No Nikon D700 replacement in 2010?

Quesabesde (in English) posted an article today stating that there will be no Nikon D700 replacement in 2010 based on "unofficial sources close to the company". I have received similar rumors in the past and I have not found a good reason to believe them or post them online. Let's put it this way - if this is true, what will Nikon show on Photokina this year? Nikon D90 emplacement only?

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  • Hobbit

    Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein!

    • Banned

      OK folks…. Brace yourself for the 10,000 “I’m switching to 5D Mk II” comments!


      • The invisible man

        It’s about time you show up pal !

        • Global Guy

          Just buy a D700, folks. Its great. Keeping up with the Jones’s only works if you have a reason for it — namely business. In that case, get the D3x (studio), D3s (weddings) or D300s (a exceptional great buy for tele- and dx value!).

          Or buy a D700 and be perfectly content for the next 3 years.

          • TheincredibleUlk

            Nah… do we really have to state reasons to you for something that obvious? Nah. But i can give you another reason why we wait. If you want some other quality gadgets like iphone, consoles, ipad, pcs, tvs, a new car, going out, vacations somewhere else than home once in awhile, and some minor things like bills, insurance and, maybe, eating.
            Money don’t grow on trees. At least for most of us. But still we want the best for our bucks (taking a quick sideglance at the competition). I know, i know: how outrageous of us 😀

          • Global Guy

            If money doesn’t grow enough on the trees for you — then why the would you be buying a D700 replacement, which will cost more than a D700? You should be buying the D300s or a D90.

          • aetas

            because if we save a little more we will (hopefully) be getting a camera that we are going to want to be using even longer, and yes you could be using any camera for as long as you want but if you dont have the endless supply of money some people have on this forum you want to get the most for your money.

      • rs

        Yep I don’t even need to read on. I bought my D700 yesterday, it can be gotten at a good price now. Replaced my D200 which is still a good camera. Lenses are the key. I get better photos (with lots of cropping room) with my high quality lenses at 10 mp than many 5dmark2 ers do with cheaper glass (if they can even use it). The D700s will probably be out this summer, still be 12mp and cost more. So why wait. You can play what if all you want, I’ll go take some photos. in a few years I’ll buy a used D3x for a grand if I want megapixels.

  • Johnny

    Yeah, you tell them, NRadmin!
    We don’t want to believe that there’s nothing new this year ^_^

    • denz

      nothing new in nikon because they can’t find a new sensor. it’s simple as that ,

  • Anonymous

    change SENSOR TECHNOLOGY = Film look sensor , otherwhise it will be useless & nothing will be improved after 10 years of digital simple inovations !!!

  • Anonymous

    all they want is money for they old sensors f vcbn,b:!;: that !!!!!!!!

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      They aren´t an NGO :P… they are a company for Ricky Bobby´s sake!

  • kevin

    you realize its not physically possible right? The D700 sensor is out of production as we speak.

    • Richard

      Out of production or out of stock (short supply)?

      • phb

        It would cost more to have a separate fab run for a d3 sensor when they are making the d3s sensor

        I would interpret no d700 replacement as meaning nothing more than manufacturing updates such as faster processor more memory new sensor and software updates

        does not matter to me I want a 85 f/1.4 afs

  • D700 replacement will be presented at Photokina (hope so)

  • glu

    well, they did say they will surprise the market and such a rumor would be… technically correct!


  • Seppl

    Nothing begins.

    Can Sony please release a full frame DSLR for sub 1000 $ to make Nikon jump a little?

    • teg

      you want a Sony? have you no self respect?

      • Global Guy

        Actually, I really hope a lot of people start buying Sony from Canon and Nikon. Canon is very responsive, but Nikon needs a swifter kick in the butt sometimes. Not that any of this gear is bad. But if people want it now — its out there. And if they want it cheaper — its out there. If they want it with the Nikon logo — we need to wait.

  • kevin

    Why would nikon jump? Sony cameras are horrible. Hell they have the same 24mp sensor and the camera is a mess.

    • I’m sure you never had an a900 in your hands… That camera is GREAT

      • coolpux

        useless for lowlight

      • Actually I was pleasantly surprised by the ergonomics of the a900. But I still prefer Nikon’s menus and the A900 doesn’t even compare well to my d700 for IQ, let alone the Nikon implementation of the “same” sensor.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        yeah if you shoot only at ISO 100 or 200… not to mention the archaic AF system… and the shitty hot shoe system they have…. How about the holes in Sony´s lens roadmap? or the stupid price of their pseudo CZ lenses (yeah even in CZ´s site they say they don´t manufacture them… they only lend the CZ stamp) and G lenses….

        Before you drop your hard earned cash: When buying a camera you should look at the whole system…

        • I repeat.. have you tested an a900 with CZ lenses? I’m sure you don’t.

          Get a good RAW editor like DxO and you get very similar results that a D3X. Both FX and 24mpx.

          Of course that’s why Sony bought Minolta then I think you have your “roadmap holes” covered.

          pseudo? CZ stamp? man… no…

          Just watch at the MTF graphs of those GENUINE Carl Zeiss lenses.

          Nikon NEEDS a camera for the landscaper. High mpx, 14-16bits color deph and outstanding dynamic range. Dont care about ISO or AF in my case.


          • lolcatmaster FTW

            As for lens roadmaps
            It is pretty obvious when you see these two sites? Don´t say “third party lenses” because they are available for both brands and their quality control is AWFUL!!! and please Don´t say “used lenses” because If Sony has to use the used market to cover the holes in their lens roadmap then they are f·cked because Canon and Nikon have tons of lenses more in the used market (and more variety too) to compliment their much better structured lens roadmap than Sony.

            Nikon needs to not listen to people such as yourself that don´t know about cameras :/ or even photorgaphy you are star struck with some lenses with CZ logo on them which are not as good as Nikon´s legacy lenses, get over it! Also
            do you realize a 2 megapixel difference is almost nothing? go to photoshop and make a black background 12 megapixel size document and a different document and a 14 megapixel with white bg, paste the black image over the white and see the difference.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            And read the goddamn FAQ in CZ about sony lenses dammit!!!

          • Well fanboy of empty arguments.

