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Nikon will have only one press conference on February 3rd, 2010 (the actual announcement could be on February 2nd, depending on your time zone). I never got any information about a second press conference (like they did last year). It is now also too late to schedule one. This could only mean that Nikon doesn't have much to show. They will never announce a major DSLR product together with the Coolpix cameras. Look back at previous Nikon announcements - when was the last time they announced a DSLR body (FX), several lenses (FX), few Coolpix cameras and maybe even teleconverters all at the same time? I've said that few times before in the comments section and now I will say it on the main page:

No new Nikon DSLR prior to PMA!

I really hope I am wrong this time. If they pull one out, I can assure you that nobody outside Nikon's headquarter knows about it. There is just no information out there, nothing, zilch.

This is my final word on what we will get next week based on the information I have so far (unless I get something new in the last moment):

That's it. I can say that this announcement has been the most difficult to gather information for, maybe because the expectations were very high.

I also do believe that Bob Krist was shooting with the new Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 lens, so expect to see some promotional photos from Miami when this lens is announced next week. That's about the only real leak we got so far.

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  • Martin

    I just purchase my D700 last November so the “no DSLR” rumor doesn’t bother me. However, I do have a craving for some FX lenses and if the 16-35 f4 rumor is accurate, I will be a happy customer. I miss the D300 – Sigma 10-20 combo. I had a lot of fun with that combo. If they keep the 16-35 in the $1000 CAN range, I will be spending some cash. And on top of that, if they keep the filter size to 77 mm, I’m golden! The 24 f1.4 is interesting but I’m guessing this will not be a cheap prime ($ speaking) and it may be out of my “financial” range.

    Looking forward to next week. Good job Admin.


    I just have a leak from my friend Robert (he is a plumber).

    The new Nikkon AF-S 24mm f/1.4 will be aroud $2300

    There will be also a AF-S 50mm f/0.8, specialy made to take pictures of balck cats at night, outdoor when there is no moon, that 50mm will cost aound $3800.

    Also a 360° 5mm f/2 ultra wide angle (no AF-S on that one), to be able to take pictures of your own butt, the lens will be priced at $4850.

    So, investors people, you better buy thoses lenses as soon they will be available because no photographer will buy them and Nikon will stop the production in 6 months, then, you can re-sell the lenses twice the price to collectors people (who also collect Leica lenses).

    Also, there is a message from NIKON to Nikon users:
    If you plan to take regular pictures, go buy your camera and lenses from Canon, Pentax or Sony.

    • WoutK89

      Is it because you are a child, and not able to wait, or, are you just bored and have nothing better to do?

      • Yes, it’s 100% me !
        A borded child who don’t have anything better to do !
        Still, I think Nikon is getting out of reach for many of us.

        • b

          i would not be surprised if the 24mm will be $2000

          • WoutK89

            And why wouldnt it be, I mean, you guys all ask for 1.4, and demand sharpness wide open, which takes plenty of high grade costly glass and engineering. And no, I wont say give us 2.8, if you NEED something less fast, yet sharp, there is the PC-E Nikkor 😉

          • b

            absolutely, i’ll take a great lens for that money. i will not be surprised by a high price tag.

  • Steve

    Dang, I think this is a great announcement! If it comes to pass, I’ll be on the pre-order list for both TCs AND that 16-35. I love my 14-24, but no filters is no fun.

  • Greg

    What about the supposed 100-500mm? Or an 80-400mm replacement?!?!?! Almost ready to switch to Canon.

    • WoutK89


  • Chris P

    If the 16-35 f4 rumour is correct; although I do not understand the VR bit, as VR actually degrades ultimate optical quality and camera shake should not be a problem at a 35 mm focal length. Yes I know there are some who want to photograph things at 0.5 of a second or so, but it must be a static object, as VR is going to make no difference to motion blur, so why not use a tripod/monopod anyway; it means that Nikon are sticking with quality by going for a zoom ratio of just over 2:1. Hopefully we will also see a high quality 35-105 f4, or something similar, to partner it later on. If that happens I will be buying both to go with my D700.

  • Rock Kenwell

    jesus people, just use FILM like real pros! Digital is dead

    • what about painting ?

      • S1970

        Yep, go back to cave painting!

    • Richard

      Oh, come on Ken. I have seen the M9 stuff you have posted. It can’t be that bad. 😉

  • ikonic

    The information, I have is the D700 stock will be drying up soon, probably by the end of March will be the last of D700. So, there will be an announcement due soon, but may not be at PMA. Further to the note, Yes NR is right a whole bunch of compacts are due for the announcement at PMA, and apparently they will appeal to a audience that is in it for looks (guest if the can’t get the image quality right, why not sell it in style) rather then features. I hear no news on the announcement of new lenses.

