The last post on the “I am Nikon” campaign

Update: is now live.

"Nikon is launching a pan-European advertising campaign, called “I am Nikon”, which aims to connect the brand’s heritage of professionalism, authenticity and innovation to an audience of aspiring photographers. The campaign will appear throughout Europe and South Africa, with the first TV ad airing on UK television over the Easter weekend from 2 to 5 April 2010 on ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five."

Read the whole article @ MarketingWeek. This campaign was created by by Jung von Matt/Spree advertising agency (the company that registered some of the IamNikon domain names). still redirects to the default Nikon Europe site. No new products were announced today.

Update: The last card from France of course says "I am Nikon". It contained also a second flyer about the new campaign (thanks Romain Heuillard for the pictures):

Update #2 - new video on YouTube:

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  • zzddrr

    Pentax 645D will have a 40MP sensor. (from photorumors)

    Now if the price will be acceptable then we have an alternative for really high res. In the meantime, what an earth is Nikon doing?

    • Gustav

      Enjoy your 40MP sensor, NoiseNinja plugin, and your new hard disks to store the raw files for no real reason. Oh yeah, for cropping. I keep forgetting about the cropping; probably because I never really need to crop so excessively that I would need 40MP.

      • zzddrr

        Gustav, you know that sometimes you cannot go back and take the same picture? What option would you chose, more data or less data if at one point in the future you have to work with that file again?

        1) Storage? Ahh, when you buy something for over $2-3 grand then a $180 drive should not be an issue.

        2) Noise at 40MP Pentax? Hmm, it’s gonna have a sensor 1.7 times larger than a FF. I am not sure about that noise. We have to see that.

        3) Cropping? Why not

      • bakka

        +1-I think people are forgetting how to ‘get it right’ in camera. Just like stills from video for that award winning ‘shot’.

  • mike

    Did anyones D300 stop working today, did your lenses fall apart ?

    No – well then what the heck is the problem.

    Kit will come – until then your old kit will still work. You can easily print an 18×12″ straight print from a 12MP file, you can get a stunning 30″ x 24″+ canvas wrap from a 12MP file.

    As someone who switched from the real marketing led company – who’s cameras don’t focus accurately or reliably, who don’t recall effectively, and who also have not only a consumer camera range but also printers, projectors and photocopiers to manufacture and release. Switch away you’ll find the grass less greener and much softer focus in Canon-land. Just post your eBay links for your kit here.

  • Esnay

    It´s obvious that the new campaign is working with all the buzz around it, any publicity is good publicity. And yes, its not their fault some of us expected new products in the DSLR segment.
    Neither the less my problem remains, I have to by a camera body in the D700/5DMKII segment for yesterday and there is no concrete info coming from Nikon in this area.
    I´m a Nikon user and for what concerns me I would stick to it, (better camera built, better ergonomics and friendlier use), but for now in the segment I´m interested in, (and can afford), Canon 5D MKII is has an edge over Nikon.
    Mp do mater and, although it´s a feature that I probably wont be using that often, the HD Video ads versatility to it.
    That being said its OBVIOUS Nikon will respond in the near future with a camera closer, if not with higher specs, to the MKII, to pose canon a serious threat.
    My only, and more important, question is wen. If Nikon gave us some info relating new DSLR´s to be release, like specs and release dates I would probably stick to it, but time urges and for now MKII is a the better, more versatile product.
    Time urges, so please Nikon make me happy to stick with you.

    • Gustav

      Then why didn’t you buy an MKII when it was released?

      • Esnay

        Because its now that I need to buy it, and I do want to stick with Nikon.
        I think that´s obvious on my post, or I wouldn’t be waiting for Nikon releases for more than 2 months.

        • mike

          What are you planning to shoot and print or sell that a 21MP file can do that a 12MP file can’t exactly ?

          • Esnay

            Mike just answer to this question, has the MKII more Mp than the D700 ?
            I want to buy a camera body that last for the years to come, as you can see the market of DSLR´s has been producing new cameras with more Mp and features since it started, leaving the earlier one´s trailing behind.
            So in the long run, better built quality (not that its the case of the MKII, Nikon is way better), more Mp and more features do indeed boost a camera longevity.
            I´m not looking for a 40, 50, 200, 1000 Mp camera, just looking for one that wont be obsolete in the near future, that´s all !
            Do you think this is not a valid argument?
            I´m not here to complain, I made myself a photographer with Nikon and loved it all the way. Started with a F80, then bought a D80. But now I need something more.

  • Jabs

    Land of the complainers here.

    You hear the buzz of the incompetent brats all asking for over 30 megapixels of dreams when they have to perhaps realize that WHAT current lens will be able to handle over 30 megapixels or resolution and then what will they do with this? What computer will they now use to look at or manipulate these humongous files and what printer will be able to handle such resolution?

    ALAS, we have mere fools and dreamers here who wish for things that they cannot deal with.
    Such are jackasses without an idea as to what really makes a great camera.

    KEEP dreaming and posting about your wishes and let us see when it is delivered IF YOU still now complain when you have no infrastructure to handle it.

    PERHAPS your ignorant butt will now need the AMD 48 core processor – LOL!

    Children indeed!
    They want cheap megapixels and great quality at the same time!

    SINCE no one has delivered that yet, then what are you going on about?

    I want it and I want it and I want it – said the fool just before their wish killed them!

    Greedy jerk with no common sense, indeed!

    • Geoff_K

      I am certain you enjoy your 2MP camera friend. ;-P

      • Jabs

        SURE DO – Geoff,
        At least I know when to use a low res camera and when to use a higher res camera instead of dreaming of a ONE fits all mentality.

        This is called maturity and professional reality.

        You drag out the big guns when you need them and then use the little toys when they are suitable.

        I am after results and getting a job done, not stroking my ego or trying to look important.

        THE picture counts!

        • Anonymous

          Hey JABS,
          nobody asked for 30 MP. How come you ‘re in such desperate need to insult someone ? ? ? Yeah, that for sure is truly mature. Whats wrong with asking for more than 12 MP. D3X has it. Other brands have it at an affordable price. Even Coolpix has it. Must be your big gun your talking of ?
          Or did you maybe even sell your house to get a 16 MP HB-Back with it’s crappy crop factor that doesn’t impress anyone anymore. Shit happens.

          • Anonymous

            Forget about the HB-Back … I just took it back.
            I think mister Big Gun and Master of Maturity and Professional Reality is nothing than a 16 year old
            dreamer and childish Nikon-Fanatic, that got hurt at
            his heart of a Nikon-Image, by some comments.

  • Gorgonzola

    what printer can handle such resolutions? what current lens? what are u on ?

    Coming from the design industry I can tell right now no image is good enough if it has 100 megapixel so be it…. its all scalable and usable at some point the more the merrier …

    No its not a MUST but it does help getting the details across…. if u ask me keep it FX 12mp just get even better ISO…. D900 where areee youuuuuuuuuuu?

  • donald

    Well I am currently using a Nikon F6 & a small Sony HD camcorder, on my last two treks I have had to juggle then (with unpredictable wildlife & potential to miss shots !) , it would be a godsend to be able to have the best of both worlds in one body , but , the d3 is to damm heavy to carry above 5,000mt & I want a body with full weatherproofing for a mountain environment. Is that to much to ask ? It would seem so unless someone knows different….. Money is waiting for you Nikon , do you want it or don’t you ?

  • Jabs

    Greed at the speed of LIGHT!

    We used to be satisfied with even 6 megapixels and then 10 came along. We were happier when 12 megapixels came our way and then CLEANER 12 megapixels came our way in a D3s.
    We got elated when 24 megapixels came our way in the D3X and many complained that it is too expensive.

    NOW, they wish for more than 30 megapixels and perhaps if this costs $15, 000.00 US and shoots at 2fps, then what will you now say?

    Ohhh – my computer cannot move around on its’ screen a 8000 + pixel wide image and my quad core 64 bit cpu and 16 gigs of RAM cannot deal with it.

    I have priced myself out of existence due to an inordinate desire for greater and greater specs, so now I am OUT of business because I am a dolt who sees specs as a be-all and end-all for all my troubles as a photographer.

    PERHAPS, I learn to photograph things better, learn to use light better, learn to meter better, learn the proper use of graduated neutral density filters, polarizers, soft filters and such.
    Perhaps I learn the proper use of FOCAL length and proper framing instead of just pointing my camera haphazardly at anything that comes my way and then dream of fixing this mess in post production but NOW, I don’t have a computer capable of moving around a 300 meg file in real time, so I am back to being a butthead – LOL!

    You can almost tell the NON-photographers here – ALWAYS Nikon’s fault why their images are so crappy – IF only I had a 100 meg camera, then the ant would be clearer as I don’t know what a MACRO lens is, as my zoom has macro focus and all.

    The paradox of wanton technological desires -VS- your own lazy self and your inability to properly use a tool.

