Nikon D700 replacement?

Fuji S6 Pro?, originally uploaded by Dutchie2007.

Anonymous rumor about the Nikon D700 replacement (not related to the picture above):

"Basically it will be D700 with 12Mpix and HD video better then D3s and dual cards slots. It will be available first half of 2010 and will not be the only pro DSLR Nikon releases this year. There is also a strong connection to "another" company I don't know which, but that another company will release some killer pro product with some connection to Nikon. I have only idea about Fuji, but don't know why they would not make that info public on the Internet."

I will rate this rumor @ 60% probability - the reason why I rate an anonymous rumor so high is because I have received some similar information in the past.

Last year Fuji said that they will not release a new DSLR in 2009. This indicates that Fuji may have plans to release a new DSLR later one (2010?).

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  • dheeraj

    so it will be june 7th? i will wait

  • dheeraj

    i will wait …………………….. it will be fuji for sure.

  • Johan

    If the noise level is like or better, then the D3s then its worth upgrading for me.

    • congo

      I think they mean that only the hd video is better on this d700 replacement? But nót the iso performance?

      • Johan

        Hmmm if thats the case… i couldn’t careless about video and the dual card reader is not enough for me to upgrade. I’ll stick with my D700.

        • PHB

          These are interim refresh models, they are not targeted at people who have the model they replace (except as a spare). The D300s is not targeted at the D300 users, its for D90 owners looking to trade up.

          A D700s is pretty much a no brainer. The real question is what else may be on offer.

          I would have thought a D3x makeover was also fairly likely. Get the ISO performance up to D300 levels at least. And a D700x would also seem a strong probability to me.

          The D90 is slated as a consumer camera, so a replacement would not be counted against no more pro bodies this year. Even so, that would mean all we get for new bodies this year is two update models.

          I guess that is possible given the EVIL launch will require resources. But I can’t see them holding off on the 24MP compact body till mid 2012, which is what they would need to do if they don’t launch a D700x and instead decide to wait till after the D4 generation launches. Canon has a body in that bracket already.

          • GlobalGuy

            This makes no sense. You don’t have a “refresh” model compete against the 5DM2. Nikon would clearly need to increase ISO performance dramatically to D3s standards, which wouldn’t explain the D3s’s existence.

            Therefore, it much more likely this will be the compromise unit that the Nikon executive was speaking about earlier. Probably 16-21 mp with one so stop higher ISO and video with 2 card slots.

          • PHB

            Nikon sells the D3 series to sell more of the downmarket models. It is a halo effect model. The sales of the D3 are barely a fifth of the D700. There is no reason they would delay a D700s to protect the D3s.

            I agree that Nikon has a hole in its lineup that an 18MP full frame would close. But they could equally well close the gap by offering a 12MP and a 24MP in compact body.

            Even with an 18MP, there is a demand for a 12MP to be filled.

        • Gribben


  • hybris

    well if true
    i 4 one dont need another 12 mp camera, my 14n still beats the cr@p outa every nikoncamera exept d3x resolutionvise. and my d2x still rocks.
    ive had a fuji s2 and was happy about the preformance.
    i welcome, and i think also the whole fuji dslr forum at dpreview(witch is almost dead), a new killer dslr from fuji.
    mabye a 20mp+ with hd video would really sytyr things up at espc nikon.

    wake up nikon, the 12mp cow cannot bee milked anymore, its a dryed out well

    • I’d like to see some files to back that up. All the Kodak 14 files I’ve seen are blotchy noise hell, even at base ISO.

      • MikeyLPT


      • GlobalGuy

        Its called the D3x. And its not blotchy.

        I also would rather Nikon WAIT for a 18-21mp sensor of between D700-D3s quality than to just make a D700 high ISO. If you want a D700 + high ISO, buy a D3s, thats why it exists!

        The D700 should be the compromise camera. Its perfect positioning. The D_x and D_s can be high rez, high ISO, respectively. The D___xs can be the hand-grip optional compromise. They could get more money out of this strategy than by canibalizing the D3s.

