The last post on the “I am Nikon” campaign

Update: is now live.

"Nikon is launching a pan-European advertising campaign, called “I am Nikon”, which aims to connect the brand’s heritage of professionalism, authenticity and innovation to an audience of aspiring photographers. The campaign will appear throughout Europe and South Africa, with the first TV ad airing on UK television over the Easter weekend from 2 to 5 April 2010 on ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five."

Read the whole article @ MarketingWeek. This campaign was created by by Jung von Matt/Spree advertising agency (the company that registered some of the IamNikon domain names). still redirects to the default Nikon Europe site. No new products were announced today.

Update: The last card from France of course says "I am Nikon". It contained also a second flyer about the new campaign (thanks Romain Heuillard for the pictures):

Update #2 - new video on YouTube:

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  • Ah, good. It’s a bit of an anti-climax, but it would’ve cost me money if they brought out a great compact 😉

  • Ceiling Cat

    Ceiling Cat is watching you buying a G11 online… 😀

  • Christoffer

    Is it just me or is it just plain stupid to launch a new campaign without a new product when you are getting alot of heat from your competitors? I mean, I’m a nikonist but still, people are smart enough to get info today before they buy things, everyone check out the web today before they buy a product. Dosen’t mather that you a ha flashy campaign if you don’t have the goods to support it!?!


    • twoomy

      Not stupid, since advertising P&S’s to the mass markets requires campaigns like this and they’re fairly affective.

      But yes, it is disappointing to the dSLR crowds to not see anything new. They have been testing high-res D700 prototypes for well over a year now and NOTHING has come to market yet. I’m still convinced that they’re trying to unload the final surplus of D700s (or those 12mp FX sensors) and THEN they will announce something new. (Due to the bad world economy, it’s taking a lot longer than expected to unload old stock.)

    • Richard

      It is not just you.

      It is interesting that this series has drawn negative reviews. There have been more “don’t post again” votes than favorable votes.

    • Gustav

      Uhm… when’s the last time Heinz came out with a new Ketchup? They start new marketing campaigns all the time. There are lots of industries that have marketing campaigns without new products to go with them.

      It sounds to me like you took a message not intended for you (the consumer) and chose to believe in rumor hype and are now disappointed.

      • Christoffer

        But how many competitors are there out there right now that has a better ketchup then Heinz!?!

        • Jonathan

          Totally agree 🙂

        • T140Rider

          HP Fruity

          Far better than Heinz Red Sos

  • Anonymous

    wow this is better than a new dslr!!

    • Anonymous

      wrong…this is better than 10 new cameras!

      • Rock Kenwell

        …but certainly NOT better than a D40.

        • Kon Reckwell

          How could it be?

          • Kock Renwell

            Dunno! wtf? lol!

  • jason

    rather a whole load of hot air ! looks like i’ll be plucking for the D300s and a news lens ;(

  • Geoff_K

    No new camera, pfffffffft

    give me the “18mp+, 4-5 f.p.s., D700 style body” Tom Hogan guessed was coming out in March.

    • Anonymous

      People have guessed there will be a new camera in January then February now Mars hehe……

      I’ve stopped hoping for a new one. 😀

      • Anonymous

        it is comming in March, but like the promised land, i wont tell you the year!!

        Just joking the new d700 will be announced tomorrow at 10 30 am london time

        • congo

          Yeah, right….. sure

        • rsm870

          it has begun!!!!

        • jason

          lets hope so priced at 2k and takes the current battery grip of the D300/300s D700 ! i’ll buy either the updated D700 be it the D800 / D900 or D700s i’ll wait until the end of the month until if nout happens it’ll be the D300s as im looking for a second camera body to work along side my D3

    • Richard


      Yes! Please!

  • zzddrr

    Let’s milk the 12MP for a while 🙂

    • Richard

      4/3rds format sensors are at 12 MP (OK they are not quite the same IQ as an APS-C 12 MP sensor, but they are getting close). Let’s move on Nikon!

      • zzddrr

        True. I guess I was selfish and thinking about dslrs.

      • Ryouichi Yasahiro

        D4 prototype good already. It still take some time for make sensor same good ISO as D3s.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t need this a few hundred thousands of ISO-shit. Whom is
          Nikon making cameras for ? Some sort of NASA-Vampire, who
          only wants to shoot earth from it’s dark side ? ?

          • Ryouichi Yasahiro

            Yes, Nikon is dark side.

          • nick

            wedding photographers, event photographers use ISO 3200 and sometimes 6400 all the time.

            In other words, working professionals.

            Now let me ask you, what the hell are you going to do with the additional megapixels? when was the last time you actually printed something poster size? When was the last time you printed anything?

