“To be revealed” Nikon @PMA banner – Busted!

New Nikon banner/teaser:

Now, this doesn't appear to be a paid banner since it doesn't link to any website. The image was clearly taken from the Nikon D3 press release kit.

I say this rumor is busted.

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  • shivas

    smells like a D3s + 14-24. . .fake!

    • low

      lol dang youre fast!

  • low

    first! it has begun!

    • Martin

      It will never end.

      • nikkor_2

        Yes, there’s never, ever an end.

        Always, it will begin soon, around the corner, tomorrow, or the next day.

    • mnm

      I say fake. Therefore it has not begun!

    • The fakes began a long time ago. Welcome to the party in progress 😉

  • ViperGeek

    Could simply be a stock photo, but then again, it could be the D900 I’ve already set aside my 401(k) to purchase. 🙂

  • shivas

    haha 401k purchase, NICE!

    I know the MINUTE I retire, I”m getting the D25. . .

    • cartoon11

      that will be in 85.5 years if Nikon keeps the 4 year cycle in the Dx range…
      that means you will be born in about 20 years 😉

  • I look at it with photoshop, look like a D700 with no flash (and the sensor place marked on the prisme), it’s probably fake.

    • anonymuse

      The reflection or the pixels 😉

  • Unless Nikon recently started using the font “shadowed shit cursive” I doubt that is legit.

    • twoomy

      ha ha! +1 thanks for the laugh

      • Jim


        agree. the font looks like crap!

        • So does the rest of their site!

  • *sigh* you guys aren’t really going to tell me that you can’t tell de difference between the prism of a D700 and the prism of a D3(s)? The top of the D700 is way longer, and way less steep, then that of a D3, clearly, this is a D3(s).
    And as stated above, this image was included in the press release kit of the D3… Guess that kinda sorts it all.

    • Ken Rockwell’s Dog

      “then that of a D3”? Are you trying to tell me you passed your English exam?

      • fotosniper

        umm sounds fine to me, but i just lernt my engrish gud .

        • snoop

          When comparing things “than” is the word of choice. But you’re right. It “sounds” equally fine 😉

  • low

    all i gotta say is that 14-24 sure has a sexy profile!

  • MrG

    A side profile comparison with a D3s shows this may just be a D3s.

  • MrG

    Oh, that’s not to say something isn’t coming, being a stock photo and all.

  • Unless its on a Nikon Website (or links to info on a Nikon Website Preview) or shows a different shaped body (without PS) I’m going to go with VapourWare on this rumor.

  • Andrew

    Busted defo… But funny as Nikon press pack images are taken on a Phase One P 45!

    • Banned

      Now THAT is LAME!!!

      • IvanatorHK

        Why is that lame? Nikon doesn’t offer any high-resolution, medium format cameras that are typically used for high-end product photography…

  • Pissedoff

    If Nikon don’t something soon to replace the D700 I’m going to Canon. I really don’t want to.

    • Segura

      What is wrong with your D700? Mine works perfectly.

      Stop whining and go to Canon already . . .

      • +100 to Segura

        The D700’s one of the best DSLRs available. If you think Canon can top that, then go buy what you need. No need to cry about it here in front of everyone.

        Meanwhile, sell us your Nikon stuff. Always lookin’ for a good deal or three.

    • Canon Fangirly

      Lighten up and shoot

      • Banned

        Sure… POP POP POP, you’re dead.

    • Dustin

      I keep saying, “If Canon doesn’t do (insert wish), I’m grabbing a D700.” The grass isn’t greener over here.

    • rpe700

      Pissedoff – Nikon does very well in comparison to Canon , Thank you.


  • spam

    LetsGoDigital have never been a serious site. Dpreview block linking to LetsGoDigital in the forums, with good reason IMO.

    • Um… they compete in making camera reviews, so yeah I can see banning links to your competitors in your forums! Otherwise they would SPAM the forums to their own links (Ironic Eh?).