        • GlobalGuy

          Either that or they just shouldnt release a D700– at all! Why even bother. The D3x and D3s are perfect as is. They could simply make them a bit more affordable as they sell. Arbitrarily expensive to begin with anyway. The thing is that they are positioned to be difficult to obtain. Especially the D3x. That indicates to me that the D700– should be higher mp with similar ISO as the D700 currently. OR its going to be slightly higher ISO with a tiny bit more mp.

          They could replace the D3x as it ages, with the D800, but if a D700– is going to come out soon, it should be a moderate compromise.

        • You know what I love? Unqualified statements. And when my statements get lumped together with others. Those two things add up to total awesomeness.

          Ok, I never said the D3x was blotchy hell. Quite the opposite. I like the output from the D3x. But it’s a little to rich for my blood at the moment. I was happy to lay down 4k+ for a D2x. But $8k is just too much for a) the market) and b) what the camera offers over the D3. We all know they just slapped a new sensor in a D3. It doesn’t have any of the retouch tricks that the d90 has, no video, live view isn’t on it’s own button…really it just reeks of an attitude of “We’re so good–we’re so awesome–we made this so well that we can slap a new sensor in it and you’ll buy it for twice the price.”

          If a car manufacturer took a model offering a 200 hp V6 and swapped in a 300hp v6, nobody would question paying more for the exact same interior and features. But not 100% more. A jump from $25K to $50k and no manufacturer in their right mind is going to leave everything else in the car untouched. They’d offer leather interior and different headlights…things they may not make the car better and certainly not perform any better…but things that differentiate the models.

          Hell they’re not even milking the full 6fps out of the sensor that it’s capable of (check the Sony specs on the sensor). It’s just a sub-par effort. And it shows.

          Anyway, Nikon owes us a cheaper camera with that sensor. And yes they do owe us. I’ve spent a lot of money on Nikon in the past ten years and I promote the hell out of their gear.

          Anyway, we aren’t going to see something between 12mp and 24mp in FX before we see a 24mp fx model in a cheaper body. It’s coming…Nikon’s just taking their sweet ass time.

    • Westocorner

      I too would like to see some proof of that. Oh by the way when you pump more mega pixels into the same size sensor it creates more noise at higher levels. That is why the D3s is a better camera than the D3x. So I actually hope that rumored replacement for the D700 does not have a new higher resolution in megapixels cause the 12.1 is really good.

    • bloop

      go buy a canon then.

  • Geoffuji

    I sure hope it’s Fujifilm!! I’m excited.

  • LGo

    A D700s is a logical offshot from the D3s. It will be but a matter of time before Nikon releases it.

    Still, I am not pining my hopes and waiting for this. There has been too many frustrating misses on lenses and camera bodies recently.

    • Richard

      This makes sense. There is no particular reason for Sony to keep making an out-of-date sensor for the same price or for Nikon to use it. The primary reason for delays would be getting the sensor yields up and ramping up production volume.

      It also frees up production capacity for other projects.

    • peter

      How is it logical? The D3x has been out for a year and a half. It should get a little brother Dxxx before the D3s which is practically brand new.

  • fork()

    It has begun. Come on, Nikon!

  • Photogradstudent

    Another 12mp camera? I guess I need to look into the D3S instead. Lame.

    • Geoff_K

      12MP … so lame … time to start looking at what Canon is going to do this year in FF.

      • ABC

        I agree…waiting all this time for a comparison camera to the Canon 5D 2 from Nikon. Only 12MP….very lame indeed!!!!! Need at least 16 to 18 MP for me to spend the cash.

        • bloop

          by 5d2 you mean a camera that has had half a doz firmware updates and of those 80% have had serious bugs?

          I don’t think anyone can match that in the dslr world.

          • yin

            Do you speak from your personal using experience of the 5D? Or are you just listing things that you heard or read somewhere?
            I am a Nikon user for 4 years, from D70 to D300. I am also very disappointed with the 12mp. That is at least 4 year-old technology seriously, old news! So I bought the 5D mkII instead of the D700. (I still have the D300) I do not find any problem using the 5D. The only thing is I like nikon’s camera menu much better. Canon’s big circle dial is just inconvenient and stupidly designed.

