Rumor: Nikon DX DSLR roadmap

I got this rumor few days ago and I have been unsuccessfully trying to get some confirmations. What bothers me is the time frame of the Nikon D90 and D300s replacements - those lines are on a 2 years refresh schedule and Nikon has been strictly following it. Removing the AF motor from the D90 is also questionable. Coincidentally, the Nikon D90 "body only" hit a new low price of $789.95 @ B&H Photo (the also offer free overnight shipment). Here is the rumor:

"The specs given below for the D7000 are final and pretty much certain. Details on the D4000 & D400 however are a bit less so, but the concept of each of those two cameras, like what each replaces and which sensor it uses, that at least is sure. It is also sure that D5000 was a transitional camera not a beginning of a new series.

Replaces D90/D5000.
Announcement in Jan/Feb 2010.
14MP* CMOS sensor (similar to Sony A550 sensor).
No* AF motor.
New* AF module: CAM2000, 20 area.
5 FPS.
Live View & 1080* video.
Articulated 920K LCD.
OVF same as D90.
Weight and size below D90 "thanks" to the removal of the AF motor.

Replaces D3000/D5000.
Announcement in 2nd half of 2010.
12MP CMOS sensor.
No AF motor.
OVF & AF module same as D3000/D5000.
3.5 FPS.
Live View*, but no video.
Fixed 230K LCD.

Replaces D300S.
Announcement in 1st half of 2011.
16MP or higher* CMOS sensor (same new sensor as upcoming Sony A700 replacement).
AF motor still there.
8 FPS (without the grip).
Live View & special* high quality 1080 video (possibly RAW video???!!!).
Articulated* 920K LCD.
OVF & AF module same as D300S."

And another unrelated rumor:

"Nikon is working on new battery grip for the next DSLR camera (possibly D800). It will have GPS module build inside, small LCD screen and some outputs."

You can see the related forum discussion here.

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  • I’d be really surprised to see a replacement for the D3000/5000 after only about six months.

    While the D90 is probably due for a follow-on in 2010/11, again I find it hard to believe that Nikon would pull the AF motor.

    • Anony-mou

      I think this is just some fanboy wishlist. We hear serious rumors that Nikon is gradually moving away from Sony sensors and the facts seem to concur. On the contrary, this wishlist has Sony sensors all over the place. It just doesn’t sound right.

      Plus, that D7000 rumor smells of a re-warmed version of the rumor that Nikon is to release a cheap FF body. Easy: take rumors here and there, blend them, mix them and create a new rumor!

      • Adam

        hmm, if Nikon is moving away from Sony sensor, then what does it mean? Will they find another manufacturer (Kodak perhaps?) or in house sensor?

    • LGo

      I agree.

      It is not likely that Nikon will ignore the two value proposition of the current D90 – the AF Motor and the Nikon CLS. These differentiates the D90 from the D3000 and D5000 and is what makes it a best-seller among those who cannot afford to get the D300s.

      • Wee bit of a farce I think…

        Given the movement in cameras recently (Canon/Sony) I don’t see this list as pliable. Removal of AF motor is a significant downgrade as it wipes out a lot of Nikon lenses for AF (someone with a D90 isn’t going to buy this D7000 and potentially lose AF on half their lenses, no way).

        Secondly do you think the D400 is going to stack up to Canon’s 2011 offerings? Those specs don’t even stack up to today’s offerings!

        **Waiting for the D700 replacement**

      • it would be a massive mistake to take the motor out of the D90 Line – the other question was about CLS (not mentioned in the article) which also would be devestating to remove. The CLS and bigger body are things that make some people pick the camera over the T1I – going smaller and removing the more advanced controls (separate shutter/aperture) would kill that line. Would they really leave the d300 etc as the least expensive cameras that can make use of the entire Nikon history? MISTAKE!!!

        • Anonymous

          I just bought a D90 BECAUSE it has the motor, I am waiting for a D700x/D800.

  • an abiding dude

    As someone who is looking to purchase a D90 as an upgrade to my D70, looks like I better act fast and snap one up. I prefer to use 24 and 35 mm primes for a nice easy-to-carry camera–so that rumored D7000 is a nonstarter without an AF motor, no matter how nice the other upgrades would be.

    I don’t get making cameras smaller and lighter when you have to slap a honkin-sized zoom on them anyway. Or having to use heavy cameras (D300s, or D400) to use small, lightweight lenses.

    • +1

      Getting camera with AF motor could saves a lot of money. I think Nikon is trying to get the camera out cheaper so they can compete with Canon’s and then milk the customer by selling more expensive AF-S lenses.

      • Anony-mou

        But who still buys non-AF-S lenses anyway… I would accept that if it really makes the body smaller/lighter.

        • an abiding dude

          24 f2.8, 28 f2.8, 35 f2.0 primes all non-afs and thus would be all but useless on a D5000/rumored D7000. Like I said down thread, I know I’m an anachronism, but the one camera one (small/light) lens is the mode in which I prefer to operate.

        • I will have a big problem, i got six AF lens at home

          And there is also some very good AF lens in the market
          AF Fisheye 16mm f/2.8D
          AF 50mm f/1.8D (a extremely cheap an well build lens)

          Another problem with AF-S is you can’t use it on old camera body like the F2AS I am still using

          • f/2.8

            Help a Nikon bro out. Buy a product once a decade.

            Oh, thanks for buying the 50 f/1.8 AF-D used 6 years ago.

        • Kuv

          I do. Very very few primes have AFS replacements. I have a 50mm 1.8 and am looking to buy an 85 1.8 next year.

          • soap

            Exactly. The 50 1.8 itself pretty much cost justifies a D90 over a D5000. I don’t expect an AFS 50 1.8 to be so inexpensive.

        • LGo

          While an AF-S lens may allow for a smaller lighter body, it may do so at the cost of a bulkier and heavier lens, i.e., compare the 35mm f/2.0D AF against the 35mm f/1.8G DX .