    • Why block them? So, basically this discussion here is not possible on dpreview

      • Global

        Agreed. The admin here has it right. Truth rises and speech must be allowed to be open. Even the admin makes many mistakes and instead of outright deleting his words, he just crosses them out or admits to a mistake. This kind of dialog is healthy and what real people want and why this site will flourish. Banning conversation without respect for context, intention, and unique participation is just a way to kill ideas. The modern equivalent of burning books (deleting posts/banning ideas). Its far easier to not read a post or skip a few than it is to recover a lost conversation under the delete button. Disruptive abuses aside (spamming, flaming, rampant trolling, etc).

        • Admins makes mistakes? Never! lol 🙂

          • btw, did you guys see Canon’s scheduled announcement on Monday:

            I wonder if it will be a camcorder or DSLR with video

          • Admins never make mistakes, but sometimes Peter does !
            (I was just kidding, you should know me by now :o)

          • If Canon’s making an announcement, maybe Nikon’s waiting until after that to make *their* big splash? Just a wild guess.

          • Nikonmonster

            My rep told me 1 dslr on the 8th

          • Nikonmonster

            Canon dslr on the 8th

          • And with Canon’s DSLR announcement Nikon can upstage them by Valentines!

            Can you say “Honey Look What I Pre-ordered for you?” to your Nikon girl?

            [Note – I don’t have a Nikon Girl, so please someone else say it to theirs!]

          • rhlpetrus

            The Canon will be the 60D at 18MP and HD video.

      • Some sites to drive traffic spam the popular site’s forum with links to drive off traffic, I’ve known it to happen in the past (not sure in this case) but it does happen from time to time.

        The reason for the block is that the poster of all those links often doesn’t add value to the forum, just tries to bleed it.

      • Banned

        Not a whole lot of discussion is possible on DPR anyway. Then again I’m banned from virtually all photo websites at one point or another so it might be me 🙂

  • skyphab

    Is that an official banner for the PMA? I just took a look, it’ll take place Feb. 21-23.
    I need a replacement for my D90 and for Le Mans this year. COME ON Nikon, time is ticking!! =)

    • iworm

      Why? Is your D90 broken?

      • I have a D90 also, compare to the D700 (that I had) the D90 is a….well…a….merde.
        If the D700 had 20MP or more I would have keept it for ever.
        The Dx format is to the Fx format what the 24x36mm film was to the medium format.

  • cm

    I think it’s the new D-115/75 with the new blood pressure monitor. It has a mode setting that won’t let you fire the shutter unless your blood pressure is 115/75.

  • F-stop

    ok Im new to PMA…should I get a ticket for everything or just one day for the show..? help …

    • Ken Rockwell’s Dog

      Get three.

      • F-stop


        • One for you, Ken, and his Dog

          • F-stop

            lol …

    • What’s driving me crazy is that at the PMA (or Paris photo expo), the visitors (customers) have to pay to get in, when all the pros and retailers get in for free !
      It’s like if the car dealers would make you pay to go see the cars they have in their store !

      • F-stop

        Right! I don’t understand that….I can understand paying and leaving with a couple of bags of useful things but is that even the case here…I’m paying to see things in person.

      • TJ

        Well what makes it different from a car show where you pay to see cars.

        You don’t have to pay to see a camera in a camera store, like you don’t have to see a car in a car dealership.

        • There is always people who like to pay for things they don’t get…

      • Banned

        My opinion is that these shows suck anyway, there really is nothing interesting to see that you can’t at your local store.

  • edward nafzger

    As allways the clock keeps ticking for the next rumours or reality comes true D4s and 100-500 mm vr 3 please or i have to buy 200-400 vr or 300 prime with tc20 mk3

  • Bert

    That is exactly what I need….a brand new top of the line D4 to pair with my 20 YEAR OLD 35mm f2.

