Nikon D700s/D700x/D800/D900 confusion

Lame D700

In the past week I received so much conflicting information about different camera models possibilities (D700s/D700x/D800/D900) that at point I cannot say for sure what will be the actual number. And then today I found out why - the rumor is that this time Nikon has sent blank bodies out for testing, without model number and nobody from the testers really knows what the final version will be. I am not sure if they have done this in the past (Leica labeled the M9 as M8 when they sent it out for testing).

Whatever the model number, the consensus seems to be higher resolution and full HD video. I have not received ISO sensitivity, viewfinder coverage or any other details yet.

Jeff-c and Thom Hogan mentioned that Nikon rotates their model numbering scheme and we are currently in the "odd cycle" D700, D90, D3x, D5000, D3000, D3s, D300s. The next one is the "even cycle" D4, D400, D600, D800. If this is true, D900 could be the real name, especially if it has higher MP that the D700.

Thom Hogans predicts release in the first two weeks of February. Β PMA starts on February 21st, 2010.Β Michel Lammerse posted online his own predictions of what will be coming from Nikon.

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  • If the “D900” is the current generation to replace the D700 for now, you think they would really go down 100 to make a D800 for the “even cycle?” That doesn’t make any sense.

    • maybe the D800 will be the replacement of the D600, which will replace the D500 which will be released right after the D400, which will come out in 2011 πŸ™‚

      • GlobalGuy

        Why couldn’t it be the D900? Do you really think that they created the D700 not knowing that they hadn’t used D400, D500, D600? They knew they were using D300 and D700 and D3. They probably knew they were going to use D3000 and D5000. They also decided to keep the D3 and the D80 became too easily the D90.

        Does anyone think any of this makes sense?? Lol. I think the point is to enjoy the camera. Let’s not get hung up on how Nikon throws darts at the dartboard to come up with a model number. They are pretty much all over the place anyway…

        • Nikon’s model numbers may look like random noise to you, but the accomplished cryptographer can detect patterns revealing sensor resolutionsand viewfinder coverages for years to come, the rise and fall of political powers, and the price of fish.

          • Harry Angel

            Lol! That was actually pretty funny!

    • fotosniper2000

      the d40 came our after the d50, and it was more advanced, the numbers dont really mean anything in terms of capabilities as long as there are a correct number of zeros behind it.

  • Great news, I can’t wait any longer !

  • Daf

    Interesting…. wonder what would show up if said testers looked at the Exif data….. ;o) Hint hint testers….

    A new D-SLR by any other name is still….

    … i.e. at the end of the day the name matters little – it’s more about specs + performance.

    • Maybe they blanked the model # in the firmware and the menu?

      • PHB

        If they are handing out bodies without names, they are probably doing the same with the firmware. Particularly since they might well want to run non-standard firmware with added debug info.

        Quite possibly, the decision has not yet been made. It is likely to depend on whether there is going to be an 18MP body or not.

        If its a 12MP camera then its a D700s, no question. But what if its an 18MP?

        I think an 18MP body would be too close to the 12MP to be worth having the two bodies out. It is already a premium priced camera. Given where Canon is, I would suggest that an 18MP camera would be a replacement for the 12MP. Calling it the D900 would certainly make clear that its something different, but they have then run out of room with their current numbering scheme. So D800 would be more logical and D700? more logical still.

        I suspect there is an argument in marketing over whether its a D700x or a D700h or some other D700 type number. I somehow doubt D900 is a likely choice.

        Given that we are likely to have to wait for the D4/D400 to come out before we get a 24MP version of the D700, I would say that an 18MP sensor makes a lot of sense. It also opens up the intriguing possibility of a plastic body FX camera with the 12MP sensor at some point.

        • And why does an 18mp sensor make sense?

          It doesn’t!

          It would cost R&D money and the 24mp sensor would cost none.

          Survey says: it’ll be 12mp or 24mp if it’s full frame.

          12 or 14 if it’s crop.

          • Anonymous

            It could be a 24mp camera with extra dynamic range info recorded, which may bring the usable mp down to 18. Fuji does this. You have 2 modes, 12mp standard and 6mp high dynamic range mode. A 2 mode D700 would be awesome, think about it. HDR mode or high ISO mode.

          • PHB

            The 24MP sensor clearly has yield issues, otherwise it should have been in a D700 body and come down substantially in price already. Also the ISO performance was not what it should be for a camera with larger pixels than the D300.

