“A great new DSLR” next month

I bought the May issue of Popular Photography online and found this note on page 6:

Of course it is not clear what manufacturer will be releasing the new DLSR, but Canon or Nikon will be high on the list (Sony is too busy with the release of their EVIL system next month, Pentax and Olympus will probably save their bullets for Photokina in September).

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  • anglsu

    first to write

  • Alex Wong

    It has begunnnnnn!

    • C Benson

      Alex Wong,

      Your statement “It has begunnnnnn”! I have to tell you buddy, if there is no smoke, then there is no fire. Meaning this is all rumors with out faces and I want faces not fiction.

  • Click

    a D700 Replacement “Please”

    • That would be a nice surprise…I fear it won’t arrive until sometime between August and November. But I won’t shed a single tear should it decide to come sooner…

  • S in Shanghai

    April 10th, next year? May 10th that may be?


    • I got confused – this is from the May issue which was released in April, the next June issue should be release somewhere in May.

      • Global Guy


      • Mark

        Magazines have always done this, the date on the issue seems to have little to do with the date it is released.


  • grumps

    I think it will be the Canon 1Ds Mark IV, if a flagship Nikon instead, great too!

    • Paul

      I think it’ll probably be the 1ds IV as well.
      It’s expected.

      • rhlpetrus

        +1, the 1DsIV is about due now. Nikon seems to be pretty quiet, the last new body (new body, not new sensor) they released was the D3000, not big news though. The D5000 is 1+ year old already, the last to show something new (swivel LCD).

        I see Aug as the new timeframe, likely the D400. The D700s could be earlier, but again, not big news, just the D3s sensor and video (hopefully 1080p/24).

        • Richard

          Agreed. Based on past events, it seems unlikely that Nikon will make any major product announcement before Canon. It would be nice to be wrong though.

  • I think this is a bit of a stretch. I’m betting they were just saying some kind of new DSLR is going to be on the cover, which could mean ones we already know about but haven’t been featured yet?

    • Global Guy

      Im thinking that too. Halle Barry is hard to resist, but she’s been around for a while too. I’m thinking D3s, etc — something the magazine hasnt SHOT with yet, but that they just couldn’t resist to try to make a cover from.

    • RobJ

      I agree. I read this when it first came out, and I think they were just talking in general, not predicting anything new and unknown. Pop Photo tends to be a couple of months behind with their reviews, so they could very well be talking about a camera that is already out and they just haven’t reviewed yet.

  • Click

    The Nikon Sales Charts that were available at T. Hogan’s site very recently reflected that Nikon has never announced or released a DSLR in the month of May.

    History shows that June, July and August have provided the overwhelming majority of DSLR announcements the past 10 years.

    Bring it on Nikon !!!!

    • sam

      Actually I think what Thom said was that if Nikon releases a new camera the announcement should be before their financial results announcement because they will provide outlook of the number of products they expect to sell over the next quarters, and one could easily see if a new product is coming from those numbers…

      Nikon will announce their financial results on May 11th. So announcement during the next two weeks or we’ll wait few more month…

  • I think it’s going to be a flagship Canon, since Nikon is determined to let us down and continue to hold back.

    Seriously though, please Nikon, we know you read these rumor boards, give us the D700 replacement or i’m going to Canon!!!! Consider yourself officially on notice!!!

    • amunk


      • achton

        For video, I am moving to Canon right now, the T2i is a NO BRAINER. This really sucks, all my lenses are Nikon mount. I need to move on with better filming & documentary stuff & I really hate Nikon right now therfore.

        • Global Guy

          You’re an idiot if you bought Nikon lenses for a video camera. Oh wait — you bought them for a still camera! Guess Nikon did its job.

          • Global Guy

            Well, I spoke too strongly. But Nikon never said it was competing in the camcorder business — thats Canon, Panasonic’s gig. Even though they know how to use very nice displays, Nikon isn’t competing in the Big Screen TV industry either, thats Sony’s gig. Let’s stop complaining about Nikons video for AT LEAST one more year or so. Its so stupid, because A.) Nikon was the FIRST DSLR company to use video, and B.) They never said they were going to focus on it to turn their cameras into the world’s best camcorders, and C.) ITS BRAND NEW FOR NIKON, they haven’t been in this industry. Canon has done it for decades! Nikon JUST started. Give them some slack time to do their development properly. Its insane to tell a technology company to suddenly start doing another type of technology at the HIGHEST level. Canon has been doing it for decades. Nikon just started. So people need to quit whining and think about how business resources must be used. They should focus on the lenses THEN the cameras THEN the video.