          • WoutK89

            isn’t that also because of the Internal Focus?

          • bla

            Yes, indeed the faster 35 f/1.8 is 5 grams LIGHTER than the full frame 35 f/2 without engine.

            Sorry, your point is?

          • The AF-S lens is 70mm in diameter versus 63mm for the AF-D lens. That’s a big difference in handling size – whereas 5g more weight makes no noticeable difference. Oh, and the AF-S only covers DX completely – if it covered the full 24x36mm frame then it’d be a whole lot bigger and heavier than the AF-D lens.

            I personally don’t like the move that Nikon is making to get rid of screw-AF lenses entirely (and progressively in more expensive bodies), but the difference in focusing with good AF-S lenses is really amazing. Example: Everybody says that the 80-200/2.8D two ring focuses 80% as fast as the AF-S version, but that’s not the whole story. The AF-S lens is far smoother focusing and far better at tracking – more so than a simple infinity – min. focusing distance – infinity test will ever show.

          • LGo

            The Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX is not faster than the Nikkor 35mm f/2.0D AF.

            The T-stop of the Nikkor 35mmm f/1.8G DX is f/2.2 while the T-stop for the Nikkor 35mm f/2.0D AF is a real f/2.0.

            This makes the Nikkor 35mm f/2.0 a faster lens than the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX.

    • Derek

      Yep. I like prime lens, too.
      They are much smaller than zoom lens.

      My tiny film SLR Nikon F55 has the AF motor.
      It is not true that Nikon need to save space by removing the motor.

  • Not a very interesting update for me. Improvements are too little. D7000 seems like a D5000 rather than D90 successor . I am worried that Nikon will abandon the D90. So far D90 series are my favorite in term of body-handling and ergonomic.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    This just seems like some half-baked wish list (depending on what your wishing for). I vote this is a mostly CRAPOLA!

    • Arne


  • agnx

    Way too fast for most of these refreshes and they look pretty half-baked. Also, removing the AF motor in the D90/D300 would probably just make Nikon bleed customers who prefer DX to 35mm-equivalent for whatever reason to other companies like Olympus or Canon.

    • WoutK89

      No removal of the D300 AF motor!

      • PHB

        Its not the removal of the motor I find unbelievable, it is the effective removal of the D90 that is bunk. This nonsense would have the 3000/5000 replaced despite being new.

        The D90 is clearly up for a refresh. But I would say that a more likely approach would be to use the D300s sensor and autofocus module and keep the autofocus motor and flash commander capability.

        If the autofocus motor goes in the D90 slot then people can be pretty confident that there will be AFS replacements for all the back catalog lenses that are currently AF (without an existing AFS equivalent).

        It is not out of the question that the D90 might not come with a preview of some core D4/D400 feature as well – as they did with video on the D90. Adding WiFi capability has to be the biggest advance for the DSLR in the studio, but it will take a couple of iterations to get it completely right. Previewing that capability in the D90 would make good sense.

        I can’t see much point to a 16MP sensor over a 12MP. It would be very expensive to make and would only allow for 10% larger prints. Once you get to 12MP you need to have really large increases in MP to make a difference.

        If there was a 16MP sensor in the works worth having then it would have gone into the D300s. Much more likely that the next Nikon sensors will be 18MP and/or 24MP as per the survey.

        • WoutK89

          18MP or 24MP sensors for DX? No thanks, my wallet is not big enough to get the lenses needed for those beasts

          • soap

            I really don’t want to be past the diffraction limit at f/8

        • Desinderlase

          Why do you think D300s has a better sensor than D90? And if so, by how much…

          • PHB

            The D300s has a sensor that is an ISO stop better than the D300 and maybe 2/3rds of a stop better than the D90 one which was slightly tweaked from the D300.

            Not a huge amount of difference there, but worth having.

          • Desinderlase

            Maybe what you are saying is true but not according to dxo mark… In any case, not enought to make the difference.

            If D90 has tweaked D300 sensor, then D90s will have tweaked D300s sensor, right?

        • bla

          [quote]The D90 is clearly up for a refresh. [/quote]

          Why? Because it sells great, is considered one of the very best options in its price brackets and receives praise in nearly all tests, including still leading the APS-C pack in the overhyper DxO Mark tests?

          • WoutK89

            The D90 needs an “s”, just some small tweaks, right?

          • PHB

            At this point the D90 is the oldest Nikon body out. The pre-Xmas production runs were clearly for the D3000/D5000 bodies for the low end DSLR market, then the remaining time was spent on the D300s.

            The D90 is a big seller and deserves to get a periodic reset, but I can’t see the rumored D7000 selling better than a D90s so I think its rubbish.

            The D90s is going to have to wait until after the D4/D400 launch to get a major revision (probably a D7000). I could see the AF motor going then because it would be a new case and the AFS prime range is probably acceptably broad by then (in DX at least). But removing the AF motor on an s version would be a no-no.

          • Desinderlase

            D700 should be older, no?

          • WoutK89

            D700: July 1
            D90: August 27

            Almost the same age, D90 is the oldest DX then.

    • D90 guy

      count me in as one who would switch to canon if they were to do this. Once I wanted to upgrade the camera that is.

  • Lessee, ditch the best selling camera and replace it with limited capabilities. then wait a year and a half to replace the D300s which has a 3 year old design already? I can’t see any truth in this.

  • This must be wrong

    there is no way Nikon’d come up with replacement for D90 / 5000 / 3000 as early as next year
    D400 should come first

    my guess:
    D400 … 6 months from now
    D7000 / 4000 … 18 months from now

    • WoutK89

      What, that is almost 3 and a half years to replace the D90? And people will cry over the long refresh rate of the D60/3000 again…

  • kanghong

    2010 Nikon Predictions by Thom

  • low

    I like rumors like this admin. Keep it up!!

