Taped Nikon cameras

First I have to mention that covering the camera name/logo/model with black tape is nothing new and many photographers have been doing it for a while. Having said that, here are some reports on taped-up Nikon gear from the past week - maybe someone will spot a difference from the existing models (I couldn't):

The first one is from a dpreview gallery - it looks like a Nikon D700:

The second example is from the new Aperture 3 video made by Bill Frakes (1:04 mark into the video) - what I find interesting here is that only the model number is covered and not the Nikon label:

The third occurrence was submitted to me by a reader -the picture was taken yesterday on an Anti Olympics protest in Vancouver (we had a previous report that Nikon may be testing new bodies at ย the 2010 Winter Olympics):

"As I got closer I noticed it was clearly a Nikon with an added grip, it had the Nikon taped over and no model number on the side. By the looks of it it was clearly a full frame. I went to go take another picture, the guy noticed and hurried off into the sea of people."

The above camera looks identical to the current D700:

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  • 27man

    It’s begun (again??)…..D700x

    • PHB

      Nah, I always tape up my camera before going to a big event so that I draw the attention of rumours types.

      • we tape all cameras because it effectively removes all discussions about gear on weddings and other events. i dont know why, but it is so. most we have to answer is just “yep, it is digital” and be done.

  • Lens on the last one looks like a 50mm f/1.4G. It was a protest, so I’d be more willing to believe the guy ran off not because he didn’t want pictures taken of the camera, but he was afraid the photographer was working with the police. Or something.

  • Cool, I could use a FX companion to my D300s.

  • Bob

    D700s or D700x?

  • Mathew

    That bottom image? Thats my hand! Hahah.

    Its just a D700 & battery pack… I just have the nicer eyecup and tape my logos.

    • James

      O rly?

      • Anonymous

        What Street were you on?

  • Look to small to ba an FX camera :o(

  • Mario

    Iguess the taping isn’t because of new models, it is because of the olympic regulations.

    Here’s a list of all official sponsors, and Nikon is not mentioned:


    So, following the olympic sponsoring rules, photographers have to tape their Canon, Nikon and other gear that could be filmed or photographed. They are not allowed to show other trademarks than the sponsor’s.

    And I didn’t find something new on the pictures.


    • Bob

      Thanks for wrecking my day

    • So if you have a brand name on your shirt or pens, you have to go there naked ?

      • Jackc

        back in the 2008 summer olympic, they will give you an official t-shirt if you wear something that has other brand name (espeically with a damn big logo like Puma or Nike)

        i was in hong kong back in 2008 summer and the officials has been telling people not to wear t-shirt with logos (and you cant even bring tele lens…. but well i’ve watched a NHL game here in vancouver and they said you cant bring lenses over 70mm… i have no clue why)

        and i’m living in vancouver and the officials of the winter olympic do encourage us not to wear clothes with big logos… but i believe it is less strict here compare with the 2008 summer olympics….

        i will go to one of the olympic event… and maybe i should tape my D90 too (and pretend nikon is testing the D90 successor ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Global Guy

          Sounds like capitalism, but its just more dictatorial communism. Capitalism shouldn’t dictate control over personal freedoms. It thrives on competition and individual rights. The Olympics should not be so threatened by someone’s t-shirt or logos on a camera. And they should allow individual photography from spectators who come simply to photograph and — well — spectate! It is anti-freedom and a global shame to say that only the corporation has a right to any image at the WORLD’s Olympics.

          People can go on about how “oh it takes a lot of money — and why don’t you make your own Olympics if you aren’t happy”, but these kinds of arguments aren’t the point. The Olympics transcends private economic concerns and is funded primarily out of a global social contract, tons of tax money from nearly every country in the world, and is supported by a critical mass of global citizens of every country for the purpose of a shared experience.

          It a Communistic command-and-control style that dictates that photographers cannot use over a 70mm or even have a logo on their shirt. Its a crock.

