will not be surprised if they get extended again.

Nikon D700 was announced on July 1st, 2008.

Nikon just announced a new lens (200-400mm).

Photokina will take place at the end of September this year.

Based on all of this information, I think it is be safe to assume that the Nikon D700 replacement will be announced in the  July-September, 2010 timeframe with July being the best choice.

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  • Antman

    From a marketing point of view that would make sense. Run down the stock as much as possible, before launching the replacement product. It’s always a tricky balance to maximize sales of the current product, whilst timing the launch of the new one.

    • Anonymous

      But you dillute your brand by running these constant rebates/discounts. Also, you may train your customers to expect (and wait for) rebates. Rebates are good for a short period of time but it is clear that Nikon cannot sell its products at the moment in a volume they expected. No wonder why … as dprreview put it 12MP was a bummer back in 2007 and we are in 2010.

      • ArtTwisted

        I do not think Nikon has had so many rebates on all of its products as to dilute anything. The bundles are a yearly thing which canon also does and these other sales are small one offs which are always different. Nothing which makes you think “ill wait for the rebate for this 50 1.4 lens i want”

    • Jose

      Hope you have reason but rebates should work for reactivate sales in these slows economies, As you can see in BH, adorama, etc the prices reductions for D300s is over last week, the US economy looks to improve and the sales start to rectivate .

    • Philip

      The rumor is that there is a huge inventory of D700’s that Nikon wants to get rid of (which is probably their own fault for waiting so long to update the camera after otherwise following the same release cycle more or less since they started into digital SLRs), my guess is that people are waiting for the new release and delaying purchase decisions.

      Bundling is a classic marketing move for adding value without lowering the price. Although certainly dropping D700 prices will result in some sales, it is also likely to further delay purchase decisions by people who realize that a new D-SLR announcement is ’eminent.’ Nikon would rather capture these buyers at the premium price that early adopters will be willing to pay for a D700x, s or D800.

      Bundling the battery grip is their way of capturing the price sensitive mid-range D-SLR buyers without undermining future sales of a new model. The thing I think they are missing is that people who go for this deal will have considerable buyer’s remorse if Nikon releases an updated SLR with much improved performance soon after the special offer ends – eg. the much speculated D3 features in a D700.

      My personal choice is to wait, rather than go for the D700 now – which I know if still a very good camera.

      • Anonymous

        Unless they mark it down 50% I plan to wait for the next gen Nikon. And will only be interested if is MORE than 12MP. If they try to pass off another 12MP camera, I am likely changing brands. My lens collection is not so large as to stop me from doing that.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    By the time the average buyers receive their D700 replacement, it could can well past Feb 2011.

  • Alex

    It makes sense to me too. I have been thinking DSLRs have a 2 year cycle. D90, D700 and D3x were released in Fall 2008. But then so was the 50D and Canon 5D Mk2. Somehow I don’t suspect D3x is getting replaced for another while. But D90 and D700 must be Nikon’s priority now.

  • iCookie

    i wonder if PMA Australia will have any surprises for me this year

  • alvix

    here in italy the original promotion will expire tomorrow ..but they have extended it until june…

    • Anonymous

      Because they don’t sell

      • Sandman

        Extension (here in Italy) is due to the air block in the past weeks: there was a boom in D700 sells and even at the Italian distributor the D700 was out of stock.
        You couldn’t find a D700 in the last 2 weeks

  • Pat

    Both D3S and D300S are available (Nov/Dec 2009) right about 2 years after D3/D300 became available to the general public.

    D700 was available in the US early August 2008. Aside from the annoucement date, I think it would be safe to assume early adoptors can buy one by Late August?

  • The invisible man

    You guys are all wrong, here is the 2 reasons why Nikon is lowering prices:

    1: I just bouth a D900
    2: My birthday in in May 😮

    • The invisible man

      Sorry I meant bought a SB-900 (I’m not drunk yet)

  • Alex

    Oh and please don’t make it the same 12mp camera but with video. I think Nikon has milked that sensor for all it’s worth now. Put it in some D90 equivalent or something.

  • James

    I wish Nikon Canada would offer deals like the UK and Italy, I’d snap up another one right away.

  • Just hurry the hell up with a new Nikon, I want a D700 or D300 refresh that can decimate the Canon 5D Mark 2. Canon blows when it comes to picture, but the video is sick. It’s about time Nikon slam dunks on Canon with sick video too. AND give me more megapixels too, even though Nikon’s take sick photos with a 12mp sensor.