    • disco

      very well said.

      I Am SPARTACUS!!!

      • Anonymous

        NO WAY! A 100% DISAGREED. I was never pleased with less than 12 MP. That is when I first kicked into DSLRs (an bought a D300). Everything less was just good for daily newspapers, web-publishing or hobby. Lenses and full frame where missing in the past, too. It took Nikon ages to get digitally somewhere near their glorious analog past.
        And nobody is expecting 30 or more MP. But how about more than 12 MP at an affordable price for a start ? ? ? You can’t tell me you ain’t missing it at all.

        • Jabs

          WRONG Anonymous,
          Print newspaper can get by with as little as 1 or 2 megapixels – FACT!
          Most 2 megapixel cameras can print great 4X6 prints or even 8X10 – I have an old Fuji that does just that. Nikon made a superb 4.1 megaixel camera that is STILL in use widely today at newspapers and it shoots fast – FACT!
          When digital surpassed film is in question but almost no one says 12megapixels is too little.

          I would like to see RESOLUTIONS above 12 megapixels become the norm and LESS expensive, perhaps BUT if the current results by Canon are an indication of that, then leave me at 12-14 megapixels and FIX the IQ to be better and NOT worse like Canon.

          Resolution, picture quality and camera color response are NOT the same.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah Jabs,
            you get it wrong on purpose, it seems to me. But at least you write alongside the problem and apparently you’ve cooled down a bit. I did never doubt that less than 12 MP still is good for newspapers. I simply don’t do photojournalism, where the early bird catches the worm (and res does not count). Thats why a lot of cameras, such as you describe, got sold at the price of small but new cars back in the mid nineties. Today it’s exactly the other way around. All the disappointed comments show the demand for affordable cameras with advanced res in order NOT to “price oneself out of existence”. So it’s quite the opposite of what you wrote. Can’t see what’s wrong with that. Sony sells 24 MP for a third of a D3X. So why would a Nikonian not want a D700x or whatever it will be called ? ? ?

          • Jared

            I’m with you Jabs – 12MP for 90% of us out there is just fine. It seems that too many get wrapped up in numbers and forget that it is the IMAGE that counts not the #s. Very, very few people will ever utilize the extremes the highest-end cameras can produce.

            That said- I still love to read about them.

          • Jabs

            Greetings Anonymous,
            Perhaps you again missed the point, so let me spell it out for you.

            I DO NOT want crappy 24 megapixels like Sony has in their A900 and A850 but I would prefer a simpler body with the exact IQ of a Nikon D3X. I don’t want a Canon 5DMK2 either, as the body is crap, though I like the results from it, as I consider it Canon’s SECOND best camera in resolution and IQ – and that does not say much.

            High megapixels without accurate colors, great ISO response and fast ACCURATE autofocus, means to me a useless body, as I think fast, react fast and thus a slow camera cannot keep up with me.
            Started shooting with 8fps F3’s and thus anything slower is useless – just my style.

            I do NOT price cameras per the cost of houses, cars or other such mess – I price them by WHAT they can make for me on a job.
            Invest in yourself and smile all the way to the bank.
            Camera bodies have become expensive BUT lens have not become so, compared to the past.
            I don’t wish for cheap crap, I just wish for better body prices WHEN the manufacturers are able to do this without compromising QUALITY, thus different focus perhaps.

          • Anonymous

            “WHEN”: The sensor is already there. Can’t see, why the 24 MP Sony-made Nikon-sensor should cost 5000 € more than the 24 MP Sony-made Sony-sensor. The already there Sony-made Nikon-sensor should just be placed into another Nikon-body. Can’t take that long.

            I want quality too. This is exactly why 12 MP doesn’t do for a lot of jobs. And considering the recycling time of my Studio flashes or the patience of architecture, I couldn’t care less about fps. Sometimes I don’t even care about AF. Even the best becomes crap if your camera can’t decide between the tips of eyelashes and the iris half an inch apart in depth, shot relatively close (portraiture and beauty) and relatively wide open (stopped down to f2.0 or f2.8). Once again, you just desperately want to misunderstand all the people here who feel let down a bit.

            First you keep insulting them and complaining about what you call spec-and-number-crazed non-pros, and then and now you go on and on and on about ISO and fps ? ? ? Well, that makes sense ! ! !
            Oh, wait it’s probably because I’m not only slow shooting but thinking too. Oh, yeah, you’re the fast guy in any respect. Fastest at going on about yourself … You just wrote it and I almost already forgot it. Sorry, now it’s clear and I’m out of here. You can go on and on and on (while your fast Camera is taking fully automatically all the shots for you, the fast guy with the slow comp) …

            LET ME SPELL THIS OUT FOR YOU: It’s not always about your point. You seem to miss many points of many people who posted comments that you commented on. If NIKON thinks and works just like you, it ‘ll be the loss of many customers sooner or later. At least their long awaited 2nd high res FX-release came as quick as you are. You and Nikon must be family.

    • jason

      i have the D3 id really like the D3x for different reasons, id also like the d3s but if i got that i may not use my d3 as much if at all? and it hasn’t stopped taking great images, i do thing that the d3x is to high a price to pay it should be priced about £500 above the then d3 and the now d3s , i also think that the d3xs will arrive this year with a new improved sensor and improved iso somewhere in line with the d3 for iso the sensor will remain 24mp video will be added and sensor cleaning larger buffer and about 2k added to the price tag but if nikon lowered the price they would rule the MF sector over night as nobody can offer the range of lenses the nikon can

  • Anonymous

    @Ryouichi Yasahiro

    “Yes, Nikon is dark side.”

    Yes it is … in the sense of marketing shares and its development since AF and digital kicked into the game. Sad but true. I’m still hoping for the body that makes me stay and allows me to keep all these lenses …

  • Rawrbawr

    To the whiny spec-heads and pixel peepers that voted “do not post again” on this post…

    Would you rather have the NikonRumors admin NOT fill you in on March 8th? Would you rather the admin just leave you hanging to sit there refreshing your screen over and over, waiting for a new DSLR that had no substantiated rumors in its support?

    I’m sure you were waiting, just like me, to see what today would bring.. I, for one, appreciate the admin’s work in revealing this mystery to us for the past week or so. I’m guilty of being excited about the mailing cards, but hey, now at least I can focus back on my photography instead of being caught up like you whiners who think that everything they own is inadequate.

    Let’s go take some photographs!

    • zzddrr

      I guess they really voted against the ‘bad news” content not the news itself.

      It would be interesting seeing a poll on this. I mean, my feeling is that people were disappointed with Nikon and not NR.

    • I think I will just remove the voting buttons.

      • zzddrr

        No, don’t remove the moving button. Instead, once in awhile ask why people vote how they vote. This was a perfect example, put up a short survey and ask them.

      • Anonymous

        Thanx again @ zzddrr

        NR, why remove them instead of paying attention to the results?

  • Raven

    This was the biggest bs campaign of all time. I would have understood if there were some cool new coolpix but this is just ridiculous. Nikon should sell their point and shoot camera production and design to some phone company where they could still call them cameras.

    Nikon, you make great SLRs and lenses but other than that you are just a joke!

    Very disappointed.

  • Christina

    Not sure if anyone else has said this yet, I read only about half the comments…..

    Nikon says: I Am Nikon.

    Me says: I WAS Nikon.

    If nothing is coming down the pipes by this autumn, I am SO going to get a Pentax K-X so I can shoot in low light. I’ll sell all my lenses except a couple to go on my D90, and not look back. I can borrow Pentax lenses from hubbie who is a Pentaxian, and is thrilled with the value he gets for his money. Quality, functionality, and fun.

    Nikon is just toying with us now. I have wanted a D700 replacement since they started rumoring it. I am not going to buy a lame-duck camera model now. I can hold out til August/September when it will be a year since I purchased my D90.

    OK Nikon?

    Oh yea, and if Pentax happens to come out with a full frame in the mean time, I will absolutely make that my next camera body purchase.


    • Anonymous

      I’m tired of waiting too. But I’m fed up with viral marketing even more. GET A PENTAX ? Even a full frame you don’t know yet ? ? Without any lenses to go with ? ? ? All you know for sure is, it “SO” must be Pentax anyway ? ? ? ?
      All I know is, that this comment must be professionally placed here. I don’t know a single pro, who still uses Pentax. Simply out of question. Christina you suck and probably have your “period” too.

      • Christina

        #1 Learn to read. My husband, currently has two pentax camera bodies and lots of lenses, including several of the limiteds.

        #2 I have been seeing the results of his Pentax K20D, K-X and K-7 for months now. I have seen the functionality and the value for money.

        #3 Not all Nikon or Pentax users are professionals. We are considered Serious Amateur Enthusiasts.

        #4. Not sure why I am responding to you. Just thought your comments are totally over the top, disrespectful and down-right rude.

