No Nikon D700 replacement in 2010?

Quesabesde (in English) posted an article today stating that there will be no Nikon D700 replacement in 2010 based on "unofficial sources close to the company". I have received similar rumors in the past and I have not found a good reason to believe them or post them online. Let's put it this way - if this is true, what will Nikon show on Photokina this year? Nikon D90 emplacement only?

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  • Nicolas

    I don’t get why everyone here seems to be making a big deal about this… all the moaning about switching and so on.

    Your photos won’t get any better with more megapixels.

    • The invisible man

      I remember people saying the same thing about pixels, back in 2001…..

      • Matstar

        Yes, but a Gigapixel is rather unpractical too, so you need to draw the line somewhere comfortably. 10 Megapixels is ample for most applications. I don’t see the need for huge shots for the majority of DSLR owners.

        • The invisible man

          When I take a pictue (not my kids or family) I have no idea how big it will be printed out.
          The picture can stay at the agency for years before a customer rent it or it can be use the day after I took it.
          So I can’t decide in advance if 10mp or 24mp will be good enought.
          Years ago I was using slides and using ONLY prime lenses, so my pictures had to be crop most of the time.
          I now use zooms more often so I don’t need to crop pictures as much I use to do, but when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to frame your subject perfectly it’s good to know that you’ll be able to correct it.
          So guys don’t laught at me when I say I’ll be happy with a 18-24MP D700 because that’s all I need, if the D800/900 have more pixels and the D700 quality, it will be a killer, and my last DSLR…

          • Where’s my..

            Maybe Nikon is afraid of just this, they have secretly built the ultimate DSLR and are now holding back the release in the fear that once it hits the shelves, it will become the last DSLR for every photographer that buys it. Just look at what happened to their film SLR line after they released the F6.

    • Vince

      I would like more megapixels because I do actually produce huge prints/canvas’ for my clients. I would love to get past the 20X30s someday.

      • Nicolas

        Yeah, EVERYONE here is a pro printing huge stuff. Yeah. And using D700. Right.

        Besides, I have printed pretty big things with my D700. If I was a pro printing billboards I would get a medium format camera. Or a D3x.

    • Photos won’t get better with more megapixels?

      Shhhhhh!!!!!!!! Don’t say THAT! That’s heresy around these parts.

    • Geoff_K

      Not true in 100% of the cases.

  • Joe

    Because of this rumor, I just went out and got myself a D700. Thanks no more waiting

    • Matstar

      Looks like you are not the “Average Joe” after all! haha! Great choice, now get out there and enjoy!!!

      • C Benson

        Yes I agree go out and take lots of pictures and enjoy your new camera.

    • Congrats on your new machine. Am sure you’ll love it.

      • Joe

        Yep I absolutely do at first I thought the 95% viewfinder would bother me but it doesnt. But the shutter (or mirror) is loud, but the camera seem faster much better than D300.

        • You’ll grow to love the shutter sound. That’s another thing that my mkII friends seem to be jealous of. They don’t often complain much, but they do seem to think the D700’s shutter is more solid comparatively. Not that that means anything in the overall scheme of things, but it’s nice to be satisfied all around when using one’s equipment.

          Have to say a silent shutter would be nice as well, tho’…

  • C Benson

    I have feeling Nikon will will present the same line up at Photokina, that they presented to PMA this year 2010.

    • C Benson

      Follow up on my last statement. If you go to you will see what Nikon, will be doing for 2010. What I have read Nikon, is projecting an increase in DSLR lens not cameras to drive the business sales up for this year. Nikon does state “possible to sharply raise camera unit sales in mid term”. You can look at both ways, on one hand they might bring out a new camera or on the other hand, they might allow their DSLR lens to drive the business for this year.

      • zzddrr

        the way how I read this article is that Nikon has bloody nothing until the second half of the year. It seems to me that Sony is the key here. Sony is not ready with the new sensor so Nikon has nothing.

        I guess we have to think twice in which system we invest. I mean, how long will it take for them to realize that there is a huge market.

