Nikon D700 replacement?

Fuji S6 Pro?, originally uploaded by Dutchie2007.

Anonymous rumor about the Nikon D700 replacement (not related to the picture above):

"Basically it will be D700 with 12Mpix and HD video better then D3s and dual cards slots. It will be available first half of 2010 and will not be the only pro DSLR Nikon releases this year. There is also a strong connection to "another" company I don't know which, but that another company will release some killer pro product with some connection to Nikon. I have only idea about Fuji, but don't know why they would not make that info public on the Internet."

I will rate this rumor @ 60% probability - the reason why I rate an anonymous rumor so high is because I have received some similar information in the past.

Last year Fuji said that they will not release a new DSLR in 2009. This indicates that Fuji may have plans to release a new DSLR later one (2010?).

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  • don’t care about another 12mp camera, already have one of those. Crank it up to 18mp+ and you have my interest.

  • Moi.

    I actually shot with a 5d MKII. Rented. Rented lens. 4 times already. For money. AF sucks and yeh, crammed. Learned to focus and recompose quite a while ago, fail to see the problem there, gotta do that with Nikons too at times. I love the quality of the pictures and the iso performance as well. I love the size of the photos, and the fact that if I feel like I can crop the hell of the photo ( not that I usually do, but whatever) and still have more pixels resolved than a D700 resolves at full ress.
    Now, the only thing I am saying is that my old amateur gear is all Nikon, and have a bunch of primes and other Nikon expensive lenses which I would love to use a FF body, but after shooting with the 5D mkII … why would I spend the same money on a camera that has a bit more high iso performance and some fps ? ( yeah … I’d love the stellar AF, but BTW, the AF points of D700 DO NOT cover the full frame either – unlike the D300/s).
    Make of this what you may, but Nikon saying Canon’s policy about MPIX is bullshit is as much bullshit as the respective policy hehe.

  • Anonymous

    Hey inmates!! did you try the 16 35 VR or the 24 its give you more than the 5D or D3X even on DX with its sharpness and contrast ,,go shoot you batts!!!

  • Anonymous

    and video with 1005 zones kills erything with a tripod don’t up your eyes with bls open it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Canon films like soap not hollywood Nikon does!!!!

  • knocker

    I bought a new d700 5 months ago. Thankfully I didn’t listen to this site otherwise I’d still be faffing around with a d70. It must be painful for people obsessively scanning this site month after month for a product that won’t add an ounce of inspiration to the photos they take. Look back at the photos you took 5 years ago – are they really the worse for their lack of detail, colour balance etc…

  • Anonymous

    12 megapixels, you’ve just got 12 megapixels.

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