          If a single corporation funded ALL of the costs of the Olympics, then I would say “their rules”. But considering that the stake-holders are in fact the people of the world, in particular heavily the people of any specific locale, and that the profits and costs come from across the world scene, usually heavily subsidized by governments, its not reasonable to suggest private ownership policies.

          There might be a limit on the size of equipment for safety precautions, but banning logos on cameras, tshirts, hats is downright dictatorial madness and to the extent that larger wide-angle lenses may be used, tele lenses of approximately equal size should be allowed.

          Maybe in CHINA — but i really wonder how freedom-loving people like Canadians or other Western nations can tolerate being told “you cant wear your clothes” and “put black tape over it.”

          If that’s the kind of petty iron fisted illiberal anti-freedom anti-individual rights waste of public funds that the Olympics stand for, they should use the eternal flame to burn down the stadiums.

          • lucas

            i am not a professional photographer, but i can use my D3+70-200 anywhere in 2008 olympic in china, nobody bothered me at all!

          • Nina

            dude, wicked post

            i wish i could give you a thumbs up here.

            i feel the same way whenever i travel back to canada.
            everywhere i go, security guards tell me i can’t take a photo of this, or that… so i’ll walk out on the street (PUBLIC property) and take the photo from there… then security would stand in my shot, and talk on the radio and shit…. and that was just at a mall… and i wasn’t even on the job! i just wanted a shot of my hometown mall for fucks sake.

            one of the reasons i’m living in Taiwan now… it’s…. more free… lol

        • WeSayZedNotZee

          No true in Whistler. I was at the Sliding Centre and not only did I notice that there happened to be more Nikons than Canons, lens and their cases are screeming with Nikon branding and logos. No tape on these lens and cameras.

    • Christina

      well, then I guess some of the photogs are not playing by the rules ’cause I just watched some Olympics games, and someone had an un-taped Canon..plain as day.

    • John

      Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on you. I just saw an un-taped Canon on the short track speedskating. I think you can go and crawl back under your rock now…

      • PHB

        I took a look at the Q&A, no mention of any restrictions on photography, even in the media section.

        There have been some fairly offensive restrictions on photography at Olympic events in the past. This year I have not heard of any, or complaints about restrictions on blogging.

        Some pro gear is probably prohibited for size reasons. I would not want a member of the public carrying in a 400 f/2.8. But an 80-400 on a D300 should be fine.

        Yet another benefit to DX.

    • Yeah thats Bullshit, plus what about the picture here on NR of all that Nikon Gear for the Olympics?

  • HDZ

    It’s may new FX camera and new lens 24-120 VR Nano or 28-300G (Not N).

  • PTG

    Why should one test cameras at the Olympics? Are the winter olympics so unimportant in Northern America? Or do you use the most important events for testing, just to be prepared for the minor ones?

    • another anonymous

      Weird question. It’s clear that photographers that go there to make pictures take production camera. Testing cameras use people who want to test new gear in specific environment and compare with picture taken by common pro gear that is there in higher amount and will be made and published by skilled photographers. As for me it’s very good reason to test new gear just right on such events….
      ….didn’t you ask ironic? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Sometimes manufacturers wait for big events to relase new product, if I remember right, the F4 was relased for summer olympics games.

    • Mike

      Oregon and Washingtn and Montana are northern America. The Olympics are in Canada. Small detail.

      • chimphappyhour

        Want to know a kind of big detail? Mexico, the United States of America and Canada….. all reside in North America. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • James

          The D4s should be out round about the time of the 2012 games. So maybe its all part of there master plan!

      • Banned

        Canada not North America, huh? You treat them as the 51st state and they also treat themselves that way, how could you say they are not NA.

        • Anthony

          “Northern America” was written, not “North America”. As much as I like to rag on people who call the USA by the arguably ambiguous “America”, this usage was ambiguous enough that I gave the poster the benefit of the doubt.

    • Jabs

      Hey PTG,
      A good question with a simple reply!
      The Olympics like many similar sporting events brings together pro/press photographers from all over the world at one huge venue.
      It is easy to test a camera and associated lens in a LAB, but at an event like the Olympics, you have more varied testers plus more Corporate types looking on.
      The Winter Olympics also has another great option – SNOW and SPEED!