            First of all I’m a Nikon user from looong time and I shot with partners with all brands. Meetings are a good way to ‘taste’ equipment I would recomend you. Because you can do some pics too (there is no link to your gallery, then I would love see your shots and learn from you, a good photographer and a person who knows everything about cameras, why aren’t you working for Nikon??).

            Don’t lie yourself… CZ lenses for alphas are designed to work with because have metering chips and AF confirmation. Nikon ones does not.

            Well it’s the first time I read CZ lenses quality control are awful. Get it, NASA use them in combo with hassy’s as other Nikon stuff too. There are great articles about interpreting MTF charts then you can compare what I’m talking about, but you’re an expert.

            “yeah even in CZ´s site they say they don´t manufacture them” EPIC FAIL. Have you found the link talking about lenses for alphas in their website? do you know them are mostly hand made? and when you open a new lens box you find a card signed by the engineer who test and validates it?

            CZ is probably the best regular lens optics industry in the world.. (sport optics, medical, photography, film cameras) get it too.

            Anyway i.e. I owns Nikkor 14-24mm and I think there’s no other 😉

            mpx is just for size. (EPIC FAIL #2).Then you can find too other great articles of how mpx affects tonal mapping and dynamic range and you will understand why is important higher sensors with more mpx.

            PS: I’ll be waiting for your fantastic pics 🙂

  • Andy

    The D700 is the oldest Pro-Am camera in Nikon’s line up. Yes it’ll get changed this year as the 2008-era camera, while a fine piece of kit, is starting to get long in the tooth.

    • ffs

      The expression “starting to get long in the tooth” is starting to get long in the tooth.

      • I wonder what expression we’d have to use for my Nikon F?

        I hardly think “long in the tooth” describes the D700. For the ME Generation, that may be so. But performance-wise, I don’t think it’s fallen behind anything other than the D3s. Having not used every camera on the market, I could be wrong. But I haven’t heard rave reviews of any D700-killers out there yet.

        And no, adding video does not a D700-killer make.

  • alex

    from what i understand looking at the timelines, the “s” models usually last less than completely new models.
    so i think d300s will be replaced ~ 1 year after d300s was released, maybe winter 2010. probably around that same time a new d700 should arrive. it’s interesting that they didn’t release a d700s with d3s’ sensor yet so i’m thinking they have other plans with d700 market, maybe higher mp. i don’t think they’ll wait for winter to release a d700s but that won’t be impossible. i guess it depends on how well the competition sells its new cameras. if they don’t sell a lot nikon will wait or will release an “s” upgrade.

  • Steve

    Stop hoping…Stop the D700 rumors…
    Finally this is a fact I have to live with…
    Im so sorry Nikon…I once believed in you…
    Canon 5D MKII+glass here I come….
    bye bye…and farewell…

    • hakejo

      Sad to say, I’m going to follow that path too. Damn it!

      • In the summer I am going for MK II and 24-105L too

        • Joseph

          i’ll wait for the 5d mark III and see if Nikon surprises me while i wait. But, if things stay the same. I’m switching too.

          • I’m patiently waiting for Nikon’s new line-up. But “3” of my friends just switch from Nikon to canon, 5D mark II. They got tired of waiting for Nikon to come up with a new full-frame.

        • Tomaocron

          I tried out a 5D MK II and wow why do they even bother with more than one AF point? They are all bunched up SO close to the center of the frame. Brutal.

          • Joseph

            yeah, nikon has better AF, color, and feel. that is why I’m still hoping they come out with something to compete with the 5D mark III. (I would say 5D mark II, but I think they missed the boat on that one.)

      • Same

    • Jose

      I understand you fellings but if you move to Canon probably you will have the same filling in one or two years, because you will see, as today, how Nikon products will beat Canon. More of the comments in this blog asking about the reason to have more MP and if you read another blogs looks that the new trend is to have more quality at high iso instead of more MP.

      • It’s ok, Jose. Let them figure that out in 1 or 2 years.

      • andres

        nikon products have never beat canon…just the glass.i am a nikon shooter and i too am sick of this bull%$&*….i’m seeing this from a different standpoint though. i’m a photographer and a filmmaker. to me the idea of the “HDSLR” was amazing and im so happy it happened. as soon as the d90 came out i got it…what happened after? replied…with a full frame sensor in a cam that performs better photographically.then they started hearing that people were bothered by the fact that they didn’t have manual control in video mode…so they gave them a firmware update…then they complained they didn’t have 24p….so they gave it to them..and here i am a year and a half after i bought my d90..still complaining about my picture looking like jell-o and not having manual control for d-movie and still absolutely nothing.
        canon will always be one step ahead…because they want to sell their f****** products…and how do you sell products? listening to what people want instead of you telling them what the f*** they need…
        SO F*** YOU NIKON!..

    • alex

      no need to tell us
      just go, you won’t be missed

      • Gustav

        Agreed. I think they didn’t get enough attention from Mommy and Daddy growing up.

        Oops, I’ve made a big assumption there. I should apologize. I assumed they have grown up.

        • Ago

          Sad little comments. Yes, you should apologize for sounding like a douche bag. You seem to always take people voicing their opinion regarding the brand as if they are making fun of your mother.

      • Tobi

        Ohh… nice some cheap nikon gear coming up on ebay !! Yay!

    • The invisible man

      Be patient, after 10 years my wife still surprise me every days !

      • Erik

        lucky man 🙂

        • The invisible man

          That have nothing to do with luck, women are like cameras, get them from Asia if you whant the best.
          (Also usefull for translations into English 😮 )

          • Canon Fangirly

            I thought the best cameras a made in central Europe.

    • Harry Couvert

      Good luck, but are you sure?
      I am sort of a Nikon guy (D700 etc), but I have the 5DII for video and its good for that purpose.
      I bought it because Nikon didnt (or doesnt want to right now) deliver HQ _HD video 25f/s.
      But I would never use the 5DII as a photo camera the way I use the Nikons.
      Apart from picture quality differences (are there any? read’ll go crazy) there are some major differences that I can not get used to.
      -Holding the camera: the CFcompartment door makes cracking noises when you firmly grip the camera.
      -Reviewing button has to be found among others,,,no intuitive place ..not good when in a real hurry
      -Video start button is unreachable with one hand
      -On/Off is unreachable with one hand
      -When reviewing you have to push buttons more than once..not handy
      -Several menu options missing compared to Nikon, same as programmable buttons
      (havent been able to test the flash-area)

      I do not want to put down Canon, but I can honestly say now that a Nikon feels much more thought through…much more quality in build and concept.
      Is that maybe why they take a long time with coming up with the new stuff.
      I am a hybrid user. I think this Beatles/Stones thingie with Nikon/Canon is stupid.
      Use the best of both worlds, Dont take’ll be a lot better of I think.