        #5 Although this is ‘just’ a rumor forum, I imagine the people running it, as well as other commenters, would like us to follow a certain level of decorum similar to DP Review, etc.

        #6. I no longer get my period.

        #7. I am guessing you are about, what, 14 years old??? Your immaturity and hostility towards women is rather frightening. Mother issues?


        • Anonymous

          You ‘re right and I’m sorry. I really am. I did not want to get personal or insulting.
          I just took your comment as something professionally placed there as it very often happens as part of viral marketing. I did not take you for a real person. Once again I truly am sorry.
          There is nothing wrong with doing photography with whatever turns out to be the system or camera of your choice. I wish you lots of fun with it. Please do accept my appology

  • RobertKrasser

    waiting, waiting, waiting its the nikon fans attitude
    yes I totaly agree most NR comments. I am a Nikon fan since 15 years, I do have some money but I am not a professional. So since 10 years I want to “invest a bit more money” in equipment. In the “meantime” I bought several consumer cameras D70, D200, and a used D2xs, I bought of course unfortunatly Dx lenses, now I use a D90, I am happy I take good pictures but I since 10 years I want a bit more. also since 10 years I went to the festival of photojournalism. I saw over five years that canon was always one step in front. I am so sorry to say this but in terms of megapixel, and price/value, canon is better. But I dont gave up and hoping Nikon will announce “THE CAMERA I WANT” Finally D3 got announced, perfect but to expensive and just 12MP (canon already got 20 something. than the D700 -sorry no video- I decided to sell my d2x to buy a D90 instad of a D700. Since than I wait for a:

    16 -18 megapixel
    buid in gps
    build in wifi
    and IPTC editing in camera
    panorama function
    and I want to switch between color and B/W instantly (just press one button)
    ISO like D700

    this would be the perfect camera for us photojounalists


  • Jabs

    A WAKE-UP call, perhaps.

    One of the KNOWN, at least in America, reasons why Nikon and Canon offer rebates this time of year on a YEARLY basis has nothing to do with a lack of camera sales or a release of new models BUT relates to TAX season, as in people getting their Income Tax returns and many manufacturers looking to ‘help them’ (LOL) to spend it.


    • zzddrr

      Jabs, actually I think you’re right about this one.

  • Jabs

    I AM A Dreamer!
    I dream one day of having a camera the size of a pack of cards with 32 megapixels, 200fps, a 16-600 F1.2 ED-VRXXIV lens with no distortion, 2 billion pixel LED screen, GPS, Satellite NAV, 6G Internet speeds, one terabyte built-in memory, 48 bit 384k – 10 to 1 audio, 4K film 3D resolution and a personal ROBOT filled with all the photographic knowledge of all the past photographic masters to operate it.
    I just say – SHOOT Robo and I get what I want.

    If it is not, then I shoot the robot and continue sipping my drink under a beach umbrella and then use my new neural interface to rewind TIME and take the picture I want via satellite.
    And last but not least – the picture gets to its’ destination BEFORE I take it.

    I’LL be back!

    Yeah right.

    • Geoff_K

      Sometimes a crappy photo is not better than none at all. ;- )

  • coolpux

    scrap the coolpux !

  • I’m glad that this campaign is finally over. Now I can be excited to see NR posts show up in my reader again.

    • Marco

      it has began!!

  • So what does a coolpix have to do with Armstrong, Marco Polo, and photojournalism? This seems like a pointless ad campaign considering there’s no new product. If they wish to win over the facebook crowd I can see where their campaign is coming from, but why throw in professionalism into this mix? It seems like Nikon is trying to be all things to all people…

    • zzddrr

      This ad campaign was like a botox treatment … it does not necessarily mean that it made the beast look better! 🙂

      Or perhaps they manage to stick the neddle somwhere else …. oh that’s not good. 🙂

    • jason

      as i see it i maybe wrong, but its like a rock band producing there greatest hits , nikon is talking about theres and what they have done the images that there product has produced and then maybe after the campagne there will announce some new camera kit like ??? DSLR if and when its released depending on spec i’ll pre-order 1

  • Simon

    Unless you are Japanese why does anyone want to be calling themselves “Ni-kon”?

  • edch

    Seriously, I begin to hate Nikon. I’ve fed up with waiting.

  • zzddrr

    2 comments and that’s it:

    1) I do not want to be in that Nikon boardroom when somebody read some of these comments. This is a shame for Nikon.

    2) Where is our NR admin? Did he leave us with those awesome Nikon cards?

    • The NR admin is here, trying to moderate some comments (including yours). Please keep it civilized. I do not want to start baning readers.

      • zzddrr

        Finally, you’re back.

        BTW. This is a disaster. Most of the people are really pissed about Nikon.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I’m a lifelong Nikon user. The moment they decided to let me take my legacy glass with me to digital, they had a loyal user. It will take much to turn me away. I’m not about to make empty threats about jumping ship to a less durable, less reliable DSLR. I’m patiently waiting while I shoot.

    There’s nothing wrong with a marketing campaign that generates interest. I don’t care that there’s no new product being released in conjunction with the campaign. I’d be more concerned if I didn’t see any good strategy on the marketing front. This is not a bad camera campaign, though I never like to see a company going to the “legacy” well because it makes it look like you haven’t done much lately. But at least this campaign is going human over spec-tech. What I do care about, however is that Nikon is moving quite slowly on a couple of fronts.

    The Serious Compact market is here and it’s very real. And Nikon seems to be sleeping through it. Being conservative and patient is one thing. Being timid and silent is another. I want to see a smart, bold move from Nikon in that space. I think it’s important. It will make their coolpix line better as features from the SC trickle down. How Nikon can so dominate the DSLR space and be so mediocre and rudderless in the compact market should be disturbing to everyone.

    Though I began as an avid enthusiast, I now use my D80 to shoot supplemental pics for the magazines I design. And its limitations are real. So I’ve been waiting for full frame to come to the mid-level user like myself, at a price I can justify. The D700 was always just shy of footing that bill, because its popularity kept its price just out of reach. And I’m just not interested in the D300 right now. For my purposes, that’s too much to pay and not get full-frame.

    A D700 is now in my range and it would likely be all the still camera I could hope for. But then I’d also have to buy a digital camcorder to replace my XL-1. And that would be foolish if I already know what is likely coming. So the D90 has accurately identified and exploited a real need, and Nikon can blame themselves for my waiting. I have $2-2.4K burning a hole in my pocket waiting for an affordable full-frame with quality HD video and acceptable manual control. I could use a camera like that in a number of productive and valuable ways.

  • Jared

    Enough of the Cards already! It is an add campaign. They are Nikon Digi cams! They release new pocket cams this time of the year, every year. Limit this to one or two posts. If they are anything like any of the last 5 years the digi cams will be sub par as usual or maybe one might be good.

    Now that it is over I can finely get back to enjoying NR again what DSLR items are in the works.

  • kpuo

    Phew, no D4! Makes my upcoming purchase of the D3s waay more satisfying. I hate buying electronics… redundancy is way to frequent. And these semi-pro bodies don’t tell me I could smash my camera through a windscreen if I so pleased (although I probably wouldn’t). My RZ67 hasn’t gone out of style! Too bad developing slides and good scanning has… ah well.

    Lucky me I live in a country of poor printing and zero colour calibration. 12mp not cutting it for print size or cropping? Genuine fractals 6 😀

  • Kevin

    Simply too many uneducated people that think they “need” the 24mp sensor when in reality they don’t. Ask yourself right now, do you take good pictures with a 12mp sensor. Then the simple answer is your photos will look identical on a 24mp sensor.

    FACT: You can make an identical 24″x36″ print using both a D3s and D3x under a controlled environment. I did just that. Genuine Fractals is a wonderful program and if you don’t already use it then there is something seriously wrong with you. I use it for making image reductions and was as enlargements.

    I don’t think many of you realize how much Canon is regretting giving the 5D Mark II the 21mp sensor. They simply can’t move remaining 1Ds Mark III stock anymore even though the 1Ds is so vastly superior. Do you think it’s going to be easy selling a $9,000 or so 1Ds Mark IV when they have a $2,500 dummy camera that has that same resolution only because 95% of DSLR owners don’t understand that the megapixels mean squat.

    The issue with Nikon is if they push out a 24mp D700/800/900 and then say come out with a Nikon D4x with a 29-32mp sensor in the $9,000 to $10,000 price bracket the majority of the market for the D4x is gone.

    I own a D3s and a D3x and love both cameras. Both make amazing prints both large and small. I’m telling you right now that the D3s is the wave of the future and not larger sensors. There is seriously no usage for anything in that 30mp plus bracket unless you plan on doing billboard advertisements and even then you should have a medium format camera.

    I’d rather see absurdly sharp and clear ISO 25,000 over seeing a $3,000 camera with 24mp. I think the vast majority of professionals would agree on that as well.