  • zzddrr

    Take a look at this:

    It tells me a lot … 42% of the people are interested in Canon while only 17% in Nikon cameras. I guess this can be seen in sales figures although we have plenty of rebates for the Nikon as well. Maybe it’s time for Nikon to come out of the woods.

    • AnonymousCoward

      The only thing that click through rate tells me is that the Nikon folks are busier taking pictures.

  • le_eiji

    The problem with D700 is not its mediocre 12megapixel count. It is that they had to use thick lowpass filter for the camera with low pixel density. As a result, D700 doesn’t look to have more resolution than EP1. You can compare both cameras below. EP1 clearly outresolves D700.

    You can also see the comparison between 5D MarkII with 24-105mm at 24mm with D700 with 14-24mm at 24mm here.
    The detail of D700 completely blurs and looks like dusts even with a legendary 14-24mm lens compared to 5D MarkII which excels D700 in terms of resolution, color, luminosity, etc by far.
    In sum, the image quality of D700 is nothing close to 5D Mark II at standard ISO range. If you shoot at ISO1600 or up, then D700 is still one of the best camera in the market. But if you are shooting at a base ISO 90 percent of the time which many photographers are, there are a bunch of cameras that outperform D700. That’s why we need a replacement.

    • Berger

      I dont give a damn about lab tests.
      You know what? I BOUGHT a 5D mark II, since it is soooo good.
      After 1 month of testing I sold it. The camera is not useless. It is COMPLETELY useless!!.
      2 out of 3 pictures totally blurred. No I did not do anything wrong. I have 31 years of experience as a photographer, digital since 1998. Nikon is spot on every time. No so with the Canon 5D2. Go buy one if you dont believe me, but be prepared for loss of money. The video feature is nice though, but I have prof. cam for that.

      • TheIncredibleUlk

        If you have already a pro-cam why did you buy the 5d2 in the first place? You wanted to switch which is always costly without testing?
        You bought the Canon compared to what? The D700?
        Don’t get me wrong, but i know some 5d2-shooters and their pictures ain’t blurry. They have a slightly higher freehand outtake rate than i have, due to their higher mp, but it’s under 5%. Only with high isos i have an advantage of over them. I like the handling of Nikons progear better. That’s the reason why i am waiting. Besides the fact i don’t like to buy new lenses without severe reason.

      • le_eiji

        well, that only means low megapixel camera is better for old hands. That might be true. In the hands of young photographers who have good eyes and are free from paralysis, 5D MarkII is much better indeed.

  • annatar

    You live in la la land.

  • I got tired of waiting and purchased a D90 (upgrade from my D80 which I’ll sell), it has movie mode and what not which I need for my current projects (yes not the best video in the world but I couldn’t justify $1000 for only video) as D300s isn’t a big enough leap for twice the price and I wasn’t going to purchase a D3s.

    Hopefully Nikon will decide at some point it actually wants a bigger chunk of my money as I have all the lenses I want/need (unless they start coming out with f1.4 zooms).

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      just the AF system, Weather seals, longer shutter life and magnesium body are more than a good justification to choose the D300s over the D90… 😛

      • Not for twice the price and not when I’m planning to get D700s (or whatever) and this becomes the back-up body. I’ve used a D80 for 4 years, toted it around the world (well Americas and Europe) and its a great camera, but it didn’t have video and that the direction I’m going so I made a small upgrade, but given that I want to go FX due to my lenses being all FX it didn’t make sense to purchase a super powerful DX body and the D5000 would of meant I’d have to buy new batteries and most of my lenses need that AF motor.

    • Anonymous

      You did a good choice D 90 is the best I got both D<300 and D 90 and check at DXO mark sensor It is the best Nikon did It can also compete with FX D 300 S is under heavyer and the D90 can stay outside in rain snow and dust It have an Aluminium body ;for me is the best Nikon ever did those FX are steeling the money, If no one is buyin it for you don't buy one they do the same picture almost!!!