            I might completely switch to Canon because Nikon is just being stubborn for this couple years, and Canon deserves to win more business if this continues.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Mini D3s! no high resolution 18mp crap

    • Megapixels hater


      “Basically it will be D700 with 12Mpix” – Respect to Nikon.

  • FTRG8R

    So we’re talking about a full frame D300s. Guess I’ll get a D700, if this happens.


  • Fuji guy

    I hate to break it to the Fuji fans but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Although I hope it does – I’ll buy 2!!!! Yeah baby!!!!
    I’d like a d3 body with a 18mp fuji sensor- I don’t care if it’s slow…

    • Geoff_K

      4-5 FPS 18MP iso noise of the current D700 and I would buy one. 12MP .. pffft forget it.

      • Richard

        I would very much like the capability to do at least 5 frame auto-bracketing for real HDR.

    • marco polo

      I remember you that the Design is from Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Italian designer for Ferrari!!. It can t be slow!!! lol

  • Anon

    This is good news! Alas, I couldn’t wait…I wanted to make the switch to full frame and the current rebates were just too good to pass up. As I write this there is a D700, 24-70 & 70-200 on the UPS truck! I figure I can get good use out of the D700 for now and either sell it or my D300 if the new model is a truely compelling upgrade.

    • LGo

      Congratulations Anon! And you got the lenses at a great price too! 🙂

  • Denko

    I dunno… this feels like the age old “Under-promise Over-deliver” that all the Japanese companies are known for.

    However this time the under-promise is utterly below par if true, that it is on the verge of being campy.

    Now if they have made a foveon like sensor at 12 MP then it might be worth while, pending any actual results from such an approach.

    Based in particular Microlenses and dichroic mirrors:

    Maybe the above is already used though, does anyone know?

    • Geoff_K

      Sigma has a foveon sensor camera .. 12MP as I recall. Though the reviews on the 10MP said it was more like a 6MP bayer sensor

      • Yeah, current Sigma up-res’s to 6mp ok…but not more than that. You can Foveon raw files from dpreview and all over the net and try it yourself. They just don’t enlarge well.

  • jay

    I hope it’s a new Fuji. That would make the wait really worth it.

  • Nokin

    Fuji? rumor busted! see flickr comments in this image: it point to the same shot but with nikon on it.

    • as I mention in the post, the picture is only for illustration purposes and it is not part of this rumor

  • woble
    • Congratulations on your reading comprehension.

  • Nik fan

    Yeah ! I’ve been waiting for that. I wanted to buy D3s in may, but if new D700 would have same iso quality, HD film, and would be as fast as D3s i will buy new D700 for sure with battery pack and two lenses! Can’t wait! Hope the release will be before may, if not i will have the D3s.

  • TK

    Is it that the 12mpix and HD Video will BOTH better then the D3s, or just the HD Video will be better then the D3s (which is how I read it).

    I love my D3s. I could care less about the video.

    • congo

      As I just comment above, I also think only the HD Video will be better, not the iso? This is also the way I read it.

  • ArtTwisted

    this is awesome news for me, when the D300s came out the old d300 dropped to 1200 ish , hopefully this drops the d700 price to around 2k or like 1800 ish for a used one.

  • Andy

    If the D700 replacement is one that adds only video, I’d sooner save my money by buying a used D700. Sorry.

    • PHB

      Video is the main update on the D300s, but to make that video possible they had to uprate many other parts of the camera. So the DSP is much faster and the buffer is twice as big. So the net is that the D300s handles much like a D3 as far as speed goes.

      The D3s is faster still of course, but that extra CPU is probably worth having.

      This does not seem like a very interesting rumor to me. Any camera that diverges markedly from the D700 spec will be an entirely new camera, not a D700 refresh.

      I can’t really see Nikon not adding the faster DSPs to the D3x and applying the same sort of sensor tweaks. So I don’t put any real weight behind the claim that the obvious D700s refresh is going to be the only 2010 pro DSLR.