    • amunk

      but why are you so concerned with competing with canon? Maybe you should just focus on your photography and whether you are pushing the limits of the equipment you already own.

      Don’t be a gearhead. be a photographer.

      • Some of us shoot stock. More MPs mean more earnings or some crop space for Getty.

        • amunk

          That’s a better reason than “I want to decimate canon!” so I give you half credit.

          However, if you really think more MPs are the key to stock success versus quality of imagery, then I think you’re kidding yourself.

          Bob Krist shoots his stock images with D90s and he basically makes his living from stock photography

          • I am not saying you can’t make a living in stock with 12MPs, I do alright. More MPs would give me more options in the same way my 28-70 2.8 gives me more options than my 18-70 kit lens.
            I am also really looking forward to going full frame for DOF isolation. I have put off buying the D700 for so long as I felt it was due to be replaced a year ago!

  • Daniel

    It seems that D900 is upcoming.

  • AlexFoo

    What a deal! Hope why have such promotions in Malaysia too =)

  • Hey All

    I’m hijacking NR Guy’s comments section.

    I have 3 Blue Crane Digital DVD’s called “Understanding the Nikon Speedlight”. They were shipped to me mistakenly. The DVD’s are probably intermediate in level.

    The first 3 Nikonians to send me an email at with your mailing address gets em.

    Remember they’re NTSC.

    Hope that was ok NR Guy. 🙂


    • Of course it’s OK. Come on, tell the truth – you are switching to Nikon, right?

  • Joseph

    Photokina wish list:

    24mp D900 with 1080 video (D3x sensor)
    70-200mm f/4 lens

    • Nash

      Not gonna happen anytime soon… thinka couple of years at least.. they cant kill the d3x sales… for now at least.

      • Anonymous

        Same story… Which D3x sales? How many? It’s a niche market. But a D900 will outsell D3x by 10 fold. That’s why Nikon manufactured D700 after D3. Did it kill D3 sales? Maybe somewhat, but who cares? D900 will be a profitable move for Nikon.

  • A free SB-900? Now that would be worth considering. The “D700 + 24-70mm lens = $250-300 rebate” wasn’t much of a draw (over $4000 in gear, and with most retailers’ prices the actual savings wasn’t the as-advertised $300). A $500 flash free with a $2400 camera is something different.

  • Joburg – A Third World Class African Shitty.

    Well, here in (not so sunny, at the moment) South Africa, the D90 as a kit with 18-55G II has realy dropped in price, by a good 25%.

    More interesting is that 2 large retail chain stores that NEVER had the D90 Before, now have them…and Pro equiment shops and chain stores have the same price!

    Could that mean something? Clearing Stocks? Perhaps a D90 replacment is to be launched 4 use with the NEW 200-400 f4 VR II for the World Cup?

    • amunk

      there’s almost guaranteed to be a D90 replacement announced by september as well! probably the 16MP dslr the Admin mentioned in a previous post

  • Chris P

    I agree with the timing, July to September, for the replacement/upgrade of the D700. However what that replacement/upgrade will be could be interesting because of the fact that here in the UK the added bonus with the D700 is the MD-10. We have had earlier rumours of a MD-11 and I have heard that MD-10 sales with the D300/D700 have not been as large as Nikon UK expected. Therefore, rather than it being an upgrade like the D3s/D300s, it is a replacement camera which requires a modified motor drive, hence clearing overstocked MD-10’s before the new camera is announced is a logical move.

    • David Hasselblaff

      Why do I feel like we will see a D700s with 720p video?

      • Nash

        Because you will…. if it doesnt happen.. people will start switching to 5d Mk II!

        • preston

          nash, it doesn’t sound like you are being sarcastic, so i’ll point out that David was expressing that nikon hasn’t been meeting expectations recently in terms of video features, because 720p video is what we DON’T want (we need 1080p)

          sorry if you knew this.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Because it has happened before with the D300 and only quite recently,too?
        (Just a guess.)

        I don’t feel like I wanna see it, but Nikon definitely knows how to lower expectations, right? Would lead to countless “I’am leaving” and “12 MP is just it and it’s just soooo much better as long as it’s Nikon” comments again and again. I don’t want to read that shit once more …

        Come on Nikon.

        what about that rumors that started to flow (15th of April). Nothing since?