            I would have thought that a 24MP slate would make most sense for the D4/D400 generation. But I could see an argument for 18MP instead.

            I tend to think 24MP is more likely as it would take a huge improvement on my D300 to go up. An extra ISO stop is not enough, but then again the D300s is not really aimed at D300 owners, at least not D300 owners who don’t have multiple pro cameras. Going to FX is not an improvement in my view, nor is 18MP going to be enough of an improvement on 12 to get me to upgrade. I suspect I am not atypical, but Canon has established 18MP as a performance point.

          • specs

            Apart from all rational reasons:
            People with too much money buy 18MP camera’s when they can get them (Leica M9). I can see Nikon thinking they’d rather have them buying Nikon instead.

  • Mike

    Admin, your silence has been deafening this week. :-). Only that it killed me that there weren’t any significant updates with a potential release so close. By this time of the pre-D90 days, we pretty much knew what thr D90 was all about. For Nikon to have this release so quiet so close to release leads me to believe this is another game changer! Time will tell.

    • I did not post anything for “only” 2 days πŸ™‚

      • GlobalGuy

        Actually YOU are one of the MOST RELIABLE posters for photoblogs. So 2 days feels like a million years. =P

        • jaHko

          I agree with GlobalGuy, I was on and off this blog about 20 times a day checking for any updates. And yes 2 days does feel like a million years. All we need now is some solid info on the specs of this camera . . .

        • Thanks!

      • Gorji

        Admin: You are doing a great job. We all wait in anticipation for the next Nikon Body.

        • WoutK89

          Next Nikon announcement, if they only bring a body, a lot of people will be angry πŸ˜›

  • Pedro Santshess

    At least we have a first faked Photo we can discuss on

    • Jim


  • Tubino

    Everyone seems sure it’s FX. How was that determined?

    • Because I only have FX lenses.

    • Twoomy

      Because we’re talking about the replacement or high-res model for the full-frame D700. If we were talking about a replacement for the D90, it would most likely be DX. It’s not like there won’t be any more updated DX cameras, we just not interested in that right now. πŸ™‚

  • longtimenikonshooter

    so it can’t be a baby D3x at the same time with full 1080p video. what we will likely see is usable ISO at 12800 with full video, 98% video finder, a single CF card slot, and 150K shutter lifecycle, at 4K?

  • Mike

    D300 just got updated, D90 isn’t quite due for an update. Between D3000 and D300s, there is no DX gap that needs to be filled. (Or would be a mistake by Nikon). Not to mention that people in the know who are dropping hints about what they know are at least strongly suggesting that it will be it will be FX. And according to the collective opinion of these forums, the FX cameras that are missing from Nikon’s line up are a higher mp D700 or a D700s type camera or both.

    • WoutK89

      “D90 isn’t quite due for an update”
      The D90 is in terms of life time, more due for an upgrade, than the D700. Has to do with the older fact that pro bodies only got real upgrades after 3 years D300/D200 seized bodies and 4 years D3/D2 sized bodies πŸ˜‰

      But results from the past are no guarantee for the future…

      • Harry Angel

        D70->D70s 15months
        D70s->D80 16months
        D80->D90 24months

        Which would put a D90 upgrade/replacement anywhere from Nov 2009 to Aug 2010.

        D70->D80 31 months
        D80->D90 24 months

        Which would mean earliest Aug 2010 for a replacement.

  • The only things I see about the D900 is by searching “NIKON D900” on Ebay, there is few items for it, but it’s probably typo mistakes or products not yet available.
    I think I did good selling my D700 last month, I’ll sell my D90 soon !

    • I have the strange feeling that you are affiliated to some of those ebay sellers πŸ™‚
      If you google “Nikon D900” you will find about 39,200 hits

      • jaHko

        127000 actually

  • Chris

    I don’t need/want a new body, the D700 is already phenomenal for my needs. I just want more Nikkor lenses and at better prices!

    • SBGrad

      +1 don’t want another body, I want the 80-400 replacement.

      Considering the current 80-400 is ~$USD1800, the replacement will be at least $USD2000 and may be all the way up to $USD2500. People can argue the other way all they want, but look at the 70-200 VR I vs VR II, price goes up for the newer model. The 80-400 upgrade is getting AF-S, so that’s even more reason for a price increase.