  • Zoetmb

    He probably doesn’t mean “removal of AF motor”. What the probably mean is that there’s no screw drive, so they only use AF-S lenses, like the D3000 and D5000 do today.

    Since AF-S lenses cost more than non-AF-S lenses, I always found Nikon’s strategy on this to be a bit illogical, except that most low-end buyers rarely buy a second lens and the kit lens that comes with the camera already is an AF-S lens, so I guess Nikon feels like it doesn’t matter. And in the long run (maybe by three years from now) virtually all the lenses will have motors.

    In the first half of Nikon’s fiscal year (Apr-Sept 09), they averaged 1.48 lenses per body sold. Industry average over the same time period was 1.63. So as I’ve written before, DSLR companies sell a lot fewer lenses then reading Boards like this one would have you believe. Reading this and other Boards would make one think every photographer had at least five lenses.

    • an abiding dude

      I know I’m an anachonism, but damn I wish Nikon would quit continually churning out redundant new zooms and start producing updated versions of 24, 28, and 35 mm primes. Not gonna happen when, as you say, those kit lenses satisfy the vast majority of their customers and the well-healed, status-seeking amateurs spring for a 2.8 zoom (because size y’know matters). But a dude can dream.

      • PHB

        Nikon just refreshed the 35mm prime…

        Oh you mean FX primes?

        I think that at the wide end Nikon are moving to a two track approach. Modern zooms are so good that the only wide primes that make sense are very fast or very wide. So they come out with a low cost DX prime using hybrid lens technology and a slightly faster, much more expensive FX equivalent.

        Nikon’s DX AFS prime is much, much cheaper than the AF version ever was. So I don’t think the move to AFS is about charging more for lenses, it is about getting people to rebuy their old lenses – which you should be doing anyway if you want the best as the current primes are not as good as the zooms. My 10-24 mm DX zoom beats my 20mm AF prime. The old prime designs are now 20 years old, they came before the new CAD tools were developed and before new production techniques were available.

        OK so you will have a choice of a $200ish DX lens or a $1000+ FX lens. Well, that is irrelevant as the D90 replacement will be DX anyway and with that price differential it does not make sense to by the FX lens in case you move to FX later.

    • WoutK89

      1.48 lenses per body sold in the fiscal year!!!! Not 1.48 lens per person for the rest of all years Nikon has existed. So if they sell a lot of high end lenses (long time to produce, high price) and few bodies or: If they sell a lot of bodies, and a lot of other lenses as well, then you can level it out with people not upgrading a body that year. They do not only count sales of people buying a body and lens(es) in one buy.

      So people with more than one lens, is no exception, but it was not all bought in one fiscal year of Nikon 😉

      • WoutK89

        I have bought my 3 lenses in two years, D80 with 18-70, 9 months later 70-300VR, 11 months later 50/1.4G, and now waiting for something longer (80-400) or wider (non DX prime) with AF-s.

      • PHB

        If you buy from CostCo the standard kit is a D3000 or D5000 with two lenses, the 18-55 plus the 55-200.

        After that the biggest seller add on lens is the 18-200 that folk round here complained about being updated.

        • WoutK89

          Here in Holland the standard kits are: 18-55VR, 18-55VR and 55-200VR, 18-105VR, 18-200VR-II

          Going higher up: 16-85VR, 18-105VR, 18-200VR-II

          And after that its not really “kit” anymore, but FX with 14-24 or 24-70

      • ZoetMB

        It doesn’t matter that it’s just for a fiscal year because it’s an average of lenses to bodies sold. It would only make a difference if three years ago they were selling 6 lenses per body sold and now they’re not. But the average, since the advent of digital, has always been well under 2.

        So yes, the lenses sold last year might not have been to the buyers who bought a body last year, but it doesn’t matter because it’s an average.

        And if anything, the average for both Nikon and the industy is dropping.

    • bla

      [quote]Since AF-S lenses cost more than non-AF-S lenses[/quote]

      You mean the hugely expensive 18-55 and 55-200 AF-S lenses? The alternatives from Tamron and Sigma? AF-S is available on cheaper lenses too.

      Yes, Nikon would make a mistake removing the AF motor from ALL consumer oriented bodies if they don’t deliver more AF-S primes, but the “AF-S is expensive” argument really no longer holds.

      • WoutK89

        Who has time to make a quick list of price ranges and how many lenses have AF-s and how still lack it, without predecessors and only most recent versions of lenses (18-200 II, 70-200VRII, micro 60/2.8G….)

      • ZoetMB

        Really? Wait until they come out with AF-S versions of the primes. I guarantee you they’ll be more substantially more expensive than the existing primes. It might not be because they have motors, but only because Nikon wants to sneak in a price increase and they don’t feel they can raise prices again on existing models, but the end result is the same: the AF-S lenses will cost more than the non AF-S lenses for the equivalent lens.

        • PHB

          The 35mm DX AFS has been the cheapest Nikon autofocus prime other than a 50mm in over a decade, longer in constant dollars.

          The reviews say it is sharp and has great bokeh, so I don’t quite see what the argument is here.

          Of course the newly redesigned lenses cost somewhat more on first introduction, that has always been the case. The costs usually drop a bit over the life of the lens. But that has nothing to do with the AFS motor, its just how the lenses are priced. You pay a premium when the lenses are new.

  • Trey

    Articulated screen on a D300s/400/700? I dont see it. I dont know any semi-pro or professional that would use it. Liveview? I’ve had my D300 for two years and I’ve used it twice.

    • WoutK89

      I thought that too to be strange, maybe they see a big income in broken or damaged screens? If so, I will buy a D90 when this freak of a camera will be released.

