Is that it?

Bob Krist wrote on his blog:

"I’m shooting another one of those jobs that I can’t share with you (until the client uses the pictures) and it’s a gig that I can’t even show you the gear I’m using (that’s proprietary too)."

The interesting part is that there is a photo of him taking pictures through the window of a helicopter over Miami. You can see portion of the camera, but it is tough to get any details besides probably that it is full frame (based on the prism size). Check also the lens. This could be it!

Photoshop experts, Start! Your! Engines!

Bob Krist is the guy who did the A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting DVD for Nikon, so he is definitely in the circle of trust.

See also the related discussion on dpreview.

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  • looks like the D700 successor

    • nobody

      That prism hump is definitely different from a D700!

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully they got rid of the flash. If you need a flash, buy one. I would like Nikon to give me a big viewfinder like the D3

        • albert


        • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! Pop-up flash = wireless commander that costs me $0.00…

          • Totally agree.

            People, built in flash just will save $$$ in commanding!!!!

          • SZRimaging

            But I don’t use the commander to control any flashes….I go no pop-up flash!

          • Adam

            totally agree, it also makes life much easier to just take out the flash gun from the hotshoe and place it somewhere and use the built in flash to trigger it.

        • or both. not like they are mutually exclusive

          • LGo

            Pop-up flash is practically useless but CLS is a gem. It is possible to incorporate CLS without a pop-up flash.

        • I don’t use the pop-up flash, I never found any use for it.
          When I’m inside and the ceilling is white, I just bounce the SB800 on it and I get a very nice diffuse light.
          And If I’m in a large indor aera (like a church or indor game), the pop-up flash is not powerfulll enough anyway.
          I can live without it if it make the camera little bit cheaper or give a nicer viewfinder, maybe Nikon should give us the choice, for the same camera, a version with flash, and an other version without the flash.

          • wow!

            Wow, are you people really that “perfect’ where you never find a need…ever…for a pop-up flash? Geez, I didn’t think I’d ever use it either, but I swear, it sure has come in handy when my sb600 or sb900 isn’t available or I just need a quick, immediate flash.

    • PHB

      I think we can conclude with a very high degree of confidence that Nikon is designing a new camera aimed at professional photographers.

      And the new model is very likely to be black.

      • Qube

        I concur.
        Nikon is definetely up to something…something possibly to do with digital cameras. (although I need more evidence to make such wild speculations on product colors).

        • PHB

          Only it turns out that the lens has a blue smudge on it, so the folk on dpreview think its a Zeiss lens for a Sony camera.

          • Chris Lilley

            I would agree with that, its a fairly obvious distinguishing mark of the Sony Zeiss lenses.

    • Anony-mou

      Sorry people, not a Nikon, this is clearly a Zeiss lens (Sony). Look at the blue badge (this is not a focus switch), and especially under that you can see the very faint silhouette of that big funny button they have on all Zeiss lenses.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    that lens looks like 24-120mm VR.

    • Canon Fangirly

      It is definitely not the 24-120 VR.

      Look at this image:

      The lens hood is indicating a wider angle lens. There is only an M/A autofocus switch, but no VR on/off switch (another hint for a wide angle). And it does not look like the lens has a zoom ring. My guess is that the lens is a 24mm or 35mm f/1.4 AF-S. The camera is D700 sized and quite likely FX.

  • Finkle

    Given that he is shooting aerials at twilight he is going to want high iso capability and good to excellent resolution. Based on that, I would be surprised if the camera he is using is not full-frame and anywhere from 12 to 24 mega-pixels. I would think a D3S sensor in a d700 style body strong possibility.

    • Good point – if he is shooting under those conditions, this is an indication of high ISO maybe

  • []V[] i k e

    I got this DVD today

    • The DVD is good

      • LGo

        No, the DVD is not good … it is excellent!

  • Andy

    Watson, surely the evidence is as plain as the nose on your face.

    The silhouette of the aforementioned photographical device is clearly of a larger and more elephantine proportion than the Coolpix, and the scale, easily determined by the wedding ring, shows that it is smaller than the hand-cranked air pistol Col Moran attempted his his murder of me in the Adventure of the Empty House. Ergo, what with the slight reflectivity in the air-travelling machine (it’s amazing what our American cousins can invent) window leaves the barest hint of the camera’s other side; the operator’s use of in the crepesculic hours is suggestive, but not conclusive, as is the high speed of the air machine.