      • Going forward I will get an FX camera as all my lenses are Full Frame and the added features in the D700 justify the higher price. However I’m now doing more video work so I need that feature and the D3s is just too expensive for my needs (I could buy it, but I’d never make my money back).

  • thing about resolution is not only the fact that we need it, those of us who print big can afford medium format cameras. The issue is, that we know it could be done (look to A800) but we dont have it. Sony a800/900 have higher image quality then D700 at low isos, and D3x is better even at higher isos, so we want it also because we know it can be done and except politics there is no reason we dont have it yet.

    • zzddrr

      Very interesting thought Hochzeitsfotograf. My theory is that Nikon is just plain greedy. They want to milk the same 12MP sensor until every nikon user gets 24MP in their cellphones from Apple.

      • All the Apple users can have their 24mp iPhones, too. Pure marketing bullcrap. Nice idea spreading the FUD there. Any sensible person wouldn’t want 24mp in a sensor that small. But hey- I’m not a rocket scientist, so I could be wrong 😛

        • Anonymous

          Apple would provide 24MP in an iPhone if people would need in that phone. I agree with zzddrr, Nikon offers only 1 cam that is more than 12MP. Heh heh, some coolpix has more than 12MP. It’s funny.

          • You’re missing the point. There’s no “need” for that many MP in a super-tiny sensor (at least, not w/ the current technology if I understand correctly). And that’s why I consider it bullcrap marketing. Apple will provide 24mp in a super tiny sensor when marketing decides that’s what it needs to use to battle competition, not in order to make the user experience better.

            Some Coolpix have more MP than 12mp. That’s true. Do you see those Coolpix being all the rage because their photos are better than their 12mp DSLR counterparts? It’s marketing. I tell anyone that asks me regarding P&S cams to ignore the MP and get the cam that fits their wants/needs. I add that if a salesman pushes MP, then it’s time to find a different salesman.

      • yep, miliking the fact that most pro users wont switch system just because few bad years.
        they lost lot of moneys from us when they decided to not drop price on D3x for so long time. Fact that D3x costs same as Leaf II back is ridiculous and we stopped waiting, got A II 8 for only twice the price and replaced D3’s with D700’s.
        Now they can hope that in 135format will in following years happen anything exciting enough to want to buy another “high price” pro camera because for us is now 135 just for journalism and we wont invest any moneys in it.
        If i would be starting now, i would go Sony even though i really dislike the company.

  • switch

    I made the switch last week. could not be happier i’m now with a forward thinking company!

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      you mean you bought a high megapixel count camera to stuff photos in flickr/deviantart/modelmayhem/pbase/smugmug/ and you rarely or not even print? or you did it to impress models/friends on how cool you are to have 17 to 21 megapixels even if you don´t print photos at all WOW!!! you are friggin GENIUS!!!!!

    • And here I thought urging all these people to switch would end up making them be quiet.

      We’re glad you’re happy with your forward thinking company! Yay.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    Wait till tomorrow when Chase Jarvis gives his announcement… you are going to land on your back, do 3 flips and go through the back wall to land in the street (or your backyard)…

  • Chris P

    Couple of things I don’t understand about the posts.

    1 – The same people who were saying that the Canon 5DII is so superior to the D700 and/or they were going to move to Canon a year ago are still saying it. Might be different name tags in some cases, but the style is the giveaway, so why haven’t they gone?

    2 – The Invisible Man says that he and a friend goes to Photokina while their wives shop in Paris, conveying the impression that they meet up after Photokina/shopping each day. Cologne and Paris are 500 kilometres apart, makes quite a journey for one set or the other.

    One thing I do understand about the posts – those who are shouting the loudest for a D700 replacement don’t actually own one, and have probably never even handled one.

    Me, I’m still producing lovely A3 prints from my D700 as I have done for over 18 months.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Most of them never print and they want a high count megapixel camera… they are talking nonsense… decent magazines require only 12 megapixels of a camera the D700/D3s provide that with great quality… then you have the people claiming video: they will do some silly clips see that it eats a lot of memory and HD space and whine on how shaky their video is (they don´t know about steady cams or tripods)here and in Dpreview :P…

      • One of my mkII friends just admitted a few days ago that he only shoots RAW selectively now due to the high MP count. Hmm… that sounds like a big negative to me.