      • Ago

        I do like how the D700 feels in the hands, more ergonomic. I feel the Mark II to be more brick like. Anyone agree?

        • hakejo

          I actually went out and bought a 5D Mk II today. Of course it’s too early to say much about handling and such. I know my Nikon inside out but this is completely new. But the grip of the Mk II is just as fine as Nikon. People complain over strange things.

    • rs

      All because of MP? You people are nuts. spend you $$$ on some good glass and photography lessons. MP don’t make a camera.

  • Anonymous

    ….all APSC and FX are the same 2 sensors from sony with improovement or not in the microprocessors, that means they are sallin 3 years old sensor for evrybody this is steelin customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Acend

    I’m sitting on the cash waiting for a successor, no point getting the D700 today it’s 2 years old… D3-series too bulky, too expensive. I demand a new Nikon FX this year, I need it!

    • Dr SCSI

      Acend, go buy a D700 (refurbished). Save lots a money, no need to cry about the price, and you get a great camera to shoot with now. At the end of the year, or early next year when the D4 ships, you won’t be crying about the size of the new FX camera either. Then next spring, when the D700x is finally anounced, and starts shipping next summer, you would be happy to have had the D700 15 months prior. Buy refurbished, that is the way to go! You will satisfy your new gear binge and go back to shooting, today.

      • Paul

        @dr scsi
        With the current rebates on D700 combos, why buy refurb?

      • Acend

        I suppose you’r right Dr. I would be very happy with the current D700. I don’t need more MP’s and the camera built is superb. As both a photographer and a videographer however it bugs me that I can’t have that video feature.

    • Mark

      Amen, I am waiting, for me Nikon builds a camera I am more comfortable with.

      This summer I will be traveling again and my Phase One is my main camera but I really want a FX Nikon to shoot with also. Eventually a 3rd more compact camera with a decent sized sensor, like a Samsung NX or a Panasonic 4/3 mini beast?

      It is not too much to ask Nikon to make a FX camera with few more MP that is few pennies under $3,000.


  • Funny, this news (if true) is actually liberating. I can relax about the next latest and greatest and force myself to actually take photos. I recently dusted off the ol’ F3 and have been loving it. For my purposes, the D700 couldn’t be much better. Love the one you’re with 😉

    • Mark

      Ishouldbe shooting, you make all valid point and yet with that being said, I call blasphemy on your statement, we are here to be hopeless romantic Nikon camera nerds.

      : )


      • Right Mark, I’m a sinner 😉 I guess the D700 is the first digital camera I’m completely happy with, so I’m OK locking into it for a while. Now if Nikon comes out with their version of the M9, I’m selling a kidney.

        • Mark

          Since you have 2 kidneys that is a small price to pay.

          : )


  • Vladi

    Nikon needs to replace D700 with 2 cams:
    – high fps higher mpx sensor
    – low fps D3x sensor

    The 1st one won’t be out until D4 is out
    2nd one is long overdue and hopefully will arrive later this year.

  • ZoetMB

    There are many reasons why Nikon may or may not replace the D700, but Photokina is not one of them. I really don’t think Nikon cares about trade show introductions any more, which is why you see them releasing new equipment either way in advance of the show or completely out-of-sync with the show.

    Apple is another company that has pretty much given up on trade shows, which in the age of the internet are becoming increasingly irrelevant, especially in a tough economy.

    • I think Photokina is still big for Nikon (and other) – last time they announced the new AF-S 50 1.4 the day before Photokina started and the D90 and D700 were fresh off the production line. At PMA this year, they announced 2 lenses 2-3 weeks before the show. Apple is a completely different story – there even the WSJ writes about the Apple rumors.

      • josh

        didn’t wsj just sign some sort of contrct with apple to provide them with content for some new device apple is shoving down our throats. i’m not calling conspiracy, i just think better with my tin foil hat on thats all!

        • PHB

          I can’t imagine Nikon bringing out a camera just for Photokina. The 50mm AFS was a different deal, it was the 50th anniversary of f-mount. From their perspective, the D90 is by far the most important camera in their lineup, it is the only body that has high sales volume and premium margins.

          I would expect a D700s to soft-launch as soon as they do the next manufacturing run with the new sensor stock. Nikon really has no choice when it comes to timing there.

          My expectation for photokina would be to complete the AFS lens roll-out begun with the 50mm at the last photokina.

  • edw

    I spoke with a manager of a company affiliated to Nikon who said there would be no nikon dslr this year, so I’m not surprised

    • Banned

      Yeah and I heard from my brother’s wive’s uncle in law’s dog that that is indeed true.

    • n

      because nikon just spills their secrets to random dudes who work at random affiliated companies

  • longtimenikonshooter

    They can’t even satisfy the demand for D3s for the past six months. Do you really think they have production capacity for D700 replacement this year?

  • The invisible man

    3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S 3S.
    I received the mail, give my wife some time translate it, see you guys at 2PM.
    I has begun ! Cela à commancé ! Esta en la progressa (not sure about the spanish one 😮 )

    • alvix

      “..Please help us invisible’re our only hope… Please help us invisible man you’re our only hope…” 😉

      • The invisible man

        Good news:
        The bugs are fixed, bodies had to be re-chip but they should show up for the end of May.

        Bad news:
        It will be VERY expensive, (even for peter !)

        Goodbad news:
        They may have a smaller version 3 sensors but not with a prism.
        It seems not to have his big brother’s bugs .
        May also show up end of May (or Photokina).

        Badgood news:
        It’s a new line in Nikon DSLR so we still can hope for a D800/D900 and maybe not more than $2500.