        • yes, the rumors were about the 200-400 and they were right, the rest was just general expectation of what is in the pipeline for Nikon without specific details or release dates

          • I guess the 3 dslrs could be a long term plan for the whole year, or even for the next few years 🙁

  • That sounds great. Why Nikon Spain DOES NEVER offer such promotions? They behave like pirates!

    • What are you saying that Pirates don’t offer promotions often? ;P

  • dude

    3 years antique still dun want go museum

  • Mikils

    Rats! so for the trip of my life -Iceland, end of June-, no way to grab it. To buy the D700 now would mean loose too much value in 2-3 months and I need another camera, cannot go there with my old D200 only. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to pawn my wife and buy a D3s, .

    • Alex

      why not rent a D700 for your trip and buy the replacement when it comes out?

    • Andy

      Or, buy an old medium format camera and scan the negs when you get back. If you’re paying three bucks each time you release the shutter, you’ll have the fun exercise of thinking twice.

  • JormaK

    Some statistics:
    Number of Nikon DSLR announced by year:
    1999 1
    2000 0
    2001 2
    2002 1
    2003 1
    2004 2
    2005 4
    2006 3
    2007 3
    2008 4
    2009 4
    2010 (zero so far)

    Number of Nikon DSLR announced by month:
    Jan 2
    Feb 3
    Mar 1
    Apr 3
    May 0
    Jun 2
    Jul 4
    Aug 4
    Sep 1
    Oct 1
    Nov 2
    Dec 1

    • Anonymous

      thanks, good work

    • amunk

      there’s a better, more informative breakdown on

      What you really want to be looking at is what TYPE of DSLR is released in each year (pro, prosumer, consumer). If you look at that, you’ll see a method to the madness.

      The conclusion is that this year we should see upgrades of the D90 and probably D700. Next year we will see upgrades of the D300 and D3

  • Hello Guys,
    Please tell me something. Them at Nikon giving rebates on the D700 doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t issue the replacement of the D90 before June, does it?
    I understand they won’t issue the replacement of the D700 now, but they could still issue the next D90, couldn’t they?

  • kaki

    i bought d700 about 3weeks ago and I was so disapponted.
    i took over 1000 pictures and my impression is not so great. Sure, the camera has a high iso performance but it consistantly blown highlight. i took the wedding photos with strobe and it is hard to pinpoint exact exposure because of the camera just white out the highlight area. my d300 takes much better pictures. i am sure a nikon fan but i can honestly tell you that this camera is over rated. I could buy d300s for 800 dollars less instead. duh.

    • You may try the lowest contrast setting; still if it doesn’t cut, then underexposing by 0.3 – 0.5 ev may be a solution.

      • T140Rider

        In high contrast situations (White dress & Dark Suits) I underexpose by -0.7ev with my D700. I don’t get any highlight burnout. I just caried the practice over from by D2x.

    • What lens are you using?

      • kaki

        24-70 f/2.8

        • Strange! That should definitely work fine… There are many D700 owners using this lens in the Flickr D700 group, I am sure they will be able to help with figuring out the cause of the problem. It is possible that there is some default different from that of the D300 which causes it. Do not write off the camera just because of it, I am pretty sure it can be fixed.

          I have the camera but not this particular lens.

          • amunk

            its not the camera, it’s him.

          • Agreed.

            Besides, the D700 works best very slightly (0.3 ev) over-exposed, because the amount of detail held in the in the highlights is pretty much magical.

    • G

      I really have to comment here, hi-light burn out is because your exposure is wrong, its nothing to do with the camera..if you are in a hard to light situation do one of a few things:
      1 – shoot raw and bracket (3stops) – pick your best exposure from the 3 and edit the raw image
      2 – use your legs and move to a better position or move your subjects, it’s a wedding, people expect you to put them in the best position for getting the best pictures
      Sorry if that sounds harsh but I used to make those excuses when my mentor would tell me i’m over exposing an image
      It’s Constructive Criticism – take it as such

      • kaki

        I am talking about exposure latitude here. In case you do not understand the professional language, The exposure lattitude is that how many ev stop the camera senser can convert to the image. This D 700 camera seems not good as d300 on high ev area. Do not pretend you know everything in the nikon roumor and learn something when you read! i have find many were complaining about same problem in the DCR. So, I am not the only one.

