New year, new rumor: Nikon D900 (updated)


  • Nikon bag for D900 (this bag is made by Nikon and both D90 and D900 are listed as compatible):

  • Nikon D900 battery initially I thought this is a typo, since the same battery is used by the D90, but if you look at the bottom of the page they have two separate categories for D90 and D900. Note also that the "D900" is present multiple times on that page - difficult to make multiple typos at the same time:

  • Amazon is buying "Nikon D900" ads: if you google "Nikon D900" you will see Amazon advertising for Nikon D900 and the link goes to the Nikon D700 product page (conspiracy theory: Amazon owns dpreview; dpreview always get cameras in advance; Amazon is always the first one to offer pre-order options when a new camera is announced (usually 2-3 hours after the official announcement - for comparison it takes B&H and Adorama few days to update their pages). It is hard for me to believe that someone at Amazon is waiting for the announcement and then creates all the products entries – they must be created in advance, which means that Amazon probably knows what is coming):


Original post:

Bower Inc. produces a variety of photo related accessories, sold mainly by B&H and Adorama. In their online catalog (pdf file), Bower lists the battery grip XBGND700 as compatible with Nikon D300/D700/D900:

Same is the description on their website - you can see that this is not a D90 with an extra "0" typo, since the D90 grip is a different model:

B&H lists this product as compatible only with D300 and D700 which could mean that the description was updated recently:

Now, I do believe that certain manufacturers get a heads up from Nikon about upcoming products in order to adjust their product line. If this is the case here remains to be seen.

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  • optimaforever

    and they list 7D mkII as well???

    • Paul

      good catch

  • hilary bush


  • edch

    doesn’t seem to be true

  • Randy

    Why doesnt someone just contact Bower and ask why the hell its up on their site????

    • I have done this few times in the past. Usually the person you would be talking to doesn’t have a clue about Nikon models and they cannot provide any valuable information.

      • GlobalGuy

        Don’t be jerks, people. You aren’t paying for services, you are just leeches. Accept the rumor and be nice about it. Its possible that someone heard something about a D900 using the same battery grip and that person wrote it into their catalog.

        THAT BEING SAID, it was indeed most likely to be a misunderstanding or a typo that had originated bureaucratically in paperwork. The admin has a right to post any intriguing even quirky possible rumors without having to debunk them. On slow weeks, this is in good fun.

        You’ll note that he seriously investigates the more meaty entries and even holds back on them. But on a rumors site you’d have to expect that half of it is gonna be rather “Magic 8-Ball” / “Fortune-teller” -esque. So don’t give the admin a hard time.

        This is one of the better rumor sites out there, far more consistent in material, and any regular reader can distinguish the slow-day/for-fun entries vs. the serious meat and business, which comes along less regularly due to Nikon’s serious efforts at corporate secrecy in development.

        Basically, cut some slack and learn to have fun with rumors — or go read a newspaper if all you want is “just the facts, ma’am”.

        • Jim


        • Very well said, GlobalGuy! NR is one of the sites that respects the reader by letting him or her judge him/herself. NR is absolutely perfect the way it is run now.

          And a big thank you to the NR staff (you’re a staff of 1? ;), and a happy new year to all!

        • Matthew

          I agree with you as well. sometimes people do miss the point of a ‘rumour’ – we’re supposed to treat it like little stories that keep us entertained, instead of getting angry

          NR Admin has definitely done some research and thinking before posting rumours up (aka screening those that are blatantly wrong, though he sometimes post it up for us to have a laugh). anyway. NR, thanks for all the joy (and sometimes facts) you’ve brought us, and happy new yearar!

          • another anonymous

            thanks admin

        • dnerd100


      • Alex

        Ok Anonymous, my comment was directed at a guy who was being rude to admin, his comment was deleted. So now it looks like I was replying to admin, and I wasn’t. Admin, since my comment earlier is no longer relevant, could you please delete it? Others are getting the impression I was rude to you, and they never saw the comment that was there before. I would never say something like that to you, I was sticking up for you. I love this site, and the work you put in to it. – I hope this clears it up for you Anonymous.

