Nikon D700 will get “bundled” before replacement

The French magazine Chasseur d'Image (in English) reports that Nikon will start giving Capture NX for free with every Nikon D700 purchase (my guess is that this combo will be valid only in France):

"In contrast, the D700 will soon be rewarded with a very attractive bundle, including Capture NX, which thereby becomes free time promotion.
Nikon has used in recent years to launch new round of July 15, we are sure we will see a D700 right now, but Capture NX! What prevent the purchaser of the current, already extremely powerful, do not feel cheated!"

Nikon Germany is including a MB-D10 with a new D700:

Nikon Italy offers a free SB-900 speedlight with a new D700:

The translations are horrible, but the bottom line is that we should expect some good deals on the Nikon D700 in the next few months before its replacement.

In the past few weeks I received several reports that Nikon D700 is not in stock in certain stores and some retailers cannot place new orders (those could be isolated cases, please don't panic :).

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  • The website also says “we might see a D700s soon, but without Capture NX”.

  • Andrew

    Nice Valentines present…

  • Mikycoud

    Actually the Website says we will likely see the D700s in July, given the fact that lately, Nikon has been in the habit of releasing new products in July.

  • f/2.8

    It has begun.

    • It has begun since last nov.

  • Mikycoud

    Oups, forgot to mention that, in the past few days, Nikon France has been assuring Official Nikon Dealers that there will be no replacement for the D700 in 2010. That, to me, sounds like they’re pushing the retailers to sell their stock by persuading them to tell customers their purchase is justified. I’ve seen all that happen before, and that was just a few weeks before the release of replacement models. At the time, it pissed off both retailers and customers. The former felt like they’d been used by Nikon. The later like they’d been lied to by their retailer. But that’s part of the game, right?

    • litebyte

      They did that with the D200 as well.

      • PHB

        It is a somewhat stupid move since there is really no point in buying the D700 when the D300s has equal noise response and provides a 1.5x focal length multiplier at the long end.

        Unless you are planning to use the 14-24mm lens at its widest and really can’t tolerate the rather minor limitations of the 10-24 DX, there does not seem much of a case for the D700. The main downside to the D300s would be that maybe your favorite prime is not quite at the length you want. That 85mm becomes a 135mm. But that used to be a standard portrait length length anyway.

        There might be a few people who have waited exactly this long to buy a D700 who can’t wait another six months. But I really doubt it.

        The D300s is currently $1500 at Amazon, the D700 is $2400. I don’t think even the most die-hard FX fanatic would agree that that differential is sustainable. At most the D700 should sell for a $300 premium over the D300s.

        Of course, if the D900 is a 24MP beastie it is entirely possible that there will be no new D700 this year. But the price of the D700 would have to drop very sharply for anyone to be interested.

        The launch of a lower cost f/4 zoom suggests that Nikon are laying the groundwork for a lower cost FX body. One way that they could break into that range would be to introduce a much higher megapixel D900, then drop the price of the D700 so that the street price was roughly equivalent to the D300s.

        I still wouldn’t buy it because it is fairly clear that the minute Nikon have used up their D700 sensors from inventory they will be updating it to use the D3s sensor. I would not be very surprised if the initial D900 was using up the D3x sensors ahead of a revision to that line which might make it another short lived model.

        My bet would be that the D900 is a 24MP body and the D4/D400 will surprise everyone by being 18MP. The numbering system will then make sense as the D700, D800 and D900 offer 12, 18 and 24 MP. I don’t think we will see a compact body go above 24MP, a 50MP body would only deliver 50MP results with the best primes anyway. But I do expect to see that in the flagship line.

        • David

          “there is really no point in buying the D700 when the D300s has equal noise response”

          Would you please explain how you came to this conclusion? Thanks.

        • if you compare D300 to D700, you didn’t shooted with both for sure and just talking from your pocket.
          Also you are ignoring the fact, that D700 AF better, have higher DR, shallower DOF, f2.8 doesnt equal to f3.5 (due to light loss) and that at 135mm you need to be quite far from your full body subjects, and no AF-S 50 f1.4 is NOT appropriate replacement. Neither there is 50-150 from nikon to match versatility of 70-200 what is focal length favorite for many photographers.

        • Chris Lilley

          DxOMark gives a very different result from the D700 and the D300s (or D300).