  • ray

    to people whom bitch about 12 mpx being too low…

    how much do you make from photography? and how big do you have to print?

    • Jesus_sti

      Agree with you.

      Bigger is only for exposition(how many do that ?) or mega crop !

    • Scott

      I print a lot at 20″x30″. I would like to go to 24″x36″ with a little extra crop-ability? So I was hoping the D700 replacement would go to 18MP as I like the smaller body and price vs the D3X.

      Also 18MP FF would give better High ISO than a 24MP FF.

      • Mark


        You make a great point. There seems to be 2 camps in the still photo front. One want even greater high ISO ability and the other wants some more mega pixels. I want the MP. I want to make larger prints and keep the dpi up higher if possible.

        The realty is the Canon 5D II with its MP and price points is not helping Nikon’s cause. Another photographer I know and respects told me about some great prints the the 5d II and his Nikon loyalty is wavering some.

        If you want full frame camera with more than 12MP from Nikon you got to spend over $7000…… Nikon needs a response to this.

        I think a FX Nikon with 16 to 18MP and still good ISO performance around the right price range will do that.


        • yin

          Absolutely agree with you there Mark.
          I have always been a nikon user, been using D300 for 2 years now. Just bought a 5D mk2 for the exact reason you mentioned, I might just switch over in the near future.

        • Daf


          At the moment Nikon people need to choose between Mpx of ISO. For us non specialist pros – something inbetween would be great.

    • Denko

      To replace my F801+Coolscan V ED and to get the same IQ for the prints I personally do: the DSLRs now don’t cut it (quite frankly they are not even in the same universe.) Even people who don’t care, see the differences in the final prints.

      I am not whining too much though because I have the best of two worlds at the moment.

      From a weight point of view it would be awesome if I could carry around less bodies.

      Disclaimer: YMMV, nobody is 100% right and so on.

    • John

      What, we have to ask YOUR permission to crop?

      • Anonymous

        yes, actually you do. please become a better photographer.

        • Anthony

          Shoot a toddler for a while and you’ll get off your high-horse.

    • Geoff_K

      I print at 20×30. I also tend to shoot my sons sports a little wide because when a hand or foot is cut off I think it ruins the shot. 18MP would give me a tad more room to crop.

      • slop

        not sure how many keep printing 20×30 all the time, but I’d guess maybwe 10% or less
        and if you need to print 20×30 for everything, maybe you’re better off with the pentax 40mp MF? after all, what’s the point of MP with more noise?

    • ArtTwisted

      I just printed 24 x 30 from a slightly cropped 12mp, and it looks good at any reasonable distance but it could be sharper, and more mp would help with that. And by slightly cropped im just saying it for technicalitys sake, were talking like 200 pixels off a side.

  • zzddrr

    Great, another 12MP Nikon. I guess Nikon just wants to screw up our own Nikon NR admin. Try to imagine how many disappointed fans will give voice of their anger.
    C’mon Nikon, let’s see whether you have the guts to come out with another 12MP crap!

    • Anonymous

      I think people don’t understand why more pixels get you to unfocussedimages check this please : where are the lenses for your 18 0R 24 MPX there is like a dozen of It !!!!!!!!

      • Denko

        Note: There is a big difference between an FF sensor and those PS camera sensors with those small elements where that article main point makes a difference.

        AFAIK Pixel width on D3x (24MP camera) is about ~5.9 um and with those new 2.8 lenses it is exactly tuned right without wasting effort.

        • zzddrr

          If 12MP in DX (e.g. D300) is possible then just “enlarging” the very same sensor to FFsize may give similar qualities…?? But my guess is that this would be beyond 12MP with same qualities…..

          Oh no, Nikon cannot go beyond the 12MP because all the fanboys will not be able to buy a new rig to actually handle details. I guess that is why they are on Viagra. 🙂

          • Denko

            Technically correct. Yield from fabricating those sensors will be much lower and it may not be economically viable to actually produce them due to too much overhead.