        • Alex

          And by the way anonymous, I don’t care if what you said was a misunderstanding, you have not a single clue about me, so name calling like that is pathetic and unnecessary.

        • Sorry guys, this is my fault – when I deleted the comment did not realize that there are a follow-ups (I am deleting it from my admin panel and the comments there are not threaded). I think there is also more than one Alex here 🙂

  • KT

    I can see Apple informing the iPod Eco-system of suppliers and accessory manufacturers about an upcoming model update but somehow can’t see Nikon contacting these Bower guys even for an invitation to a store opening. I think it’s very far-fetched.

    • EB

      Yeah, Bower is directly competing with a nikon product but in a different price range. No way nikon would give them information.

    • Stephen

      Most companies welcome competing accessories. It creates a more healthy environment to own the equipment, and that makes their sales increase. It’s very standard practice.

  • It’s maybe a special deal, buy 1 D300 get 2 free !

  • low

    uh oh…

    • Alex

      I see that it had begun…then changed

  • Daf

    Think it’s dubious also.
    -The jump 700->900
    -7D Mkii as someone above mentions
    -Nikon would have their own battery grip so not so much in their interest to inform such people of models in advance. Lens manufacturers and key book publishers maybe, smaller accessory makers – I don’t think likely.

    • Nikon may still be making money of licensing to other manufacturers. For example if you want to produce f-mount lenses, you have to pay Nikon licensing fees for using their f-mount to make profit. This could be the same situation. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I once talked to a Zeiss representative and asked him why they don’t make lenses with built-in motor (AF-S) for Nikon. His response was that Nikon’s licensing fees are too high and it would not make financial sense for Zeiss to do it.

      • EB

        Patent protection varies from country to country, as do trademark laws. In any case, the patent for the F-mount probably expired sometime around 1965 so nobody any longer needs to pay licensing on it.

        AF-S is almost certainly a registered trademark and the technology patented, the patent will expire soon or it already may have, the trademark wont. So you could design a lens with essentially the same mechanism of a AF-S lens but not be able to call it AF-S, you’d have to say “In lens focusing motor” or the like.

        I have little information on patents on Battery grips but I suspect the Bower design is different enough that there would be no need for licensing fees. Plus, nikon can license for any amount they chose, and if those cheapo bat grips are being sold for $50 or whatever, you can bet Bower isn’t turning a large enough profit margin to afford kicking back any appreciable amount to our friends in Japan.

        • donde?

          I can imagine you need a license to get all the details about lens-camera communication. Otherwise how do you know what those 0101000101 that the camera sends to the lens mean? And then: What should the lens reply?

          • Its called Reverse Engineering. Companies do it all the time, for everything. Design equipment that can listen in on the conversation between the lens and body, design your own system to speak to the body, and if it works, you can use it… provided it does not do it the same way as the original. The result can be the same, the process cannot. Thats what is patented, not the end result.

      • Daf

        Fair enough – didn’t think of that.

        I imagine “stupid” hardware may be easy to make without a license, but battery grips do have some intelligence in them i.e. the battery monitor stuff.

        • It’s called reverse engineering, and it’s how third party lens manufacturers make AF-S and VR compatible lenses. Basically the camera and lens are treated as black boxes and the engineers for Sigma (or anyone else) have to figure out how they works. If they just took the lenses apart and copied them then there’d be issues – which is also why they have to review patents and make sure that they don’t infringe on any – unless Nikon is willing to license the technology and the third party manufacturer is willing to pay. I don’t think that is the case today – it’s why there can still be compatibility issues with 3rd party lenses, and it’s also why they do everything slightly different from the camera manufacturers (i.e. make everything just different enough to avoid patent infringement).