          • LGo

            Try shooting the D300 and the D700 at ISO 3200. Then let us know whether you think these 2 bodies are really the same.

          • Drew

            PHB’s comment about “It is a somewhat stupid move since there is really no point in buying the D700 when the D300s has equal noise response” peeved me so much that I had to post and ask him to shut up. He’s just another self-important ignoramous mouthing off.

          • PHB


            Yes, I have looked at the DxOMark scores and they are somewhat weird. The D3x has the same low light response as the D3 in that chart. If that were the case I would expect to see lots of people remarking on how the D3x has the same low light performance as the D3 rather than asking why it is ISO1600 rather than 3200 as one might expect.

            For the rest of you, I note that not only do I have an advanced degree in physics, I can write grammatical sentences that make sense. And I do not have to engage in personal abuse to make a point.

            If you bother to read what I wrote, it referred to the D300s. Unless Nikon are totally bullshitting us about the improvement in ISO response (as admittedly the DxOMark numbers do suggest), the D700s should be very substantially better than the D700. If you have waited this far, why not wait another few months for the new model?

            As for the idea that bigger is better. Nope. Newtonian optics is scale invariant as far as camera optics are concerned. If you take an FX camera and multiply every physical dimension of every component by the same amount you will have the exact same depth of field. (The coatings are not thick enough to make a difference, the manufacturing tolerances are not that tight.)

            The only thing that improves when you go bigger is the number of photons you gather within a particular fraction of the sensor area increases for a given f/stop number. If instead you look at the aperture divided by effective focal length there is no difference.

            It is slightly different with DX/FX because the mirror geometry is constant, but that only affects the wide end.

          • Drew

            @PHB, first off, apologies for the name calling. It was out of line and I am not above apologising for this. However, there seems to be little that you have said that has drawn upon real-world handling of the D300s vs D700. All the things from your comment are from charts and assumptions. As LGo put it, shoot both and see if the difference is that close. I use both a D300 ( not a D300s, although from image comparisons there is minor noise improvement betwen the two) and a D700 and the difference is significant enough. Improved speed (at 14 bit RAW, the D300/s cannot keep up) & image quality all contribute to why there is a significant difference between the D300s and the D700. Does everyone need a full-frame camera? No, but for those who do, it hardly makes sense to suggest that a D300s would suffice as a substitute purchase.

  • Vladi

    I listen to Nikonians podcasts and in the News flash couple of weeks ago it was mentioned that we should expect D90 replacement before the PMA. Only spec given were 14mpx and full HD video. Anyone else heard about this?

    • Bob

      14mp, DX, 1080HD with full controls would be great. The price would be better than a D700 replacement too

    • Geoff

      14mp .. pffft only a 2mp jump … make it at least 16 and i would be tempted to upsell myself on the new one. 18 would be the sweet number to get me to make the jump.

      • LGo

        An increase of 4mp from 12mp would still be negligible. Yet you would need a substantially better lens to get good quality images from this increase.

        An improvement of 1-2 stop improvement in high ISO low-noise performance however would really be impressive.

        • Ge3

          indeed, what’s with the MP race? I’m happy with my pics, and I don’t need new raws to be 2x the size with negligible change in IQ. How many of us print posters from our pics anyway? So now your blog pics are shrunk to 33% instead of 10%

  • Gorji

    My retailer here in the US told me the other day that they anticipate a new model and are not ordering any more D700. I trust them. They also are frequently in the dark like the rest of us.

  • Bob

    I’d rather have a D90 replacement. I hope that happens

    • Vladi

      The only problem I see is if Nikon release new D90 with 14mpx it will be their best DX offering, technically beating D300s. D90 came 1 year after D300 even though it got tweaked sensor with the video.

      • Bob

        Well if it can improve on the video that will be good. I’ll buy one

    • Anonymous

      how relevant!?

  • Ray

    wow… sb-900 F*CK!

    • Anthony

      Of course, the SB-900 bundle is at what price? We don’t know for sure that it’s the same price it was last week without the flash. Maybe it’s $200 more for the bundle.

  • Kerni

    I don’t belive in a D700s, because the D3s is still too young for getting internal competition, and Canon’s 5DII still has no counterpart with its large resolution, so i think we’ll see hi-res modell additional to the hi-iso D700 in the same range of price.