    • Magnus

      >I’d rather see absurdly sharp and clear ISO 25,000…


    • Geoff_K

      ” under a controlled environment. ”

      All of us do not shoot in a studio and I would be happy with 18MP ;- )

    • Anonymous

      How come Nikon released a D3X, if no one needs the sensor ? ? ?
      Explain that ! ! !
      I’d be glad if I could do a few more jobs with my Nikon lenses instead of taking
      my HBs which give me more MP but slow me down and give me less options in lenses. I’ m ready to spend 2500 € on a D700X.
      Why would Nikon not want it ? ? ? Fanatics can’t but customers can move you know.
      And one more thing: in the past all 35mm cameras had the same “sensors”. The pattern of a Nikon-downgrade from expensive pro to affordable (semi-) pro is as old as AF. Take the F4 and F801. Still enough went for top shelfs. But what if the shelf below is empty. Where will they go ? ? ?

      • Gustav

        Nikon released the D3x at a high resolution because a few customers need resolution over high-speed shooting, and ISO performance. Only a small percentage of Nikon customers need this – that’s why it is so expensive. You really don’t think the sensor costs Nikon $3000 (or whatever the different in price from the D3 is), do you?

        It’s priced high because Nikon isn’t going to sell that many, and they need to recoup their investment and make a profit.

    • kpuo

      I agree, high ISO on the digital setup is a game changer, especially with colour photography.

    • jason

      DITTO !!!! i’v a D3 and it totally change my photography world its an awsome camera and it still is even with the upgraded (s) which i would very much like just need the price to drop a bit

    • Anonymous

      >>> I’d rather see absurdly sharp and clear ISO 25,000 over seeing a $3,000 camera with 24mp. I think the vast majority of professionals would agree on that as well.

      Same output size = same noise from D3 or d3x. At 100 percent on screen it looks noiser but then you are looking at a more enlarged version of the same image, and with a decent lens also more detail… No downsides.

  • Ubiquitous

    Nikon surprised me! In fact, Nikon never seizes to amaze me. I AM NIKON! Brilliant! In other words, they are not Canon! That’s a start. For their next trick?

  • Rob

    I am. Happy with my D90?

    Love a D300s, D700, D3, D3s/x… one day I’ll make full frame. Nikon needs to work on their service and open up their software I-Phone style.

    PS The photo quality of any Nikon APS DSLR from D40 onwards is awesome. The D50 and D70 (get me “screw) are good enough.

    I think Nikon are giving us the best resolution for high ISO for picture quality for camera quality divided by the $ that they can currently afford to manufacture. The world economy hasn’t done them any favors. I look forward to the future when they make even more impressive cameras and the economy is good enough for me to to buy them.

    • jim bo

      The D90 and D300 where the first cameras that put nikon on the same branch as canon. Before that, CANON cameras had better IQ. Now with the introduction of the canon 550 and 7D, canon once again leads over nikon. And what does Nikon do? Focus on their coolpix, ofcourse. Jesus….

      • Gorgonzola

        couldn’t have said it better…… what a SLAP…but somehow I feel some comments will come that we are whiners….. yeah possibly when Canon shoots on 45 mp we are still o 12 coolpix will get the headlines…give me a break….

      • Rob

        I don’t care about Canon IQ. I care about the beautiful images that Nikon cameras can make and the quality of build. Saying that, spied a friends snaps she took with her bought from new Canon 10D the other day…gorgeous. She is looking at upgrading her camera, I haven’t the heart to tell her Nikon is better (she might believe me and stop making beautiful pics with her 10D or newer).

    • aye.

  • Nikonier

    I think it is a rumor that Canon have better IQ then Nikon. Ok, the 550 an 7D have more mpixels then the Nikon models. But that does not mean better IQ.

  • Anonymous

    I just saw the I Am Nikon Television add in German Television on Pro7.

  • furtian
    • furtian

      Fx of course, sorry

  • getanalogue

    hey guys, there is no reason to get embarassed about a Nikon consumer campaign – I like the creativity behind.
    Nevertheless, please think about
    – D 90 is best selling Nikon DSLR
    – D 90 is still best APS camera (according to DXOMark)
    – There will be Photokina this year and I bet that Nikon will come up with some good products
    – That the lenses are still not able to meet D 90’s or D3’s resolution
    – That Nikon came up with super-sharp FX lenses to meet the resolution requirements of high-MP bodies
    I think this a VERY honest approach to the market.
    Just wait until Photokina (September) and well before that date you will see some Nikon’s which will blow away any competitor in the field.
    But anyway I used the time of waiting for a D 400 for investing in an MF equipment and am just looking for a Hasselblad/Imacon scanner. If you own one for sale, tell me.

  • le_eiji

    D3s and D3X aren’t really identical at all. If you print bigger than A4, then the difference becomes so obvious. It is not just about resolution, but more importantly color and dynamic range that differs between two cameras. D3s is a good camera for low light photography but other than that, it isn’t spectacular.
    D700 is clearly worse off in handling the color scheme. Nikon from the dawn of DSLR has a problem with the color, and that’s noticeable when you develop any RAWs that you shoot with any Nikon DSLRs. But the color of D700 is worse than that of D300, not to mention D3x. It is simply horrible. That’s why landscape photographers prefer 5D and 5DMarkII and A900 to D700.

    • jason

      should of gone to specsavers pmsl!!!!!!

    • getanalogue


    • Marco

      well by all reviews around internet, it results the opposite!! ehehe

    • I can not agree with the color side. It all depends on the color modes and their parameters used. For example neutral & standard is ok, vivid is horrible, but landscape is fine imo. I use D2XIII mode for landscapes, it can be called Velvia emulation. Nice color doesn’t mean cranking up saturation with all channels.

      Btw, Canon’s color representation is not as good whatever parameter tried. D300 colors are fabulous. The reason most landscape photographers preferred Canon was not because of color, but mostly for the fact they offered affordable FF & hi-res FF earlier. Years later Nikon could answer the 5D with D700 (both around 12mp, and hi-ISO performance is not a priority for landscapes) . We all know Nikon yet couldn’t bring that 5D II equivalent (D800 or whatever). Even Nikon’s Coolpix is has more resolution now 🙂 I’m also stuck in DX & 12mp.

      But when happens, I’m sure it will be the Nr.1 dslr for landscape and most other applications. Either 24 or 18mp is fine. Plus, body price shouldn’t exceed $3500.

      D800… Come on Nikon !

      • Hey-nonny-mouse

        Depends on how you post process too. If you do your PP in Capture then you’re fine, but Adobe (and others ???) don’t seem to get the colours as accurately. Pity really, as I’m not a fan of Nikon software, but feel I can’t get the most out of my camera without it.

        • Anonymous

          Photoshop-integrated ACR is a breeze compared to N Capture which is a nightmare on computer resources. But Nikon owners seem to be obliged to use it, since it’s the only converter that recognizes nikon-specific parameters like color modes, d-lighting, ca-elimination, etc. It gives exactly what you see on the jpegs, but not the others that are dull with color.

          Nikon should stop this selfish policy with the upcoming D900, and start to cooperate with Adobe who offers a world-standard software.

  • le_eiji

    Dxo Mark is really an insufficient means of looking at the image quality, because it doesn’t take into account the resolution and how the camera handles the overall color. And increase in resolution doesn’t only add sharpness but also and crucially accurate color information to the image. Dxo Mark fail to take into account both of these aspects.

  • zzddrr

    This is shocking, 78% of the people did not like this news NR posted.

    Whoa, I guess Nikon did manage to create anger. I wonder what proportion of this 78% does not recommend to others Nikon products to buy at the moment. This could be a serious financial blow for the company.

    I mean there is a reason why that Nikon exec came out and said that in the future they want to better balance iso and resolution. Now I kind of understand why he sadi that. Basically Nikon did nothing else during the last 6 years but served the segment who needed better iso performance. Ok, let be fair since the release of the D3 back in 2007.

    It is more than 3 years Nikon completely neglected those who needed resolution. Please don’t come with the bs of 12MP is enough for me. It is not! This could have been easily addressed with a D700x long time ago. And the two groups, 1) who want iso performance (D700) and 2) who want resolution (D700x) would not argue about totally different photography styles/works/prints etc. What I do not really understand that they created that option for the D3 users with D3 and D3x. Did Nikon not think that other groups of photographers downstream may have similar needs?

    • Jabs

      Actually, you are quite WRONG!
      Nikon first got to 12 MP via a DX camera and then went to FX or full frame PLUS great picture quality and HIGH ISO performance with a breakthrough camera called the D3. They increased the dynamic range, the color quality, the HIGH and LOW ISO response of the camera in the NEW D3s and between the D3 and D3s, they released a stunning camera called the 24 megapixel D3X that has redefined photography.

      YOUR stupid argument is that you want a CHEAP D3X and thus Nikon is now to make an expensive sensor available on a D700 style body and then KILL their D3X sales just to placate you?

