Nikon D700 replacement?

Fuji S6 Pro?, originally uploaded by Dutchie2007.

Anonymous rumor about the Nikon D700 replacement (not related to the picture above):

"Basically it will be D700 with 12Mpix and HD video better then D3s and dual cards slots. It will be available first half of 2010 and will not be the only pro DSLR Nikon releases this year. There is also a strong connection to "another" company I don't know which, but that another company will release some killer pro product with some connection to Nikon. I have only idea about Fuji, but don't know why they would not make that info public on the Internet."

I will rate this rumor @ 60% probability - the reason why I rate an anonymous rumor so high is because I have received some similar information in the past.

Last year Fuji said that they will not release a new DSLR in 2009. This indicates that Fuji may have plans to release a new DSLR later one (2010?).

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  • Unanimous

    I own a D700, and I have become spoiled with decent ISO performance through ISO 3200.

    The only thing that would excite me about a new Nikon body would be better performance at settings higher than ISO 3200.

  • dellaaa

    Unbelievable. Another 12M pixel camera and I will buy a Sony. I just wish the glass was there for Sony.

    I don’t know whats more pathetic, Nikon’s inability to produce an affordable over 12M pixel camera or how we devour these ridiculous rumors or the people who defend Nikon’s stagnation. All 3 are pretty sad.

    What does one shoot at ISO 64000 anyway. Short of hi speed sporting events in very poor light isnt ISO 1600 good 2.8 glass enough for 99.9% of shooting situations?

    I come from a medium format film school where ISO 400 was all we needed. Image quality, both tonality and resolution were the driving force.

    • Ivan

      The glass is there for Sont. Sony 70-300 and 70-400 > Nikon 70-300, 80-400 VR

      70-200 is probably not as good as the new 70-200 VR II but still very good

      The Zeiss 24-70 is on par with Nikon 24-70. Zeiss 16-35 isn’t as good as 14-24 but still very good

      Add fast primes like Zeiss 85 1.4, 135 1.8 (best in class). There is lots of glass you can put on A900.

    • Mathias

      It depends on Sony. If Sony is not delivering sensors with more than 12MP to its partners, Nikon has only the opportunity to develop an own solution as Nikon has done it very well with the 12MP FX. There is also the possibility to look for another partner … maybe Fujifilm? Sony has big interests to sell the own DSLR so it’s logical that they keep competitors on distance. I heard that Sony Semiconductors wants for each delivered 24MP the same price that an A850 actually costs!

  • Anonymous

    why are folks complaining that nikon cant evolve from 12Mp…um hello, d3x??? pony up and pay for it. trust me, your cat or those cherry blossoms dont care that they are being photographed at 12Mp!!!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously! I own a D700 and would love to make that a backup with a D700s. Shooting weddings with both would be a dream!

  • Anonymous

    What is this?


    • see my explanation bellow, I will delete those images from the server

  • FujiFilm FinePix S6 Pro in that type of body?! Well, I don’t think so…

  • roko

    It is funny how this lousy “rumor” come quickly and stay on the site, just to confuse us and foget about D3H. But the really interesting one about D3H got pulled down.

    • Anonymous

      wow wow wow, what have we here?

      • Anonymous

        There is nothing …

        … but a bad PS-job and two comments. The 2nd being the better one.

        I’m bored now.

        Yours sincerely
        An anonymous that is not

    • This D3h screenshots were taken from an old fake youtube video. The author of those videos is well know troll in the Nikon community and has been banned from NR (and pretty much every other Nikon forum out there). At one point there was even a website dedicated to him. This is why I removed those pics – they are 100% fake. I also did not want to give this person any credit for the fakery after all the damage he has done to the online Nikon community.

  • Anonymous

    To me it looks as if Nikon gets abandoned by many … very many people if they go on like this. All this advising and insulting here from immature Nikon-Fan-Boys to stay pleased with either low res or a triple price (D3X) won’t help much anymore.

    Oooh yes, I forgot about insane high iso and fps. Well, that truly always adds a lot of IQ to the pics. Lets have this discussion again, again and again.
    An image taken by D3s at iso one million sure looks much better than a shot taken by any competitors camera at iso 200. It has been said often enough, so it must be true.

    And the D300s as well was a revolutionary step. What a release ! ! !
    I’m sure that all Nikon-competitors shit their trousers when it came out. An entire new photographic experience and a revolution to the world of high quality video too.

    Honestly, Nikon achieved a lot of loyalty by keeping their F-Mount all the way through. At some point that won’t do anymore.


    if you just listen to your Nikon-Fan-Boys who keep telling mama-nikon is the best and the most beautiful among them all, then you do get abandoned by photographers. Your Fan-Boys then will get all their gear pretty cheap from the 2nd hand camera and lens market. That will be their proof of loyalty to you and your sales therefore will not just go down the hill, they ‘ll be free falling and hitting a very hard ground at high speed.
    At least their might be a fan-boy around with a 2nd hand D3s and capture this moment at high iso and with a load of fps. Maybe you take some comfort in this.

    Yours sincerely
    an anonymous Nikon-user
    who feels more and more ready to shift

    P.S. Common Nikon. U can do it.

    • ZinhaEq


    • ZinhaEq

      Maybe you should get one too. 😉

    • aetas


    • Anonymous

      stupid!! since the nikon’s colors and focuss are better the movies are better tooooo!! just look at it no astigmatism no unfocussed and most of all real 3D like in film moovies not like soap a la holywood 2 dimension video its all about colour contrast texture etc… I dont care about jello I fix it with a filter and a tripod you ignorent web jokers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Discontinued

        Did a child get hurt here ? ? ?

        Sorry, your toy for sure is the best and I’ll leave the teaching about dimensions to your school.
        OMG … “real 3D” … What the #### is he/she talking about ? ? ?

        • Anonymous

          …talking about the effect of seeing the 3D in 2D , you need a large scale of shades to realise it ,like landscape painter in the renaissance age it has nothing to do with the resolution but with color shades !!

  • Simon

    Sony did not patent their sensor for Nikon to add 1080p 30fps or any other frame rates. This is because Sony has plans in future HD video dSLR market and dont need Nikon using their sensor to compete.

  • Shompis

    Hi guys,

    I think it is pretty funny that people here are complaining about the rumored 12MP(rightfully mind you!) and are upset that the 5DMKII is better in a lot of areas(which is also true!) and that the next Canon 5D will probably destroy this supposed Nikon model and over people are complaining about Canon upping the megapixels (sacrifising high ISO quality) and still being stuck with a poor AF motor compared to the D700, and are afraid of Nikon destroying whatever rumored camera Canon is releasing.