    Also, on a final note. Most companies have recently cut-cost on their marketing activities, so there is a chance for Nikon to also change there marketing and annonucement plans, to make a combined compact and DSLR annoucnements in one go. Even history hasn’t shown this, it is possible their marketing strategy has changed.

  • Gra

    I’m betting no FX body releases, replacement, addition or otherwise until Canon releases 1DS Mark IV…

    If it’s a 30MP+ beast, anything Nikon releases prior will be overshadowed…and potentially ignored…

    Nikon will want to steal Canon’s thunder by releasing a 24MP F6 style – scaled down D3X probably with more speed than D3X…twin Expeed engine perhaps…after all, fastest CF cards are now about twice as fast as D3X writes…

    • Richard

      As if releasing the same thing after the 1DS MKIV (currently rumored to be 32 MP) release would be any less painful.

  • Ray

    i would buy the 16-35 if its a good lens.. if its not friggen $1200.

    Hopefully the pricing is reasonable?!

    i don’t care about anything else they are releasing cos im a student 😛 lol

  • Gra

    o…and any D700 sized 24MP Nikon will look a relative bargain up against a Canon flagship…

  • NikoDoby

    So does this mean the Nikonrumors announcement party/vigil is off now? What shall I do with all of these beer kegs admin?

    • the vigil is still on – February 2nd, Tuesday, live blogging will be on, your beer will not be waisted 🙂

      • What’s your time zone Admin? GMT?
        I’ll be tuning in 😀

        • I am in US Eastern Time.

          • Ic thanks. It’ll be Feb 3rd for me then 😀

      • Ubiquitous

        Mr. Admin:

        Count me in! These events are fast becoming classics! Thanks for the work.


    that 16-35 f/4 sounds great, but I really don’t know if it would have VR. Does a super wide really need VR?

    • WoutK89

      It does, according to gadget hyped people. The only use I can see on such a lens is for the viewfinder image to be a little less shaky and to justify the slower aperture over the 2.8’s

    • Anonymous

      VR would be useful for shooting video on the D3S/D900 or later bodies…you can always use some form of VR/IS for shooting video.

      • WoutK89

        Proving my point exactly 😛

  • edch

    Seriously, I do appreciate what you did, but I hope you’re wrong this time.
    Please give me SB-700, or else I’ll have to go with either Di-866 or SB-900.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    24mm f/1.4 will be in HOT demand, and it will probably be priced north of $1800. 14-24mm is the best ultrawide lens that money can buy. if nikon’s gonna put N-label on 16-35mm, it’s not going to be sold south of $1500, i am afraid.

    • Ubiquitous

      My guesses are:

      AF-S 24mm f/1.4G = ~ $1,700 ± $50
      AF-S 16-35 f/4G = ~ $1,200 ± $100 (It is the FX version of the DX 10-24)

    • WoutK89

      So, how come the 60mmG and 105mmVR sport an N-label for under $1000??? Just a letter on a lens, does not make it a fortune to produce 😉

  • No dslr. Back to waiting for the D400 :p

  • low

    a canon 85 f1.2 is over 1800…i suspect a 24 f1.4 from nikon to go for 2000 😀 yippe! cash in hand baby.

    • I think $2000 for the 24mm 1.4 sounds right

      • camerausercollector

        Thank god! My wish list is becoming a reality.

      • alvix

        ..hope that for $2000 it doesnt have too much (barrel) distorsions… 🙂

  • dalila

    great news! 16-35 f/4 will perfectly fit my needs
    i only hope it’s not going to be too overpriced

  • At this point, I’m not really looking for a new camera. I do want to add an FX camera for wide angle and low light but I have a hard time seeing any justification in upgrading gear every two years so maybe i’ll wait far a used D3s to come along and buy it when I can. It amazes me how a camera that is absolutely amazing when you buy it, turns into a turd a year later and absolutely unacceptable as a viable option for purchase by most photographers. Unfortunately when I took my D300s to the Barrett-Jackson car auction I found out exactly how slow f4 was when you need to stop (slow) motion in dim light. The 10-24DX isn’t a dim light lens. The D300s handled great at 1100 ISO and I got most of the shots but I do want to get some faster glass. After I buy the 70-200 VR II that everyone hates, I think I’ll try and get some of these fast lenses if they come out soon. The f4 stuff is great for big teles but I think I’d prefer 2.8 or faster for most everything else. I also think I’m done with DX. I can’t justify the expense for something that can only be used on some cameras. What I’d like to see is an affordable big lens (500mm), a 135mm DC, and more f1.4 primes. I do think that Nikon is making big improvements in its lens lineup and has for some time. The cost is a bit prohibitive but the results speak from themselves. Whatever they decide to release, I’m sure it will be fine.