    • NikkorPM

      You forget that this is exactly how Nikon managed the introduction of D700. They do not think there is cannibalization of D3s.

      • Anonymous

        +1, there is no Cannibalization, only loss of people anticipating the release of a D700s.

      • PHB

        They would not care. The purpose of the D3s is to sell D90s, D5000s and D3000s. The Japan factory can only make a very small number of bodies. They price them high to restrict demand to a level they can support.

        The lack of a D700s so far means only that they have either not finished making D300s bodies or that they have a surplus of D3 sensors to use up.

    • Anthony

      The 5D2 has a high pixel count. With a tripod, static subject, and lots of light, that equals resolution. In other situations, it doesn’t. Please don’t equate pixel count with resolution.

      (note: I have a 5D2)

      • Anonymous

        5D2 doesn’t need lots of light. It’s Canon’s best lowlight cam to date.

        • alex

          Obviously you don’t know Canon, if you did, you would realize the Mk4 is the best lowlight, finally coming close to the d3.

          • Not even close when you look at the raw files. D3s is about a stop and a half cleaner than the d700 at the same ISO. The 5dmkii is almost, but not quite as clean as tbe d700 after processing. The 1dmkiv is actually just a hacked down 5dmkii sensor–it’s the same pixel pitch as the 5dmkii (1.3x 16mp). They’ve done some tweaking, but from the raw files I’ve had in hand, it’s only on par with the d700 at higher ISO. And only some of the time. Doesn’t hold up when you try to force tungstens white.

            So yeah, it’s close to the d3/d700. But the D3s is just that much better at high iso. Try it and see.

            The 5dmkii can make a decent print comparable to the d3/d700 at high ISO, but yeah, you lose detail to NR when you try and get it to look as clean. In the end, it’s a little lower res at 3200+ and a little higher at below 800. Got print bigger than 20×30 to see it though.

            Er, I guess that’s what Anthony said in way less words.

          • Simon

            You all wrong.
            The 5DMk2 still has the best high ISO noise to detail of all cameras to date. 1DMk4 and both D3s and D700 has flatter details and soft outputs especially at higher ISO, D3s is the worst culprit, they do this to reduce noise. You can deliver better images and lower high ISO noise from the 5DMk2 by reducing the size to 12MP and soften the image.

          • rhodium

            @Simon: Are you kidding me? Do you even use the D3s and the 5D Mk II? I’ve used both, and the D3s easily beats out the 5D Mk II in high ISO image quality. At lower ISOs, of course, the 5D Mk II delivers greater detail. But it’s ridiculous to say that the 5D Mk II is better than the D3s at high ISOs (6,400 and above).

  • eru

    it is just impossible that d700 replacement will not come out in 2010

  • AlOn

    Just a footnote.

    The Italian offer ends April 30 2010.

    Read what you will in the deadline!

  • In Germany the D700 + MB-D10 bundle has been in stores for several months.

    • Steven

      I hope for a better fitting MB-D10 Replacement especially fit to the the nikon D700 predecessor.

  • englishfil

    Free MB-D10! I should think so – I am still smarting at having to buy a second battery grip for my D200 because the first one fell apart. I have had other Nikon kit fail on me, but only after i felt it had served me well. So when the D900/700s comes out and I am tempted i will be having a firm word with my local Nikon rep to seal the deal.

    • Dweeb

      I feel your pain on the grip. Mine had the catch spontaneously break like a lot of other people after warranty. After the BGLOD I suffered that’s another one I can thank the internet for exposing. Nikon knew it was a materials design problem but want 60 bucks or so to fix their problem. So I’m saddled with a broken catch grip to try to trade in. Fortunately the door keeps it snug enough to function. The D300 grip is in a different class by comparison.

  • M35G35

    Guess I will just keep saving until next year. Gives the pocketbook a chance to rest a little bit. Unless that surprise is just to much for me!

  • tim

    Actually this wait gave me time to make even more money, so if the update is pricey it wont matter so much.

    Im also pleased about this bundle offer. the D700 is great. It would be a shame to go out without a bang.

  • zzddrr

    As I said before:
    1) The D700 does not sell!
    2) Nikon stuck at 12MP
    3) Tweeking with iso will not do the trick for the long term (perhaps for Batman)
    4) I think Nikon’s market share has shrunk more than it was published or anticipated.