    I personally would like to have an updated D700 with higher MP, such as 15MP-18MP, with better video capabilities (see Canon 7D and 550D), better mettering and ISO performance, same for the 5D MK III except that I would like them to downgrade MP to 15MP-18MP in order to get better ISO performance and such, and have the 7D auto focus motor in it. Wishful thinking 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the iso-lovers among the Canon-shooters should just go to Nikon and the other way around ?

      But then again, I ask myself why did Nikon even bother to release shift-lenses such as the 24mm to suit architecture ? ?

      I hope they’ll not going to split the market among speed- and IQ-freaks, because this would put an end to the fruitful competition and neither one (be it a canon- or nikon-fan-boy, or a non-brand-attached-serious-photographer) would gain anything.
      Personally I just want to see a 24 MP 700x and that ‘ll be the end of my complaints and shifting-brand-thoughts for the next few years.

    • Anonymous


      the complaints are pretty contrary and on first sight it looks as if the complainers just should shift from one brand to another and both – iso lovers and MPs – would be satisfied. Then again that would mean and end to a fruitful competition.

      And why did Nikon bother to develop shift-lenses if they do not intend to provide the cameras for it. I want to see both brands serving both kinds of photographers. Of course not in compromised all purpose bodies. Gimme a slow 24 MP 700X and it will put an end to all my complains and thoughts of leaving for the next few years.

    • Gribben

      I agree on the 15-18 Mpix plus better noise performance. No video please, I have a good camcorder for that.
      As for the Canon 5D II; the camera has so bad autofocus it really makes it useless. I know it for sure: I owned this piece of junk one month before I got rid of it. Should have know better. That experience cost me a helluva lot of money.

    • Thor

      +10 16-18MP seems to be the sweet-spot for 35 FF sensors, imho; and I believe this is what will be released. And like it or not, HD is part of the program from here on out. It only makes sense, especially with large, FF sensors. It’s basically a two-for deal. Nikon had better see the future now, or Canon, and possibly Fuji, will leave them in the dust. And I’d like to see Canon scale-back the MP in the 5D Mark III for even better ISO.

  • Moi.

    Very disappointing news indeed. It seems Nikon is falling more and more behind Canon in terms of tech for the money you put in ( and I can’t actually believe I am saying this, usually my opinion is that Canon only does things for the money, heh)
    If they waited this long just to put HD on the D700 it can mean only one thing. I’m gonna wait until Canon updates the AF on the 5D MK II ( which I think it’s exactly to my liking) and then get an adapter so I can use my Nikkors on the Canon till I can afford new Canon lenses. I would of loved the sealing and AF of the D700, but well, what can one do :). I fail to see why I would pay that kind of money on 3 years old tech, when Canon provides more bang for the buck NOW.
    And to think I was about to spend the money on a Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII … no way in hell that will happens, feels like putting money in a dying company.

  • Zim

    Remember this is just a rumor and it would be nice if Nikon bumped up to 16 to 18MP.
    But if not and if they can get a camera to do good low light, 1080HD full controls and around $2,000 I’d buy one. Most people are not shooting 20×30 pictures. 12MP for the web, 5×7, 8×10 is good enough. But it wouldn’t hurt to bump up the pixel count even if only for marketing reason.

  • Mike again

    are Nikon and Canon about a silent mutual agreement the Canon would take the megapixel market share while Nikon are taking the high ISO share?
    That would be quite rotten!

    I have hard to think Nikon would put a 12 Mp censor in their D700 successor, it’s a new generation that is going to live for 1.5-2 years until next model comes out and by then 12 Mp would be really stone age while computers are doubling their capacity for every 1.5 year (Mores law).

    Huge picture size is soon not a problem with faster and faster memory cards, and USB 3 is already here so one can shuffle over memory with nearly 1 Gbit/s, now, a good question is Nikon going to use USB 3 in their next generation??? It would be most appreciated!!
    (hope they noted it)

    • Canonball

      Good point…My D700 accepts Sandisk Extreme Pro which moves 90Mbyte/sec. That is approx. 720 Mbps. But USB 2.0 only has a raw data rate at 480Mbps…
      Ooops .

      • danpe

        Why not have a look at a firewire 800 CF card reader, about twice the speed of USB2, if the card is fast enough that is.

  • Whiners

    All you effing whiners need to shut up. I shoot with guys begging to switch to Nikon, because Nikon does things right. All the complainers on here don’t even shoot for a living so go stuff it.

    • Anonymous

      A few years ago I explained my clients why I still do analog.
      Common know, this is 2010 and I’m not going to give them the same silly crap-talk about the glories of 12 MP-shooting and its unlimited IQ, that people like you spread on this page.
      Nikon either gives me more than that in order to spare me this defensive talk to clients with their crappy 14 MP compacts or I ‘ll have to switch brand. I’m not going to tell them about iso performance and that I could do grainy looking shots even in the dark if they only wanted me to (which they don’t).

      • Anonymous

        what clients are you trying to impress? obviously not big paying clients if your clients are just shooting compacts! in the end your photos arent going to automatically look much better with a few more Mp. why dont you educate your ‘clients’ or get a damn d3x???

        • Anonymous

          gnmpf …

          It’s usually not the client who does the shooting.
          It’s the photographer …
          … you know what? Just forget it. You don’t even get the point.

          • Anonymous

            please do tell…im curious why your clients are wanting something bigger in mp than their point and shoots?

          • Anonymous

            I understand your point. Clients have asked the MP’s from my 12 megapixel Nikon cameras and they respond… “Oh, that’s it!? Our Canon P&S has 14 MP’s!” Over a decade of relentless marketing has forever ingrained to the public that MP’s equal quality in almost a linear fashion. I explain about increased DR and lower noise and all that and in the end, they think that has to make up for the camera’s “deficiency” in the megapixel count. This is unlike canon’s models which almost scale linearly in pixel count as the models go higher. I of course don’t let this bother me too much, but it is admittedly annoying to come across from time to time.

            I stood around the camera section of my local Wal-Mart and observed 3 different customers think they were getting a better bargain on a camera based SOLELY on the MP count. It’s the sad truth, but a reality nonetheless.

          • Anonymous

            I am confused now who is me, who is you and how many am I / are we ? ? ? And who is responding to whom ? ? ? I should not post without name anymore. At least someone got the point. Apart from clients I want more than 12 MP in future anyway. Just for IQ and detail. FF can do better.

  • Gary

    “This indicates that Fuli may have plans to release a new DSLR later one (2010?).” admin, its fuji not fuli! it will sound silli 😛

  • Peter

    I loved my S5 pro, but had it replaced by a D3 because I wanted to go full frame. The D3 is great but rather bulky. If Fuji would bring out a better D700 with dual card slot, I’d buy it at an instance!