          The same approach can be taken for software development. Company A might spend a whole lot of money and time developing a program to do some specific computing task, and Company B is falling behind because it doesn’t have a competing program. Company B can take the program Company A developed and test it, finding out its output for any different input (basically finding out what it does). Company B can then try to develop its own program that gives the same output as Company A’s program. What’s at stake here is the copyright (and possibly patent) of Company A’s code. The copyright is not violated if the source code of Company A’s program wasn’t used to make Company B’s program (i.e. copied, of course), and any patents aren’t violated if the mechanisms (how it works) are different. If there are patents, Company B would want to study them and try to come up with an alternate method of achieving the same end.

          So that’s how I understand it, anyway.

          One interesting variable is the question of how much of Nikon’s lens and camera technology (particularly the manufacturing processes) are trade secrets rather than patent protected. There are some distinct reasons to avoid getting a patent – most importantly, avoiding letting the competition knowing what you are doing.

  • +1 for the Admin. I think someone at Bower is clueless. Not much to see here, move along.

    • f/2.8

      Or someone at Bower is a genius. Got you guys all reading and talking about the Bower offerings. Didn’t have to pay a dime for the airtime.

      • EB

        haha, touche.

      • Daf

        Had thought of that.

        Very clever/sneaky way of driving traffic from tech-interested people (i.e. just the target market) to your site. Wonder if there’s a name for this….

  • jd

    Interesting…guessing we will see a d700 replacement this year for sure, will it be an 800 or 900?? Excited to see what Nikon will bring us this year

  • not so convincing, but those guys are also selling a 3D add-on cap for Nikon D900 (see last sentence)

    • Randy

      But it doesn’t list the D700 as compatible nor the D3s?

      • WoutK89

        people need to pointed at their mistakes, like a dog, stick their nose in it 😉 (just kidding about the dogs)

        • GlobalGuy

          This still possibly an error. Or maybe the D90 will be refreshed to a D900? Would that make the D800 a D80? I dont understand Nikons new naming scheme…….. D3 -> D800 -> D90 -> D5000 -> D3000. It makes no sense. For all we know, the D900 is a D3000/D40 replacement… it has the average number of zeros. ;-D

  • Steve

    But why would a D900 be coming? More logical would be a D800 or D700x or all the other names we have been discussing?

    • WoutK89

      only thing I can think of, it has the same sensor as the D3x and so it is alike the a900, or is that also far fetched?

  • Derek

    If Nikon choose D700 for the FF model of the Dx00 I really don’t see the point of jumping in on D900 without a D800 before.

    • true, unless is a new concept/product line

      • EB

        but sharing enough components to be cross compatible with a grip?? idk.

        • Lawliet

          That woudn’t take that much.. The same chassis underside and not that different power requirements. The Dx00 already have a voluminous body, i don’t think they’ll cram enough new stuff in to enforce a change.

          And sharing accessories is a definitive plus in my book, even if only for psychological reasons. I hate having perfectly good stuff I can’t use anymore just because of an additional notch with no function other then forcing me to buy the same thing again.

      • YES!! The D900 is a baby D3x and the D800 will be a fat pixel baby D3s both sharing the same bodies. They are also developing a 36MP camera with 1080p and no rolling shutter problems and that has less high ISO noise than the D3s. It will simply be called “The One.”

        …then I woke back up and had my coffee…………….sigh

  • Anonymous

    Hogan already talked about a D900 in July!

    • dave

      Ya, and Hogan also said the D700x would be out by end of 2009.

      • WoutK89

        I think there is some truth of it out there, but it never came past the prototype phase… think about it!

    • Daf

      In July 2008 he said:
      “I’m going to go a different direction: no D3x. Yes, a 24mp FX body, but it’ll be the D900”

      D3x promptly turned up Dec 08

      • PHB

        OK how about this for an alternative theory. Nikon originally planned to launch the experimental sensor 24MP as a D900 with a D4 to follow in the near future. So they released a prototype to select photographers.

        Then they decided to launch it as the D3x instead. But the prototypes circulated far enough for someone to tell Bower that it used the same battery as the D300/D700 and could take the Nikon battery grip.

        Alternatively, Bower noted the Nikon entry and assumed that their grip will also serve.

