The new Nikon TC-17E III teleconverter

Update: Nikon USA corrected their website, the smoke remains.

Just a clarification on the Nikon TC-17E III teleconverter: this rumor is not based on the Nikon website listing that could be a typo (two typos in two sentences?):

I received the information about the new Nikon TC-17E III teleconverter few days ago and after I posted it online today, a reader pointed me to Nikon's website. Coincidence? I like coincidences:)

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  • Teehee, I can tell this is going to be interesting! 🙂

  • guess they are going down the list

  • David Segura

    I guess the used market on older TC’s is about to hit bottom

  • nonbeliever

    there has never been a TC-17E II – so that has to be a typo!
    probably the new one is the II not III

    • WoutK89

      So the lens on the Nikon USA site (says TC-17E II on the barrel) is already the new lens?

      • WoutK89

        Even the Nikon global site says TC-17E II, released in 2004. I guess they skipped the first version and made it ‘II’ immediately

        • Neil

          That is correct. The II always referred to the finish of the lens barrel. The 1.7 TC started life as the TC-17EII

  • Ben

    I’ll be interested to see the reviews of the new teleconverters (the TC-20EIII or if these other ones are true). I might be in the market for a teleconverter for the new 70-200 VRII.

  • Jay A

    I think February and early March we will see MANY new Nikon products – Coolpics, TC, and fast primes.

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