          • Bob

            I need 6400 ISO on a DX, I don’t need 20MP on a DX. Why do you want 20MP on a DX?

          • zzddrr

            Nick, there is nothing wrong with you just because you have been crashing weddings. 🙂 Ok that was a joke.

            But you cannot assume that everyone wants to do the same type of work. I mean what is good for you may not be good for others. Landscape people may have different opinion. I mean this whole nonsense would be not a topic if Nikon made a D700x (or a whatever that has high res sensor). In that way everyone would have found what he/she needed and we wouldn’t argue about that.

          • Anonymous

            THANX @ zzddrr

            You ‘vo got it right ! ! ! If Nikon stays satisfied with wedding photographers (who are afraid of seeing their shots blown up) and early bird journalists, then everyone else sooner or later will have to move on to another system. Including nature and wildlife photographers, fashion, portraiture and architecture. According to Nick all NON-Pros. Nikon can then try to sell its Shift-Lenses to journalists. I’m sure that will work well.

  • Banned

    What a scam, but I saw that one coming…

  • ZinhaEq

    You can belive me that we won’t see any lens or DSLR untill summer. Untill then, I won’t check out rumors of almost stupid Nikon, joking with their own users. Thank you Nikon. “You used to be Nikon, today you are f*****”.

    • preston

      If Nikon didn’t spend any money on marketing then they wouldn’t sell half as much Coolpix’s. Meaning they wouldn’t have nearly as much $ for R+D of dslr’s. And ‘until’ only has 1 ‘l’ at the end. Learn how to spell – then it won’t be so easily discernible that you are an idiot.

      • ZinhaEq

        Please, watch your language and don’t take my opinion so personally. And if I type two ll’s then its not as big problem as Nikon marketing is.

  • Gorgonzola

    “people in advertising and marketing….kill yourselves ” – Bill Hicks

  • eru

    wow I’m so excited!!!! much much better than my d900! Thank you Nikon!

  • nonbeliever

    Why spend money on developing new products, if you can spend it on ads?
    by the way: 18 MP just won´t do it against the 5d mII and I won´t buy it. Two years after Canon they need something better and some innovations – just copying the competitor does not work, especially not years later.

  • I am….dissapointed
    I am….tired of waiting
    I am….in need of new body (one to house my images and one to house my soul)
    I am…anxious
    I am…leery
    I am…..isn’t that the translation of Yaweh, Jehovah or God from the old testament?

    • Gorgonzola

      hahahahahahaha 🙂 I hear you bro….I hear you…..

    • Rhyan

      Indeed, the campaign should’ve been named ‘I was Nikon’, rather than I am….

      I have a friend that was waiting for D400 or something like it, and he’s so disappointed he just opened all his Nikon stuff for sale on ebay.

      • jason

        a bit OTT

  • I am… Moving to Canon? No wait, you can’t get their top of the line cameras either.

  • Anonymous

    I can finally sleep tonight

  • I spent a good part of my life as a marketer. Having read the Marketing Week article, I think Nikon stands an excellent chance of increasing its consumer camera sales with this campaign. It is one of the few people-oriented campaigns run by camera companies, which tend to be more technically-oriented.

  • Shuai


  • sgts

    i am bored.

  • libellule

    I’m just fed up by Nikon…

  • glu


    Japan guy who said they are planning to surprise us = FAIL.


  • Hilarious. All that waiting for nothing. 🙂 At least it makes my decision around purchasing a T2i that much easier. Thanks Nikon.

    • Bob

      T2i is a crap camera. Why do you need to wait for a new Nikon? Any of the current ones beats it. If you’re after 1080, buy a coolpix, even cheaper and no jello!

  • I’m ever the optimist. Just because a new marketing campaign in Europe is announced, doesn’t mean it will be the only thing announced. I’m still holding out for an announcement at CP+ in Japan later in the week. My reason? There was a press morning today at the Focus on Imaging show of which I’ve heard nothing. Makes me think it was under embargo… Great, now I’m speculating there will still be a camera because there are no rumours!

  • Anonymous

    PROOF:D3S &1D MRK WATEVR F;;;;;;;;;N CAPITALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zzddrr

      Theoretically it is possible that they made a deal. They agreed that they won’t do something that really bothers the other.

      For example, Nikon will not make high res affordable and 1080P
      Canon will not fix the focus, iso, and will not enable the 5DII to 720P

      In that way they don’t bother each other and look like real competition. This helps them keep the price also high … 🙂

      • Alex Wong

        This is by far one of the smartest and funniest comments I’ve read in a while.