  • Gorji

    What will happen after the D900 comes out when Nikon wants to put another camera out? D1000?? Doubt it as the 1000s series is already being used. Can’t go the integer route either (D1….)?

    • WoutK89

      Nikon still has up to D40 to use (D10, D20…), and otherwise they can go the re-use route, when time has passed long enough. Or they distinguish DX and FX with DX10 and FX10 and so on…

      • Gorji

        Yes that is very sharp. We can see a Nikon D200Dx or Nikon D200Fx.

        • PHB

          More likely there is a DX-x00 line, a DX-x000 line and an FX-x00 line.

          But it may not be so much of an issue as people think. The mirrorless format could well kill the market for budget DSLRs. I don’t think we will see the end of F-mount, but it could well be reduced to only being a pro/serious amateur format.

          Mirrorless is unlikely to ever offer more than 24MP, but that is likely to be enough for the consumer market where all they really want is something a bit better than a point ‘n shoot.

    • Bob

      It will be the double D’s after that!!!

  • AS

    I think it’s very possible to see in the next months a Nikon D 900 because of the concurrence from the Canon 5D Mark2 (and with a D700 with D3x sensor, Canon is once again defeated). These are of course my speculations but if it will be true, than the D900 name is more appropriate (the Sony flagship 24,5Mpix sensor is also called ‘900)

    • Jay

      yup and then the 5dmkIII will come out and defeat nikon and the nikon d5billion will come out and defeat canon… seriously where do you people come from?

  • litebyte

    It can’t be true, several people who do know like Thom Hogan say it will be named D800.

    • Gordon

      I’m pretty sure Thom bases his D800 assumptions from another DPReview poster (M Lammerse), not necessarily his own sources. At least that has been my impression.

  • Anonymous

    The D900 is definatly just a typo.

    • Pebbles

      Just like your botched “definately.”

  • Nathan Shane

    Call it kinda crazy but as far as names go, Nikon seems like they prefer to use the “odd” numbers a little more so than the “even” numbers, D3, D300, D700, D3000, D5000, D90…so a D900 certainly doesn’t sound out of place for a name to me. And yes, I know we have the “even” numbered D40/60/80 but there are far more models that use the “odd” numbers. And as far as what lettering scheme, I wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t eventually change to “HD” in the future, I certainly don’t see Nikon using the “Mk II” lettering scheme.

    • WoutK89

      You are joking, right? 😛

      D200, D2xs, D40, D80 were all together once. Next up are most probably even numbered successors again: D4, D400, D800, D8000 (D90 big brother), D6000, D4000, and so on 😛

      • f/2.8

        He just didn’t present you with all the facts. He may be your future mayor if he keeps it up.

    • Gorji

      Also good observation. There was no D600.
      I can see a HD-D200 or HD-D4; Or a SHD-D4 (SDH= supra high definition).

      • Canon Fangirly

        Is it not pretty obvious why there was no D600? Because it will be DX …

  • I like these finds. The D900 seems like the wrong name to me, but with this type of find coming it is leading one to believe the D700 is coming to an end soon. Keep up the good work.

    • WoutK89

      We’ve been saying this for the past year already 😛

  • MacXtor

    I want a D800 Nikon!!

    This is my spec: Just do it!

    New FF Sensor (not sony) 18mpix
    Iso range 200-12800 + L1 H1, H2
    New body (Like a half D3 body)
    New grip (with lcd and wi-fi)
    Expeed II
    AF Multicam FX4500? or the improved FX3500 from D3S
    Dual processor
    100% viewfinder
    720p video (motion Jpeg)
    1080p Video (x264?)

    Wouldnt this spec be nice?


  • yeh

    What a load of bollocks. How likely is it that Nikon are going to release an unreleased product’s spec to the manufacturer of a competitive third-party accessory (a battery grip in this case)?

  • why would nikon give headups for those they try to fight?

    third party accu and accessories manufacturers are enemies

    • Alex

      not if they’re done under license.

  • Nikonuser

    “The answer is near. Six weeks away.”

