I don’t know anything about a surprise

I got more than 20 emails this morning asking me what will be Nikon's surprise at PMA. I have no information about a potential surprise. Of course everything is possible, but I will not go into speculations at that point. The only report about a surprise was from Hiroshi Takashima and I think he is referring to the rumored Nikon EVIL system that is expected @ Photokina.

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  • Anonymous

    Thom’s bullshit again – if he knows why doesn’t he tell us what the surprise will be?

    • Anonymous

      agreed…. sounds more like a hasbeen

  • Willis

    It’s going to be a camera, or a lens, or possibly nothing.

  • Thom Hogan said that he was surprised that nothing had leaked out about the so called “surprise” yet. I think he knows what it is and taunts us 😛
    “At least I think we’re still getting the surprise at PMA. I’m a little surprised that nothing has leaked about the surprise. In fact, if it’s in production already I’m stunned that we haven’t seen anything about it, so maybe it isn’t in production yet.”

    • Banned

      Blah blah blah sounds like Ken Rockwell.

  • tim

    Well if it is a surprise, no one should have a clue. Right? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That is almost true…. there are people that know what is happening and when

  • Dweeb

    Just 20 emails? Have you asked Ken Rockwell? I was told by Apple staff people show up in the store an hour after a product announcement wondering why they can’t buy one. I can wait.

    • johnny


  • hi there

    you don’t have to tell me
    I don’t expect you know everything (or anything)
    otherwise, this won’t be a rumor post

  • Saris

    Big surprise !! Nikon announced new compact cameras DAMN

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