Nikon Europe is paying for Nikon 800 ads

Update #2: Nikon 800 could also be related to this product.

Update: the ad says "Nikon 800" and not "Nikon D800". Not sure what are they advertising here (the Nikon SB-800 flash has been discontinued).

If you search for Nikon D700 on and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a Nikon D800 ad that points to Nikon Europe website:


You ca see that the link points directly to and not to a third party reseller looking for extra Internet traffic (like we had in the past), which means that Nikon Europe is paying for this ad.

Additional searches on, and did not show this ad.

Some of the latest rumors are that the Nikon D700 replacement will be called D800 and not D700s or D700x. The D800 is expected to have a new sensor (probably 18MP) and 1080 video recording capabilities and should be released latest by the Summer of 2010.

It has begun 🙂

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  • Jack

    I wonder if the D3X is going to be the highest resolution Nikon camera for at least a year or two. The might not want to release a cheaper camera with similar specs to take away sales for the already overpriced D3X.

    • pstreak

      Most likely until Canon surpass them with the 1DsIV or whatever.

    • M!

      I didn’t find the D3X to be overpriced. The pictures I took with it for the past year or so is worth every single penny and more.

      • Steve


        The $8,000 was tough to swallow, but WOW – worth it big time. Even if they come out with a D800 that’s 24MP, I don’t care – it was worth the extra for a year with the camera!

        • And of course, you guys have the right perspective. It’s refreshing to hear sane, intelligent people talk.

          I personally hope they don’t replace the D700 with a D800 sporting more MP, nor do I think they will. The exception—if they can produce the same results in high ISO and IQ with 18mp vs 12mp, then of course, I’ll be happy with 18mp. Even then, given the choice between more mp and same IQ as the D700, or better IQ and high ISO performance at the same 12mp, I’d choose the latter.

          My money is on the D700s coming in as an interim replacement for the D700, prior to a totally new replacement such as the D800. I don’t see Nikon upping the 12mp on the D700s, nor do I doubt they’ll come out with a 24mp D700x (what have you) within the year or so. Nikon knows their market, and realizes there has been good money in both the D3 and the D700, despite the overlap. I don’t think there’s as much drama or complexity in this as sometimes we like to make.

          • Yeah, people don’t seem to get the R&D costs. It’s going to be 12 or 24 if it’s coming out in the next few months.

          • mdm

            So you’re suggesting YOU’RE perspective is the right one, and true for everyone else on the planet…
            that sounds sane…

          • As opposed to which opinion? Waiting forever for some perfect scenario that rarely comes? Or whining constantly that things aren’t going your way? The right perspective is doing something today–not letting price or difficulty or other obstacles stop you from producing something that creates value, and pays for itself regardless the initial costs.

            Yes, I believe my perspective (and M!’s and Steves) is what the rest of the world needs.

          • mdm

            ONE person knows, what everyone in the world needs…

        • Anonymous

          no offense but i hope you print and display the majority of your photos..a D3x for mainly screen viewing is a waste of money IMO.

          • Bob Howland

            Slightly OT, but your comment brings up a question. Are we, as a culture, moving toward electronic display of all our media, even while we increase the number of pixels we use to take the original image? 1080P images are still only about 2MP. 2560 x 1600 monitors only show about 4MP. Do we really need to use a 24MP camera to take them?

            What I want is an electronic display, perhaps a square 4096 x 4096 pixels (16MP total) and 24 inches on a side, that I can hang on the wall and that can cycle through 50 of my best shots while hanging on the wall.

          • Jean Sérien

            To display an image is 1.5MPix sufficient.
            For web viewing is 1 MPix too much.
            For screen viewing is 0.5 MPix excellent….

    • Bob from Ohio

      I honestly think that if the D800 does not have at least 24 megapixels, it will be the biggest disappointment in digital camera history, as I don’t think that there has ever been a camera so highly anticipated.

      18 Meg would be a HUGE disappointment !!!

  • zap20hitachi

    we don’t need 18mega pixel full frame. we need 24 mega pixel and up. 5Dmark3 will have 30 mega pixel no doubt. no landscape photographer will prefer 18mega pixel full frame over 30 mega pixel monster.

    • those are just the latest rumors – it doesn’t mean they will turn out to be true – it’s too early to know for sure yet

    • Jack

      Well, it really depends on image quality. Not to mention I’m not sure how many lenses are currently made that can resolve 30+MP. Also, the Mark III probably won’t be out for 3 years or so.