  • jt

    There is a problem with rumors like this one. It is just some kid with imagination and a bit of common sense, so I really don’t understand why it has been posted at all. The reason why you have received similar rumors before is, because EVERYONE thinks very similar. There are tens of thousands of people out there that will tell you the same, if you ask for their opinion on the subject. Come on…

    I will not rate probability that content of the rumor will become reality, instead I will rate probability that person who sent you this, has ANY kind of extra information besides his imagination and googling abilities : 0.1% and I am being generous.

    • Anonymous

      Good rating (still a bit generous, though).

  • jerakin

    Nikon is not a smaller company than Canon . This is consistently sited as an reason for Nikon’s perceived slower product development cycles. Nikon is a part of Mitsubishi industries, which is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the world.

    • Kevin

      Many also don’t realize Canon has been closing all their regional facilities in Canada and some in the US in attempts to save money as the centers were not productive enough. I was told they did this for customer convenience but how is shipping a camera across the country convenient.

      • Anonymous

        And Nikon is mainly made in the USA, is it ? ? ?

  • Ray

    if this was a s6, then it would easily cost $8000 – $10000.oo because the s5 pro costed an arm and a leg with a d200 style body.

  • Kevin

    I could swear I was telling all you people you would see a D700s be released. Remember it’s not a replacement it’s an update to the camera. The D800 won’t come until next spring and that will in all likelyhood be an 18mp camera. The Canon 5D Mark III if and when it gets released will still use the same 21mp sensor.

    Right now just for record to get this straight and its been documentated. The Nikon D700 destroys the 5D Mark II in every single aspect with the exception of resolution and video. This has been pointed out time and time again. The 5D Mark II is really a poor man’s incomplete camera system for this day and time.

    If you switch to canon you’d be complaining about how bad the AF is, how poor the metering is not to mention just how cheap that camera feels.

    Right now Nikon is outselling Canon in the DSLR marketplace and they have been for the past few years. The nikon technology right now is ahead of canon. It’s not that difficult to cram more pixels into a sensor where as making the sensor work more efficiently is significantly harder to do. We have seen just how much canon failed in this area in the 1D Mark IV.

    So now I’ll say it again and hopefully all you wanna be trolls listen.

    D700s —-> 12mp D3s like
    D3s —–> 12mp best high ISO amongst DSLR’s
    D3x —–> 24mp high resolution best IQ amongst DSLR’s
    D4 —–> 18mp mid range ISO capabilities
    D800 —–> 18mp version of D4
    D4x —–> 32mp high resolution

    You have all mocked what I have said in the past but two years from now you will all see just how accurate this is.

    • LGo

      The list looks about right and looks pretty good.

      The issue however is timetable. Except for the D700s (with D3s sensor), it seems unlikely that Nikon will release the D800 (18mp FX in D700-style body) before Nikon releases the D4 next year.

      Note that what is missing from the list is the D700x (24mp FX) which some people in this forum would really want Nikon to release.

    • LGo

      One variation of the future product release in terms of resolution-ISO capabilities could look like these

      D700s 12 mp, super high-ISO capabilities (like D3s), 1080p HD Video

      D800 18mp, high ISO capabilities (like D700 and D3), 1080p HD Video

      D4 18mp, super high IS0 capabilities (like D3s or better) 1080p HD video

      D700x 24mp, mid-ISO capabilities (like D3x) 1080p HD video

      D4x 32-36mp, high ISO capabilities (like D700 and D3)

    • Anonymous

      You might be even right, but does it make Nikon
      look any better if so ? ? ?

      “2 years from now” … common ! ! !

    • Ah..these comments make me laugh. You’ve got Canon people saying how Mark II beats the D700 at everything and how Canon is far ahead of Nikon.

      Have you owned the 5D Mark II so you say its auto focus is bad or you just say what you read on the internet, like 90% of others? I have 3 friends (said before on this page) that shoot sports mostly with the Mark II and couldn’t be happier. They don’t care how many people say AF is bad, because for them, all shots are in focus.

      Canon failed with the Mark IV? Damn, do you work somewhere where you get all these information?

      • What was perhaps missed is the AF is bad *in the low-light situations. I’ve had mkII owners complain to me about theirs and being surprised at how well the D700 + 50mm f1.4G could AF in the dark.

        Not a single “rumor” among those complaints- direct first person complaints. I’m not saying all mkII owners are unhappy w/ AF, but it needs to be pointed out that the AF complaints are *not* just internet rumors 😛
        It’s a camera. It has issues. Some work around them or are not affected by them. No need to be fanboyish about it.

        • Hey,

          I’m not a fanboy 😉 I just think that a few had problems and you know, people start talking and it’s like everyone has problems with it. 90% never even had the camera heh.

          I just find it stupid when someone talks like they know everything. Like ‘right now, D700 has been sold more than the 5D MK II.’. How do you know, where did you get the numbers from? That’s fanboizm to me. I’d never say that 1D Mark IV has been sold more times than the D3s; because no one knows..So how could I know it.

    • le_eiji

      Canon is outselling Nikon right now. 5D Mark II won numerous camera awards, including TIPA, EISA rated strictly by professional photographers after its release while D700 won practically none. D700 makes everything look yellow. It has less resolution than 550D. Beside being lesser megapixel camera by today’s standard, the thick low pass filter of D700 deprives its potential resolution. 95 % Field of view is pretty much the same as any entry level cameras which makes a lot of photographers hesitate to use wide angle lens.

      • D700 makes everything look yellow? Perhaps you need to learn how to use the White Balance.

        Less resolution than a 550D? Then go buy a 550D! Since we’re at it, it’s got less resolution than some of the ultra-compacts as well. Might as well get one of those as well for a backup!

        • le_eiji

          just see how well 550D performs against D700 in terms of resolution. Set both camera at still life ISO200 and make a pixel by pixel comparison. Read letters on the proportional scale on the rightside of the images from both cameras. D700 is blurry and barely readable. 550D is a clear winner.

          • low

            LOL aww man..this is basically like saying a prius gives much better gas mileage than an m3. so the prius is clearly the better car. you must be the same guy who keeps posting this kind of rubbish on the forums. i think i know who you are. rofl.

          • Imaging Resource..I sort of like their reviews, but they take same pictures with every camera. Of course they all look the same. They should take it outside, post some bigger examples (in resolution and details, the T2i would probably win) but its the full frame quality and low light we’re talking about here. Sure, the T2i is better than the D3s if you look at megapixels.

          • MacXtor

            HAHA this was the most… Buy a pocket camara

          • Anonymous

            man you must be like 17 18 YRS OLD !!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Never shott any real film sounds like a virgin girl to me lol!!!

          • Anonymous

            this afternoon I shott!! a rainbow in Paris with my F6 and my 28 f 1.4 I don’t think any brand even Leica can give me that feeling and certainly not a plastic high tech gogo toy a la Canon can.

