Nikon Capture NX 2.2.4 released

Update - Nikon today announced a delay in the Mac OS 10.6 compatibility release schedule:

  • Capture NX 2:  End of January 2010
  • Nikon Transfer:  End of January 2010
  • View NX:  End of January 2010

As previously reported, today Nikon announced Capture NX v2.2.4 (for now only in Europe):

Windows link

Mac link is not available yet (see Apple release schedule here).

Changes in this version:
- Compatibility with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate has been added.  When run under 64-bit versions, the software operates as a 32-bit application.
- Compatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (Service Pack 2) editions has been added.  When run under 64-bit versions, the software operates as a 32-bit application.
- Specifications have been modified so that when 25 Photos on Page, or a higher number of photos per page, is selected for Select Layout in the Print layout dialog, the Use Thumbnail Data (Draft Use Only) box is automatically checked.
This resolves an issue that prevented printing when 25 Photos on Page, or a higher number of photos per page, was selected for Select Layout.
- An issue that caused an error message to be displayed and prevented printing when borderless settings were applied with some printers has been resolved.
- An issue that prevented accurate application of borderless print settings has been resolved.
- An issue that prevented specification of the same margin for left, right, top, and bottom margins in the Margins section of the Page Setup dialog has been resolved.
- An issue that caused a delay between clicking of the Print button and actual initiation of printing has been resolved.
- When an image was opened on some computers with AMD CPUs, Capture NX 2 quit unexpectedly. This issue has been resolved.

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- An issue that caused an error message to be displayed during batch processing of a large number of files has been resolved.
- When a batch process was run with the Notify when completed box in the Processing Queue - Process Running dialog checked, a blank window was displayed.  This issue has been resolved.
- When a batch process was run for multiple images with the same shooting date and time, the processed images were not saved with the correct file names.  This issue has been resolved.
- An issue that caused batch processing to fail before completion when a batch process was run with certain settings has been resolved.
- An issue that caused an error message to be displayed when multiple enhancements were applied to images has been resolved.
- An issue that caused an error message to be displayed when attempting to open several images previously saved with Capture NX 2 has been resolved.
- When the Camera & Lens Corrections checkbox was checked (Develop section of Edit List), enhancements were not applied to an image opened in the image window and displayed at 100%, and the enhanced image could not be saved.  This issue has been resolved.
- When image window display was maximized with Desktop selected for Window menu>Workspaces>Additional Screen for the primary monitor on a dual monitor system, the image window disappeared.  This issue has been resolved.
- When the zoom tool was used to enlarge an image displayed with Full Screen or Presentation selected from the View menu, the portion of the image clicked with the zoom tool was not displayed at the center of the window.  This issue has been resolved.
- An issue that prevented switching between “+” and “-“ operations when the ALT key was pressed while using the selection brush has been resolved.
- An issue that caused folders in the Capture NX 2 Folders palette to be displayed in a different order than with Windows Explorer display has been resolved.
- When the crop tool was used to select a crop and the ENTER key pressed to apply the crop, the cursor did not switch to a selection tool.  This issue has been resolved.
- When a number was entered after a decimal point for some enhancement items with text boxes for entering numerical values in the Edit List, the values could not be changed.  This issue has been resolved.
- When "-" (minus) was entered in the Exposure Compensation text box under Quick Fix in the Develop section of the Edit List, it was displayed in red and then “0” was displayed after a few seconds.  This issue has been resolved.

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  • WR

    This will be nice to have a few updates to a good program.

  • Neil

    If this doesn’t include a Snow Leopard update Nikon will be shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Definitely. I have a 300s so I’m in a weird place. Apple doesn’t have a RAW update for it, so iPhoto and Aperture don’t work. So I’ve been proofing in ViewNX, which doesn’t support Snow Leopard, so I can’t update my OS.

      • dan

        Download the free 30 day trial of Lightroom.
        Personally I think it’s a great program, but even if you don’t like it, it should tide you over until the NX2 release.

      • alex

        install windoze x64 on your mac and enjoy software today.
        or wait for adobe/nikon another 1-2 years to upgrade Ps to x64 for your macs too :))))

      • rogojo

        Apple Released Digital Camera Raw 2.7 today:

        This update extends RAW image compatibility for Aperture 2, iPhoto ’08 and iPhoto ’09 for the following cameras:

        Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
        Canon EOS 7D
        Canon PowerShot G11
        Nikon D3S
        Nikon D300S
        Nikon D3000

        • WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! thanks for that comment. As soon as I read it I checked and there it was. I can now shoot in RAW….. two weeks after I returned from a month long photography vacation.

    • WoutK89

      It comes in January, be patient and read on the web!

      • nikkor_2

        “…be patient…”


        If color fidelity is important and the use of a X-Rite ColorChecker (or similar device) is not possible for each change in lighting and exposure, then I suggest LR is not a viable substitute here.

      • Neil

        It indicated end of this month for Capture NX2 which is why I’m disappointed. I’ve transitioned already to CS4 months ago as my exclusive raw converter but I still think NX2 gives slightly better results. Just annoys me how Nikon is managing this product. They’ve done a lot to keep it from being a runaway success.

