Flashback: Possible Nikon D3s sighting in Barcelona (video)

Update: you can see some more shots of the making of the video here.

Remember this report from Barcelona before the Nikon D3s announcement. Yes, this was a D3s. Take a look at the last picture - the model with the black dress. Now, watch the video:

The video was produced by the German Nikon Professional Services team. Shot in one day. Edited in one night.

I swear I saw those four guys in black jackets waiting in a black car in front of my house the other night 🙂

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  • Christina

    Hah! Good one….
    LOL!! Not sure how much more waiting my poor middle-aged heart can take! LOL!!!
    Now go find us a good juicy rumour to chew on for awhile!

    thanks for all you do!

  • Phil

    Pretty lady…pretty camera 🙂

    • Torben

      That skinny skank need to eat some pork or whatever….

      • Jer


      • Joe Fish

        I´ll let her know.

  • nikonrumours eyes are everywhere 🙂
    Very weak video :/ Revere and 5d mk2 is much more convincing.

    • alvix

      ..definitely..Canon marketing videos are more appealing..this is a bit ..cheesy.?..kitschy ?

    • Dan

      Oh God I know it was embarrassing. Why can’t anyone half decent make one?
      The only nice bit was the two second clip at 4:25.

  • It shows the capabilities. I would love to have the camera.

  • Michael

    The girl is just candy. The real sex appeal there is the camera. I’m in Canada and got mine on Jan from Vistek Calgary. Here’s another example. There is something about how 24 frames per second catches snow that makes for a really rich effect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiTbHeybrhU

    • arunak

      Nice video, loved your creativity.

    • nikkor_2

      Very well done! I think NPS Germany should retain you for its next shoot! And I think all NR readers should view your video!

      Any tips for shooting video on the D3S?

      What lenses were used? What light(s)?

      How did you set WB?

      Finally, what was post-processing workflow?

    • tibor

      very nice video, much better than this nikon comercial.

  • benS

    Omg ! NR ADMI, YOU TOO ? Wow , i guess even the NR ADMIN is losing sleep waiting for the 2010 dslrs and lenses to be revealed …. time to checkin to the Nikon Rehab Center … lol

  • antoineb

    Quite unimpressive video. Reassuring that it was shot in one day and edited in one night – it certainly doesn’t look any better than that. Video classes students routinely do better and faster.

    I kinda wonder why Nikon chose to have this amateurish clip made, when in theory DSLRs used for video are supposed to go for the artistic dimension (at the expense of convenience) rather than the p&s dimension.

  • Chris P

    I don’t know about men in black jackets, but If Nikon doesn’t announce a D900 or whatever pretty soon, I get the impression from some of the posters on here that they will be taken away by men wearing white coats.

    • WoutK89

      +1 😛 People take this waiting game too seriously these days!

  • myself

    The woman was great looking, but the camera looked WAY TOO BIG for her. In fact, I saw an Asian guy at a restaurant not too long ago using the D3 to take pictures of some friends and the camera looked way too big for him too. I think the only way the camera wouldn’t look like a huge object is if they were the size of Yao Ming.

    The video made no sense. Why wouldn’t 4 big guys be able to catch a woman in a bikini unless they were girlie-men. She even had time to change a few times! Sigh. The camera itself and the capabilities, though, were pretty good.

  • At 3:42 you can see that the video was cut and D3s removed from the silver cover because it did not fit.
    So, Nikon is spending our money in pointless and useless videos, now I understand why we pay $1800 for a 24-70mm or $2500 for a D700.
    If they spend so much money, at least they could hire a better looking girl !

    • Nah, this is a local ad.
      So it’s rather Nikon Germany’s ad budget wasted on this movie, than Nikon International having anything to do with it whatsoever.

  • bb

    Dumb video.

  • Ken Rockwell

    At least it was better than Reverie, LOL. Reverie was horrible I don’t know why people like it.

    The best by far is still the Vincent Munier one.

    • Ken Rockwell

      Oh Yeah, someone bought my 5D MkII LOLOLOL. Now I can go buy a good camera. (D700) and be part of NikonRumors for real.

  • tibor

    bad yellowish – white balance, lots of rolling shutter & jello flubby effect. Obviously, everybody can claim beeing “pro” today.

  • Stephen Barnes

    On Photoshop User TV ep 218, Moose Peterson claims that he has sold his D3 and bought D3s instead, to keep up with video.

  • deutschland!!!! Hensel Porty too!!!

  • Mike

    I recognize one of the “men in black” – the asian looking guy is Yasuo Baba, Nikon’s NPS Manager …

  • This is the best Nikon can do? Horrible! And one key thing about the video: look at the lack of panning shots. Everything is dead on. You pan from left to right with these DSLR video cameras and the footage is JUNK. Same thing with the Canon promo shot on video; no pans in the entire movie. Maybe I’m bitter because I just shelled out $6300 for the Sony EX1, but I’ve given up waiting for any pro video in a DSLR. And be pro, I mean something hyou can sell to a client or have broadcast, not some silly drivel for the web. A $500 video camera will outperform any video rig if all you’re aiming for is h.264. I’m making blu ray discs; the photos look gorgeous; video is just not quite there, even on HDV.

  • guest
  • enesunkie

    All those sirens in the background. How many accidents did they cause by having her run down the street LOL!.
    ps. I prefer the black dress.

  • low

    love that black dress on her, drrroooolll…

  • Anonymous

    This should really be called “The Follow” instead of The chase….

  • Gustaf

    terrible clip..
    there’s more teeth on that model than in a dog fight

  • For the price of the D3s that girl should be included 😀

  • This is exactly why I decided to buy a Panasonic HMC150 rather than a D3s. Nikon just isn’t there with the video. I am blown away by the quality of the HMC’s image; so much better than stills rendered to video.

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