          • zack

            You are just talking out of your bum. RED team never had any experience making video cameras. Try to tell them what you’re telling this guy. It is about people you hire, engineers, scientists-artists. Nikon is stagnating and that is fact. You can all wave the history flags, but the market is changing and Nikon seeems to struggle.

        • Dude, how is the electronic noise-fettered high ISO garbage looking trashy crammed pixel density canon a “no brainer?” Anyone saying the Canons are a worthy replacement for the D3s in pretty much any aspect is smoking too much paint. Sorry, but just look at the footage. Even in the Zacuto shootout Philip Bloom (a Canon apologist) made numerous comments that the D3s footage was amazing, while criticizing the Canon footage for being too noisy and nasty electronic looking. The D3s smoked the Canons, pure and simple.

          At any rate, I’ve wasted my time. Your language and ignorance definitely have the trademark of a canon-carting troll.

          • R!

            At least one guy is not blind in here!!I
            I just tryed this week end ,on a big size projection full HD,and I am saying the same thing,I also compared Nikon ,Canon,and the GH1immage on 7ft by 5ft ,the Nikon looks like cinemascope moovies 24 im/s a litle bit wilder and smooth like real analog film marvelous!!The Canon and GH1 were just poor in the capacity of difusing diferent shades of colors to give in a real big screen projection like condition,a clean image!
            Like a picture a Film need to be look at with the EYES!!!!
            That is the only test you need.

          • Joe R

            As a D300 owner who’s only upgrade path is to dramatically better ISO performance or dramatically better d-movie… I have to completely disagree with you.

            On any of the 37″-55″ LCD and Plasma HDTVs that my family and friends own, the T2i video looks great.

            Since those are the people who would ever seem my SLR video, they are the benchmark for me.

            Of course there is room for improvement, as there always will be, but calling it ” too noisy and nasty electronic looking” is sensationalist FUD. With the slightest skill, one can get great looking footage out of Canon’s SLR lineup.

            Nikon is hugely ahead in high-ISO performance and hugely behind in video.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t understand ,maybe I m writing to fast ,plus I m french lol; BUT!!!!!!!!!
            I said I tryd it on a projection machine,like moovie theatre and Nikon is the best !!!!!!

          • R!

            not talkin about sh!::;ty lcd or plasma talkin about real moovie projection in here !!!!

          • “Hugely” is a serious stretch, considering even the Canon guys are jealous looking at the Nikon D3s footage. Don’t look at the numbers. Look at the results. Suddenly you see a different picture.

            By the way, I’m not disputing that any camera can look decent at low ISO’s. But when pushed at all, the Canon footage breaks apart pretty badly, and not at all in an eye-pleasing way.

        • Martin

          I bought some adapters and use some Nikon lenses for video on a Canon (5dmk2 + T2i), make sure the adapter is locking. One of my adapters ($35) is chipped and relays AF confirmation on an ancient manual Nikkor 300/2.8

    • jackerrooo

      yeahhh..go..onn buddy and see you later in nikon camp we’ll welcome you back ha..ha..

    • Fly your banner elsewhere, friend.

      • pukito

        You are certainly I-RON-MAN, arent ya ?
        A real hero with sand in his eyes. If you enjoy rolling shutter & chunky jerky “video-animated” stuff, than keep your superb D3s. Nikon wanted to play big & offer video, they did’nt improve a single thing since 3 DSLRs came out. & guess what, they are in partnership with Sony, a huge video maker brand !
        If they are not capable to follow the market, better keep making good photo improvments.
        Swallow your pride & your fanatism Dude, they are only tools !

        • The Nikon’s video whips Canon for color, highlights, and low light response. I’ll totally agree that done right, the Canon’s have the potential for a sharper image though, since the Nikons are at 720. 1080 Looks better projected to my eye. So all around they ALL have major quality issues. Nikon needs to bump it up to 1080 and add shutter control like they’ve done on the d3s. Canon just needs better sensors. I’ve shot stills with several gens of Canon’s and I’ve never been a fan of their noise or color response.

          ALL of these cameras can benefit from better processing. I was really surprised by the highlight response shown in the Zacuto video. I know that stills have much better DR than the film shots shown, and I wonder if it’s a hardware limitation or just processing.