    This was said by Thom Hogan exactly as quoted above, exactly one hour ago. It was in relation to the question about teh possibility of a D700-like camera with a higher pixel FX sensor. Remember, Thom, while not completely in-the-know, does receive tips from time-to-time, and often knows more about future products than the average user.

    • Nikonuser
    • scott

      Lots of speculation in there about price too. Biggest question to me is going to be whether its worth the premium over the current D700 offering at its price level. Im going to be annoyed with myself that I waited for the replacement if it comes in at $1,500 more than the D700 and only offers 18mp and 1080p video haha

  • hairy monster
  • Astrophotographer

    Very odd. I found a D900 reference at Amazon:

    One vendor might be a typo. Now three is suspicious!

    • Two thinks to note here – this is a Nikon product and the D90 is already listed separately (not a typo). I will look into Google cache to see if those were changed recently.

      • Astrophotographer

        An interesting note. On the Amazon page the D3000 and D300s are noted but not the D3s, only the D3 and D3x.

        • WoutK89

          Do you see anything missing in the side bar here?

          It’s on Nikon’s own website!

        • just some more oil to the fire: Amazon owns dpreview, dpreview always get cameras in advance, Amazon is always the first one to offer pre-order options when a new camera is announced (usually 2-3 hours after the official announcement). It is hard for me to believe that someone is waiting for the announcement and then creates all the products entries for Amazon – they must be created in advance, which means that Amazon probably knows in advance what is coming.

          • another anonymous

            NR admin, how much of that oil to the fire you mean? i didn’t see any rating to updated battery rumour please….

          • I usually rate rumors from my own sources, since the readers don’t know previous history of their reliability. All of the above mentioned information is available online and my rating would be as good as yours. I did not receive any tips from my source about the D900 yet.

    • Gary

      Good catch, Astrophotographer! And that bag is manufactured by Nikon…it’s not a third party vendor. I agree that there seems to be a lot of D900 references showing up in accessories listed online…

      • dave

        Interesting that the bag is compatible with D300s but not D300, even though it IS compatible with D80, D70s, etc…

  • Gary

    This also has me wondering…if the D900 is real, perhaps it is not intended to replace the D700 but occupy a new niche in the product line…it may very well be priced somewhere in the mid 3k to low 4k range.

  • if you google “Nikon D900” you will see an Amazon paid add on the right that links to the D700:

    • Astrophotographer

      If I understand how Goggle’s ads work, then Amazon paid for “Nikon D900” as a keyword. Hmm… are they expecting something?

      As a test I put in “Nikon D600”, No Amazon ad. So it’s not some blanket coverage of keywords by Amazon.

      • the interesting part is that links to the D700

        • GlobalGuy

          I wonder if someone already owns D800 and if Amazon is hedging its bets for the future? Or maybe just redirecting misspellings of the D90 or confusions with the D700 (typo redirection). In advertsiing you have many companies that would buy mis-spelled domain names under the same principle — to redirect traffic.

        • Nikonuser

          It no longer seems to link to the D700, but to a menu page of various Nikon products, with the SB-900 coming in at the top (presumably because of the “900”).

          When I type “Nikon D7000” into Google, I get an amazon ad link for a “D700x” (leading to anothersearch results page with the D700 at the top).

    • dave

      Amazon also has a D400 ad on google… And on the right hand side of a google search results page, an Amazon ad comes up for just about any Nikon Dxxx search. B&H has ads for D400, D500 and D800, as well as a more generic ad on the right side of a search results page for just bout any Nikon Dxxx search.

      As for the battery, I suspect that the manufacturer is just assuming that since D100 through D700 all use the same battery (in fact, All the Dxx and Dxxx bodies except the D40 and D40x use the same battery) that it will work with whatever the next Dxxx body is… also, the ad did not mention compatibility with D300s… very curious.

  • JoshObra

    Maybe this could be the D90s I’ve been hoping for? Since D90’s nowadays are really popular and successful it does need that “update”. Could be possible. This is my first post here on this site by the way.