      SNOW tests metering.
      SPEED tests AF.
      Real world tests by basically non-biased photographers always happen there and then refinements hit production models or even new concepts are field tested UNDER the pressure of a REAL event.
      Engineers get lots of feedback and marketing types get to mingle with deep pocketed potential buyers, influential bloggers, pro photographers and media specialists.
      Almost everybody does this, as when equipment is field proven, word of mouth gets out quickly hence you saw Canon and Nikon both jockeying for an advantage over the other prior to these Olympics-Super Bowl with the MK4 and D3s plus specialized lens like 70-200 F2.8 and 24 F1.4.
      Higher end buyers only want RESULTS and Corporate types see a particular camera or camera combination taking a winning shot and now that manufacturer has bragging rights plus greater sales potential.
      The Olympics is a sales event for camera and video gear also!
      In the heat of competition, a manufacturer also takes home the ‘gold’ as in greater sales to Corporate types and pro photographers plus people get to see the manufacturers scramble to lend them exotic stuff they could not afford or buy and they get on site repairs too.
      Same thing happens for computers and wireless-wired gear plus CF cards, etc..

    • Richard

      A company might be inclined to test a product which is in final release form, or very close to that, to get final feedback from their trusted pros before committing to production. It would also provide a wealth of images to show the advantages of the new product. Obviously, the few testers involved would have to have a pretty high degree of confidence in the product’s performance so that they would not be wasting their time…even though they are sure to have existing products at their side for backup. If prior rumors mean anything at all, the D4 has already been through quite a bit of testing.

  • EdHK

    The second one should be a F6.
    Look at the prism ๐Ÿ˜‰
    For your reference:

    • Anonymous

      F5 rather. And the tape is for film-shame-purposes I guess

      • Gordon

        It’s neither, it’s either a D3(s) or D3X as the prism head where the Nikon logo is a flat curve, where as on the F6 it is triangle shape. The picture clearly shows a flat curve above the Nikon logo.

  • donald

    The last taped image was at an ANTI Olympics protest , so I don’t think the rules apply !

    • Alex

      and do any Sony news cameras have to be taped over? What about busses and cars going to the olympics? Do they have to be taped over? Change all the Audis to the olympic rings on the front? If I walked in wearing an Adidas t-shirt (apart from it being too cold), do I have to cover it because it’s not Nike? Gotta tape my box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cos it’s not General Mills? I ‘m just not buying the rule that you have to cover everything.

  • NikoDoby

    All of my cameras have black tape on them too. It really doesn’t mean anything ๐Ÿ™
    Now if anyone sees a D700 with a boom mic on the hot shoe, then we’re talking!

    • Bob

      why do you put black tape on your cameras?

      • NikoDoby

        I do it to avoid logo reflections on certain surfaces like glass. Also when shooting wildlife. A totally black camera is less conspicuous for many reasons.

        You know guys if Nikon really is using prototypes during the Olympics they don’t need to cover up model numbers. Prototypes have either no model number printed on them or more likely have old numbers instead. A D4 would actually have a D3 or D3S logo stamped on it.

        • Anonymous

          That rule is true for prototypes indeed, and since we dont expect any announcement during the Olympics (RIGHT???) there are no production models at the Olympics with the ACTUAL name already on it. See D3s in Barcelona “rumor” with the tape just days before announcement ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Eh, I don’t know about that. Chase Jarvis got ahold of some D90s months before they came out and did some field testing with them. And guess what, they were all blacked out because the “D90” logo was actually on the camera.

          • That’s correct, in fact I haven’t seen a leak where the body did not have any markings, so far they all have been covered with black tape. I know that Leica is doing those weird pre-production models, but they are much smaller company, maybe this is not feasible for Nikon with their mass production lines.

          • NikoDoby

            Ha Ha yeah he made a video about that so now everybody thinks a camera with black tape is an unreleased model?