          Anyway, they all suck projected. Canon looks like a bad digtial cap of grainy film stock (see: Eyes Wide Shut) and the Nikons have wonderful shadows–until you hit the last few values near black, when you encounter HORRID compression artifacts.

          • Thanks for the balanced input. And you’re right, the shadow artifacts are there, and they can be addressed. I imagine that’s part of the reason the 5dMii suffered all those complaints of the shadows getting crushed.

        • I’m being called names by what seems to be twelve year olds today. Cool. I remember those years fondly, so I can’t fault you. Keep it up kiddo.

          I’m making good money from my “rolling shutter & chunky jerky “video-animated” stuff”. So how was that again? And if you don’t think the 5dMII has rolling shutter issues, you are lying to yourself. Are the Nikon’s perfect? No. But this sentiment that Canon is smoking Nikon in the video arena is garbage, pure and simple.

          FYI: you’re factually incorrect—Nikon has improved the video incrementally since the initial cameras were released. The D3s was a pretty big step up as well in all the issues people are discussing.

          Say hi to your mom for me.

  • Jack

    I saw that blurb when I received the magazinein the mail, but I took it to mean that they normally show DSLRs on the cover so it would be back to normal in the next issue. I never pay attention to the covers or really the magazine itself so I don’t know if they normally have DSLRs on the cover.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    It’s a Baby D3x.

    • That would be a treat! Add video to it, and it would be stellar.

  • anglsu

    i just don’t think the nikon folks would leak their secrets to the magazines….

  • Mark

    >Of course it is not clear what manufacturer will be releasing the new DLSR, but Canon or Nikon will be high on the list…

    So freaking what? New cameras come out all the time. Show me the great photos you take with whatever you have got now, oh that’s right – you can’t as you’re too busy talking about hardware to actually go and shoot photos.

    OK this is a rumor site so I should expect no less, but this is a very strange obsession some people develop (no ill feeling intended, just asking why box at shadows when pictures are awaiting the taking)

    • amunk


      It’s okay to get excited about this stuff for a lot of reasons
      1. Contrary to what you say, gear and quality of photos are related. I can take far better photos with a D90 than a D40 due to the high ISO ability. I can take better photos with an 85mm 1.4D than a 18-55mm kit lens.
      2. Introduction of new high end cameras, means reduction of prices across the board on camera bodies. This makes better gear more accessible for all.
      3. Often new features in new bodies revolutionize photography. Often we see some truly inspirational stuff as a result. it’s exciting.
      4. This is all in good fun. If we have a hobby, there’s no reason we can’t get excited about developments in that hobby.

      Stop characterizing everyone excited about cameras as shallow. If you care so much about your photos, why are you wasting time berating us on this board? take your own advice and go out and shoot.

      • I completely second amunk.

      • jackerrooo


  • Splutzer

    I would be fine with next month having a picture of Halle Berry holding “A Great New DSLR”.

  • Pat

    even if it indeed is a “new great DSLR”, chances are it would be the Canon 1DS Mark IV wtih 30+ megapixel.

    The D700 successor would be out, but most likely in the summer following the 2 year mid-life-upgrade cycle like D3->D3S and D300->D300S.

  • What about the rumour of an announcement on the 27th? This may be it!

    • I never heard anything about a Nikon press conference. Till now they always had a press event with every new product.

      • Oh what a shame 🙁 Is it possible we will have a press conference on the 27th? It seems far-fetched though…

      • Then what were you referring to in your April 19th rumor of “Possible Nikon Announcement April 27th or 29th, 2010”?

  • Zorro

    At last, the long-rumored D40s.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I don’t think this comment is referring to a specific DSLR. They’re just referring to the subject matter of their typical cover. Man. Nikon has nothing going on so we’re just stretching for rumors, now. It seems that we’ll have multiple releases from competitors before Nikon upgrades just once. I hope they’re not in trouble and are really taking their time to brew up something great.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you found this as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me support my growing family with a $5 donation.

    • Injured Gonad

      Sorry Ren, I spent the 5 bucks on weed.

  • amunk

    Does anyone know if Canon has any camera bodies expected to be released soon?

  • Anonymous

    Dude, it’s a print magazine. How many months are they typically behind?

    I’m sure they’re referring to the D5000.

    or possibly the D70s.

    • pure win

      • Global Guy

        +1 lol

      • rsm540


    • R!