      • WoutK89

        AF-s, Nano coating, G-type, A/m-M/a-M switch and VRII

        • +1 on all but the G-type. Why remove the aperture ring from the lens?
          Limits what I can do with it.
          Example: Can’t set the camera to manual and do a long exposure shot while changing the aperture with G-type.

          • Anonymous

            Your camera doesn’t do this in manual mode?

          • Not while taking the shot (aka start at f/22 and go to f/1.2)

          • fotosniper2000

            why would you want to? besides, nikon only carries back wards compatible designs for about 20 yrs. since all bodies made within the past 20 yrs can use G lenses, thats the standard. i doube we will ever see a new lens wih an apeture ring.

  • ashleydudd

    The successor of D700 will not be released until this summer. Trust me. I am telling you because, I’ve just heard from insider. So, enjoy whatever you have right now for 6 months or so.

    • lox

      And I’m telling you that there WILL be a D700 replacement by PMA 2010, plus 2 new primes, one of which is a 1.4 / 24. I am telling you because I’ve heard from an insider who is the boss of your insider. And because I wish for it. There you go. πŸ˜‰

      • longtimenikonshooter

        i can’t wait any longer for af-s 24 f/1.4mm and af-s 85mm f/1.4. just let me know where is the buy button.

      • C Benson

        I would not put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to Nikon, releasing a new camera during PMA 2010 week. If you remember last year at PMA, people were speculating that Nikon, was going to release D400 and you know what happen to that rumour, it went straight into the garbage. So my advice to you and other people, would be to slow down and stop speculating. It does not do you any justice, to get peoples hopes windup and then find out that Nikon will not release D700x/D800/D900 camera.

        I will remind you what Nikon did release during PMA 2009. Lens: Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm F1.8 G, Nikon Coolpix P90, Nikon Coolpix S630, Nikon Coolpix S620, Nikon Coolpix S230, Nikon Coolpix S220, Nikon Coolpix L100, Nikon Coolpix L20, Nikon Coolpix L19. This info came from

        • C Benson

          One final note, if you think that one of the big bosses in Nikon Europe, asia or North America, states that there will be a camera release during the PMA 2010. Just reminder there is only one big boss and his home town is in Tokyo Japan and he has the final say.

        • lox

          Is this your real opinion? We should stop speculating? No more raising hopes? Not being disappointed by dreams that didn’t come true? Aww, come on. This is a rumor site. It IS about speculation, hopes, and sometimes disappointments. I clearly said what I am wishing for, and it’s up to you to take your own decision. Hope or despair, patience or demand. It’s all up to you.

          • C Benson

            I stand by what I said last night.

            You have to understand when people start speculating, other people take the information you providing to heart. When the information does not come to light, people will be disappointed or angry because you gave them false information or false hope. For example you have a son or daughter and he/ she ask you for a new toy. In your reply you say “I might buy you a toy, if you be good”. Your son or daughter takes your information to heart. But in the end you decided that your son or daughter will not get the toy because you fell that he/ she does not need the toy for some reason. How do you think your son or daughter, would feel about your decision not get the toy? Would he/ she be angry, happy sad or disappointed?

            I give you another example: suppose you decided take your wife out to dinner on Friday night. But in the end, you decided to change your mind and not to go out to dinner. How do you think your wife would feel about your decision?

            Getting people hopes up with out proper information is WRONG. Do you think a news reporter puts out fails information to the general public or do they provide the correct information to their readers? I believe 99.99% of reporters, put out the correct information to the general public. In the form of facts, quotes by the person who is being interviewed. As well backup information in the form of sources. Most or all reporters must have 2-3 sources before their article goes to the news editor. If you do not believe me, ask news reporter or TV reporter if I am correct or not.

            I give you one more situation. Suppose I tell you and Nikon Rumors, that Nikon was about to release a new flash SB1000 and I mention that I receive the information for a reliable source. Would you believe me or would you ask me for more information?

            If you think that I’m for real. The answer is yes.

          • warum?

            C. Benson, what are you doing on this blog? You find it interesting and so are many others, so don’t tell us to stop speculating. Every person has a brain that can be used to judge every rumor. When this sites says 99% or 100% sure, it aways happens and this is good enough for me. When it says 40% you must be stupid to make any moves…. it’s very simple

          • fotosniper2000

            hes kinda right, look at that guy up there^ that is now selling his d700. I would never think about selling my cameras befor i have a replacement in hand. what do you shoot in the meantime? what happens if your dreambody turns out to be less tuned to your needs as your previous one was?