        But hey- for those that want it, go get it!

    • Berger

      As said earlier I bought a Canon 5D2, (kept my other Nikons though)
      . I was a Canon owner for 1 month, then sold the junk. Now it is Nikon forever.
      Why? I dont like blurred out of focus 21Mpix pictures.

      • Anonymous

        exactly!!!!! +1

      • Chris

        I did the exact same thing. Started with, and loved Nikon… then I bought into the Canon hype. Got myself a 5D Mark II, had it for about two months, and sold that POS off. I don’t care how good the image quality has the potential to be, the camera body was total shit. OoF shots, made of cheap plastic, the obvious banding in my images, the horrible jpeg output, bad menus and controls. The D700 is 1,000,000x the camera the Canon is. I’m sticking with Nikon for good, plus their lenses are so much better than Canon’s.

    • The invisible man

      LOL !
      I never met Peter personaly 😮 )
      Still, you can shop at Paris and go to the photokina in the same day !
      Just have to take the TGV train !

  • Oh no… really hope this isn’t true.

  • There have to be a replacement this year!

  • Nikon Rumor

    may be Nikon is not making camera and lens any more
    given no sign of new products and shortage of stocks …
    better get out and buy whatever that’s available

  • Rob

    Saving up for the day I can afford a FX camera. I’ll grin and bear my D90 till then. At the rate I save this could take… a while…

    Um what will I get? Probably a second hand (refurbished if I’m lucky) D700. Hurry up new models I want the price to drop on the old models.

    Right. Time to start making my own lunches, no more imported beer.

    Ahh dreams are free.

    • Matstar

      Rob, the D90 is truely awesome, and very different to the D700. I hope you realize there’s much more to learn and fair bit of change involved going to a D700.. I moved from D90 to D700 and was overwhelmed a little, but not for long. There are things in the D90 I miss, like green (Auto) and scene modes plus small & light, whereas the D700 is a beast! Don’t get me wrong, the D700 rocks, but it is not noob friendly at all.

      • Rob

        I am definitely a noob so your advice is appreciated. At the rate I save Nikon might have produced a more amateur orientated FX camera by the time I have the readies. Bought a D40 two years ago, bought a D90 six months later. The D40 was the hardest of the two to get to grips with as it was my first DSLR, I’m hoping a D700 won’t be beyond me. Not looking forward to a heavier camera and at times find myself scanning the internet looking for a cheap D40… Which would be the way to go a D40 and a D700.

  • Matstar

    Maybe the D700 is still selling very well and doesn’t need an upgrade to help push the product’s life. The D3 was around for ages before any upgrade came. Today I am still seeing new D700 owners posting first pics on other tog forums (like dpreview).

  • QQ

    No D700x?
    I will go for Canon… IPF5100.

    BTW, question for all “I need (cheap)24MPX now” – how many A2 prints You make yearly?

  • Aiden

    Can’t be true, it would mean Nikon is not wanting a competitive edge.

  • mastarG

    i need a new camera NOW!
    my d300 is already done.


  • Chris

    A D3Xs at Photokina whith the 11fps, full HD video mode and an ISO performance close to the D3/D700 would be a suprise.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon lost its mojo 🙂

  • Alex

    I am not going to make the “I will switch to Canon” threats, but I am definitely not going to buy a current DSLR. Had a D300, have a D90 now. I will buy a higher resolution D700 replacement that does have a 1080p video mode. However long it takes Nikon to release it, is how long I will wait to upgrade. I wish I bought a D700 instead of the D300 back then. But it’s too late now, I am going to wait for the new model.

    • The invisible man

      Don’t say that here, people will call you spoiled kid.

    • Matstar

      Alex, I agree with you! You have great gear already, and waiting is your best option. Nikon will bring out something eventually, and then you can decide on a reduced price D700 or the latest one. Beware that Nikon does tend to dry up redundant stock before announcing replacement models.