        • zzddrr

          That was the purpose. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This NR-page is financed by selling ADs. An ADs is all we ‘ve got for a long time now. Hey, I ‘ve got a rumor for all of us (personal probability rating 100%): There are more ADs to come and there is more time to be wasted on the internet. So cheer up
    everyone ! ! !

    • Seppl

      Don’t think so. Reading the comments here I get the impression that this ad campaign massively backfires with regards to nikon dslr fans.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. I saw this one coming and it was pointed out to us earlier, that this is all just about coolpix. Nothing wrong with that and no reason to start crying now.
        Much more annoying to me was the rebate hype here on this side to sell old bodies nobody really wants anymore. The total lack of other rumors goes along with that and it all screamed BUY NOW, EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW IT’S OLD AND THEREFORE EXPENSIVE. I can wait or eventually change the system. How come, that you can claim low noise for your compact camera sensors and not being able to deliver low noise with more than 12 MP in DX- or even FX-bodies ? ? ? D700-release already has been a disappointment to me. Ever since it’s just getting worse. D300s ? D3s ? ? Nikon, common this is a wake up call ! ! ! NR, common too.

  • Bernard


  • Redkrow

    WOW, that’s what We really need … new DSLR? new lenses? Naaaaaaaaaa … an amusing, exciting, surprising. …ing advertising campaign and our photos will be better and better.

    • Blues

      If you can’t take good pics with your current D90, D300s, D700, D3s, a new DSLR wouldn’t help you. Really.

      • Redkrow

        I can take some good pics with D80 … I just won a contest with it, but if you prefer advertising campaign instead of new DSLR … who could help you?

        • Redkrow


  • Marco

    I m back guys.

    please dont get down!! there r no reason. for the ones believe there wont be any new DSLR soon. Just remeber that the production have been close end of last year and the D700 is not provided anymore, as well the D90
    So it will be announced very soon the new models!!
    For what I know the new D800 will be launched any day from now to the end of March. the new D9000 should be in July

    • twoomy

      I’d love to believe you, but if the last six months have proven anything, it’s that the Nikon pundits and psychics with “inside info” really don’t know squat about the big picture and the release dates. You, Thom, MLammerce, and a few others can take turns predicting the month and eventually one of you will be correct.

      You may be right, but you may be crazy.

    • Seppl

      The words d800, d900, d9000, d400, d4 used to stimulate me, meanwhile the magic is gone.


      Guess I should get out and do some shooting with my LX3….

    • Pedro

      D800 in March… NO !!!!!
      I say D900, but in April…
      Anyone to say D700s in May or D700x in June ?????

  • zzddrr

    Here is an interesting point. When nikon really became a “legend” they did not really advertised that much BS. They delivered. Today it seems to me they are becoming more of a marketing company than a technology leader in the imaging segment. No question in my mind that without Sony they cannot release new dslrs. So what else can they do since they cannot even release something in the D1000 level? Let’s do some fancy advertising.

    Maybe I am wrong but there is a famous saying “where is the beef?” So, where is it? Nikon nicely delivered for only a very small number of people. The PJs who needed a D3s. Yes, it is a great product but for a specific segment.

    These fancy ad campaigns may backfire because if there is nothing really behind it then what’s the big deal? I mean, this will be interesting to see how it will unfold. People are holding back to purchase for a reason.

    Now let’s hope that Canon will improve the ergonomics, make the camera out of serious material (not plastic) and improve the noise and focusing. This can be done easily and hopefully make Nikon think twice about “I am Nikon”.

    • Alex Wong

      This is Nikon Rumors after all, not Nikon DSLR Rumors.

      We’ll see how the S8000 (or the rumoured Pxxxx) fare against G11 or the S90.

  • Zack

    No please, don’t stop with the card campaign! We can’t live without it! How come Canon does not copy this brilliant idea? Oh wait..I know..they are too concentrated on releasing the new DSLRs

    • bakka

      yea…like they were when the D3 came out with their ‘dog’ 1dMK3(+4) baa baa follow the sheep… pls I NEED more megapixels it WILL make me a better photographer. Honest. If you don’t like it fcuk off to canon. Quality over quantity. Rise of the idiots.

      • Anonymous

        Hm, and I belive you blindly believe in ‘more pixels, more noise’, am I right? The D3s has about 1,5 stop better ISO performance; because it has much bigger pixels in a bigger sensor. They are both usable to about ISO 12800 – 25600, and if 3 years ago no one went over 3200, why complain?

        Megapixels won’t make you a better photographer, but for many of us, they will make publishing photos in news and other things easier. We print big a lot of time in our firm and cropping happens to many photos. Thats where pixels help us.