        • ZinhaEq

          Much better something than nothing. 😉

          • marco polo

            they should announce somethibg by April 12th

          • 12th? Sure? If that’s so I can wait, so can all of us 🙂

          • Marco, I am sorry but I don’t believe you – you know why.

    • jason

      who are ya ?

    • Translate? It’s in Japanese? 😀

  • another anonymous

    unbelievable, foolish, impossible, strange, weirdest, non-functional… but surprising? they do not want our bucks… i don’t want play this game after 3 pro FX lens

  • Anonymous

    it seems to me that Nikon is surrendering the market for Canon. If Nikon does not get its act together pretty soon then canon cameras are becomeing more appealing by every day for many of us.

    • Jesus_sti

      canon will never be interresting …

    • Gustav

      Do you have any basis for that or are you just making that up?

      • whatever

        i think i should buy a nikon d60 with a screen focus and 3 carl zeiss lenses. So i will be forever happy!!!

    • Mark

      I do not think Nikon will lose the war so to speak but they are running a risk of lsoing a big long term battle here. There is a large market for a more affordable full frame (FX) camera body and even perception is big here. The D700 is a great camera but the perception is Nikon needs a new model in that part of the line up to do battle with the Canon 5D Mark II.

      I want a quality FX Nikon with some more MP. I do some bigger prints and I want more than a 12MP, a 16 to 18MP will make me happy as hell.


      • Christina


        or as they say in the photo-biz:


      • jason

        D3X mate ! something will arrive just in time for the world cup

      • Have you shot the 1d2 mkii? 16mp is really damn close to 12. And so is 18 for that matter. 24 starts to be noticeable in big prints. You really need that d3x sensor to make a jump in res worthwhile.

        • Mark


          I certainly would like the 24MP sensor but I just do not see it happening this soon in a D700 part of the line. I think it would hurt D3x and D3s sales. 16MP would give me at least give the extra want.


  • dooky

    Admin…you have a serious issue separating what you want to happen, and what your sources are telling you. If you want to call yourself a “reporter”
    you should learn how to do it dispassionately.

    • Alex

      Well he did state that part as his opinion, and not as a fact. “I don’t THINK so.” Which is fine. He is not a news anchor, this is his website, and can report it how ever the hell he wants. Most of us like it.

      Back on topic, I think all the Nikon DSLRs are feeling a little old now. There is nothing that is mind-blowing anymore. I think the same goes for Canon. That new Pentax 645 would be awesome though.

      • Jesus_sti

        I’m agree with Alex.

      • thorgal

        so take it and go for a walk…good luck!

    • Dooky, you could be right but I have to use some kind of criteria to evaluate the rumors before I post them online. I decided not to post that story when I received it because I don’t believe to be true. Many other stories do not make it online because of the same reason. Could I be wrong? Hell yes! Today I had to react because I got bombarded with emails asking me what is going on with the D700 replacement (based on that the article in Quesabesde). I also don’t feel like explaining and justifying every single post on this website – with the amount of readers NR currently has, it is impossible to make everybody happy. This is not CNN and it will never be – this is just a rumor site where I am trying to sort out the good information from the many fake rumors based on previous experience.

      • it could be that Nikon itself is spreading this rumor in order not to hurt their D700 and D3s sales – this could explain why so many people have heard it already

        • The way I look at it is this is your site do what you will. If people dont like the way you handle it then they should leave or start their own.

        • YouAreCorrect

          I agree with Admin on this one. Nikon of course wants to milk their old cow before they replace them with new. One way to do that is to make the production a little slow so the demand will stay high so is the price, it’s all about strategy. Replacement? Given the past history of Nikon DSLR update, D700 is due for replacement this year! Will it happen well in time before Photokina or before Christmas? Only time will tell. Keep shooting with what you have right now and be happy with it.

      • m35g35

        FWIW, Admin you do a great job. It is just a rumor and I take everything at face value. The way you weigh each rumor is really taking a rumor a step further. Great job and I appreciate all your hard work!!

    • BigDaddy

      I’m agree with dooky.

      • Steve

        I am with the admin on that one

        • [Ô]

          I am with Admin too.

          Keep up the good work Admin.

          • Cadence SF

            I value the Admin’s views, or else why would anyone be here?

  • Kristof

    I was in a market to buy the full frame Nikon to update my DSLR system. I almost bought the D700 but its specs are not very impressive compared to the competitors. I thought I’d wait for the D700, but the more I talked with my pro friends, the more I was told such waiting is endless, because once one version comes out, a new one is rumored to follow.
    After a lot of thinking and research, I decided to upgrade to Canon’s full frame camera. I was also drawn to the lens selection besides the specs of the affordable full frame 5DM2.
    End of the waiting for D800, which judging from all the rumors on the net won’t come out until next year. I can’t wait that long.

    • Kristof

      I meant I thought I’d wait for the D800 (not D700)

      • Tomaocron

        The D700 specs are not impressive? The only DSLR with better low light performance is the new D3s. I shoot weddings with the D700 and couldn’t be happier 🙂

        • Banned

          I guess Kristof should stick with Canon 🙂 I guess if you needed this camera you would have it already. Go back to shooting dogs 🙂

        • I too waited forever for the replacement, couldn’t wait any longer. Convinced the wife to let me get the D3s ooh is it sweet. Glad I didn’t hold out.

          • Ago

            Nice! I have the money for the D3S but it could start eating into the Italy fund which I am going to be needing the camera for in the first place. So the D700 it is…. Chicken and the egg, man! 🙁

        • Jose

          What do not impress you in d700, more MegaPixel? If you will print very big banner you are right, but behavior under low light conditions, color balance, quality, functions, between others. D 700 still better than competitors, no way if we are talking about D3S. If you would like to buy a new camera you like to buy the last technology agree but technology change faster and in short time your newbrand CANON should be a museum equipment. Someone from General Electric told me many years ago that if you have a very good product with out problems with a very good quality the urgent to replace it should be delayed.

  • JP

    Bahhh not again! – Have been waiting like hell for a new D700 replacement.
    Damn Nikon what are you doing over there?

  • hulk

    GAS – gear acquisition syndrome

    • Canon Fangirly

      Oh my – that one made me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    Just a quick thought. Would a D700s technically be called a replacement? Doesn’t an ‘s’ model just refine what is already there? This can be accurate, that there will be ‘no replacement’ for the D700, only refinements to it. I wouldn’t consider an ‘s’ model to be a replacement specifically. What would be your thoughts?