  • The invisible man

    By the way,
    Guys don’t forget to click on the sponsored links, it will not cost you anything but will help Admin to maintain this site.

  • So there will be a D700 replacement? Well what should I do what that old crap what I have lying at home? A D700 with a 85mm f/1.4.. brr OLD!!! CRAP!!!

    • The invisible man

      If you don’t need 18mp or more, don’t sell your D700, it’s a fantastic camera, it will not loose it’s value (at least for 3-5 years).
      People who buy the D3x don’t like to waiste money, they are buying the D3x because they NEED it.
      If someone give my a D3 for free I will use it until I get the same quality with more pixels.
      I don’t own a 36 tons truck because I don’t need it, my minivan is doing the job very well.
      It make sense to me, it does not to you ?

      • I can’t understand why someone would be unhappy with a D700 or 85mm 1.4

        • Be that Nikon, Canon, Pentax or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to say that if more people to believe that Nikon will not have D700 replacement this year, Nikon may want to leak some information out by themselves.

  • iamnomad

    Sold the D700 and three lenses.
    Purchased a Mamiya 7ii & 65mm lens.
    Shoot Ektar 100 or HP5.
    Scan on Epson V750.
    Print on Epson 9900.
    Little Lumix for digital point & shoot.
    Life is in balance.

  • Alex

    be happy to see some new bodies, but could live with the present offer. My main problem, the long overdue 80-400mm AF replacement … and I’m thinking to buy a 100-400mm from Canon until they release a real solution but I hate the idea to deal with 2 systems maybe Nikon don’t care to replace this lens or to have some decent lenses for advanced amator and semi-pro in this range …

    • plug

      Absolutely. Upgrades to glass are needed much more than to bodies. My D700 is great, now I need a 300 f4 with latest VR and there are other gaps in the primes.

      • The invisible man

        I hope the 300mm f/4 AF-S VR II will come soon with a descent 20mm f/2.8 AF-S

  • The invisible man

    Could you do a special blog for this question ?
    – If you have the choice between a D300s and a D700 for the same price (and if you had only FX lenses), witch one will you take ?

    • where are u finding a D700 for the price of a D300s?

      • The invisible man

        It’s a survey, to see how many people would switch to FX if it would not cost them extra money.

      • Anonymous

        D 700 XS IS COMMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Would like to point something out. Nikon has produced at least one Pro DSLR every year sense 2001. and the only week year was 2006 when only the D2xs was introduced.

    D1x/D1h – 01
    D100 – 02
    D2h – 03
    D2x – 04
    D2hs/D200 – 05
    D2xs – 06
    D3/D300 – 07
    D700/D3x – 08
    D3s/D300s – 09
    ?D3xs? – 10
    ?D4/D400? – 11

    There has been no other DX00s but the D300, and that was only bc of video. As this is the year b4 the introduction of the D4 I would bet it will be a slow year for nikon pro cameras and we might only see a D3xs. but it should be a good year for non-pro cameras as the D80, D40 and a slew of coolpix were all introduced in 06.

    • The invisible man

      It’s normal that the time bewteen Nikon DSLR releases get longer every times because the digital technology don’t change so fast anymore.
      As I said before, if Nikon release a D700 with 18-24MP that will be one of the last “big steps” in the digital SLR world.
      I remember when the film SLR started autofocus there was a new body every 18 months !
      I’m serious, if I get a D700 with 18MP or more, all the money I can put in cameras will go in lenses.

    • Anonymous

      you maybe smoking some weird stuff but the 12MP will not cut it – period. Even when it comes to lower level cameras.

      Nikon sucks! Cannot produce more than 12MP

      • Tomaocron

        Umm the Nikon D3X is 24 megapixel which puts it ahead of any Canon DSLR.

      • Tomaocron

        Umm the Nikon D3X is 24 megapixel which puts it ahead of any Canon DSLR. So does that make Canon suck too?