      • Between 5.6 and 8, I’m surprised at the amount of information resolved on a 12mp sensor, and corners still look good on my primes at those apertures on film. So I can safely say the lenses resolve at least enough and usually more than 18 mp well.

        A proper linear doubling of resolution for the D3/D700 is actually 48mp. I’m not sure there’s the resolution in any of the lenses in anyone’s line for that, except for the 14-24 and maybe the 60 macro.

        D3 to D3x is only a 33% increase in linear res and still subtle, even in 20×30 prints.

      • Bob from Ohio

        The amazing Nikon 14-24mm can use every megapixel you can find.

        And to me 24 megapixels is the floor. I can’t imagine shooting landscapes with anything less. And I long for the day the Nikon produces an affordable 100 “quality” megapixel pro camera with great dynamic range. I think at that point I might stop upgrading.

    • Bob Howland

      It is questionable whether the 5DMkIII will have more than 21MP. Some people are convinced that the 5DMkII has severely damaged sales of the 1DsMkIII and that Canon will never again have a $2700 model with the same resolution as their $7000 flagship model. Furthermore, there is no general purpose FF camera like the D700 in the Canon lineup, with world class focusing and 6-8FPS speed. And a lot of people, including me, badly want one.

      • MarkusW


    • S2S

      Not every camera is made for landscape photographers. If you need 21 or 30MP, buy a 5D2. Wedding photographers love having a 12-14MP range. Even those who use 5D2 shoot it in sRAW. Having 1,000 pics from a wedding at 21MP is just crazy.

      • Eric Calabros

        do you remember Watanabe’s comment at PMA?

        I think he was right and ISO performance is more important than size.

        • Steve

          LOL – That’s what I’d say if I was making a 4/3rds camera and realized that 12MP was about all I could squeeze onto that sensor before things really got ugly! Umm, yeah, 12MP is all we really need.

          Reminds me of when Bill Gates said, “512K ought to be enough fro anybody.”

          • His comments sound like a sound argument to me. I didn’t hear him saying people would never need it. His opening comments tell us that he is more concerned with quality pixels vs. quantity pixels. If you are interested in quantity over quality, go to Canon. They’ve got your number in a big way.

    • I for one would jump at an 18 MP D800 if it can maintain the high ISO and IQ of the D700 (or at least very close to it). It would be the camera that could get me to move from DX to FX assuming a D700 size body and a price of say $3000 or less. I still use DX as I want the “reach” of the 1.5 crop factor, and the pixel density that lets me crop that further as needed. an 18 MP FX sensor could provide beter IQ and ISO, yet still have a DX area of around 8-10 MP, so even some crop room still left there. When wildlife is closer and/or for scenics the 18 MP of high quality pixels could be fantastic to have. So the D700/D3s could still be the absolute ISO kings and the D3x the MP king. The D800 would be the general “do it all” system.

      • DX crop resolution on an 18 mp FF sensor would be ~7.65mp, for the record.

    • Char

      OK, one question: Where is the Canon lens that resolves 30MP on the edges? I don’t see it. There hardly is any lens (prime or zoom) that resolves 20+ MP on the edges, the 14-24/2.8 being the notable exception, at least at 14mm. The Canon 135/2 resolves pretty good in the edges, too. The 17-40, 16-35, 24-105 all have trouble resolving the 21MP of the 5DMKII in the edges. I do not think that 30+MP will really help. If you need that, go for medium format, which has lenses specifically made to provide very high resolution, even in the corners of the frame.

      Not sure about the 24/1.4 and the 35/1.4 btw (the 35/2 seems pretty good), but in general, it seems like you are bound to using primes or extremely good zooms (like the 14-24/2.8 Nikkor which unfortunately does not take filters) when you want to shoot landscape at 30MP.

      • Char

        OK, let’s correct that, the 135/2 and the 35/2 both seem to be pretty excellent when stopped down enough.

      • Anonymous

        The three new nikon superzooms N lenses are all good enough for 24 / 30 m/pixels. I bought all three because if this. In anticipation of bigger megapixel nikons cameras! (That are small enough to lift…)

        The canon owner has no real choice here. He will need to use an adapter to use the nikon lenses!