          • Anonymous

            I rate the 550D as a sextoy for bad fotografer!!!! My gh1 beat the 7D already I add the D3X and I cummm on your plastic toy!!!lollllllls!!no troll lol!!

          • Anonymous

            ..are you blind!!!?

  • MGF

    12 Megapixels FX with Fujifilm Dynamic Range/skintones = winner for me.
    16-18 Megapixels FX blending D3X with D3S is fine as well.

    12 Megapixels with just video improvements or dual memory slots = eh.

    A850 w/ Zeiss lenses is appealing , as is buying into Canon Primes and waiting for the 1Ds Mark 2 and/or Mark 3 prices to keep dropping.

  • Meh

    12MP again ??? boring…..

  • PaulT

    Not the camera I’ve been waiting for. 12MP is look decidedly ancient on any new high end DSLR these days. D3x was just too big and too much. D700(x) or whatever its called – with 24MP – that’s the one I’ll be holding out for.

  • Acend

    If D700s is released I’d buy it even if the only improvement is video. I was hoping for a few more MP’s and better ISO but I don’t really need it. Now get it out on the shelves already, I’ll buy it!

  • PhotonFisher

    The market for high resolution cameras is occupied by two DSLRs at a real high price. The gap between these top models and the 2nd (at Canon and Nikon) is too large – a model bridging between no1 and no2 would be for sure a success.

    1.) many will upgrade
    2.) the 2nd hand cameras will drive the demand for expensive lenses …

    For those, who can’t wait for video – check out and you’ll find answers to your performance requests.

  • PhotonFisher

    I don’t care about video …

  • John

    Either D700s with D3s high ISO capability, video and dual slots, or D800 with more MP and same as D700 high ISO, and if it comes in <=$4000, I'm pre-ordering. I'm really ready to replace my D70 with a FF cam, but don't want the cost of multiple upgrade cycles. It will be SO nice to have the perspective of my F3 and FM again.


    Just found this one .. Isn´t there something different to this d700?
    Cant put my finger on it tough..

  • Gordon

    The whole frustrating thing about Nikon’s current line-up circumstances is that they could easily plug a lot of complaints with the release of a D700X. It’s the most obvious body missing from their line-up and would go a long way to restoring faith back into the Nikon community.

  • C Benson

    I have a question: Did anyone check this anonymous rumor about the Nikon D700 replacement ? It looks like a another fake rumor that has no teeth. Where is seconds source, to back up the first source, that gave the information to Nikon Rumors? Did Nikon Rumors, even check to see if the first source was correct in the information that was provided to Nikon Rumors? Guys you need to stop these fake rumors, they are non productive. You are pissing ( I’m sorry for my language) people off with these fake rumors. Is it helping the cause or hindering? I say hindering.

    • How do you know it’s a fake rumor? Did you check it? Look at the probability rating – this will tell you how reliable this rumor is.

      • Zim

        Ok but when? The rebates end soon so should we see an announcement coming up? Does Nikon announce in April?

        • Last year Nikon announced the D5000 in April.

      • C Benson

        As a photographer/ Journalist, do you lesson to your head or your gut when information comes across your computer screen? For me I lesson to my gut for the simple reason my gut will never lies. I understand this is “rumor web site”, but you have to take the information that is provide to you with a grain of salt. If you don’t receive a second or even a third source on the same subject for example Nikon D700 replacement, then the information is false.

        I give you two quotes, “If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck” and from P. T. Barnum “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

        • From what I’ve seen, this is how it looks like.

          NR guy posts nothing, everyone complains – “this is a rumors site, why no rumors or similar things ffs!=!=?”

          If he posts something that is a rumor, there will be a few saying it’s fake, why post such stuff and a few with ‘awesome, if …”

    • Mauricio

      I really think that you should re-read the definition of what a ‘rumour’ is my friend.

      • C Benson

        Does not matter if this is rumors site or not. I care about accurate, true and honest information.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously… Anyone that is a pro photographer dose not need better iso. Amatuers shoot hi iso. So really 12 mp? I would sacrifice being able to shoot over 1600 for more mp. How the he’ll can nikon market a new camera that falls well below canons specs. I don’t get what nikon is doing?

    • Gordon

      That’s why a D700X would be a perfect fit to the line-up, it would give people choices between high ISO performance (D700) or high MP (D700X). Until the D4 comes around and Nikon releases a new sensor, why not release an additional body and share the D3X sensor?

  • Kevin

    How is the D700s below Nikons specs? It kills the 5D Mark II in every single category with the exception of resolution. What you people fail to realize while bitching about 12mp is that 90% of the Canon 5D Mark II is designed around a system that was developed six years ago and is likely the most out dated camera on the market. The camera is a serious piece of crap. If you ever get the chance to use one the first thing you’ll notice is how the AF points are all grouped very close around the middle making them all but useless. The spread on a D700 is extremely nice.

    I’ve said this at least a dozen times on here and I’ll say this again. 99% of you have no serious need or requirement for anything beyond 12mp. If people are capable of producing brilliant 32″x48″ prints then seriously why do you all need 24mp. I can tell you all right now I only get real usage out of my D3x for maybe 1% to 2% of the photos I actually take.

    For the record Canon is still not outselling Nikon. You’d need to be day dreaming to see that happening. Canon isn’t selling any pro bodies at all. Their sales of 1D Mark III and 1Ds Mark III have been at next to zero for well over a year now. The 1Ds Mark IV won’t sell at all since very few are going to pay the premium over a piece of crap 5D Mark II. The real irony is that the 5D Mark III will have that same 21mp sensor in it.

    The fact is and will remain that the 5D Mark II is a seriously incomplete and outdated camera system. Canon in a panic pushed a camera out to market that will hinder their profits for the next decade.

    I am quite confident the next generation D4 and D800 that we’ll see are going to use 18mp sensors and both are likely to have very clean ISO 6400. I have a serious gut feeling both Canon and Nikon are going to compete at some point to develop a camera that can deliver ISO 6400 that is more like ISO 400.

    Just remember as it stands right now there is no serious need for any camera above 25mp and this is why to now I am confident Nikon went with a 24.5mp sensor in the D3x since it represents a fairly equal line to the resolution of 35mm film which has been used for decades. IT’s been proven time and time again you really don’t need any resolution higher than this yet it seems more than likely we’ll see Canon pushing a 32mp camera by summer time. The only reason I can understand this is that it’s the only method they have of marketing a camera system that isn’t as good as the competition.

    I mean come on, Nikon has way better AF, its more accurate, it’s faster. The metering from Nikon is in a league of it’s own. If nikon could only incorporate wireless flash control into their pro bodies I’d be even happier.