        • jon

          maybe that will make canon suckier than nikon according mr. anonymous here.

      • putting my smoking habits aside ;-P
        I still work in 4/6mp and do find my DSLRs produces images, and even find it makes images for clients! Wow…
        I am so tired of this type of talk. it went on just after canon put out the 1st 1Ds. it got insane after the D2h was released. then the 5D and still now with the D700 and even the D300. I have thought about going to canon in the past bc of the 24mm TS lens and the price of the large primes (400mm 2.8 and 600 f4). but new “Nikon” silicon is coming…
        And @ The invisible man
        I agree that the rate of camera production will slow but not bc the chips can not be improved. I bet people will just stop upgrading as much at some point causing the introduction of products to dip. where that point is, is up for debate. I hope for me it will stop when i get the D700 used for 1k with less than 20k images (or fuji might steal my $$ with a 35mm s6), as I think that will be the last jump for me until a layered sensor.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Where is D800/D900 on the list?

      • ?D800/D4x? – 2012
        ?D900/D5x? -2016 or depending on the DSLR sales 2017/18/19/20/nikon goes out of biz and it never comes… ok ya most likely not.

        • Anonymous

          Haha. 2012 for 18mp D800? And 2016 ! for 24mp D900. The years when Canon will come with $1000 21mp FF on Rebel-tybe body.

  • le_eiji

    recently, Goto, the Nikon product manager of D700, said in an interview that 12 megapixel counts aren’t enough for printing. So at least Nikon engineers know better than us all that they need to cram more pixels. The same people who said 6 megapixels are enough 5 years ago is saying 12 megapixels are enough.

  • Anonymous

    DPREVIEW= DOWN but I guess, nothing has begun yet. (: / )–(===8—

  • david

    Crap, I will have to buy an old Canon camera (yes, Canon) and shoot film. I am going to spit on it and bury my D700 since Nikon is not replacing it,

    I want my camera replaced no matter how good it is. I want it replaced. I don’t want to use it anymore for the simple reason that Nikon, if they want, can replace it with a better camera. For this reason, I am throwing it away already. Bye bye Nikon. Canon (film) here i come.

    ** I once wanted to kill myself because the guys I was working for didn’t talk of replacing me with someone better. They did talk of replacing some others and I was thoroughly disappointed.


    • The invisible man

      you need help…

    • Jose

      David I really respect your position and I would wish you wont post this kind of comments in canon rumors in a one year. I think we need to understand that technologies changes do not means really improves. Manufacters always try to put some else top theirs product in order to sale. If Canon has a very good success with their cameras they don’t need to introduce newer cameras to beat the competitors some similar happen with nikon point and shoot cameras the introduce new cameras in order to beat the leaders.
      Again, the problem is not more megapixel the problem is the quality in low light conditions. Someone ask in this post how many pictures you print in A2 format, I will ask, how many pictures you print in A4 format?

  • Bri

    Im still shooting my D300, getting great results but I want to move to Full Frame. Im on the verge of switching but am trying to be patient. I am interested in the integrated video of the mark II. No need to carry a vid cam as well as my d300, great for weddings, Hurry the fuck up Nikon!!!!!

  • donde?

    Amazing how many people seem to be interested in a D700. Isn’t there more news on the D90 successor? The D7000 caused quite a lot of disappointed comments with the rumored lack of AF drive. I’d like to hear more about whether this was fake or real. I’m pretty confident there’ll be a D90 successor announced at Photokina. It really fits the previous pattern and they’ve had quite some time to develop the new model.

  • kaki

    i think so. when we consider current economy crisis, canon and nikon will not going to active like past a couple of years. so, just buy d700!

  • ArtTwisted

    I love my D90, so i hope its replaced soon, will allow me to get a second d90 as a cheap backup instead of a d70 or 80. Or just discontinue the d700 so i can afford that and ill be just as happy.

  • Matstar

    This is actually sweet news for the D700 hobbyist because it’s cheaper to stay up with technology if there is less changes happening.