    Now let me see how many of you will bash my post and the pure dry facts above!

    • Anonymous

      Pure dry facts don’t include the words “I think”, that points to an opinion in this case 🙂

      • zzddrr

        Read bullet point #4), starting with “I think..”

        Besides that, I think Nikon is on a slippery sloap since their entire product line stuck at 12MP. (except D3x and many thanks for sony to make this happen.) Give me a break, the new backlit illumanated sensors in pocketcams will outperform 2/3rd of the mighty Nikon DSLR line in all aspects! e.g. 1080P, ISO, MP. These new sensors are in the pipeline and will comepretty soon.

        It is said to admit but after 15 yrs with Nikon I sold couple of lenses. I am sick and tired of being locked into the F mount. If Nikon does not want my money, I will slowly spend it somewhere else. I will not wait until July to get high res at an affordable price. **edited by admin** In the meantime, put a goddamn silencer on the mouth of your stupid execs and focus on delivering quality products! (BTW, the last 5 yrs I had only 1 Nikon product that did not have at least one problem under the warranty.)

        Now this post will start an avalanche of bashes against what I wrote above.

      • Juergen.

        Permalink wrote:
        Pure dry facts don’t include the words “I think”, that points to an opinion in this case 🙂
        (End of cite)

        Don’t waste (y)our time with the zzddrr account, behind it hides a troll (known e.g. from dpreview).
        The only question is if it is a hobby troll – or if he gets paid by some manufacturer…

        • zzddrr

          Juergen and to all, check this out:

          I claimed that small sensors will outperform the DSLR line. I still say that it is true for 2 reasons:

          1) Much bigger market for manufacturers (1:100 ratio of dslr sale vs smartphone)

          2) The integration of digital technologies has not been properly done by our loved brands (including Nikon, Canon…) Digital technology opens up a whole new set of opportuntities. Unfortunately, the establishement just does not get it. For example, see how much more user friendly an iPhone is.

          Now the big issue (and this is the key) is what will Nikon do to address that. That is because the younger generation who will spend a lifetime with a certain brand do not buy Nikon products! Yes, they buy iPhone or whatever.

          Look at the quality of these new small sensors. In 1-2 yrs if they manage to bring 12MP out in quality Nikon will have a fundamental problem of selling dslrs. Yes, because the human eyes at 8×10 letter size or even larger e.g. A3 won’t be able to find difference no matter that the dslr is at 24MP.

          So tell me, why does Nikon wait to bring out an affordable 20+ MP dslr? There is no logical explanation other than that they cannot do it. Nikon cannot do it because as I mentioned above manufacturers of such sensors are more interested in a less risky larger volume business.

          Think about it.

    • Simon

      I agree. 12MP on a FF output is not enough, might be fine for a crop.

      • Tomas

        Why? What exactly are you printing where you see little squares?

  • Anonymous

    i think its a d 400 !

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about Nikon’s products release schedule… But when should we expect a D700 replacement? Possibly between now and summer?

    • WoutK89

      Between now and 2011 more likely, you said release schedule, announcement between now and Photokina perhaps

      • Anonymous

        more like pure dry mental retardation

  • Eric Duminil

    Not sure it’s needed, but here’s my translation :

    “Nothing else than 2 lenses at PMA, but the D700 will soon get bundled with a free license of Capture NX.
    Nikon usually releases new products around the 15th of July, so we might expect a D700s (without Capture NX) at that time.
    This bundle would prevent new D700 buyers from thinking that they’ve been deceived (the D700 is a very capable camera anyway).”

    The employed vocabulary makes it clear that they don’t have any more information, and that they only “bet” that a D700s is coming soon.

  • I expect both D90 and D700 successors this year, but not both immediately.
    Nikon needs to announce a body before/at the Photokina. And i pretty sure it won’t be a D4 or D400 yet.


    • Bob

      So will that be the d90s?

    • Anonymous

      You mean “announce” them at photokina (september 2010)?