    All of these points, when taken in sum, indicate that the hand-held contraption is to be used in an attempt on the life of the Ambassador of the Hotttentots who will be attending a gala performance at the Albert Hall this evening.

    Watson, come quickly! The game is afoot!

    • Anonymous

      I think it was Col Mustard, in the library with the candlestick.

      • LOL you two! 🙂

        Great Sherlock Holmes impersonation by the way! 😉

  • Lia

    why use the 24-120VR when the 24-70 or 14-24 is better. maybe its the new fast f4 midzoom to be bundled w the camera 🙂

    • Cache


    • That’d be nice! Looks very much like the 17-35mm f2.8 to me though – the hood dimensions, single switch (M/A – M). But it would be weird for them to use a 10 year old lens to showcase what a brand new body can do. On the fence…

      • WoutK89


      • Anonymous

        “But it would be weird for them to use a 10 year old lens to showcase what a brand new body can do.”

        How old is that 85mm f/1.4 D they showcased the D3 with? Mid-90s?

    • I’d assume that, given the conditions, VR is more essential than a 2/3 stop of aperture… Hence the value of using 24mm f/3.5 VR…


      • lox

        But not in a helicopter, VR won’t help you much there, i presume.

        • WoutK89

          That’s where you are wrong, Active mode on the VR switch 😉 read about it.

          • bla

            That’s where you’re wrong. Think about the speed of a helicopter. It would take exceptional panning skills to work that out, and given the window edges, I don’t think so. They will get in the way. So, you do not want long shutterspeeds there, VR or no VR.

          • WoutK89

            Have you ever heard of hovering? A helicopter does not need to continue flying, to stay in the air.

          • If a helicopter is in the air, it is indeed flying.

            Hovering is a form of (quite active) flying.

            There are a heck of a lot of vibrations going on in a operating helicopter. VR could help. But seriously quit making up unrealistic lenses.

    • zeeGerman

      Hopefully. The current 24-120mm is Okay on a 12mp FX sensor, but even there it barely convinces. If they release a new FX DX00 body with more than 12mp, they would need a new standard zoom lens to bundle it with.

  • AZ

    for sure it’s not the 24-70, as the hood on that lens is much bigger, can be sth wider – app 20mm on the short end

  • ItsaChris

    Well the white we are seeing is the m/af switch, so It can not be a VR Lens but it is a nikon, for a prime I would expect the switch to be further back on the lens.

    So its not a long zoom it could be a newer version of the 18-35, also it is more tube shape than the 14-24 or 24-70 so they dont fit the bill. I does look like a few DX lens in shape but with the larger VF it does question why he would post a fake like that….

    the dark spot in front does look textured but the “ring” (if it is a ring) almost looks too small – just comparing to the 60/105/85mm micro.

    so it is a nikon that looks like a DX lens on an FX camera that he is allegedly testing.

  • dB

    I second that the lens hood looks like the 17-35, but the lens may appear slightly different…. It’s definitely a wide angle. Perhaps a new one?

    It would seem to make sense for him have a new wide prime up there with him, for the large aperture, although the lens looks a little large for that.

    I have no idea on the camera.

  • NikoDoby

    Somebody email the pilot. He knows 🙂

    I’m kidding guys don’t spam the helicopter co!!!

  • Bob

    wouldn’t Nikon be pissed he is even bringing this up in his blog?

    • WoutK89

      They made him say it, because of all the buzz lately 😛

  • tibor

    THIS IS IT :

    michael Jackson said.

    • Anonymous

      And look what happened to him…………………..

      • Anonymous

        Man in black with yellow glasses…………..

  • Gordon

    Sigh…looks to be another High ISO body and not an alternative small body low ISO/high MP many of have been waiting for. I guess a D700X will never see the light of day.

    • Yeah, probably. : (

    • WoutK89

      “I guess a D700X will never see the light of day.”
      is the performance that bad, even in normal daylight conditions? 😀

  • tibor

    yes it will be a 6MP FF boy. with auto-manual functions. all for the great price of 10K.

  • Worminator

    Since the running assumption ever since the D3s release was that the sensor would be eventually find its way to the D700 body, can we keep the “gee do ya think…” comments to a minimum please.

    At this stage it’s a question of when not if.

  • Peteyy

    Copy the file to NX2, boost the shadows and have another look…

    • WoutK89

      Just do it for us, and post it, we are lazy 😛

  • Nathan Shane

    Here’s a little photo editing to help us see the image better but it doesn’t help too much.