    • optimaforever

      I often use liveview to determine the correct WB in interiors lighting conditions.
      If the LCD was articulated, It would save me the cost of a L-viewfinder when shooting from the groundlevel (or avoid to get my clothes dirtier if I have to crouch or even lay down totally in the mud or snow)… I think every pro would be happy if the screens on their D3X or D3S / 1dmkIV etc. were articulated. What bothered me on the D5000 was its 270k resolution when you are used to D300/D3/D700 920k to peep pixels. Now if they push the resolution up to 920k I don’t see any problem anymore…?

      • WoutK89

        What bothered me, was the way the screen articulated. In the shop, I could use one on a tripod, and it was a pain in the behind area. The screen got stuck and couldn’t turn, it was caught by the tripodhead.

        I hope they will do something about the placement of the hinge, also because of the grip that needs to be put under a D400/D300s successor, and is absent on any lower end camera…

        So for me, no articulating screen on a D90/D5000/D300s successor, unless they find a way to use it well on any tripodhead and in combination with a grip.

  • Love this type of rumours!
    I was hoping that D400 would come sooner though…

    • WoutK89

      It seems a bit late indeed, announcement in first half 2011, means in stores 3-4 months later I assume? That would be a long stretch for people to wait.

  • John

    Zzzzzzzz…. Wake me up when they come with some real upgrades.

  • Jay

    so is the d300 going to hit 8fps at 14 bit finally? Btw my dept just ordered a d3s and d3x woohoo… more toys to play with.

    • Canon can hit 8fps at 14 bit so I don’t understand why Nikon can’t do it. Are they purposely crippling the functions?
      Hope the D400 can do that: offer 8fps at 14bit without grip 😀

      • WoutK89

        D300(s) can do 8fps without grip as well, so yes, they cripple the functions, to have you buy the accessories. And I assume the same with the 14-bit, they make you think it cant do faster, but actually its something to make you buy the successor.

        • I don’t have any D300(s) but I’ll get the successor :p

        • JD

          Um no… The D300(s) sensor is a Sony derivative. The basic Sony sensor does not have 14 bit readout. Have you noticed the Sony cameras using the equivalent sensor do not have 14 bit output?
          Nikon is holding nothing back here. Infact the 14 bit mode in the D300(s) can only work at slower speeds because it works by more slowly reading the sensor output. See the URL below for an example of the 12/14 bit difference for the D300.
          Frankly I would rather have the slow and clean 14bit output of the D300 compared to some of the artefacts from other ’14bit’ cameras.

          • WoutK89

            what does read-out has to do with who made it? If Nikon wants to have 14-bit read out, that should be possible right? Why else did they put it in there otherwise?

            My view on the matter is, 14 bit is a bigger file size, so takes more buffer space, and to prevent read out mistakes, they crippled the read out to match a usable speed.

        • Tim

          Well the D3s does 14-bit at 9 fps, so yes, the D300s processor is either different or throttled

          • JD

            They are completely different! No throttling is being done.

            WoutK89- do yourself a favour and read up on the D300 sensor and its 14 bit mode. The nature of the way it works means it has to lower the frame rate.

          • PHB

            The D3s has twice the processing power of the D300s.

            The reason adding the grip speeds up capture rate is that it supplies more power than the standard battery. Running the DSP at a lower voltage saves power and allows the camera to be smaller and lighter at the cost of running slower.

            Sony is only providing the fab facility, they are not designing the sensor. The reason that the Nikon and Sony sensors are likely to be similar is that they are both using the same process and both face the same process constraints. The fact that it is a ‘Sony’ fab really makes no difference to the outcome, Nikon will have a capital investment in the fab and Sony have to make sure that they provide their customer with the highest levels of support or they lose face. The Sony fab will be a separate company to the camera division.

            The reason that the Sony cameras will get cutting edge resolution before Nikons is that Sony is trying to break into the market and is forced to loss-lead. Nikon on the other hand sells to a market that is much more interested in superb handling than having the features six months earlier.

          • WoutK89

            Well JD, why don’t you just explain if you know all so well, that way I will not make any mistakes anymore, because I can just quote you. Instead of playing the wise guy without any real back-up.

          • JD

            Sony A900 24MP 12bit, 5fps.
            Nikon D3X 24MP 12bit, 5fps. +14bit 2fps

            Sony A700 12MP 12bit, 5fps
            Nikon D300 12MP 12bit 6fps. +14bit 2.5fps

            The Nikon sensors are derivatives (or very close cousins) of the Sony sensor. Nikon added the 14 bit modes to provide a more accurate readout – by reading the data from the sensor more slowly.

            Yes Nikon can make fast readout 14 bits sensors as they have done in the D3, D700 and D3S. But for the D3X and D300(s) they have chosen to extend an existing sensor design which is not a 14 bit design. Nikon did not omit or cripple anything. They added it.

          • Jay

            jd the a900 and d3x can do 14 bit images check your facts again.

          • JD

            Hi Jay. You must have misread my post. I was stating that the D3X can do 14 bit images. The A900 does not.

          • Anonymous

            D3s is 9fps in FX format, in DX format it is 11fps if I recall…

          • JD

            Hi Anonymous. Not sure it that was directed at me or not. If it was – Yes you are correct about the D3S. I was talking D3X and specifically 12 versus 14 bit. DX crop modes are bit different.

    • bla

      Having shot 12 and 14 bits side by side of sunsets with a wide dynamic range, I was still extremely hard pressed to see the difference when processing in CNX2. 14-bits is not as big a step as going from 8-bits JPEG to 12-bits RAW.

      So why make such a deal out of it? Because Canon has it?

  • Paul

    The trick to a good rumor, these days, is to always include SOMETHING about the supposed camera’s ISO capabilities. It seems that a sensors ability to render usable images at higher ISO’s has become almost as important (surface level, I know) as megapixels at this time.
    No ISO range to brag about? I call this rumor busted.

    • WoutK89

      Good catch, just noticed that indeed, what’s a rumor, without ISO 😀

    • LGo

      There should be at least a 1-stop improvement in the next body.