      Think about that strategy as a MANUFACTURER and tell me – who is crazy?

      Perhaps Nikon cannot give you a D3X for less but maybe give you a sensor BETWEEN the current 12 megapixel D3 and 24 megapixel D3X in a NEW generation of cameras, as the D3X is perhaps too expensive to make and sell for a LOSS in a smaller body at this time!
      What is so hard to understand about that?

      • Jabs

        Next Comment:
        Cameras like most things manufactured today, are done with electronics and bodies created for specific specs. In other words, the pieces are made to compliment each other and their pipeline is figured out BEFORE committing to manufacturing.
        HENCE, when you want a drastic change, you have to start from scratch OFTEN, as the components were put together as a cohesive item that work together to meet a target performance as well as cost.
        People think like the manufacturer’s can just pull this piece from that series of cameras and plop it into some NEW body and get a mix or match result.
        The cameras are designed as SYSTEMS and when drastic changes come along, you need a new series DESIGNED to accommodate these changes often.
        Microprocessors and camera sensors are designed to efficiently work with one another and when you move forward with one, they often are incompatible.
        If you look at the Canon 5dMK2, you see an old sensor in an old body resized for a new market with video features thrown in.
        Maybe when Nikon moves to a new generation of cameras, they may choose to do that or not.

        • Jabs

          Nothing but the FACTS!

          Between 2007 and now, 2010 Nikon has released several PRO bodies.


          More PRO bodies released during that time than perhaps ANY 35mm digital camera manufacturer.

          How many PRO bodies has Canon released since 2007?

          • zzddrr

            Jabs, READ!!!!!

            What I said was that Nikon mostly served the group who needs iso performance! D3, D700, D3s, D90, D5000 are great iso performers no question about it. Great cameras for satisfying certain needs/work requirements etc. but they are not high res.

            Nikon only gave 1 high res camera. It is big, expensive, and only serves a very small group. Nikon clearly neglected those who do not need high iso but want high res.

            Look, if Nikon just gave D700 (what we already have right now) and D700x (many has been waiting for something like this for over 2 years) we would not argue at all.

            People are angry because back in the film age they were able to use the right film for the job. Now you have to wait 4-6 years for Nikon to make that new film.

          • Jabs

            You want a HIGH megapixel cheap body!

            Everyone got your request eons ago.

            You want the equivalent of a DUMBED DOWN Nikon for your personal desires.

            Nikon has not made this camera obviously.
            Personally, I expect a D700s before the equivalent of a D700X, as a realistic person.

            When I look at the Canon 5DMk2 and see the numerous complaints or problems, I don’t wish that on Nikon or any other manufacturer as I am not some vindictive child.

            Whenever anyone can introduce a great cheaper body at 20+ megapixels, then I will laud them, but not holding my breath for that (look at Sony, as an example).

            Technology marches forward at a PACE controlled by others and since I have no control of that, I accept it as a fact of life.
            I would rather Nikon to release what they can with better IQ like the D3s rather than go after ego gratification and lose the company in chasing megapixels.

            You get what you pay for comes to mind!
            I do NOT see 24 megapixels as a mainstream requirement YET, but with the quality of the current D3X, I see them fulfilling a specific NICHE’ and that is an expensive one indeed.
            The fact that Nikon sold so many D3X when most said that it would fail miserably, shows to my mind that Nikon is in touch with the needs of THOSE WHO buy such a product.
            The target market is NOT complaining – comes to mind!

            I also expect a D700X to be MORE expensive than a D3s!
            I also expect any PRO camera from Nikon with above 24 meagapixels to now have 1080i video, higher IQ than the D3X and cost two arms and a leg, so now will that placate you?
            Will you buy a $14,000.00 D4X or will you still complain because it is not what you wanted?
            Maybe you should just buy a Canon 5dMK2 or perhaps wait patiently.

            I also do not see Nikon catering solely to the HIGH ISO market but I see Nikon using their sensors in many cameras at differing price ranges and capabilities. Sort of like producing a sensor and then using it in a new camera after having used it in a previous generation of cameras. NOW, all we probably have to wait for is the newer generation and then what they pass down to be used in an upcoming new lower end camera.
            Cameras are electronic devices subject to the generation of their sensors, their built-in processors, the design limitations of the associated things such as lens and tele-converters that work with them.
            People ask for higher and higher megapixels and my question then is – WHAT are you going to shoot along with it – in lens and such?
            This reminds me of fools who go out and buy a 205mph car when the speed limit is 65mph in their area and THEN complain.
            GO TO a race track, maybe or get some common sense.
            Conversely – People who expect real race car performance in a street car (not just higher top speed) for the price of a street car are merely foolish dreamers.
            Each tool has its’ place and its’ merit plus its’ associated costs/requirements.
            Your argument falters badly as you have not differentiated between a 12 megapixel FX and DX sensor as although they have similar megapixel output sizes or count, they are NOT the same.
            You are like the person comparing a V6 to a V8 just because both of them have 300hp output.
            Nikon has released three FX sensors so far. Two 12 megapixel sensors used both in the D3and D700 and a new 12 megapixel sensor used in the new D3s plus the 24 megapixel FX sensor in the D3X. They have also released several different 12 megapixel DX sensors and apparently the sensor in the D90-D5000 is different from the one in the D300-D300s.

          • Why should the D700x be that expensive? Sensor? Do you have an access how much it really costs to Nikon?

            I bet the price of D3x is mostly because it’s a flagship professional body. The cost difference between D3X and D3s may be no more that $1000. Who needs the leading technology would pay a premium, due to the unwritten rules we know. Plus, it’s not too much for good earning pros who may otherwise opt for digital MF. Therefore it sounds a fair trade. And the extra profit already gained may help in subsidizing D800 that will sell to masses unlike the lucky minority who could have afforded a D3x.

            Not another 12mp camera please, just because someone needs video. Enough of 12mp from Nikon for multiple years. Even the new coolpix is 14mp now. My vote is for a 24mp (at least 18) D800 around $3000-3500. I’ve been waiting this since I had the D200 being my first dslr.

          • Anonymous

            12MP is NOT enough for any serious work. It doesn’t even fill a double spread page on its native resolution. To accomplish that, resolution must be at least 18MP.

            That’s also the lower limit for some stock agencies. They ask for 50mb 8bit tif files which can’t be done with a D700 unless upsampled.

            Is it today a luxury to ask for at least 18MP in the $3K-4K range, while Canon already offers more for much less.

    • Gustav

      “Whoa, I guess Nikon did manage to create anger. I wonder what proportion of this 78% does not recommend to others Nikon products to buy at the moment. This could be a serious financial blow for the company.”

      I wonder how anyone can even begin to imagine that the tiny fraction of Nikon customers who are geeky enough to post on a rumor site represents enough people to be a “serious financial blow for the company.”

      • zzddrr

        The other day I spoke with somebody who did not post anything here but often visits the site. Now, sometimes those are in the magnitude of 1 to 100. Meaning that 1 post and 100 (or even more reads it). Then those 100 go out and talks about to another 10 people each.

        So 1>>100 x 10 >> 1,000 now multiply this with about 350 votes or even just use a simple 10 as a starting number. I think we can agree that at least 10 people will say negative comments. So we will have approx 10,000 people whio will hear negative things about Nikon. Now, I am not saying that all of the 10,000 will not buy Nikon but may think twice.

        The problem is that it is really hard to estimate the real impact. But think about it for a second. Most people who come here are more likely to purchase more expensive DSLRs. Now, in that segment a loss of only 1,000 buyers means $2.5 million revenue loss. I guess you know you can notice $2.5 million lower revenue not to mention the lens and accessories purchases.

        So if just 1,000 people is holding back to buy a D700 right now, Nikon is missing with lens approx. $4 million.

        • The reason why so many photographers are holding their purchasse on the D700 it’s because the D700 is a PERFECT camera, except that 12MP is not enough, 18-24Mp will be fine.
          I had a D700, it realy is the perfect camera but I sold it before it lose it’s value, and like everyone, I’m waiting for the D900 to break the pig.

          • zzddrr

            The invisible man, I agree with you. The D700 is a great camera but others want different characteristics. Why did Nikon only serve 1 segment when it is clear that there are photographers who want more resolution? Nikon created a D3x but was unable to make a D700x.

  • Anonymous

    You do NOT get more noise from a D3X than a D3 anyway. Not at the same OUTPUT size. So there is no downside other than file size.

  • venancio

    the March 9 announcement of NIKON:
    embrace whatever equipment you have, take advantage of post processing, get to know more about the finer adjustments of your glasses in combination with different manual exposures. you’ll see that you can achieve a level of patience strong enough to get you through till the next generation release of new gears. your reality check is available at flickr, you see crap and you see gems, maybe even using the same equipment you have, or even Coolpix. if you are honest enough, there are gems that can beat your best.