    • litebyte

      LOL, that 35mm f/2 will be a good tester for the new auto focus system 🙂

  • xx

    Just news from production new 70-300 is coming with VR2. Battery grip with some mods in testing. Slrs are in secret hidden!! Even employes do not know. Some rumors of FX under different name, hard to say what it is.

    • WoutK89

      “Just news from production new 70-300 is coming with VR2”
      So, as the current version is already VR2, what can we expect, Nano coating?

      • Banned

        I think xx is a little late in the game, his relationship with Nikon must be limited to flipping burgers at the cafeteria.


    THAT. IS. IT!
    I’m switching to Yashica.

    • Son of FE

      Well, I’m tired of waiting for new lenses too. Anyone know where I can get a converter to fit my old Miranda slr mount lenses to F mount? I dug around and thought I might use them for something other than paper weights.

  • taking picks

    Come on, you all know that is the new D4000. with a price point around 500 bucks.

    • C Benson

      How cares about D4000, i want Nikon to bring out the big guns (D700x, D800 and D900).

  • Segura

    I can’t believe we even needed a post to determine it was fake . . .

    • disco

      I can’t believe i needed to comment on a post needed to determine it was fake . . .

  • VG

    what about rumored 16-35 F4 VR ???

  • Yeah… “To be revealed”… 🙁 Nikon do not know where is coolpix in the market… I want to see at least one G11 serios competitor. And that small CCD; this is children stuff.

  • Bob

    Nikon isn’t going to replace the D300s yet. Or the compete with the D3s. So the camera that needs replaced is the D90. It was a big seller. D90s? Hey I still have a N90s!!!
    14MP, 1080HD with full controls, improved everything. $1699. 7D sales stall.

  • NowHearThis

    Busted? REALLY? Didn’t you just post: “Rumor: Nikon D4 will be tested at the 2010 Super Bowl and Winter Olympics”. It sounds to me like you’re pissed off that someone scooped you. Here’s a few things that you could have assertained for yourself, if you weren’t so jealous that someone beat you to the punch (maybe).
    1. The ad DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING about a new SLR being released, nor does it say there is a new lens coming out..
    2. It DOES say “To Be Revealed” and it does say “PMA2010”. Which you CAN infer from that – that there will be something(s) new “Revealed” at PMA, what it will be is not likely to be know until later. (You yourself are suggesing a D4 will be tested at the Superbowl and the Olympics.)
    3. Is it hard to believe that Nikon won’t release an SLR or lens (or both or multiples of one or the other) at PMA? Is it hard to believe that they would take some ad space for a future product release?
    4. Isn’t there “rumors” of new Canon DSLRs coming out, wouldn’t Nikon want to do the same?

    “To be revealed” Nikon @PMA banner – NOT Busted, just wait and see.

    • Z-B-A

      Well said (more or less) NHT, everyone is too ready to jump on the bandwagon of it being fake. What is fake about it? As it has been stated it is an image from a press kit but does give an impression of the unknown from the low lit lighting, but it’s not hiding anything nor stating anything. It’s a self made promo image yes, cleary because perhaps LGD can’t get hold of genuine images regarding potential rumors. 1000s of companies do this where they don’t want to/can’t pay for professional graphics and generate their own graphics by tweaking what is available. It’s clearly not a pro job. All this image says to me is that ‘we may know something, wait and see’.

      I am not promoting LGD by the way, just taking the image at merit 😉 Apologies if I have missed the, if genuine, ‘busted’ point.

      But, please continue to stray off topic and list your want lists as everyone loves to hear about them over and over. Isn’t that what the comments section is for? 😛

  • Anonymous

    i predict that the next nikon dslr shall be released exactly when it is released. please, i must rest now. no more questions.

  • I love Nikon no matter what they release or not 🙂

  • shucks…till later!

  • CAT Productions

    Hoping for D3Xs.

  • To me it look like a Nikon DSLR with a zoom lens, but I can be wrong !

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