    • Mikey

      Looks to me like a battery grip rather than a D3 type body. I swear if this another 12 MP camera, I’m gonna lose it.

      • Be prepared to lose it.

        Of course there is a chance it’s higher MP, but I’d bet dollars to donuts it is 12mp. And if I’m wrong I’ll figure out what that phrase really means. And eat your donuts. And your dollars.

        And what makes a 12mp camera any easier to misplace than a camera with a higher MP count?

  • NikoDoby

    If you flip the image horizontally you can clearly see the word D800 outlined in Bob’s hair 🙂

    • Dang it, first I need to find out how to do that…

      • Well, you see….you start by getting “an image enhancer that can bitmap”…

      • Then you want to vector in on that guy by the back wheel.

      • Oh, and don’t forget to lock on and enlarge the Z-axis after you’ve completed the first two steps.

        • Nikodoby

          Where’s MacGyver when you need ’em?

        • Anthony

          Just keep hitting the “Enhance” button until you get the detail you want — it worked so well on “Alias” 😉

          • Marshall can do ANYTHING!

          • T

            It worked well on Blade Runner… long before Alias!

  • Anonymous

    Well, you can’t really see the 1st half of the barrel, but the second half and the hood are VERY similar to the 17-35 2.8.

    • zeeGerman

      I think the hoods looks much more like from a 24-120mm. For 17mm wide angle, I think hte hood isn’t wide enough.

    • Anonymous

      “Similar” means not “the same”

  • JBL

    Smells like a demo video in 1080p shot with nikon’s new body and lens!

  • Anonymous

    Forget it! The rumor is all over now! Judging from the pic, I can confirm its’ a COOLPIX P90 replacement!

  • low

    that looks like a dx hood!

  • Nathan Shane

    The more I compare the lens to other lens photos, it does look somewhat similar to the 17-35mm f2.8 – however, I also think it could be a prime lens. I say prime because of the reversed hood, thinking that Bob may not have needed play around with the zoom (if it didn’t have one) and that he was allowing the camera to auto-focus.

    • Nikonuser

      Agreed it looks like a fast prime since it isn’t that long and has a large diameter. And a pretty wide-angle one too, judging by how deep the cutout in the hood is. I’d guess 24/1.4 if I had to guess. And the camera prism looks big. And what’s that under it? An accessory battery grip or a gyro that he’s got mounted to it to stabilize it?

      • Nikonuser

        On second thought, the camera may just be a D3 or D3x with a new, unnanounced lens mounted (note the metal strap lugs–would a D900 really have those metal strap lugs and huge prism?

        Anyone know if Bob Krist uses a D3?

        • That makes the most sense to me, if we exclude all the rumors about the what-cha-ma-call-it. Good thought.

        • D700/D300(s)/D200 all had metal strap lugs…why not?

          One might have reasonably expected 24mp in a light cheap body to undercut and outperform Sony/Canon.

          But Nikon doesn’t function on reasonable expectations and we’ll probably get a D700s, then a d700 w/24mp, and in five years a 24mp d90.

          So it goes.

          All I really want is a wider spread of focus points on FF. Maybe more cross type AF points? –but the D700 does so amazing with focusing in low light, maybe it’s not necessary? In fact, is it my imagination or is it even better than the D300 in this regard?

          • I agree with you on the FX focus points, and I’m a little surprised to hear someone else mention it. The D700 does seem to do pretty well, so I often wonder if I’m just missing my D2x clear-to-the-edge-of-the-viewfinder focus points. I have wondered if they will come out with a new FX focus engine, or keep what seems to be the DX optimized version.

          • They don’t put the AF-points in the center for fun…. they realy do not know how to put them any wider!
            The reason for wider spread AF-points are DX cameras is simple – the DX viewfinder is cropped. So in reality, they are not wider!

          • Exactly. That’s what I was trying to say. The focus points have been optimized for DX, and they have not (for whatever reason) given an equivalent usage of space in the FX format cameras. Where have you heard that it’s due to them not knowing how to make them wider, out of curiosity?

      • b

        i say prime. i can not really see two rings to focus and zoom. i guess the focus ring is behind the hood. judging from the hood 24/1.4!

  • LOL, maybe Krist just made this up to get a buzz started on all the photography forums and blogs! 🙂

    • Nikodoby

      “Father” Bob would NEVER lie to us!

  • sonyalpha

    But admin, somebody even said that the lens is more like Sony Zeiss zoom, look at the blue badge of the lens, and the viewfinder is angled like A700, not curved like D700.