    • Nikon’s user March 9 announcement:
      Tired to wait for the D900, I made some calculations F100 + 24-70mm AF-S + Velvia + Nikon Scanner = 20PM full frame camera :o)

      • The visible man

        Why don’t you buy a 2nd hand Mamiya 7 + 43mm & 150mm? Or just the standard 80mm. Scan the Velvia roll film. Then you get +80mp ! (at least on paper, but still better than and dslr made) Cheapest way to jump into MF today.

        I’ve been there, but spoiled with digital now 🙂 Practicality vs perfection…

      • The visible man

        And Mamiya 7 is no bigger than a D700. Very compact for what it does.

  • Not impressed with this campaign at all. Makes me pretty sure that Nikon is altering the brand to serve amateurs and not the pros. How many generations of CoolPix are there compared to the D-series? I have to say that I’m very disappointed with the brand right now. They just may lose me to Canon…

    • I think Nikon does not make any money with the DSLR (it maybe loosing money).
      A D700 for $2400 is a steal, a $1800 24-70mm AF-S is an other great deal.
      The actual DSLR and lenses cost x20 more to desing and built than a FA+50mm f/1.8 made 30 years ago.
      Of course $2400 for a camera seems to be alot money for us, but it’s because we can’t afford it. $2400 it cheap for a professional tool.
      Go in an hospital and see what they have, be ready to spend millions dollars for what tools they use everyday !

      • True, but as a pro, I’m looking for the best tool for what I do and this means multi-media so HD is a big consideration and Nikon is just not cutting the mustard compared to Canon. Price isn’t a huge consideration if it’s below the $5,000 mark. The industry is shifting…I would love to have a D700 if it had H264 formatted 1080P video included….I don’t really care about massive megapixels – 15mp – 18mp would be just fine with me with FX sensor…anyway – just feeling a little forgotten as the whole year seems like it has been about amateur cameras…

      • Their 3rd qtr financial results are available on the nikon site. (Yr end Mar31).
        3rd qtr performance was their best quarterly EVER, company guidance is for a turnaround to profit for yr ending Mar31. Their estimates show the following contributions: DSLR 40%, Compacts 27%, Lenses 23% & others 10%. (All data from their results presentation pdf.) So they have done very well from Sep to Dec 2009.

  • Anonymous

    tired to wait Nikon new DSLRs…/_\

  • Jabs

    Simplifying the problems and expectations here, perhaps.

    Many here propose for Nikon to simply drop the sensor of the D3x into a D700 sized body and then price it for the price of a Canon 5dMk2 or just above.

    The D3x is not about mere sensor but also a pipeline of proprietary NIKON components that this one camera shares and it is very expensive.

    This seems to be lost on many, so I refrain from arguing with you on that point.
    We sometimes oversimplify our desires but fail to understand what it is that goes into the making of a real camera.
    Sorry, but it is not component swapping.
    Moving more clean pixels through any camera requires a pipeline with INCREASED throughput as cameras are computers.
    The pipeline of the Nikon D3X is the expensive part, apparently.
    We want more and more megapixels but fail to realize that like computers, increasing the speed and throughput of a camera often requires vastly greater computing power, especially if you want a ‘decent framing’ rate.
    Right now, many here are asking for above 20 megapixels, high framing rates, clean ISO’s, HD video and such while oblivious to the enormous increase in computing power this means.
    The computing power increase of the D3X as compared to the D3 is massive and perhaps part of what makes it so expensive.

    WHEN you understand this, then perhaps you will understand why no manufacturer has been able to give us all these features YET.
    When you increase the computing power, you create heat and voltage issues bringing less battery life plus reliability issues.
    You also have SPACE constraints!
    I try and BALANCE my desires with a pinch of reality, perhaps because of my background and experience.
    NOT trying to burst your dreams!

    • aye… and they are focused in the business. The facts are in their financial statements.

    • Then simply how did Canon manage to fit everything in the 5D II body for in an affordable package? Did aliens help them?

      12mp isn’t even enough for a double-truck page (A3) at 300 dpi unless carefully upsized and sharpened accordingly. Good landscapes need fine detail, and most folks may neither afford a D3X, nor wish to lug that bulky thing around.

      Nikon is still making us stuck at this resolution. What a pity, where is the D800?

  • Edward Bancroft

    If this campaing is airing in Europe and South Africa it is presumably to do with the football world cup in June. So must be aimed at advanced P&S users and people new to DSLR’s + video capability?


  • Kevin

    Audrey I love how you say you want the best professional tools but aren’t willing to pay for them. Stop being CHEAP!

    Seriously, D3x plus D3x = $13,000 or so. By spending that $13,000 you really don’t have a necessity to purchase a new camera for 4-5 years easily. I mean what how are they going to drastically alter current DSLRs in the future to essentially make people want to spend the extra money.

    Right now all they can do is push the ISO and Resolution. The resolution is really beyond meaningless since 12mp, 24mp and 36mp for the most part can print identical images thanks to improvements in software technology.

    Chances of Nikon releasing a D700x before the D4x are virtually ZERO. Canon did this and now they can’t move any 1Ds Mark III bodies since the average photographer is really too stupid to understand the full advantage of that 1Ds. Many of the 5D Mark II owners complain about the fact the camera is really not so great since canon combined a wonderful sensor into a camera that has many aging parts some of which have been incorporated from cameras 5 years ago.

    The fact is if they release a D700x they need to differentiate it from the D3x or D4x in order to continue sales of the flagship camera. Do you think they are going to give in just because a few people don’t want to spend good money on a pro level body.

    Do you not think Canon is seriously regretting that 5D Mark II. The sales of the 1Ds are beyond flat since it’s release. I’ll tell you right now the next generation D800/900 will only be 16-18mp. They aren’t going to stick that 24mp sensor in another camera except for the one it’s already in. It physically does not make any financial sense for their company to do so. I’m still convinced we’ll see a D700s this year and the D4 released later this Fall with a D800 to follow next spring.

    So you tell me what does 12mp not do for you that you think 16-18mp will. You aren’t going to get a 24mp camera for $3,000 anytime soon so I’d stop waiting and start living. The people that run Nikon are not stupid. There is virtually no advantage to them making a D700x when the sales of D3x are still going strong. The camera is worth every single last penny. I have no regrets buying my D3x and I just laugh at the people who get pissy over the fact it’s so expensive. If you do this for a living, it’s a tool, a cost of business.

    • Anonymous

      Because you could own a D3x, you may not say others will have to wait another year for just 18mp. It’s immoral too. Plus, it’s illogical to expect a 24mp sensor will never find life on another affordable body. That’s pure nonsense.

      Let’s remember; first 12mp DX D2x was built. It was Nikon’s flagship of that time. Then what happened? Soon, a slightly lower resolution (10mp) but cheaper D200 came out. After 18 months, Nikon announced 12mp D300 with better characteristics than the D2x once costed more than twice.

      Now it’s the exact time for 18-20mp (not 16) D800. Then 18 months later, a 24mp D900 is inevitable whether it will be the exact sensor from D3x or something even better. Technology is evolving.

      • Kevin

        No I can say that because Nikon is intelligent. If a photographer has a serious REQUIREMENT and not a desire for a high resolution camera that is needed for their business then they can afford to spend the money on the pro level body required for such a job. Any pro that needs it won’t have a problem paying the money for it.

        I’m telling you right now you’ll see 16-18mp in the next series of D4 and D800 to come out. I would be honestly shocked if we saw anything exceeding the 20mp barrier. They aren’t going to start introducing cameras to compete directly against each other, they are simply not that stupid.

        You could easily be waiting another 2 years for a camera like this to come out. It certainly will not happen until a D4x is in production in the neighbourhood of 32 megapixels. Even then expect the camera to be much slower and have much less features overall. Why do you think Canon gave the 5D Mark II such crappy features on top of a wicked sensor? They simply aren’t going to give you every thing you want for such a small price tag.

        Even if Nikon does release a D700x I’d expect that price tag to be in the $4500 range.

        • zzddrr

          Then tell me Kevin, how long will it take for Nikon to match the 32MP 1DsMKIV that is coming out before the summer? 4 years? 5 years? or 6 years?

          See, Nikon wanted to be cheap and reuse its 12MP technology over and and over that’s the story. Now they cannot fart without Sony. Give me a break, Nikon should have come out first with honest explanation not with an advertising campaign for an advertising campaign in times when almost cell phones have the same resolution as the top line nikon.

          Tell me what the “F” is nikon waiting for? Of course they don’t have the product because sony did not give them the sensor!

          I can tell you that if the D4 does not have at least 24MP then Nikon will big trouble. By the way, technically it is possible to have a firmware that enables you to have 2MP because that is what you love and enough for you.