            My calculations (I am not saying here that my calculations are right) points towards Nikon being comfortably able to make sensors at 19.8 MP with the rest of the chain still working (FPS and other aspects of the camera) at least as well as before.

            True this might still look lower than expected BUT I’d rather have the overall quality than just the MP.

    • 12MP Boring Wanker

      Jesus, not you again. Can’t you just go buy a canon? If you must insist on coming here and posting the same boring ’12MP’ shit, just cut and paste any of your previous 20 posts. Alternatively, put the link in you boring twat.

  • If Nikon is going to 12MP again for a reasonable priced FF camera… and the option to get more mpx is going to 7.000$…. maybe it’s time to consider Sony a900 + CZ lenses… what a pity.

    • ArtTwisted

      why a pity, the Zeiss glass by all accounts is great, and the sony is supposed to be amazing at the lower iso levels.

      • slop

        the memory stick and wierd flash head is ‘leet too.

  • Anonymous
  • Carlos

    ADMIN, where are the guys telling about the 3 layers, rangefinder and ETC….?…im glad your sources have been simply the best over the internet…you always post (or at least 80%-100%) rumors that turn to be true….

    • woble

      Dude, the photo he is showing is just a D3, not the new Fujifilm.

      • Dude, the photo above has nothing to do with anything. The rest of us that bothered to actually *read* the admin’s words have that part figured out 😛

  • Svennebanan
    • Mark

      I like Samsung, heck, I got 2 of their televisions but they are starting to look like Sigma, when are they going to come out with the NX 10 camera?

      My point is (yes I got one), that need to become a player but that means announcing a camera and shipping it before I retire.

      Mark, who has some serious interest in a NX 10.

      • The NX 10 camera is already out…at least out here in Korea. I played around with one at a local supermarket Lotte Mart (yes it’s a supermarket that also sells furniture, computers, clothing, and food). It’s a real small camera…and that 30mm lens is sweet…the strange thing is it uses an electronic viewfinder (and liveview). It was also weird taking the lens off and not seeing a mirror, but that looks to be the wave for the future…

        Anyway, if you’re interested in that camera, look for it over at and type in nx10 (the website exists in Korean and English). Gmarket also accepts paypal (ebay actually owns a huge chunk of Gmarket, so it’s not some strange little mom and pop website). Gmarket is actually bigger than ebay’s own (which is why Ebay invested gazillions of dollars into gmarket…why compete when you can buy the competition).

    • Brian

      Samsung already released a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera called “NX10” in Korea in Feb, 2010. NX10 is now also available in USA.

      NX10 is equipped with an extra large APS-C size CMOS sensor that produces rich and natural color and clear images. The image sensor minimizes noise, which degrades the quality of the photo and instead uses high ISO in a low light environment with low noise, The result? Sharp, crisp images that truly capture your vision.

      Recently, NX10 has been an issue in the DSLR and m4/3 camera market.

  • Shivas

    Seriously a 12mp Fuji option would help drive prices down on nikon bodies a lil’ bit….this is great news!

    Nikon will keep on milking 12mp for years to come…look at 10mp sensor, it’s still being used in the d3000….when the lowest model sports the 12mp dx sensor, they will be sporting 14mp’s in the rest of te lineup….

    Nikon can’t afford to be like Canon and roll out a new sensor every year…just not a large enough company

  • Chris P

    A D700 based Fuji full frame DSLR with an approximately 12+12 Mp sensor like the 6+6 Mp sensor in my still lamented S5 will get my money without a moment hesitation. I don’t think it will happen, but oh what a dream!

  • Another 12MP camera? Big mistake. If they do that they can kiss up all the ground they have won against canon. I know several photog that will change to Canon if Nikon does not announce a replacement for the D700 that has MP closer to the 5D.

    • LGo

      Judging from the way the D3s is selling, it is likely that a D700s will also sell very well even with just 12mp. The full 1080p HD video of teh D700s will certainly not hurt.

      What would give pause to those who will buy the D700s will be a Nikon 18mp with the low-light capabilities of the current D700 for the same price as a D700s.