    • Rafael

      I strongly and respectfully disagree with the admin here, it is not just a rumor, about a Canon in the future with more than 24 megapixels, its a reality cause thats what Canon has been doing over the last 10 years, improve on what Nikon does every single time, so I dont have the slightest doubt they will do it again.

      Now, I think that 12 megapixels is pretty good for just about everything in photography, I shoot fashion and I have printed Catalogues, Billboards, Magazine covers and so on with 12 megs, but the problem is that Canon been such a marketing driven company (unlike Nikon who innovate for the art of photography) Canon generates a false necessity in clients or tendency to go for more and more megapixels. Dont get me wrong I have a D3x and it is just amazing, but I think 24 megapixels is more than enough for magazine and advertising needs, but certainly it would be nice to see Nikon launching another camera with more than 12 megapixels , which is really good in order to crop comfortably and still get enough resolution for magazines and other purposes.

      It just makes no sense to me that there is a Nikon coolpix camera out there that shoots 13 almost 14 megapixels and Nikons DSLRs only reach 12! wow…

      • If by “improve” you mean “fallaciously exaggerate”, and by “every single time” you mean “only in a Canon spin-meisters wet dream”, then I agree 100%.

        • Rafael

          lol I stand corrected 🙂

    • zap20hitachi –

      I don’t need a ’24mp and up’. I need a camera with the cleanest possible images so I can actually use the image in the end. A good photographer will choose cameras on the merit of final image quality, not megapixels alone.

      Some random spec of megapixels doesn’t entice me when making a final buying decision. Just because a camera has higher MP, that doesn’t mean its better. Case in point, look at the Canon 5dMkii. Low iso noise, nasty desaturated color, high iso banding, buyers-remourse inducing build quality, and on, and on, and on. The price difference between the D3x and the 5dMkii doesn’t seem so great after all is taken into consideration.

      • Anonymous

        Except that its the sensor size / image final size that determines noise primarily.

        A d3x image as any given iso is no noisier than a d3 image once resized back to the d3 size, or printed the same size.

        The advantage is that at low iso the image can be printed bigger.
        And it allows distortion correction, horizon leveling etc without as great a loss of sharpness. And THEN it can be resized down to your d3 size. Final result is just as noise free but better quality. Which is what you wanted…

        • I’m not sure your statement that image to noise ratio is exactly the same when print sizes are the same is true, but I get the gist, and you are correct. But alas, I didn’t argue that the D3x is a bad choice. As was stated in my original comment, megapixels alone is not a standard that compels me (or any other REASONABLE professional) to buy a camera.

          Canon could come out with a 100mp camera tomorrow, and chances are the image quality would suck. Would that make me feel bad that the only option I have on the Nikon side is less than 1/4 of their total resolution offering? Nope.

          Would I feel shortchanged because my current body only sports an age-old (in digital years) 12mp? Uh-uh.

          The D3 / D700 / D3S images are as sharp and as well-resolved as the 5dMii images at nearly half the resolution. THAT is the detail that matters to me, not specs.

          Also, I agree the D3x offers some great advantages over the 12mp siblings, with few downsides. And when I have an extra $8k sitting around, I’ll surely own one. 🙂

    • Nice

      So what will you do with your 30mp landscape pic showing on your screen at 2% magnification?

      People who say things like this haven’t taken photos to realize when you zoom to 100% there is lens softness to take into consideration.

    • Mike

      “… we need 24 mega pixel and up. 5Dmark3 will have 30 mega pixel no doubt. no landscape photographer will prefer 18mega pixel full frame over 30 mega pixel monster”.

      No we don’t need 24 mp and up. I guarantee there are pro landscaper shooters out there who can create a better image with 12 mp than some people who use 24 mp cameras. 24 or 30 will not make a better photographer out of you. If you are that good where you are selling images 3 feet x 2 feet then the cost of the D3x is a non issue and you’d already have one. I doubt photojournalists, sports photogs, wedding shooters are screaming for 20+ mp. I would prefer to have ISO 6400 look like my D300’s ISO 400 vs 20+ mp. What good is a (unintended) motion blur shot with 20+ mp? I’m hoping at the least it’s a D3s in a D700 body. I’m this close to selling my D300 and getting a D700, but I’m waiting ’til February to see if there are any announcements.

  • Me

    The thing is, we know Sony has a 24-mp sensor and a board capable of processing the images. The issue is why would Sony create another fabrication line for an 18-mp sensor.