    • Rob

      There seems to be 2 camps in the still photo front. One want even greater high ISO ability and the other wants some more mega pixels.
      (quoting an earlier post)

      Hey I need neither. I’m sure a lot of people don’t. Affordability, reliability and portability are my concern. I swapped my D40 for a D90 to get an AF screw and the overrated promises of active D-lighting. If I want a nice photo I’ll take it in daylight and at a range that fills the frame (or swap lenses). Would be nice to have a D40 that’s shock proof, waterproof and cheap. I printed 30×20 pics from my D40 that looked perfect. I’d hope my D90 can print larger though I doubt I’ll ever try. I use to pine for full frame and the Nikon legacy of lenses but now that I own lenses that cover my needs I’m not so sure.

    • le_eiji

      If the image quality of D700 weren’t horrible, then you would be justified in your claim. But it is horrible. After all, most photographers don’t need ISO6400 to shoot their subject. Even if acamera is noise free at ISO6400, that is only because of the preprogrammed noise reduction on the RAW files. It is a fake, coloring picture after all which will never surpass the natural image of ISO100. The autofocus points of D700 are crammed in the center too, 7D is much wider to the horizontal line.

      • Kevin

        The AF on my D700 is extremely precise. Maybe you need to learn how to properly use a camera. Nikon’s AF is the best in the industry.

        • Haha! Talking about fanboys..

          You want to convince people in what YOU believe. Why? There’s a lot of Canon guys saying same (shi* to be honest) stuff like you. Many people using Nikons say this too.

          Who needs more than 12 megapixels? A lot of people. Who needs less? A lot, too.

          Sure, the 5D Mark II sucks. But I have a feeling that if you were at Canon, you’d be saying how the D700 sucks, it doesn’t have any video, has the same sensor as most other Nikons, how Live View sucks and a bunch of other things.

          It’s like you’re trying to create a small army of fanboys..Auto focus on my friends’ 5D is extremly precise too and good enough if you know how to use it.

          To sum up, at least I laughed 🙂

      • Mike again


        You remember the link to you gave us, look at the black velvet in the cup below the proportional scale
        Canon -> nearly plain black
        Nikon -> lots of details

        Look at the frame of the color map which has textured greyish-black color
        Canon -> nearly plain greyish-black
        Nikon -> lots of details

        Why is it details almost vanishing in the dark ares of the picture in the Canon example? There are no 15 Mp anymore..

        Another thing to bare in mind, the pictures are in JPEG, do you know how much Canon are cramming out details, and how little Nikon care to use exaggerated sharpening? You have probably gone through many reviews at dpreview I hope where they have bith JPEG and RAW picture comparison?

        Sure 15 Mp will win over 12 Mp theoretically, but remember how Noise Reduction works, to estimate one pixel value in the data processing (DSP) it have to compare data values from the neighboring pixels to determine how much probability the pixel shows a noise value or not which is the same as decreased effective resolution when it gets averaged.

        • Anonymous

          I just yesterday bought the 03/2010 german mag “ProfiFOTO” which is here considered to be the most serious one in testing and rating.

          Here it’s exactly contrary: They compare test-shots done with 1D MK IV and D3s . The Nikon loses the dark hair of the model in some areas completely whereas the Conan-shot shows detailed hair in front of the black background and much more accurate colors. The skin on the Nikon-shot doesn’t really look appealing too (lots of over-saturated red and a great loss of details there, due to too much oversampling to skin tones).

          Here the GOOD NEWS:
          In the end they say both cameras are excellent.

          Here what it all comes down to:
          You just need to know your camera and its issues. If you can’t handle a Canon you can’t handle a Nikon either and same thing round the other way. You need to do some testing and find out whether you rather over- or underexpose and how much you do it in which situation and for what result. Same with color settings.
          Don’t even bother to compare the Nikon-Canon-pre-settings. Just do it manually. Any serious photographer used to do a lot of film testing and never ever used an personally untested film on a job. And testing didn’t just mean exposure. It meant push- and pull- developing of the tested film too and very often color correction filters as well.

          What makes you think this could be any different with the sensors nowadays ? ? ?

          If you need to relay on pre-settings and automatics of any kind (be it Nikon or Canon) and can’t handle post-production you ‘ll never get it spot on (and it tells a lot about your skills too).

          Just don’t trust test-shots (you didn’t take yourself). Don’t do it ! ! ! If you want to buy, TEST IT FIRST. But who am I telling ? ? ? If you really are a photographer you just don’t listen to anything that’s written here or elsewhere anyway, right ! ? ! ? !
          And if you are an unskilled fanboy it’s not worth telling you. I’ ve just wasted my time 🙁

          P.S. II
          Kevin must get payed for all his writing rather than photography. This becomes more and more obvious to me. Is he already Nikons surprise to the market? A fan-boy-bull-dog of the leash …
          I hope we see more releases this year than just Kevin .

          • Zeissgit

            Conan DLSR? thats gotta be packin some serious technicolor megapixel-ness!!

  • Saad Sarfraz

    thanks Kevin, finally someone makes sense here!

  • Daf

    Yay. Can’t come soon enough.

    I’ll admit – I have posted on here commenting that I had no interest in video and only wanted more Mpx, but several things have made me change my mind :

    – I’ve had to buy more disks to backup my 15Mpx RAW files from the D200. Yes I keep everything. 20+Mpx raw files would be just crazy.
    -All the pro photography articles I’ve read of late – the togs have mentioned Video as something that they’re heading towards.
    -Boss at work (I work in IT but we also act as a photography agency) has said that soo many customers want video that I should REALLY wait for video.
    -I’m getting tired of waiting for D700x, My D200 is on 94,000 actuations and I’m seeing it age badly at ISO performance. Also want a new toy dammit! 😉

    • Daf

      Saying that though – 14-16Mpx would be great.

    • Anthony

      NEF’s that are at most 33% larger than what you have now will completely overwhelm your ability to store them? If so, then you’re really not provisioning your hardware well.

      Take a breath and re-evaluate that thought. a 2TB external FireWire disk can be had in the $200 range. Buy two, hang one for backups off your Airport Extreme hidden in a closet.

  • Niko

    Nikon D700 is probably the perfect camera for people who don’t need 20+ Megapixels. Perfect in every way. Why would they want to increase the resolution to 24 Megapixels with probably worse ISO noise, higher price, plus useless bells & whistles to justify the higher price? I say 720p movie mode, and ISO up to 102,800 ala D3s, quieter shutter sound are enough for me.

  • LGo

    Re D700-type body, there are 3 possible models that Nikon could release.

    Between the camp advocating D700s (12mp, super-high ISO of the D3s) and the camp wanting the D700x (24mp, mid-ISO of the D3x), there is a middle spot that will most likely be the D4/D800 (18mp, high ISO of the D700 and D3 or better yet, super high ISO of the the D3s!). All models will likely feature 1080p HD video.