        • Anonymous

          your comment proves nothing but your lack of understanding.
          Obviously you are not just not a pro yourself, you don’t even know one. As for your understanding of economics. You just don’t know what you are talking about. If Nikon wants to make money (with lenses), they need to sell bodies first.
          95% of all pros can’t just spend money as if it was toilet paper. Professional photography is very much about earning not spending. To buy a D3X instead of the desperately and long awaited D700X to many photographers simply means the loss of income of an entire month.
          If serious REQUIREMENT drives people to other brands do you really call that INTELLIGENT ? ? ?
          When I startet photography on a professional scale back in the early nineties, I switched from Olympus to Nikon. Any other brand than Nikon (apart from MF) used to be something relatively rarely seen in the hands of colleagues/competitors and even for Canon users it was quite tough to rent a missing lens for a certain job. Well, today the situation is nothing near this glorious I AM (outstanding) NIKON-past and they lose customer after customer, year by year by year for almost two decades now. If you want to do me (I have lenses I don’t want to sell) and the company – you obviously feel very much attached to – a favor, THEN JUST DON’T ADVICE NIKON TO REST ON ITS LAURELS. It’s no good.

    • Kevin, if i’m not wrong, weren’t you recently supporting the idea that 12mp was quite enough, and “genuine fractals” will sort the rest. Weren’t the 24mp files indiscernible from the 12mp ones upressed by this plugin?

      I wonder what suddenly made you change your mind? Anyway, happy shooting with your non-cheap glory, the D3x 🙂

      And soon I wish to share the same joy with a poor man’s D3x, to be possibly called D800, even though it may be a little shy in IQ comparison, but better than a D300.

  • Alex

    Are the TV commercials going to be like this:
    Hello, I’m a Nikon….
    And I’m a Canon….

  • I just need some modest sized & reasonably priced dslr with a +20mp sensor for landscape photography, preferably yielding very clean images at base iso, not compromised for high-iso performance or video, or frame rate, etc.

    D3x has been there, but it’s too expensive plus too bulky for hiking. People whose priority is high-iso may get the already D700. D90 & D300s is tailored for video related needs. D3000 & D5000 are low-budget yet good quality options.

    What’s left? Obviously D800 is the missing one in the collection.

    Am I asking too much?

    • Kevin

      Once again you obviously do not require such a camera. Do you not listen to anything I’ve been saying? I do 24″x36″ art gallery quality prints of landscapes and people using a 12mp camera. I ask again, why do you need 20+ mp. The answer is you don’t. It’s not going to make your prints better but but but you can brag how you have a 20mp camera.

      • Because I came from MF film drum scan, and had to opt resolution for convenience. Mamiya 7 to D200. There was a dramatic drop in resolution, but it was a breeze to use. I’ve been patiently waiting for a reasonably compact & affordable (not meaning dirt cheap) hi-res FX. 12mp is not enough.

        I sometimes enlarge up more than that size. Multi-level sharpening may be ok, but is not a substitute for real detail and acutance. And stitching can become a nightmare. Nowadays landscape photography, even done professionally does not make money enough to justify a D3x. There isn’t enough market for magazines or fine-art photography. YMMV though…

        • Tibor

          exactly. & you may be Able to “enlarge” even a 4MP Picture which will “look nice” but as professionals, we expect Detail. Details is what matters in landscape photography (& also in portraiture,for the clothes especially).
          Only Native resolution brings more detail to the shot. That’s why I need a 24MP camera. Than, I will look back with nostalgy to my medium format film gear & shoot only black & whites with it. Sometimes some Velvia 50 though…

  • Kevin

    Seriously you all need a reality check on what you “need” as opposed to what you want. If you are printing images larger than 24″x36″ I’d first ask what you are doing it for. If you have a market place for the prints and are making money then investing in the proper equipment shouldn’t be a problem rather than complaining it’s not there. For the record the Canon 5D Mark II is a piece of Sh1t. I came from the Canon camp having owned a 1Ds Mark III and 5D Mark II. I can’t say enough just how poor the performance on that 5D Mark II actually was. It’s not the professional solution people are really desiring.

    The funny part of this all is you all want D3x quality while paying $2,500 and that is not going to be happening now or even this year. Even if an when this magical camera comes out the features are going to be very subpar in comparison to the D3x. I’ll say it again Nikon has no problems with their current lineup. People seem to complain that there is no 1080p (big whoop) and simply not enough resolution.

    So I guess the answer is to produce cameras like Canon does that have a lower IQ and generally produce images of inferior quality. To further your argument on print size, just an FYI. Using Genuine Fractals and a D3x at ISO 400 I have produced images as large as 32″x48″ in size that are extremely crisp and sharp. Seriously you need to give your a head a check.

    If you seriously needed a camera like the D3x and your business required it, you’d have no problems going out and buying one since well it’s worth the friggin money. Hell I have friends that do 24″x”36″ prints from their D700 with no issues.

    • ArtTwisted

      I do 24 X 30 prints from my D90………… but i would prefer doing it with higher resolution for sure.

  • Jabs

    This place got hostile and NO, I am not Kevin nor posting as anyone else here.

    Those who expect a Nikon version of a Canon 5DMk2 fail to realize that the sensor in that camera is OLD and shared by another old camera, so ask Canon how they did it WHILE I look at the results for the price while also looking over my shoulders at Sony and their two 20+ megapixel cameras at lower prices.
    In our zeal for more we often simplify complex things and complex camera manufacturing to soothe our requests or yearnings.

    Me. I go on with my day and leave people to rant about their wishes plus tell us about unreleased cameras like they are now supposed fact!
    I have looked at the results from lots of the files of a D3, a D3s, a D3X, a Canon 5dMk2 and I rate them this way in IQ.
    1st – D3X
    2nd – D3s
    3rd – D3
    4th – 5DMk2

    The Canon has a higher resolution than the 12 megapixel Nikon’s but the camera does not give the color accuracy of the Nikons (not to even mention moire and banding issues) and the D3X wipes the floor with all of them.
    Just my personal opinion.
    I see great results from the 5DMk2 and it does better than the Canon 50D, 7D and Mark4 but I see a regression on Canon’s part, so those who like that, you have your choices at 20+ megapixels.
    At the 20+ megapixel 35mm FF level I see it this way in IQ:
    1. D3X
    2. Canon 5DMk2
    3. Sony A900 and A850

    Lastly, the D3X is Nikon’s first camera above 20 megapixels and I don’t expect a second body from them at a cost below the current price of the D3s.
    To my mind, anyone expecting a camera such as a D700x or whatever they call it at a similar price as a Canon 5dMK2, is perhaps dreaming in my opinion.
    Maybe they can do it, maybe they cannot – I don’t know!
    The Canon 5dMk2 is a great sensor in an old body with antique focusing and ergonomics, so I don’t know what Nikon cameras they would have to combine to emulate that and then WHY would they want to? I don’t even know if Canon makes any money on the 5d Mk2, but that is perhaps beside the point.
    I believe also that the Canon 5dMk2 was a stop gap release to placate Canon fans when Nikon released both the D3 and D300 to great accolades.
    I see them as different cameras but you are entitled to your own opinion.

    I don’t enjoy fussing at anyone, as I find that very disrespectful and also childish.

  • Kevin

    It’s not disrespectful. I find it personally annoying when I see people threatening to leave Nikon over Canon for what amounts to “Nothing”. Having shot with the best Canon and Nikon have to offer I hear many foolish remarks from Nikon users that seem to believe just because canon has this 20 megapixel 5D Mark II that Nikon should have the same.

    The reality is quite simple in that the 5D Mark II is not as good as everyone likes to think it is. I couldn’t stand using it when compared to my 1Ds Mark III. sure it had video, which is useless for me. I seriously think canon pushed the 5D Mark II out to market in order to try to save themselves since they were bleeding from all the photographers going from Canon to Nikon.

    I finally gave up after my 1Ds Mark III died. It was my 3rd mark III in a year to go bad. Canon refused to honor the warranty even though it was only around 10 months old. It took me weeks of complaining to a variety of canon tech staff before they’d fix the minor issue. I had three bad 1Ds Mark III’s in a year. That was my reason for switching. Nothing more, nothing less. When it boils down to it, reliability is more important than any other key factor. I loved my 1Ds and couldn’t really stand using my 5D Mark II.

    The D3x is really an amazing camera and it’s worth every last penny. It’s not a question fo whether or not Nikon could make a D700x, it’s more like “why should they”. I’m still certain we will see….

    D700s then a D4 then a D4x and then a D800. I’d argue that the D4 and D800 will share the same sensor just as the D700 and D3 did in similar fashions. Both the D3 and D700 were able to live and be profitable for Nikon. I will say this again if they produce a super high res camera in the $3,000 bracket they will kill the D3x or D4x sales and that’s simply why they won’t.

    Right now I’d be shocked if a large number of pro canon shooters will even consider buying the 1Ds Mark IV. In all reality they don’t need the extra resolution it offers so the camera has to offer up something grand other than 1080p video.