    The D800 could be differentiated enough from the D3X using a variety of features including buffer, transfer to media I/O, autofocus speed, media supported and the number of media bays.

    You’re also assuming that the big brother won’t be updated.

    • Bob Howland

      One possible answer is that Nikon may not use a Sony sensor for the D800. Rather they may use an 18MP version of the D3s sensor. The D800 would be the general purpose camera with the D3s being a special purpose Lord of Darkness sports camera and the D3x being a special purpose high resolution model, perhaps being replaced with a 30MP+ D4x.

      • that makes sense – that way they will not “eat up” the D3s sales

      • nikkor_2

        “The D800 would be the general purpose camera …”

        You may be correct.

        But, Nikon has achieved recent success with the ‘fat pixel’ sensors used in the D3, D700, and D3S. So, I ask: why veer away from past success?

        I don’t have any answers but I’d suggest the following: (i) the D800 uses the D3S sensor, EXPEED board, and related internal electronics, (ii) the D800 retains the D700 form factor, (iii) the D800 allows the additional of a tweaked vertical grip and battery (at an additional cost), (iv) the D800 retains the D700 shoot speed, both with and without the additional — newly tweaked — grip, (v) the D800 costs significantly less than the D3S, (vi) the D800 is targeted at non-sports shooters — those who use the D3S — at non-sports shooter prices, (vii) the D800 lacks the weather seals of the D3S (but, is nevertheless, as weather-resistant as the D700).

        Nikon moves carefully; Nikon changes sensors with great care. Canon’s problems — large scale with significant, long-standing repercussions — with the 1D Mark III loom large in Nikon’s mind.

    • sisu

      This sounds likely. But where there is smoke – there is fire. About a year ago there were rumours about Nikon having “home made” technology for a 38 mp sensor, and some 3 years ago they sniffed at Foveon sensor technology. A new sensor from other than Sony will not be a surprise.

      But I think it is most likely with the D3s sensor – which is brand new – and the rest more or less unchanged from D700.

      Bu if I can have my wishes fulfilled, it will have new (old) Nikon specs like 1/500 flash sync, auto-focusing down to F8 or better (Like old F100 which still is the fastest and most accurate “focuser”) exchangeable focusing screen (high contrast for manual focusing) and having the central MF sensor indicator switched off when in MF.

    • +1

  • Dexter

    And how much will it cost, $3000?

    • Rafael

      I would expect around 5,000 cause otherwise it would compete with the D3s, and I think Nikon would give it an inferior fps rate than the D3s and en external grip to go with it.

      But I sincerly hope it doesnt cost over 4,000 cause I wont get it. Ill get a D700 instead.

      • I take it you don’t follow Nikon much. $5,000 price point for a D700 replacement is laughable.

        I’ll be surprised if it’s over $3,500, I would like it to be $2,999, and I expect Nikon may well do something like they did with the D3S, and list it at ~$3,200.

        • Rafael

          I sincerly hope that what your saying is right, but in my opinion the D800 is not going to come out to ¨replace¨ the D700 but to offer something else, (thats just me)

          and I do follow Nikon since my FM2, N8008s, N90s, N70, FM3, D100, D2x, D200, D300, and now D3x

  • low

    this is it!

  • Kevin Y

    very interesting find NR good job! does sound like a great rumor

  • Souelle

    its written NIKON 800 and not NIKON D800 !!!

    • Good eye

      people were blinded by their imagination and fantasy on D800
      and if the camera is going to come up in Summer
      it can’t be a leak coming this soon

    • I can’t believe I did not see that

    • low

      you really didnt have to debunk this…=(

  • Anonymous

    I just sold my D700 on Ebay ($1995), took less than 10mn to be sold !
    I’ll get a D90 and wait until 2015 for the D800

    • Alex

      I remember seeing the D800 on Back To The Future 2, it’s the one that has “USA Today” on it, and it requires no photographer.

    • Rafael

      lol 2015 is a good estimate! I waited mmmmm like 5 years for the D3x

      and somehow , someway… I did not fell on to the dark side (canon), but I surely was tempted by the devil.

  • GT

    800mm f5.6 lens…..

    • Maddog

      …with autofocus and VR 2….