    The easiest for Nikon to implement early seems to be the D700s and the D700x. Nikon will need to break new ground for the D4/D800 so this may be delayed till next year. It would be logical to conclude then that the Nikon D700s and the D700x will be released within this year, and the D4 and the D800 next year.

    But these releases do not take place in a vacuum and it is likely that Nikon would calibrate its product line in relation to what Canon will release (and vice-versa). Canon will soon be releasing the 1Ds Mk IV (32mp) at a price not expected to exceed $7,000. Canon is also expected to release 2 new models this year or early next year – the improved 5D Mk III (21mp) a year earlier, as well as a new smaller full frame (18-21mp) body selling for approx. $1,800.

    It is likely that Nikon is aware of what Canon will be releasing and vice-versa. Within this framework, it is likely that Nikon may break the mold of what is expected of it and may genuinely have a surprise for us in terms of the next FX releases. Nikon should however get on with releasing its new lenses.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a 100% with you.

      this is especially to you and people of your kind. Here is an example of what you would find if you’d only just start taking an interest in photography itself and the possible equipment for it. Auto-translated from the german mag “ColorFoto”:

      “In a comparison of pro bodies Nikon D3x is just ahead of Canon EOS 1Ds MK III. Two points more scored the EOS 5D MK II, so that now three in image quality nearly equivalent models represent the top of FF-DSLRs.”

      The very same mag stated (a test as direct comparison) that the 16 MP EOS 1D MarkIV was just able to match the IQ of a 12 MP D3s at low iso and loses more and more ground against its rival with each EV of increased iso. Sounds not very much in favor of Canon or just MP-crazed. Therefore I think their conclusions are trustworthy and so are their lab-results.

      It’s just the same with any serious test I found. Here you go: your D3s indeed is better than its personal rival but your D700 sure is not. That makes the EOS 5D MK II a real good bargain for people in the need of IQ and res. “The real irony is” NOT “that the 5D Mark III will have that same 21mp sensor in it”, IT’S that Nikon has nothing to offer that competes with it.

      I still don’t like the look and feel of a Canon body and I even hate the company for an entire different issue (that has to do with printers and the company’s policy which made me switch to epson – better and trustworthy).

      But still it’s really silly to pretend that all other gear than Nikon is just crap. It’s just teenage fan-boy-talk and performing blow-jobs to the horn of Nikon-Marketing … even worse, doing it for free too. Or is there something in it for you ? ? ?

      Nikon has to bring something up (something more than an “I am Nikon” fan-boy-slogan) and ought to take the EOS 5D MK II more seriously than you do or they ‘ll just be losing ground.

  • zeissbrit

    If nikon has parted company with Sony it can mean its bringing out a pro DSLR that exceeds 24.6 mpx of the Sony A900 – The Nikon D3X is 24.5 and Amateur Photographer suggested that the slight difference is because Nikon had/has a deal with Sony that means it won’t exceed Sony’s top camera resolution. If Nikon is linking up with Fuji or someone it could mean a really cracking camera above that. The hints dropped in Nikon interviews lead me to believe it could be this instead of a 18mpx but then they have also said they will achieve a balance between pixelage and ISO. I personally don’t subscribe to high ISO being too difficult to produce in hi-rez cameras .. look at Leica’s sensor tech etc. Costs matter but costs can come down and shortcuts found.

  • I’ve been watching this space for almost a year, finall I said screw it!
    I ordered a d700 on Friday!

    • Zim

      Good price on the D700.

  • thorgal

    well, we are talking about very expensive and proffesional cameras so i understand we do know what we want – we are not stupid customers who want more and more pixels:)

    at this moment it is impossible to make high resolution sensor (full frame with 25-30 mp) with very good dynamic range and low noise at high iso (1600 and more) so we have two options: 12 mp for everyone ( you can buy D700 for 1500 pounds in UK) or 24 mp for people who work in studio at low iso. If you are not happy with Sony A900 or Nikon D3x go and buy medium format…

    and comments like: “camera with 12 mp is now from stone age” do show how silly some people are…

    i own D90 and i’m waiting for D700s – 12 mp ONLY and better iso performance – i hate flash guns by the way:)))

    • Mike again

      I am the only one who used “stone age” in this thread but I think then you have to re-read what I wrote, eg. after 1,5-2 years from the date the new generation Nikon (read D4/D800 and IF they use 12 Mp sensor) is released, so in that context it would be nice to expect at least 15-18 Mp.
      m = milli
      M = mega

  • Kevin

    Maybe should listen to what I said and I’ll say this again to be clear because some of you obviously can’t read.

    The Nikon D700 is vastly superior to the 5D Mark II in every single way with the exception of resolution and video. The only reason why the 5D Mark II IQ would be higher is because of the resolution and nothing else. It has an ancient auto focus system that is slow and inaccurate. The body is cheaply designed and made out of plastic. It does not incorporate pop-up flash or wireless flash capabilities. The weather sealing on the camera is not nearly what most professionals would demand. My 5D Mark II had to be serviced after it stopped functioning due to the humidity when I was taking photos in tropical areas in Hawaii.

    The D700 and D700s will remain superior to the 5D Mark II for photographers. It is a seriously more complete camera system.

    Having owned the 5D Mark II, 1Ds Mark III and now a D3x, D3s and D700 I can tell you first hand the D3x is way better than the 1Ds any day of the week. Heck I went through 3 different 1Ds bodies in a 10 month span all of which had different problems. You’d think Canon would make their pro bodies a little better. The biggest issue I had with the 1Ds was the fact the color on the camera was fairly poor and inaccurate.

    The IQ of the D3x is rated up there with medium format cameras so attempting to compare it to the 1Ds or 5D Mark II is simply retarded as it is a great camera and as so it is the king of DSLRS. I couldn’t care what some magazine says when so many people and tests have revealed just this. That the D3x is above and beyond better than anything Canon has to offer.

    We aren’t going to see a D700x so I want all of you to stop day dreaming. Nikon is not about to make the same mistake Canon did. That mistake will now cost canon dearly for the next 10 years or so when they start to realize nobody is buying the $5,000 and $8,000+ pro body 1 series cameras since the price simply is unjustified to most canon shooters. Canon shooters have been used to have a crappy AF system for years not to mention a serious lack of a proper creative lighting system so they just don’t understand what they are missing out on.

    The problem is Canon won’t have any more huge volume in sales until they release the 5D Mark III. Nikon won’t release a D700x for that same reason. Nobody would buy a D4 or D4x. Those cameras are huge for both companies and without profitability on the high end models they simply can’t afford to give photographers mid range cameras with such capabilities. I just don’t understand what is so difficult to grasp about this.

    You don’t need a 20 megapixel camera. If you did you would have no problems going out and buying a D3x since the cost would be justified to your business.

    The D4 and D800 are both going to sport 18mp sensors though and all of the sudden everyone will be happy. As it is those two cameras alone will once again have more Canon shooters switching to Nikon.