  • MikeC

    I would think that Nikon would do better than a D700 with video and 2 slots. To me, that is not much of an improvement. The Canon 5D Mark II already beats the D700 is many areas, so I think Nikon would at least try to one up Canon here.

    • LGo

      A D700s utilizing the same sensor as the D3s is absolutely not the same as a D700 with video and 2 card slots.

      That new sensor with a 1.5 stops improvement is a major improvement that puts Canon latest 1D MK IV to shame with its low-light performance.

  • jett black

    I just saw a Nikon Rep today at a local camera shop and he told me that it is unlikely that there will be any new DSLR’s before this fall. He said any announcement before the end of August was highly unlikely.

    • Antman

      The Nikon rep will have a sales target to hit though, so he’s unlikely to say anything that might make you put off buying something.

      • Anonymous

        correct!! Last time I lessoned to a dealer or a shop afiliated,I had my D300 ?6 month later D300s was out !!!
        I don’t care because I also have a D90 but never lesson to salers or afiliate salers peoplez ,they are just salling people they dont know shhhhh, they receive the information on new products like us 1 or 2 days before It comes out, so like evrything else I just trust my eyes!!!!!

    • ArtTwisted

      I tell people what they want to hear all the time to sell the camera, if i think it will make you buy it, ill say it, its the way sales work especially when you holding on to your jobs is based on a sales goal.

      Anyone who trusts a salesman is stupid. Even IF there not on commision, they can still have mandatory sales goals which they can be fired for not meeting, or atleast not get a raise.

      • jett black

        This guy was not selling, he was just showing all the cameras and some lenses. I found him to be truthful. He talked about what he knew and admitted to what he didnt know.

      • Maybe salesmen like you are all too common, but I find that absolutely pathetic that you’re willing to lie to a customer for a sale. Is that “the way it is?” Perhaps. Am I naive? Perhaps. But you know what? There’s something to be said about brand loyalty. And if I find out I’ve been lied to, that loyalty has been irreversibly damaged. Perhaps as a conniving salesman, that means nothing to you. But consider this, if you’re truthful, you just might get return sales. If the buyer finds out you told a wee lil white lie, the likelihood of you getting a sale from them ever again goes down by orders of magnitude, IMO.

        It’s people like you that make me hate salespeople. There are honest workers out there fighting against the bad image that you’re creating. Maybe someday you’ll grow up and realize that truth isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • Krzyś
  • Krzyś
    • Mikael

      That’s the most silly thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, if you’re serious about covering your new top secret camera prototype somewhat discretely, just use a rain cover, problem solved!

  • pawulon

    Bullshit. This photo is a remake of this:
    regards 🙂

    • Congratulations on joining the We-Can’t-Be-Bothered-To-Read-The-Article Group.

  • John

    “Basically it will be D700 with 12Mpix”


    I guess I’ll have to wait to see how badly Canon screws up the 5DMkIII instead…

  • Jose

    Guys we filled and review a survey some time ago, a the results shows diffeents specs than rumors mentioned. Nikon must be blind if they don not follow customer specs.

  • MM

    SHOULD I BUY D3S OR JUST WAIT FOR THIS??? I was placing my order with oncecall for D3s but I stopped as soon as I read this, I need a camera in June or earlier and I would much rather get the d700 update then the D3s.

    • If you need something now, buy it what you need now. June could come and go w/ no release. If you buy now, you can be shooting and learning the camera (and making money). If you *have* to have the D700 update, then you can always sell the D3s later.

  • gman444

    I have to say that a D700 with video & an extra card slot will be VERY disappointing. As a landscape photographer I would appreciate the extra resolution. Out of my landscape acquaintances I am the only one now left using a D700, everyone else has converted to the 5DMKII. I have absolutely no wish to swap to a competitor but it will be hard to wait another 18 months in the hope that Nikon will release an affordable high res FX camera.