      -1 print magazine ,sometimes has some clue before others from brands, to get some sure advertisement right on time, and It is quite often that we see no news on the web and some days after the new product is in the magazines , that is organise promotion!
      So good job Admin It is a good rumor!!

  • Daniel

    It should be Fuji S6Pro, I guess.

    • j0elc

      We can only hope..

  • amunk

    no press releases + no press conferences scheduled = no need for us to get excited. whatever it is, its not a new nikon

  • b

    did anybody scan the cover and check the exif? that should tell…

    • i did.
      weird, CANON LIDE 20

      hm… not really smarter now are we 🙂

  • yulia

    magazines usually 2-3 month behind.

    maybe Leica S2 or Pentax 645D.
    my vote is for 645D.

  • grumps

    Why don’t people come to terms that there will be a D700 replacement only after D4 is released!

  • Misasi

    a D700 Replacement “Please” (2)

  • TheIncredibleUlk

    Maybe the d400 after all?

  • Conan

    I wanna a D700’s replacement~~~~~~~~~

  • Conan

    I wanna a D700 successor ASAP~~D700 is the only camera that dates in the current production line of NIKON

  • Anonymous

    nah this is canons new d3s killer

    • Ha! Like the 1d Mark IV? Oh, no, you mean the body with EVEN HIGHER pixel density?


      • Q

        you know, its bizarre i find, that people keep bashing a company for trying to push the boundaries of engineering. if everyone were ’12mp is enough’ or ‘oh im a pro and 12mp is enough as it can print billboard sizes and is sufficient for a 300dpi 2 page spread and if you dont know that you arent a pro like me or you dont print your images’

        if everyone were contented, we will be still using film for consumer photography/sports photography. I find it refreshing that canon has the balls to keep pushing the limits of tech at the expense of vitriol from internet pundits like you. the latest sensors they make have minimal iso improvement at massive (in nominal terms) increments of resolution. it might not have the awesome high iso capabilities of the d3s but the philosphy was different in the first place. they did their study groups and they came to a different conclusion.

        besides dpreview (if their tests are to be believed) on the 5d mark ii
        # Excellent resolution, very close to Sony Alpha 900 (and essentially the same as EOS-1Ds Mark III)
        # Very good High ISO performance, almost as good as Nikon D700 / D3
        i checked the page on Dynamic range, said it compared alright to the d700.

        21mp. similar noise performance. well? (ok yes i know the AF pales in comparism but we are talking about pixel crammed sensors no?)

        what canon needs to do is to produce a FF low res high iso high speed camera to shut internet pundits up. the 1dmarkiv has a mp density of 3.1mp/cm2 the nikon d3s has 1.4mp/cm2. thats LESS THAN HALF the light gathering area per pixel for the canon. and the results are similar till 3200.

        imagine if they equaled nikon’s mp density. the engineers at canon know what they are doing and they are confident that pushing boundaries this way is best.

        oh, btw the Zacuto shootout. Canon has their line of pro camcorders. this camera is meant to be a STILL CAMERA. nikon did better only because they are still hiding behind the 12mp is enough shield.

        ‘anyone who thinks the 1d m4 is a worthy replacement for the nikon d3s is smoking too much paint’. there are tons of deluded paint smokers out there who are satisfied. stupid noink evangelists…

        • Cool, you can call names.

          Canon can do whatever they want. But too many buy into their millions of ad spend telling photogs that megapixel battles are where it’s at. Sorry, but when you push the boundaries, be sure to do it the right way, not just for a quick win. When you have the SECOND highest megapixel count in the industry (ahem, Nikon smoked em there too), and your camera can’t autofocus; or when you have a feature such as 100k ISO, but images that look like soup, you’re all talk. It’s all about looking good on paper for Canon, regardless of the fact that they can’t deliver on basic functionality of the camera.

          Dude, you argue that Canon is king because they push the boundaries of resolution, then in the same breath you make excuses stating that Nikon is better only because they chose a “different”, lower road. Come on. Put the pieces together. The results are in all across the internet. The Nikon D3s is sharper than the 1dsIV (even upsampled), lower noise than the 1dsIV, better video than the 1dsIV, and it can actually autofocus and operate as expected. Sorry, but even the autofocus fiasco replacement machine hasn’t held up to scrutiny. What other argument will you make to defend your name calling and baseless accusations? Canon’s problem is not a technological one, as you state. It’s a philosophical one, and one which even many Canon shooters are growing weary of.