      I am absolutely not interested in getting a new body with more megapixel but the same ISO rating as its predecessor.

      • +1
        Hope D400 has something like ISO100-6400 with Hi1 12800 but somehow it doesnt seem realistic 😀 The same ISO100-3200 would be a higher possibility.

  • asdfg

    Honestly the grip rumor is nice but i think it’s rather redundant. I was hoping and still am hoping that the MB-D10 would continue to be used on the semi pro range because it’s one of the best feeling grips out there and there are 3 cameras using it now (D300/D300s/D700) so i wish for more continuity. Gps might add a bit too much on the cost for those who just want the grip. Then again i’m not sure.

    • WoutK89

      And what if its the MB-D10 but then just with slight changes 😉 Still backwards compatible.

    • Cash

      Well, If you compare sony grip for Alpha, there are some improvements. Nikon can not sell the same stuff for ages. The modul NIKON GPS -1 is rather ugly and useless. I think it would be possible to have it build inside of the Grip. If you compare batteries there is nothing new, so it will be same old MB-D10 but tweaked with GPS and some controls. Output?? well HDMI???USB? I think it is possible, But announcement with D800?? rather not, Nikon is Slow so end of 2010

  • Tim

    This is a really disinteresting rumour. The D90 may get the dreaded ‘s’ next year (a la D2xs, D3s, D300s), that perhaps sees the introduction of 1080p video and a few tweaks. But the D300 just got revamped this year, so it’s a little premature to talk about its successor now. And I’d expect to see them upgrade the AF for that in any case, in line with a new D4. Which means that the D300s/D3s AF might filter down in a watered down version to the D90 tweak. And I agree that ISO capabilities seem near the top on most rumour lists.

  • C

    I don’t think NR should always mention our Nkon sensor is like Sony A??? sensor. It is because although some Nikon sensors are made by Sony’s factory, the design of the sensor should be credited to Nikon’s own technical professionals. As you can see sensors of D3x and A900 perform very differently, it is very obvious that there is no relationship in the design and quality of the sensors from Nikon and Sony. To respect Nikon’s sensor designers’ effort, I think NR should not mention “like Sony sensor”… Sony is just a manufacturer of such electronic product who use the hands. Nikon is the inventor who use the brain.

    • Jay

      ugh oh some ones pissed using a sony sensor lol, who cares still makes great images.

      • WoutK89

        I think he is only trying to make clear that the sensor takes more than the photo sensitive parts, but also the micro lenses and such nonsense 😉

  • Anon

    The D4000 is what the D3000 should have been from the start.

    • WoutK89

      But they still had left over 10MP sensors. So thats why they now need to put in the 12MP sensor, to get rid of those stocks.

      • Anonymous

        1 to 1 deuce!!

      • soap

        What modern company, with just-in-time manufacturing and delivery has such a huge surplus of parts as you are implying?

        Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof, and you offer not even pedestrian proof.

        If we’re going to pull pure speculation out of our ass, we could at least pull more reasonable speculation out – which is that the choice to use an “inferior” part was to create market segmentation.

        • WoutK89

          Thanks man 😛 but isn’t this a rumor site, based on rumors and speculation.

          I am just a student, not even an Engineering, marketing or whatever student. Just doing Photography as a hobby and reading here for fun.

          And isn’t it what a lot of people wanted, that Nikon got rid of those endless 12MP Dx bodies? So that’s why I made that remark!

          • soap

            The more plausible answer is that Nikon will continue their two-gen old trend of selling previous generation sensors with current generation processing as a segmentation move.

        • PHB

          Well it does happen, but not quite that way.

          Once you have a VLSI fab process running you really don’t want to mess with it. So historically a finer resolution process has meant an entirely new fab line. So its not exactly a surplus of actual chips that drive such decisions, its that Sony might offer to do a run of the D3000 sensor they have great yield on and have spare production capacity for at maybe half the cost of the D5000 sensor run.

  • HDZ

    GRIP with GPS is not make sense!!

    Why I need a large battery grip when I travel and no need additional weight? I think Nikon should produce GP-2 with magnetometer before they released a tad funny battery grip. (However, It’s will better if can use with D700, D300s.)

    • WoutK89

      Uh, you would want it if you want your hot shoe to be free of accessories, if you dont want to lug around another part next to your camera…

      • Cash

        I agree, Better than the useless hot shoe thing. I do not think Battery grip would get larger or significantly heavier. GPS1 cost 200USD. So how much for grip?? 400???

    • Anonymous

      …and if you want to use the Flash?

      • WoutK89

        “Just do it” 😛

  • f/2.8

    I agree with the Admin. The main problem with this rumor is the timeframe.

    Furthermore, there is no real substance to the upgrades.

    As for the AF motor (or in-body focusing motor) it will eventually go away. I doubt it will disappear from the D90 successor tho.

    For that to happen Nikon must first have a complete or close to complete lens solution for the DX users. I don’t think they do as of now but only Nikon knows when they will release the UWA and WA primes.

    • WoutK89

      if the timeframe is right, the lenses will come shortly 😉

    • Paul

      It doesn’t stand to reason that Nikon would stop including the old screw drive motors at this time, especially when they still sell lenses that require it. Nikon would have to make the poor assumption that only pros or those with older bodies would be inclined to purchase their non-AFS lenses remaining in their arsenal.
      My bet, if one were to gauge the absence of a supposedly ‘heavy’ motor is to watch the updates on key lenses like the 85mm 1.4, virtually all their wide primes/fisheyes, DC primes, etc..
      When you check out the list of remaining lenses that aren’t AFS yet it seems unrealistic to talk about losing that motor (though who’s to know if the D90 level of camera could lose it for other reasons):

  • Bonetti

    This is FAKE it says “The specs given below for the D7000 are final and pretty much certain” and then -” New* AF module: CAM2000, 20 area”

    Nikon D2 Series Body Uses CAM2000 and it has 11 Area(focus point) not 20
    The Person that submited this “rumor” Screw Up there

    • nobody

      Every AF system in every camera has an odd number of AF points, since there is one point in the centre, and as many points on the right as on the left side. So it cannot have 20 AF points.