    • WoutK89

      “What I’d like to see is…a 135mm DC”

      apparently you have been gone for over 15 years? Look at Nikon’s website, it is already there

      • yes it is on the website. Try finding a new one anywhere. I think the only place to get a “new” one is on Ebay right now. I have been looking to buy for some time now.

        • WoutK89

          Here in Holland I know for sure they sell new ones still, the 105 I am not sure of.

    • Dr SCSI

      @Nubz, go look at the Sigma 300-800 f/5.6 lens, under $7K it is a very multitalented lens. It costs more than the Nikon 200-400 f/4, but at the long end, it has twice the reach with one stop less than the Nikon 200-400. Any affordable (laugh here) 500mm Nikon would have to come in at f/5.6 and it would still cost more than 2 large, probably closer to $2800. Just buy the 300mm f/4 and add a TC 1.4 or TC 1.7, done….LOL

  • Nikobe

    I hope these rumors are true, especially the 24mm 1.4. Admin, has Nikon ever introduced lenses or teleconverters along with coolpix cameras before? I have this bad feeling that all we’ll be getting are those point and shoots next week.

  • Miksang

    If Nikon wants some money from me, they will have to come with the following FX lenses: 24-70mm VR and AF-S 180 or 200mm micro VR as well as with a new flash with the function of the SB900 but smaller (SB700). The budget is ready!

    • WoutK89

      It would be nice to see the AF-D 180mm f/2.8 and AF-D micro 200mm f/4.0 being replaced by one: AF-S micro 180mm f/2.8 VR

      • rg

        even nicer if it costs 800$ 😀

        • Dr SCSI

          @rg, you need to add another $1200 to that figure and probably a lot more. A close focusing macro, say with 1:2 reproduction at 180mm f/2.8 would be an Olympic Gold even for Nikon. Gold ain’t cheap…

  • Ed

    Just a question, about that FX 24mm lens, is it compatable with DX bodies like D90 etc.?

    • It should be, since it’s AFS. I was wondering about the magnification factor of DX, whether or not 24mm will be appropriate for walkaround lens though 😀

      • Rosco

        Yes, especially if you are like me and use a 35mm equivalent for 90% of your work! 🙂

    • WoutK89

      D90 and up are already compatible with all the AF-D/AF-S lenses out there, so why wouldnt this new one be? AF-S or AF-D, it will work anyway

  • Mau

    And the new D7000 ??? Any news about it?

    • WoutK89

      UHHHH, no new DSLR, means, no news on anything other than speculations, so I assume Admin would tell us when he knows 😉

  • Gordon

    The 16-35mm f/4 lens hasn’t been mentioned or rumoured for months, I don’t understand how all of a sudden it jumps to 95% certainty?

    The more Nikon delays a D700X/D900 the more sales they give over to the likes of Canon and Sony. If we ever see one, Canon users already using a 5D MkII will more then likely stick with Canon and wait for the 5D MkIII, unless Nikon’s mythical body is extremely good.

    • Gordon

      Also there is an expectation Canon will be announcing the 1DsMk IV in February, sporting a rumoured 32MP sensor or perhaps more. With no D700X/D900 announcement, Nikon will start to look rather irrelevant with still only one body with more then 12MP sensor. The D3X cannot carry the whole range forever.

      • Geoff

        If Nikon doesnt come out with something in the 18MP range with a cost of at or near 3k$ AND Canon upgrades the focusing system in the 5d mark II, I am likely to jump brands. Silly to not offer a dslr with more MP than 12 (excluding the outrageously priced d3x).

        I realize they need to be careful since they dont want to stop the couple dozen people who might pay 7500$ for the d3x, but they need to think about we semi serious shooters that like to crop a little more than 12MP will allow.

        I do not have a large enough collection of lenses that I cannot jump brands, however once I get my 18MP+ FF I am planning to splurge on lenses and WILL be locked into a brand.

        Wake up Nikon. I want to stay with the dark side, but you are ( apparently) not doing anything to keep me there.

        I hope we are all surprised and the D700 replacement is offered next month. But it better be 16 – 18 MP .. a crappy 14 wont cut it for me.