  • Vladi

    275 comments sofar and counting. i see more of us are desperate for some announcement from Nikon in the near future.

    • The invisible man


      • Matstar

        You are actually 277 based on the timestamp

  • Where is D10, D20 and D30?

  • Jim

    Glad I stopped waiting for the d700s and bought the D3s. I thought the extra weight would be noticeable, but it isn’t. LOVE that cam. I will, however, take notice with the d700s or d700x is released so I can upgrade my backup.

  • Gordon

    I’m not sure why Nikon is dragging the chain, a D700X seems like a no brainer as it expands their line-up and gives people options. I currently use a D700, I’d definetly upgrade to a D700X if Nikon released one as it would suite my photography better (landscapes).

    I also find it hard to believe that there will not even be a D700s release this year, it goes against all their past history when it comes to timeframes for incremental updates.

    What about a D3X update this year also? It will be due at the end of the year.

  • I hope there will be no d700 replacement this year because i don’t have the money to buy a new camera yet.

  • Ren Kockwell

    These posts are just so bizarre. Here’s a tip. Stop telling me what camera I need. You don’t know, and it’s not your concern whether somebody shoots professionally or otherwise. The fact is we have a company in Canon who is committed to producing new product on a pretty regular basis, and then we have Nikon, who is frequently late to market, or in this case, very late.

    The fact is that I have a need for a full frame camera. Could I survive with an APS-C? Of course. And in fact I am. I’m still using my D80. The D700 was the first camera that I nearly pulled the trigger on, but it was so out of stock initially, and stayed so high in price that I waited. Once I got past a certain point, I figured I’d wait for the upgrade.

    As a creative director for a custom publisher, budgets sometimes force me to shoot more than I would like in-house. This can range from studio tabletop to on-location editorial photography, and it frequently needs to get used as a double truck, or large format advertising. With modern stochastic printing methods, if you think 12MP is all you’ll ever need, you’re high. Am I coping with what I have and with what my stable of Nikon and Canon professional photographers have? Absolutely. But can I see the difference when say a MF camera is used, film or digital? You bet. Will 18MP make a big diff? Not much. But it’s the first step.

    That said, I DO have a burning need for a DSLR that shoots video, because I need that more and more since we stream Web videos for clients. We have XLs in-house, but they’re aging and expensive to replace. Again, stop telling me I don’t need video. Do you realize how much equipment, cost and labor I could save by having a competent all-in-one solution? Not to mention the effects we can achieve with such fast lenses, purchased just once? Please. You’re speaking from your own limited experience.

    The fact is I would LOVE to shoot professionally all the time. The stills and footage quality are typically far better. But this economy has forced us to think differently. You and Nikon need to understand this. I’m not threatening to quit. I’m waiting because of all the cons of the Mark II. The problem is that the Mark II excels in many ways the D700 doesn’t and vice versa. So of course Nikon needs to respond to this. This is their context. Their products aren’t sold in a vacuum.

    Let’s walk a more intelligent line between fanboyism and intelligence.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “Let’s walk a more intelligent line between fanboyism and intelligence.”

      YES, PLEAZ ! ! !
      It’s just silly not demand new solutions for a very competitive business in a very competitive and constantly changing world. Anyway, what’s the use of visiting a rumor-page, if you expect nothing new? Just don’t tell us to be the same. Fanboyism sucks ! ! !

  • Kevin

    I wish people would stop the spread of BS information. I came from Canon to Nikon last year prior to the switch I used….

    Canon 1Ds Mark III
    Canon 5D Mark II

    The 5D was my backup camera and I wouldn’t use it often because the autofocus is absolute crap. Sure they might show you photos online where photos look just as sharp as the 1Ds or the D3x however try it in a real world setting where things are moving. For instance a wedding ceremony. The focus points on the camera are crammed tight together, the AF is slow and often inaccurate leading to blurry or at best soft photos.

    In a studio setting where everything is controlled it sure is possible to make some splendid sharper photos but even still it is not nearly as good as the 1Ds was. I personally made the jump to Nikon after my 1Ds Mark III had to be serviced for the 3rd time in under 1 year.