    And compare that with:

    • Good eye!

    • Nikonuser

      No way. That camera body is from the same mold as the D3 (it probably is a D3, D3x or D3s as a matter of fact–see my previous post). He’s holding a Nikon for sure.

      • sonyalpha

        The body mold is difficult to judge, but the blue zeiss badge is clearer and the hood shape bear strong resemblance with ZA 16-35.

        • Sorry, but the blue you see is more likely explained by an incident reflection from the twilight sky. The lens steps down on the end closest to the body, like many of Nikons lenses, but most closely resembling the 17-35mm. And the white spot has a break in the middle, indicating not a “ZEISS” tag, but rather the “M/A” “M” buttons as are on the Nikon AF-S lenses.

          Additionally, the metal strap lugs look quite a bit more Nikon-esque than Sony.

          Oh, and that viewfinder. The front of the VF seems too rounded for a D700 style body. It’s also too curved where it slopes down on the top.

          So what do we have? I personally say it’s a D4, á la the D3/D3X style body. It’s time that it would be out in the wild being tested. He has either a new lens similar in size to the 17-35mm, or he in fact IS USING the 17-35mm. Hard to tell, but I’d probably bet the latter.

          • Lolly

            Look carefully at the photo and perhaps you can see a round button, similar to Zeiss (Sony) lens, right under the blue mark … as for the body, your guess is as good as mine.

      • dragonslayer55

        Judging by the curves on the lens hood, I think this guy has it right – a Sony/ Zeiss combo

        • low

          they stole krist from nikon, its over.

        • I disagree. Read my post just above yours. There’s about an 88% possibility it’s a Nikon “M/A” “M” sticker, and about a 12% likelihood it’s a ZEISS mark. Look closely at the clear space in the white “text”.

  • First Thing – What Camera did he use to take that shot?
    1. The Exif data looks stripped.
    2. No “Flash” Tell tale signs.
    3. Lots of Noise.

    Second I think playing with PS and trying to figure out what is on the body is a bit pointless, if anything it will be meekly reflected in the mirror (note: the helicopter should be very dark to take pictures out a window without reflection).

  • Gary

    A perceptive comment from someone on dpreview re the price drop on the canon 5d mkii:
    A camera with no direct competitor, that is selling well, has it’s price lowered?

    I think we just had the first good review of the upcoming Nikon D900 (or whatever they call it)

    • Canon dont need to drop the price, because if D3x sensor in D700 body will come now, it will be over 1k more expensive than MKII. If they will drop the price, it is to get more sales through better price, not because of D700x/D900 whatever

  • I’ll put a penny on your being wrong. It’s not a Zeiss badge, it’s an “M/A” “M” switch from a Nikon 17-35 or similar. Look at the clear gap in the white text:

  • low

    the hood looks close to a zeiss hood, but not a zeiss. i think its just a 18-xx(x) DX lens.

  • Seems like so much hype over the next camera. What about new glass? I’ll get excited over a 24mm f1.4.

  • Nikodoby

    It’s NOT a TUMOR!, I mean Sony!

    “they stole krist from nikon” LOL best comment so far!

  • Tim

    Let’s just assume for now it is a Nikon. Some thoughts then:

    This is definitely a wide angle. If it was a new Nikon zoom I’m sure there’d be a VR slider too. The hood is similar to the HB-1 on the 17-35 and 12-24. A little deeper perhaps. But the lens looks longer and thinner than a 17-35. I’m going for a fast w/a prime. My guess: the new 24/1.4 that should be in the works.

    From the prism it’s full frame. It also seems to have an MB-D10 type grip on it. So it’s a D700-type of a body. But the sensor? Well, Nikon could put the D3s sensor in a new body. But they probably won’t do that quite yet as the D3s is only just out. Or they could put the D3x sensor in a D700-type body. But then why wouldn’t Bob just be using a D3s or D3x in the first place?

    I say this is a bridge between the two. So it has something like an 18mp sensor (from Nikon?). So why is that exciting? Well it bumps up the resolution from the D3s. So that’s exciting. And it betters the low-light capability of the D3x. So that’s exciting. It would explain why Bob was getting excited about a new body – it does something he couldn’t do before. Otherwise, he’d be getting excited about lens and not the body. It would be a smart move be Nikon given the demand for a hiigher-res “cheap” ff body, without impinging too much on the D3 / D3s market.