        • Jose Vicente Lopez

          I hope that nikon take note of our comments, because many people wich are interesting to buy a new fx nikon such as d700, is delaying their desition because the rumor for the new fx camera.

          Summer for a new release should means a reduction of nikon’s incomes.

          • aetas

            This is just plain silly. The whole point of this site is to put light on the new rumors out there. Just because you are not able to use the site does not mean no one else can. I hope for your sake your comments are for fodder not based on real ideas. I love this site and hope they continue to put out the likely and far fetched, because no one “really knows the truth.

          • aetas

            sorry Jose that was for benson. missed clicked.

      • james

        go home kid and make your own gears.

        • Actually, I’m in the process of making my own lens from some old & broken lenses. Its quite an endevour and it will be interesting to see what happens first… My new lens or D700’s replacement.

      • lox

        I appreciate your arising self-awareness, james. Consider visiting a group of other 12 year old emo kids.

    • for this reason, i got a D300S the other day to play with the smaller video and see what its capable of before the successor to the D700 comes out. I’ve been waiting for 3 months for something to give me a hope of buying something soon. I agree its likely going to be several months, not 2 or 3 before its available. Like someone said above… they’ve never seen such secrecy “so close” to release… well, maybe its so secret because its not so close…?


      • Gary

        It’s not really that close to release if the release is mid to late February…that’s still over a month away…it seems like in the case of the D300s and the D3s that the substantive leaks were more in the 1 to 2 weeks out range…so I don’t believe that the lack of leaks at this point is indicative…

      • longtimenikonshooter

        maybe they will just announce it but delivery date will be six month later.

        • WoutK89

          +1, 1 month is too short to get enough stock to deliver all in february if the camera is now still in prototype phase.

    • heuron

      Dear ashleydudd.
      I think you said that your sister was an emproyee of Nikon Corp. in Japan.
      So, ask her whether D900 is successor of D700, or absolutely new model equiped with a new sensor and body design not relatives, such as D700s or D700x with the same body as D700.

      And if you are a real Japanese living in Japan, please answer a question listed below.
      Who is Manabu Oshio?
      What did he do?
      Who is his wife?

  • David

    I wonder what it says in the EXIF, for the camera name.

  • Gary

    M. Lammerse predicts a price of around 2500 euros…

  • Bob

    The D900 will be 18MP and have slightly better low light capabilities than the new Canon 1D IV. So Nikon will have 3 cameras competing against it – the D3s much better low light same price; D3x much better resolution higher cost and now the D900- similar resolution and slightly better low light capabilities, but about half the price. Who will wants to buy a 1DIV when the alternative competition from Nikon will be so strong?

    • WoutK89

      You are comparing a 1.3x crop camera to 3 full frame cameras πŸ˜‰

      • fotosniper2000

        exactly. he saying you have 1 FX High mp, 1 FX High ISO, 1 FX comparable ISO and MP all against a dx body. Ohh so sorry canon, you suck go away. nobody likes you

  • Adam

    From what I suspect, there will be a D700s (D3s sensor + same ISO ranges as D3s + dual slot + video) and the D900 will be the camera that many landscape and high-res wedding photographers are looking for (improved D3x sensor + dual slot + video)

    Cause in Canon camp, rumor of a 3D and it is suspected to be a low res version of the 5D Mark II with the speed and AF of the 1D series (It will be FF of course).

  • tibor

    Queen speaks about NIKON D900 here :

    • Gary

      tibor: that has got to be the best post about the D900 ever!

    • WoutK89

      Good one πŸ˜›

    • Jer

      Salute tibor, Queen Rulesβ™š

      • tibor

        πŸ™‚ Queen Rules for sure !!! πŸ™‚

  • Nikkor PM

    Why not call it the D714.Hi?

  • M!

    i am glad i m happy with my D3S + D3X pair.
    they should make a D3E (economy version) and a D3Y (wide spectrum UVIR beYond visible)
    and i will have a full set of D3SEXY bodies.

    btw, i think the nomenclature is very important for nikon.
    if they dub it as a D700X or D700S, the current owners will feel it is just an update not worth the money. if the improvements are significant to deem it as a D900, it will draw owners from both D700 crowd and D3 crowd to look into it.

    since they will be finishing with the numbers (D40 50 60 70 80 90 100 200 300 700), i am sure the name will reflect what they want to achieve now in the market.