    To change to Canon simply because of the 5D Mark II is by far the single most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen a person state. The camera isn’t that good. It’s realistically a 7 year old Camera Design where canon stuffed a new sensor and added video. I love the one guy who calls that forward thinking.

    I can say this again right now I have a D3x, D3s and D700. I can make huge 24″x36″ prints on all of them that are extremely sharp. I just don’t get people that don’t understand that megapixels are not what is going to shape the next generation cameras and I don’t think Canon understands that at all. There is only so much megapixels can do for us before it gets to the point where we see the Canon Rebele ZtSi that comes standard with 48mp sensor.

    The fact is a 12mp Camera for the most part is more than anybody really needs. If your ultra pro and you need a high res camera and your business can justify it then spend the money. Non of you realize that canon regrets the 5D Mark II. That one single camera will hurt their sales for the next 10 years or more. Their 1D sales are going to be absolutely horrible simply because the majority of photogrpahers have no clue that a huge sensor is meaningless unless the rest of the camera is just as good.

    • Anonymous

      +1 on this

    • Simon

      Kevin, get back to school.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    WRONG, the surprises are Nikon stickers, an “I am Nikon”-campaign and Kevin. That is quite a lot. Who would wish for more ? ? ? Only whiners, that’s for sure.

  • Anonymous

    We didn’t did some new LPF for Nikon’s DSLR sensors last year and first quarter of this year . So no new sensor for D700 replacement this year .
    Remember the world first DSLR with video ? Nikon D90 with 720P . That is not Nikon’s technology . First DSLR with video by a non video product producing company ? That doesn’t make sense . It’s just a marketing strategy . They have 3 years before Nikon can put up a 1020P with their lines . But wait until next year with what Nikon release .
    The thing is after Nikon releases an upgrade / replacement for the D700 , Canon is releasing another one from them . But there is a ” This year is for you and next is for our ” aggreement .

    • litebyte

      There will be a D700 replacement this year, it will be released this summer. There are no such agreements as you mention, not with any company. Canon is not belonging to Nikons’ partnerships. The D700 follow up will be presented due August besides a new camera product

  • I wish it won’t be a D700s, but D700x/D800/D900.

  • Discontinued

    Don’t give a shit what they will call it. Call it D007 if you like. It’s about time to release it. 24 MP please ! ! !

  • I’ve recently had a chance to compare my colleauge’s 5D II with my D300. After several different subjects & settings, I’ve realized it’s not the camera worth switching brands.

    Yes, glorious 21mp, but it was shocking to see mk II files contained roughly the same information what upressed D300 did. While high-contrast areas had some advantage, most natural textures lost detail from a kind of watercolor smudge effect, either from the sensor or processor. AF was quite retro, started hunting easily. Kevin must have been right about bashing that camera on this forum. It simply cannot provide the sort of images one may expect from a 21mp camera, having witnessed the success of its predecessor. But I don’t agree with him about the necessity of a D4 first, because both D3x & and D3s are perfect in their job. As seen with D90, Nikon doesn’t always need a flagship model to introduce innovation (24 or 18mp + video)

    Nikon, please deliver that D800/D900 asap, D3x’s brother smaller in size & price. They can happily live together. If I were a studio pro with enough volume in business, then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a D3x; but being a low-income landscape photographer, I can neither afford nor lug it around for half of a day hanging on my neck.

    Is it so difficult to stick that sensor & electronics on a D700? Wish to see it happen before I die…

    • Simon

      You wish! Should go to specsavers.
      It like me saying upsample 5DMk2 files is like a 35MP medium format.

    • Mark

      Landscape Photo who state very well how some of us want simply a bigger file. At this point a Nikon that can coexist with the D700 would be fine, just give me some more resolution, 18MP is fine and it does help protect the D3x sales.


  • I bet D750 rather D700s, you know why? I just have an Uncle working on a factory which big companies pays them to assemble their product, Thanks!!!

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