  • Anonymous


    • TheincredibleUlk

      A 35 isn’t quite the same ammo as 6×6… not to mention the price difference (d700 compared to hassies)

    • Mark

      I am happy with my Phase One. The bigger sensor is truly a step in high quality. I only have the baby 16MP P20+ digital back and it rocks.

      Having this camera makes waiting for the D700 replacement less painful.


  • Tom

    These whiners that threaten to abandon Nikon just because of no new camera model — do they ever take pictures or do they sit around and complain about cameras that aren’t in existence? Losers!

    • Gustav

      I’m sure they can come up with lots of “reasons” why they can’t take good pictures until they get a D700 replacement. Meanwhile they sit there whining while real photographers, both professional and amateur, are out taking beautiful pictures with their D50,80,300, 700, or whatever.

      • Enrique

        Bravo Gustav

      • Didier

        Thanks Gustav,

        I was starting to get really concerned that I DO enjoy my D1X (Third hand, works like a champ had it 18 months now) and the pictures I take with it, at my level I could not be happier

        Am I normal ?

    • Agreed!

    • Mark

      I am multi talented. I can whine and take great pictures!

      : )


      • The invisible man

        LOL, good one 😮

    • rs

      So true and all about stupid MP. Guess what all you MP driven defectors, time for some L glass cause everything else looks like garbage when you have so many MP. Get you checkbooks and credit cards ready.

  • I_want_a_d700x_

    it doesn’t make any sense for Nikon to not update the D700 this year. At the very least it would be updated into a D700S once the D3S demand/backlog is fulfilled. It was the same story for D3, it wasn’t until early summer 2008 that initial D3 demands were met and soon after the D700 is announced.

    The D700x/D800/D900/higher_mp_nikon_fx_body is another story. I no longer believe in this higher_mp_d700_body idea. at best it is wishful thinking of 5d mark II lovers who dream of nikon making a similar camera.

    • I agree – at least they can release a D700s without doing much r&d and production expenses

      • Anonymous


      • kent

        is there any update on d700s rumours? should i hold d700 purchase?

    • Mark

      I still think there is more market for the D700x than the D700s. There is video in Nikon DSLR models at various price points already but something with the FX sensor above 12MP is needed to battle against Canon.


  • Ubiquitous

    It seems to me that almost everyone that does not have a D700 is clamoring for the new version of the camera. Conversely, almost everyone that has the camera, like me, could not care less. I view my D700 as more that I would ever need.

    The reality is that Nikon needs to upgrade their DX lineup first, primarily the D300 and D90.

    • Anonymous

      well, not really. I own a D700 and think it is as perfect as it gets for still picture capture. However I want some sort of video capture capability built into the camera as well. even a D700S based on D3S would trigger me to get a video-capable version.

      There are plenty of people who just don’t want to lug a camcorder around (extra bulk and weight) but want to shoot video in a D700 class camera.

      • Ubiquitous


        You have a point. Everyone looks at things through their own prism, I guess. For example, I’m not interested in video, whatsoever. Therefore, a D700s does not do a thing to me.

      • Ubiquitous


        One more thought. I also have a D5K and do not know how to use video with it – not interested. In fact, I have yet to shoot in the “Scenes Mode.” The D5K has not gotten out of “Aperture Priority” mode. 🙂

        • Mark

          I for one an not interested in a video mode with a FX Nikon, but rather want a higher resolution file. If I want to dabble in video, I would get a D5000 or a Pentax K-x.


        • I just bought D5000 and the D5000’s video is really strange, but I am not interested in video. As an amateur photographer, I like the size and weight of D40.

          I also discovered that ISO 200 is much better in D40 than in D5000, but I am happy with the D5000’s high ISO, especially after ISO 800, usable even at ISO 3200.

          I never plan to switch to Canon. I am interested in a D40-sized camera with less mp than D5000 and very good IQ, starting from ISO 100 and usable at ISO 6400, if possible. But don’t hurry Nikon, just do it good, as usual and Name it D4000!

          I guess many of that users that wish a 18+mp D700 replacement are stock photographers and they really need more megapixels at a competitive price.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        buy an EPL and and an adapter for you AF-D lenses… 😛 that´s the cheapest capable HD video camera you will find.

    • Alex

      Yes, Nikon needs a 7D competitor, and 60D (which will no doubt be out sooner than anything Nikon), a T2i competitor, a 5D Mk2 competitor, a G11 competitor (sorry I am just on a role here). Other than that, Nikon is the best!

      • Anonymous


        • thorgal

          so what did you think???? if you want something for free go to salvation army hehe:)
          the rule is: you run business – you want to earn more and more:)

    • The invisible man

      I had a D700, sold it after few months.
      It’s a great camera, if it has 18MP or more I would have keep it for ever.

      • thorgal

        another kid…no comment…
        “if it has 18MP or more I would have keep it for ever” – D700 is a 12mp camera so why you did buy it…

        • The invisible man

          Because someone told me that If I feed my D700 12MP twice a day it will grow up to 30MP, but that was not true, it did not work.

          • Alex

            I think Nikon believes that theory too. The difference between you and Nikon, is Nikon still believes that works 🙂

    • +10
      Yes, upgrade the DX! I’m dying for a D400. Rumours please 😀

  • Daniayr

    I always laugh at people that switch because the other company won’t give them what they think they need. Just go out and shoot. It’s just a tool. I can see if it’s a lens problem, at least there is some logic to it, but switching due to a 6 month wait for a new body is just plain stupid, not to mention expensive. And really, how much better do you think D700 successor will be?

  • Kevin Y

    maybe just short supply and nikon is waiting for photokina to release something amazing

    • The invisible man

      You may be right but I think Nikon is waiting the photokina to announce that they are working on a new state of art camera that will be disponible in 2018.

  • Mephisto

    Why is Nikon so behind on features in their new cameras? I bought D700 and last week met with a friend using Canon 5D Mark II and I was red in envy how good that camera handled. THe canon camera and lenses seemed to outperform those of my Nikon and my lenses are not bad, I thought.