        • WoutK89

          haha, made me laugh 😀 Like Nikon is listening. Is it so difficult to wait, or have we all gone infantile, and will be laying in floor crying because big bad Nikon wont give us what we want, boo-boo 😉

  • WoutK89

    “Canon users already using a 5D MkII will more then likely stick with Canon”

    Nominated for most obvious statement of the year. The majority I assume has also invested huge in Canon glass, so the switch is highly unlikely if Nikon brings out a body “outspec-ing” the Canon…

    • Gordon

      Of course it’s obvious, hence why Nikon’s belingerence in releasing an 5D Mk II competitor is just hurting themselves. Any sales they could’ve had if they pre-empted quicker have all gone to Canon now.

      • WoutK89

        I think it is only a small portion, that
        – A: Was already looking at Canon
        – B: Had owned a Canon (upgraded older body) before
        – C: Has enough money to make a switch back if they want…

        I think most users out there, are doing with what they can get now, and stick to one brand, because they are not financially able to make a switch. The biggest market is the one of D90 and below, so making some smart moves there is most important 😉

  • WoutK89

    Let’s put it this way, it is very gullible to believe that 😉

    • WoutK89

      Lol 😀 Its almost like I am losing it, talking to air 😛

  • I’m still wondering about the FX-cameras and their beeing out-of-stock here in Switzerland.
    All FX-cameras are out of stock at the most shops: D700, D3x, D3s. Only a few suppliers show them as available.

    If it would be the D700 only, I would be thinking about a replacement. But what about the D3s or D3x? Is there just a “normal” shortage of that cameras and no D700 replacement on the way?

    What’s the situation in other countries?

    • WoutK89

      Comparing my main shop resources:
      D700, in stock 1800 euro
      D3s, out of stock, delivery time unknown 4500 euro (other store in stock)
      D3x, in stock 5900 euro

  • RumpelHund

    Switching the brands: is this an option?

    Anyone really did it, I mean switch the brand because of some spec or new model??

    Always a lot of “I’m switching!” shouters around. Could not think of many images that were only feasible with only one specific brand.
    Heard of C=>N switchers because of AF issues and of some N=>C for HD, but not in numbers.

    So hands up, who really made a move? It’s nikonrumors here, so most likely no C=>N movers here, are they?

    • WoutK89

      People that really “switch”, probably make enough money to keep their other line of lenses and bodies, so they can pick what brand they NEED at that moment 😛

      • WoutK89

        I meant switch for a newer body*

      • Bob

        It would be a major problem for me to switch. Nikon will come around sometime.

    • Richard

      Nikon experienced a large shift for the Beijing Olympics, reportedly because of autofocus problems with the Canons. The excellent high ISO performance of the D3, especially at indoor events with mixed lighting, surely was a factor as well.

    • I have no plans to “switch” but I have actually considered purchasing a 5D MK II and a 35mm 1.4 only because Nikon has yet to put out anything faster than an f/2 at the 35mm focal length. I currently have a D700 with a D200 as backup and have been looking to buy a second D700 to replace my D200 cause I mainly shoot in low light. I’m giving Nikon a year to release a new 35mm, but if that doesn’t happen I might actually buy a Canon as my “second” body for the sole purpose having a faster 35mm lens. I don’t really give a crap about the Nikon vs. Canon debate and I have no qualms owning bodies from both companies.

  • canphoto

    The price for the 16-35. Any guesses out there?

    • low

      at least $1399

  • Bob

    Well Nikon needs to do something soon. I need to upgrade my cameras. My choice is the D300s or the 7D. I really want the video on my next DSLR. The 7D does have the edge on video. The last thing after 25 years of Nikon use is buy a Canon DSLR but I will because it is what I need.
    Please Nikon make me happy!!!

  • Bob

    I know I know.

  • Weston

    did everybody forget that bob krist was shooting a zeiss lens on a sony body, and not a nikon 24 1.4

    everybody wants a new 24 1.4, but where is there any evidence that it may come out.

    • WoutK89

      bla bla, it was mentioned in this thread, and read back if you want to know “why” everybody forgot 😉

    • WoutK89

      To make a real comment, see the Patent application for this lens!

  • They’d better PO with their bloody VR on bloody short and/or light lenses. Who wants THAT with more clean 12.800 ISO cameras to arrive any day now?
    They’d better work out the bloody, bloody kinks and put VR in lenses that really deserve that kinda investment…

  • morphez

    Can’t wait for 16-35/4 to be announced…no leak picture so far? how it looks like…hmmmmm…

  • hybris

    need to relax a bit
    it looks really bad on the d900 rumor front

  • hybris

    well i still have my kodak 14n
    embarrassing that nikon only can beat a 6 years old camera resolutionvise with one camera d3x

  • That looks like a Zeiss zoom/Sony body to me.

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