  • Dweeb

    Bad news on 2 counts:

    1. Nikon looks after it’s Windows customers first.

    2. Every update gives them several more months to delay NX3. And a total interface re-write is badly needed. Amongst a hundred other things.

    • WoutK89

      I think they are waiting for the D4, D400, D800 to release NX3, and make it 64-bit and 32-bit, good things come to those who wait 😀

      • Dweeb

        No argument there. I did a survey on NX about a year ago if I remember.

    • alex

      so it should
      ever wondered why Photoshop x64 for Mac has to wait at least 2 years after windows x64 version? my bet is that even CS5 won’t be x64 for Macs. just like After Effects isn’t x64 but instead launches multiple instances of itself to access more than 2gb of ram…

      • Neil

        Actually Photoshop was going to be 64 bit for Mac until Apple dropped support for the 64 bit Carbon Library compatibility layer. That required Adobe to rewrite in 64 bit Cocoa. CS5 is going to be available in 64 bit for Mac.

        So I never ever wondered why it isn’t 64 bit yet for Mac.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t believe people actually use software created by a lens maker. what comes next a nikon camera to break the 12 mpx mark.

    • Neil

      The D3X is already out. So by your logic you should believe people use a software product created by Nikon. Although in reality it is an amalgamation of vendors contributing to the code base.

    • wibled

      It’s actually marketed by a “Lens Maker” it’s created by a software company, Nik Software.

  • wibled

    Thanks Nikon for fixing my borderless print issues!

  • Anonymous

    lighten up francis. that amalgamation of vendors you refer to are actually a small band of blind woodsman hacking away in the woods. sloppy, sloppy work if you ask me, but what do you expect from a blind man with an ax.
    ah, yes, the d3x. a great camera that’s a few years too late and several thousand dollars over priced. I guess it’s not really nikons fault though they can only do what sony wants them to do.

    • WoutK89

      and still people buy the D3x, just that you cant afford it, doesnt mean its overpriced.

      • Anonymous

        just because people buy something doesn’t mean that it’s not overpriced. I have used nikon cameras for over twenty years and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on camera bodies and lens and when they make a camera that i actually think is worth buying i will, but i sure as hell will not waste money on a d3x.

        • Adam

          if you earn lots of money from photography, the price of a D3x will be of no concern. Besides the target market of the D3x is more of users who cant afford Medium Format, as I’ve been told.

  • Anonymous

    you should see what a real technology company can do. you see when you make your own products you can be much more responsive to your customers.

  • Neil

    Admin, looking at your original link and following it to the original Nikon source it appears they changed the dates from what you had in your linked page. It looks like they delayed it a month.

    Capture NX 2 End of January 2010
    Camera Control Pro 2 End of November 2009
    Nikon Transfer End of January 2010
    View NX End of January 2010

    • thanks, I will update the post

    • PDF Ninja

      Ouch, they just delayed Capture NX2 Snow Leopard support till the end of January.

    • nikkor_2

      Very good catch, Neil.

      When I checked early today, the web page showed ‘end of December 2009’.

  • David C

    Yeah, that is pretty sad. When did Snow Leopard come out, end of August? I’m sure they had access to beta code before that. Releasing compatibility over 2 months after a point release is pretty bad.

    Windows 7 came out after Snow Leapard and was supported sooner? Come on Nikon/Nik!

    (an otherwise happy Nikon user)

  • YS

    Well, Win 7 64 bit support is still spotty. Bleah.

  • Gordon

    Can’t wait for the NX2 updated for Windows 7 x64, currently NX2 seems a bit flakey and constantly disabling edits I’ve made while processing my RAW files 🙁

    I wish NX3 comes out soon and I hope they include their Sharpener Pro add-on as well as Dfine for better noise reduction. These are two areas I feel need the most attention as well as a more polished UI.

    • Anonymous1

      The (subsequent) edits are disabled when you change an earlier entry in the edit list. You can switch it off somewhere in preferences, but it will make CNX slower, because it will have to re-process all those later edits again.

  • john

    sigh nikon and macs….. lol

  • misu

    I wish capture nx 3 was announced.
    shooting thousands of photos a day makes me stick with Lightroom in spite of major flows on the raw conversion.
    NX2 conversion is much better but the workflow is not what should be.
    so I hope for the future release nikon will keep an eye on this matter.

  • Why doesn’t Nikon release a SDK on Nikon Capture and let more competent programmers develop it?
    I’d love to process my images with NX2, but if Nikon is going to drag its feet, why bother?

    • Neil

      Or even better, make their edit steps use Photoshop-compatible plugins. Now that would make NX really useful. Until it bogs down again due to the slow processing…

  • Greg

    Your note says NX2.2.4 is Europe only. It is available at the US website today.

  • Anonymous1

    “- When the crop tool was used to select a crop and the ENTER key pressed to apply the crop, the cursor did not switch to a selection tool. This issue has been resolved.”

    This was not an issue, this was a feature! I liked it! It was useful! Sigh. Oh well, I still do like Capture NX2.

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