  • Oh, I almost forgot, this is nikon rumors so…

    Whatever the 800/d800 is it’s going to be rubbish since it will not be 50 mpix full frame. DX is dead and everyone knows you need at least a d3x to shoot snaps of your kids birthday party.

    There, how’s that for a typical nikon rumors reply?

    And back ontopic, why did they buy these adds already I;m wondering.

  • Everyone seems to be focused on a possible D800 bodies. But I pray, please God… let “Nikon 800” mean an 800mm f/5.6 VR lens!!!

    • Chris

      Or (touch wood) the Nikon 800s Laser Rangefinder…

  • It’s interesting, the ad seems to be tied to the D700 AND to the D800, it doesn’t appear if you search for “Nikon” plus any of the following keywords: DSLR, D300, D400, coolpix, SB-800, flash, 800mm nor lens. However it does show up searching for “Nikon D800” as well.
    This clearly shows that the meta data of this ad is connected to the D700 and its replacement, rather than the SB-800,a 800mm lens or the old old Coolpix 800.
    I’m excited to see how fast this ad will have vanished. This might be another indicator of how big an error this was.

  • Rafael

    if this is true, it means that my dreams may become a reality, I own a D3x and yes it is hella expensive, and thats the reason I dont take it anywhere! not even to walk the dog, my D3x is only for the job and I mean only. Way to expensive to put it in harms way in personal projects in my opinion. ( I shoot Fashion ) and thats why I have been wanting to buy a D700 for my personal stuff (Full Frame is a must for me) so, if this camera is true I may even use it for some projects for my clients!

    I bought the D3x because I hate Canon, lots of things (I am not going in to details) but mi clients had stop giving me jobs cause of resolution , period. So I bought the D3x for this purpose.. but I could not replace it if something happened. I made an extreme financial effort for it. (I dont live in the US)

    So the D800 sounds good to me!! (dont care for the video though) its nice to have it, if it does.. all I care is FULL FRAME and more than 12 megapixels.. 18 would be real nice!


    • zeeGerman

      This is why a professional would have an insurance, period.

      • Rafael

        insurance in Mexico is useless , PERIOD

        • zeeGerman

          My dear, I know quite some pros that have been to Mexico, and non of them would have even set a foot into Mexico without insurance for all their gear. I think it’s even essential in a country like Mexico.
          If you believe that it is useless, I would switch the insurance.

          • Rafael

            my dear friend pros that go in to Mexico, like your friends are probably american, and yes you can have insurance like that in the USA, but I am mexican and insurance here will only cover your camera equipment , if it gets stolen in your studio, never outside of it. Dont ask me why, thats the way it goes here.

            So whenever I take my D3x out (because I do take it out) it for a damn good reason . (mostly good clients only)

          • zeeGerman

            It is true that the Mexican visitors weren’t locals, but I know one photographer in Thailand, who takes his gear everywhere, and does have an insurance, for most of the parts, also outside the studio.
            I don’t think that an insurance company in Mexico doesn’t do it, I think the question is rather what you have to pay. That is another story. But if you pay enough, they will give you an insurance against anything.

          • zeeGerman

            Oh, and why not a film camera? You get those really cheap, they are “FX”, and they attract a lot less attention if among thieves.
            With a decent film and scanner you will get pretty decent results.

  • I’d be one of the first in line for the D800 w/18meg’s. Can’t see moving from my D90 to a 12meg FX (would get D300s). But a 18meg D800 would make the move worth it for me and add the duel card slots like the D300s perfict.

  • Gaffer

    Yeah, 18+ megapix would stop me from buying a 5D2. I don´t hate Canon since I have no experience with it so far…

    • Let me extend a warm welcome back once you do. 🙂

  • burgerman

    Still would prefer 24 so I can rotate, straighten distortion on buildings etc without loosing (as much) sharpness.

    The three new “N” zoom mega lenses are good enough for 24 or maybe lots more. I now find myself zooming in to 250 or 400 percent and swearing at pixelation before seeing the softness that most lenses display at 12m pixels resolution. Shame not to take advantage of this sharpness after I paid for it! And the D3X isjust too big/heavy.

    Video is pointless for me. I bought a camera for GOOD quality photos.

    • burgerman

      And noise isnt an issue either. Resize a D3x photo down to the same size as a D700 and noise is indistinguishable… Or in a print where this happens anyway. So you can have both options in one sensor. And its a sensor they ALREADY have…

  • Anony-mou

    It has begun.