    • Jabs

      Sorry Kevin, but I was not referring to you as rude but to unnamed others – LOL!
      I see your stands and value your experience with both brands but I see people posting here whom I consider clueless and wishing for unreal things.
      I also do not expect a d700x to be cheap nor for that matter any camera above 24 megapixels.

      My comment of not wasting time fussing at those posters was telling them that I am not being suckered into their endless pursuits of cameras or objects that DO NOT yet exist.
      I don’t have time to deal with dreamers or those who push untested items or relegate rumors to FACTS, comes to mind.
      Glad that someone here is defending Nikon.

      • zzddrr

        Jabs, does this mean that you will abandon us? 🙂

        We will miss you very much. 🙁

        • Jabs

          Hey ZZDDRR,
          You keep telling us here that you want a cheap 20+megapixel camera and go on about a 32 megapixel Canon allegedly coming out soon!

          Why should I argue with you or anyone here about YOUR dreams or wishes.
          What would that make me besides a nincompoop?

          Icarus flew towards the Sun in desire and died from unmet desires and the intense heat.
          Some people are VICTIMS of their passions or pursuits – so nothing more to say!

          There are several 20+ megapixel 35mm FF bodies available under $3000.00 US – TAKE your choice of any one PLUS Mamiya has already introduced several better ‘specced’ cameras than Pentax and they include 16 bit pipelines along with higher resolution.
          Some people thrive by pressing for changes and seek their own ideals while others learn to live with what is in front of them while seeking the better of tomorrow.

          If I argue about things that I want and then they are already available, then I perhaps am more attuned to complaining or am not able to make simple decisions.
          If I seek exactly what I want, then you need to go manufacture your dream camera or buy a camera company and then do as you wish.

          • zzddrr

            See Jabs, that’s the difference. I want new and you are fine with what is given. Nothing wrong with that

          • Anonymous

            HI JABS,

            or should I say ICARUS ? ? ? To me it seems much more as if you are talking and writing yourself into a real heat – burning time and fingertips …
            Have you ever considered that it could be a serious sign of advanced intelligence not to respond to you (unless you or your ((mental-)) health insurance pays for it).

          • Jabs

            Hiya person calling themselves ‘Anonymous’ on a RUMOR site – LOL!

            Wow, I state my opinion with the reasons and you question my sanity – LOL!
            You must be not only desperate but also dense.

            Equipment like dreams should NOT be distanced too far from reality lest we question your intellect.

            You expect anyone to now take anything on a RUMOR site as now serious fact, indeed?
            Many here are upset perhaps because I point to reality while in your DREAMLAND.
            How ironic, eh?

          • Anonymous

            You don’t get do you. Here is more than one Anonymous. And even of different opinion. We don’t call ourselves we get named automatically.
            Go on and burn your fingertips. Deal with us and all the rest.
            You obviously have time to waste.

      • Geoff_K

        I would be happy at 18mp in a D700 body. I want the choice to add a batter pack. I do not keep mine on my D90.

    • zzddrr

      Kevin, try to imagine this and I am quoting from you:

      kevin said that “I will say this again if they produce a super high res camera in the $3,000 bracket they will kill the D3x or D4x sales and that’s simply why they won’t.” Ok, the D3x or D4x sales will die? The D4x is approx. 3 years away so I assume that you know something we don’t. Now if it is the D3x sales then I have a bad news for you – the D3x sales is already dead! People don’t buy it. Too expensive and the most of the landscape and portrait photographers cannot afford it. Many are thinking about switching because of Nikon’s inability to consider them as a genuine group of photographers. I hope Sony will fix its 24MP cameras and we may see surpises. I am sick and tired of looking at the Nikon lineup. All of them at 12MP except 1. What is that? In the film age you were able switch films and you did not have to wait 4-6 years to get a new improved film from one manufacturer and it worked well in your camera.

      I just cannot understand why we even argue about this. I mean, wouldn’t be just better that the lazy Nikon people actually listen to us? We’ve been asking for an affordable (3-5k) high res camera for years. What did Nikon do? They threw more 12MP at us. I was really surprised when the D3 came out that it only had 12MP. I was shocked when the D3s came out with the same 12MP.

      No question in my mind that Nikon cannot get a sensor that is more than 12MP otherwise we would have something by now. OTOH, if the case is that Nikon just decided that 12MP is enough than Nikon is fully loaded with idiots. I mean, I cannot believe that they do not listen. The question is this, since there is absolutely no leaks then when will Nikon come out with something? 1, 2, 3 months? 1-2 years? For sure Nikon is not good at communicating with some of their DSLR users (otherwise we would not complain).

      Kevin said “Right now I’d be shocked if a large number of pro canon shooters will even consider buying the 1Ds Mark IV.” Well, we have to see that new canon first. If it is really 32MP and produces decent images then I wonder when will Nikon match that again? 4, 5, 6 years? Or perhaps when Sony makes a sensor for nikon.

  • zzddrr

    Check this out, Pentax unveils 40MP 645D medium format DSLR at approx. $9,400.

    This can easily go down to $8k street. Getting interesting.

    • ArtTwisted

      I agree with that one, although A d3X and MF are aimed at differnet markets mostly, they overlap some but the D3X can be taken along with you on safari or on a wildlife shoot with a 600mm lens and a 2x converter while a MF is MAINLY for landscapes and model work.

  • Kevin

    First your numbers are way off. A Nikon D4 will be upcoming either in the Fall or Spring of Next year with the D4x to follow. It is not 3 years away I can tell you that with some degree of certainty just because the marketplace is changing at a quicker pace. I state the D4 is going out this year as it will be marketed at a different market segment than that of the D3s. I highly suspect the D4 will be 16-18mp, maybe even 20 but I really don’t see it. It won’t be as consistent at super high ISO but it will have a good range with a higher MP count.

    You then get a D800 using that same sensor and design theory within a year of a D4 being released. This is the only realistic option of a lower priced alternative right now. They are not going to drop a 24mp sensor in a $3,000 camera to kill the flagship Camera. They aren’t nearly as stupid as Canon is.

    Yes I am correct when I state the 1Ds Mark IV will not garner the same market attention that the 1Ds Mark III did when it came out. The difference between 21mp and 29-32mp isn’t sufficient enough to warrant spending the additional $6,000 for most people. Even though the 5D Mark II is at best an aging dinosaur with a great sensor.

    As it stands right now I won’t buy a D4x when it comes out either simply because I have no such necessity for the product. What 32mp or 35mp or whatever compared to the 24mp I have right now in a camera that sports an IQ that is beyond anything the competition can produce. This is where Nikon and Canon are going to hit a brick wall in that marketing megapixels just doesnt work. It will get to the point where nobody needs more and we’ll have Rebel Zr1 or something with a 40megapixel sensor on it.

    Nikon does what makes the most sense for their company and profitability all while keeping their market share in tact. Last I checked they have record profits and the highest DSLR market share. They must be doing something right.

    • zzddrr

      Kevin, I cannot see a D4x coming next year. Impossible.

      I can see a D4 with 24MP and at the same time Nikon will stop producing the D3x. Makes more sense when it comes to manufacturing. This will also yield will larger volumes.

      In terms of market share. I have no idea what you’ve been looking at and which country but I think Nikon’s market share significantly erroded in the last 12 months. Don’t forget, the entire market grew which explains why they were able to maintanin sales. But I suggest to read Thom’s article about market share. In addition, the m4/3 is big problem for Nikon right now.

      Also, take a look at the dpr click share by brands. That is very accurate when it comes to market share. Nikon significantly got hammered. What we see are the first signs and I can tell you that when Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony are after certain segments of Nikon’s business, well they better watch out. Remember, 15 years ago samsung made crappy products, now they are pretty much leaders in many areas and we cannot say anymore that samsung is crap.

      Other than that, I really like your optimism about the release of the D4 this year. 🙂

  • Pierre

    The “I am” thing is definitely the best marketing campaign one can run, the proof?

    When asked if he was the son of god, Jesus has replied with an “I am” and see… his campaign is still providing a living for an entire industry, even 2000 years later.

    • Pierre

      And I forgot to mention the billion or so customers.

    • Pierre

      And still no product… just be patient they always have said, even eons ago, it’s coming… you will be surprised…

      Perhaps we will have the D700 replacement just in time for the 2012 event 😉

      The morality of the story? Never under estimate the stubbornness of a true fan…

  • grumps

    First off… I didn’t hear about this campaign anywhere else except this site, now I frequent this site pretty often. Usually I would be very annoyed by Nikon if they kept pointing to this….however, this time, I would say it is NikonRumors’ fault, that I feel annoyed to the point of being upset, post after post about this campaign is in fact very annoying! You’d think, with we would be learning what the visitors are enjoying or not by voting, but this is quite of the scale. NR, I hope you don’t find this rude, but really….

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