    • WoutK89

      So you assume the D90s will use the grip of the D300(s) and D700? Highly unlikely 😉

    • Nikonuser

      According to previous data, the D90 is due for a full replacement this summer, not just an “s” update. 2-year product cycle.

  • Dan

    Doesn’t the D700 use the EN-EL3e as well? So a D700 sized D900 might as well use the EN-EL3e as well?

    The 900 naming comes a bit odd though, clearly not a D700 replacement perhaps but rather something more special? 24mp, 5000USD? Multicam2500FX perhaps?

    • WoutK89

      Yes, from D90, D300(s), to the D700 the main battery is the EN-EL3e

    • That’s right.
      I don’t get where the admin got his information, that it would be a D90 exclusive battery…

  • Gary

    Here’s my guess: the D900 is real, but it will be a whole new product line. M Lammerse, a commenter on dpreview predicts an 18 mp camera, and he seems to be pretty good in his info.

    As Thom Hogan also noted on dpreview, if Nikon introduces a D900, D800, etc…that leaves room for a D700s.

    • MacXtor

      Thats right, If nikon release a D900 with a totally new body and 18mp sensor it´s possible that we will see at D700x (24mp mini D3X) and D700S (12 mp mini D3s)


      • WoutK89

        When they bring out a D800 and D900 (assuming 18MP and 24MP resp.) then there is no need for a D700x anymore.

    • Nikonuser

      Thom mentioned the 18MP sensor as a strong possibility (they used one in a D3 prototype)…so it makes sense.

  • Dario

    this website is listing batteries for D900. Please note that D90 is a separate entry!

    • Dario

      this was already posted, didn’t notice from the excitement! My guess is that D900 is coming, very soon!

    • yes, Dario – I missed that part, I updated the post. Thanks!

    • Note also that the “D900” is present multiple times on that page – difficult to make multiple typos at the same time

  • hybris

    dont care about a new body!
    the 700 is just fine

    just gi´ve us that 20mp+ and hd video 3fps, asap

  • hybris

    yes i am!
    and i love it!

    • WoutK89

      Hehe, beautiful, comment he was replying on is deleted 😀

  • I just hope whatever it is is a full frame camera with video. I finally have some money, and I don’t want to spend it on the Canon since the D700 seems so superior in every way.

  • Hey admin!

    Both D200, D300, D300s and D700 uses EN-EL3e as well, so this doesn’t mean it’s D90 just by judging that detail. Check your facts before dismissing :S

    • what I was saying is that this could be a typo, since the D90 uses the same battery but if you look at the bottom of the page, they have separate entries for D90 and D900 – I will add the screenshot to the post

  • Anonymous

    Just NEED 10 to 24 million pixels. Got the lenses, got about 5 12 million pixel cameras but nothing with enough resolution to straghten walls, correct perspective etc without losing sharpness that I paid for on those lenses…

    After how many years? D3x too big and heavy. And too expensive.

    Video is just another diversion. Need a D700x D800 D900 or whatever they call it years ago…

    • Anonymous

      Should be 18 to 24 (or more) obviously…

    • low

      NEED? here are your options. D3X, 5Dii, A900, Medium format.

    • Mark

      Amen! If I want video, I can get a D5000 for about $550 – shoot, I can get that Pentax K-x for $550 with a 18-55mm zoom and it even looks impressive at the higher ISOs.

      Give me a D700x. D800, D751.5, call it what you want but please, give me someshere between a 16 and 24MP camera.

      Maybe I should asked Santa before Xmas?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work admin.

  • Stesurf67

    Yesterday I spoke with the local Nikon seller (He’s also a friend): He told me that the new 700 (He does’t know the name) will arrive on february 2010. He receipt my reservation for the camera.

  • taurui

    This is getting very, very, very exciting. Can’t wait for the D900 to come out, get cheaper, get replaced by the D900s … and then I’ll buy the D900. Yay 🙂

  • litebyte

    some one at DPreview put this information online, not sure if it is posted here already. it is a similar link to battery information

  • Gerry

    Who cares what it is called… If it is FX and better than the D700, I’ll take 3 please!