    • monkey

      Kevin, you sound a bit Nikon-fanboyish. Going through your points:

      1. “The Nikon D700 is vastly superior to the 5D Mark II in every single way with the exception of resolution and video.”

      That’s like saying Car A is vastly superior to Car B, except for maximum speed 80mph vs. 150 mph and 50% slower acceleration. Of course resolution is not everything, but to undervalue it like that is silly and in my opinion you do it only to force your opinion on others. Do you think that Nikon D3x would have superior picture quality with 15MP? If you believe that, you seriously know nothing about situation in photography.

      2. “The body is cheaply designed and made out of plastic.”

      Bullshit. Cage is made of magnesium alloy. It is not a tank, but it is NOT cheaply designed. It is NOT made for professional (sport) shooters. As such it is not weather sealed and Canon doesn’t say it is.

      3. “The D700 and D700s will remain superior to the 5D Mark II for photographers. ”

      For you a photographer is probably whoever agrees with your subjective opinion. Very fanboyish, I have to repeat that.

      4. “The IQ of the D3x is rated up there with medium format cameras so attempting to compare it to the 1Ds or 5D Mark II is simply retarded as it is a great camera and as so it is the king of DSLRS.”

      OMG, I don’t know why I am even wasting my time… You are making D3x vs. 1Ds look like a top medium camera vs. P&S compact. King of DSLRs… heh, so what is D3, queen? And D700 is prince? Certainly D3x is the best DSLR at the moment, but this is just silly, especially with Mark IV just around the corner. And I have seen enough medium format photos that I can say: “Comparing D3x and medium format is just retarded.”

      5. “Canon shooters have been used to have a crappy AF system for years not to mention a serious lack of a proper creative lighting system so they just don’t understand what they are missing out on.”

      I know many Canon shooters and they know as hell that Canon AF is worse than Nikon. Your ignorant post simply shows the character of person we are dealing with. I know many Canon “shooters” that will blow you and your D3x away with a Rebel. Camera does not make a photographer and to say otherwise is childish and, yes, retarded, as I see you like to use that word.
      When someone has couple of thousands worth manual focus lenses, who needs AF anyway? Once again, 5d is NOT a sport shooter’s camera and it does not make any effort to claim otherwise.

      6. “You don’t need a 20 megapixel camera. If you did you would have no problems going out and buying a D3x since the cost would be justified to your business.”

      You don’t need a camera at all, you could just paint whatever you see. It is nice to have extra resolution though and it comes VERY handy even for casual shooters (for different reasons than it is handy for professionals, but still)

      7. “As it is those two cameras alone will once again have more Canon shooters switching to Nikon.”

      I would love to see users switching from one platform to another, as that would mean both companies are aggressive with their product development. Current situation looks to me, that both companies are just waiting for the other side to make a move and that is bad for everyone. At the moment, though, more users are switching to Canon than the other way. So it is Nikon’s move and I sure hope they offer a camera that beats 5d ii. And I mean objectively beats, not just beat by your fanboyish standards.

      • aetas

        +1 I dont know why we even respond to kevin. He really only complains. First he will tell you your retarded and then will spill a little fan boy for us. It gets old. I love nikon but I think canon has alot going for it. (Ex. mp) but not everyone needs a huge mp camera. So choose what you want as a shooter but dont listen to someone that believes if they yell the loudest people will listen.

    • low

      +1 i keep stating this…but i guess im too blunt on my delivery, lol!

    • Zim

      The local newspaper guy is getting 3 D300s. He said he can get three for less than one D3s. Times are tough and people are watching those dollars. I don’t look for Nikon or Canon to flood the market with new cameras for awhile

  • Kevin

    Not even remotely fan boyish as you would say it. I was a Canon shooter for the better part of a decade. I continued to use their products as they worked well for me. With the introduction of the 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II that changed. The platform started to have reliability issues. This is not a shocker since it’s been documentated by others as well that the failure rates are higher amongst Canon cameras.

    Having used Canon for so long and then switching to Nikon it was very easy to point out the many flaws in the Canon system and there are many. Ironically enough for the longest time I was using a 5D Mark I when I was shooting with Canon and that was many years ago. Even with that apparently crappy 12mp camera I was still printing off brilliantly sharp photos that were 28″x42″ in size. What I found so ironic is that the 5D Mark II is designed around that same camera with one exception. The image quality of the 5D Mark I is actually better than the 5D Mark II. Some people find this hard to believe but it’s true. That 12mp sensor in the 5D Mark I is to this date one of the best Canon has produced.

    The problem with Canon is that for the longest time they’ve stopped listening and caring to what their customers needs and wants are. They push only one thing when it came to marketing cameras and that was megapixels. Now they market megapixels and video. Seriously it’s not hard to cram pixels on a sensor. We have 16mp compact P&S cameras. Megapixels for the most part are meaningless.

    Next you’ll all be complaining in 5 years when they are making 48mp cameras and saying Nikon is falling behind since they are only giving you 24mp. I’m sure you must see the logic in what I am saying. The problem is and will always remain there are too many people out there that don’t understand that there is a limit in value in megapixels. A 12mp sensor can produce brilliantly sharp photos at 32″x48″. I’ve done photos from my D3s at exactly that size and they are very sharp and clear. It’s a matter of properly knowing how to enlarge a photo. Even the D3x requires significant enlargements for photos that size and it’s very hard to tell the difference between two side by side prints from a couple feet away.

    The D3x though is in a league of it’s own. I found it remarkable just how much better it was than the 1Ds Mark III. For clarification I would be honestly surprised if the 1Ds Mark IV was able to beat the D3x and if it does it’s only in terms of megapixels since well that’s all canon knows.

    • Ivan

      And pray tell what is SO much better about the D3x than the 1ds III (one that functions properly)?

      • Kevin

        Images are sharper. Color saturation and depth is significantly improved. The AF system used on the D3x is faster and seemingly more accurate than the 1Ds. Overall the D3x is just an improved version of the 1Ds. Everything is just a little better. However when you go through three diffrerent 1 series bodies in under a year all with different defects it’s enough to make any photographer switch.

        One thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the nikon creative lighting system. If anything this is where Nikon owns Canon. Canon needs to come out with a decent speedlight to actually compete with Nikon in this area. I was quite shocked just how much better the Nikon speedlites were. Heck I had burned holes in 4 different 580ex II speedlites simply because the temperature sensor in them is practically useless.

        • Ivan

          So it’s not *SO* much better then. Sharpness is a lot about what lenses you use. And yeah, I know Canon has issues.

          AF from what I’ve read is faster w/ 1ds III, but more accurate with D3x. 1ds III is better at high ISo, and D3x at low ISO.