        • amunk

          First of all, your initial comment did not mention exposure latitude or Dynamic range AT ALL. you only talked about blown highlights – and it was a FAIR assumption, that you didn’t know what you were doing.

          However, if you want to talk about exposure latitude – let’s do it:
 does some of the most comprehensive sensor tests in the photographic world. They are the most reliable source.

          According to their tests:
          D700 – You get about 12 stops of range at base ISO. and about 10 stops at ISO 1600.
          D300S – You get about 12 stops of range at base ISO. and about 8 stops at ISO 1600.

          Conclusion#1: D700 has better latitude than the D300S.
          Conclusion#2: if you are getting more blowouts on the D700 than on the D300S, you just don’t know how to operate your camera.

          My final point: make sure you’re not the problem before declaring your equipment a piece of crap.

        • amunk

          BTW in case you were curious:

          The Canon 5D Mark II gets
          11 stops of latitude at base ISO and and 9.5 stops at ISO 1600. It’s worse than the D300S even

    • tsnake

      You need to spend some time learning this vamera’s capabilities.
      It’s menu is very involved, and one wrong setting changes everything.
      I have a D700 and a D300. Love them both but the D300 is a toy compared to the D700. Do not under estimate the power of that D700, it is a great tool.
      I am anxiously awaiting its repleacement, but even then I wont part with it.
      will simply own one or 2 more DSLR’s to complete my lineup.

      • kaki

        you should learn how to spell check,dude!

    • amunk


      That’s because you don’t know how to use it! Next time, upgrade your knowledge before upgrading your camera body.

      Seriously go out and learn how to meter and expose correctly. there are many books on the subject. sheesh

    • DBX

      You need to learn a thing or two about digital processing. The D700 sensor has more ability than the D300 to handle contrast — a lot more. A stop and a half more. Of course, you’d never know if you just shot default settings all the time. For some reason the default on the D700 is strong contrast and narrow dynamic range, while the default on the D300 is less contrasty. At minimum on the D700, you have to dial back the contrast and use in-camera D-lighting but really you should be shooting NEF (raw).

  • Daf

    Hmm as much as I’d like it to be – I’m not sure this is as clear an indication as that.

    IIRC Nikon France did a similar deal several month or almost a year ago.

  • Mark

    Hallelujah! I just may see my D??? (D700 replacement) coming.

    Now the question is: Do I get my mega pixels? or Do I get a D700 with video?


  • Hansum

    I bought a Canon 5D mark II about 3 months ago and I was so disapponted.
    I took over 1000 pictures and my impression is not so great. Sure, the camera has a high iso performance but it consistantly is out of focus. I took the wedding photos and it is hard to pinpoint exact focus because the camera is a piece of crap. My D700 takes much better pictures. I am sure a nikon and Canon fan but I can honestly tell you that this camera is over rated. Waste of money duh.

    • kaki

      do you own any DSLR? probably not! if you want one, go out work hard and save some money.

  • Lol. Nice one…. 😀

  • As a earlier canon guy i also bought a 5D mk II and hated it for it`s build quality, went into store, tryed the d700 and was totally in love.

    now i am waiting for its successor to come. : )

    • kaki

      are you a camera collector? why keep buying camera instead taking picture with it? In case you do not know, this space for photographers not for collectors.

      • do you work with broken equipment? autofocus didnt work.

      • Anonymous

        do you still use the first DSLR you bought ?
        Some of us have the disposable income to upgrade every time a new camera comes out. Maybe you need a new career if you cannot afford to do that.

        See, i can be a butt-head too in my replies. ;-P

  • twoomy

    Jeeezus, Nikon! How long does it take to dump off the surplus of old D700’s already so we can move on to the next camera? I see we’re now dumping off the surplus of battery grips. Next promotion, every buyer will get 5 free plastic LCD covers.

    If Nikon really wanted to dump surplus, they could just lower the price. (Although if anybody remembers the D2H dropping $1000 in price weeks before announcement of the D2HS, people who bought earlier were quite cranky.)

  • LouisT

    At least in some countries the prices of run out models are dropped or some nice package deals offered. Apparently Nikon South Africa and its resellers are out to milk the consumer with overinflated prices for even old camera models. The Canon 7D is only fracionally more expensive here than a D300s, while the Canon 5D MkII is cheaper than a D700 – as far as i can tell this is not the case in US and UK. Canon SA is far better are lowering prices in line with the international trends. Looks like I might jump ship in the near future…

  • D700 update?