        • Blues

          buy a zoom lens, then you won’t need to crop your 20MP into a 1MP to print a 2cm x 2cm pic on the newspaper.

          • nonbeliever

            That´s BS! There is no 200-600mm lens for wildlife photography.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, one more thing. Nikon follows Canon at somethings, Canon does it with Nikon. This has always been happening and will never stop. This is marketing, there is nothing to complain about.

        • Anonymous

          What is it, that’s out there and in the reach of most DSLR-customers right now for Canon to follow. The D300s? LOL. Don’t get me wrong anyone. I still like the brand (a bit). I just want images I can crop a little if needed. With 12 MP I’m already on the edge for 20×30 cm
          high end printing (360dpi). Just do the math.

          • Zack

            That’s what I’ve been saying but these Nikon nut huggers are like muslim fundamentalists. Criticism is healthy and NIkon is now clearly behind Canon in anything but one camera.

      • Zack

        Quality video as well? Sounds like a good gimmick to me. Canon at least got that one right while NIkon put crap video and raised the price. If that’s quality then ok.
        I live in 2010 and I rate video in DSLR as much as everything else.
        That’s why I don’t buy Leica or Hasselblad.

  • Well, I am off to by my G11 at amazon. Just tired of waiting and I was hoping this was it.

    • nonbeliever

      gosh – where did you learn English?

  • zzddrr

    Basically they are advertising without new products.

    Hmmm, did not they notice that the Coolpix is crap? Or they are becoming a company that sells crap. I mean, Nikon is not Nikon because of the coolpix!





    I am now heading to the shop to pick up a CANON 5D MK II … Nikon just LOST one of its loyal fans ….

    • Gustav

      You have a funny definition of loyal. You, and others here seem to be awfully disappointed but have trouble saying why you are disappointed. What exactly led you to believe that Nikon was introducing a new DSLR today? And what feature do you absolutely need that Nikon’s current lineup won’t provide you? 1080p video? That’s pretty odd considering you are a loyal Nikon fan. It seems to me that you would be a loyal Canon fan if that’s what you look for in a DSLR.

      Or maybe you aren’t representing yourself accordingly? Hmm…

      • Zack

        Wake up bro, It’s 2010. VDSLR are here to stay..for a loooong time.

        • Anonymous

          Irrelevant to my point. If video is important to him, then he’d be a Canon fan. I believe he is; an a troll.

          • nonbeliever

            this is not about being a fan of a certain company, but being a fan of good pictures. It took Nikon 3!! years to give an answer to the 5D mI and it seems it will take at least 2 years to give an answer on the 5D mark II. And Canon is not sleeping.
            This is all about getting the best camera for making the best pictures and it is the fan of good pictures who chooses!

  • alex

    i am bored.

  • zzddrr

    I was wondering, did Nikon actually consider that if they piss off their most valuable users (who have been waiting for an announcement of an affordable high res since the D3x release) they will recommend coolpix? I am sorry but for years now I don’t recommend coolpix even though all my gear is Nikon. Now they managed to accomplish that I recommend to people to wait and not buy Nikon dslr unless it is urgent because we don’t know what they will give us and they should not invest into a system that locks you up for years.

    I wonder of Canon comes out with 32MP when will Nikon match that? 2016?

    • Gustav

      “I was wondering, did Nikon actually consider that if they piss off their most valuable users ”

      Ha ha ha! That’s rich. First of all, this ad campaign will not tick off Nikon’s most valuable users because they are too busy shooting to get foolishly hyped over an ad campaign that was obviously targeted at consumers from the start.

      Nikon didn’t tell you a new camera was coming. Nikon didn’t create this rumors site. And Nikon didn’t send you these ad campaign teasers. So the fact that you voluntarily came to this rumor site, and you chose to believe in unsubstantiated hype, and you being upset when it wasn’t what you thought it purely your own making. And I can guarantee you a few users on a rumors site are not even on Nikon’s radar, nor should they be, as rumor site followers aren’t a market demographic of any significance.

      • Miksang

        well said

      • zzddrr

        Thank you, but that was not my point. go back and read it again.

        And by the way, read the last couple of interviews with the Nikon execs and you may find convincing evidence that they promised products. No ads, I am sorry but what they have right now is outdated 6 yrs old tech.

        • Gustav

          I did get your point. And you missed my point that this campaign was not for you in any way, shape, or form. And no, Nikon execs did not “promise” you would get a new DSLR model today, nor did they say it was related in any way to this campaign. But hey, feel free to prove us wrong. Show me recent interview where Nikon promised us a new DSLR by now.

          • zzddrr

            Gustav, I agree with you, this campaign was not for us dslr users.