          And that’s why you’re here on a Nikon board. Because you’ve heard the cries, and you are looking for any sign that they are in vain.

          Here are some results which ARE to be trusted:

          You know which one I’d want to be shooting with:

      • Richard

        Slightly OT, but I do have to ask this question about pixel density. If Nikon can achieve satisfactory results with a 12 MP APS-C sensor (as most everyone seems to believe they have), why have they not used the same (or even slightly less) pixel density on a FF sensor for something along the lines of the D700?

        The only ideas I have come up with as to why not to have done this is, perhaps some lateral color issues in the outside of the APS-C portions of the sensor (as the Kodak sensor in the M9 is reported to have) or their DSP’s bandwidth is not adequate to process the larger file sizes while maintaining a decent frame rate. (The 5D Mk II has a claimed frame rate of 3.9 frames per second which is less than what people shooting images of moving things are accustomed to using. “Surely” Nikon must recognize that there is a market segment for such a camera if they were to produce one which met expectations.

        P.S. Actually, if Nikon were to use a larger pixel size than the D3x for a resulting sensor of, for example, 21 MP (which would be less than a sensor made with APS-C size pixels on a FF sensor) one might expect that they would have a sensor that would be comparatively easy to produce (with high yields & etc) for the enthusiast market.

      • Ok, for the uninformed: pixel density ≠ a set SNR

        Ok? There. I said it. If that weren’t true, then the D2h would have superior high ISO performance to the D3s. It doesn’t now, does it?

        I will say that Canon’s new APS-C sensor is almost as good at high ISOs as the D300/D90 sensor. And the 1d mkiv sensor is almost to the level of the D3. Sure it makes them seem a little behind on high ISO sensor tech. But they’re catching up. And it shows that you CAN squeeze more pixels in and improve high ISO simultaneously. But it takes time and R&D.

        How many does the average person need? I dunno. I know what I use and I don’t think the average person really takes full advantage of more than a couple mp. But more mp DOES improve apparent sharpness.

        And as a further instance of simulaneously good high ISO and resolution: the D3x performs equally well compared to the D3/D700 (once the files have been processed.) I can make you a print at 6400 from all three of those cameras and you absolutely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at any print size. Only problem is: D3x sensor specs out at a max of 6fps.

        I’m not a fan of the 1D mkiv, but only because it seems to be a generation behind.

        • Q

          well said.

        • Richard


          Is the frame rate of the D3x really sensor limited or is it data path limited? I don’t know…and so am only guessing, but it seems to me that the bandwidth required to process a larger image file size has restricted the frame rate. That is why I have commented about DSPs and such. The D3 & D3s are aimed at PJs and Sports/Action photogs who must have a high frame rate and can make do with a somewhat lower resolution image so long as they capture the “decisive moment”. The largest image size that they typically expect to print is a double page layout of SI. (We should all be so lucky.) Landscape/nature photogs, on the other hand, do fairly routinely make prints larger than a double page layout in SI, although there are software solutions that can help them out.

  • amunk

    LOL its funny how broken and beaten down nikon users are. Everyone is convinced that not only is this not a nikon product, its probably canon outdoing us once again. It really has been quite a while since nikon released anything new huh?

    • Q

      I dont think nikon users are beaten down. quite the opposite. there are tons of weed smoking nikon evangelists who police internet forums and rave about how good their cameras are. those jump at every opportunity to point out that canon is all marketing hype and no real quality with their oh-so-crammed sensors that appeal only to paint smoking consumers who dont know better than them.

      anyway the nikon cameras are great. it really doesnt matter. the limiting factor is usually the photographer. nikon will release sth new soon anyway. they have come real far since 2007. before that the d2 series were completely smoked by canon.

      • T140Rider

        I’m a D700 User who as strange as it may seem, is pretty well satisfied with it. Sure, some more megapixels and higher ISO would be nice but…
        Hey, you know it works pretty well. It is a huge step up from the D2x.
        For me, there is no great ‘I must upgrade today’ requirement. I don’t NEED Video. I have a Camcorder for that but it gets very little use these days.

        I’ve had the D700 for 15 months and have shot approx 32K pictures with it.
        Would I move to Canon to get a few more pixels etc?
        Not on your life. I don’t want to go to a system where their best glass (L series) can’t be used on bodies like the 550D. People here complain about Nikon Marketing. That to me is plainly bad marketing.