  • +1 to admin

    Personally I think Nikon could go a few ways here. One is the one we all assumed, a 700 s or x which added extra MP, ISO, and Video improvements. But Nikon could be doing a two step and either:

    A: Calling the upgrade to the D700 the D900 and adding in a lot of improvements
    B: Segregating out the FX line with Cameras more focused towards various kinds of shooting or video needs. (Again a 2k video camera in a high iso camera would cost a lot, but people likely only need one or the other, hardly both). By putting in a 900 series Nikon could be either segregating out what the camera will do without impeding the D3(x/s) price points.
    C: Just use D900 to put everyone off their tracks. There is a lot of rumours on this camera, and as the internet gets more important its harder to keep things quite. The Admin even noted that “MacRumors” is now generally able to get pretty accurate rumors (reliability is still thin) on most of the Apple products; where Apple is one of the most hush-hush companies out there.
    D: Something else.

  • litebyte

    Not sure why i could not post the link to DPreview. But a user in the Nikon camera forums (Mr. Lammerse) put a link to D900 information as well.

  • Is there any ???

    I would like to know, if there is any Nikon trade show soon?

    I know only about photokina fair in September. Does NR know when and where Nikon introduced new cameras in the past?

    • CES is next week and PMA is in mid February

  • Stefan Krösbacher

    hmm… I’m a Film guy…
    I bought a d5000 back half a year ago to try the d5000 out. Can it be helpful for my Videoproductions?
    Conclusion was, for special purpose, maybe….

    5dmII was not an option for it had no 25p and was too expensive.

    Last month i shot a Imagevideo with an EX1, a RED One, and a 7d.
    I was shocked how well the 7d performed.
    I would go so far to say if you have the decent lighting Crew you could even save
    some rental money with some clients and go with the 7d instead of the RED One.
    For some Clients. For Some.

    Everyone i know is shooting Canon now. 7d, 5dII all over the places…
    Well. Now i have a lot of Nikon Glass.
    I think for Photographers Nikon has with the d3s a Killer Camera out there. Video is ok too. Not 1080p, no 25fps, or 30fps, but very usable.
    But what to do against the 7d?

    Only Camera that would bring Video Folks back (and i think everyone in the industry underestimated the amount of Cameras sold to video people big time) to Nikon would be a FF at 12mp, 1080p Video with decent Codec, and a camera that doesn’t overheat after more than 30mins of continuos recording like the 7d does.
    This essentially is the only flaw the canon 7d has, that holds me of from selling my entire equipment and got to canon.

    Now, the d400 will come too. Maybe in Summer or Autumn. It will have 1080p h264 on par with the canon. Maybe higher stills speed at say 9 or 12 fps. but definitely a better camera than the 7d.
    What with the d900 then?

    the only camera at a price range from 2000-3000 dollars or even 4000.- that would make sense to me in the current nikon line-up is a:

    FF 12MP
    1080p at 24fps,25 fps, 30fps, (48, 50, 60 fps)
    720p at max 60fps or even faster…
    no overheating
    swivel display
    better Codec: h264 (Apple ProRes LT)
    3D AF in Live recording Mode.

    Except for the FF sensor this is the benchmark i see for this year that is for sure
    about to be reached by some manufacturer. Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and Nikon –
    DSLR or Micro 4/3rds or any other hybrid… We’ll see a camera with these specs…

    And as Nikon has started a Firmware department according to Nikonrumors focusing only on the video features of the DSLR, i surely hope that Nikon will be first…
    If so, i’m happy to be the first in line for a d900..
    Stefan Krösbacher

  • Anony-mou

    It has begun.

  • caz

    The bags could be BS. Amazon lets you change product title/descriptions. I updated asin B0017JWLAA with “D800″.

    I’ll post as soon as i get a confirm/reject on the change.

    (the ebay guy might be smart marketing)

  • Peter


  • I need a D700 with video and 12 Megapixels for best sensibility is it posible? D800? D900?

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