    Nikon does need a good upgrade to stop disappointing. Unless you have at least $8,000.00 for the D3X.

    • Tomaocron

      Try shooting sports with that 5D Mark II – then try your D700. There is no contest – AF, shooting speed, ISO performance of the D700 is vastly superior.

      • The invisible man

        You have a point there, I tried to shoot soccer games with Nikon and Canon.
        When using the Nikon camera I can definitely see the ball going faster.

        • Anthony

          plus with a nikon, not only does the ball go faster but it scores more when i use a nikon.

    • thorgal

      what lenses have you got? or maybe you don’t know how to take pictures???

      • Bingo! Having a D700 for a week and probably didn’t know how to use it to its potential. So getting punked by someone owning a different camera is very likely. Canon has nothing to do with it. What if someone had a D80 and did the same thing? The D80 MUST be better than the D700? Have to attribute Mephisto’s loss vs. the mkII to User Error.

        The D700 & 5DmkII are close enough that there’s no reason to get beaten badly- it’s a matter of skill, IMO. Stick w/ your D700. Practice. It’s an amazing camera.

    • Ez

      I don’t want to sound rude but are you color blind and numb in the hands? i hated the feel of the 5D Mark II. Ergonomics are ridiculous, someone mentioned the CF card cover rattling (which I noticed as well. Body still felt plastic (a bit toy-ish)) Even Canon’s R&D department admitted that before the Mark II’s launch, the ‘suits; had them forget about pushing the envelope but just bump the MP to get the upper hand from Nikon since the launch of the D3.

      “Canon cameras were designed by engineers and Nikon cameras were designed by photographers”

      Everyone here stop screaming for more MP!!! I too have fallen for that unnecessary greed. I’m getting cross-eyed reading the same demands over and over! More MP’s wont make you a better photographer. If you are so anxiously awaiting a higher MP body yet light on your wallet (then let the ‘suits’ at Canon win) trust me, you won’t be missed and Nikon system users will be happy you left. You would have gotten the D3x by any means necessary if you really ‘craved’ that extra crop factor. Its all business as usual at Nikon. You want the details? Get the D3x. You want a compact body? Then Nikon has the answer for that. They already know what kind of user you are(print wise, they already know you wont push to more than 20×30″ prints. If you are looking for a so called compact body) That’s were the D3x comes into play. Sure 24 MP will be the standard in the coming years but why mess up a good thing? Again, its all just a business. I believe Canon won the hand with the Mark II but Nikon knows the tournament too well, I also wouldn’t be surprised at Admin’s post about a 10-12 MP camera coming up but with monstrous dynamic range. They’ve already done it with the Multiple Exposure feature, why not incorporate it in a single one? I dream of the day when Nikon DSLR’s will no longer recognize ISO but will only have 2 features. LO and HI (LO = ISO 50-1600 and HI = 2000 – 102k (this will kill the so called middle man in the world of process thinking for the Nikon photographer) and camera bodies will have interchangeable sensors (Ford and Chevy Crate Engines in mind) You need higher megapixels? Buy the sensor for 700-1200 USD. You want the ISO performer? Get it for 500-600 USD. Nikon can create a whole new ball game with this strategy. Everyone (heck even Samsung and Sigma are part of the game now) of who’s got the higher MP bullshit. Again and again, its all just a business…

    • Nokin Ikon

      Dude really? I have a D700 my friend owns a 5dmk2, every time we go for a photo shoot he spends half a day playing around with my D700 and spend the rest complaining about his 5Dmk2. (mainly about the lack of AF speed and sharpness of his camera). Rent a 5Dmk2 for a week then compare it your self, you’ll know the D700 is a better camera. Nikon knows this and that is why they are not in a hurry to replace the D700.

  • Yea, I’ve heard this as well. I just don’t buy it! It could be very smart, lineup wise; Release d4, then 700 replacement after. Keeps your pros committed to your flagship body.

  • Christina

    Guess I just have to weigh-in on this rumor.

    #1. Thank you to NR Admin for this information. I always welcome these announcements since it helps me in my purchase planning and decision-making.
    #2. I want to comment from the perspective of someone who currently owns a D90 but wants to move to Full Frame.

    I am an avid amateur photographer who is eager to go to a full frame camera but does not want to buy a ‘lame-duck’ model. Now, many of you would ask why I call the current D700 a ‘lame-duck”. I call it that because there have been rumors, and constant comments about a successor to it coming out ‘any minute now’. I am not going to buy the current D700 because I know how annoyed I will be if I buy the camera and then the ‘replacement’ arrives within the next 6 months. I am not one of those photographers who buys a piece of equipment with the plan of selling it on, as soon as the next model arrives. I do not have GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). I plan on building my gear as money, and product availability permits, and as my needs dictate. But, likewise, if Nikon doesn’t bring out a successor to their mid-range FX ( i.e. I cannot ever consider their 3S or 3X), and another company offers one for a reasonable price, I will easily switch if the price is doable and the quality is there. If Pentax does it, I will have the benefit of my husband’s vast array of Pentax lenses for his K-7 and K-x.

    So, although I love to read all the great comments, and I learn a great deal from all of them, it does get a bit annoying when some commenters say things like:

    “Go take pictures” or
    “you don’t need a new camera” or
    “You just have GAS”

    I am hoping there are few others out there in a similar boat who can see where I’m coming from. And, I kinda wish Nikon would realize this as well. They aren’t expected to worry about every prospective customer, but I wish they would be more forthcoming with future models so I can plan, save and purchase with confidence. I am carefully selecting my lenses so they are compatible on Full frames once I realized my D90 wasn’t all that I wanted.

    thanks again to Admin for this article…

    • thorgal

      hello, i own D90 (for about 16 months) and i’m getting ready for buing Nikon full-frame camera. I’m not in rush but i did a few steps – i saved some money (hehe) and i did buy new Nikkor lens 16-35 f4 VR – it was designed for FX format. This summer D700 will be 2 years old and many people believe Nikon will show something new or just little “refresh” (i mean D700 + HD video = D700S). Personally i don’t care about HD video mode, the most important thing for me is low light performance – i dream about smaller and cheaper camera with D3S sensor and image procesor – it could be Nikon D700S! I can wait this whole year for it – as i said i’m not in rush…

      • The invisible man

        If you don’t crop your pictures or print out 16×20″ posters, the D700 is the best camera ever, you can shoot 800 ISO with a better quality than a D90 at 200 ISO.
        I never used the video from my D90, I use a $100 DV camecorder and get better results.
        Also using a FX camera give you better viewfinder, better dynamic range and less sensitivity to dusts.
        I would wait until end of May, the D700 price could drop to $1990

        • Right, but w/ lens rebates, it’s a crap shoot to buy now or in may, if you’re planning on getting glass.