    • WoutK89

      “as the D3s is only just out”

      This is one of the less thought about comments! When the D3 came out, nobody knew of a D700 existing. Now everyone is anticipating a D3s sensor in a D700 body, so they better release it soon, or people are pissed for waiting. They both have completely different markets!

      • Tim

        Actually, it is quite well thought out given Nikon’s ability to drag on their tiome lines. The D3x sensor in a smaller body has been more widely anticiapted for much longer than the D3s sensor in an updated D3s. Till recently this was all the rage on this forum.You’re brain may have let that slip though. Go wait and get pissed.

        • WoutK89

          I dont mind whatever they bring, I wont be pissed… But the reason that the D3s is just out, makes no sense!

          • WoutK89

            Or wait, I dont even mind what they dont bring 😛

    • WoutK89

      And for Nikon campaigns, they should use the camera it is for, because there are differences between a D3s/D3x and a D700 body with either of those sensors.

      About being excited for a body, ever heard of marketing? Why cant he be fake excited, do you know Bob personally that you can say he would never do that?

      • Tim

        Yes, actually I think he’s faked it. In fact, he’s probably not even in a helicopter over Miami. I mean really, the whole blog is based on his excitement! That’s if we believe it when he says ‘As Paris Hilton might say, “That’s huge.’.” Or perhaps it’s all just a ploy for some more hits on his website? For people like me who don’t know Bob personally, but now at least we’ve heard of him.

  • ArtoS

    I have Sony Zeiss 24-70mm 2.8 on my table. When I put lens hood reversed I get either Soyn logo or number of lens hood just like something is shown in that picture. Logo and switch look similiar as ZEISS-logo and MF/AF-switch of my Zeiss zoom too.


  • zeeGerman

    It looks like there is only one switch, for manual and auto focus. If this is true, the lens doesn’t have VR. This excludes a new standard lens like the 24-120mm or alike. A replacement for the 24-70mm is also very unlikely. And it certainly isn’t a tele lens. This means that it must be a wide prime or a wide angle zoom.
    Looking at the hood, I think the lens can’t be wider than 24mm. This kills a possible 17-35mm replacement. My guess is that it is the expected 24mm f/1.4.
    It also makes sense to use this lens in a low light condition, like in the picture shown. as they most probably use this lens at a focusing distance close to infinity and wide open, I expect this lens to be quite sharp wide open.

    • Gordon

      The lens hood is the HB-23, used on the 17-35mm & the 12-24mm, i’m sure for other wide angles as well.

      • zeeGerman

        I doubt that it’s the HB-23. The smaller tip seems to be too small, and the bigger tip seems to lay too closely to the lens.
        Something like the HB-25, is a bit closer I think. Also Canons hood EW-83K for their 24mm f/1.4 looks closer to the one shown in the picture.

    • zeeGerman

      Also if you look at the picture of the patent for the 24mm f/1.4 the idea of the shape of the lens, looks similar to what is shown in the picture from Bob.

  • Gordon

    After studying the photo more, it looks like the pro body as it is rather large but also because the pentaprism area is more bulborous then a D700 body.
    The lens looks too long to be a wide-angle prime, perhaps it’s the replacement for the 17-35mm f/2.8 lens?

    Perhaps it has nothing to do with the D900 but he is testing the D3Xs? Testers must get copies of the body well in advance (12 months?) so I’m thinking this has nothing to do with the February announcement.

    • Gordon

      Actually…the lens has a stricking similarity to the 28-70mm f/2.8 however it does not use those short wide-angle lens shade. I still think it’s a fast wide-angle zoom though.

    • WoutK89

      The closer to date you get, the more need for pictures for sample galleries, I assume this is the near ready version that is already in production if announced and released in february. If not, it is maybe still 6 months away from release.

  • gribben

    Its only a test.(do we know that for sure?) It may be long before they have the camera ready and produced. Could be more than one model in the game….

    • Gordon

      As someone mentioned above, it could actually be the D4 which come to think of it seems much more probable considering the look of the body and the type of shooting he is doing.

      • WoutK89

        The grip is looking more like a battery grip to me, isnt body + grip too big for a D3 style body?

        • Gordon

          It looks about right to me, the camera strap is obscuring the body a little.

  • WoutK89

    Most of all, this rumor is so active, it has been mentioned at least four times higher up already 😀

  • Canon Fangirly

    On second thought – it could actually be the new super-compact 100-500mm f/4 Micro which will be priced at $1,200.

  • Gustaf

    who is Joe Reyes? he took the photo, he might know

    • NikoDoby

      He works with the Helicopter company “Father” Bob flew with.