    • low

      they make a D3C = D3 for Cheap folks….its called a 5dmkii πŸ˜‰

  • NikoDoby

    Nikon is playing us at our own game! They are feeding various rumors with conflicting specs and names to various “people in the know”. The real thing won’t be out until they are ready to unveil it. In the mean time they are laughing at how wrong we are πŸ™

    Give it a few more days and we will have a better understanding of what is coming. Final marketing material should be going through the printers as we speak πŸ™‚

    I guess everyone will be PO’d if it just turns out to be an affordable full frame in a D90 like body without a focus motor and two new lenses huh?

    • Well, that’s what I expect anyway. Remember that duplicate D60 on the website? I wouldn’t be surprised if this “whatever-it-is” will fir perfectly into that slot!

  • grumps

    First things first: Lox, thanks for being so honest! :p

    Now onto serious things. D700 sucessor will be worthwhile (for me) if it has better dynamic range, noise handling in high ISO (hopefully improved over D3s even still), and 18MP plus, and crying out loud: silent shutter… I can keep repeating this one.

    If this happens, it will only indicate D4 (too heavy and big for me) release pretty soon!

  • LGo

    These are the items I expect Nikon to release this February:

    1. Nikon SB-700

    2. Zoom No. 1: Nikkor 24-120mm VR

    3. Zoom No. 2: Nikkor 100-500mm VR

    4. Prime No. 1: Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G AF-S

    5. Prime No. 2: Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G AF-S VR

    6. Prime No. 3: Nikkor 135mm f/2.0G AF-S VR

    7. Nikon D900 (24mp, slightly better low-light capabilities as the D3x)

    This is the item I am most uncertain that Nikon will release. Logically, Nikon would release a new 18mp FX body in a pro-body similar to the D3s rather than in a smaller D700-like body. If the 18mp will however be a DX body, then this possible and quite likely … unless Nikon needs a new FX body to pre-empt the rumored Canon 3D.

    • Del-Uks

      Will the 135 still have the fantastic defocus control?

      • LGo

        No idea on whether the Nikkor 135mm f/2.0G AF-S VR will have the defocus control. This may be difficult to combine with the VR. But I sure hope that the new Nikkor 135mm will still have DC.

    • []V[] i k e

      I would like 24-70 2.8 VRII πŸ˜‰

  • Sash

    maybe Nikon will release powerfull camera with D900 to get ahead of Canon, price will be suitable (big) for such an upgrade, after that, they will release downgrade of d900 to be accessible to those who can not afford D900 ?

    just my thought

  • Chris P

    I have read, and reread, Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books. In them Conan Doyle puts certain phrases in the mouth of Sherlock Holmes, which over many years in my work I have found to be very useful when considering problems. Applying that thinking, I keep looking at some of the questions in the Nikon survey I received a couple of months ago.

    One whole section was based around questions of image quality/pixel count/dynamic range, asking which were most important and which were of less importance. By the time of that survey the sensor size/type of the new camera had already been set and it therefore, in view of the nature of the questions, suggests that it has a Mp count less than the 21Mp of the Canon 5DMkII. It also suggests that it will also have superior image quality and dynamic range to the 5DMkII.

    There was also questions on the present camera owned, intention to buy a FX camera and on video usage if any. It has not yet been confirmed, although there have been rumours, that the D700 is going to be discontinued. Assuming these are accurate, then the most likely specification of the single new model, which will cover to some extent both the D3s & D3x (the D700 covered only one model, the D3), is an 18Mp camera with clean ISO to 6400 (and very usable at 12400), high dynamic range and overall picture quality, with some sort of video capability included and two card slots. Price in the UK about where the D700 started or slightly higher, around Β£2,700.

    Of the other rumoured new cameras I think one will be a revised D3x (D3xs?) which will have exactly the same body layout as the D3s.

    At present the one rumour that I am hoping will be true is that we will get a new AF-S version of the 80-400, providing that it is at its best between 200-400 at infinity. My D700 and I really need that lens.

  • Gordon

    While I hope there is a Nikon release (D700X) in February, currently all the rumours are based purely on the speculations of Thom Hogan and Michel Lammerse. Hopefully we get proper rumours soon and not just opinions.

    • Zorro

      What is a “proper” rumour, and how does it differ from an opinion?