          Nikon flash system is great, but that has nothing to do with D3x being better than 1ds III.

        • Now I see you are a fanboy, 100%.

          • Kevin

            Sorry the 1Ds AF is not nearly that fast or precise in lower light situations. The lenses would be a toss up as they are similar. Sharpness has everything to do with just how precise the AF is.

            Don’t get me wrong the 1Ds is still a great camera but the D3x does everything just a little bit better which make it a lot better over. The AF and Metering spefically I felt were much better.

            Also the ISO on D3x at both low and high ISO is better. I was never really able to use the 1Ds at ISO 3200 with any kind of success. I am able to use the D3x at ISO 3200 with any amount of decent light with no problems whatsoever. Not sure where you got that bit of info but the 1Ds tends to struggle a bit above 1600. 1600 was the highest I would ever try pushing it to.

  • Joe

    For my style of photography a D700s will be a perfect backup for a D3s. As long as they give us 100% viewfinder thats all I ask for.

  • thorgal

    well, we know that – this summer D700 will be 2 years old so i think it’s time for Nikon:)

    i would like to see D700s – smaller and cheaper version of D3s, if not – i will buy D700, D3s costs about 4000 pounds in UK and it is like “bridge too far” for me:(

    • David

      Whatever they put in a new D700 is ‘a bridge too far’ for me. A FF D300X is the bridge for me (assuming is cost less than the D700).

      • Anonymous

        Does this mean U want an FX with DX mirror, shutter and viewfinder.
        Does this make any sense ? ? ?

        • Kevin

          No just your typical cheap photograher that expects a camera company to give them everything and pay nothing.

  • Rob

    Higher MPs and quality high ISO.

    Now that that’s sorted out Nikon can concentrate on making a lighter, cheaper, stronger, waterproof D40. And an EVIL system.

    Any other requests?

  • Anonymous


    1.) as you go on about pre-settings and various kind of automatics that one brand delivers so much better than the other you should read this comment above.

    You really need to realize that proper photographers do not depend on a cameras correct metering or any other body implemented feature to get pictures right or a so called creative lighting system. They rule/control these functions and if used adjust them rather than to depend on them.

    A camera (be it Nikon or Canon) is at the and always nothing more or less than a crappy box that either contains an excellent or a bad film or sensor and has either a brilliant or crappy lens attached to the front.
    Hell I know, I simplify things a little but it still is a valid point. A good photographer therefore knows how to achieve spot on results (be it Nikon or Canon).

    2.) I don’t need or want you to back up my comments, as I did not mean to insult David by it. It was just meant to make him reconsider.

    3.) Your insistent fan-boy-ishness and your often insulting way of telling “cheap” and “immature” people that they for sure don’t need what they want just makes them turn away from NR-pages and Nikon itself.

    4.) If you have some insider information (just if) and there truly is nothing to expect from Nikon within the next 12 month except for your talking “that we all don’t need it anyway”, then please do reveal it and yourself NOW.
    People can then make their own minds up if they want to stay with you and the brand or rather leave.

    5.) If you don’t have such insider information then shut the F### up. Stop doing damage to this page or the company by any further insults and this Canon-vs-Nikon-talking that nobody really can take for serious anymore. Just let us see what Nikon brings up.

  • Kevin

    It doesn’t matter what we depend on or how we all do this and that. what matters is the end result at the end of the day. When it came down to it Nikon was more reliable for me and their cameras were better equipped for me and my work.

    The fact is and remains you would expect any camera manufacturer in this day and age would be capable of incorporating accurate devices into their equipment.

    I am not doing damage to anybody by telling them the simple truth that functionality wise the D700 is a better camera than the 5D Mark II and that switching to Canon would hurt them more than they realize. Yes in my opinion canon does make their products cheaply why else can’t anybody seem to explain how they have a serious lack of reliability.

  • Anonymous


    I finally have to agree that Nikon from my experience is building some seriously reliable stuff (and I too have to admit to have no experience with Conans gear whatsoever). In 18 Years of using Nikon SLRs and DSLRs I’ve had to experience some IQ-issues with the first generation of AF-lenses but have never managed to break equipment unless pounded with a hammer.

    The problem I have with your comments of the last 10 to 14 days is not you pointing out the reliability qualities of Nikon, it’s you pointing your finger insultingly on persons in true or wishful need and demand of something. Unless you know for sure that Nikon is not going to meet any of these demands anywhere this year, you are sending people away without reason. It’s agreed that MP is not equal to IQ and even less equal to reliability. But why the hell do you give people the impression that they are never ever going to see anything they want from Nikon just because Canon already has it. More than 12 MP priced below D3x is not a bad thing. That Canon did it first doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad and therefore will never show up for us. Let’s just wait and see without insulting the more or less patient waiting ones.

  • Simon

    You forgot to add a ? after “Nikon D700 replacement”. Omitting the ? implies this rumour as true. Since nearly every rumours turning out to be false on here does’nt help the credibility of this site.

  • Jack

    Regarding Canon vs Nikon production Quality… both make some mistakes, and Nikon may very well make fewer, but I will tell you, having worked in a Professional Camera Store—Canon was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY quicker and less expensive when dealing with repairs.

    That said, I shoot a D700 because its everything I want in a camera (aside from a pocketable d700x, which I couldn’t afford anyway).

    Aside from the effort to not cut into D3x sales, has anyone proposed that perhaps Nikon wasn’t allowed to sell that sensor in a camera below a certain point because of a contract with Sony (to protect the a900/a850 sales?)

    • Anonymous

      this is a good point indeed. There might be something in it.

      The Sony-made-Nikon-sensor is supposed to be a pure Nikon design but that doesn’t tell us anything about bindings by contracts. If Nikon got caught here: tough shit on them and a 100% failure in strategy. Only time will tell.

      I don’t see cut sales of a D3x as a major problem as the flagships always have been something to transport the image of a brand to customers that can’t afford the flagship itself anyway. This is as old as the F4/F801 couple. The real threat to the D3x (and Nikon itself) therefore is not a D700x , it’s the absence of it. People who buy 5D MK II buy lenses too. And they get nice results out of it as well. That’s what harms Nikon the most. Therefore they should do their homework and learn their lessons.

  • Rob

    Costs twice as much for sensor clean from Nikon than Canon in New Zealand. $150 opposed to $300.

    Love my D90.

    Get your shiz together Nikon that’s rude.

  • Zeissbrit

    People say u can’t can’t have 25+ mp with high ISO. Does this quantum megapixel development change things?

    • Rob

      Thought so at first. then read Ken Rockwells view on this. He has some valid points as to why we shouldn’t get too excited.
      It is primarily being developed for small sensor cell phone cameras. Which means they have a long way to go before we see them in a good camera. Not sure how long CMOS took to get into DSLRs. I imagine five years + would be realistic.

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