      • WoutK89

        crippled cam3500DX would make more sense, 21 points

    • I agree there are some buggy specs in this rumour. I think the FPS is likely a bit low as well, future cameras (even cheaper ones) should be able to do 4fps-6fps easy.

      • WoutK89

        its not all about “able to” but it is about distinguising the products in your line up

  • Adam

    It’s real MESSED UP is the D400 has articulated LCD, another part that can be broken off and I’m sure many Dxxx users WONT welcome that.

    On the other hand, I think these specs posted are just something totally random cuz it will be totally odd that the D90 and before has a build in motor and the so-called D90 replacement ended up with a no build in motor.

    • optimaforever

      while I can understand your grief, I still think all users can benefit from having articulated screens. they exist for a looooong time in movie cameras and I didn’t notice anybody saying that they had fragility issues. but time will tell, I for sure would welcome it 😉

      • Adam

        well, I don’t think movie cameras goes through the daily abuse as high end DSLRs. I mean look at the costs of those movie cameras.

      • bla

        There is a slight difference between consumer handycams and pro DSLRs. Do pro video cameras have articulating screens?

        Let them first make Liveview something really usable before putting effort in weathersealed, sturdy swivelling screens.

        • WoutK89

          A lot of them have EVF’s right? 😛

  • I still waiting for D700s in the 2010 spring.

    • Anonymous

      Yeahhh ,that s wus up dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • optimaforever

      by reading the forums one can see that this d700 successor will be very well sold 😀

      • anonycow

        It’s a small server, a small sample, and I somewhat doubt as many people on the boards even have or will get the d700 refresh (or any “full” frame camera) as there was fx wankers on the board

  • WoutK89

    “Weight and size below D90 “thanks” to the removal of the AF motor.”

    NO SIZE REDUCTION PLEASE, I like my D80 just the size it is, and removing a screw drive, how much weight and size would that differ in the end, 30 gram?

  • Nikkorian

    what i doubt – at least – are the video options

    1.) why should they release 1080 in the D90 follow-up only three months after renewing the D300 with 720 video?

    2.) i can’t imagine any more entry level cameras without some kind of video. this video stuff pulls the masses, i think.

    • optimaforever

      why 720p in the D3s / D300s then?

      • WoutK89

        They are an updated product, not upgraded, new cameras will bring new functions, and new camera specific software.

        Also, the reason on the web was that MJPEG is limited to 4GB recording, faster filled with higher screen sizes…

    • I agree this rumor is fishy, but let’s don’t forget that video first came in the D90, before the D300s and D3s. Maybe Nikon will be pushing new video features in lower models first.

      • PHB

        There are two parts to having 1080i support: hardware and software.

        My bet would be that the D300s/D3s have been specd so that the hardware is capable of doing 1080i with an MPEG4 Codec. It is not that much more to do MPEG4 compression than the progressive JPEG encoding Nikon is using at present. But getting the code to run at production quality is non-trivial.

        So how about this for a prediction, the D90s comes out when Nikon has the 1080i compression working. And there is a software upgrade for the D300s/D3s.

        If you look at the consumer market, Canon is making a lot of headway based on their 1080i capability. Nikon is having to discount to make up. That has to be the #1 priority for Nikon to fix at the moment. If they can do the update in a way that works with existing D5000 bodies that is a huge bonus.

        • bla

          Is Canon really making that much more sales because of 1080i? From all I’ve seen, there has been no significant switches in marketshare in 2009, so the impact of the full HD video may be a bit less than people make of it.

          • WoutK89

            The reaction has been sponsored by the people that brought you the “I will switch to canon if Nikon doesn’t…”

          • PHB

            The switchers are bullshit artistes. Once you are in you are in, it takes a huge investment of time and money to switch from one system to another. Anyone who is considering doing so because of the lack of f/4 zooms is a pinhead, anyone claiming that the ‘lack’ of ‘fast primes’ is driving them to switch is talking from their posterior.

            Take a look at the Canon range and it turns out that we are actually talking about precisely three lenses that Canon has and Nikon does not quite have the same exact thing. The f/4 primes issue is driven by the fashion conscious photographers who want a lightweight lens but don’t want a Variable Aperture design that gives superior lightweight characteristics because they have read on a blog somewhere that pros prefer Constant Aperture designs – which is not really the whole truth. More accurately it would be that pros prefer to have f/2.8 at the telephoto end and that imposes a whole slew of design constraints that makes a ‘Constant’ Aperture design a better choice. But if you don’t want to go quite so big then having a VA design and a longer zoom range is a better choice.

            The 1080i question is not a ‘switcher” question, it is a question that is asked by people who have not made a commitment to either system. If you don’t know the difference between a Nikon and a Canon then the fact that one will take full HD movies and the other will not may well be the decider for you.

        • If the “RED One” taught anyone anything about video its that video is quickly following photography. Equipment which used to be pro to the select few is now more and more into the hands of the public (mind you serious hobbyists and semi-professionals) at significantly lower cost then a few years ago.

          For DSLR-v’s this means that you have a wider market to appeal to as your photo-camera is already 75% of the way there to a video-camera. And I’m sure Nikon would love a piece of that market (to which Canon is a big player). But to do so they are really going to have to step up to the plate and hit a grand-slam.

      • Good observation admin 😀

  • alex

    this is a stupid rumor :)))))))

  • Worst. Rumor. Ever. A thinly veiled “comeback” fabricated by people who are either jealous of the Canon 7D’s specs, or still obsessed with the boring specs like FPS and megapixels.