            Prototype and preproduction are two very different things. The Barcelona D3S and the Jarvis D90 were preproduction models and not prototypes. Also if you remember the video with Chase and the “on the down low” D90, Nikon “people” were with Chase as they filmed the “commercial” making sure the cameras never left their sights.

            So then a preproduction D700 replacement is possible but at a protest rally with lots of media and attention? I don’t think so.

  • tim

    The second one is the strangest. It has the metering dial on the prism like flagship models, but no number on the left side (looking from front) like D700.

    • Mats N

      Nah, look at the top right (from our perspective, not the shooters). You can see the typical film crank of an F6, like someone mentioned above. So most likely that’s what it is, unless Nikon are coming out with an F7 :).

      • Human

        Maybe the F7 is the “surprise” that some have been speculating about.

  • PhotonFisher

    Why should Nikon tape new camera models? It’s not about cars, where design is a priority. If Nikon is clever, then they wait until the D700 has been totally sold out – no matter, a newer model is ready for sales. If they are less clever, then they impact D700 sales with a new model hitting the market too early.

    What they need is something between D700 and D3s – from a commercial point of view.

    • and what would that be?

      Slap a grip on the D700 and you got 8FPS. That’s pretty close to the 9FPS.

      Both are full frame, obviously the D3s is newer. What else would be “in between”?

      • Mike Again

        You can get those 8fps without the grip, it’s a setup procedure in the menu with the the bracketing but the outcome is no bracketing but 8fps, search on youtube for instance for a tutorial setup of the menu.

  • Waiting

    I want to buy the D700 but from the moment I started reading this site I can not bring myself to put the money….
    Should I really wait?
    I know that the at the end of this month Nikon promissed to deliver but I am waiting for about amonth since I sold my D80.

    • WoutK89

      You have already sold your D80? Whahahahahaha, good luck taking pictures with your not to be released soon DSLR

      • Waiting

        As you said, it looks like my new not released DSLR. So, Nikon, I am giving you till 22/2/2010 otherwise I’ll get the old D700 !!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • merkuree

      I am in the same boat as many. I am ready to buy either a D700 or something a little less than a D3s. The 3s is just too much money right now for a body. I would sooner buy some additional glass and a next gen D700. Nikon must know there is growing demand for a D700s. I am not too concerned about a D700x, would take high ISO and DR over megapixels.

      • PimpMasterFresh

        I was in the same position as you guys 1 week ago, however.. Since I’m more interested in taking pictures than gear, I went out and bought the D700. I don’t care if a new model is released tomorrow, the D700 is rad. And I switched from Canon..

        • Lanc

          I switched from Canon a month ago to a D700 and couldn’t be happier. I switched because of improved usability for my likes with the Nikon controls and viewfinder info. I know that at some point a successor the the D700 will appear. However, having equipment that helps me take good pictures *now* is important. (Rather than some distant future date in which I will have missed out on the wonderful shots made in the last month). If your current gear is working well for you (mine wasn’t) then wait. The D700 has been a wonderful FX camera for the price for my needs.

  • chris

    look at the D700 at the tip of the flash. on the D700 pic its kind of square where it comes together. now look at the profile view of the one taken in the crowd with the 50mm lens. at the flash tip where it comes together. its much more pointy than what you see in the d700 pic. the bottom curve part of the part below the flash is much more pointy.

  • BenS

    Let Nikon test wherever they want to. Tape what ever they want to. Just as long as this tests will yield awesome lenses and cameras. Go Nikon !

    • WoutK89

      Yes, tape the sensor ๐Ÿ˜› for when someone uses M-up and shines with a flashlight in the camera

  • Anonymous

    1st Lens – AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR – Photographer probably had the lens WAY before the official announcement, thus the tape is still there. Notice the form, length, and gold ring?

    2nd Lens – Not sure, but it is either wide or VERY fast. At first I thought 14-24 f/2.8, but the lens hood doesn’t match the pedal style of the 14-24. Maybe the new 85mm 1.4? The 85mm f/1.4 has lots of glass, and a newer one with AF-S and VR. I think there is a gold ring seen there, but I can’t tell.