    • Anonymous

      i see your point. but really, why dont you impress your canon buddies and go ahead with a d3x body. if youre making dough with your photos, then a new camera needed for the job is imperative. good luck

    • Cadence SF

      I’d say just start shooting film if you’re just doing land scape.
      I mean you don’t need to fire off many wasted shots like sports, fashion, etc.

      If you don’t have a film body, their cheap $100~350 for F3, F4, or even F5, N90s is going for dirt cheap…

      Digital’s latitude and color reproduction is STILL incomparable to film! Have you tried fujifilm Velvia, or PROVIA?

      • ArtTwisted

        Agreed, but if your going film go for a MF system, a couple grand for a good body and lenses (or less) and a half grand for a good scanner and your good to go man, thats what id do in your situation. Then just wait for the tech to evolve.

        OR just buy a mark 2, lenses will hold there value for resale, and the body will loose value wether it says nikon or canon on it.

        • Anonymous

          If I were shooting landscapes I’d be using a 4×5. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    What about the statement from this Nikon executive a few weeks ago stating that upcoming DSLR’s would have a “better” balance between ISO performance and resolution? How can this statement (which was not a rumor but a real comment in an interview) be alligned with this new rumor?

    • Geoff_K

      He lied to keep people from buying Canon’s hehehe

      I will wait for a Mark II replacement to see what they do to that model. I will NOT be buying a 12MP camera, so Nikon can either get with the program or lose sales to we that want more. ;- )

    • Agony

      The interview does not preclude this rumor. I suspect a minor D700 refresh at lower resolution and then a high resolution (ie D900) to compete with the 5DMkII.

      Clearly, Nikon needs to jump to a new processor quickly which can handle 1080p at 24/30/60. Nikon needs to compete hard against the MkII.

    • Daf

      That may have been meant for NEW models, while it could be argued that a D700s is just an update of an existing one.

  • A

    I reckon Sony are cooking up something big, Nikon uses Sony sensors, and from what I’ve heard Sony have been keeping the best video sensors to themselves for their upcoming cameras.

    • Annatar

      There’s a number of conjectures and totally baseless comments in your analysis. I’d recommend you look carefully into the Sony-Nikon relationship and base your comments on facts rather than fiction. Also, if Sony were keeping their best sensors for themselves, where are the fantastic Sony cameras?

      • A

        You’ll see :).

      • It’s called a900.

        In a few months you’ll see some for photojournalism with high fps and in more than a year they had enough time to improve ISO performance in their 24mpx sensor… for a reasonable price.

        Lenses? Carl Zeiss… do you know about something better??

        • Annatar

          so a Sony a900 is better than Nikon’s topline SLR’s? I beg to differ.

  • eyesup

    Nikon need to make sure this camera is a deal breaker. Possibly NEF raw video, open source or with firmware updates, not locked with no progression- Canon/Red have shown the way. Otherwise I for one will migrate, I already do HD video and pro photo nikon/medium format digital. I have only waited because of the amount of investment I have in nikon gear. Nikon need to change their business model, perhaps this is the answer.

  • le_eiji

    So it seems the relation between D700 and D700s is closer to the relation between D300 and D300s than the relation between D3 and D3s. That means the true upgrade version of D700 won’t be released until next year. Probably it is time to move to Canon. After all, they are 3 years behind Canon.

    • Johan

      Canon does not have anything that can touch the D700 now… the 5d mark 2 is the only one i can think of but its slow and poorly made.

    • “3 years behind Canon” thats the true !!!

      • litebyte

        3 Years behind in what in pixel marketing ? Or in image quality..or better said overall quality? You look too much Canon, doesn’t help you to get better images.

        • le_eiji

          well even old 5D is better than D700 in terms of image quality at low ISO.

      • Annatar

        You live in la la land.

  • I want FX with 1080p video

  • Michael Ryan

    Nikon related???
    Isn’t the Red One a Nikon Mount? so logically a Red DSLR might be on the horizon….

  • Tess Ti

    I highly doubt fuji will release another DSLR

    • Chris P

      I Don’t think we will see another Fuji SLR either, but as I said in a previous post, I can dream for a little while.