    WHEN on earth will we see the update to the D700?!! It has been quite a while since we dreamt of it and we are yet to see it happen!
    Well, at least we know that, with Nikon, it is worth the wait.
    I hope Nikon will reply, in a compelling way, with the D700 update to the Canon 5D Mark II. No need for more pixels, just quality instead of quantity!

    Let us wait further but it is getting long!

    • Anonymous

      Pffft not increasing MP would be a major FAIL on Nikon’s part.

  • hybris

    com on nikon
    give us that d3x sensor with hd video and i will newer complain again cross my hart.
    no 700 with 720vid

    com on belowed nikon

  • Ed

    Give me a 700 replacement with a D3s sensor and 1080p video that uses h264 and I’ll stop looking at the 5Dm2. Come on Nikon, I’ll give you money for this.

  • Knight

    I’m seriously on the brink of switching to Canon for video. I’m holding off to see what nikon has up their sleeve. Please, Nikon, give me a t2i Killer!

    • Anonymous

      most likely another 12MP crap at 720p. First you have to wait for a sony release because once that is done Nikon can get a new sensor. Otherwise Nikon is like the caveman in town suck with the crappy 12MP.

      Ok, many are happy with the crappy 12MP but that’s less than 50% of the crowd. So go figure it out

  • broxibear

    Video?…who cares, if you want video buy a camcorder.
    I want a better sensor, doesn’t have to be 24mp like the D3x, and please, please, please a 100% viewfinder…oh…and a reasonable price too under £1800.

  • Canuck expat

    £569.99 for a D5000 body??? I hope that is an inflated “suggested” price. That’s $877 USD at today’s exchange. Not sure if we can quote prices paid but let’s just say you get the whole D5000 + 18-55 VR + 55-200 VR + a card for less than that. I feel pity for those overseas.

  • Acend

    26% discount in Sweden confirmed (

    Wow that is tempting… part of me want to rush out and get it right away. But there has to be a replacement model coming out soon… right?

    • Richard

      But from Holland we can buy it for €1 800 (+ €20 shipping), thats more than ten percent under this price.

    • twoomy

      That’s the whole point of incentives. Lower the prices on old stock to clear out inventory before a new release (still probably a few months off). So what’s more important to you? A good older camera for a cheaper price or a state-of-the-art camera for premium dollars?

      • Acend

        I guess I’ll wait. Might as well add some $ and get the latest. If I buy a D700 now I know I’ll regret it once it’s discontinued. Plus I also work with video so it’s a no-brainer I guess. Holland was a good tip though, thanx Richard!

  • Sure are a lot of whiners in here.

    Technology will march on, and I’d love to see a D700 with a D3s sensor as much as the rest of you…which it will… but can you not take a good picture with a D700? And who are you freaks who threaten to switch to Canon if you don’t get a D700 replacement soon? Your parents sure sucked at the whole parenting gig.

    There was a guy in here who complained he had a whole lineup of FX lenses waiting for an FX body and he wanted to wait till a D700 replacement. Buy a freaking D700, and get almost a year of good use out of it, then get the upgrade in Feb 2011. A year of shooting is worth the $500 I’ll lose in resale.

    • disco

      poor guy can’t afford a D3s… what is he ever going to do with all those FX glass… boohoo

    • marinart

      “Technology will march on…”
      Yep. Unfortunately Nikon’s marching like an arthritic octogenarian in cement filled rubber boots on this one.

      • Anonymous

        yep, Nikon is mobility challanged when it comes to marching. If I wanted to be rude, I would have said that it’s a crippled impotent bunch of idiots that make up the Nikon management team. How long does it take for them to realize that people do not want to buy old outdated stuff like the D700?

  • Anonymous

    NEWS FLASH! THe D700 production has stopped. All employes got fired! Even Toshi the Japanese Janitor got fired. He is drunk for 2 days now! The new CEO is a joke, first he wanted to see to girls in the factory. He was told that there are only robots since everyone got fired. He is a weird M>>fu_ _ker, he still wanted to see the robots! Ok, I stop because it got ugly!