          Also, I’ve heard $300 body only rebate starting 5/3 on d700.

      • Christina

        We are definitely on the same page!
        I have a Sigma 24mm 1.8 and love it on my D90. Absolutely love it. So, I am in a holding pattern as well. I have the money set aside, and am hoping I won’t have to wait beyond the fall.

        But, I am having great fun with the D90 and learning all sorts of great photo techniques in the mean time.

    • Mark

      Well stated Christina, there are many of us who want the next generation since it appears to be so close and have a few needs that we would like met.

      There is some rumor of a Pentax full frame which would be interesting depending on their price point. The Pentax K-x is an impressive camera, especially for the price point it presently is at.


      • Christina

        Right you are! About the Pentax quality.

        And I did not know that a FF was in the works!

        Wow! This could get interesting!

    • Matstar

      Hi Christina, I started with a D90 and went to D700. The D700 is awesome, but the D90 is so handy as a walkabout. I can go to parties, dinners, long walks and the little D90 is very comfortable. The D700 + 24-70 lens is monster hang off your shoulder for long periods. I bought the D700 mainly for indoor family portraits and the results constantly prove to me that I’m get my moneys worth.

      What I am saying is, there are pro/cons for every Nikon model on the market (that’s why there are many of them) and this won’t change in the near future. There won’t be any new model that does everything nor a major breakthrough for the D700 owners to rush out and upgrade anytime soon. You need to consider what are you really NEED more than what you really want.

      Go to Flickr and find photos are there taken with previous gen cameras – you’ll be amazed!!

    • Buy now what you need now. You’re making do w/ a D90 and you want full frame. There’s nothing “lame duck” about one of the best cameras on the market. Just because an update *may* be released (or may NOT), that doesn’t immediately make the D700 a bad camera. It will continue to take photos just as well as it did the day before the upgrade/replacement comes out.

      You say you don’t like the GAS comments, but that’s what I really see in your post. You don’t specify that there’s something particular that you *need* that the D700 doesn’t have. Just that you wouldn’t be happy if/when an upgrade/replacement came out soon afterwards. So you’re admitting that you want the shiniest, newest bauble.

      I’m not trying to be mean or rude- just trying to put your comments into perspective for you. What you say may make sense to you, but it makes absolutely no sense to me. It truly *is* about getting out and just taking pictures (even though you don’t like that phrase, either). You admit that you’re learning now on your D90. So there’s absolutely *no* reason a D700 wouldn’t be more than you’re ready for right now.

      Maybe in 5 or 10 years you’ll come across this conversation cached on Google somewhere and realize that somewhere in what I’ve said, you might actually agree 😉 (but I don’t expect you to agree now!)

      • Christina

        In 5 or 10 years, my purchasing philosophy will not have changed. I don’t buy all the new gadgets. I have a cheapy Net 10 cell phone. No iPod or iPad although I would love one. I have a 3 year old laptop that has to do me a lot longer. I drive a 2002 car which I bought used in 2006. I am 56, and am not looking for the shiniest new bauble. I am sticking to my point about not buying the old version of a D700 if a new one is around the corner. Even if for no other reason than the hopes that it will have an SD card slot instead of CF. And other minor upgrades that would naturally be included. I did not say the old D700 would suddenly not work. You mention that I don’t give specifics why I want the D700. Look at the differences between the D700 and the D90. I am looking for the best I can get in a FF camera for low light, without loss of IQ. I want full frame which is traditionally found in 35mm SLR. The list goes on. I just want to have the updated version, since apparently the D700 has been out quite awhile and is due for an upgrade according to everybody.

        I wrote my comment in hopes to convince others that it is alright to want to wait, since there are totally valid, non-GAS, mature reasons for waiting. Lastly, I am 56 years old and have aging eyesight. I see no reason to limit myself on the proper equipment to get the most out of my photography experience. As my parents used to say, “Times a-wasting”.

        You kinda didn’t get the point of my comment. Instead you went ahead and tried to use all the tired lines that intimidate people into thinking they need to buy now instead of being patient. Or that they shouldn’t buy at all. I do take pictures, whenever time permits, so I want the best functional camera in the price range I can afford.


        please don’t make so many assumptions about other posters, and their purchasing decisions, and photography experience.

    • roland

      Christina, I am in a similar position.
      I want to go FX, but don’t want to buy the D700 at the current price if it will be discontinued soon. If/when the successor arrives, I will either buy that camera or the discontinued, price reduced (old) D700.

      That is my reason for waiting.

      • Christina

        On the same page!!!! thank you roland!

        • Matstar

          You guys are really patient… I usually buy on impulse because I hate longing for something and instantly make my dream come true. Now that I have my D700, I can dream no more!

          Even if a replacement D700 arrives soon, it don’t think it will blow the D700 away. Nikon will take a few more years I reckon. As I’ve said in other posts here, the next upgrade for me is when the sensitivity is 2-4x better, which won’t happen this year for sure.

    • aetas

      This is a great comment from someone that is in my same situation. Bravo!

  • Geoff_K

    Why would you cancel the D700, then not have a replacement in the wings ? Are they conceding this price range to the other makers ?

    Seems more like they may want to get rid of 95% of the D700 stock before they release a replacement. Nobody wants to get stuck with yesterdays camera.

  • The invisible man

    We will see new Nikon FX bodies this year, no doubt about that.
    Any new Nikon DX reflex will be for amateurs photographers and will look like my crapy D90 or D0000 series.
    Nikon will stop relase DX cameras with pro bodies like D300 or D3.
    There will be no D400 or D4.
    FX is for professionals and experts photographers.
    Comparing FX to DX is like comparing medium format film to 24x36mm film.
    Taking pictures with a D700 and then a D300, it’s like driving a Honda Odyssey and then aToyota Prius.