    3rd Lens – No gold ring, looks like a 50mm 1.4 G or something similar. Not really certain what. Doesn’t look big enough to be a 50mm 1.2. Also, Nikon would make sure it was a TOP notch lens worthy of Gold ring, no gold seen. Hmmm….

    We may see D4 cameras taped up, maybe a D700x as well. But Nikon needs to have field studies done, and what better event than the Olympics. Just because we see the new toys, doesn’t mean they will be announced anytime soon. And even if they were announced today, it would take another couple of months before we could buy one. I am still waiting for the 24mm f/1.4 to be IN-STOCK at B&H, and several first reviews, before I get froggy.

    • reebert

      I think that second lens is a 200f2. If you look at the video a 0:42-0:43, it looks like the hood of the 200f2.

  • Pat

    Even if it is a D700X/D800/D900, the body chassis does not have to be different from the D700 at all. Indeed i expect (for those speculated bodies) an almost identical body as the D700. Unless Nikon want to be generous and give us a 100% coverage viewfinder.

  • I’ve been using a lint brush to take my photos of the Olympics. My five-year-old lint brush takes as good photos as you’ll ever need.

  • HavinALaugh

    An increasing number of people now put tape on the model and/or name on their cameras as a joke. Several friends do it as a way to excite the gear fanatics out there – believe me, it really does work :))). They also hope to appear in a blog somewhere holding their ‘secret’ camera. One of the guys actually did appeared in a blog last year, much to the amusement to all who know him.

  • Mitchell Cardno

    For what it’s worth, Ken Rockwell is predicting a D700x release on or before Saturday 20Feb2010


    • NikoDoby

      Ken posted that at the beginning of Feb. before we knew of the Feb 9th Nikon announcement. He hasn’t updated that “rumor” since. I doubt he knows something NR admin doesn’t.

    • As far as I know, KR has not predicted a single Nikon product in the past 2 years (remember the HP printer a year ago – for the BIG event?)

      • NikoDoby

        I was soooo disappointed when they didn’t unveil that HP printer at the BIG event ๐Ÿ™‚

        You can’t take everything Ken writes on his website seriously. Remember the left handed prototype Nikon made just for him?

        • You can’t take anything on that webiste seriously, its littered with mistakes on both function, spec and there are even pages where he states he has never actually had a particular lens but a friend had it and told him stuff… like seriously?

  • zzddrr

    The real question is not about the camera! What type of tape they used? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris P

    If Ken Rockwell is right, and I’m not commenting on that, in view of what has been said about him on this and other forums the ‘egg on the face’ of those posters will be something to behold.

    • Rock Kenwell

      Ken Rockwell has never been right predicting a Nikon camera. Not once.

      I don’t think anyone who calls him on his bullshit needs to worry about having egg on their face.

  • Tim

    Local store has the d700 sold out. And it cannot be ordered anymore. That can only mean there will be a replacement for the d700 soon. And because the d700x will be a totally different camera, i’m guessing and hoping for a d700s.

    • Michael McGowan

      To be honest the BestBuy Nikon section is bare in my town. D90 and D300s are all they have.

    • ArtTwisted

      I work for one of the largest camera retailers in canada and i can assure you we can still order it in any quantitiy we want. It hasent dissapeared yet and ill be looking out for when it does in Canada at least.

  • Jackc

    The Hong Kong Chief Executive (well, equivlent to a Mayor) Mr Tseng went to see a soccer game in hong kong with his D3 and he had to tape up the nikon logo too because….. that soccer game was sponsered by Canon!

  • low

    Oh yeah!!!

  • Ernst

    Photo #2 is just a D3 with a camera strap wrapped around it obscuring the model number.

    The other two are D700s with black tape on them. Do we have any reason to believe any differently?

  • shivas

    guys. . .come on, it’s the D700s. . .it’ll come out later this year, with the D3s sensor. . .it’s not anything unexpected, and what I’ve been waiting for. . .