  • fxed

    I shop thru the “Military Exchange.” The D700 as of a few days ago is no longer listed. If they were out the item would be marked backordered. The Army/Air Force Exchange Service gets their camera equipment from the supplier in Japan. This happened with the Nikon 70-200 VR1 and then a month or so later the Nikon 70-200 VRII was listed for sale. By taking the D700 off is a big deal since it was a great seller. The D3s is still up for sale on the site for $4,975.00 with a 10% discount if you subscribe to the newsletter. How much is that for the D3s $4477.50, wow, in stock and ships free from Japan. Of course you must be in the military or retired from to be able to shop.

    • Iceman

      great tip…thanks

  • ArtTwisted

    Honestly, to all of you, use what youve got, I love my D90 and im sure I will eventually love a D700, but past that I will go for a mamiya or hasselblad with a digital and film back. For those who want huge resolution, by going up a format you will get much more DR and sharpness then any 35mm could ever do. You can get into MF range for bodies under 10 grand with a 20+ back, add on a 80mm lens and your good to go.

  • le_eiji

    tired of 12MP low image quality camera and 95 percent FOV. release D3X in a smaller body with 98 percent FOV immediately, plz.

  • july

    I just picked up canon 5d mark II. it is amazing camera. it also capable 1080p video. don’t wait d700x. you can buy canon right now. oh, and i didn’t mention about the new 70-200 is II. it is amazing lens. it beat the hell out the 70-200 vr II. c’mon, nikon fanboy, you should glown up about now. nikon did nothing for you. see, you have been waiting for successors after successor but they were always not enough but needed another spin.

    • litebyte

      Hi july,

      Odd, you can hold already such big camera…but you can’t read. Here is the Nikon rumors…N I K O N…and not C A N O N.
      But you’re right, it goes about images and what you can do with your camera, not about what kind of camera or lens it is, and now back to your hole the ground together with the other trolls.

    • michael

      you troll

  • Jess

    I just recently purchased a D700, and I’m very pleased with it. I exclusively BW for years, but the D700 convinced me that it was time to try digital. One of the things that always seems lost in these forum discussions is the primary importance of your own vision. There’s some kind of technolust at work here whereby people relish the machine and forget about their own eyes. Photography has never had any pretensions of representing the world without mediation. Yet the measure of accomplishment in these conversations for both the photographer and his camera is mostly about resolution. MOMA has a big exhibit of Bresson’s images up, and if you look at those you’ll see that his focus is not perfectly sharp and even more obvious technical problems with the exposure of the print or the pronounced grain of the film. But they work beautifully as images. Believe me, I have my own anxieties about this very expensive equipment becoming obsolete. But then it occurs to me that a camera is an aperture and a shutter. Of course, one needs a certain level of technological development to realize their vision, but as an artist it’s incumbent on you to forge it. Not Nikon, not a company. This technolust is a distraction from taking responsibility for your own image making. It’s a fall back to a bad logic that photography is fundamentally about the machine. A collodion process can give you a print that digital could never rival; the current D700 can allow for a range of exposure previously unimaginable. When we let companies dictate what it impossible with our images, we surrender our art. Go look at the light.

    • july

      impressive! what’s the point?

      • fxed

        Point is that even if your camera sucks and your a crap photographer, you still have a shot at pop art. So now you can stop worrying about your 5DMKII focus issues as long as the composition of your photo’s work out. Tee Hee.

        • july

          seriously, my 5d mkII focus is fine. It is fast as d3, i guess. I saw some posts regarding d3s servo mode issue. is it true? It does not matter. I am going to buy one anyway in May. Because I am a camera collector just like anybody else in this forum.

    • le_eiji

      wonderful post. I’m truly impressed by you, jess.

  • Anonymous

    Have you guys noticed that this is the longest period that Nikon has not announced any dslr at all? It’s been over 6 months now since the D3s was announced. I cannot find another period where Nikon was quiet for more than 4 months. I think they have no sensor. Sony does not give them new stuff. It would be great if Nikon would start using Canon sensors and apply their own voodoo scientce to it.

  • Photobug

    D700 replacement:
    >20Mp: deal
    <18Mp: no deal

  • Lowlite

    A lot of you are missing the point of the 12mp sensor in the D700 and, hopefully, its eventual replacement.

    One of the main reasons that the D3, D700, and D3s have such outstanding high ISO/ low light performance is the physical size (very big) of the pixels on the sensor. If there are more pixels in an FX format sensor they have to be smaller, compromising low light performance.

    If you’re capable of shooting properly framed pictures 12mp is plenty of resolution for any application – I’ve shot images at 12mp that have been used on billboards!

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