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A little bit of everything. First some rumors that I did not post before since I do not have any confirmations from other sources:

  • Rumor: new Nikon TC 1,7 teleconverter should be released at the end of January. The design should be similar to the new Nikon TC-20E III AF-S 2x teleconverter. I have no previous history from this source and cannot confirm the validity of this rumor. UPDATE: this could be a typo, but the Nikon TC-17E III teleconverter is already listed on this lens compatibility table.
  • I am expecting some details about a Nikon press conference. This time I will not be mentioning countries.
  • Another hint for the rumored AF-S 85 f/1.4 lens: famous German sports shooter Michael Weber is selling his AF-D 85/1.4 lens on the forum, maybe he knows something we don't (I know this is a stretch, but we talking about rumors here).

And some other news:

  • DtownTV is back with a new address: and... it's different.
  • Now back to the 70-200 VRII "issue" - although not yet official, it seems that there is no problem with this lens according to multiple reports from Nikon customer service centers from around the world. Here is another explanation:

"The strange looking edge is glue. In the old version of the 70-200 there was a kind of plastic ring covering the glue. What you see now are the tiny bubbles inside the glue which are enlarged through the lenses. The stuff that looks like dust all over the lens is actually at the edge of the lens. The lenses are grinded during production and what looks like dust are the reflections of the grinded edge."

I also received some reports that lenses were actually accepted for repair. The classification of the fix is "Moderate Repair: Major Parts Replaced":

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  • I’m selling my 24-40mm f/2.8 Tokina on Ebay, we may get a new Nikon 28-75 f/2.8…..
    What about the D900 ?
    It will be hard to keep the tax-back money if I can’t justify it with a new Nikon FX camera !

  • Christina

    Thanks to Admin for some new juicy rumors. You are the best!! Still patiently waiting for any more news on D700 updates, etc.

    Regards the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens drama:

    If there isn’t any problem, according to the Nikon service centers, then why are they assigning a repair category of B2 “Moderate Repair: Major Parts Replaced”, instead of a category of N: No Repair Needed.

    Guess I’m missing something? I didn’t have an intentions of buying the lens (not in my amateur photographer budget), but I have been following this little issue, and am shocked at how it’s being handled.

    • I am sure once Nikon comes up with an official statement, there will not be any more misunderstandings and the service centers will follow their advisory.

      • GlobalGuy

        Some of them must need repair if they are dirty on the inside (like my first version). Most will not need anything.

      • WoutK89

        Are you sure the lens wasnt fixed for some other damages/faults? Maybe there is another problem we dont even know about (yet) 😛

      • Dweeb

        That’s Nikon’s organizational problem one: Letting these issues go on for so long before throwing a bucket of water on the fire, just like the famous White Balance debacle.

        Each service centre has a different explanation: Casting pits from the foam core process have now become glue defects. And the pixie dust is what? Smoke and mirrors now? Logically anyone with the “debris” issue would see no difference once the lense is returned from service if the fault lies with the treatment of the ground element circumference which I believe has never been seen in any other lense on the market. Right now I believe some Google translations more than what’s coming out of Nikon.

        I too wish Nikon would GOYA, issue a release and then give customers the option of their money back. I too am tired of the whole issue, especially reading some damn stupid comments about it on the various net forums. A lot of the “Fan-persons” have really outdone themselves on this one.

        What I really didn’t want to read this morning is that my 3 year old TC1.7 is being replaced so soon. I’ve been waiting 10 years for a 300 f4 VR tele. What a wacko company.

  • Argh I’m 3rd… 😀

    Thanks admin for more rumours. Been waiting for them!

  • Vendetta

    Nothing is write on your report about the problem solved by Nikon. Perhaps it was for a scratch on the lens ? Strange you didn’ t copy all the report but just an extract of it … So it’ s not a proof of anything.

    • Trust em on this one, I have the whole report and it is for the 70-200 “flakes’ issue. I do not want to post it online because I do not want to get anyone in trouble. Do you think I will get far if I start lying and make stuff up on this blog?

    • ken elliott

      “Nothing is RIGHT on your report…”

      Fixed that for you…

  • Steve

    I, for one, am really tired of this 70-200 issue. Nikon says there isn’t a problem with it. No one has experienced an image quality issue with the lens. So LET IT GO! If, at some point, you have an image quality issue, or little particles are moving in your lens, THEN start complaining.
    I am planning to buy this lens in February, as soon as the new camera announcements are out, and I will not hesitate.

    • I agree and I will not write any more on this topic unless there is an official word from Nikon. They can easily explain the situation with some diagrams and pictures and put an end to this rumors (yes, this is nothing more than a rumor).

      • Thank you. It’s good to report initially, sure, but this thing seems way blown out of proportion. As Steve stated, since there have been no cases of image degradation, then people need to calm down a few notches about something they only THINK is a problem.

    • plug

      +1 With luck there might be some downward pressure on price for us.

  • Just a note – Nikon assigns B2 “Moderate Repair: Major Parts Replaced” to every repair that is being done under warranty, no matter how small. This is because under warranty the are going through everything to make sure the hardware is up to factory specs. Recently I sent in my D300 with auto focus problem and they not only fixed that but also cleaned everything, replaced some parts unrelated to focus (grip and compressed memory pcb) and tested everything – focus, TTL, exposure metering.