    Hopefully Nikon will be coming out with some REAL innovation in the next couple generations, not mindless updates to the status quo…

  • edch

    I’m not buying a new DSLR without AF motor. After all, that has already helped me save a lot of money!

  • saloom2009

    I dont care as long as this is still rumour.

    Do you have inside news as to when they are going to launch an upgrade version of the Nikon D700 and its specifications?


  • Megapixel hater

    Personally for me if they will remove AF motor from D7000 is very good news. I don’t care about it. There are a lot of AF-lenses. For me in-camera built-in AF is worthless stuff. You can tell me “If you don’t need in-camera built in AF buy D5000”. I will answer: “I don’t need D5000, because it doesn’t have some important for me things which D90 has”.

    1080 video also good news. But if it will have again Jurassic Park Motion JPEG compression, they can put this video mode in their *ss.

    14 MP – bad news. For me even 12 more than enough. I want sensor, which uses the same technology which D3s uses. I mean less noise.

    • anon

      “There’s a lot of AF-Lenses”

      You mean AF-S Lenses.
      And no there isn’t. You must be one that only uses kit lenses cause all of them are AF-S, and they seem to be the only moderately priced AF-S ones.

      Removing the motor would be the worst decision ever as many people in the D70/80/90 line have lenses that require a motor in the body, myself included.
      I highly doubt the validity of this rumor, especially with the given timeframes.

      • Megapixel hater

        Yeah, AF-S. Exactly. For me absolutely enough 18-105 VR or 16-85 VR or 18-200 VR or AF-S 35 mm/F1.8 etc.

        About motor. That’s why I wrote “personally for me”. I didn’t mean most people. If new D90 will be lighter and cheaper because of missing AF-motor, for me it is ideal case. I never dreamt about crazy heavy lenses like 24-70/F2.8 etc.

      • PHB

        I have the AF wide primes, I never use them as even the basic zooms are better and the slight increase in speed does not help me on the type of shots I do with them.

        In the old days the 50mm f/1.8 was close to being Nikon’s best lens despite being cheapest. It is the same with the kit zooms. They are plastic and will not last many years but they are light and have very good performance for the price.

        There are only two AF lenses that I have not got but would like to get, the 85mm and the 80-400mm. I don’t plan to buy either until they are AFS-ed because the focus motor is certain to go sooner or later and the slow focus of the 80-400 is a real problem. If there is a low cost FF Nikon it is probably going to be motor-less.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, keep the motor

    • I agree that 12MP is enough IF the noise control is improved. It won’t make sense to increase MP at the price of getting more noise lol

  • Bob Howland

    I’m somewhat surprised at the pixel count of the D400. I would expect that the D400 would have the best high ISO noise and image capabilities of any DX camera, which is not going to happen if it has the most pixels.

    • PHB

      I would expect the D400 to have 24MP and bump up the ISO response when lower resolution JPEGs are selected.

      To understand ISO values you have to compare like to like. A 24MP camera with ISO 6400 has better noise performance than a 12MP with ISO 12800. The apparent increase in performance is purely an artifact due to averaging over a larger pixel size. That can be duplicated in software.

      I would much prefer the D400 to be a 24MP camera. The 16MP would not be enough to tempt me to upgrade. If people still want a 12MP camera, Nikon can continue to make the D300s.

      • Bob Howland

        “To understand ISO values you have to compare like to like. A 24MP camera with ISO 6400 has better noise performance than a 12MP with ISO 12800. The apparent increase in performance is purely an artifact due to averaging over a larger pixel size. That can be duplicated in software”

        Too bad Nikon wasn’t aware of that when they introduced the D3s

      • nikkor_2

        “A 24MP camera with ISO 6400 has better noise performance than a 12MP with ISO 12800.”

        This statement might imply a 48MP camera shot at ISO 3200 has better noise performance than Nikon’s D3S shot at ISO 12800.

        I have a D3S and it generates very good images at ISO 12800. Show me a Nikon 48MP camera shooting ISO 3200 with similar results to my D3S at 12800 and Nikon would have another sale here!

        The size of the photosites — and the design of the micro-lenses — has a material impact on the resulting image. A 48MP camera — shot on a sensor fitting within the confines of the Nikkor F-mount — would require quite small photosites. I’d love to see the design of the resulting micro-lenses; it would be a very interesting engineering challenge.

        Thanks, NR Admin, for the rumor. While non-sensical in part, the rumor has generated some very good comments.

        • PHB

          There is more to making a camera than just the sensor which is why the D3x is still as expensive as it is and unfortunately only makes ISO 1600 rather than the 3200 which we would hope for from a camera with a sensor at the D300 pixel pitch. The D3x should have been like having a D3 and a D300 in the same camera, plus a 24MP mode. But it doesn’t quite get there for some reason.

          But the way to think about the ISO rating is that it is the maximum ISO speed the camera can be set to and still deliver a specific noise performance AT THE MAXIMUM RESOLUTION.

          As for an 48MP camera, that is what I think the D5 will be. But first they have to work out how to get the data off the chip fast enough without creating so much heat that it degrades the image.

          Sure there will be diffraction issues and you will not be able to get 48MP unless you are using recent release lenses at f/5.6 or wider.

  • blinkerfish

    if this is true, D90 bodies are going to increase in value.

    • WoutK89

      Except when THE lenses and there is more than just these specs that give it an edge over the current D90 😉

  • Anonymous

    • Live View & special* high quality 1080 video (possibly RAW video???!!!).

    I have a hard time believing this… I think it will be at least a few years before Nikon introduces RAW video…

  • WR

    This next year will be an interesting one for Nikon. As for me I think there is some truth and some fantasy in this rumor.

  • shivas

    I’m a believer!!

    the current layout is so messy. . .would be good to consolidate the lines of the D3k/D5k and D90. . .make a couple of offerings and make ’em GOOD!