      • WoutK89

        hehe, are you sure Niko? Not another fellow photographer?

    • he is the guy from the copter company (maybe pilot), emailed him already 🙂

      • WoutK89

        Could he let something slip? 😛

      • NikoDoby

        If he’s the pilot then why is he in the back seat! LOL

        Bob Krist told me he’s just the operations manager of the helicopter company.

  • HenryB

    OOh nooo! Looks like a Nikon, ..feels like a Canon… it’s a Sony..!!

  • sonyalpha

    Yes it is a Sony!

    Somebody posted a comment in Bob’s blog, “Relax, Nikon fans. That lens looks very much like a Sony/Zeiss zoom. You can even make out the blue around the logo.”


    Bob’s worry breaking NDA 😀

    • WoutK89

      You are seeing ghosts 😛 Someone else commented, it could be to keep the discussion on topic, before everyone will start flaming that it isnt a Sony/Zeiss and no one would be interested in what it really is. NDA does not make someone delete another someone’s opinion post!

      • sonyalpha

        Nah, NDA asides, there also someone more who said it is Zeiss whose post was deleted by Bob before this guy. See

        no reason to delete because of Sony/Zeiss flaming. Why? You see, even among Nikon users can flame whether it is D4 or D700s or 28/1.4 or 16-35/4 😀

        • WoutK89

          I guess only time will tell, but has Bob been known shooting Alphas?

          • zeeGerman

            Nope, not at all. I would also be really surprised if Sony would ask a well known Nikon shooter, who made more than one educational DVD together with Nikon for their product, and who is friends with several people working for Nikon, to shoot with their brand new equipment. I think they have plenty of people to choose from. I would also be pissed as a Sony shooter if Bob would get this account, and not someone closer to Sony.
            The Zeiss “logo” is nothing more than the manual/auto focus switch from Nikon lenses.

  • Well, I’ve flown Airplanes and Helicopters (mostly airplanes), this does not look like an helicopter to me, look at the seat belt, same as a car (usualy around your belt in an airplane/helicopter to be able to access the control sticks and switches).
    Also the photographer is in the pilot seat !
    I think they are just playing around in front of a green screen and make us think that Nikon will ever relase a new digital camera, or maybe NR is making up all that, just to get more hits on his web pages, who know ?

  • Neil

    Maybe Bob Krist just wanted some extra traffic to his site?

  • pinarello

    i have a 17-35mm with me. i compared with the blown up picture with my lens at the closest possible angle as per the picture. I honestly can not see a difference between the hood on my 17-35 with the one on the picture. the curves of the hood and comparing the angle between mine and the pic is identical. This includes the white prints on the hood. However, as of the lens… i don’t think it is 17-35mm. At the same angle, the M/A-M switch(no doubt about that – it is not a sony) is located aligned with at the top the hood white prints while the for the 17-35mm lens, the switch is higher and not aligned with the hood print. also the switch is slightly further back compared to the 17-35mm. The diameter of the pictured lens also looks bigger. I am pretty sure it is a wide lens though. That is all i can say…

    It is a nikon lens. Woo-hoooo….!!!

  • getanalogue

    afraid that your assumptions are too much influence by wishful thinking. The shape of the viewfinder is definitely Somy’s alpha 850/900 shape. It would be total new design line for Nikon if it would be one. Also, I have a number of Zeiss lenses, I guess it be a 16-40mm/2.8.


    I think this is completely a new line up of Nikon Dslr and lenses, this could be well the MX version. They already have entry level dslr, camera, full frame FX. Hmmm…..larger frame next?

    • Neil

      Most likely “mx” would be a micro 4/3 version which would easily outsell all FX sizes.

  • It’s a Zeiss. If anyone with a sony reverse their lens hood on the sony, you can see the label at the same position as on this photo. (it has a small sony label on the side)

    • WoutK89

      “Our” hoods are labeled too, so that assumption is not one to count on 😉

  • Anonymous

    The viewfinder really look like a Nikon F6 viewfinder, maybe they have use something similar on a new D7″SXH”, D800 or D900…

    Here’s a picture of the F6

  • blinkerfish

    That the hood’s position is backwards suggest that this is more likely a prime lens than a zoom. Also, because he is in a chopper, depth of field won’t be a critical issue can he can shoot wide and far for hyperfocal distance. So, this does not need to be a super high iso body. A moderate to decently high iso FF Nikon coupled with a very fast prime with VR would do the trick.

  • getanalogue

    its an F7

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