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Nikon’s schedule to release Mac OS X 10.6 support for its software products

Nikon plans to release Mac OS 10.6.x compatible versions of Camera Control Pro 2, Capture NX 2, Nikon Transfer, and View NX in these time frames: Capture NX 2: end of December 2009 Camera Control Pro 2: end of November 2009 Nikon Transfer: end of January 2010 View NX: end of January 2010

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Nikon D3s has a brand new sensor, not a tweaked one

Few days ago I posted a link about Moose Peterson’s experience with the Nikon D3s and the new 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens. I either missed that paragraph, or the text was added later on (thanks Theodore for pointing it out to me): With the results I was seeing above, I called Mike, my bud at […]

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New Nikon prices in Canada

As reported previously Nikon Canada did reduce their prices today. I still have not received the full price list but a NR reader copied the prices last night from Nikon’s website and then compared them with the new prices from this morning – thanks Ludwig. Here is the list (lenses only, this list is not official, it may […]

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Eight Zeiss lenses to be updated with electronic CPU contacts for Nikon (ZF.2)

Focus will still be manual, but now “these new Zeiss lenses support all- important operations such as the automatic mechanisms for time, aperture setting and program. The CPU also supports manual exposure settings, including those for camera casings that are not AI-compatible. Since the lens now transmits the EXIF data such as manufacturer, date, metering system and […]

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Nikon related links/news

Another D3s with 70-200 VR II hands on review with sample shots. Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the Nikon Ambassador Program. Windows 7 users still waiting for Capture NX2 fix (source). View NX update for Snow Leopard is also not yet available (source). Lee Filters set to launch a holder for the Nikon 14-24mm […]

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Rumor: Nikon price decrease in Canada on Monday

Update: this price decrease is basically an adjustment based on the exchange rate. For our fellow Canadians – the rumor is that Nikon Canada will decrease their prices on Monday. If true, I will have the new Nikon price list online on Monday (November 16, 2009). NR rating system: 75% probability

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Rumor: Nikon D4 in primary field trials

This comment about a Nikon D4 camera being currently field tested was posted on the forum by an active user (with 821 previous posts if this is an indication of anything): “Initial Information I received from a senior Nikon position in the USA, that Nikon D4 is already under primary field trial .FF sensor […]

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The first Nikon D3s was shipped yesterday in the US

Update: Moose Peterson has an update on the D3s and 70-200 VRII combo. Yesterday B&H shipped their first Nikon D3s. Also yesterday, Mosse Peterson was in New York and also got his D3s and 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens, so I really think the first batch is already here and shipping. The Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens has moved to “accepting […]

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