      D700 replacement in july not likely ? I would really hate Nikon if they didn’t sell it by July! 🙁

  • Louis

    the translation of the german offer is:

    “now, when you buy a D700, you get a MB-D10 at no additional cost for even more speed!*
    *with necessary power supply”


    (I speak both german and english fluently)

  • big mac

    I like the word ‘cannibalization’.. it’s so yummy

  • ***************** NIKON FX 30MP ***********************
    I finaly got my Nikon FX 20MP (on Ebay for $226).
    It’s called Nikon F100 + Coolscan V.
    I had that scanner for 10 years, now I have no escuses to leave it OFF all the time !
    I will order few FUJI Velvia 50 and mail-in E6 processing ($4.99) at B&H.
    The F100 is cool because fully compatible with my AF-S VR lenses.
    And I get the FX format for only $226 (my 20mm f/2.8 will love that) !

    • David

      I am a fan of film and have a Coolscan 9000; but it is a pain to have to change film every 36 frames, babysit your film through X-rays at the airports (I don’t care what they say about what X-rays affect or do not affect a 50 rated ISO film), perform wet scanning, and digitally process these images. It’s a 2-3 hour job per frame! It’s not worth it to me to go through all that trouble for 35mm-sized film to end up with a 20+ MP picture, especially when there are plenty of cameras out there that can give you the same resolution right our of the flash media. It’s only worth it, in my opinion, if you are shooting at least 6X6. In that world, to get a 60MP+ digital capture you need to spend at least USD$35,000 for something like a HD4, 60MP back, and a decent lens. Instead, an old but perfectly good Hass C/M 500 with a standard 80mm lens, along with a roll of Velvia, will give you 100MP+ images when scanned at 4,000 dpi. Now that is BANG for your buck.

      • I will mostly use that F100 for events/parties because I can just process the film at WM and get the pictures and CD for $8.
        And for landscapes in trips (with my friend Ken and his D40)

        • David

          Well if you subscribe to Ken’ suggestions, then you should know that the Mamiya 7 or Mamiya 7II with a 80mm and a 43mm lens is your best landscape camera (short of a 4X5) 🙂

    • Show us some side by sides at 100%…I don’t think you’ll be pulling more info from Velvia than about 10mp.

      I’m happy with my digital f100 (d700) that transforms into an f7 digital (add grip with en-el4). I sold my f100 for what I paid for it after shooting side by comparisons with my d2x.

      I’d suggest getting the f100 focus calibrated before you waste any film. It’s cheap to do and very much worth it.

      • Give me your email and I’ll send you a scan I did today from a fujichrome 100 ISO (22 years old).
        It’s about 20PM.

  • Edward Bancroft

    When I bought my D700 in the UK in Dec. 2008, it was being offered for sale with a free Capture NX2 bundle. So this is nothing new and may not indicate anything more than a short term sales booster.


  • This sounds like post-christmas sales tactics too me.

    • David

      It’s called bad economy brings out sales (especially thanks to the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain), especially for a product that everyone anticipates will be replaced. I didn’t dub the PIGS term so don’t blame me; I loved my visits to Italy, Greece, and Spain (haven’t made it to Portugal yet). That said, Leica doesn’t seem to have any problems with maintaining their high prices, even in this state of the economy. Hum . . .

  • mantom

    Nikon is probably looking at the numbers and seeing indicators the D700 won’t sellout fast enough to deplete stock before it’s replacement shows up. Sales bundles like this are an incentive to clear remaining stock.

    As for replacement — the D700 was introduced in July 2008. Nikon typically releases updates on their cameras in 2-year intervals. That puts a D700 update at July 2010. If it comes out sooner, great, but don’t count on it.

  • le_eiji

    D700 will be replaced but not sooner than summer. There is going to be a replacement for 5DMarkII as early as this fall. Nikon will still be 1 period behind Canon.

    • Tomas

      Canon stuff gets replaced every year. Everyone is always ‘behind’ Canon. Canon users themselves have obsolete stuff after 1yr on avg.

  • Anonymous

    I was at Nikon this week to drop off my FM3a for repair and I saw a stack of boxes behind the counter that I didn’t recognize the name on them

    • ArtTwisted

      what was the name that u didint recognize?
      And people need to relax on the coolscan bull, yes film is beatiful and can do good resolutions but for 35mm digital is now superrior. 4×5 and Bx10 film will be ahead of digital for a decade though (especially 8×10) so shoot tgat on the cheap or even medium on a used 645 with lenses for a grand is amazing resolution compare to 35mm film.