      • WoutK89

        a proper rumor, screenshot like what happened with the D300s for instance πŸ˜‰

  • Joe

    Its call the Nikon K1

    Is a FX body with Kodak 18mp sensor, same with the Leica M9 but tweaked by Nikon.

    • getanalogue

      hey Joe, not sure about the name, but totally agree that Nikon will try to get away from Sony, and the Kodak sensor is fantastic, and Nikon having tweaked it, providing super picture quality

      • LGo

        This makes sense. The Kodak 18mp in full-frame size on a Nikon.

        The only question is whether this new 18mp FF camera will have a rangefinder type of body like the Leica M9 or will be in a dSLR body. If it is the later, then the question is whether it will be in a D3s or D700 type body.

        Hmmm … things are starting to make sense now. So it seems that a new Nikon 18mp FF will indeed likely be announced this February!

        • LP

          Kadak isn’t a CCD sensor ? You will make half of photo with 1 battery!

        • Highlight

          Then I would call it a DX10.

        • Miky

          Just think of the many benefits a FF CCD sensor would bring to a camera designed around it! I say that would be the smartest and most unexpected move I’ve seen Nikon make in a long time…

          • WoutK89

            Why would a move back to CCD be smart, when they are now in all cameras CMOS?

          • Joe

            One benefit of CCD is video without rolling shutter.

          • WoutK89

            It’s a PHOTOcamera, come with something that provides something positive for PHOTOS. Why else would Nikon have gone CMOS if it would heard photoquality?

          • WoutK89

            heard = hurt*

          • Joe

            Its simple, Nikon just choose the best technology available to consumer at this time. It might be CCD or CMOS at any given time.

            And who cares if its CCD or CMOS, as long as it give similar or better performance.

          • WoutK89

            but has the most chance of improvement, CMOS or CCD when you look at photo quality in a camera. I know people want to see CCD for video capabilities, but would the camera still be able to perform better than a CMOS counterpart in terms of photographic needs.

          • Adam

            Hmm, CCD was designed for photography purpose if I’m not mistaken so I dont see why not and besides as far as I recall, all current Medium Format uses CCD, so why not?

          • Miky

            Well, to answer WoutK89 question:
            Just take a look at the review of the sensor of the Leica M9 (Kodak CCD sensor). I’d say that’s very encouraging, and I for one would love to see THAT sensor in a Nikon body. As Joe said, it’d be just great if Nikon just picked whatever sensor/technology is best at the moment and used that, instead of comitting to SOny alone. And right now, the Kodak sensor is sure looking good.
            It would indeed also be a huge advantage for them to go the CCD way (as Joe explained), as this would mean videographers would take a serious look into nikon’s new offering.
            So, to recap: new Nikon+Kodak CCD sensor=better Photo performance, awesome video performance, huge potential market. In a nutshell: a very wise move indeed!

          • LGo

            A well-designed CCD sensor can easily match and outperform a CMOS sensor for photos -and easily trounces the CMOS sensor on videos.

          • Adam

            and also another reason why CMOS was favored over CCD if I recall is cause its easier to produce and the defect rate is lower on CMOS then CCD

  • Gustaf

    what did the “H” stood for in the D2H?

    • nikondude

      either highspeed or holy$hit

  • “the rumor is that this time Nikon has sent blank bodies out for testing, without model number and nobody from the testers really knows what the final version will be.”

    any idea who got a body? any reports about iso / image quality? Frames / sek? 2nd Card Slot? Full HD?
    I mean, these or things that are obvious, i for myself give a damn about the name, i wanna know the specifications.


    • xcm

      YES Phil, U are right! I do NOT care about the name… but if thats true, that somebodys already got for test…. WHO GOT NIKON??? What about specification????? VIDEO???(res, f/s, codec, etc
      Thats the important for me not the name….

    • And who says that all these bodies are the same? They could be, just like the survey, trying out a few different set-ups to a control group to see who likes which more?

      • we dont know. But we want to know. So is there somebody out there knowing someone who got a body and can tell something?

        • f/2.8

          Those who know won’t tell. Those who tell don’t know.

          • C Benson

            That’s very true in your statement.

  • Joe Fish

    If it is a 21 Mp camera, I sure hope it has less noise than the 5D2 which imho is useless at high iso. I have the D700 and 5D2, and use the Canon for low iso landscape only.