    My though is – the repair categories are more for internal accounting purposes and they rather resemble number of hours the technician will spent on your item than the actual extend of repair.

    • thanks for the clarification

      • Gorji

        Yes thanks as well. Nikon seems to really take care of the camera once it get its. And it brings it up to specs. Not a lot of companies do this so I’ll give Nikon credit.

    • I’ve had similar experience when sending in something for repair under warranty where the service center replaced a few components which I didn’t related, but hey, I’m not going to complain!

    • Christina

      Hey, thanks for that.! I still can’t afford to buy the lens, but it’s nice to know that if my D90 has any issues while under warranty, that Nikon will give the whole body a good once-over if I need to send it in.

      Very good words all round.

      Thanks, and also thanks again to NR Admin for keeping us apprised of “all things Nikon…. ”

      Now back to dreaming about my FF purchase this year!

  • I’m just hoping some people get scared and sell their brand new lens off because of the “defect”. I’ll buy one used like that. To get a new one, it would have to drop in price a bit.

  • NikoDoby

    “DtownTV is back with a new address: and… it’s different”
    LOL, why admin whatever do you mean? 🙂

    So with more proof that the “flaking issue” isn’t an image quality problem, can we all finally get back to the D800/D900 rumors then :^)

    • Well, It think DTown will turn from a Nikon show to a Photoshop show. I hope I am wrong.

      • Paul

        I ran into Scott Diussa in October of last year and he mentioned how many of the questions they get for the show are not Nikon specific but more so general photography. The new format helps them to address these better.

      • NikoDoby

        Doesn’t Kelby have enough photoshop shows already? I even heard Scott Kelby was pushing a Kelby family reality show for MTV! The man is unstoppable.

        You and I should make our own NrumorsTV show admin. We’ll use sock puppets though in order to conceal our identities 🙂

        • I am ready 🙂

          • NikoDoby

            All we need then is a Nikon DSLR that shoots 1080p 🙂

  • longtimenikonshooter

    It would be quite naive to think service centers in many different countries have been acting on their own in their response to the issues of 70-200mm VR2 without some kinds of hand-holding from Mama Nikon.

  • Vendetta

    no, I didn’ t think it was you but perhaps the person who sent you this report…

    • oh, I see – no, I would trust the screenshots I got

  • GlobalGuy

    I am posting what Nikon wrote on their site referring to a 1.7 III in case they change it:

    “The following lenses may be used with the Nikon TC-17E III, some with noted functional limitations. NIKKOR lenses not listed cannot be used with the TC-17E III. The rear elements of NIKKOR lenses not listed can contact and damage the Teleconverter element and must not be attached! List includes current lenses along with lenses for which production may have ceased. Lenses that are no longer in production are shown only for your convenience as a compatibility reference!”

    It seems like this could be a type ONCE — but to be a typo TWICE?? Not likely! It seems like someone was using the page template and updated it using updated information, removing the title (the title says 1.7 II) — but forgot to delete the content. It is very hard for me to believe that anyone WRITING ABOUT the 1.7 II professionally for Nikon — would accidentally write TWICE that it was the 1.7 III.

    • yep, I have a screenshot – I will post it online tomorrow.

    • Lawliet

      A plausible typo scenario would involve a misguided autoreplace-script.
      OTOH it would make sense to have the same version numbering, if only to avoid questions about why the TC2.0 needed a replacement and the others not.
      Updated optics, a few additional unit sold and a higher initial price may be considered fringe benefits. 🙂

  • PattyNikon

    the TC-17e II did just drop over 100 bucks on as listed on so that could be a possible sign…

  • Alexvaib

    similar typo mistake for the TC-14E III than TC-17E III, the first has been updated Jan 14th 2010 and the second Jan 9th, 2010. Don’t hope this will count for a lens update and that we’ll see true lenses the next month!

    • Good one! How did you get the update dates? I could not find anything in the cached pages.

  • low
  • @ [NR]admin

    I was actually surprised to see the name of Michael Weber mentioned because i just was with him on the 16th of January. He had come down to give a course on sports photography and his amazing works in gymnastics really impressed me.

    I had asked about upgrade of D700 which mentioned that he cannot reveal the details. but when i had asked if i should wait until February , he said that its better to wait as there is a new camera coming .

    I guess iam that new 85mm 1.4 might be in the production line. And yes hes German who works for independent agencies.

    I guess i was lucky to meet this great photographer had a lovely but long day

  • James

    You really need to stop sensationalizing all of this shite, it is clearly not a problem until you are seeing greatly reduced image quality in your photography. It was the same thing with people and OMG zoom creep on a long zoom lens, I mean; if you get a new lens, and expect not one annoying thing to happen, then you should have waited longer to buy it.

    But as far as I can see, this doesn’t affect image quality at all and is just more of a whiney “my lens isnt perfect” issue as opposed to a more functional one. Get over it guys, seriously.

  • @admin..
    please have a look at my write of the trip i had on 16.012010

    you can find some of the photographers photos including Michael Weber here

  • Roger


    How about the lenses “ground”.


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