        • Q

          great for you! enjoy photography 🙂

          and L lenses cant be used on rebels? first time i heard abt such incompatibly. ive seen them mounted and function fine? not sure what you are driving at.

          what i was speaking out against is the incredible amount of tosh that swills around internet forums etc.

  • eru

    so it cannot be Nikon’s because all is expected is a d700s, nothing to look for d700 owners

  • Chris P

    Living in the UK I’ve never seen a copy of Popular Photography, but it will be like all the other magazines, if you want to know which camera maker’s camera they are building up just check which one spends the most on advertising with them.

  • Temple

    it must be a RED Camera . Scarlet.

  • A small FF camera.. the size of D90 or D5000, no bells and whistles, NO SHUTTERLAG and small small smaaaall! Pleeeeaaaase!

  • I have a D40 and I shoot weddings, thank you

    • Mike

      How can you waste your time shooting weddings with a D40?! Only a fraction of the 49 AF points real pros use and a painfully slow AF system, a resolution even lower than some phonecams, no ISO 102,whatever, not even 10 fps!

      You can’t be serious, man! Get a life, stop shooting a D40, hang out on forums all day and wish for a 100 Mpix, noise-free ISO 1 billion, 5,000 AF points, pocketsized, über-DSLR with a 5-5,000mm/F0.01 lens with no distortion, no CAs, no vignetting, that actually takes perfect photos on its own without you even being present!

      LOL 😛

      But seriously, I’m not saying keeping oneself informed is wrong or anything, I just can’t really understand the whole excitement, bashing each other etc. I also don’t think it’s wrong to express once wishes for future development! But how is saying ‘I need a DXXXX replacement’ helping any company to make their products better? What is it the old model can’t do apart from being the ‘new model’?

      As for the magazine, I guess they’re only saying no more Hale Berry on next month’s cover…

      • amunk

        he’s just a troll – he doesn’t really

      • andres

        “You can’t be serious, man! Get a life, stop shooting a D40, hang out on forums all day and wish for a 100 Mpix, noise-free ISO 1 billion, 5,000 AF points, pocketsized, über-DSLR with a 5-5,000mm/F0.01 lens with no distortion, no CAs, no vignetting, that actually takes perfect photos on its own without you even being present!”

    • I’d be curious to see your work…

    • R!

      …and It is better than 7D lol!!!!

  • AS

    Boys… is not a Nikon, Canon or Sony, but a Pentax which is cold 645D (the Canikon killer).

    • Nash

      Which costs a WHOLE LOT MORE than Canon and Nikon…
      So there are already CANIKON killers around.. Now yeah… if they dropped the price down to under $10,000… then we could consider it to be a competitor to D3x.. like Mamiyas DM22.. that retails for $10K…

  • Nash

    I agree.. Magazines are always behind a couple of months.. They mostly do reviews.. and they dont handle announcements. Itll probably be Canons Mk IV. I have never seen anyting new in a magazine (DSLR)…. Anything that shows up in there, i have already heard about it normally…

  • rsm540

    Hmm… D90 replacement? 😛 I really want a D90 but I wish I had better video. It’s NOT BAD but could be better 🙁 T2i is friggin similar to the D90 in terms of noise so that’s freaking me out.

    Any recomendations for a first-time-DSLR-user? I am really familiar with the D60 but one get’s tired of it after a while.

    NIKON what are you DOING?!

  • Jack

    I have this magazine. It has a very nice picture of Halle Berry on the cover and it says “How You Can Get This Shot p. 56” I turned to page 56 and all it talks about is lighting and stuff. Nothing at all on how to get Halle Berry. What a sham.

  • mastarG

    D700 Replacement
    “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, “Please”, …

  • Rob

    D40 with (auto-focus) video. Dam I’d have to trade my D90 in.

  • Anonymous

    I think we’ll not see anything serious from Nikon. As NR Admin pointed out couple of weeks ago, he received info about 2 months before any releases. Now, do the math. I think Nikon does not have the sensor to put into a camera hence we’ll not see anyhting before the second half of the year. I am very disappointed as many of you but there is nothing in the calendar for Nikon press release. This means that we have nothing in the pipeline.

    NR Admin, how credible is the 3 DSLRs rumor you received recently? Can you compare the quality of that info to previous releases? This would give us some estimated timeline.