    I’m very disappointed by the lack of it has beguns in the comments lately…

  • Zoetmb

    Means absolutely nothing. It’s a frequent practice in buying keywords to use misspellings (and even your competitor’s name, although that practice is discouraged) in order to gain site traffic. Since Nikon knows that people may type D800, they bought the keyword. It wouldn’t surprise me if they bought “400” also. No big deal. Let’s not look for model numbers in tea leaves.

    • zeeGerman

      hm, I’m not so sure, if it means nothing. If you search for Nikon D plus any non existing model, for example “Nikon D42”, you will see a general ad from Nikon for photo cameras. But, the search “Nikon D800” will bring up this curious “800” ad as well.

    • Daf

      Buying keywords is one thing – but having “800” in the caption is different – they need not be the same words for all link programs (I used to work in Pay per click).
      With a market so secretive as D-slrs I’m surprised they put it in the caption.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    if you price Nikon’s DSLR bodies on shutter actuations, D3s and D700 cost the same.

  • Adomas
  • Myles

    So D3s has a new sensor, something they soft released on, why, who knows. As much as a would be first in line for a D whatever with 18MP for some reason I think they will come in with a cheaper FX camera than we’ve seen before or one lacking video (in either case a stripped version of a D3s)

    Here’s my reasoning:
    1. The new D3s sensor, I don;t think they’ll stray from this. 12 MP again. I’d love 18MP — but to have a cheaper camera (than D3s) with more MP would certainly hurt sales of the more expensive model. Look at what happened to 5dMKII, It’s a better camera than their flagship in some respects, and has certainly taken away from sales of the 1dmkII.
    2. D3s and D whatever won’t have comparable features, I think that something from the D3s has to get compromised, and that thing is ISO and video. Video has been a selling point in FX cameras for the last year, I think you’ll see a lack of video to keep the price point relative, and to give must have buying feature for those torn between between the two models.

    Personally — I’d love 18MP, No video, 12K ISO. That would give each camera it’s individual selling points, and polarize the marketplace while keeping price points and sales for each strong. D whatever needs to stay bellow 3300 as an initial price point to have strong sales, but not strong enough to hurt D3s’s.

    Bam! I’d be first in line at sammys!

  • Daf

    Google translates the text next to the link as :
    “Here the range of camera Nikon to find emergency Christmas”
    so I don’t think it would be those scopes.

    The link also comes up if you’ve searched for “D800 nikon”

    Due to the subject and having “Noel” in the URL I’d expect it to be more of a retail/consumer type thing – so the 800mm doesn’t make sense either. So really can’t figure out the significance of 800 in the caption, unless as someone mentioned above – they’re just being sneaky to get traffic. But I find it hard to imagine nikon doing this. Coolpix 800 is way old (1999).

    Amazon sponsored links are supplied by their own/sister company A9, so won’t be on Google and they can be territory specific so only appearing on fr sites – also links to “Noel” although I guess that’s a common used term in non French speaking countries too..

  • erikdk

    this Nikon 800 ad is clearly a hoax. The reason: the language used is not french, it is a crude approximation of french with several syntax and semantic errors. Somebody had some euros to burn to pay for this ad.

    • Daf

      Lets all click on it so it costs them loads :o)

  • Anonymous

    a) They are cpm ads anyway
    b) that would simply make your camera more expensive.

    Isnt it time for school?

  • tim

    Oh please update the 700 🙂

    I am looking to go into FF, but seeing that price payed is an issue i cant dive full blooded into the D3s, and don’t want to get the 700 due to the fact that ist a 2008 model. Not that is bad (old), I really don’t want to buy it and get and update in the face a month later.

    So wait?

  • John

    probably a typing mistake!!

  • Marie

    By 2010 summer Canon will be on 18Mp in its low grade cameras… I’m really so sorry for Nikon, I used to to use Nikon but now their are only speculationg…
    they are doing nothing… and customers think that they havent lauch any other camera to the market because its better to have 12nikonmp than 18canonmp…
    The croped format is dead and the full format too…
    I wanted to buy a consumer 24mp of nikon or an D800…. but you know that just cant not happend so If nikon doesnt react i do…
    So i took my hassel, I was so angry agains nikon, that i decided to buy
    CFV-39 39 Megapixel Digital Back
    That its really QUALITY with capital letters
    Thx Nikon for showing me the way…

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