    Ironic thing is that we should have people looking for D3 taped bodies. . .because I’m starting to wonder the magic juice they’ll put into that D4!!

  • I shall tape up my camera to see if I can get on Nikon Rumors

  • bob

    who in the heck protests the Olympics? sheesh…. what’s next? protesting cake?

    • Eric Pepin

      Idiots protest the olympics. Lets go Canada

  • Simon

    If it is a new camera prabably a D700s sharing the same body as D700.

  • vincent

    iso 409,600 + 1080p video please

    • There is two link at the bottom of the page for the digital Nikon camera.

  • Fangio

    Nikon has always tested their flagship models at the Olympics. Where else could you put a camera through its paces in a more difficult environment then the Winter Olympics? Testing new cameras out in the open never used to be a problem before the age of digital cameras and everyone with a cell phone. You can bet that there are new models being used by the select few. If there’s one photog to watch, look for Joe McNally. He’s at the Olympics and he is a Nikon tester.

  • Del-Uks

    Mame it whatever you want… just tell me when!

  • Mike again

    So what is the “Nikon Mistery”?? Somebody can’t spell it seems..

    Only thing I noticed is the scroll wheel on the left side of prism is light coloured comparison to a D700 which is black and a thin chrome ring.

  • cheetos

    PLEASE Nikon be D700x with full 1080p video and 20+MP.
    I’m tired of hearing my Canon nerd friends yap about 5DMII.
    Don’t let us down…. again.

    • canon nerd

      all your cameras are belong to us ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ArtTwisted

      when did they let us down?

  • Ben

    Seems as if Nikon Europe pages are down.
    Just Apache Pages on:


    letโ€™s hope for a surprise!

  • Kozล‚owski Artur

    Who cares?????

    It’s obvious that the next Nikon DSLR’s are going to look EXACTLY like the older ones. Although, I would LOVE the D4 to be like the F6 and have a detachable battery pack/vertical handle. So why all this hoopla? The differences will be minor, some buttons here, less buttons there… People get excited about the form, or wether these are new Nikons, as if some grainy picture was the Holy Grail.
    Relax, and be patient.

  • C Benson

    Just letting you guys know, these photos where taken in the UK not Vancouver. If you click on dpreview gallery on top right hand side of the page you will see that the image was taken in front of UK The national Gallery at a protest rally. In Canada there is only one national gallery and it is Ottawa, not Vancouver.

    To Nikon Romors: Do you follow up on the images that is submitted to the forum? The reason is, if you look at image 3 and compare it to image 1. Do you see a differance in two images or do they look the same? In the second image was taken in Nebraska USA. not Canada.

    Let talk about the sponsors, I did some research and Nikon is not one of the corporate sponsors for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. http://www.vancouver2010.com/more-2010-information/about-vanoc/sponsors-and-partners/vancouver-2010-sponsors/. They are only providing professional services to Nikon photographers. http://www.sportsshooter.com/news/2372

  • Anonymous

    Some of the taped up gear in Vancouver for the Olympics is more likely to be because of official OCOG shooters using gear that would indirectly conflict with the sponsors commercial rights managment agreements. On a side note though, yes new gear is being tested in the field from both Nikon and Canon.

    • C Benson

      The problem is this, nun of the photos that was submitted where from Vancouver. They where from UK and Nebraska USA. If there is any taped up gear in Vancouver, then bring on the proof in the form of photos without being photoshop.

      Lets talk about sponsors commercial rights managment agreements, tell me why is Panasonic and Samsung one of the major sponsors and Nikon is not? In 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Brand Management Guidelines states “VANOC is protecting the Olympic and Paralympic Brands”. You can find the full detail on the web site: http://www.vancouver2010.com/more-2010-information/about-vanoc/the-vancouver-2010-brand/protecting-the-brand/

  • Secret Shooter

    For all of your info people, that third photo is of my hand and nikon’s gear, not Matthew’s. It was during a protest rally, somewhere along either robson or cambie in downown Vancouver. I know because that is my finger with a signet ring and scar. I cannot give further details why I was out there photographing, but it was not for fear of police than I took off, nor was it for worry of Nikon-nerds obsessing over potential voyeuristic camera porn shots. I was working, and I had to follow the story, and I had to make sure the video works as well as the stills.