  • Louis

    ok i just got word from a tester!!! the EXIF data says “D700000000900shx” haha πŸ˜‰

    who gives a shit what it’ll be called lets just celebrate it’s soon to come!! πŸ™‚

  • Darz

    It has to be a high resolution camera to compete with Sony A850-900 and Canon 5D MkII. Otherwise it makes no sense to release anything.

  • Joe Fish

    It has to be better at everything. Not just hi-res
    Otherwise it makes no sense to release it.

  • souelle

    Not over 16 or 18mp please, the bigger the photosites, the better the image quality, better in low light and the most important, better dynamic range.

    We don’t need 21mp. To get decent image with the 5D MKII, Canon blur the image quite a lot, you loose every fine detail in the process and we certainly don’t want it on a Nikon D700XS-D800-D900… I prefer image quality, amazing dynamic range and fine detail precision over bigger image that are soft and blur.

    and between 18mp and 21mp, on an horizontal line you got only something like 432 pixel more: 5616 pixel (21mp) and 5184 pixels (18mp) wich mean a 18,7″ print vs a 17,3″ print if you print in high quality (300dpi), that’s not a big difference…

    Please Nikon, a “Dwhatever” FX camera 18mp with improved dynamic range and high iso + Full HD 1080 24fps movie… πŸ™‚

    • And what about 30fps + micro input for the video ?
      The ones I take with my D90 really looks funny.
      The great thing about video in a DSLR is the possibility to use our photo lenses.
      I don’t think autofocus is very important for video.

    • Jer

      Have you guys seen Clarkvision’s graph on pixel counts for FF sensors. He says it will take 33mp to reach optimum balance between pixel count and photosite size on a FF sensor.

      • Very interresting, thank you.
        Anyway 32MP will be good for a 16×20″ at 250 dpi, who need more ?
        I’ll get myself drunk if the new Nikon offert more than 24mp !

  • Joe Fish

    Yeah !

  • photonut

    ML predicts 24-120 and 80-400 replacements.

    What happened to the 16-35 f4 which was supposed to be released back in November. Vaporware of the year 2009/10…. ?

  • WoutK89

    Was the 24/1.4 in a patent lately, or did we deduce it from it something else?
    Knowing Nikon already has the 24 PC-E lens, I think they would sooner make a 28/1.4, so that another focal length is covered. If people NEED 24mm, they can go with the probably equal priced PC-E lens.
    How many people really need 24 instead of 28mm? Is 28mm too close to 35mm? Just wondering what drives people to one lens, while there already once was a 28/1.4.

  • lox

    Must be some kind of a strange trend, to change your name to lox and confess that you’re an asshole. The world is strange these days.

  • it is coming….. and all the wishes, + few more will fall upon thou. just few more weeks

  • Cache

    I hope the new 18MP sensor (if it was true) uses new tech like back-illuminate like SONY’s EXMOR-R. Or something similar to X3 (Nikon has such patent filed).

    Nothing will be interesting if they only simply increase pixel count.

    • WoutK89

      Sony’s exmor R is only effective on small sized sensors.

  • Oliver Richter

    D400 (D900), 18 MP and 1,2 Crop (20×30 mm Sensor), not a FX or DX.
    Sorry my English is not good.

  • Gary

    Canon just lowered their price on the 5d mkii body from 2699 to 2499. Thom Hogan believes that is in anticipation of what Nikon will be releasing. If so then the price on the new Nikon will be more likely in the 2500 to 3000 usd range…which would be terrific.

  • Bob

    Nikon needs this to stay in the $2000 to $2500 range or less.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      if nikon prices it under $3K, then there are a lot of corners that have to be cut. it won’t give us 100% view finder, robust weather-sealing, or dual CF slots. for me, 100% viewfinder is far more important than others. maybe that’s just me.

      • WoutK89

        Would you take 100% viewfinder in trade of a lower magnification?

        • longtimenikonshooter

          D700 was my backup for D3. one thing bothers me most is its 98% viewfinder. Maybe that’s just me. Now I use D3 as backup for D3s. If Nikon’s soon-to-be-announced Dxxx doesn’t have 100% viewfinder, I will not consider it.

      • Gary

        Don’t underestimate what can be achieved with the advances in technology. Nikon surprised everyone by delivering the D700 at its price point, and they may very well do the same again.