  • Anonymous

    if NIKON is stuck to its 12 mp cameras, it will be a down hill for them.On the other hand, people are so frustrated(like me) that they will welcome other companies like FUJI bringing out more modern cameras with better consumer oriented features with a good price tag! Fuji has already made a name in DSLR and its exciting to know about the new baby! Slowly the interest towards NIKON is diminishing since they are arrogant that anything they produce ,people will buy it.

    • Rosco

      “FUJI bringing out more modern cameras with better consumer oriented features ”

      That’s be a first! 🙂

  • generation internet

    Everybody buy a D700 now!
    Cause the D700/800/900xs will be dedicated video!
    Taking pictures will be gimmick, a small feature, something of the past as photography it self will die exhaling it’s last breath as a frame taken from a ultra HD movie capture.
    We will then rename this place to canonrumors and talk all day about video firmware updates, 60FPS video and how awesome video is. We’ll love our 40MP sensors as they are great for taking HD video and noise isn’t a factor anymore cause nobody cares how bad still image quality is, as long as video is great all is good right? And to all those landscape people, why not do a panning video? No more annoying stitching of images, just set it to loop on your PC and your ready to go.
    See the world will be a better place after we purged those pesky and boring still images ;).

    • Mathias

      YMMD! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Boring still images? You’re the boring one! You have no idea what landscape photography means.

      • Anonymous

        oh my … you have no idea what sarcasm is do you?

    • really don’t understand video on DSLRs.

      They don’t make prices higher, they don’t make you use it, it’s just there. It doesn’t affect image quality or anything.

      Photojournalists and many other photographers like it. Since news websites are getting more and more visits, people want videos. Plus, if brands put videos into their DSLRs, it means they will sell more.

      Just because you don’t need it, it doesn’t mean it sucks. Your camera has Live View. Where does it say you shouldn’t keep on looking through the viewfinder?

  • Ivan

    I don’t understand why Nikon takes 2 years to release a competitor to a 5d mk 2 and A900. Sure, it may be better, but it probably won’t even be sold before fall at the earliest. Ridiculous.

    And a D700 with just video and dual card slots would be lame, lame, lame.

  • MB

    I think those who want higher MP so they can crop need to learn how to frame a shot rather than taking the lazy way out.

    • TK

      Completey agree.

      And for those that want better hd recording, go out and get a Sony PMW-EX1R. Excellent HD camera that will put any DSLR video to shame. Want interchangeable lenses? PMW-EX3.

      I understand the convenience of having video in a camera, but come on… really? If you want to be series about video get at least one of the cameras above, if not, deal with what we got or throw a Canon VIXIA in your bag or something.

    • Geoff_K

      and how many MP does your current camera have ? if over 4 then you sprout hypocrisy

      • MB

        12, a D700. However it wasn’t the MP that made me switch from Canon. It was the ISO performance. My point wasn’t that there is a use for higher MP images, however it should be the need for higher resolution for larger outputs such as high dpi art prints, banners etc, not so you can crop to get the framing you want.

        • rune

          So, to follow your line about MP not being necessary…

          Why do you need high ISO?
          Can’t you just learn to turn on the light?

    • I don’t agree with you..In fact, I don’t know anyone that’s so lazy, that they wouldn’t go closer to their subject, because cropping obviously lowers the quality. From what you said, I assume you don’t shoot sports or events. The 15 megapixels (and 18 from the 7D sometimes and other cameras), have done a great job. Am I supposed to get on the soccer field if I can’t get closer? No, I crop. When an important person comes and we shoot it, it’s hard to get close sometimes. That’s where megapixels help.

      Just because a camera has more megapixels, it doesn’t mean quality is worse. Some need more pixels, some don’t. You can argue all the time, but it won’t get you anywhere. Serious photographers that need more megapixels have already went to Canon. Those who prefer Nikon stayed at Nikon.

      Others just bitch about it (not meant for you). If you want to go to Canon because you think more megapixels makes better photos, then go. No need to spam on it on forums (am a Canon user).

  • Anonymous

    I will be please ,if Fuji still support my DX glass with more useful resolution.

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