            OTOH, when 4 Nikon execs come out and say that pretty soon dslr users will be happy, (of course not word by word), then you expect that Nikon will not run an advertising campaign for an advertising campaign. They actually spent more money on advertising their advertising campaign than on the introduction of any new product lately.

            My point was that this ad campaign does not work well for people like ourselves. For us who invested seriously in Nikon equipments, this extravaganza is kind of odd.

  • Gustav

    I clicked the “like (please post more” just to tick off all you whiners who think Nikon exists solely to make a model specifically tailored for you.

    • zzddrr

      At least you are happy. There is nothing wrong with that. 🙂

      • Rawrbawr

        And at least zzddrr was soundly defeated and is being whiny like the 160+ that said they didn’t like this post just because they don’t like the results.

        • zzddrr

          Rawrbawr, maybe, but does it really matter. I guess not.:-)

  • I am… Moving to Canon!!!!!


    NIkon & Canon made a deal a while ago, sothat they alternatively own the market & the customers. They are making profit mainly on lenses, & when a bunch of customers switches many times from Canon to NIkon, they sell & rebuy lenses constantly = lots of $ for both.

  • Well… I have been waiting since January. Sure some people have been waiting longer, however I do need a new full frame. I am | Feed Up with simply not knowing the when. So I will give them a week or so, if not, Mark II it is.

    • Gustav

      Why didn’t you go buy a Mark II in January then? You’ve already wasted two months waiting for something you “need.”

      By the way, what kind of work do you do that nobody as good as or better than you has not been able to do with a DX camera?

      • Mauricio

        Why? Simple. Waiting to do the switch. I have used only Canon’s all my life. I technically wasted nothing, in that sense. I have back up cameras which are not full frame and for fun –can’t forget that aspect– two film cameras.

        I do panoramic shots but do a lot more party/events, one can still get away with a DX\different camera. However, I wanted a more rounded tool like the D700 which also has full frame to start doing more artistic, scene shots. Also the ISO was a welcome plus to the fact. From experience, I know, if I had video that I would use it. Hence the waiting….

  • Miksang

    Research costs money. Let Nikon advertise their products, increase their sales of Coolpix and use part of their revenue to increase their research budget or invest in a new DSLR lens production line…

    Increasing their brand value through advertising will benefit DSLR users on a long term (e.g. high resale value of lens, etc).

    Anyone interested at 33MP, I recommend the Mamiya DM33 for a cool USD 20’000. I’ll stick with my D700.

  • Anonymous
    • Being Canadian myself, this sorry ripoff from Nikon did not slip by me. The “I Am Canadian” ads were on every TV station for a very long time and spawned a bunch of rip offs long before Nikon decided to rehash it. The only difference is this time it’s had a negative effect.

  • mikeg

    Might as well remove the like/dislike system. No one seems to pay attention to it, especially with this whole “I am Nikon” nonsense.

  • dave

    I understand the need for a marketing campaign and the need to market brand recognition… but a marketing campaign to advertise an upcoming marketing campaign?

  • Gary

    Hey, Nikon. Love the new slogan “I AM NIKON”. How about some logo merchandise to go along with the campaign?
    Here is my pre-order. One ball cap black, One T-Shirt Black XL.
    There are millions of us out here that would buy Nikon logo gear if you made it widely available. You might make more money selling T-Shirts than cameras:-)

    • plug

      Plug likes to look good….yellow and black, yes please.

  • iamnomad


  • Del-Uks

    “I am Nikon” campaign VS “I am so disapointed” complain.

  • Anonymous
  • le_eiji

    t2i will be a steal. It is equipped with the full HD video which carries more options than 5DMarkII & it has higher resolution than D700. Also, the high ISO performance of t2i is excellent, narrowly beating D90. After all, Nikon will have hard time catching up with Canon.

    • rsm870

      I support Canon for the time being 😛 but Im very sure [no matter how Canon-fan-boyish I am] that Nikon is doing something REAL big to compete with the T2i. It’s kinda like a trend… Perhaps Nikon will push foward its D90 replacement to compete with the T2i. Better ISO performance. Pentaprism. Screen rotation to go with the good ISO perf? Hmm. Good autofocus… whatever.

      But then again, maybe not… what sensor would it use? It needs a D400 sensor.

  • Nikon Canon

    Steve job is buying Nikon, IamNikon will next be rebranded to iNikon, or iKon.

  • ednafzger

    Let´s bring out tommorrow D700 replacement and the 100-500 vr3 please or i have to buy 70-200 vr2 +tc 20 e3 and D3s anyway

  • Anonymous

    Not good not good. Time for nikon to make a move soon…

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