    Enjoy yourselves ladies. Peace.

    • C Benson

      If the third photo is yours, could you please show the original image without the cropping in on your hand.


  • sgts

    please i beg you – dont impersonate ken rockwell – i did once and now write this from gitmo.

    • C Benson

      I’m not impersonate ken rockwell, I am after the truth. I feel that image 1 and image 3 are from the same even in England. Image 2 is from Nebraska USA. I would like Secret Shooter, to provide the original image that he/ she submitted to Nikon Rumors, without cropping in on the hand.

  • Secret Shooter

    I did not TAKE that photo. I AM the person In the photo. Whoever took the picture could upload as you ask, but we have no idea who that is. As for where it was taken, I assure you all on this forum it definitely is Vancouver. It was downtown at the anti-olympic protest on friday afternoon.

    • C Benson

      Secret Shooter, you stated “I did not TAKE that photo. I AM the person In the photo. Whoever took the picture could upload as you ask, but we have no idea who that is. As for where it was taken, I assure you all on this forum it definitely is Vancouver”. Secret Shooter, you are contradicting yourself by stating that the image is of your hands and it was shot in Vancouver. You also stated that you don’t know who took the photo. Question: How do you know in the image that is your hands, when you don’t even know the person who shot the photo? By your own statements, I have to question what you have stated in your answer.

      • Secret Shooter

        You have trouble reading and comprehending english, I think. There are no contradictions in my statements. Try to re-read my two posts. Please explain to me how I am contradicting myself when I am telling you the complete truth about being in the photo. I have already explained that from the signet ring on the finger with the scar. (I don’t even understand why this is an argument over the existential question of “if I am real?”) Sorry C Benson, but you really need to try to re-read the two bits I have written, and really try to work your logic muscles.
        1) I never posted the picture. How can I photograph myself from that angle? Magic camera?
        2) How on earth am I to know who photographed me at a protest where there were dozens and dozens of photographers and nearly 1500 people on the street? Why would I even know them?
        3) How is it a contradiction to state now three times that this is Vancouver? For a contradiction to exist, I must state something that is ‘contra’ (against) that. I have not said that the image was made anywhere else but Vancouver. I know where I was.
        4) I know that those are my hands, because they look IDENTICAL and have the same scar with the same ring on the same finger. (not to mention the same eye-cup, camera, tape, op/tech strap combo)

        Please Benson tell me what statements I have made that make you question my authenticity.

        • Curious Cow

          “…I was working, and I had to follow the story, and I had to make sure the video works as well as the stills.”

          1) why should a photographer be worried if a professional camera with a dedicated lens is working well with stills, unless it has freshly come from repair, service, etc.

          1) Because it looks like a D700 (not a D300s) + 50mm 1.4G (or another prime), and since a D700 can’t record a video, then it must be a new model on test.

          Dear “Secret Shooter”, can you tell us what the body & lens are? Or at least its pixel count?

          PS: Have I missed some point about the logic?

          • Secret Shooter

            I am under agreement not to reveal specific details. When I wrote “make sure the video works as well as the stills” I mean that the stills work fine (it is a Nikon, that stills are great) but 24P video is currently in beta. I was looking for “wiggles” in the image from the camera movement.
            I used a 50 because its quick, easy, sharp, quiet and light.

            That is more than I am “supposed” to say.

  • Ernst

    I think it bears repeating that photo #2 is of a D3/D3x/D3s with a CAMERA STRAP resting on it, PARTIALLY covering the model number. In other words, it isn’t disguised at all.

    • I wish it’s 24mp or at least 18mp but not another 12mp incarnation, which sounds boring even with sophisticated video function.

  • Jabs

    Here is ONE reason why Nikon is leading the way in DSLR’s


    Now for some 24mp+ goodness after the Olympics, maybe?

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