      • Well, a “like new” F100 for $220, it’s hard to resist !
        (and I already have the Nikon scanner and a fast computer)

        • David

          Resolution wise I agree that digital (well, certain digital cameras) have achieved superiority over film. But I am not aware of any sensor that can handle the color and exposure lattitude of film, yet. For now, you are still stuck with HDR to match the lattitude of film (of any size). Resolution wise, I don’t think Phase One will take decades to catch up to 6X6 or 6X7; I think 100MP is within the decade. But yeah for 4X5 and 8X10, and if you shoot pano the 6X17 format, we are a long ways off before digital catches up. Fortunately, I am not blowing up wall-sized landscaps shots every day 🙂 That said, digital completely rules over film if you are shooting sports or wildlife (or anything that moves), or in any condition where the lighting conditions are changing rapidly.

          • David

            Oh and of course you can’s scan anything larger than a 6X9 using a Coolscan; so you have to consider the costs of drum scans for the larger formats of film.

          • ArtTwisted

            Its my understanding that digital is around the latitude of slide film so your correct there. Colour print film has a decent advantage there and BnW film has a huge one when it comes to latitude. I will always love film, and I am looking into getting a cheap nikon slr to shoot BnW with and set up a darkroom. Film will always have more artistic appeal in my opinion.

          • David

            Yes B/W film is simply unbeatable at the moment; if you are going to shoot B/W, even if at 35mm, there is no substitute for film. I love street phtography with B/W film.

          • David

            Of course, scanning B/W film to realize all of its constrast is another art in itself . . .

    • F-stop

      not being a d..k but that just means you can’t read lol….

  • ddd

    well, to think there is an update coming only because there are bundles is unfortunately nonsense. the speed kit of the d700 is already available for one year now in Germany!!!

  • ddd

    so probably we will see a competitor to the 5dmarkii as soon as the markiii will come out :-(. if i would not have that many nikon lenses i would follow my friends to the greener side where cropping is made possible – my fear is that nikon can´t compete. Although I was still hoping they just did not want.

  • tim

    Do any of you “Nikon in so behind Cannon at Px count” people actually take pictures?

    Or do you count pixels at home?

    • ddd

      i do take pictures – but especially in wildlife photography i would definetely like to have a cropping possibility as framing is sometimes difficult. cropping with 12 mp soon leaves you with just 6mp and that´s nothing.
      It is really dissapointing that Nikon did not react in years while canon does. I don´t need high iso – i need more pixels. Most of my pictures were taken with iso 100 film.

      • Tim

        Well this is just it!! If u need iso go nikon in MP go cannon. Its kinda simple realy.

      • Geoff

        I agree, give me more MP not 2 gazillion iso performance.

        • Pablo

          I am the complete opposite. Give me more ISO sensitivity! I’ll frame the thing myself and 12MP is enough. Frankly, the 12MP raw files are clogging my memory card as it is.

          Of course, I don’t shoot wild animals. I shoot indoor events, portraits, and night landscapes that don’t move much 🙂

    • Markus

      Good one – I wondered a bit, 4 years ago wildlife photographer like Frans Lanting using A D2X making huge prints with it were probable thinking jesus I need that 5D Mark II otherwise I can’t make those excellent wildlife images.You sound like a camera user instead of a photographer.

      • zzddrr

        Yeah, and that dude took the shots like the one with the fence jumping wolf. He did not need cropping for sure.

  • Capture NX for free? Then you’re bummed, it can’t even read the D700 NEF files 🙂 Capture NX2 can do that, the old one can’t.

  • Steve

    It must be “hard” for Nikon to re-place the D700, without making the D3 range appear “smaller”. Think about it – when you compare the latest upgrade Nikons competitors has made in there DSL range. Overall Nikon have to add more pixels, higher ISO, and faster/more pictures pr. frame in a D700 replacement.
    That will roughly at the end of the day, somehow make the D3 become a smaller DSL version compared in technology.
    If Nikon on the other hand only decides to upgrades the D700 to a D700s (with dual slots, video etc). I am afraid that Nikons competitors, has DSL models that suits better needs for prof. photographers in that range.

    No matter what,, is brand loyalty in today’s demanding image markets a luxury!
    Let the best and fastest technology manufacture win – and not the brand when considering a new DSL purchase.