    • Banned

      What’s up Invisible?

      I have noticed that you are trying to spread a lot of new rumors in the comment section of this website lately. Yet none of what you’re saying is being discussed anywhere.

      I know you stated once that you had some form of handicap, I just hope this is not the cause of this.

      • The invisible man

        Very funny.

    • n

      everything yuo say is unsubstantiated. if you have a rumor, just email the admin wiht it. why do youpost it directly here?

      also, if you have proof of any kind, send it to the admin…he’ll keep it on the DL.

      • The invisible man

        What are you talking about ???
        I know Peter since the day we bought our first disposable camera.
        I never post anything here without asking him if it will rain or not.
        Peter and me are good friends, him, me, and his dog are watching football together every week-end, with both a chilly camera in hands I get the Nikon, and he is holding the Canon (he can’t have strong drinks) .
        And every 2 years we go at the photokina, with our wives (they shop in Paris while we are testing the new cameras at the fair).

        • n

          okay my bad, I just throught you were trying to steal his thunder. i apologize

  • gncl

    I hope these rumours are started by Canon, or at least fanboys with an interest in baiting Nikon users.

    It must have been abundantly clear to Nikon 12 months ago that there was high demand for a successor to the D700. I don’t think they’d leave another 8 months before doing something about it.

    People can say what they like about 12Mp still being sufficient for everyone, but the fact is that there’s currently a glaring gap in Nikon’s DSLR lineup, and I don’t believe that Nikon are going to wait until 2011 to fill it.

  • Daf

    I hope it’s not true!
    Was holding out for the D700x/800 but now will make do with the ‘s’. Not that I don’t want video that much but don’t want to miss out – read so many pro photographer articles about video/multimedia.

    Isn’t the D700 the only non-video Canon/Nikon current SLR now ?

    Looking at the timeline, I’d say it’s due for an update this or next quarter: (bottom of page)

    • Daf

      oops – that should be “Not that I Want video that much”

    • D3000 no video.

  • 3 sensor 10Mpix DSLR would actually have higher resolution than 24Mpix. They could bayer-like it to 30Mpix if they would want or keep the resolution at 10Mpix with ultimate dynamic range (16Bit per actual color).

  • Anonymous

    By the way who tried the 16 35 VR?I did and it is not all of that ,Nikon think that it is enough 2 prime AFS lenses in 5 years 50 1.4 25 1.4 and 12 MPX they are robbin us,I m glad I have an F6 for my 28 1.4 because I dont want put that on 12 or 24 nikon DSLR nikon is from the 20thcentury I need something for the 21 st , fire some people at nikon you should.Because Its time to lesson to consumers instead of old product developper from old age, they coppy to much Leica exept for pxls to BAD!!!!

  • low

    sorry nikon…im not a real photographer. i only take photos of my dog and thin fences to show of fabulous DOF and buttery bokeh, since there are no new cameras this year im gonna have to go with canon. the 5d mkii is a few months newer than a d700 and thats what matters to me. when you showed the world how great the d3s sensor is… the internal ticker on the d700’s sensor must have kicked in, cause my photo all of a sudden suck, thanks a lot! i knew i never shouldve upgraded my firmware!

    and plus you dont care about landscape photographers, cause i really NEED a 24MP camera, will you EVAR listen to your customers? D3X?? cmon, theres no way in hell a probody nikon camera can give me the quality i so seek from a pro-am body like the 5dmkii. plus all my friends switched…and i like the way take photos..they must know something i dont.

  • Anonymous

    Now this thread is getting ugly. I guess the only one who is repsonsible for this is Nikon. I guess it would not be a bad idea if one of those Nikon execs at large open their f_ _kin’ mouth and let the crowd know to go home we will rip you off and don’t get anything decent before 2012 christmas.

  • Anonymous

    I m goin to go to Japan and ask for my money back LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LGO

    The Photokina 2010 will be held September 21-26, 2010. It is likely that Nikon will announce its new FX camera(s) shortly before this event.

    Like some others here, I believe that the rumor that there will be no new Nikon FX body is intended primarily to get those who want an FX body to buy the D700 now. Once the D700 inventory is pared down or is sold out, Nikon will release the new FX camera(s).

  • Matstar

    I just looked at some of my favorite shots I have taken with my D700 and and asked myself this question –

    “Could this photo get any better with a newer camera?”

    The answer is No to all. I have some amazing incredible pics. Sometime I wonder how “I nailed it” so well with some shots.

    The D3 has been upgraded twice so the Nikon professionals can stay on the leading edge, for me, an enthusiast, the D700 is more than ample until the next major technological breakthrough – like a sensor that has 2-4x the sensitivity of current.

    • Nicolas

      Nice to see some common sense around here!

      • More like “sense.” Definitely ain’t common ’round here.

  • Anonymous

    ……No I m goin to kidnapp a developper and make him work on my next pro Body in a cave , It will be 40 mpxl 3 CMOS sensor full HD video 30 min film with autofocus 30 fps like moovie Dolby Stereo sound like my GH1 and convertible in 4.1 ,integrated GPS , Wi Fi,3D Level plus in body stabilizer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who WANT ONE,,,??????????

  • Luke

    According to the news I heard in my country Nikon is likely to release a new PRO camera by August-October period of time, this year. It will be the so-called D4.

    From that moment on … all the sensors and the related technology implemented in D3’s series will be “old”. Both the D3s and D3x will be kinda of “past”, so their sensors … can be implemented in a 700x/700s series with the same technology of the present D700 model.

    But a D800/900 means a NEW generation that MUST come along with the D4’s technology. So (the end of) 2011 will be the right year for that. And D400 (with a new 16/18MP sensor) will come in that year too.

    • The invisible man

      3 sensors technology, don’t even try, nobody here will believe you.
      I should take bets on that and become rich before I know it !

      • Luke

        not 3 … but 2!

        D3s 12 MP and D3x 24 MP are both old, nothing new here -> hence they can be used in the D700x/D700s series.

        A new FX camera and a new ASPC (16/18 MP) camera will be both new tech … hence-> they will be put in D4 and D400 late this year and/or early next year.

        D800 has to wait for the end of 2011.

  • iamnomad


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