  • Bob

    Nikon needs this to stay under $2500. But whatever it is going to be it will need 1080HD with manual controls. Maybe 18 MP. $2500 if FX. $1700 if DX

    • Jeff

      What they need to do is quit being behind the curve and get ahead of it. Look at the A900 with the same sensor as the D3x and rumor has it that Sony’s next soon to be released will be 32MP. It makes no sense to be playing catchup with Canon, but if they are then the price needs to be comparable.

      I’m a Nikon shooter, but I like the Sony model. Less costly bodies and premium lenses. Considering our lenses hold value and the bodies drop like most other electronics it’s self defeating for Nikon and Canon to continue putting out bodies that are so costly and not only outdated in two years but 1/2 the value too!

      The pros might be able to write off the upgrade losses but it’s not sustainable for the balance of the serious non-pros.

      • Christina

        Thank you for saying this! I agree 100%!!!

      • C Benson

        Thank you for answering my question. In the past I asked everyone on Nikon Rumors, why is Nikon going backwards instead of going forwards on improving their camera bodies. Nikon has this idea that everyone wants video, instead of improving the quality of CMOS chip, better ISO settings and better noise reduction. I also stated that Sony & Canon, are producing better cameras and better price range for their customers. Why is Nikon not doing the same? I also stated that Nikon, is using Sony chips for their cameras. Sony has A900 model camera, that uses a 24 mega pixels CMOS chip and sells less then $3000.00 Canadian. Nikon has D3x at 24 mega pixel retail value around $8500.00 Canadian before taxes. What is the difference between the two models? Nothing.

        You have my vote on this subject.

  • I didn’t bother to look at the previous comments, but 9 is not even. It’s an odd number. Therefore, if we’re in the even cycle, then it could be the D800 if released this year, and the D900 if released in 2012.

  • Louis

    QUESTION: early next february i’ll have about $5000 coming my way….. now my dilemma is: with everyone selling their D700’s for 2/3rds the price, and the option of bargaining down to about $1500, what’s smartest:

    – saving more for the D3s and even more for the 24-70

    – getting the D700 REPLACEMENT with possibility of buying the 24-70 without any additional savings necessary…..

    – OR: getting D700 with MB-D10 and 2 batteries etc. for $1500 (used) and enough cash to buy 24-70 and 105 2.8 + R1-C1 or something along those lines??

    • WoutK89

      I’d say, the D700 is a very capable camera, and lens makes the photos anyway. If you are missing the lenses, but have the camera would be a shame.

      • Louis

        thanks for the input – if only i were a millionaire instead of a student πŸ˜€
        i figure the D700 is really cool, but with the D90 it would make more sense to get something significantly better…. i guess at my current stage i’m looking at more and more paid jobs, so i’ll have the money for lenses in time…..
        right now i have 3 DX lenses covering everything from 11mm to 300mm and the new 50mm 1.4…. only time will tell what i’ll be able to get with my money πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    it almost seems to easy to make bodies nowadays

  • simon

    Who gets to test these blank bodies? Guess they are under penalty of death if they leak any info…

  • C Benson

    To warum?

    I standby what I have said in the last 3 statements. There is only one source you have to go by and that person lives in Tokyo Japan. That is my final statement on the subject.

  • bob

    a friend of mine shoots with a test camera for nikon. all he says is: wait and see, it is a camera you really want. that’s all. he refuses to answer any of my questions. but he’s still a friend. πŸ™‚ i wish i knew more…

  • Daf

    Wish they’d hurry up. My D200 is now on 89,000 actuations. Coming close to the dreaded MTTF 100,000

    • LGo

      I would not be surprised if the D200 will reach 150,000 actuation without having encountered any problem.

      The more important question here is whether you can wait until it fails before upgrading! πŸ™‚

    • Bill

      Daf? Question, how does one find the total shots? Since my D200 is reset now and then, I have no clue how to determine actual clicks. Same with my D100. It has a completely new shutter mechanism in it and I dont think I have taken 200 pics with it since I had that fixed. So I’m not sure what a reading on it would be..original clicks or new clicks.

      • Gabor

        Download and install the preview extractor, use the “Shutter Count” menu option. Feed any photo in it which was taken near the end of your old shutter mechanism. This will tell you the actuation with that shutter. Now repeat process with a recent photo. You got the rest…

    • Nick

      My D200 is at 150,000 and D100 at 200,000 – never serviced. Nikon builds a tank. D300s only 3 months old at 40,000. Going strong!

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