    • The rumor of the 3 DSLR cameras is reliable based on previous info from that source, but the problem is that it’s a long-term plan and long-term plans very often get adjusted based on the market situation.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks NR Admin. In this case I guess we are in trouble.
        a) either Nikon learned to control its leaks
        b) we are months away from new cameras

        I am afraid the second is the case otherwise we would know at least about planned press meetings/invitation cards etc. This is a really bad news I guess since many Nikon users are planning to purchase cameras for the holdays. Now let’s do some calculations. If Nikon releases something around June/July, they most likely miss the entire holiday season for most buyers on the Northern hemisphere because it takes an additional 1-2 month to actually ship the cameras. So June/July announcement(s) would yield with around September availability. Oh boy, this summer will be an excellent sale for Canon products. It’s terrible.

      • Mark

        That is so true about long term plans, but Nikon needs to remember how a year can unfold, coming out with a new product in time for summer
        travelers (HINT: ME!) and for holiday (end of the year holidays in December) is a key.

        So Nikon needs to get me my D800 now and and a really cool compact DX sensor camera with various aspect ratios for the holidays (announce in very late October – release in early to mid November).

        That is all I have to say about that.


  • Habitak

    If I’m right should Panasonic release some new Cameras this month. Maybe it isn’t a Canon or Nikon. Don’t forget there are more than Canon, Nikon and Sony out there.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly speaking, i think its gonna be a canon. Shouldn’t be a 1ds4 as canon rumours has it being released during photokina. The 550d was never meant to compete with d90, it just happened to be as good in some aspects such as high iso. The 550d was really meant to compete with d5000 to make up for lost ground ever since the 500d flopped against d5000. In my opinion, it will be a canon 60d that would be released, something to really compete against d90 as the 50d was really a total failure

  • Dear Nikon, how about this:

    Take D700 body, throw D3x sensor into it, make the LCD sun readable, two CF slots, LCD viewfinder attachment accessory, vertical grip with tripod mount accessory, RC flash transmitter with sync speed 1/500 and then you can focus on P&S for the rest of the century?

    maybe pack it with Sony Handycam HDR for those who need video which actually is usefull and be done?

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      You do that and you get a D3x.

      • yes, you get a D3x, but still missing:

        Take D700 body, make the LCD sun readable, LCD viewfinder attachment accessory, vertical grip with tripod mount accessory, RC flash transmitter with sync speed 1/500

    • amunk

      basically: please remake the D3X…but cheaper…oh and up the sync speed

  • Artur

    Maybe, It’s a FinePix S? Pro

  • Cleverite

    ” It really has been quite a while since nikon released anything new huh?”

    So what? Even my old D100 is spot on every time. Cant say that for the 5Dmark II….

  • Next month meaning?

    May or what?
    why Sony is not in? I’m sure they have many teams on different projects!!

    • the rumor is that Sony does not have any new DSLRs to announce in the next few months

      • Anonymous

        No new sensor. I think this explains why Nikon is in qiuet mode

      • joe

        Not so Mr. Nikonian.

        Sony is preparing their own EVIL camera to be announced on May 11, 2010.

  • SCrlt_pimpernel

    DAmn nikon and anything new . Im in my final few months of a photography degree and have been doing a fair amount of free lance work using d300’s . But im finding it fairly challenging but not impossible to use the d300’s in low light.

    Nikon pull your finger out at just producing camera’s that are supposed to be on the shelf I.E the D3s, nearly 6 weeks on a waiting list and i still cant get my hands on it other than rental . Just aswell jacobs in the uk knocks the rental off an eventual purchase. Every 2 weeks i get told its gonna be another 2 weeks .

    Can i still complete jobs with a couple of d300’s ? Yes but come on nikon no new camera’s till you can fufill your backorders.

    • ArtTwisted

      I hate to further promote the hate in this forum but if you are not able to make a good image awt iso 800 which the d300s is more then capable then you would have had no chance as a photographer even two or three years ago let alone when asa 50 film was the standard.

      Improve the lighting, if you cant improve that anymore improve your glass, next improve your support, next improve your camera.

      Very few applications were a d300s is not good enough.

    • Didier

      In the UK, Grays of Wesminster has got D3s in stock AFAIK, why rent ?

    • Give CS5 a try. Here me now…believe me later. Holy shit it’s NR is good. Make that 6400 more useable.

      • Er, that should have read “hear”

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