    But then again if the D700(s) replacement has overall better specs than the D3 range, maybe a D3 replacement is not far away in the future 😉

    • Sash

      It seems everyone forgets about the price. For me, 2000$ is upper limit for body. And from this, all replacements as D700s or x and D4 etc.. won’t be below that price for sure. Not to count that everyone needs also good lens.

    • Pablo

      It’s not as simple as you say. We’ve all invested $1000s in lenses. We can’t just abandon ship and move to canon

      • Sash

        Not saying to abandon the ship. Talking to be reasonable. D700 has nice price and with as you say, decent lens, you can get most of it. D700x/or s will sure be more expensive. Ok, no problem if you are willing to pay more. But I think here are more “talkers” who would like to have this n’ that in the body but at the end, noone of them will buy it due to high price. 🙂
        If I would have 3-4K to spend, I would wait. But I don’t have, so I stick to D700 which is still superb camera. And yes, won’t abando the ship. Successors will drop their prices in a year or two.. and then I’ll upgrade.

        • nonbeliever

          well – if a camera comparable to the 5DmarkII will cost more than 3k Euro while the canon is 2k here I won´t buy it – that´s right.

  • Geoff

    If it were not for the sharpness question on the 7D, I would probably jump ship to get the 18MP I want, though I like the look and feel of Nikon as well as how auto ISO works and want to stay with them.

  • Jerry

    I like good glass and the ability to take advantage of it. I have some of Nikon’s finest glass and am tired of waiting to leave my superb D300 for the superb FX I need. Will not lug or pay for the D3x. Tried a Canon 5DMII today. Sweet. Sorry Nikon. We’ve been loyal and waited long enough. Between not buying (and then selling at a loss) the new 24mm 1.4, which I’ve also waited too long for, and the less expensive Canon version (and ditto some of the other replacements), I’m not going to go another few months like this. You’re not competitive and will continue to lag behind.

  • DC

    It looks as though Nikon have boxed themselves into a corner. If they bring out a sensibly priced 24 Mega pixel D700 replacement then they kill sales of the D3X.
    It may also be the case that they are paying a high price to Sony for the sensor and will not be able to bring out a D700 replacement soon. Either way, they are losing sales to new serious amateurs and semi-professionals, who would be better advised to buy the 5D MkII certainly for landscape work.

    • David

      Well, prices on the D3x have certainly been dropping; you can get the D3x for less than $7K (USD) now. Still, at that price I would choose the Leica M9, for landscape work. For wildlife or sports, I think the D3x is the best camera out there right now until the D700x comes out and it is compatible with the MD-80 grip. There is no need for anything more than a D700 for people/portraits unless you are commercial photog, in which case you should be looking at the medium format anyway. My 1.5 cents.

      • zzddrr

        David, I think we have to get accustomed to the fact that Nikon is not capable of producing an affordable (or cheaper than 7k) 20+ MP camera. Look, I think we really have to thak Sony for making possible for Nikon the D3x. Without that sensor, Nikon wouldn’t have the D3x.

        • I don’t believe that Nikon is not capable of producing 20+ mp under $7K. The price of D3X is mostly because it’s the flagship model, but not dictated by sensor cost. Therefore the D800 / D900 will likely be under $3500.

          It’s also possible that, as we saw with D2X-D200-D300 sequence, this saturday Nikon may first bring a 18-20mp D800 (rival of 5D II) that may please all parties, then later D900 sharing the same sensor with D3x.

          Is D700s left out? Time will tell us. If the D800 meets the requirements of “high-sensitivity” camp, then D700 may become obsolete. If not, then we may see a D700s.

          • zzddrr

            Landscape Photo, my aplogies but it seems to me I missed the “memo”. Help me out, what will happen this Saturday? Nikon will bring out new products?

            What you said is totally logical and makes sense, however I think the the high price of the D3x makes it impssible to release something that will almost produce the same image quality at less than half the cost of the D3x.

            Then again they’ll have a problem selling the D3s as well. I think we’ll sooner will see a D4 then we can imagine.

            Also, I have feeling that the bulky tank size cameras have not much future. The current tech would enable Nikon to put the same performance into a much smaller and lighter body. There is no need for carrying a tank. Now, if they cut the size and weight of the new D4 they will more likely migrate one level up some current D300 and D700 users. This will totally re-map the pro segment

  • Alex Sharifi

    Is there any idea if there will be a d700 related deal/release in the next few weeks in the USA?

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