  • Chris

    If the D400 comes with a 16MP Chip, I’ll Change to FX – I hope Nikon make a FX Cam (D800) with 16 or 18 MP…

  • SimonC

    I don’t believe the timings of these rumoured releases.

    The D400 would likely come out the same time as the D4 (in mid-2011) with D4-class AF. I’d rather that Nikon take their time to truly make the D400 a significant improvement over the D300s in every area – don’t reuse the Multicam-3500 AF just because it’s “good enough”.

    Also, I have a hunch that Nikon will be developing their own DX sensor for the D400 release, using D3s/D4 technology. They have gotten more confident with their sensor designs (see D3s). This would give the Pro-level DSLRs (both FX and DX) leading edge IQ.

    A D90 replacement (D7000) in Jan/Feb ’10 is conflicting with the rumoured release of the D800. I do, however, find the thought of using the 14MP Sony CMOS sensor credible, though. (Now, some readers may balk at the thought of a mid-level DX DSLR having more pixels than the pro-level D300s but actually, I think this will turn out OK for Nikon.)

  • I sure hope we don’t have to wait till 2011 for the D400 to even be announced. The D300s wasn’t much of an update.

  • Im screwed – help?

    Damn, My Nikon D70 died today.

    What should I buy??? I would like FX, but now the d700 is too old, so I would loose money if D800 would come in a year or so.

    I really do not like the new D300s. This camera will be on the market for a year,

    So the option is: D90 D200 or D300 and later to buy D800. What would you do? i need body only.

    • f/2.8

      Let me get this straight, you want to buy the D800 even though you don’t know what it has or does, or for how much or when. But the D700 is too old and the D300S does not have what you think will take to last more than a year.

      Yet you hung on to a D70 till it died?

      • Aypeus

        Some ppl only have cameras based on their specifications and not their own actually usage or needs so, +1 for you my friend who took the words out of my mouth! 🙂

      • Magnus

        Actually I am in the same situation.
        Will soon replace my trusty D200 (need better low light capabilities). D300S I believe is just a stop gap model until the D400 arrives (summer 2010?) – and as I do not know the high ISO specs on it I think I would be better off aiming for a FX body – but the D700 is getting old (and if you plan to hold on to your new camera for 5+ years it is better IMHO to buy a new release)..

        This said, I plan to buy D700S (even if it also is a stop-gap model) or D800, whatever arrives next.

    • bla

      If the D800 comes, and the D700 decreases in value, then don’t sell the D700 at that time, and you will not notice….

      Do you want a camera, or a specsheet?

      • WoutK89

        I have always frowned upon cameras with stickers or labels shouting out what specs it has, especially the permanent labels annoy me. Not everyone has to know my camera has so and such specs, as long as it can take photos that on my standards are good. People need to judge photos, not the camera that took it.

  • Catastrophile

    I find the specs D7000 interesting, it’d suit me as a disenchanted Canon user (DR disenchanted) who is looking at adding a new mid-range body from another system + modernly-designed new ZOOM lenses (read all AF-S & post-D40 3rd party lenses, if I buy Nikon). So presumably there exists a small segment of zoom-oriented and/or 1st time buyers like me who may see the lack of AF motor in a positive light as it lowers the weight & bulk of the camera. The moveable screen is also nice and I’m already eyeing the D5000 & A550, the above D7000 would be better than both.

  • Either Nikon has gone off of it’s rocker or it’s total BS. I’m strongly leaning toward BS.

    • f/2.8

      I don’t know Steve, but I would not lean towards BS.

      I know what you mean. Ha!

      • anon

        You must be very gullible then.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    what this rumor confirms is that nikon will have to introduce more AF-S primes for 2010. because many will sell AF-D and buy AF-S ones, for example many are waiting to buy AF-S 85mm f/1.4, AF-S 135 f/2, and AF-S 35mm f/1.4.

    • f/2.8

      Yea! 2010, year of the prime.

      • johnny



    The D400 sounds good. Since I got a 7D may D300 has been very sad I have not used her.

  • Mike

    This is obviously bullshit, its just some stupid amateur that thought he could rile up a few noobs. This is blantantly obvious that its a fake.

  • bjokerud

    The batterygrip sounds nice! I’v “missed” the LCD screen. Hope it’s true

  • Anonymous

    what if nikon is taking out the motor becaues they are about to replace the primes within this year? They already have the 50mm 1.4G replaced for the prime line up and also all the other zoom models have AF-S thats came out the since 2000. whats the use of a AF motor when there will be no use by useing the “Old primes and zooms” when there will be all new AF-S models.

    Watch this be released with the new 85mm 1.4G, 35mm 1.4G, or the 24mm 1.4G. or 1.8 verisons

    • WoutK89

      they “need” AF-s in at least something wide (something: below 20, 20-30, 35), something tele (something 85, 135, 180/2.8), a decent performing “super”zoom (24-120-II), and prosumer tele-zoom (80-400 f/4-5.6) before their line up is set for removal of the screwdrive. The wide and tele primes also goes for DX except for 35mm and include fast zooms.

  • So many places to poke holes in this rumor. It not only doesn’t jive with current market trends the specs boost don’t match what other camera suppliers have indicated or done already.

    Unless Nikon is in the business of being 2 steps behind the competition and finalizing camera designs 1 year before being produced (in a rapidly improving technology field) this rumour doesn’t hold water.

  • Anonymous

    i really do hope this is amateurish hopes. well actually i dont cuz i have a d90 and i like it just fine

    • bla

      So? Keep enjoying your D90 then. Why care that some other camera you do not have is not to your liking?

  • zen-tao

    I can’t understand why if NIkon Co is reluctant to increase the number of mpixels on the Fx range they are going to do it in DX’s cameras. The road maps are resulting groundless rumors to cheer up the forums. I don’t know who released that fake (I can figure it out ) I guess It will happen just the opposite.

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