Broken link on Nikon Norway

A reader just emailed me about a broken link on website: the link is in the lower right corner and it reads "Important Message" (Viktig melding). If you click on it, it will bring you back to the main page. Not sure how long this link has been there.

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  • Jens Anders Ravnaas

    That broken link on the Norwegian website has been there for several weeks. If I remember right, all nikon websites had a major overhaul a while ago, and that’s when that broken link appeared.

  • Samuel R.

    since the web-update from the european Nion-sites from around december 15th, there are a lot bugs on the site; I – of course – check the site ca. twice a week, mostly the Switzerland-site – I wrote then a Mail (around 3 A4-pages) with all bugs, which I saw… there where realy a lots of this “click here” and “come to a wrong site”…
    so – I also think, this Link “News” is prepared for upcomming news… we’ll see…

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